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Best daily NFL podcast featuring former player and current CBS broadcaster Ross Tucker (@rosstuckerNFL) breaking down everything YOU need to know in 30 minutes or less. Weekly guests include former Packers exec Andrew Brandt, NFL Films legend Greg Cosell, and many others PLUS Tucker will break down press box food and “daddy sodas” like only he can!

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  • robby20181
    Listen to all Ross Tucker shows really enjoy the inside perspective from a former player. Ross is the best almost time for a finish strong Friday show. Quick information and great guest who really take a deep dive into the game and players.
  • Rotor2
    Only Ads!
    He was good once upon a time. Now, he has sold out to the advertising. Sadly, no content just ads.
  • Tom Kennard
    One of the best football podcasts
    This is one of the best podcasts about the NFL you can listen to. He has great guests who are just as knowledgeable as he is about the sport. I love that it’s fast paced and covers a wide variety of topics and positions in the sport. Keep up the great work!
  • kahxhaijzxbvsh
    Great stuff as always Ross.
  • DDD Silver
    Love Ross
    I love the DP show and I love the Ross Tucker Football Podcast. Great DP fill in today
  • Randerson1184
    Highly recommended
    Among the greatest football podcasts available. Ross has a high football IQ and great intuition. He presents things in a very organized manner and is super easy to listen to. Great sense of humor and loves his fans too! I’ll be a loyal subscriber for a long time!
  • Markbeede1
    Could Be Good But
    Lol at all the ads and commercials. Awful listening experience
  • AndyFromConnecticut
    Best Football Pod
    I listen to all of Ross’s podcasts!
  • mattybass68
    Ross Tucker Football Podcast
    Always funny and informative. Ross always has great guests and insights on the NFL. It’s the only NFL podcast that I listen to on a consistent basis.
  • RollPetey11
    Best pro football pod there is
    Of all his awesome shows (listen to them too) this one is my favorite - the original RTFP. Love the perspective of a former player who has been with multiple organizations. Great guests too, especially Greg Cosell. Thanks for the great content, will never miss a show.
  • spankhelmer
    Moves fast
    Fast moving information from a guy that clearly loves the game.
  • Danielle Valletti
    Awesome podcast!
    This is a great podcast to listen to if you love NFL! Ross really knows what he's talking about!!
  • SELF-GLOSSIN not allowed!
    Jungle Legend!!!!
    Sup Ross Brother, how were You on the oLine Voice says OLine….. Knowledge says OLINE But you don’t look like a big guy Yea I get it, Years removed….. Buy You have la SportsCenter Face Good Luck BROTHA
  • SwagnerVT
    Ross knows his stuff
    Great podcasts. Ross really know what he is talking about and I appreciate his takes on the NFL news of the day.
  • Cgyhfjhg
    Less bathroom renovation, more football
    Please just talk football, not hear to waste my time listing to your bathroom renovation sponsorship WAY TOO MANY ADS FOR A 30 min podcast - Absurd
  • VicVader84
    Paid Partnership
    If you LOVE ADS sprinkled with some football insider then this is your podcast. Every other 3 minutes (if you’re lucky 5) get ready for exhilarating ad reads & sometimes in the most inappropriate moments. Brought to you by Labat blue or whatever
  • Dubs575757
    what happened to audio quality?
    Can’t hear the content even at max headphone level but when an ad plays it blows out my ears! Was a great 5 star review but now a 1 until audio is fixed. This goes for all RTFP pods
  • Dale Crawford
    Average podcast amid a sea of sports podcasts
    I have enjoyed some of the guests such as Greg Cordell and Chris Long, and Ross brings a lot of energy to the show. Overall, it’s just an ok podcast. It also contains a lot of ads. I might not understand the advertisement system, but the show takes breaks for “official” ads yet the host also plugs ads multiple times in the middle of his conversations.
  • Kosamus
    Amazing Podcast for all ages
    Love this show. Episodes are always posted early and the best way to start the day during and off football season. Greg Cosell is one of the amazing guests that brings his a game to the Ross Tucker podcast. Love the press box food reviews and the pro player out look on every subject of pro football life.
  • zam0509
    Ross Hook Me Up!!!
    Ross I love the podcast! Hook up an Ephrata kid with an Series X Madden 24! Are you taking over for Dan in 4 years when he retires?!
  • cultofprsnality
    Ross tucker has always been a delight since th early days of sirius
  • Capt. leavy
    Spicy Mustard
    Love Ross’s take on things. Always entertaining. Glad I found him on Dan Patrick now I’m a regular.
  • thecoldmailman
    Top notch insider podcast!
    Been listening to Ross since his ESPN days with Pod Vader. I mostly listen to fantasy podcasts (including Ross’ other pod, the Fantasy Feast) but I love this “real” football pod because of the business aspects he and his guests discuss. I also always enjoy when he busts out a story from his playing days, and I am able to harshly judge a team when their game day spread is lackluster. It’s really a podcast I hope he never stops doing because of the smart, unique POV’s you get (rather than Stephen A shouting nonsense).
  • MVazSports
    Best NFL takes out there
    Even though I’m a fan of a different ‘bird football team (Go Cards! 2024 draft winners!) I still love Tuckers takes on the NFL. Definitely check out his other podcasts as well. Bats 1000. Can’t miss
  • Ilovebees
    Subscribe now!
