The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.

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  • G-reg pp
    Top notch podcast
    I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. The quick wit of the hosts and topics of conversation are sensational. If you can look past their political illiteracy, you should hop on board.
  • BeijingJim
    Excellent research and presentation of history
    Educators at all levels, and of all courses of study, should listen to these wonderful podcasts! Clearly, historical curriculums could be improved by the humor, real-world facts, and life-experience nuance presented by Dave and Gareth. I would encourage all teachers, of any student audience, to listen and adapt these stories to their field. Bringing fun into chemistry, for instance, may be a challenge, but the occasional amusing anecdote can only raise interest, hold attention, and may even lead to a lifelong passion. Dave has done the heavy lifting research-wise, and the comedic talents of Gareth and Dave have provided huge numbers of stories from which to choose. Well done you two: hopefully you have enriched the teaching and learning environment for millions!
  • spaceboy3009
    These two are hilarious. Can't recommend this enough.
  • dustimuphins
    It’s not a day without The Dollop
    This is absolutely hands down my FAVORITE podcast. I’ve listened and re-listened. Without The Dollop history would be a whole lot of doom & gloom without any of the humor.
  • AllisonJHuffman1980
    Request with Thanks
    I am a Mental Health Therapist who over the many years has enjoyed your podcast. Listening has brought me much joy. I appreciate the compassion and honesty you both bring when you speak of mental health issues. I am starting a challenge with myself and I invite you to join. As a step away from the stigmatization of mental health issues I wonder if you would reduce the casual use of the phrase "crazy" replacing it with a word such as "wild." The complex and dynamic reality of mental illness is very different from the common slang word "crazy" but in its definition and history they are tied. I respect your choice to decide what language you use. Thank you.
  • Laroussefolle
    Hilarious and Informative
    One of the few podcasts that causes me to laugh hysterically while also learning about fascinating subjects. I can't get enough of the hosts of this show. Highly recommend!
  • Miti33
    Absolutely love it
    This show got me through grad school. Dave and Gareth are my comfort comedians.
  • Jftrumpets
    Favorite Podcast
    So many incredible stories to hear and Dave and Garett are hilarious in presenting the ridiculous, the dark, and the unbelievable.
  • LeeCaddy
    Funniest sheet ever
    I love this podcast. I listen to it while I work and it makes the day fly by!
  • cavman731
    Best of the best
    Dave and Gary make history fun. Listen every week. Two very funny guys!
  • Ginger2187
    Absolute gold
    Just found this podcast. Can’t quit laughing and love the history aspect in so many ways. Thrilled to go back through all the episodes. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuu
    Best show ever!!!
    I get to learn and laugh!? This podcast showcases how insane America and other countries are and what they have done. From falling mystery meat to a man with a rainbow wig, and of course the Wild man of Bournea! This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Thanks guys!!!!
  • unassumingerin
  • Burnplant
    Like the show but
    Dave’s over laughing at everything is awful and ruins the show. Gareth is funny but man, grow up, Dave. Unsubscribe
  • christinabelter
    One of the best podcasts out there!!! AMAZING
  • AuggieDoggy87
    Learn and laugh
    For a leftist history buff with a twisted sense of humor this is dream come true
  • Kylejy
    My favorite podcast
    Always love the jokes and impressions from Jose. I think his contributions are underrated
  • oldladygimlett
    I punch ponies, thoughts?
  • RobertDSenn
    Adjust Garett’s mic PLEASE!!!!
    I was on a nine hour car ride and decided to give the much recommended Dollop a try, I was instantly enthralled by the humor and history. Then after 45 minutes Everything became a slog as I had to CONSTANTLY turn my cars volume up and down to compensate for the difference in volume between Dave and Gareth’s levels… This combined with the fact that a joke that would naturally peter out and could have a one more jab stuck in now has a SCREAMING BLACK JACK BEATING THE LAST SHRED OF HUMOR OUT OF IT. Case in point was the episode on Harry Decker, the volume was all over, the “bung” jokes were beaten into the ground after the phrase “bunged fingers” was used… Then, at the end there was a genuine, honest, insightful, and humorous discussion on the dangers of CTE, if the episode was more like that. I’m going to to keep checking in, but not with headphones in or really any speakers I value. Once they get a good sound engineer, and someone who can edit and pace the show a little better I’ll come back.
