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Pioneering Today is all about getting back to basics, simple living, and self-sufficiency with old-fashioned skills and wisdom in a modern world. With heirloom gardening, canning, preserving the harvest, from scratch cooking, raising your own food, including livestock (backyard chickens, pigs, and cattle), natural medicine, herbs, DIY like soap making along with living a simple self-sufficient life, no matter where you live. Hosted by 5th generation homesteader, Melissa K. Norris, author of The Made-from-Scratch Life. This podcast brings you the conversation from and The Pioneering Today Academy, with Q&A's, teaching, tutorials, and always giving you practical ways and tips to live the simple and self-sufficient life.

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  • FarmMom87
    Love the Podcast!
    Thank you for sharing all your information. Even if I know some of the content already, I really enjoy listening and getting the confirmation! Love the verse at the end! Here was mine today: “Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭. So don’t quit sharing!
  • Lbywom29
    Love this podcast!!
    This is such a treasure!! I love listening and learning !! Thank you!!
  • 2012liz
    Love this podcast
    So much information! Please don’t let the naysayers keep you from running YOUR podcast the way that brings you comfort. If they don’t want the scripture of the week than goodness they can put on their big girl/boy pants and just exit early.
  • Pinspired!!!!
    An Incredible Resource!
    Melissa’s podcast has been so helpful as I’ve been on my journey to a more natural and sustainable lifestyle over the past few years. I can directly credit her influence for several changes in our family such as grinding our own wheat (with a Mock Mill!), incorporating sourdough and other fermented products into our diet, exploring herbs for medicinal purposes, canning for the first time and making a switch to organic, shade-grown coffee. Melissa has a warm, practical approach that will inspire you if you are in the beginning stages of your homesteading or natural lifestyle and reinvigorate your love for this way of life if you are a veteran pioneer! Her selection of guests is excellent and serves to increase the breadth of knowledge provided in the podcast even further. And lastly, despite what other reviewers might say, her Christian worldview serves only to enhance the information given and has never, ever been pushy or preachy in any way! Even the verse of the week segment (which is excellent and insightful!) is positioned at the end of the program, to allow those who would like to skip it an easy way of doing so without missing any homesteading content. Keep up the wonderful, generous work, Melissa!!!
  • byp17
    Love your gardening tips
    And the verse at the end :)
  • Osborne7453
    Planting Seeds
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and info on homesteading. Every episode leaves me with take aways to use around my home. I love that you end with a bible verse. There is a reason it hits a nerve with non believers, keep planting seeds. The spiritual seeds take time to grow also.
  • chanbc95
    So much great info!
    Such a sweet surprise to hear the Verse of the week! Thank you for using your platform in such a bold and powerful way.
  • BillyVen
    So helpful in dark times
    This podcast is genuine, helpful, and uplifting in a time of darkness in this world. Not only informative, but entertaining. You actually feel like you know Melissa.
  • Amanda from Ohio
    Thank you
    Thank you for providing great information regarding homestead planning! I have been listening to your podcast for quite a while. I love that you continue to share your Christian faith as well. In a world where Christian voices are increasingly being silenced I’m happy that you continue to share a Bible verse and share your personal struggles/accomplishments. Please don’t let others discourage you.
  • CLutest
    Thank you!
    I have been a listener for the past several years and I have learned so much. Thank you for all you share. I especially love the Verse of the Week and how you incorporate it into the episode. Blessings, Cyndi
  • IntlMom3
    Love how real Melissa is ❤️
    I’ve been listening to Melissa‘s podcast for about three years and got some reason, I’ve never taken the time to write a review. But I just want to say how wonderful it is and how much I appreciate her bold stance with her faith, that I share as well. Blessings and Mason Jars to you as well Melissa. God bless you! See you inside the Acadamy Traci Reineke
  • Rynosnot
    Nourishment for your ears and dreams!
