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A survey of great books, great men, and great ideas.
Larry P. Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, on the Hugh Hewitt Show

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    I await Friday’s podcasts as I await a Christmas holiday. Dr. Arnn’s anecdote regarding Calhoun’s friend VP Johnson love of slave. Poem written for deceased son and transfer of property was so human. Something a casual reader, such as myself, would not likely encounter. Thank you for these podcasts Respectfully BAMDDS Dr. Arnn once stated SCOTUS never made a judgement against the ruling political party Please substantiate
  • largef
    Very enlightening!!!
  • Publius512
    Very insightful…when the guests are allowed to finish their thoughts
    Wonderful series about evergreen subjects pertaining to American history, politics, and philosophy, as well as various aspects of world history (ancient Greece, Rome, Judeo-Christian tradition, Winston Churchill, etc). Would be an even better series if Hugh Hewitt didn’t interrupt Dr. Arnn and the other guests as frequently as he does.
  • PatriotNC
    This is what a college education should be
    I really enjoy the critical discussion of the history of this country and what shaped it.
  • Batchelor Fan
    Excellent History and Reading Suggestions
    Everyone should listen and learn. The Left is trying to centralize power in the executive branch at the Federal level. That is how the French Revolution failed. Everyone has to fear Hod and ask for his help. Then get involved to govern ourselves locally.
    Best Podcast about Western Civilization
    I have been listening to this podcast on other platforms for years. It is the best podcast on Wester Civilization that I have ever listened to. Dr. Arn and the staff of Hillsdale are engaging and interesting. Hugh Hewitt asks tons of really interesting questions.
  • Nesorneb
    Patriotic Discussion
    Conservative discussion that helps to make sense of our present and its implications for our future by remaining aware of our past.
  • J_Everett
    One of the best
    These are some of the best hours on radio today. It would be nice if they were posted in a timelier fashion here. But, what do I know. I enjoy listening while I drive my garbage truck route.
  • ricksarazen
    Beauty in our mist!
    Wonderful listening beginning to end.
  • Mr.Mister Man
    Great podcast, late publishing
    Amazing in-depth intellectual podcast, but the publishing schedule is atrocious, and sometimes have to wait a month o for the newest podcast. I’d give it s higher rating, but the lateness of the podcast is extremely annoying
  • Drchainsaw77
    Dr. Arnn gets five stars. The podcast, not quite as much.
    Dr. Larry Arnn is some thing of a national treasure, and is naturally worthy of a five star rating. But Hewitt won’t shut up, won’t stop interrupting, sounds like he’s playing with a Bic lighter half the time, the music is atrocious, and the podcast always drops months late.
  • Ric Industrial Designer
    More about updates
    Dialogues are back on track - all episodes have been restored. Thanks for your patience.
  • Ladydidi57
    For those waiting on newer downloads you can go directly to the Hillsdale site and there are more recent ones listed.
  • Scottprk
    PLease post podcasts
    I miss listening to these please post them again
  • TheBurkian
    Frequency of posts
    No episodes posted since September. Can you post as soon as their recorded?
  • Armi Legge
    One of the best podcasts on politics, culture, and history available.
  • ttttjjjjttt
    Hillsdale dialogues
    I am subscribed but only get some and irregularly. What can i do?
  • bradc40
    Great. Needs loaded more regularly.
    Great. Needs loaded more regularly.
  • gene.bramblett
    Had my fill of Hugh. Can’t stand any more. Get a new host and I’d try it again but not as long as Hugh stays.
  • Ilm4gk
    I truly like the podcast, but I am not interested on hearing your views on Iowa and the state of the union address on April 22!
  • Rks6753
    Not seem like episodes get added on a regular basis as they were in the past.
  • Honest check
    Hugh Hewitt
    Hugh Hewitt makes a living by appealing to conservatives and advocating for captalism. Hugh is disingenuous. He admitted to voting for Bernie Sanders in VA primary. Hugh is a registered Democrat and voted for a Socialist.
