The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.

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  • drewzlebub
    Superb. Neat stuff guys.
  • Star fighter 913
    Very good
    Very funny
  • evenonstop
    one of the only shows to treat history with the absurdity it deserves
    very good show overall. the baseball episodes are absolutely goated.
  • justwant@#$&to work
    How history should be taught. Make history interesting which translates into learning. It’s also freakin hilarious.
  • Tubbs Survivor
    Tubbs Fire Survivor
    I was already angry at PG&E. Listening to PG&E Part 1 made me so mad. I knew some of it already, but just listening to the amount of times they could have mitigated fire concerns is horrifying. At 1:30am on October 9, 2017 I woke up in my home in Santa Rosa, and I had get my wife and two 9 years out of house in a matter of minutes. We got out with nothing and we lost everything. My kids had nightmares and were afraid when I was gone at night (I used to work nights). It has been a long road to recovery. PG&E refused to take full responsibility for our fire, although we were included in the north bay fires lawsuit. That’s a whole other slap in the face that I will not get into here. The very next year we had friends in Paradise go through the same thing. It is insane. People have lost everything and many people have died as a result of PG&E’s failures. I know Part 2 will probably make me cry(ok, I admit Part 1 already did). Please be relentless and tear them apart. They should be broken apart. Thank you for the show and keep yelling for the rest of us! Mike (now from Petaluma)
  • IDontLikeNicks
    Best Podcast Series
    This is the best history podcast I’ve come across. They provide regular deep cuts in history that maintain an entertaining delivery throughout. The only downside is that I often leave recent history episodes depressed. That’s not their fault though, that’s because history can be depressing when you realize so little has changed when it comes to corporate power. Yet even though I’m depressed when I walk away, putting on a new one will cheer me right back up.
  • keohan68
    Nobody cares about Gary’s shows
    I like the show, but could care less about Gary’s stand up. If people aren’t willing to look up your dates you have already failed. Still don’t want to about Gary’s shows.
  • Little Bean :)
    Poor pronunciation
    Pass the times 13 with wood jr they pronounce Salina (sal EE na) I live in Wichita (WHICH i ta) Salina is pronounced (Sa LINE a)
  • developernamedchris
    do the LA water wars!
    would love to see Mulholland represented by u guys. also crazy story. just read that chapter of Cadillac desert. Cheers
  • idk what t
    *chefs kiss
    Yes! *waves hands in the air wildly* amazing! Bonus points for the people who obviously only listened to 5 minutes a d think their names are Dan and Garett.
  • motown2stumptown
    This podcast is a GD GEM.
    I love history and comedy so this podcast is the perfect blend for digestion. Also, my new ab workout is from listening to Gareth speak in a Milwaukee or just general Midwest accent. Dead. Spot on. Hysterical. Love you guys.
  • M.Lowery14
    Best Podcast
    Seriously my favorite podcast ever
  • jsspain
    Queen Fakey of Made up Town
    Dave and Gareth are the lights of my life.
  • Zanebots
    Best history/comedy podcast out there.
    Dave and Gary are the best. If you’re a history and comedy nerd you’ll love it.
  • Yepx
    Don't Support These Sociopaths
    The Dollop consists of hosts who cosplay as leftists while simultaneously spreading dangerous misinformation surrounding COVID-19. They are anti-science and find it not only funny but acceptable to mock and joke around about those who have been injured or killed by the vaccines. I encourage EVERYONE to give these sociopaths grief for they don't care about people, they simp for Pfizer, Big Phrama and the government they claim to be against as they advocate for pharmaceutical genocide.
  • samantharothschild
    My favorite podcast!
    I love to learn and laugh and this show gives me both.
  • invisiblebike
    The Past Times
    If your favorite part of Deadwood was the newspaper guy trying to put together stories, this podcast is for you.
