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The Model Health Show is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness. No subject is off limits here! World-renown author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson breaks down complex health issues and makes them easy to understand and overcome. Whether it's weight loss, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diet, exercise, sex, hormones, sleep problems, or countless other health topics, the insights you get here will help you transform your health and live your best life ever.

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  • AkAmbrocia
    Sounds info
    I love this sound info; science, spiritual, whole body, mind & spirit!!! 🙌🏻
  • Melanya 1224
    Like talking to a friend about brilliant health information
    As a naturopathic doctorate student, I can’t recommend Shawn’s work enough! He’s bright, articulate, intelligent, and courageous to weed through the ‘noise’ to deliver the honest truth. Facts aren’t always pretty or mainstream so I can’t praise him enough for standing up and speaking his truth from his heart. His candid, charismatic, and —at times — comical delivery make one feel as if they’re fortunate enough to be sitting with one of their best friends who also just so happens to be a brilliant doctor, scientist, or something of that nature. Shawn is, on paper, none of these things but he might as well be because his knowledge could rival anyone of those aforementioned professions. A title isn’t the only qualifier in life. It’s knowledge and passion. If you’re looking for this, Shawn is your man when it comes to all things health!
  • PhoenixTrainingMethod
    Catalyst for change!
    Wow!! That’s all I can say. I feel like this episode with Jim Kwik will be a major catalyst for positive change in my life. It’s speaks truth and light into a time that’s confusing and dark for many. Thank you Shawn and Jim for the work you’re doing in the world! Truly grateful.
  • MegzAri
    Fighting the Good Fight
    Unbiased. Inspirational. Research-based. Fearless. REAL. TRUE. You have an army behind you, Shawn. Your work will prevail.
  • Cri2016
    So inspiring
    I love this podcast! Always so inspiring and full of easy to follow information! I just order the new book and I can’t wait to read! Thank you!!
  • Lo Haze
    Shawn is the REAL DEAL
    Such a valuable podcast, vital to our well being and peace of mind! Met Shawn in San Diego in 2018 and 120 Conference in ATL 2021. He is such a genuine guy, man of integrity with a beautiful family. Love this guy 💛🔥🔥🔥 Lo
  • C-Bowl
    Valuable information!
    New to this podcast! I heard Shawn on Max Luveres show and instantly wanted to hear more from Shawn! So glad I’ve tuned in! Such insight, truth and fairness!
  • Breezyjo32
    Thanks so much Shawn for speaking truth during these crazy times. I listen to your podcast and find myself nodding along to all of it and pumped up to my life and this world for the better. I wish everyone could hear what you have to say! I tell everyone I know about this show. Keep it up!! Have you ever done a podcast on newborn/childhood vaccines? As a new mom I struggle to know what’s right for my baby. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!!
  • Allysoncarter333
    God bless you Shawn
    It breaks my heart hearing the stories of adverse affects from this vaccine. Truly appreciate you getting the NECESSARY information out there. Praying that there will be some justice that will come. People, please speak up and get this information out there. We can’t just be bystanders knowing this information.
  • vegan egan
    Amazing Podcast for the Health Conscious
    You don’t come across people like Shawn too often in the health and fitness space, very objective, knowledgeable and practical. Thank you for all you do!
  • gailgocanes
    So good
    Thank you for all of the actionable information you bring us. It’s never too late to improve your life.
  • TheAntho815
    Long time listener and enjoyed some of the guests that have been on. Done. Enough of the anti vaccine, anti mask and borderline Covid truther nonsense that Shawn has been pushing for over a year. Shawn has embraced the biggest pushers of Covid misinformation like Joseph Mercola and Alex Berenson and it should destroy his credibility with everyone. These people are getting people killed by pushing this misinformation. Shame on Shawn Stevenson.
  • L68865357866
    Thank you for being a voice for those who feel they have no voice in this world. Thank you for providing a trusted source for truthful guidance and information. Please keep fighting!!
  • Nichole4678(:
    The BEST health podcast out there!