  • jjrrbak
    Education and American Greatness
    The volume of these podcasts is much too low to hear. Please correct.
  • Brother Happy
    Great, but. . .
    It is a very good podcast with excellent content and insightful commentary with a good dose of humor relating to political literary and historical issues past and present. My biggest frustration is that the podcast is often delayed. The program might be aired one week but will not be posted to that server for downloading until 2-8 weeks later.
  • RC Lamb
    Love Hillsdale
    Oh how I wish I could return to my youth as a young man so that I might have a chance to be a student of Hillsdale. What a wonderful learning experience, Thank you!
  • Whitest kid ya know
    Wonderful but latent
    This is a great podcast for those curious about what “good” actually means. As the host and his guests go through many classic works, you will learn what great men thought about the meaning of “good.” Additionally, they will comment on “current” events which provides a unique perspective outside of the mainstream media. The reason “current” is in quotation marks is because this show is notoriously late in providing the podcasts. There will be times where the newest podcast to come out is about events that happened 6 weeks ago. But outside of that inconvenience, this is a really great podcast.
  • wondrful2
    Thank you
    Thank you for the education!
  • Drc3david
    Hillsdale Podcast Updates
    I love listening to Huge Hewitt and Dr. Arnn. So informative from a true and honest conservative American views.. Update: where are you? Has the last hour of Friday's podcast been cancelled?
  • CVTexasLady
    Gives peace to politics
    I’ve listened to all the posted episodes and have learned so much about the great books of history, Churchill, and modern politics. Listening through the tumultuous 2016 Republican primary and general election gave me great peace as the hosts look at everything through a historical perspective. Larry Arrn and Hugh Hewitt were “in Switzerland” on this podcast during the election. Learning about contentious elections and passions of the past help put everything in perspective. Learning about the true function of the Presidency and why it must be a unitary executive, the duties of Congress, the true role of the judiciary, it’s all so insightful. There is always something fascinating and worthwhile. I could go to the beginning and listen straight through again. I was so sad when Trump told Hugh Hewitt his audience was “small” during the debate. It was crushing! But Hugh took his “Trump tattoo” well and did not make himself the center of the story. I was so hurt on his behalf but sadly thought his audience probably IS small compared to the other big talk radio shows. It shouldn’t be. If everyone listened to the Hillsdale dialogues we would be much better off as a nation. It might help calm our political passions and help us focus on the fundamental issues. So subscribe and learn again about the great books and enjoy the occasional forays into current events.
  • LWPOmaha
    Really great info and clear thinking
    one of the best discussions out there. a must have for everyone's podcast list!
  • Patriot2322
    Valley Forge & Washington’s other battles
    Hugh, Larry - I haven’t listened to all of the dialogues but I want to hear both of you on the battles leading up to and Valley Forge. If you can recommend some books on the subject that’d be appreciated. What was the relationship between Adams and Washington? Did John really see George as only being picked for commander in chief because of his height? Thanks
  • F Barbosa
    Fantastic Podcast, Awful episode updates
    I really love this podcast but I absolutely despise the updating of new episodes. As an example, today 1/4/19 just received two “new episodes” from 12/07 & 12/14. This happens all the time, by the time they show up, they are irrelevant. You guys need to up your game, thus is ridiculous. Most podcasts I listen to show up within an hour of the live show ending. Please do something!
  • Tom from Plainfield
    Never miss a day
    If you want to get to truth backed up by facts, this is a “no miss” show. Dan culls all the data to the important issues and helps connect the dots of our political and cultural landscape. I never miss a day and so appreciative for the knowledge and smiles I receive from Dan and Amy. Some callers may not like what they say, but truth hurts in a media world that distorts and holds back facts.
  • honest thinker
    Great program, but..,
    What a super program! The content is first rate. The guests are of the highest caliber, and all speak with honest humility and a depth of thorough knowledge of their subjects. However, it's hard for me to listen very long to this show because of the host and his very large personality, And I am certainly not referring to the president of Hillsdale College. He is indeed a breath of fresh air mostly offsetting the host of the program.
