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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much “tin foil hat” stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.

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  • AllgunsshouldbeGlocks
    New FAVORITE podcast!!
    I just came across this podcast a couple weeks ago and have been listening. I absolutely love the format and the discussion on topics related to preparedness. But I also like is that you’re not moving too slowly or too quickly your pacing is for me perfect. Please keep up the good work and I will be sharing your podcast with my like-minded friends.
  • Flint's Anvil
    Holy Word Salad, Batman!
    Spends over 25 minutes blathering on about how he’s “going to discuss/reveal” what HE is doing to plan for a potential shtf scenario, without ever doing it.
  • jehshfnfoah
    Lost a Long Time Listener
    I can overlook your economic takes being uninformed and assumptive, but I can’t believe you think government and big business are “spurning on racial tensions, making them bigger issues than they are.” Been subscribed for 2 years, not anymore.
  • SaveRolo
    False information
    Some people on this are completely giving wrong information. Especially the female.
  • Quincy BJJ
    It’s like Doomsday Preppers decided to do a podcast.
    Classic “chicken or the egg” scenario. Did these two wake up one day and decide to become podcasters or “preppers”. They’re not really very good at either.
  • SweetSilusB
    Great conversations, thanks. Neil McCoy Ward would be great for a conversation re: cryptocurrencies.
  • ya boi jonnnnnn
    Doesn’t support trump
    Very informative and interesting. Helped ease my mind about the coming apocalypse and inspired me to be more self sufficient here in my non-bunker home. Thanks for the hard work!
  • smallz52
    Enjoy the show
    Thanks for taking your time to make this show I have found it very informative and interesting. It not only has given me a kick start but also has my wife working toward our common goals!!
  • Hedgel94
    Waste of time!
    Don’t waste your time listening to this. It is nothing more than a regurgitation of the lame stream media. I thought this would be informative about what the lasting issues would be helping us learn to navigate our new reality but this is nothing more than whining and anti-Trump rhetoric. No matter what he did these people would be complaining. So disappointed.
  • jonivy78
    Pretty good for prepping, but...
    You know, repeating the main stream narrative just so you don’t get banned is obviously a terrible idea, but these guys don’t see it that way. These guys do repeat the main stream narrative on the coronavirus deaths and I don’t appreciate that.
  • jaymcal
    Right on the money!
    Listened to them for years. Admittedly, I can’t listen on a regular schedule, but everything they’ve ever talked about has lead up to this moment. And because I’ve prepped, I’m not worried about going shopping, running out of supplies or ammo. People think preppers are a fringe society, but that fringe society is sorry pretry right. Just bug in!!!
  • CalFromBerkeley
    welcome back!
    Glad to see that you guys are back! We love your podcasts!
  • TFS in the PNW
    Super Helpful- loved every show
    You have brought me from a full novice to an actual prepared thoughtful citizen. Keep it going. You guys are fantastic and informative. Thanks for your efforts
  • Ohms9377532579
    Sag they’re gone
    Was one of the few good podcasts. Guess I’ll have to listen about permaculture 🙄
  • benfrsc
    We miss you
    Any more episodes??
  • RavenNation1
    Great info on. Going off grid, prepping, bugging out and survival. Not sure why some people are judging their foreign policy knowledge since that’s not anything to do with it ? Keep it up guys ! And girl ! P.s. more tin foil hat ! Government admits there’s UAP’s. They have a ton more secrets. Gotta be prepared for anything and all things !
  • Pahvantman
    yeh right
    city folk preppers talkin bout nothin
  • eoneguru
    Thanks for all the great podcasts. From the
  • Aushton26
    Really good
    Listen to it everyday on the way to work!!
  • Wulfy22!
    Great Podcast!
    Have enjoyed listening. Keep it up and keep the content coming!
  • Tomcat900
    Essential oil bs
    Stopped listening the moment I heard them push essential oils as some kind of actual medical item.
  • Chendoe04
    Just great!!!
    This podcast is informative, entertaining, and funny. I listened to the most recent one about two weeks ago and couldn’t stop. Bought a lifetime membership so I could go back and start at the beginning. So much information, it has changed the way I prep and live. It’s all combined into one now. Thank you so much Dale and Lisa.
  • thanos2013
    Maybe write a script of the topic and stick with it. Like the content though most of it I learned in Boy Scouts, but a refresher is good. Content presented in a poor manner with no organization and entirely to much chatter and jumping around and off stated topics before getting to anything useful. This was the case with all 14 episodes I tolerated.
  • California Christian
    Still great.
    I started listening to this podcast when my daughter was born 6 years ago and it keeps getting better all the time. Thanks Dale and Lisa and keep them coming.
