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If you want to know how to build muscle, lose fat, and be healthier, happier, and wiser...faster than you ever thought possible...then this podcast is for you. Hosted by the bestselling author and entrepreneur, Mike Matthews, each episode gives you simple, science-based know-how and inspiration that will help you build your best body and life ever.

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  • Mea8814
    I like the no shame attitude of Mike. He just wants to help without making you feel worse about your situation.
  • Rununcula
    Great podcast !
    Mike always has very factual & informative data to share & this one was very helpful particularly on how much zone 2 & high intensity cardio one should or could do in a week for health & also to not hinder your strength training.
    Great Podcast
    Every time I see Mike Matthews, I always tune in, I have learned so much from him, when it come to living a healthier life thanks, Mike
  • Mj19988
    I loved this podcast
    I enjoyed listening to this, it gave me hope on my programs. And to keep on going on, thanks Mike.
  • #MDJ#
    Great Info
    Great info and products
  • Lab-mouse
    Good info
    This looks like down to earth guide on how to lose weight and get shredded faster. I am a pretty fit person, but this info seems fairly useful and user friendly to all kinds of people.
  • Jon R 12
    Jon Review
    It’s okay if you don’t get fitness right the first time episode is a great listen. I really like the emphasis on there isn’t a magic program that will work for everyone. Every person and body is different and some things make work for some that don’t for others.
  • xusnrn
    Yohumbe episode
    Mike, thank you for the recent episode on yohimbine. I recently purchased forge and know a little bit about yohimbine from previous use and was wondering if it caused any bloating? It seems like every time I used to take it. It cost significant bloating, and I’m not sure if this is just specific to the supplement or the other additives included in forge? Thank you and I really love your podcast. I did download your audiobook recently on Amazon and I will probably get a second book which is the one related to the more geriatric crowd lol I think you give solid information. I hope to hear a little bit more about some of your supplements that are on your website like lunar and the greens supplement. Also, PLEASE include any information you have about the benefits of supplemental L carnitine in the form of a liquid shot. I recently purchased some from Amazon. Basically, it is a liquid shot that is flavored. A lot of the claims I’ve read include that L carnitine in a fasted state helps with fat loss. I was wondering if this is in anyway, true? Thank you so much for all that you do!!! ~Rita
  • tarks23
    Informative and friendly fitness
    Mike had a great sense of how to simply explain his know-how and expertise in the fitness industry in easy to understand terms. What great insight, a superb podcast!
  • Drewb456
    Great information
    Love this podcast consists of outstanding advise!
  • ChampToxic
    Love the podcast
    It was awesome podcast thanks mike
  • Idaho 9er Fan
    Awesome + Helpful Podcast!
    Thank you so much for all of this helpful information about fitness and health. It has been so inspiring and I have learned so much.
  • Just word vomit
    So positive and encouraging but still super informative.
  • Boeshaar
    Informative and motivating
    I just want to express my amazement at how inspiring this podcast is. The engaging tone and humor make it a great experience, and it delivers a potent dose of motivation. The examples shared are relatable and insightful. I’ll definitely keep tuning in during my weight loss journey.
  • Blake Nakoa
    My new favorite workout podcast
    Love the honest fitness discussion. Gunna listen to this on the way to the gym! Thanks for the great info.
  • Kari0950
    Hearing Motivation Monday helps me get back on track and refreshes my mind to keep going on my fitness journey. Mike, thank you so much for being an inspiration!
  • Ya Lizards 2.0
    This was wonderful to hear!
    Listening to this man speak about how I don't need to be influenced by anyone, my life is mine my workout journey is for me, really inspired me. His books are extremely cheap and well made, and should be used! I promise you will see a difference ! The transformation I've had has been amazing!
  • Sxti
    Great Advice
    Great advice, I’m a huge fan! In this day and age, it’s hard to find genuine advice. I do a 6 day PPL split and I couldn’t agree more.
  • Keef6699
    Very imformative
    Very informative and eye opening advice. Will stay tuned
  • Blogger 1usa
    Good voice
    Really good voice
  • Blue Yoshi 82
    Sounds like a great tone of voice and vibe so far
    Loving the voice cadence and seemingly honest approach to this podcast. Lots of right to the point content.
  • Tygeooo
    Great podcast!
    His tone of voice is very soft and soothing. It is very enjoyable to listen to him speak. I could listen to all of these podcast episodes!
  • MRR37
    Fanatical right-wing politics
    The intrusion of the host’s far right politics makes it an impossible listen.
  • Noah414900
    Good Podcast
    very good podcast i finished it from start and has some great tips on a lot of aspects very worthwhile watching guys.