  • Daviator
    Very engaging and timely relevant discussions of historical politics.
    This would be a 5 star review but for two words "NOISE GATE". You can hear every breath, coffee sip, and mouse click. I'll forgive the phone connection/skype link. Most guests are caling in with connections that arn't ideal, however the guest voice level and static is perfectly acceptable given the limits of technology. The enviromental noise coming from the hosts mic is unforgivable. Besides the above it's a great podcast and consistantly has very intelligent and thought provoking conversation. Just add a noise gate to your rig.
  • S.Bustamante
    Ratchet up!
    Spaulding is dead on point.
  • Toma Barac
    The podcasts are posted so long after the recording date that they lose most of their value. Very disappointing
  • Preamble1776
    Refreshcin dialogue and insight
    I have not found a better podcast of discussion and dialogue of current issues and how they compare and relate to our founding documents and US history. It is incredibly refreshing to hear about the current issues in light the of the original intent of our Constitution and also of other methods that have already been and are being tried in regards to the topic.
  • Leogirls
    Top of the list when uploaded
    The only podcast set to automatically download and the first I listen to. Can’t get enough of Dr Arnn and Hugh discussing anything and the best of things.
  • mrsn
    As a college admissions professional, I visited Hillsdale College this past summer and had a thoughtful, nuanced discussion with an admissions officer there, and thus was intrigued when I found the 8-25-2017 episode. Unfortunately, I found the show superficial and self-congratulatory. For a more nuanced, thought-provoking podcast, I recommend Pantsuit Politics. If you’re interested in education, the episode on public education finance was enlightening.
    First rate educational podcast
    Superb eduactional podcast that explores the great works & historical figures that influenced history. Larry Arn and the other Hillsdale professors make great speakers with Hugh Hewitt playing off them nicely. They also know their stuff and will even get you excited to check out the classics, from Herodotus to Virgil. Granted, it does have a conservative slant but it done fairly, making for one of the best educational podcasts out today.
  • MSB
    Makes me wish I went to Hillsdale
    Perhaps education is wasted on the young, but I don't think my professors had the same clarity of understanding and purpose in conveying meaning as Larry Arne and his colleagues at Hillsdale. This is a must listen for anyone who desires to understand first principles while getting a side education in Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. I would also highly recommended it for home schoolers everywhere.
  • NickelPhillips
    Portable Education
    I pride myself a little that I’m the one (in my circle of friends/co-workers) that found this podcast. Even though all I did was search “History” and it was the first one that came up. This is what I should’ve gotten in school but didn’t. These are surveys of the most influential ideas in the Western world, and they’re presented in an entertaining way. So I can learn a lot to discuss with my family and friends when I otherwise would’ve just been mindlessly driving along/mowing the yard/etc. Probably no better way to learn great ideas in terms of accessibility/portability/depth/entertainment.
  • A Guy in a town
    Talk radio with content
    Far above the typical talk radio model.
  • Sticb21
    This is a great dose of classical and political education each week.
  • Temply123
    Just what I was looking for
    I've been looking for a podcast that would be educational but presented in a manner that a guy who loves 80s metal could understand. I've listened to 6 or 7 episodes so far and am hooked and look forward to the rest of the episodes.
  • Panktrid
    Subscribe to the channel; pick up and listen.
  • JoshBeckman
    Tapping into what the world needs to unearth once again!
    I appreciate and thoroughly enjoy these conversations done by and Dr. Arn and Mr. Hewitt. They do a great job, in a very short amount of time, to give a survey of great literature and great points in history. You come out of these feeling exhausted, fulfilled, and thirsting for more knowledge. These two educated colleagues tap into something that the world overlooks and desperately needs to unearth again.
  • Rsalisbury
    I am a recent Hillsdale College graduate and wish everyone would listen to this podcast. Even if they don't agree with the politics learning about the great books can never hurt.
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