  • JDlocks
    This has become a tickling podcast
    Love it
  • JP McFarth
    No Sleep, No hippo
    My favorite podcast. Checks all of the boxes for me, informative, leftist, comedic. A lot of these stories should be taught in American schools but you won’t find a shred of ‘em. Check out Gareth’s other podcast point VS point for a good laugh. Keep up the good work boys, been listening since 2017.
  • baxterpunch
    At some point they may write their own material, but as it is, they make their living stealing everything from people who actually do research.
  • Greenfrog260
    Really good
    I just started this podcast and I think it is very good, not only is it funny but they’re talking history! The only thing bothering me is that I don’t know what his tattoo says.
  • P&B4829
    Would be better without the improv
    I liked the history telling but the improv where the one host pretends to be someone they are discussing goes on for too long. The volume is also all over the place.
  • Farnosh
    Informative and bonkers
    As someone who loves to read random historical nonfiction, Dave always gives me new subjects to fill my reading lists. Sometimes I find that he over-exaggerates particular events once I read the source material but I believe his job is meant to entertain and blow slightly out of proportion for the entertainment value. It’s up to us as an audience to, you know, not take everything that comes out of their mouth at face value with zero personal effort. But the topics are enticing, mind boggling, ridiculous, heartbreaking, heartwarming, absurd, and fascinating which is the whole reason I come back consistently week after week. Gareth’s good, too.
  • AMoore0000
    Draining these days
    Used to be more enjoyable and a good escape which is why I listen to podcasts. It used to be very good at poking fun but staying somewhat light hearted except on occasions with heavy topics. Now every single topic. Now every single topic seems to trigger Dave into a rant. Also Dave seems to only have one category of humor anymore and that is overly sexual jokes even when it’s a huge stretch to get there. I still try to listen to most episodes but I find myself turning most off before it’s over.
  • Awag107
    Super triggering to conservatives which is funny
    I’d give an extra star if I could simple for the comments of crying republicans in the reviews.
  • Digit8
    I Admit, I’m Fading
    I’ve loved this show for years, and some of the episodes- The Rube is the one I always recommend people start with- are among the best podcast episodes of anything I’ve ever heard. But the mix of history and humor has been gradually shifting and now I frequently find myself bailing out mid-episode because it honestly becomes draining listening to them improvise characters for 5 minutes straight.
  • BeckynBrady
    Interesting Ver Very Funny!
    Wonderful podcast! The guys have great comedic chemistry and it’s always clever and well told stories. Thank you putting out this podcast I really appreciate and enjoy it!!
  • sknytl
    Comedy ruined by Politics
    “Don’t stand for the national anthem, how great would it be if nobody stood for the anthem.” Pretty funny in their first year, unfortunately after that the extremely liberal politics of the hosts (which has nothing to do with the historical focus of their podcast) ruins the show.
  • adam7782
    stick to the old episodes
    “White people and the government are horrible…. But also we should do everything they say and not have guns” . This podcast ruled when it was two stoned friends talking obscure history. Somewhere along the way they cleaned up a lot of their act and also unnaturally and painfully force in liberal talking points. Being loud and pouty about how the ‘other side’ is loud and pouty isn’t a strong argument nor enjoyable to hear when I just wanted some laughs
  • screaming ≠ comedy
    Love it, but quit the exaggerated parody voices
    I really do enjoy this show, a lot. However I now cringe whenever I hear the improve that equates comedy to just screaming into a microphone. Every impersonation of a historical figure sounds like the town drunk yelling on a soap box 🙄🙄🙄
  • joncoal
    Check the photo!
    Have listened to every episode. King of the Ghouls demanded that I write a review. Dave and Gareth are on fire! But you have to look at the photo in their link. 5 stars always. Laugh and learn something!
  • LoneStarrTX
    Laugh out loud funny!
    Listener for years. Great stories when they aren’t trashing Americans.
