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OVER 18,000,000 DOWNLOADS AND COUNTING!If you want to know how to build muscle, lose fat, and be healthier, happier, and wiser...faster than you ever thought possible...then this podcast is for you. Hosted by the bestselling author and entrepreneur, Mike Matthews, each episode gives you simple, science-based know-how and inspiration that will help you build your best body and life ever.Find out more at

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  • chris f dunn
    Great podcast
    This has to be one of my favorite episodes! It really hit me. Thanks Mike. Reading your book now and I now think one on one coaching could be in my future
  • Zach Coop
    Great podcast and great information. I especially enjoy the books and the Legion products!
  • Yugtyftrd
    Good info
    I came across BLS (bigger leaner stronger) after finishing a short 6 week workout app via bowflex and was ready to do a real workout program. The book is loaded with lots of info & Mike breaks it down with research and studies which help the methodology resonate. The podcast is helpful to revisit topics and learn new info along with being inspired by real life stories.
  • Lizfit
    Best podcast an health and nutrition!!!!
    Great in every way! Science backed, well researched, and Mike has an incredible voice. I’m binge listening to these podcasts and couldn’t be happier!! Also; his sports nutrition company only puts out high quality, science backed products. I just ordered the Nootropic and Sleep aid which are new. I can’t wait to try! Elizabeth Anderson
  • Boss Triston
    Leave the politics out of this podcast
    I was excited when I first saw this podcast on my recommendation. Suppose to be about health, weight training etc. First episode I listened too a old school racist guy was talking crap about the left. Come on guys do better.
  • PJustinSmith
    Quality info only!!!
    Mike does a fantastic job of getting to the point. He identifies his topic and then expands on it in a “what this means for you” type approach that I personally appreciate. He cites evidence and research to back up everything he talks about. He also tells you when he is giving you his personal opinion. Mike provides the exact kind of information I desire and for anyone looking to make physique change, THIS IS YOUR GUY!! Thank you Mike!
  • LewTurner
    Great and to the point
    I love how to the point Mike is. Great podcast, doesn’t waste time with meaningless, silly banter at the top. He lays it out and gets to it. He’s also very open and accessible and has been incredibly helpful for my own fitness journey.
  • O elk
    Helpful Podcast!
    Amazing Podcast! Also, amazing author. Mike is an inspiration to me and you can tell he is really passionate about what he does. I’ve always had a bit of fear of cutting because I’m scared of losing muscle. Mike has helped me become a lot more confident about that process!
  • Jmomto3boys
    Love it
    Super practical and to the point
  • GS Sage
    Awesome podcast
    Love the information, tips and detail on each podcast about nutrition and exercise.
  • Jammbean
    Was really enjoying the show and I have all your books, until I heard your interview with Lyle McDonald I was super supportive of what you had to say but your statement about chiropractors being “fake drs” ruined it for me. How extremely close minded of you to say something like that. Most who actually do health education have gone for years of preventive care past their chiropractic education. Maybe Educate yourself before you belittle other practices, it doesn’t reflect good on you at all.
  • nicolosm
    Wow Elitist much?
    I Liked him until he started knocking everybody who thinks differently than him... he calls people “stupid”, “dumb”, “mid-wits”🤔 really dude?! Who made this fitness guy the leader of the intellectual elite? I mean I agree with you (mostly) but stop with the insults.. show some humility. You’ll reach more people and make a bigger impact if you get off your high horse and stop insulting and name calling. Detracts from your (generally) really good info. He Writes good programs tho. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • 6060AJP
    White Male Fragility
    I guess that explains his desperate need for impractically large muscles
  • Emily-is-my-name-too
    Potentially good info but podcast falls short
    It think there is some useful info at times, but his speaking cadence is very distracting. I’ve heard him speak natural and it was fine, but his typical “podcast” voice doesn’t work for me. When he has done interviews, he often speaks over the interviewee and adds his input too much. A little is fine, but it often isn’t that informative and takes away from the conversation. I listened to one interview about a topic I really wanted to learn more about, but it seemed like he was under-informed about the topic, and was almost trying to argue with or contradict the interviewee. He needs to be better prepared for those conversations, and to let the interviewee talk. It was a very frustrating episode. I have unsubscribed since then. He might be a better writer than podcast host. I will probably look for his books because I do think that he has good info; it just isn’t communicated well.
  • HuntrH
    Too bad
    Such a shame for a good podcast. Massively intellectually dishonest discussion of privilege. Maybe have someone on who understands the issues rather than circle jerking around your straw man. The fact that people without legs can climb Mount Everest doesn’t disprove the point that people with legs have an easier time climbing Mount Everest.
