The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.

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  • Flicker63
    I look forward to this podcast every week
    Always fascinating, always thought provoking and 100% hilarious. I love these guys so much.
  • Pretzel_Pete
    Don't Vote
    Dave accurately conveys the notion that American history has always been messed up and filled with schemers and conmen (and women). The show has gone downhill has been since roughly the 300th episode. The research hasn't been consistent, and Dave's anti-democratic (little "d") leanings have shone more brightly.
  • Mary ohwhatabeautifulmorning
    Abraham Lincoln's long journey
    I listened to the Abe Lincoln burial saga while taking two 14 year olds home from a birthday party. Those 14 year olds were laughing so hard in the back seat of the car. Genius! But I continue to hope they never told their mothers about it.
  • JROD in Omaha
    Easily the best podcast out there
    Great topics, history, sports, politics, major events- they do it all. It can get political, but if you feel “attacked” or “triggered” when a corrupt government official is made fun of, that probably means you need to work on yourself. If your identity is so caught up in a political party, maybe try having original thoughts?
  • rocktopus-87
    Used to be great, now just political venom
    The old episodes are hilarious and amazing, but this year really fried Daves brain. He’ll randomly shout about the evils of capitalism and call for armed revolution, and poor Gareth has to try to turn it into comedy. They’re entitled to their opinions but shoving angry political screeds into a comedy podcast is not a recipe for... a good comedy podcast. For god’s sake Dave, just start another podcast and go shout there. No longer a place to laugh, but a dark and sad look into Dave’s mind.
  • nahaskell
    It’s great
    They said to leave a review so here I am. If you are reading this stop now and go start with their episode about the death of George Washington. 🔌
  • lbc 123456
    I LOVE this podcast so much and think it is brilliant when they get political, because as someone once said, if you aren’t mad, you aren’t paying attention!
  • mjz-98
    Love love love
    I love these guys and this is crazy good stuff
  • mspot
    My favorite dollop moment
    Was when Dave was doing the ads and had to plug Masterclass featuring Aaron Sorkin 😎
  • withlovefromcolorado
    Not good anymore
    Dave rages and yells more than he laughs. He has become such a dark cloud over something that used to be funny. I’m sad to be unsubscribing as I really loved this pod.
  • christinabelter
    One of the best podcasts out there!!!
  • Hanholio
    So correct
    I will garggle History's A-1 steak sauce right here thank you , it's that correct.
  • Stoggs
    Love it!
    Always entertaining
  • Da Raff
    Love it-to death
    These guys make it look/sound easy. But I’m sure a lot of work goes into theses history/comedy works of art!
  • McBoomie
    Frog Man
    I grew up in South Central Kansas (A boomer). My parents had a bunch of land in the Flint Hills. A fun weekend for a kid who loved being outside. As a kid we were ruthless frog catchers, flashlight in eyes (hunt in evening/night) as they set by pond croaking. Once I hypnotized them you’d gig ‘em, pull them out of pond & smash their heads. Once they were caught my Dad helped me cut the giant back legs off. Front legs not really meaty, so we didn’t eat those. On Sunday morning my Dad dredge the legs in egg, milk & then rolled in flour. Fried up, crispy & delicious! BULLFROGS Bullfrog season extends from July 1 through October 31. Daily creel limit is eight. Possession limit is 24 bullfrogs after the third day of the season. A valid fishing license is required for any person to take, catch, or kill bullfrogs, except persons exempt by law from having such license. Bullfrogs may be legally taken any time of day or night by dip net, gig, hook and line, hand, bow and arrow, or crossbow. A line must attach bow to arrow, and the arrow must have a barbed head. Any other method of taking bullfrogs is prohibited.
  • floppy md
    The Dollop has helped me fill vital holes
    Getting into The Dollop in 2020 has guaranteed the plugging of any holes in my weekly podcast listening. There is such a rich body of episodes that I will never have a hole in my listening pleasure that I cannot fill during tedious work or stoned gaming Did you get the part about The Dollop plugging my holes
  • skingrifter
    Too Political!
    Stop making me question my morality! It makes me feel weird! Gary and his son Jose are a dynamic component.