  • my least favorite
    Good content
    Lots of quality info provided in reference to fitness and working out
  • Mbrohms
    Lots of helpful info
    I’m so glad I found this podcast! I’ve bought several of Mike Matthews’ books. I’m ready to roll. I did not realize I was underfueling, which has left me tired and depleted. Now that I’m reading Mike Matthew’s ’ books I’m feeling a bit more hopeful for reaching my goals.
  • Brandon37000
    Podcast review
    This podcast of muscle for life was honestly amazing. I like the tone and how the speaker mike Matthew speaks his mind. He has a soothing voice and overall the podcast is very calming. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who is available. Highly recommend
  • James here4
    Good listen
    This was a great listen would continue to listen.
  • Wiiiiing727
    It offers a refreshing perspective on Fitness, emphasizing self compassion and embracing the Journey rather than fixating on immediate results
  • Seiya4Eva
    Great topic for working out
    I liked very much the distinction between calisthenics and body building. Either training will get you results if you put the work in. No pain, no gain.
  • Pure1011
    I Love the podcast
    Very informative podcast thank you Mike.
  • puppylover
    Interesting podcast
    I’ve been putting a lot of stress on myself to work out hard for quick results. I’ve gotten frustrated at the fact that sometimes it doesn’t work out that way for me. This podcast has helped me realize that sometimes it takes time to achieve what you want.
  • ghffchfydv.hchc
    Great podcast!
    Thanks for all the content. Keep it Up!
  • Laurenashley2007
    Great motivator
    I found this app on the random, but I love the way he talks about everyone’s story and truly cares. He motivates me to get into better shape!!! Love this guy
  • Gennn6182
    I love this!!
    The motivation for this podcast is unbelievable. I feel confident and inspired to formulate a workout routine that does not involve comparing myself to other and procrastinating :)
  • wavys wife
    Very Motivating!
    The Muscle For Life podcast is a truly inspiring resource that ignites the motivation to embark on a fitness journey. Each episode is filled with valuable insights and practical tips that leave you feeling empowered and ready to take action. Whether you're a beginner or looking to rekindle your fitness goals, this podcast serves as a fantastic kick-start, providing the guidance and encouragement needed to start your journey today. Muscle For Life is a must-listen for anyone seeking a transformative fitness experience and a powerful catalyst for positive change.
  • tayd4
    As someone who struggles to stick to a workout routine, this podcast made me think about my relationship with fitness and how I can make small changes to re-commit myself to consistent fitness.
  • thudoloo
    Thank you Mike
    This was honestly really helpful. I’ve been struggling to commit to a routine, and every time that I start one, thinking that I will commit this time, my plans end up falling through. “Train now, reflect later” really spoke to me. I struggle with the fear of not reaching my fitness goal, but I need to learn to push those thoughts away train now and we’ll get to that bridge when we get there.
  • pooolly00
    I discovered the podcast randomly but I scrolled and listened to a lot of his podcast. I actually find the podcast very informative and accurate to the science behind a lot of the stuff he talks about. I really enjoyed.
  • Hhhfgbrhbfhfsdghhhhbg
    Mike has a great way of sharing an empowering message about exploring and finding your own fitness style. He believes one should find their own way into fitness and ignore other people’s attempts to control your own path.
  • DL303808
    The best fitness podcast
    I read Mike’s book several years ago and then a few years back began listening to his podcast. I ended up going back to the beginning and listened to all of his podcasts. He’s a good guy with straightforward advice and great guests. His products are also great. I’m a fan.
  • ab676483
    Engaging and motivating
    All I have to say is… wow what an inspiring podcast! The tone and humor make it enjoyable to listen to while providing a powerful dose of motivation!! The examples are so relatable. I will def continue listening while on my weight loss journey.
  • Mbrown6983
    Great podcast and very informative!
    I just started listening a couple months ago on Spotify and Apple Podcast. Really informative on health and workouts. Also love Legion products. My go to on all the supplements!
  • LovesYoga333
    Amazing Insights
    I really enjoyed this episode because I enjoyed hearing the importance of self-reflection from a fitness coach. Often, we are taught to look outside of ourselves, but I love how Mike encourages inner-work, while also encouraging us to create community around our progress!
  • Toni roses
    Always learning
    I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a ton of knowledge and useful information to staying healthy and focused I’m here to let all know that it’s important to mental health and body!
  • maplebungus
    (m) Powerful Stuff
    Getting stronger and better is truly a blessing for anyone, and every supportive word and mental exercise that you bring us makes me a little stronger!! Thanks for the great work, keep it up bro 💪💪
  • Cdmjm2006
    So motivational
    Definitely what I needed to hear today
  • Dani1013Eli
    The podcast is amazing very motivational and enlightening looking forward to keep listening to all the episodes!!
  • Danicx94
    Love the podcast
    Such great information!
  • Myaj677
    Informative fitness insights!
    Informative fitness insights and motivating discussions! This gym podcast a must-listen for health enthusiasts. Inspiring content!
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