    Fantastic podcast that will make you want to quit your day job and forge ahead with your homestead dreams. I have to ration my listening as not to get too excited. Making my wife and kids listen too. Almost have her convinced we should get chickens haha.
  • labmom01
    Good information
    I found your podcast last summer and have enjoyed listening. Some of your episodes sounds like they have been sped up in editing, but I love the information you provide. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.
  • E McPhea
    Thank you
    Melissa, I’ve been listening for a few weeks now and looking up old pods on subjects that interest me. It’s been so fun to listen to what you have to say. My husband listened in on the beef raising episode and I could tell he was intrigued, too. We dream of being more self sufficient someday but we do small things on our city lot in the mean time. Keep up the good work! I want to encourage you, too, that if your Bible reading and Christian content is getting negative blowback (I read the other reviews), you’re doing something right! Jesus told us that would happen. We all need to hear God’s Word on the regular and it’s wonderful to get spiritual inspiration in the midst of a podcast on practical living. It’s refreshing to know I can listen to your presentations without being bombarded by coarse language. Again, thank you.
  • Adela2109
    Good but
    I really enjoy the content it’s good solid information I used to look forward to listening to it but more and more I find the religious aspect to be something I’m not looking to in the podcast. It’s disappointing but every episode seems to have it now and it’s not what I look for in a ‘pioneering’ titled podcast.
  • Dgmomof6
    Love this podcast
    Started own my homestead journey back to my roots a few years ago. This podcast has been a great inspiration and helped me to polish my homesteading skills, given me ideas I never thought of and most importantly gave me the courage to up and sell our suburban home and buy a 23 acre forgotten farm in the country. I’m so thankful God put Melissa and this podcast in my path.
  • Becky111111
    Love all that she does!
    I have followed her podcasts and FB page for a few years now (4? maybe 5?) and have never looked back. She is uplifting, honest, helpful, and a joy to listen to. She has easy and sensible advice for a range of listeners, from beginners to seasoned homesteaders. Her books are also wonderful. Listening to her has helped me learn so much. I now consider myself moving on from the beginning stages of many skills, to more intermediate, and she gets all of the credit.
  • kaylea1123
    Super Informative
    I have learned so much about gardening and raising animals from this podcast! As a city-girl-turned-country, Melissa has helped me get inspired and learn where to get started. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  • Nonarae
    Love this podcast!
    I recently found Melissa on Pinterest and noticed that she often came up when I search for gardening information I am looking for. I was thrilled to find that she has this podcast too, because I prefer being able to listen while doing other stuff. Her episodes are very in depth, but also rather short which I love. I don’t like podcasts that I have to commit to listening to for an hour or more. Her 20ish minute segments are much more my speed.
  • CKatonaR
    My favorite podcast for all things homestead!
    I discovered Melissa on YouTube a couple of months ago while looking for gardening tips. I have now bought her canning class, which was absolutely amazing and I have already canned a few things, all of her books, and am addicted to her podcast. Every episode teaches me something new, and while I live in an urban area now and am limited as to what I can do, I am learning now and putting the things I can into practice for our future homestead! Thank you Melissa!
  • ChristyEW
    I love Melissa’s Pioneering Academy. I have participated and put in to action many of her recommendations. Highly recommended for those wanting to learn and provide healthier alternatives. Christy W.
  • Bil10923874
    Great content
    A friend recommended this podcast , just getting started and Love this conversation all ready .
  • JssfGoldie
    Well spoken and well informed
    Melissa has a natural way of presenting excellent , relevant information for anyone interested in growing and preserving any amount of one’s own food/herbs.
  • karenelisephoto
    Practical and Applicable Tips
    I love how Melissa breaks down complex techniques into easily applicable steps! I always come away inspired and loaded with new knowledge and inspiration.
  • becca k 1
    Wow! Melissa is such a great inspiration. I am wanting to start my own homestead and have listened to pretty much all her episodes and learn something from every single one of them! She is so down to earth and real life which I love because it’s not fake. I love her podcast and can’t wait for the next one to air! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to homestead! I also love that she is a Christian and helping spread the word of God!