  • daisy0075
    This is how History should be taught.
    I consistently learn about something I was never (and should have) learned in school. My fave episodes are usually about baseball or when Will Anderson makes a guest spot. My favorite host might be Jose the Cat.
  • fizzeline
    Jeff Bezos?
    Your podcast is one of my favorites because you’re very funny your improv is genius sometimes, you’re edifying for the most part but...why the hard-on for Bezos? There are so many uber wealthy people in this country that are really evil why do you so often pick on the one that trying to help fight the same our mutual enemy? Donald Trump hates Bezos also, so much so he had his minions try to blackmail him. Pick on the Koch bros. or Larry Ellison or...take your pick there is no shortage. Sometimes you say very stupid things and that’s ok we all do and often you are just plain wrong and that’s ok too that’s your shtick just lay off Bezos. By the way I was reading “Ramparts “ in 1968, Abbie was one of my heroes.
  • regaldime
    Excellent, Funny, and a wonderful way to learn about insane things you’ve never heard of before
    If you’ve never listened before, I’d recommend listening to any episode related to baseball, they are consistently hilarious ______ If you like “Last Podcast on the Left”, definitely give this podcast a shot. If you like the Dollop, check them out. ______ There aren’t many podcasts that consistently manage to put out amazing episodes, but this is certainly one of them. Out of hundreds of episodes, there have only ever been a handful that have fallen flat for me. The best episodes are absolutely hysterical, while the worst are usually only “pretty good”. Occasionally there will be some bits or jokes that drag on for to long, or that just miss the mark. But that is really my only complaint, and it’s more than made up for by just how excellent 99% of the show is
  • smam218
    Excellent podcast
    The Dollop is well researched and manages to balance humor with heavy topics. Garett’s reactions are hysterical and Dave’s deadpan delivery of absurd bits of history leaves me caught between incredulity, awe, and laughter.
  • seanmcginger
    Gary is onion
    I have been listening for a long time. Garfy is onion. Gareth is also onion. Gary is onion. The end.
  • Dill BeBasio
    Political turds
    Love ur struggle sessions!!
  • TShaneRogers
    Love these guys despite divergent beliefs
    I’ll always be a giant Aaron Sorkin fan (sorry Dave), and I’m not on board with the frequent socialist tirades on this podcast, but hey, people can disagree and still find common ground. If you enjoy this podcast you should also check out “Midnight Facts for Insomniacs”...similar concept and equally funny. Keep up the good work!
    Deeply important project - and hilarious!
    Came to this podcast earlier this year through TOFOP/FOFOP, and as I approach Episode 300 (and the country approaches the election), this American History podcast is both hilarious, and critically important at this time. It shines a new light and brings a different and very personal perspective to historical events, some of which are quite obscure but always drawing a thread to help understand how things are today. It’s why I have signed on as a Patreon subscriber. Dave - stay angry. The folks here who are attacking you for being political are the exact reason you need to stay political. I may not always agree with your position, but I almost always understand where it comes from and I certainly love the way you draw it out from the story you are telling. This passion project is amazing - keep up the good work!!
  • moms ipod q
    Love the Dollop
    I started listening a few years ago and have been bingeing during the covid-19 quarantine. It’s funny and I’m learning at the same time. Love the Dollop. Thank you!!!
  • Osleibhin
    Listen to the older episodes
    Not funny anymore. Dave sounds bitter and negative these days. I know there’s a lot going on and I don’t care about the occasional political rant, it’s his podcast. But it’s pretty relentless these days and just depressing to listen to. I will stick to the older episodes, they are actually worth a listen!
  • DJTatzie
    I enjoy Anthony and Gary (Gareth) But as the episodes I get to become more recent I feel like the comedy is falling flat Hey you guys okay???
  • DJ Flobug
    José to the rescue
    Best goddamn history podcast EVER!!!
  • Emmaleigh.504
    Funny but sanctimonious
    Super interesting history! The guys are funny, but so sanctimonious sometimes. Listen for the strand laughs, but stop about 5 minutes to the end to spare yourself the self righteous bloviating.
