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Golf #8

The Golf Podcast features all the latest golf news, instruction, and equipment from the point of view of real average golfers just like yourself.

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  • SirKenjiman
    The best golf content creators out there
    These boys make the best content whether you’re listening to a podcast, watching YouTube, reading an article, or scrolling through social media. Keep up the good work boys!
  • JCrow2478
    Great podcast
    Love the videos they make and podcasts. They are local to me so it’s fun to see them play the same courses I do.
  • Kindove
    Way too many ads
    I watched my first episode on how to enjoy golf more, I think it was episode 176. The episode was 36 minutes and the first 15 were filled with ads from them. Almost half the podcast filled with ads is unacceptable, and I could barely finish the episode.
  • volfox72
    Favorite game improvement podcast
    Really enjoy the variety these guys bring. From a technical, equipment, physical, strategic and mental standpoint, they’ll give you information that you can use to improve you game. Also now over 300 episodes so tons of content. Keep it up, guys.
  • Steve Flaherty
    Covid-19 All Stars
    Hey boys, New to the podcast/YouTube channel. You guys are definitely helping me scratch my golf itch in between sneaking on the courses during this virus. Keep up the great content fellas! Grip it n rip it, Steve Flaherty
  • Antoine33242
    Great stuff boys
    You guys really remind me of me and my brother. He’s the mike big and brutish taking 6ft divots and i relate more to frank. So seeing your videos brings me back to memories with my brother when we play. Love your stuff. Very genuine and realistic. Next time your in Augusta let us know
  • Will - bay area
    Thank you Golficity!
    As Golficity closes in on its 300th episode, it's worth noting what makes this podcast and website such lasting and useful entities in the golf world. As with most endeavors in which we seek to improve, golf is awash with experts, equipment enhancements, and the next best thing. And though we find periodic gains in these things, we often long for somebody to really know where we're coming from, to consistently communicate to us in language we can understand, and to share our passion, frustration, and hopes for this great game. Golficity (specifically its founders and hosts, Frank and Mike Fasano) is that somebody. As amateur golfers themselves, they relate to a wide audience in an easy going, encouraging, and often humorous style. They are to golf what Click & Clack's 'Car Talk' was to automobiles. Invariably Golficity's success attracted sponsorship. Some listeners have commented on this being a distraction (though one can easily ff through the sponsor shout outs if so inclined), but in addition to making even more content possible it is the depth to which Golficity connects with its sponsors that provides some of the meaningful education for listeners. The behind-the-scenes looks into golf ball and wedge production at the Titleist plant, playing with the developers of the Shot Scope watch in Scotland, and the videoed club fittings and playing lesson with top 100 instructor Kevin Sprecher are but a few examples. Like a golfer who gets incrementally better through regular practice and playing, Golficity has improved steadily since its humble inception in 2013. In many ways they heed the major advice from Gary Player in the middle of their interview with him (episode #90): "You gotta earn it, you gotta work hard." They do so, week in and week out. Spectacular drone footage of their rounds, special guest interviews, hosting an annual virtual tournament, frequent giveaways, dissecting the mental and physical game for both beginning and seasoned golfers, commenting from PGA tournaments and events, and, above all, reducing golf's many challenges to their fundamentals in a conversational format that resonates with listeners - these are some of the things that set Golficity apart. I happened upon Golficity a year after I took up golf, as I was looking to cure my slice. That was episode 11. Since then the Golficity podcasts have filled many of my commutes, drives to the range, and time spent making breakfast for the kids on Sundays. And I'm a better golfer for it. On behalf of many golfers around the world - thank you Golficity!
  • Stemmins
    You guys are killing it!
    I’ve been listening for a couple months now and from the beginning I’ve really enjoyed all you do. You’re multi platform approach is amazing. I’m sure it’s no laughing matter how now much time it takes to keep up with everything but your consistency makes it look easy. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a super jealous of how often you guys are out playing, where you go and that you guys do it consistently together (can’t wait for the Scotland videos). I took about a decade off from my golf game and I’ve been diligently trying to find my swing again. I look forward to going back into the archives and working my way through them for the info contained within. I will say it’s a pretty sweet set up to get out on the course early with a coffee, cigar and some AirPods w your podcast to start the day. Keep up the great work gentlemen. Looking forward to watching your platform grow and your handicaps drop
  • E Benzy
    THE Golf Podcast
    Found this by accident, and I’ve been hooked for over a year now. Finally some normal guys talking about their games, cool places they’ve played and helpful hints. Also found a few quality training aids (like Ep 263 with SuperSpeed Golf), fitness tips and fitting secrets. Must listen!
  • hGik3!4klwbdh
    Very insightful
    Great podcast to listen to if you want to improve your game. It’s great format getting input from common golfers who share our same desire for improvement, it been helpful for me to hear different things that have worked for others. Also, they have some really great interviews from guests that have some insightful things to say.