  • Briana Simpson
    LOVE this podcast!
    Melissa K. Norris is like a brand new protagonist in a modern Little House on the Prairie come to life. Being new to gardening (and analytical by nature), I have thoroughly enjoyed her passionate and straightforward approach to sharing her wealth of knowledge. Very appreciative for this source of rich information as I continue on in my gardening and homesteading journey!
  • SBarth714
    Family Friendly
    I really love listening to Melissa K. Norris. She is fun loving, energetic, health inspiring, relatable and I love how she incorporates scripture! She shares her vulnerabilities and how she wants to grow, which helps me reflect and am motivated to grow as well! This is a great podcast to listen to with littles around as well, which unfortunately now a days is often hard to find.
  • Spinagoodyarn
    A Friendly Homestead Neighbor
    I found myself on furlough this summer due to the pandemic. It was the first time I put in a vegetable garden in many, many years. Melissa and her Pioneering Today podcast are now daily companions in my garden and homestead chores. I can search for a podcast of a specific interest or continue binge listening through all the episodes. Thanks to Melissa, I planted a second crop of cool weather veggies and will enjoy peas, beans, kale and lettuce well after our first frost in Minnesota. And I will plant garlic for the first time! We have veggies in the freezer, I have started to learn how to save seeds, and I am planning the garden for next year. Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed!
  • SARW19!
    The Matriarch of Homesteading!
    I’ve been listening to Melissa all year so far and she keeps me engaged and coming back for more with each episode! She’s a wonderful resource for everything modern homesteading from garden planning, canning & preserving, meat birds and even time management! And lest I forget one of my favorite parts of the podcast is the Bible verse of the day. You can hear in everything she puts out her passion and golden heart for wanting everyone to succeed and thrive in all their homesteading endeavors! She is truly doing God’s work. ❤️
  • lsnider59
    Episode 274
    Oh I want to hear more!
  • cydhy
    Already loving it!
    Just started listening today and already loving it! Great tips and advice. Inspired and ready to dive in.
  • Shannonarnp
    Great episode!
    Thank you for this episode. Loved it and learned a lot. I appreciate all of your effort and sharing your expertise on your podcasts. This is especially helpful for me as I am another PNW gardener!
  • MM_Jordan
    So helpful!
    I absolutely love this podcast. I recently moved onto property with 20 acres and have always wanted to live a more simple, sustainable life. I am still a long way away from that, but Melissa’s advice has helped a ton so far and she has really inspired me. After every episode I listen to I feel so motivated and ready to take on any challenge or new project that comes my way. Also, Melissa is just a super sweet, friendly person and kinda feels like your friend even though you’ve never met her haha. I live 1 county away from her and secretly hope we’ll run into each other one day 😆 If you are interested in homesteading or just getting started, this is a must!
  • xplore1645
    Love this podcast!
    Melissa’s podcast has been such a blessing to me. I play it as I get work done around the house and not only does it help make the mundane chores more enjoyable, I learn while I’m at it! Keep them coming please!
  • Pegasusdancing
    A Favorite Podcast
    Pioneering Today is one of my favorite podcasts! I absolutely love listening to Melissa and all her knowledge. I have learned so much from listening to this podcast about homesteading and living a more natural/handmade life. Highly recommend for anyone who is interested in gardening, homesteading, farming, living more simply, natural living, etc.
  • buenas-diaz
    The real deal- Not your average “homesteader”
    She’s the real deal. Not trying to sell you “inspiration”. Not a new homesteader taking you along for all the mistakes. She’s got roots and as a fifth generation homesteader she has the background. She also has the purpose. For health and healing from pre cancerous cells found. And lastly, she has the heart. Melissa loves the Lord, and honestly all of life boils down to that. So how about content? She is light hearted, easy going and isn’t afraid to ask the questions we are all wondering. My favorite episodes are her interviews with the pros. She selects other people of a trade and hones in on their specialty.