  • Anon234567
    Best podcast out there
    This is by far and away my favorite podcast. Endlessly entertaining and very informative.
  • dookiebrown707
    At LEAST be funny!
    Great content but Jesus Christ if you are going to mix history with comedy, at least be funny! This show was like trying to chase a cat that’s had too much cocaine. Had to quit after 30 minutes.
  • drchucklesworth
    Best ever
    The dollop is the best podcast ever. Hands down
  • Two Advil
    Please tell Gareth he’s hooked up to a mic and doesn’t have to YELL. it’s a funny podcast abd concept but I simply can’t sign up to have my ear drums assaulted
  • OutsideTheMic
    Great Stuff
    Love this podcast! It’s definitely a go to for me. Love the humor, love the history.
  • planetplow88
    Thank you.
    Thank you, for the laughs and telling the stories that we need to hear. I appreciate this podcast and the work that Gary and David do to make this happen. Thanks guys!
  • KatBixby
    The Best
    The best blend of comedy and meticulously researched history you've never heard. 5 stars. Dave gets sad when people are mean and he responds with anger. But he never mentions the positivity and encouragement sent his way. Maybe he needs more. Dave you're doing great. We appreciate you. Gareth you're incredibly talented; I live for your improv songs. Dave sets it up with the content and writing and you spike it with your quick wit and many voices. You don't miss!
  • floop you
    Jose is the best :)
    I adore this podcast. It can be a little slow sometimes but mostly it is fantastic and very funny.
  • Foilhead
    The Antidote to High School History.
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough. A sobering, yet funny connective explanation as to why our modern society keeps stepping on that darn rake. Dave’s research is nuanced and well sourced. Gareth’s improvisational skills are as fine-tuned as it gets. This podcast unlocks all the context that our high school history fails to produce. The John Brown episode had me hooked.
  • Pennsylturkey
    My new favorite podcast
    Well it seems This field isn’t optional after all. Just about as hilarious as you could want your podcast
  • MrCFPoncho
    I’ve returned to college for business, and this semester I’m taking a Business Ethics class. Foxconn came up n a discussion, and my group wound up having to use Foxconn as our example for an analysis group paper. Long in short, I quoted The Dollop from the Scott Walker-Reverse Dollop episode, and cited yous in our sources page. I’m sorry if this makes you feel any sort of way Dave. You know, with Garrett being the lead on that episode. I’ll keep you posted on what grade we get.
  • Psydle
    these are ignorant men
    the stories are funny but the political rants sound like they haven’t learned anything about how the world works from anything they research for the show.
  • SYSK African Enthusiast Fan
    The Best
    I love these two!
  • PhelineCat
    Opening inanity
    During the March 23 (2021) "Toothpicks" opener, when Gareth didn't want to engage in the idle chatter we've all grown to expect he claimed listeners appreciate not hearing them "catch up" on air. I scrolled through reviews and my random sampling showed nothing like that. I read objections to discussing (our) sincerely held concerns about the possibility of damage from Trump and ilk… thankfully they were awfully disorganized. I'm a long time fan of the show. Maybe I'll look for what more recent reviewers are complaining about.
  • vsadams
    I laugh out loud
    @ your podcast. When I’m driving, I must look insane laughing so hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thank you!
  • guess im not a commie
    Fun, interesting, and...frustrating
    5 stars for the content that’s intended-Hilarious podcast. Great stories, excellent riffing, just so funny. 1 star for what’s not- They constantly complain about politics. That’s not what I’m here for. It’s tiresome to be preached to about how socialism is supposedly the solution to every problem there is.