    Much more than a fitness podcast
    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that other interesting topics around philosophy, politics, culture and more are discussed in addition to excellent fitness/nutrition knowledge. Those are some of my favorite episodes so keep it up!
  • Kgodspeed
    The struggle is real! must listen
    I, like many of us, have been spending most of my adult life trying to get healthier, skinnier and stronger. Along the his book Bigger, Leaner, Stronger this podcast has helped me achieve success like I have NEVER had. He gives iyou the ins and outs of fitness and the science and studies behind it. HE CUTS THROUGH THE BULL AND GIVES YOU THE EVIDENCE TO SUCCEED!
  • RedsFan87
    Old tired info from an arrogant ass
    Nothing new on this podcast… Just somebody with a huge ego trying to take your money.
  • firefly8
    Biased social and political views
    I enjoy listening to the show but it gets overly biased when it comes to social and political views. You talk about personal responsibilities, but why is it that you are always finger pointing the left? You should know these things aren’t mutually exclusive, and the argument you make can easily work the other way around.
  • Jtownvato
    I have been following his podcasts and advice for quiet sometime and I’m getting better everyday.
  • Dincola
    It’s a great podcast but random political rants are too long
    I don’t agree with his political views but sure, you have a right to use your platform for whatever. But why drag it?! Create a separate podcast for that. But fitness content is pretty interesting.
  • RWags17
    If you want his fitness teachings, do yourself a favor and stick to his books. I was SO disappointed by the unsympathetic and at times mocking tone with which he discusses social issues. According to MM, apparently you’re either a staunch capitalist or a degenerate, and institutional racism doesn’t exist. I didn’t know I was immoral for thinking the world might benefit from better income equality. Won’t be listening anymore.
  • jdomski1
    Great fitness advice but...
    Mike’s fitness and nutrition advice has changed my life but his personal views are disgusting. His Instagram is even worse. I can’t support him any longer.
  • WowthatNameIsTaken
    Throws in random political rants
    Has occasional ramblings about politics, economics, capitalism and in 1 episode refers to people as “mutants, misfits and freaks”. Doesn’t seem to fit with a strength training podcast. Odd.
  • JeyNelson
    This is Muscle for life no doubt!
    Thank you Mike for the awesome value you dropped on your informative podcast. Also thank you for helping me on my muscle for life journey! 👊👍🙏
  • SNorder222
    Mike the Researcher
    I find Mike M really digs into researched items. He doesn’t just say something without backing it up. He supports his view very well. Great information in my opinion.
  • Kcwildcat04
    Just found
    I am really liking the podcast. I find all info well researched and easy to use. Keep it up.
  • Nandoog7
    Really sad to see you take such a hard right.
    Man, I loved your books, your supplements, and your podcasts all they way until you decided to start spewing your personal beliefs sprinkled with carefully chosen studies.
  • deseve23
    Ill informed and hate mongering
    Spreading ill informed opinions based on small data sets that support his opinions. Truly horrifying to hear him justify death and suffering so that he can go to the gym. The lack of regard for others (especially the elderly, doctors, nurses, etc) is disgusting. Please listen to medical professionals, not this guy who is just pushing his own misleading opinions
  • wittgenstein76
    Scientific and serious bodybuilding info
  • DontStopWantStop
    Mike is great to listen to, especially if your a fitness enthusiast/professional. The Q&A is always very interesting, as well as the choice of episode guests that he brings on. I highly recommend for a way to gain more knowledge and learn of new studies. His products at Legion Athletics will not disappoint either. Subscribe today!!
  • Chelsey Hoffmann
    Women’s fitness
    Thank you for the episode with Maria Blacutt. This was very inspiring for a mother of two young children. Please continue with your plan to deliver quality content via podcast and blogs to women! Most of the fitness info available for women is junk and I have to constantly scour men’s fitness media to find anything impactful! It would be nice to have a quality source targeted to the female population!!
  • * Annette *
    My go to podcast!
    Best podcast ever! Facts, training and endless knowledge!!