  • frankduffyfitness
    Great guys, great podcast!
    Frank and Mike had me on the podcast and I’ve been hooked on Golficity since! I’ve learned a ton from them and can’t wait to take their tidbits into every round I play after a new episode drops!
  • Chechen mr check
    Dudes are awesome
    Whether it’s the podcast or their videos these are guys just like us trying to get better. Very relatable and are living the dream! Much respect guys
  • C.B needs a mulligan
    Down to earth guys talking to the everyday golfer. Great content every week
  • Bowhunter1345
    Ads ads ads
    Great podcast and love listening to Frank and Mike but hooooooly crap. I can’t handle the 15 minutes of them BS’ing about the companies paying them to advertise. I’m all for advertising because it keeps the podcast running but spewing out made up stories about products don’t make me want to buy them anymore than a quick name drop and saying you liked a certain piece. Getting to be unbearable and it’s a shame because this has potential to be one of the best golf podcasts out there!
  • Jb1000u
    Great Listen
    Always a great listen. It’s a lot like listening to a conversation with my own golf buddies. Highly recommend!
  • jrod🐊
    Great content
  • Dope............!
    Awesome Podcast with Tons of Information
    Keep it up guys!
  • Jules Winnfield 1994
    relatable and entertaining
    I have been listening for over a year and this has quickly become my favorite golf show. To hear two regular guys talking about golf, this is the place. They are open about the fact that they are not golf pros. As a result, they don't just give the same worn out advice you hear everywhere else - like aim at the center of the green instead of the flag. Instead, you hear real struggles and solutions from 2 guys that have to juggle kids, wives, achy backs, and work obligations before they can play. Product placement is a little heavy, but there are gems of knowledge and strategy in each episode. One time, they were talking about having more confidence in an 8 iron than a wedge. In another episode, they were discussing the elation of successfully making an aggressive play over trees to tap in range. It's all relatable and entertaining.
  • cuponjim
    Most beneficial podcast ever!
    Frank and Mike do an amazing job summarizing teaching tips, techniques, and technology related to golf. They are very entertaining and make sure they provide something valuable to the beginner all the way up to scratch golfers every episode - not an easy feat! Started listening this off-season and can’t wait to get back out there with ideas I’ve learned and been reminded of from listen to their show. Can’t wait to see where these guys take it next! Can’t thank these guys enough!
  • ChuckBlizzy
    Perfect for my golf game
    This show has been so beneficial to my game. These guys are amateurs and they are learning and growing. By listening to the breakthroughs and realizations they go through I have accelerated my golf game as well. Great content and the video content on the Golficity YouTube channel is even more impressive. Keep up the great work boys.
  • Pepperhead76
    Skip first half
    The first half of this podcast is a commercial for all the sponsors. Skip to the second half for the topic of conversation. It’s decent.
  • Masterslife74
    Great show
    Thanks guys. Great show.
  • ZGarza53
    Awesome guys!
    Great podcasts with good insight. Great YouTube videos as well.
  • RNY22
    Used to be good
    I used to listen to these guys every Sunday for a few years on my way to the course just to kind of get my head in the game. Everything changed when they became sponsored by Titleist. Now, every episode is a long running Titleist ad. I get that they sponsor you and it gives you the opportunity to provide new content, but do what other podcasts do and get your sponsorship duties out of the way QUICKLY and move on to the topic at hand. Sadly, it’s not even worth bothering anymore. Unsubscribed.
  • XsteliosX
    This podcast is a waist of time...
    I gave this podcast a few months, but seriously is a let down. I’m in shock that Titleist sponsored these clowns. Most of the podcasts they do are ads, and even when you think it’s not an ad they are discussing, it’s an ad. Vokey wedges or stupid Titleist ball recommendations... side note- no one cares about the free stuff you guys get, unless you plan on tossing some to the listeners. 👎🏼
  • Norberto_
    Best golf podcast out there
    Frankie and Mike love the game and it comes through.
  • JonathanZujko
    Mike & Frank do a great job of keeping you engaged and wanting more. You can tell they are just like you - a couple of regular golfers who shoot anywhere from 80-100, but they do an incredible job of coming up with new topics to talk about every episode. My favorite part of the show are the on and off course vlogs. You can really tell they love the game as much as you do and it just makes you want to tee it up with them.
  • Cuffs54
    These guys are the best
    I'm thankful for these guys, they're fun, entertaining and bring huge inspiration, and great tips to my golf game. I listen to them while I'm over the road at work, and they give me the energy and the eagerness to get to my next golf outing and try different things to improve my game. Plus their sponsors are awesome too. Tough to beat this one.
  • Charanpal
    Best Podcast!!
    Its the best podcast ever! I don't listen to any other podcast because Frank and Mike's conversation makes it so interesting. I feel like I am sitting next to them in the club house and discussing our rounds over some Beer! Totally love it! Keep rocking guys!