  • Chaos13B
    Good but monologues get lengthy and a little annoying sometimes.
  • SmackJohnson_1
    Leftist Propaganda
    This is the best podcast on the internet. Bar none. I love it.
  • Ichabod Crane in LA
    Good and Funny and Radicalizing
    Who knew a history show about how baseball players from the 60s who love drugs and beer would turn me into a communist! Thanks guys!
  • kubceuhbkduashkbckuhdas
    I’ll love the Dave/Gareth combo! Gareth’s voice work is the BEST! P.S. This was difficult to write due to the amount of times my phone tried to autocorrect Gareth to Gary.
  • cowboyplanet
    YOU discover the context!
  • MeAgain1227
    Still a fan, but miss the old atmosphere!
    For the record, my negative feelings have nothing to do with the politics; I largely agree with most of Dave and Gareth's political views. So I don't mind that it has started to lean politically in the last few years. For me, the jokes have just become kind of awkward and drawn out, and a lot of the time don't end in a punchline. There's a lot of joking silliness that ends up just not being funny. Where there used to be a fun back and forth between the two, the conversations now feel weirdly tense and forced. Gareth's comedy seems to have been reduced from really witty, pointed improv and absurdism to random, exaggerated accents and constant improv that kind of doesn't go anywhere but drags on a long time. And Dave has never been strong at improv, but he's fallen into the same problem, and either goes along with the improv and drags it out further, or has no real response so just moves on. It has started to feel stale and stilted for reasons I can't really pinpoint. But this podcast worked best when it was a mix of really good comedy and educational content. Now it's hard to follow the stories sometimes because of how often it's interrupted by the comedy, which ends up just not being funny a lot of the time. I will continue to relisten to old dollops, but I have stopped listening to new ones. Although I'm interested in the topics, and would even be interested in hearing about their political views, too much time is dedicated to bad comedy for it to be worth the time and I end up not being able to listen. The forced nature of the comedy makes it feel like they just aren't having fun anymore, and it definitely reduces the enjoyability of the podcast for me. Idk if they need to take a break and do a hard reset, or relisten to old podcasts to kind of remember the rhythm that made them popular in the first place. I hope they try to recapture the banter and conversational feel of the first 200-300 or so podcast episodes though, because I would love to keep listening.
  • telldah
    Pronounce anything however you want.
    First of all, language is regionally fluid- Many people need to calm down and just enjoy being entertained. This podcast is consistently funny and well researched! I anticipate a return to live shows.
  • HoboCop
    Honest Good Fun
    Better than a morning piss when the linoleum is warm.
  • Lucian47
    5 ⭐️
    Boy she pops!!!
  • itsmenotmario666
    I love this podcast. I’ve learned a lot about history and it’s hilarious. Great road trip ‘cast.
  • Magster43202
    This podcast is consistently funny and I’m only sorry I was late discovering it. Gary and Dave have great chemistry and I want them to kiss.
  • 95 Ross
    A show by white men about other white men
    for a host who routinely spouts off anti white supremacy views, 1 star for not bothering to select diverse subjects. On the occasion that they do discuss a woman or a non white male it is often a generalized group or someone you already heard of (e.g. the suffragettes, mother jones). In contrast a typical episode is a detailed account of a white man who had an unusual or interesting life. as funny as gareth makes these stories, they are getting really stale - to their credit the live show I went to was great, and I liked the book
  • Oakwoodguy
    I enjoy
    The dollop, where each week Pub food eater Food poisoning victim Bed pooper Dave Anthony tells a story from American history to his friend Gareth Reynolds
  • BillyBobV in Nor-Cal
    Used to be good
    Now it isn’t Enough said
  • Tek Jansen
    A Bi-Partisan American History Podcast
    Easily one of the top podcasts ever made. Happy to hear Dave become more outspoken politically over the last few years. Wish it didn’t have ads, but I’m happy to skip..., er, listen intently to all of them to support the show.
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