  • adrianxl
    Transphobic and sexist
    I discovered this podcast from my recommendations, binged several episodes. I initially found the content to be well-created and thorough, and even wanted to buy the book. But when I listened to the episode discussing trans athletes in competitive fitness, OH MY GOD, how have my opinions on him changed. First of all, his guest continues to call trans women “He/Him”. The two of them are soooooo overtly dehumanizing trans athletes. Look, I came to the episode with an open heart and mind to look into the science and trying to go deeper into the conversation, but the fact that the hosts didn’t even try to conceal their objectification and disrespect of trans people turned me so off. DISGUSTING. Also, remember his book for women is called “thinner leaner stronger”? As a white male, he overtly presses his opinion of what a girl should look like on his book title and capitalizes on it. He’s excuse was “most of the women I interviewed, their goal is getting thinner”. Oh well that’s because people like him planted this sexist notion on these women's mind and that’s exactly why women are suffering from those volatile societal expectation, and he’s just using it as an excuse to propetuate it. I want to see this podcast successful and I want to see Matthews successful, but come on, having this mindset while carrying out this business is just doomed to a long-term failure.
  • holly394845
    “How long to deficit episode” - SO HELPFUL!
    Thank you for the episode! I listened to it twice and really really helpful. I’m at 5 weeks in deficit and REALLY feeling it in the gym. I’m going to try your suggestions!
  • Sylli-B
    Inspiring and Informative!
    I somehow found Legion Athletics which led me to this podcast. The first one I listened to was about Maria Blacutt getting fit with 3 young kids and then staying fit, now in her 50s. I really enjoyed this podcast and am now a fan of both Mike Matthews and Maria Blacutt. She was realistic, fun and let the listeners know that hey every day will not be perfect but just getting out there is better than not. Also breaking up your workouts if you have interruptions, like young kids, is ok too! Mike Matthews seems to be knowledgeable and experienced and presents his info with science backed research. Plus he’s not a boring speaker! At least to me.
  • Peppers105
    Do not give this person your business.
    I used to love the this podcast’s science backed information and well researched topics. However, I recently began to follow Michael on social media and WOW that was an rye opener. His social commentary is straight up vile. He comes across as not only insensitive but hate-mongering and ill informed. I’ve purchased supplements from his company Legion before as well and while I loved the product, I will not be a return customer. I regret ever giving this person my money and telling friends to listen, I will not make that mistake again. You would think that someone that works to create accessibility around health and fitness would apply that same ethic to all areas in life, disappointing to say the least.
  • _Alex_117
    A Dead Fly In A Perfect Soup
    I'm not the type of person to unsubscribe and 1 star any podcast based on an episode but that Wednesday episode opening was a bridge too far away from the importance of health and fitness lifestyle topic of the show. There is always a time and place for everything. Want to share your thoughts on current event outside fitness, post a special episode on those topics. Interview others that may express a better perspective that agree or even disagree with your view point. Find those people that may understand more about current social political issues that may enlighten your listeners and in the process better convey that you can understand a wide range of topics beside the fitness and health. These would help and would show that your not some dumb jock with a chip on your shoulder and an axe to grind. I truly love your podcast and I've even purchase a few of your protein powders in the past. And to be honest, you have some of the best tasting health brand products on the market. I value your knowledge on health and fitness but not your lack of it on current events. Its easier to point and wag fingers at people from far away in a safe place. I lived my whole life in NYC and also have family in the south. I value both reasons for protesting, I can understand at its core the grievances people have on both sides of the protest. But come on man, lets be honest, protesting to have the right to go to the gym and get a hair cut vs. protesting to have the right not to be killed while in police custody without probable cause or without being a danger or violent threat to the public are two completely different issues and certainly one is a bit more important then the other. And yes we and go on for days about our founding fathers and the constitution, but to truly understand why the stay at home order was so important, you would have to speak to someone who has lived through it and could let you what the "media" does not. They would tell you how ambulance would turn off their sirens at night and only have lights on when they would pick up another dead body from an apartment. Or how nurses would get sick and still had to work. And that was in the beginning when people didn't understand what this virus was. We have learned so much since this all started and if I ever in your shoes, I would capitalize on it and start interviewing doctors and bio-scientists that know about this virus and better bridge the gap between health, fitness, and science. But if you skipped everything above and jumped to the end to hear my last bit of advice, I would say not to mess up all your hard work and years of knowledge by ranting on some political issue that is not going to matter in a few weeks anyway. Just remember, even a top-tier restaurant with great reviews and excellent food and service can get an unsatisfied guest. A dead fly in a perfect bowl of soup will always get sent back to the chef and it would be the only thing that guest remembers. which one would you rather be, the perfect bowl of soup or the dead fly? your choice.