    I literally just downloaded Apple podcasts in order to give Shawn this much deserved review (I am a loyal Spotify user lol). If I could give more than 5 stars I would - I have been on the journey to find a health podcast that is informative, well researched, and has a sense of humor/fun to it. Shawn hits all those points and more! He keeps it real and follows the science/research, despite any controversy that may come forth. Not only does he follow the science, but he does his best to provide a balanced perspective. We NEED more people like Shawn, especially during this uncertain time where the health of an individual is more critical than ever. Thank you thank you thank you Shawn for everything you do and for always keeping it real with your listeners. Also, I’d like to leave a little note for fellow listeners/fans of Shawn: His style in terms of diving into the research of subjects and putting forth a balanced, well informed perspective of various health issues has NOT changed. If you believe all of a sudden he has changed since 2020, you may want to take a step back and truly think. He has always delivered reliable information in the past - do you reallly think he just all of a sudden changed during one of the most vital health times of our lives? Come on now. Wake up.
  • DanJenni
    My son is starting to develop healthier habits
    We all love Shawn’s podcasts, but I was so happy to discover that my 10 year old son is starting to get it! He’s a picky eater, so I always try to listen to your show when he is within ear shot, with the hope that he’ll hear Shawn’s words of wisdom. The other day I was listening to the “8 Clinically Proven Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System…” and my son was playing video games. I told him it was time to stop and he came in the room and told me he was going to go outside and get some vitamin D! Later he passed up ice cream for cheese! This makes me so happy. Thank you Shawn for being so accessible and easy to listen to. It’s nice when an expert can explain things in a way the rest of us understand. That shows how much respect you have for your listeners and their family members that might be listening in :-) -Jennifer
  • Rebbyreb99
    Just found you and already my #1 podcast
    I’m so glad you are not caving to the masses by telling people to get vaccinated. Let those of us who have not decided yet, learn everything we can by reading and listening to people like you without being harassed, brow beaten or in cases such as some of your reviews, told we are irresponsible that we have not yet got the vaccination. Thank you for not letting those stop you from informing us!
  • MabelWee
    Very informative
    Shawn’s podcasts are comprehensive, well researched, and relevant. The content is presented in an easy to comprehend format. I learn so much during each segment. Thank you for sharing the research, the science, and the facts.
  • ApronsByCapri
    Best vibrations on the airwaves!
    This podcast is hands-down the best health podcast I’ve ever listen to. I appreciate Shawns willingness to continue to search for the scientific truth, his positive vibrations that spiral you up as you listen to truth, his peacefulness in tone and manner. I could go on and on. Just listen to the show!
  • OHsquats
    Knowledge dropping off the hook!
    I appreciate the lack of opining. Instead, Shawn shares actual science backed lifestyle interventions to improve health. The things I’ve learned have helped me and my family.
  • AbbiK32
    Thank you for providing balance
    I have been a listener for quite some time but this is my first review. This show brings such balance in a world that seems to easily be fooled by the masses. Thanks for keeping us informed of important details to keep us on track for great health, more peace, and less panic!
  • Zackary F
    The perfect Heath podcast.
    The Model Heath Show is the perfect podcast for me. Captivating information, backed by accurate study’s, then delivered by a charismatic host ( Shawn Stevenson ). About three years ago I discovered Shawns show while on a quest to heal my brain. I heard about Shawn and Jim Quick on The Fat Buning Man podcast by Able James. I’m so thankful for Shawn’s many wonderful attributes, skills, and his amazing ability to make me feel like I’m listening to a old friend share his wealth of knowledge. Thank you Shawn and crew for all of what you do. You’ve made a profound impact on my life. P.S. How do you not know about Super Mario Bros??.. John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper. Lol.
  • oceangal1012
    I used to be a listener….but not anymore.
    The anti mask, anti vaccine, COVID isn’t going to kill you if you eat your veggies stance that Shawn has taken is truly appalling. He cherry picks information from obscure ‘studies’. Truly disappointing because prior to 2020, this podcast had a lot of great information. Not a fan anymore.
  • ekmcnulty
    True Health Information
    I love this podcast! True factual health information based on real data delivered with heart.
  • UzRhPy
    Eye Opening
    I had to express how much I loved episode 512 concerning the FDA. Folks we MUST understand not only how our bodies and food we eat works but also how the pharmaceutical and regulatory agencies work if we're going to keep ourselves healthy and around for our loved ones. Thank God for those like Shawn who are looking out for us and our family.
  • Simply JayZ
    My favorite podcast of all podcasts
    I’ve been listening to this for over 5 years. I’ve always trusted his science backed, Data driven approach to wellness. He is a TRUSTED voice in this space. And as he’s speaking up how about the truth about COVID, and the corruption we are seeing, this show has reached a new level of respect and admiration for me. This is a podcast fueled by logic, rationality and above all SCIENCE. There is no one out there breaking down the truth this way. I have to clap for him, refer him, advocate for his content, and thank him all at once. Shawn for president.