  • A Traverse City Homemaker
    Best podcast to garden to!
    I absolutely adore this podcast, I started really listening this spring (2020) when I really wanted to listen to something productive (instead of just music) while doing my garden work. At first I was listening from the beginning, and now I just jump around depending on my mood! Melissa is informative, kind, caring and has an excellent voice to listen too. I find that she is a judgment free informational place to be, I feel like I’m in her garden or kitchen with her sipping tea and chatting! Which these days is invaluable as I’m going on 200 days in quarantine because I’m severely immunocompromised. I think listening to the podcast is huge benefit in addition to her YouTube channel, she doesn’t take about all the same information...which I can find happens with some people that have multiple media avenues! Needless to say, this podcast is a must listen!
  • kiwimexmex
    Fantastic content!!
    I have learned so much from Melissa, she has a incredible wealth of knowledge for homesteaders. We bought our property a year ago and this podcast has provided so much inspiration and information! We’ve definitely avoided some mistakes thanks to the information on here.
  • Lavender Mills
    Episode #273 Drying Herbs
    As I am harvesting my herbs for winter use, this episode was helpful in explaining a different way to dry and even what I should leave in the ground until after a killing frost. Thank you!
  • TXPanTy
    Love it
    Thanks for all of the info!
  • Tiff1198
    Wonderful information for everyone
    I originally found Melissa on Facebook. I subscribed to her Facebook page and her emails for the jam recipe with just three ingredients. I only recently discovered this podcast. It is a wonderful addition to the information I was already getting via email. I grew up gardening and food preserving but never really understood the concepts of seed saving and total homesteading. I have been inspired to continue on my journey of self-sufficiency and feel so much more confident with all of the information I have gained from Melissa
  • QLilly14
    Great Teacher
    I have learned so much from Melissa! Such a great teacher for beginning gardeners, homesteaders, and canners. She is also very sweet and easy to listen to. I really like how she really explains her experiences well, with clarity and honesty.
  • beccaorlowski
    Crunchy mom approved!
    Melissas voice is soothing and her podcasts are chocked full of inspiration and useful advice for living a homestead life. Anytime I need to disconnect from the chaos of the real world, I tune into her podcast.
  • EHBarnes
    Wonderful show!
    I am so happy to have found this podcast! The information is so insightful, and the tools and resources Melissa provides have been very useful! I also really enjoy the Verse discussion at the end of each show. I can’t recommend this show enough!
  • infomom2000
    Love this timely episode
    Love all your information. I’m a long time food preserver yet learn from you all the time. Thank you for all the inspiration.
  • mommallama6969
    Always learning
    I love to have this podcast on at work it makes the time go by. This episode made a lot of since I was not thinking about how more people would be putting stuff. I was lucky my mother in law is always prepared.
  • MoMoney12309837
    Favorite podcast!
    Melissa gives an honest and transparent view of homesteading with a family. I enjoy all of her episodes and look forward to learning something new each time I listen!
  • Soapin Lady
    M K Norris podcast
    I enjoy listening to her and have learned a lot about gardens from her. Even though we are in different zones she explains things very well. Will be getting one of her books soon. T.White
  • bbstables
    Melissa K Norris Pioneering Today Podcast
    Melissa has a natural way of sharing her knowledge of homesteading be it gardening, preserving food or how to live a more diy lifestyle. Always learning.
  • Strawbleberry
    Best information and encouragement
    I love listening to Melissa’s podcast and watching her YouTube videos. I’m brand new to homesteading. We’ve never done a lick of it except a small garden for a few years. We’re truly starting from scratch physically and in knowledge. This has been such a source of information to me as well as encouragement. And Melissa just seems like a person I’d love to hang out with! One of the best homestead podcasts I’ve come across so far!
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