  • Trou13le
    Microwaves and radio waves are a form of radiation
    I love Dave and Anthony, but there are times that their commentary on things reveals how stupid they are. In the most recent episode of The Past Times they and their guest Nayomi riff for ten minutes about radioactive microwaves as if early microwaves were powered by plutonium. Perhaps our hosts should go back to highschool science to learn that radiation is a blanket term for electromagnetic radiation and radioactive decay of unstable elements. Those forms of radiation are not the same. AM/FM Radio, television, phones, radars, and home wiFi use electromagnetic radiation to function. They are not dangerous. Early microwaves could very well have been under shielded, using radar waves to cook food was not as well understood as it is today. But it doesn’t mean that microwaves are going to give you cancer. Today we are bombarded by radiation of this type all day. Perhaps if they would like to keep fear mongering about radiation, they should tell their audience to immediately unsubscribe from their podcast and throw their phones out the window. I’m sure that will help them escape the cancer of stupidity this podcast radiates. I still love you dummies.
  • not a dum dum
    Best thing ever
    I cry with laughter. I learn history. I love everything more.
  • Bamababe1013
    Absolutely hilarious
    Ignore the whiny babies in some of these reviews. This podcast is hilarious. Gary and Dave are the best.
  • Mr. Calvin Cooper
    She pops.
  • Nullity
    Haven't laughed this hard in ages!
    I just found this podcast a week ago. Since then, I've listened to several dozen episodes. At first I was hesitant thinking this was going to be a dry 'ole history retelling but this is anything but. I haven't laughed this hard in years. Out of my 45 other comedy podcasts I listen to, this one has jumped to the top of the pack. Edit: too bad Dave Anthony blocked me on twitter. I don’t agree with their political stance but I set that aside for their great stories. Edit2: years later, still love the pod — as long as you can ignore the white guilt politics. Dave is well, Dave. Edit: 11/29/22 unsubbed, too political
  • SpacLock
    Could be much better…
    I’m sorry, I don’t know which host is which, but the guy who constantly interrupts with impressions (to try and sound funny) causes any momentum in conversation to come to a screeching halt. If the impressions were good, and/or funny, it would work. But oh my god are they annoyingly bad. There is no saving this show as long as that person is attached to it. The potential is there, and the topics are interesting, but ditch the annoying impressions. Yikes!
  • Wonder.clemii
  • Ltsgthi
    It was good before….
    They turned into cry babies .
  • Riva Treasure
    Figure out your audio
    I would love to listen to these guys but the constant up and down of the audio is horrible. One minute they are whispering, I turn my volume up, and then the next they are screaming. Very disappointing since they are super funny.
  • blue_trees on_fire
    I’m new around here
    These guys are jerks. I like em.
  • easilyintentional
    The best podcast to have your eardrums blown out by!
    Turn your volume all the way up to hear Dave mumble facts through until Garrett screams at the top of his lungs into the microphone. Stories so good you’ll just accept the pain and hearing loss.
  • Schmophism
    Brilliant Banter
    I have loved this podcast for quite a while, then I heard the impression of an elderly baseball coach during the Ty Cobbs episode... I laughed so so very hard.
  • NCBluejay
    Tried listening
    It might be listenable and definitely shorter if they cut out grinding their jokes into carborundum. It’s a history podcast but what they present is about 10 percent history and 90 percent ego. Also, maybe adjust Gareth’s mic down a few levels.
  • Deborah696
  • erinwanze
    I was dying laughing at the newspaper episode. Please have Karen on more often!
  • Nerospidy
    Has lost it’s charm
    Gareth is amazing at improv. He is the highlight and heart of the show. The early episodes were phenomenal. The taxidermist episode is my favorite. As this podcast continued, three things changed: 1) The show is just BOMBARDED with ads. Even though these guys are anti-capitalist, they’re literally peddling snake oil. 2) As the show went on Dave just devolved. He seems absolutely MISERABLE to be doing this show. 3) It’s now the same two episodes ad nausium. “Here’s a story about a socialist; look how good a person they are!” And “Here’s a story about a capitalist; look how bad a person they are!”
  • candrim77
    Please involve Karen Kilgariff in all the new podcasts. It’s too good.
  • El marinero salado
    Past times
    The Past Times sub-series of the Dollop is amazing!
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