  • my_wit_wont_fit
    Best health podcast there is
    I am following Shawn and this podcast to the end of the Internet.
  • Tione D
    Episode 502
    Shawn, I love your show so much. Your podcast helps me learn and connect with so much vital health information. I share so many of your episodes because I want everyone in my life to have access to your insight and knowledge. I do want to correct something Mike Bayer said in this episode (502) about schools not teaching mindsets and mental health. Social Emotional Learning is a class I have taught at our high school for six years. Research “School-Connect” and check out R. Keeth Matheny at @coachrudy on Twitter. My District (Washoe County School District in Nevada) messes up a great deal of what is good for kids but having this program is something they have gotten right.
  • Beef Bro
    Life saver
    Shawn saves lives with this podcast. He is impacting the world for good. I’m better at living a healthy lifestyle now and I thought I was good before Shawn. I’ll keep sharing you Shawn, you keep reading, researching, and informing us. You are a shining star! ❤️❤️👏👏
  • Xpogo89
    Simply the BEST!
    I can’t tell you how much I love this podcast! Shawn does such an amazing job of breaking down the research and explaining the science behind health and nutrition. I learn so much from these episodes! Shawn, keep them coming please ! Kate ABQ, NM
  • KADTrainer
    It gets deeper
    I have been listening to The Model Health Show for a couple of years now and it has inspired me to deepen my understanding as a fitness professional. As a personal trainer people trust me with their health and aspirations. In the past I would search the internet to deepen my understanding of what my clients could be going through and experiencing but because of conflicting outdated information I felt like I kept running into a wall. Shawn’s evidence based approach to nutrition and fitness gave me the confidence I need to not only trust the information I received from him but also enroll into the Institute of Transformational Nutrition and change my clients lives. Thank you Shawn for helping me become more confident as a coach.
  • Prsctnative
    Love the information and science to back it
    I’m so thankful for this podcast. Shaun cuts to the chase on how the standard lifestyles promote disease and the science to combat the bad health typical American diet is promoting. The medical community has been focusing on disease based care and management rather than focusing on an integrative approach to health promotion. The science is there and Shaun lays it all out with his style of teaching and the guests on his show. Love it!
  • LouiseD2
    Thank you!
    I listen to a number of health expert podcasts and I have been waiting and waiting for exactly this type of spot on analysis of what is really happening concerning this Covid pandemic and the vaccines that have been foisted and forced on us. But only you, Shawn, has had the courage and integrity to bring the truths contained within this podcast to the fore. I applaud you for this and thank you. Everyone needs to be aware of just how much Big Pharma has its nasty little claws in everything from the media to all of the regulatory agencies that are supposedly watching out for us. What a sham! Thank you for this expose Shawn!
  • So Charming
    Mr SS speaks it!!!
    Shawn is easy to follow and understand as he educates and shares from a genuine space of concern for humanity. Listen to his podcast if you want good knowledge and a refreshing perspective🥳! Keep it coming Shawn
  • LoverofHealth
    On the fence
    I have enjoyed your podcast and bought your book. I very much enjoy science and health related information and I realize finding the truth in these matters can be extremely difficult because of so many different reasons. I do feel at times you have a one side opinion. Which is the case with most people. I’m someone that wants the facts from all sides so I can make an informed decision. With that being said I’ve heard you discuss only eating organic foods, and your argument about pesticides makes sense I completely agree. But I’m not rich and it’s very difficult to buy only organic food. And I’ve done some, all be it limited, research on whether or not organic is truly organic. I would love an episode from you that dives deeply into whether or not our organic food we get at stores is truly worth the money we pay for it. Or are we just paying for a label.
  • Jennafm
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I am health and fitness professional. I find your information very helpful in coaching my clients. Your podcast is the only one my partner will listen to with me. Your great at making the info interesting and informative. I especially want to thank you for your recent podcasts on covid. My mom has been berating my family to get the covid shot when I’m not fully convinced it’s 100% safe. I found that information very valuable to send her. Thank you!
  • JTres67
    COVID truth
    Thank you for sharing your research and telling us the unbiased truth!! Also I love your humor! You do a great job of sharing relevant, useful information regarding health, keep it up!!
  • RichN78
    Thank you!
