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In our course we emphasize all aspects of language learning from listening comprehension, rapid vocabulary expansion, exposure to Spanish grammar and common idiomatic expressions used in Latin America, to pronunciation practice and interactive grammar exercises. In our program we discuss the Weekly News, grammar, and expressions, and much more in simplified Spanish at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence.

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  • slingshot666
    Good podcast
    I like this podcast
  • gene-alex
    Clearly left wing socialism.
    The stuff they’re pushing is NPR/CNN/ socialist stuff….
  • Eltrutori3
    Really helps with comprehension
    The structure of the podcast is consistent, having the host and cohost introducing the podcast the same way every time and closing it out every time the same way. So you get used to these phrases and hearing them over and over again. Then you hear the news, which you may or may not know, with a Latin American spin as well. It’s a nice speed.
  • JPangburn
    Not really a podcast
    After the first few episodes, this “podcast” becomes a 3 minute long ad for their app. Out of each 3 minutes, there’s about a minute and thirty seconds of new Spanish content telling you what’s going to be in the show today (which can be found in their app)- the rest is a repeat show template and English content explaining that you’ve reached the end of the free content.
  • MarieHTP
    Not a podcast
    This podcast started pretty well. The head lines and a good five minutes of news for free. For more one had to pay for the app. Never bought the app but I enjoyed the 8 minutes. Loved it. But from 8 minutes it shrunk to 3 minutes and it just became and add for the paid version. And expensive app too. Too bad.
  • adventure's os Simon's sciene
    Spam! Do not download
    This podcast wants your money
  • Rae Akita
    Not actually available here
    They give you the headlines and then tell you to download a separate app to listen to the full podcast. A commercial like others are saying.
  • Nathan102384
    Very Disappointed
    I was so excited to start listening to this podcast. Then I listened to it. And realized it’s just a commercial for a paid version. I’m very disappointed.
  • 0000000BP
    Free version isn’t worth the time
    Honestly wish apple wouldn’t allow price structures like this on podcasts. This pod could be great but it’s really nothing more than a commercial. It hardly covers anything news wise before advertising its paid subscription. Pass.
  • Aumtatsat
    Muy excelente
    What a wonderful gift these stories are, and how very helpful in learning Spanish!
  • Bodpa
    Spanish — English
    I really like the speed and I have been trying to improve my Spanish for the longest time but the hardest thing is getting my ears used to hearing them. I would truly appreciate if they can translate everything in English at a normal speed so that I can test how much of it I understood.
  • Stacey6574
    Great way to grow more accustomed to hearing and understanding spoken Spanish. Each podcast is interesting and it’s short enough to listen to several times. I find that I hear and understand more with each repetition. I have only one suggestion : I’d like a transcript of each podcast. There is often a section that I can’t seem to make out the words or comprehend. Reading through while listening would help bridge the small gap I’m experiencing.
  • LaurelleAdjani
    You can speed up and slow down the speeds. Perfect for anyone needing to refresh their Spanish.
  • Ofthenegative
    Good practice, but a lot of ideology
    I want to learn Spanish, not a bunch of opinions aligning with rich western neoliberals with stakes in Latin America
  • 2good4u
    I’m sure it’s great but my Spanish vocabulary isn’t good enough to understand enough of what they are saying to make sense of it. I did discover that the nice sounding slow voices are helpful for falling asleep though so I’m giving it five stars for that
  • TJay-3000
    Allows you to comprehend at a beginner level so that you can adjust to normal spanish speaking conversations.
  • Joliette Re
    Attention-grabbing, current, and informative
    Not only can I familiarize myself with more advanced vocabulary, I can communicate with my family members about current events. This podcast is very educational, but it does not leave you lost. Excellent!
  • MITM
    Good except they constantly harp about President Trump
    News in slow Spanish Latino has been a good way to build up my Spanish vocabulary and listening comprehension, but nearly every episode in recent months includes an anti-Trump story. Gets really old after a while.
  • Genedide
    Please do one for all Duolingo languages
    I have subscribed to Spanish so please do one for French, Russian, Mandarin, and whatever is a course on Duolingo.
  • Kacie0987796
    Major Bug
    The last couple weeks when I go to subscribe to News in Slow Spanish, when I go to My Podcasts it signs me up for some other random podcast. Last week it was Vida Nepotista and now it's downloading something else. I have to unsubscribe or I get some random podcast downloaded. PLEASE FIX. I love the News in Slow Spanish Latino but I have to unsubscribe until this bug is worked out.
  • Roller coaster queen
    Bug downloads other podcast
    Good podcast. Listened to it a few times. But now it's been replaced by some other podcast called Lore in my list of podcasts. I tried to delete and redownload it but the same thing happens. Major bummer
  • Hooch102
    I subscribed because of Spanish 3 and this podcast is amazing. Josh is annoying
  • Kaila romae
    I really like it
    It's great for people wanting a continuous conversation in español but can't hear a native speak on a daily. It's slowed down which is also great for picking up on words.
  • 5pointOh
    Ayuda maravillosa!
    These podcasts are a wonderful help in learning to understand conversational Spanish.
  • jermknh
    Just what I've been waiting for!!
    I'm still a beginner in my spanish learning but wanted to have some slow spanish to listen. This is so convenient and well done.
  • fishie3
    Not offering much these days
    The people and program behind this podcast are good. The biggest problem is the length. They've dropped the podcast down to less than 10 minutes to help entice you to subscribe to their subscription service. The subscription isn't in my future: too expensive... the lowest rate is $45 per year, and with all of the rates above that I'm sure that even $45/yr has highly limited content. Thanks for the fun up until now. I wouldn't be surprised if this podcast slowly works it's way out of my playlists.
  • FactsDontMatter
    Great listening practice...
    Once you gain some knowledge of a language in a classroom setting, I think it's important that you spend a lot of time listening to the language if you want to gain any sort of proficiency. These podcasts offer such an opportunity that you can take advantage of with very little trouble or expense. As advertised, the Spanish is slow enough to provide word separation, and even if you don't know all of the words, it's still good practice to capture the words you do know while noting the ones you don't. And if you're aware of the news, you may learn some new words in the process. Not all of these news stories are top headlines, so some of them will be coming at you with no background at all in the story. Those are fun opportunities of a different kind. It's fun when you hear about it in your own language later on, and you realize you heard about it first in Spanish. Aside from the news stories, which you can read about independently, the podcasters break into commentary and conversation about the news stories. That's also an interesting challenge, because there's no independent source to help you verify what you think you heard. I have listened to many hours of radio Spanish, and I know that listening is a skill that you will improve upon if you do it often. These podcasts are more kind and gentle than a radio station. Need to practice listening? Recommended!
  • Andrea 13040
    latin spanish
    after only listening to the latin american part of the regular, old `news and slow spanish` , i am so glad they started this podcast ! more people speak latin spanish then castillian , so why bother ?
  • teratomatastic
    Very helpful in understanding spoken spanish
    Slow enough to understand, but still challenges you. Extremely helpful to me.
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