  • O'Treasaigh septs
    If you love comedy and history, this is the podcast for you! I especially love when he yells out the date. I giggle every time. Thanks for the distraction and a reminder that history is and always has been bananas. It’s also important to remember the past, so we don’t repeat it.
  • Guy who is writing a review
    Strident, Intolerant Politics
    I used to love this show, but the politics have become increasingly ugly. Dave, your approach couldn’t be less persuasive. You are just another defeatist Nader voter type, and look where that got us: 8 years of GW Bush. People like you will never realize how self defeating your bitter intolerance is.
  • Kduzzle
    This is a podcast where you should start at the beginning, the first ones are some of my favorites 😊
  • tricia.leak
    Hilarious & informative
    I have only listened to 2 episodes of this, but am already a fan. They keep me giggling throughout the whole episode. My only critique would be that the explicit language is a little bit of a turn off. I would love to have my teenage kids listen to this, but can’t recommend it to them because of the use of the F word. Other than that, it’s a great podcast!
  • Annika Harsh
    Questionable at Times
    Some of the episodes did not age well with time, but overall an hilarious podcast!
  • User324567
    You’ll never giggle and learn more
    You’ll never giggle and learn more! Dave and Gary really bring historical events to life and the way Dave finds historical events that tie into our current situation are beyond important. Looking back, I wish my history teachers would have just told unique stories that conveyed the issues of the moment. I’ve seen them live a lot and can’t wait until the pandemic ends so I can watch them one more time.
  • matt1000111012
    Just listen
    You’ll eventually hear something that’ll offend you. You’ll repeatedly hear stuff that’ll make you regret you’re humanity. It’s awesome.
  • PPortner
    Highly recommend
    Very smart, witty, hilariously entertaining podcast, always walk away learning something.
  • EG📚
    Best Podcast Ever!
    Long time listener. I love history especially African American history. I just finished listening to the John Brown Trilogy, it was the best! So honest,so meaningful. Thank you so much for the true stories you tell! You guys are the best. I appreciate so much your comments at the end! Thank you so much!
  • Jacob Sh.
    I love this podcast
    Unpopular opinion-I like them being so political
  • PalePrincessE
    I stopped listening to this podcast about a year ago when the politics just became to much. Gave it another try with Cocaine Pirates, it was mostly good until the end where politics were brought up again. It’s fine to have opinions it’s their podcast, I’m just not going to listen to it because politics ruins the escape of the funny story telling.
  • Skol_Don
    Why is this labeled comedy.
  • Emanon47
    Had to tap out
    I used to be an avid fan. I suggested to everybody and then Dave turned into that Uncle at Thanksgiving. I just want to be entertained, not lectured.
  • coffee_dad
    american history is political, you twats
    I’ve been binging the Dollop for a few years now. I laugh, I gasp, I regurgitate some info to those close to me. It’s one of my favorite podcasts. I don’t do reviews like this, but everyone who is saying they “get too political now” is missing the point or simply haven’t been paying attention. American history is chaos, racism, sexism, stupidity, greed; all vacuum sealed and packaged up to sell to us in some type of way. Dave and Garreth/Gary shed light onto dark corners of our history, even in the present day, that are important to know and understand. If you want your simple sports anecdotes go back to reddit.
  • Cunfewzed
    My Fav
    Shortly and sweetly, this is my favorite podcast. I have about 180 episodes left before I’m fully caught up. I’m already cursing and rueing that day. I’m in constant mourning and it’s giving me anxiety already. But no matter, *Gary and Dave are simply the best.
  • Eelinper
    Best couple!
    Great introduction to American History.
  • Sloppy duke
    Used to laugh more
    Jumped into the realm of politics too much, I miss the old days when Dave and Gareth would make each other laugh, still one of the best podcasts though
  • CStones1991
    Best podcast ever
    Love it
  • nitrofuton1
    I miss the old dollop
    I can’t with Dave anymore. Been a fan from the start and this literally feels like I’m having a bad breakup.
  • muziani
    Dave Anthony for president 2024
    I absolutely love this podcast for its ability to deliver historical events in a both humor and entertaining manner. I find it really inspiring and informative
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