    Your podcast keeps my family and myself informed on the truth, a unbiased truth! We need that in our society today! So many lies! Thank you for all you do, I know the research is so time consuming. Your books and podcasts are helping my family and I’m sure tons of other family’s stay, start and be forever healthy! Thank you Richard Nielsen
  • dlynnb11
    Dangerous anti vax
    Doesn’t paint the whole picture and wrongly offers anti-vax sentiments during a time when our healthcare workers are feeling the strains of an overwhelming/under vaxxed population. Not a good look.
  • jamie2363
    COVID vaccine scare
    Thank you so much for speaking out about the vaccine! It’s such a controversial topic and so many platforms are censoring the truth. It’s all about money! We have to get the truth out there and people like you who have a platform to reach more people are critical!! Thank you thank you!!
  • mstriver
    Unbiased, fact based, well researched
    TMHS is AMAZING! Shawn Stevenson puts his heart and soul into his passion for getting information to people to improve their health. He supports his episode topics with well researched data and articles. His open minded approach motivates you to take your health into your own hands by researching data to make informed decision that are right for you. Thank you Shawn and keeping these great episodes coming. Your passion, fire and humor make TMHS so enjoyable to watch and listen to. YOU ARE KILLIN’ IT! 👏👏👏
  • LivNuzz6
    I don’t usually write reviews, and if I’m being transparent, there are several episodes that I could write really positive reviews for - especially when Shawn first came out with this podcast! I have been listening for YEARS and have learned a ton, and yet…I was so disturbed by what I heard after listening to the episode “Find Your Inner Strength & Grow Through Adversity” that I’m taking a moment to give some feedback here. On this particular episode, you allow and agree with many of the points that guest Bedros makes; however, several of the points he tries to make are simply misinformed and loaded with assumptions and false information - I cannot stand by this man comparing Covid to concentration camps. People are dying as we speak. This is not about oppression, it’s about saving American lives. Truly disgusted.
  • cvonderh
    Amazing info! Thank you!
    Thank you for the fantastic work you do raising consciousness!
  • Telcif81
    Thank you
    This show has been so incredibly important to me during the last year and a half. I found you first on Impact Theory in an episode about sleep. I have been listening to you ever since and am so grateful that I have. You have kept me sane during this insanity. I have been guided by your wisdom, advice and the plethora of information you provide on each episode. Thank you and your team for all that you do.
  • lnt14
    Incredibly irresponsible
    Your last episode about the covid vaccine was incredibly irresponsible and one sided. Why didn’t you mention that 98 percent of the people dying right now are unvaccinated? It was negligent by you to not give a benefit analysis. My best friend is an icu doctor and has told me the horrific stories from unvaccinated individuals. I have loved your podcast but was very disheartened to hear your that episode.
  • stradalite
    Phenomenal information ✨✨✨
    The world would be a better place if everyone tuned into this podcast. The content is always unbiased and practical. The host deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for researching the science and reporting the truth.
  • Waterbaby123
    I used to listen to this podcast thoroughly for years and also suggested it to multiple people. But I am so disappointed about his ill conceived approach to COVID. I’m truly in shock of Shaun’s stance and have unsubscribed. I can’t go back and listen to his episodes without thinking about the false information is spreading.
  • AshleyK808
    So thankful for this podcast!
    I can’t express enough during these times how amazing it is to have a voice like Shawn bringing us the data and bringing education to light about how we can take control and take action to prevent a serious infection of Covid. This podcast has always been one of my favorite but during these times it’s giving me life! Thank you!
  • tallgoof29
    Shawn has some of the best guest, diving deep into all conversations regarding covid, breathing, nutrition, gut health. Thank you Shawn for your content and looking forward to many more.
  • Danielle Phillips
    Amazing show!
    I tried finding The Model Health show on YouTube to subscribe but can’t find it. I think they’re suppressing it. But I found your name and subscribed to your channel. Thank you for sharing such important information. I love that you share the data and links behind what you talk about as well!
  • Xanto22232
    This last episode 507 goes against everything you have preached since I’ve listened
    You claim we need to have open minds so I’d like you to go back and look at the evidence again on masks. Every proven and revised use of them shows some effective reduction in the transmission of Covid and doesn’t affect ability to breathe. It feels like you really had to cherry pick info to just see what you wanted to see. Also comparing masks (something g that helps keep us safer in a pandemic that has claimed over a half million lives) to concentration camps?! Are you kidding me? Bad company on this episode since his 72 hour program is exactly what gets college frat boys arrested for hazing.
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