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If you want to know how to build muscle, lose fat, and be healthier, happier, and wiser...faster than you ever thought possible...then this podcast is for you. Hosted by the bestselling author and entrepreneur, Mike Matthews, each episode gives you simple, science-based know-how and inspiration that will help you build your best body and life ever.

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  • suzanne 63
    A must listen
    Awesome podcast l always learn something new!
  • Rolando from Orlando
    Best Fitness Podcast
    This podcast gives me motivation and education every day before and after the gym. Mike is funny, easy to listen to and very informative!
  • Hgfdddvkoouhhnngf
    Good workouts, terrible podcast
    I started using BLS and I’m really happy with the results so I figured I’d subscribe to the podcast…which has made me second guess taking the rationales in his book at face value. He puts together good workouts, but his view of what is “science” is pretty subjective and typically revolves around whatever he can get to justify his opinions. Between that and indulging the latest conspiracy theories about masks and horse dewormer - I question the foundations of his books and supplements.
  • m mongeon
    I Trust Mike
    This is the only guy I trust in the supplement industry
  • rudasol
    I love mikes episodes because he gets straight to the point. He never gets off topic. His episodes are short but full of education. I always come back to hear what he has to say. So far I’ve been hooked on all his episodes. Thank you Mike for taking the time to do these podcasts!
  • phoebe911
    Great fitness podcast
    If only he could stick to fitness topics. The COVID commentary, especially pandering to people who believe horse dewormer is the cure…..please, just stop. It does nothing for your credibility.
  • Thork1
    Life changing
    My wife and I read his books. We applied his researched recommendations. It changed our lives in incredibly positive ways. Thank you for the continued support via your podcast.
  • RK NYC
    Anti-Mask Tangents Ruin a Good Podcast
    If you are moving to Florida, such as Mike Matthews, and want to listen to his ‘scientific’ reasoning for not wearing a mask then this podcast is for you. Too bad he doesn’t stick to what he knows.
  • jrmyjohns
    Dan John
    The Dan John interview was amusing. Mike is a walking infomercial. Dan John is all substance. If you want to look pretty listen to Mike. If you want to perform better listen to Dan.
  • TessieSM
    Misogynistic host
    I was going to buy the book and decided to listen to a few episodes first - after which I couldn’t stomach giving this guy $. Every episode has some misogynistic comment and most have some thinly veiled political commentary. His interview with two giggly lifting 20 something female super fans - opens with a joke about a 3 way. His answer to how his wife can keep the spark burning in his marriage? “Touch my penis and don’t waste my time with too many chores and errands.” Barf. Dude grow up.
  • Holly Lung
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast, but Mike, the Dan John interview made me laugh more than once and I’m not sure you even knew how to respond exactly to some of his statements! Overall, I highly enjoy your content though.
  • myepes008
    What types of water
    Great episode about the different types of water to drink. Definitely don’t drink bottle of water 7days a week. Thanks Mike
  • XOSD12
    I started to implement Thinner Leaner Stronger August 1, 2021 after listening to the episode with Sara as the guest!! Absolutely the best episode I’ve heard!! Thank you.. I will begin the workbook August 8th!!
  • ckpeterson77
    Life changing
    Mike Matthews and his book has changed by body after have two kids. I’ve got my own home gym and am confident and stronger than ever. His information and products are researched based and top notch! He can be trusted and I love his podcast to keep up to date on all the fitness info. He talks about the very things I’m wondering about- Dhea, knee pain, and so much more. Love the variety and awesome information!
  • Joseph CMO
    Super informative and very practical tips! Looking forward to giving this a shot.
  • Clayman88
    Full of Fact Based Muscle Building Info
    Great podcast that is loaded with science based information. No wasted time or babble of unrelated stuff. Mike gets straight to the point. My only issue is sometimes I get lost in the scientific study information but that’s not a big issue.
  • jferrari90
    The best overall fitness and lifestyle podcast
    Been listening to Mike for years when he was just starting out. Even after all this time he still has great new content. He does a great job going in depth on a subject without much fluff but still manages to keep it interesting. Keep it up Mike! Your brand is growing for a reason!