    Ross not only brings the football knowledge every day, but has somehow kept it incredibly fun for many years! Love listening on my way to and from work.
  • SSnake71
    Every Football Fan Should Follow
    In a world with a ton of sports podcasts, Ross Tucker stands above. Ross shines with his knowledge and passion in the podcast, as he does in the booth. An extremely great and easy listen.
  • Jm37jm38
    Best NFL podcast out there
    Ross is fantastic. ESPN was crazy to let him leave. I quickly unsubscribed from Football Today at ESPN when Ross left, because he was the brains and the humor behind that show. Great insight, especially with the added value segment. He also always has great guests. Probably my favorite podcast I listen to. Statefarm statefarm, scorebig, scorebig.
  • Gluey58
    Love the Greg Cosell segments
    I really love the segments with Greg Cosell. In my opinion, he is the best NFL analyst
  • nyc commuter 500
    Good but…
    Outside of the totally stupid opening introduction. Sounds like a fool. He is super stoked excited about the upcoming episode…every episode…every single episode. I am begging you to stop Seems like it could be better given his experience and connections. Not as deep as one would expect. Beyond that it is a good listen but comes up a bit short. Something is missing
  • Mama31012
    Not very good
    Hot takes based on little to no research. Horrible stuff
  • jesslynnmark
    Quick Fix - Perfect Length
    As someone who cannot stay focused on one thing for too long, this podcast providing me with everything I want to know in usually under 30 minutes is awesome!
  • Tony & Susan
    All the info on the NFL you need!!
    Love this show!! More info in 30 minutes than most sports shows do in 3+ hours. So good!!
  • JustinJBradley
    Great Content and Guests!
    The Ross Tucker Pod is a pod I highly recommend you put in your podcast rotation. Ross provides great takes and guests including Greg Cosell every single week! Love this pod
  • feeecoin
    Great work
    Clean water isnt even close to talked about enough. So obtainable. So important. It’s Everything. Not to get political but it’s how you know politics is worthless :) Clean water is way more important than the stuff they all pretend to care about. Bunch of mobster affiliates with TV dad smiles is what they all are. But that’s a story for another podcast review. Ross I’m also 44. And I also don’t have a real job. Love you. Great job. Thank you
  • napptym
    This man enjoys his work
    It is clear to me that Ross really enjoys his work. Even when he has been put through the ringer with Trave and life, he brings excitement and fresh energy to his shows. His down to earth- to-style, sports knowledge and football game experience provide an inside look not normally available to the listener. “Daddy soda” to you, Mr. Tucker!
  • tripleoption
    Greg Cosell
    I love the podcast, but I really love it any time you have Greg Cosell on. His personnel takes are great and his experience watching NFL film really shows. Thanks!
  • HJR3RD
    Tuesday episode with Maddie
    I wanted to ask her reason why she thought the NFL was racist.
  • Nick079
    Best Daily NFL Show. Period
    I have been listening to Ross Tucker for over a decade. He is the best day to day commentator on the NFL bringing a players perspective in his down to earth “every-man” style. I have met Ross in person and he and his wife were both super kind and classy. Give this show a listen; you won’t regret it.
  • &steven8882
    Polly homer
    I have always enjoyed Ross’s podcast but the Philly homerism is getting hard to take. He picked the Bills, Bengals and Eagles. Strike three Ross.
  • Vile lifer
    Ross The Great
    If you want the latest news about the NFL Ross has got it,you want comedy Ross’s has got it.How about special guest stars in the world of the NFL Ross has got it,this dude is great.And Greg Cosell is my favorite weekly guest during the NFL season
  • FedUpwBigTech
    Not a Fan
    Of this homer. Can only listen to the first few minutes of him, bashing Cincinnati fans, and the team. I am not a fan of either Cincinnati or Kansas City. I am a football fan and I can go to a bar and listen to idiots like him!
  • TMikeMac
    Excellent NFL Pod
    Great information and analysis. And entertaining
  • John ofMalta
    Love the content, Mr Ross. JoM
  • ecjohnson75
    Love the show
    Ross and Company, Relatively new listener but never miss a show. Bills country up here, and appreciate your “unbiased” ;) slant towards our team and community. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year! Thanks, Eric Penfield, NY
  • SASAJS1199
    I have the disease
    Awesome episode today Broke down the Derek Carr like nobody else did Love Greg and Ross.
  • smoyal35
    Best football show
    Listen to a lot of podcasts, this one is the best. You get Steve Fezzik for betting, Greg Cosell to teach us from his fountains of knowledge and the maestro Ross Tucker leading the conversation.
  • Twinsfan91
    The best!
    Love the concise, informative and entertaining format of this podcast! Perfect for my afternoon commute home each day! And as a Viking fan, I’m getting used to the way he says our team’s name lol.
  • Jorge_Server
    Best football show!!!
    Been a fan back when I had satellite radio, not sure how I didn’t think to listen to the pod. Heard the Greg Cosell episode and show hasn’t lost a beat! Definitely subscribing to get my NFL fix.
  • @Dawgpound235
    Ross i love the plug
    It moved the needle ! Put me in Ross
  • 6th man Lou Will
    Ross is the boss
    Great show, very informative and Ross has a great personality. The most shameless ad reads in podcasting though, I will say.
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