Tricycle Talks

Buddhism #11

Conversations with contemporary Buddhist leaders and thinkers

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Recent Reviews
  • zholz
    Hope to hear more in 2017
    I was thankful to see a new episode in my feed this year after a long absence. Hoping to listen in on more thoughtful conversations about all the tough stuff in life.
  • buddhabuddd
    Inspirational & informative
    These talks make Buddhism approachable & understandable at every level, from beginner to advanced.
  • vegelise
    Thank You!
    I read the Tricycle Magazine and between issues I was looking for some more inspiration. Here it is! Invigorating discussion... feels like I'm in the room with them. Thank you, Tricycle, for continuing to grow and change. It's been a blessing to have found the magazine, the website, and now the podcast.
  • Trike on Train
    Fascinating Podcast
    Fantastic! I really appreciate Tricycle's willingness to dive into tricky or tough topics.
  • AndreT3000
    What I've been looking for....
    I'm new to meditation and Buddhism. I really like these topics. I really appreciate these discussions. I'm curious and anxious for more episodes! Thank you!
  • discgator
    Great talks, why cant they make more?
    I listened to the first 2 talks and have waited for over a month for the third. Cant wait!
  • Fluffyrhinos13
    Can't wait for the next one!
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