  • gggmanz
    Great podcast.
    I really like the subjects and guest speakers. I like the way he breaks down a subject.
  • chris f dunn
    Great podcast
    This was a great podcast! Love Mike and Brad! I was totally into it. What a journey l!
  • Jodylleigh
    My new fav!
    This podcast is packed with useful information! Mike is very thorough with his research and his tips are spot on. The information I have gathered from this show have helped my workouts immensely!
  • LisSantan
    Thanks for sharing the women’s supplements that you recommend! It was very informative!!!
  • zxdryu
    Irresponsible covid message from this podcast
    You may know about muscles but you are not a scientist. You’re lack of seriousness on covid was poor judgment. You are a public figure with a voice and to be so nonchalant about covid is irresponsible. All I heard after your covid rant was blah blah blah.
  • xtraoridanary30
    COVID episode
    That episode was the best way to put COVID I have ever heard. This whole entire episode shows all the facts and breaks down the virus really well. You my friend are genius!!!
  • Sul4ever
    Useful but always too much
    No doubt Mike is a wealth of knowledge. I listen often and the content is excellent but...he over explains the sh@* out of everything and I end up losing interest in what he’s saying. Maybe He a co-host to reel him back in would help? I’ll keep listening though b/c his content is very useful.
  • ctrlfwd
    Host is high on his own supply
    Dude, why bring a guest on and do 60% of the talking!?
  • DenverAnna87
    Misogynistic host who minimizes COVID? I’ll pass
  • JSM7612
    Too bad
    Unfortunately, the first episode I chose to listen to led with his thoughts on Covid, after he contracted it. I don’t understand the assertion that the risk of Covid is less than the risk of your daily commute. Last year, 38,000 people died in auto accidents in the US, and 560,000 people have died so far in a little more than a year with Covid. There’s also the fact that if you have Covid, you can give it to my mom or some other frail person who will almost certainly fare much worse than Mike Matthews would.I don’t see how I could trust his fitness or wellness advice.
  • Verocharrua
    Best fitness podcast
    This is my favorite health and fitness podcast. So many fitness “influencers” align themselves with a diet or exercise camp (keto, paleo, vegan, crossfit, etc..) and sound like religious zealots using their podium to proselytize. Mike Matthews presents nuanced, non-dogmatic, evidence-based information that will be helpful to everybody regardless of their fitness religion. I look forward to his podcasts every week.
  • Mojokun7
    Been Listening For Years....
    I have been listening to this Pod for years. Sorry to hear you got COVID. The issue/risk with COVID isn’t how it affects you, as a healthy person, it’s how you can pass it on to people who aren’t healthy or are immune compromised etc. who are then unable to fight it off. Unsubscribe
  • constitutionjunkie
    Proceed with caution
    Proceed with caution
  • jh113133
    Mike, your an amazing coach! Thank you!
  • Aifif
    I love Mike’s research based approach to fitness. I’ve also read his books, which have positively shaped my fitness journey. I really like that his podcast covers fitness in its entirety, meaning, not just slogging down protein shakes and lifting heavy weights. Thanks you for all you do!
  • 3lixs3
    Well rounded
    Thank you so much for all the great information. This is by far the most well rounded health and fitness podcast out there. The range of topics is actually quite amazing. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Tippinso
    Best muscle building podcast
    Would have gotten 5 stars if he had left politics out of the podcast. Some of the 2020 podcasts are about Trump, opening the country back up and skepticism about the Covid Vaccines.
  • OliviaSatan
    Good stuff
    Good stuff
  • explorerror
    Always inspiring and interesting
    Love this podcast. Motivates me to be a better version of myself as well as entertains me!
  • Havokry
    My #1 podcast!
    I listen to several podcasts on health, fitness, mental health, business and self improvement. Mikes podcast is my go to! Easy voice to listen to as he delivers top notch information. Serious topics handled and provided with an easy lighthearted and sometimes downright comical way. Mike definitely knows how to get you fitter, leaner stronger, and happier. Truly a Must listen Podcast!