  • Andrenna
    Check your white privilege. No thank you to your political views on a fitness podcast
    This one star review is based upon Mike Matthews June 10th podcast: Can Exercise Help You Fight Covid-19. I was so shocked by Matthews support of the anti-quarantine protesters and his negative portray of the BLM protesters. The BLM protesters have decided to risk their health to protest for something that matters to them. They should not be equivocated to the anti Aquarian’s protesters. You are coming off like a right winger and I am stunned. I appreciated your fitness knowledge (I am unsubscribing after this episode), but you came off like a privileged white man with no sense of his white privilege in this pod. Please check your privilege.
  • Justin from Ohio
    Must listen
    Fantastic podcast, Mike knows what he’s talking about and is my go to for any fitness info.
  • jordbald
    Good topics
    The only thing I can’t stand is how long the background music plays. It is an annoyance and makes it hard for me to focus on what you’re saying.
  • 8625MD
    Great and honest information
    Thank you Mike for having a balanced view on health and fitness with integrity.. I can tell you are about the truth in regards to fitness and health.. I have enjoyed your products and trust they are the best! God bless you, your team and your family!! Marlene
  • Natedawg1323
    Happier, healthier, better looking me
    It’s hard to tell these days the difference between what is real and fake. With so many fads and gimmicks it can be difficult to know what advice to take when it comes to living a healthy life style. Even amongst all the fluff Mike Matthews stands out. His advice is research, tested, and documented by professionals across the United States and the rest of the world. His program is the only one to follow and his podcast is great for picking up helpful tips. Do the right thing and subscribe if you’re ready to see some change in your life.
  • Mitchel David
    Muscle for Life is How I shed 30 pounds of fat
    A year ago I began listening to Muscle for Life, back with the podcast had a cover picture of Mike’s 6-pack with a red background. Immediately, I was drawn into the no-nonsense, scientifically sound, clear cut content for building your best body ever. In a world of fitness phonies, Mike Matthews is the real deal. Mike shoots straight, tells you what you need to do to lose fat, build muscle, and live a healthy life, not just push products, shortcuts, and fads. What sets this content apart in the cluttered fitness space is integrity. Now I’m 30 pounds lighter, at 8% body fat, and am enjoying a 6-pack of my own, all thanks to Muscle for Life and his book, Bigger, Leaner, Stronger.
  • jumptown 94
    Legion for Life!
    Mike‘s podcasts are very informative. I have read Thinner Leaner Stronger and enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to furthering my health and fitness knowledge in the future. Thank you Mike for breaking the barrier of scams and misinformation. You are helping people be the best, fittest, healthiest version of themselves that they can achieve!!! You are helping us accomplish our goals every day!
  • Chaffeychaff
    Great Source for Beginner/Intermediate Lifters!
    Just like Mike’s books, this podcast is a fantastic source of information on how to build muscle, whether you’re male or female. Thank you, Mike for being such a valuable resource and for getting me into barbell training. Currently on week 44 of your BLS program and still loving it.
  • RPM331/3
    THE go to source for strength training and nutrition advice
    Mike helped this 40something year old guy, with limited weightlifting experience, transform his life! By applying the knowledge and motivational tips he and his excellent guests freely and regularly share on his podcasts, I have been able to successfully revamp my nutrition and excercise routines, in a sustainable fasion, to lose 30 pounds of fat while gaining at least fifteen or twenty pounds (so far!) of lean muscle, and thereby reaping the benefits to not only my physical health and wellbeing, but also to my mental/emotional/psychologic health as well. Thanks Mike! Highly recommended!!
  • amaryllis333
    Awesome Podcast!
    I’m so happy to have found this podcast! I purchased Mike’s book, Thinner Leaner Stronger last year, and have seen such drastic changes in my body since following his guidelines. This podcast is the perfect compliment to the book. Thank you so much Mike for sharing all of this great info!
  • Mark A Hogan
    Fitness, Diet and Helpful Life Insights All in One!!
    If you're navigating through the world of fitness and nutrition and find yourself confused then Mike Matthews is your guy!! I've been following Mike and his work for several years now and found his level of integrity, communication skills and overall wisdom in the field to be unmatched. His podcasts are jam packed with honest information, motivation and sincere dedication to helping others reach their potential. He has a wonderful way of breaking down some very complex scientific processes into easily understood simple terms. Oh and let's not forget some of the very interesting and informative guests that he features in some of his podcasts! Mike has greatly enriched my life and has given me the tools to easily reach my fitness goals and to in turn help others based on his work. Overall: absolutely terrific.
  • raising ruckus
    Great listen.
    Mike is really pleasant to listen to. I appreciate how much info he’s willing to share and how science-based his content is.
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