  • Spuddly85
    The community
    I have been a fan of this Podcast for about a year now. The best thing about it is their Facebook community. People discussing each episode with one another and the hosts. Plus free form discussions from the members adds an element you don't find with other golf podcasts. It's the first podcast I listen to on Monday. It's the perfect podcast for people new to golf or players just looking to get better.
  • Thatguyoverthere43
    Awesome show!
    I'm starting my second year and just discovered this podcast. I listen to it on the way home from work every day and the show is packed with information and is really engaging. I can't wait to work my way through the whole show.
  • pebblebeach8
    Great Podcast
    Frank and Mike are great, very passionate about golf. There are a lot of interesting topics and guest. don't miss this one people. The only problem for me is the show is not long enough. They are usually 30 minutes long and I have a 45 minute drive to work.
  • RETuk
    GREAT content with EXCITING discussions
    The Golf Podcast by Golficity is my favorite podcast! The instruction, stories, and discussions are very helpful and entertaining. I highly recommend all golf fans to give this a listen. Richard E Todd, Author/Speaker/GOLFER
  • Aj2468
    Amazing Show a must Listen
    Frank and Mike have created an amazing show and a wonderful community of listens who are eager to help each other get better at this great game. I have learned a tremendous amount as well as gained a ton of motivation to improve my game. This is a must listen.
  • Ajp10
    Awesome listen!
    This podcast is always a great way to start the week for me. The information given on this podcast has helped my game tremendously! Thank you
  • JCWEarp
    Great Golf Podcast
    I love listening to Frank and Mike. Their show hits a ton of different areas and as an average golfer, I am picking up ideas to definitely improve. Short game! Short game!
  • Future Pga Golfer
    Great Incite!
    Love the show and the content. Great advice for all skill levels. Coming from a scratch player, I still learn ideas and drills from Frank and Mike.
  • Matt Frey
    Great podcast
    Great podcast. Nice to go back to older episodes on the commute to play a round or while practicing at the range especially. Keep up the good work guys!
  • kcalma
    Great Golf Podcast!
    Just discovered this podcast and LOVE IT! I listen to it on my way to work and at work. It fills my "golf-itch" during the workweek. I find the tips to be great and useful and I feel my game is getting better. I also like that the guys are normal guys and love the game of golf. My favorite podcast is how to attack Par 5's. Implemented it during my last round and shot the par 5's better than driving needs some work, but they have a podcast for that!
  • TeddyB_H20
    5 stars on putting yips cast
    I have suffered from so many 3 putts on the course. I was putting great on the practice greens but couldn't transfer that to the course. After listening to the tips I have saved almost 5 strokes every time I play now. This podcast gave me confidence and I am now a 4 handicap. Thanks Golficity for making golf enjoyable again
  • Nervin04
    Great Podcast
    It's a great podcast for any level of golfer. They present the information in a way that is easy to understand and can be applied to the course immediately.
  • WiscoGolf
    Informative, enjoyable
    I have listened to this podcast consistently for over a year. They provide solid content for golfers of all ages and skill. I would recommend.
  • Davo747
    Great game-improvement podcast
    Most golf podcasts just follow the tour and talk about upcoming tournaments. Those are great if you're into that, but kind of useless if not. The Golficity podcast is focused on normal, weekend golfers just focused on improving your game. Frank and Mike are great to listen to, and a great way to start my week every week. I've picked up so many small tips through listening, and was able to drop about 5-10 strokes off my game. Thanks guys!
  • Islavistan
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast for the golf enthusiast. Interesting topics, good production, and engaging hosts.
  • leoells
    Golf Podcast Review
    I have listened to the podcast for a year and have found that they provide useful tips for each segment of game. In additon unlike many podcasts they are clear and try to make them between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Suffnuts
    Golfs best podcast for the everyday golfer
    I love this podcast because it speaks the language of a weekend golfer to a scratch golfer. I live in the tri state area which makes it even better because there is alot of local course talk. Every week I look forward to listening as I do playing a round. I someitmes wish I could call in and join the conversation. Highly recommended if you love golf and want to hear some great tips and stories.
  • Justinchips
    Approachable Golf Podcast
    Great podcast. Perfect balance of technical, tour dialogue and just interesting conversations about being on the golf course. Hosts are down-to-earth and offer simple, practical ideas for improving your game.
  • Dmuller1587
    Jumped on this podcast after hearing them on 18birdies. This podcast has helped my mental game by leaps and bounds. Thank you Golficity!
  • Wendy1953
    Love the podcast - practical tips for improving my golfing skills.
  • 803Dean
    Can't wait for the next Podcast!!!
    I have only been golfing for about 1.5 years and almost 50years old. found this podcast about a year ago and love it. I believe it has helped direct my experience and learning and approact to the game. I now break 100 with out mulligans and counting penaltys. I consistantly strike the ball instead of topping or hitting fat or thin, I do need help with aim. Love the podcast and lost of luck with it. Dean
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