  • XBK09
    Great podcast for fitness
    I’ve been following mike/legion for a while now. I would highly recommend subscribing to this podcast if you’re looking for straight to the point fitness material. Not only that but check out Mikes books ‘Bigger, Leaner, & Stronger’ and for the ladies ‘Thinner, Leaner, & Stronger.’ You won’t be disappointed!
  • Garrett Kiger
    Exceptional resource from an O.G. of the fitness industry
    If you’ve never been exposed to Mike’s content then you must be new to the game because he has been cranking out quality evidence-based content for years. I’ve followed his bigger leaner stronger and beyond bigger leaner stronger programs for years and have made steady consistent gains. His style is to the point with zero fluff as he stands toe to toe with some of the bigger names in the evidence-based fitness scene. I always enjoy his perspectives that sometimes challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. Based on his physique, he also clearly walks the talk. His supplement company Legion Athletics provides top shelf products and formulas that are all research validated and at a very hard to beat price point. If you’ve been spinning your wheels in your training and/or in the kitchen I highly suggest binge reading a few of his ebooks and subscribe to his podcast. It’s well worth the time and money investment.
  • Mvino7777
    Information that benefits everyone
    I read Bigger Leaner Stronger and it put me on a path to excellent information for the past 5 years. Mike provides content that will benefit everyone whether your in your twenties or sixties, a true “one stop shop” no matter where you are at in your fitness journey.
  • GabiSosa
    Love the Monday Motivation episodes, his books & supplements
    I love Mike Matthews informative podcast, books & website. I recently read Leaner, Fitter, Stronger & working with a coach using his program. Already lost 6 pounds & gained muscle. I also like the taste of his pre & post workout powders. The vegan vanilla protein powder is yummy too. If you feel like you are in a slump, listen to his Monday Morning Motivation podcast episodes. They will help you get back on track.
  • jdland79
    Awesome information
    Mike Matthew’s podcast provides great information without biased or opinionated discussions. I have read Bigger, Leaner, Stronger and have improved with my personal goals. I am a 22+ year Active Duty Soldier and have spent many years chasing a variety of work out plans. His podcasts and books provide the necessary knowledge to get to fitness and health goals.
  • Cady Morrill
    Very informative!
    I’m a fairly new listener, so I know I still have a lot to get caught up on. The few podcasts I’ve listened to so far have been very informative and eye opening. I really like how you address all levels of fitness, and give suggestions and advice for each tier. I’ve learned so much from doing the diet coaching with y’all and I know I’ll learn more with the podcasts! Also, you have a great voice for it!
  • junecno
    Love your podcast!
    Love your podcast and all the information. Bought your book few years ago.
  • Sav6399
    Best and Most Reliable Source Out There!
    I have been listening to this podcast for about 6 months now after reading his book Thinner Leaner Stronger. He breaks things down so that it is easily understood and his podcast is a great source to learn and also gain encouragement in your fitness journey. Not only do I love the topics he touches on, he brings in fantastic guests speakers. I can speak from experience that his content is reliable because I have seen my body transform even in a short 6 month period. Highly recommend giving this podcast a listen!
  • LDavid3
    Look no further for diet/exercise methods.
    Thanks Mike for solid stuff. From workouts to meals, you’ve done all the necessary homework for us. I appreciate the dedication you’ve put in and continue to put into everything!
  • a Z red s dc,.
    Great Podcast
    I have listened to Mike for years now and he is always putting out high quality content!
  • D-Scotts
    Good info
    Really good information. I love learning new things and the QandA episode was nice. I would like more guests with a variety of backgrounds.
  • Sumit1312
    Very good!
    Very informative! Loved it!
  • Scum bag Mike
    Time to get ripped!
    I purchased Bigger Leaner Stronger a long time ago and started my Journey. With a lot of bumps in the road I’m back on track and ready to hit it hard. Plan on buy his cook soon sense the lock down this pod cast has been my go to along with my Audible book of BLS. Keep up the great info. PS just started the new year with Pulse sour apple feeling jacked.
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