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Wrestling #12

Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to
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  • Rockreturns
    Austin rules
    Great job Steve! Your doing a great job on this podcast and the fact of the matter is (you’ve probably already done this) bring the rock, and that’s the bottom line because stone cold said so!
  • jckid45
    Is he done?!
    Will we ever get an actual “new” episode. Or is Austin done recording for you guys.
  • pizzaliverone
    Austin the man
    Love watching austin his personality is awesome and i just love catching up with him since you don’t see him much now days.
  • Morp24
    Was Good Now Reruns
    Was good now its just reruns of classics. Steve Austin gave up on this podcast which a shame.
  • Landsharko
    Great podcast to the point in your face by a wrestling legend.
    Tremendous show legendary wrestler Steve Austin delivers a stunner of a podcast .
  • Kayleep112412
    Really like this pod keep it goin Steve
  • Shady Grove Reb
    Awesome stuff to listen to!
    Really enjoy it all, but especially the hunting stuff. Love hearing the stories about hunting camp! If you manage a piece of property and prep it for whitetail you can certainly identify with Steve’s takes!
  • 🤠cowboy859ky🤠
    Stone cold is the best
    Love the podcast while I’m at work… just wanted to know when you’re going to have Kurt angle on the show
  • Bryce Goddard
    Who runs this podcast? Whats with the content drip of decade old episodes? Not to mention the fact that this podcast is now deleting older episodes.
  • sagewithahellyeah
    The coolest guy ever
    I absolutely love this guy he is just the best
  • H.hernandez19
    I have been a huge fan of yours since I was a little girl. I grew up with nothing but boys in my family, so I had to be tough. Listening to your podcast makes me think back to being a kid again & the better days. I just want to thank you for that. My son is 8 years old & he absolutely loves you.
  • Jprez254
    Steve Austin Podcast
    Big fan of Steve Austin! Love the attitude era & am old school guy so I love all those guys back in the attitude era. Love the podcast & keep up the hard work Steve!!
  • Russsssh
    Five Star Podcast
    Been a fan of Stone Cold since I was 9 and I will continue to be! Amazing podcast!
  • Steve4:20
    Hi Steve, Even though all your shows are repeats, they are still worth listening to again. How are your folks? Lawler had a heart situation and is in the hospital right now. You were a so-called heel, but the fans loved what you did to your boss! WHAT?? How about Part 2 of your book? Amazon still sells the audio version of your book, so you should still be getting royalties on it. You’ve done many things since the last book that your fans would love to read what you’ve been doing since the last book. I think Simon and Schuster would love to publish it as your book was a best seller. Dennis
  • moulton2001
    Stone cold is the best , these podcasts are like you are sitting right there !!!
  • Cory370
    Look I love stone cold Steve Austin but there is so much old material and then which may not be his fault there is only like 24 episodes like they deleted so much old that I got to go on YouTube to listen
  • JoeyBagofDonuts1991
    Podcast is dead, but the classic content is still good.
    Please release new content.
    Need new material!!!
    Been running the classics long enough. Tell us your done and pull the plug. Or get us some new material please.
  • AudioConsumer
    The Bottom Line is…
    You gotta get this podcast! Download and listen to the baddest mother who’s ever done bad tell stories of wrestling’s greatest triumphs. We are lucky to have Stone Cold tell us about so many great moments. The guest interviews are incredible, he has a real skill for it. Start listening now!!! Austin 3:16 says listen to this podcast!! @Robert_Negoesco
  • nancy0237
  • Vsil
    When it was!
    All good things eventually come to an end. Will always be a fan but I’m leaving like Steve left years ago.
  • Ben-in-Chariton
    Crap or get off the pot
    Either close this podcast down or put up new material. This has gone on long enough.
  • Mike & Moi
    Everything is old classics why nothing new? If there isn’t going to be new ones close up shop
  • evilmetsfan
    SAS unleashed
    Was unmatched entertainment until the WWE got scared of TK and lock ole Stone Cold up in an ivory tower. I hope one day I can cry my eyes out from laughing like I did. Anyway 5 stars for SCSA the true greatest of all time.
  • Chubby Lumpkins
    Why continue with repeat old episodes
    When if ever are we going to get any new material from stone cold these classic episodes are getting old
  • shadyfalcon
    Stone Cold podcast was great just a heads up he stopped doing it because of his schedule. So that’s why nothing new.
  • RamzClos
    3 and twenty band
    Great show caught me by surprise early this morning love the tones made my morning drive fly by, Thanks
  • PMB1981
    New episodes???
    I listen to the Steve Austin Podcast weekly. I love wrestling and listening to Stone Cold’s views and opinions. The only problem I have with the show is the only episodes I can listen too on here are all old shows. I can’t get one single new episode that is current. I have heard episodes that are replayed numerous times dating back to 2012. Why are the current episodes not available?
  • Carmen Livigni
    Excellent show
    I just started listening to Steve Austin podcast and found I really Love it. I’m not a big wrestling fan, but my husband never misses an episode of any wrestling event and I usually end up half watching with him. I like that Steve gets a lot of background information on these wrestlers and I get to learn a little bit more. Great job Steve! Truly enjoyed your podcasts
  • konveraesss
    New episode
    New episode is the absolute best podcast ever I have ever listen to this podcast is my absolute favorite
  • whitethunder762
    The episode with jim Ross had three voices
    The three voices were Steve Austin. Jim Ross and Steve Austin’s breathing 😅
  • skullboy0
    Wish I could run “Best of” at my job for six months
    Was a good run while it lasted Edit: Wish I could take a six month vacation running “Classic Mike” at my job & then come back & run “Classics” for half the week Will download episodes that interest me instead of subscribing
  • Big Mo Dizzel
    Brother Jeff
    Great episode! Love the obvious chemistry you guys have. Great you share the platform to let him showcase his talents with us too! Thanks for the great entertainment as always! WHAT!!!!
  • darren eubank
    New podcast soon??
    You need to get Ted back on the podcast soon. Need Ted Fowler back on more!!
  • Start Today Happy
    Great Stories
    Love to hear the stories, about the events I saw when growing up. Keep up the great work.
  • Dbe9804
    Very enjoyable
  • wwewwewwewwewweweewwewwewee
    Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwr Wer Wwr Wer Wwr Wee Wer Wer Wer Wer Wwe Wwe Wer Wwr
    Needs new episodes
    I understand he has a show on the peacock app, but this is a review for his podcast, which hasn’t been updated in over a year..
  • Danielmolotov
    We need Ted
    Can we at least get some re runs with Ted Fowler 316 on here?
  • moosecraft3213
    I hate this
  • Voodoo child 82
    One of the best podcasts ever
    I want to hear the one with jocko again
  • gjxdhjnc
    How can we get the 2020 episodes?
  • DoubleD5401
    If you’ve bored with reruns...
    Check out the Broken Skull Seasons on Peacock.
  • Nick V Donley
    New content please
    Way to long without new content.
  • TimC5544
    Enjoying these old shows!
    Steve’s taking a break from podcasting but, you’ll still enjoy these old shows. I enjoy Steve’s show because it’s like listening to a old friend, it’s nothing like most other podcasts out there.
  • Tb4kings
  • efalter
    Where are the other episodes?!?
  • KOB42141
    Is this show over and only having reruns ?
  • Jimmy40cs
    Enough reruns seriously. I could watch reruns on WWE Network.
    Needs new content, just replays
    This was a great podcast but for way too long it has been nothing but replays and now some are starting to repeat.
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