  • mr milk dudd
    It’s so funny
    Why does she talk like she’s on the verge of laughing at everything you say ?
  • Buck is my spirit animal
    Worth your time
    Just found this podcast, and it is very helpful
  • PrepperCertain
    Get a mic cover or something.
    His sharp inhales every five seconds really is a distraction and I can’t even listen to a full episode.
  • Lilbubblehead
    Thank you.
    Love the show. Very good information and presented very well I have been listening for awhile and love that you keep it clean/ family approved thank you again.
  • dblcross121
    Knowledgeable hosts, but too way too much banter
    The hosts clearly know a lot of preparedness and are generally well respected “preppies.” So, it’s unfortunate they’re not able to better convey their knowledge. I would estimate about half of the podcast is empty conversation between the hosts (who I believe are a married couple). They tend to run down irrelevant tangents and talk shop without sticking to the topic at hand. I fee like I need to listen to this podcast on 1.5x just in the interest of not wasting my time.
  • JammerWV
    Would you know how to handle life without today’s conveniences?
    Dale and Lisa give you plenty to think about in their podcasts. A weekly show that makes you think, “What would I do if.....?”. If you are concerned with all of the horrible things you see in the news, then listen to this podcast and start preparing. Great information gathered by Dale and Lisa and broken down to help a wide demographic of people. (Urban, Rural, Beginner, or Experienced preparedness) Thank you guys for your dedication to help inform those of us that have know idea where to start.
  • ERpreper
    5 Star Podcast
    If you are looking for a podcast that gives you step by step prepper info to survive a hoard of zombies or an alien invasion, this podcast isn’t for you. Very down to earth and practical information. A lot of great interviews with experts and survivors of real world scenarios that tell it like it is. If you are looking to start preparing for the uncertain future or just basic preparation for a common event such as your car breaking down or a power outage, this podcast is what you need!
  • readwritemom
    MVP of Prepping Podcasts
    I’ve listened to Dale and Lisa for a few years now and look forward to each episode. Lots of great information delivered in a down to earth way! I’ve tried many other prepping podcasts, but this is my favorite! Definitely worth a listen.
  • J. Bry
    Entertaining and informative
    Dale and Lisa talk about relevant material and their delivery keeps it interesting. I like their involvement with guests and their subject choices. Great material. Keep up the good work!
  • DanyaLagos
    Too political.
    Low quality.
  • DeniseKauf
    Dale and Lisa makes this podcast one of the best. If you are a beginning prepper or a seasoned prepper you will learn something. Down to earth conversations....well most of the time!
  • greggyshmeggy
    Awesome podcast
    I like the differences in these two, he is more straight forward she is more uppity and outgoing, I relate more with her in the tinfoil hat thinking
  • RamessesHunt
    Like the podcast, but it’s missing heart
    I listened to a couple episodes and found the podcast something I’d listen to more, but I had to take off a couple stars because it’s missing (for me) the compassionate element. For example, I wouldn’t want to be your neighbor after hearing that you’d lie to me so that I’d give you provisions while you preserve yours. That’s f**ked up! But I guess it’s good to know how some people think. Just hope they aren’t around me! My area was challenged with SHTF for a couple weeks and it resulted in people helping each other and working together. *Grateful for my neighbors*
  • ttpod
    Love it so much I joined the club!!!
    Great work I enjoy the tips and all the gear reviews.
  • Ashley from Maine
    Too emotional and Political
    The best informational podcasts appeal to all people because the hosts don't make assumptions about their audience, rather they make an effort to relay facts, site resources, and speak on relevant topics to the subject in which they are covering. This podcasts gets too caught up in personal feelings and sentiments. By all means these two should be able to have a podcast and jabber on about politics and things that won't matter in a survival situation...but the name of this podcast is deceptive. Don't waste your time if you care about real survival info.
  • Dfarro01
    Love this podcast
    Thanks Dale and Lisa for bringing me information every week. I love listening while driving to work. I always learn new things about the ongoing process of being prepared. Thanks for feeling like family! Kidsnurse101
  • KelsieGray
    Perpetuating Prepper Stereotypes
    The Goodwins erroneously assume that their audience will be comprised of extreme right wingers in the same generation. There's some information here, but for me it's marred by the ubiquitous blanket statements made, and strongly voiced personal opinions not pertaining to the topic. It would greatly improve their credibility to use facts and specific examples rather than vague and inflammatory "they" statements (i.e. "They don't want you to know," "They will come take your stuff"). I am most disappointed that such a highly-ranked podcast would use fallacies rhetoric to emphasize its message.
  • Qwbaxter
    Love the work and effort that goes into this podcast
  • iBooks doesn't work
    Unsubscribing... gave it a shot but disappointed.
    I gave this podcast a legitimate shot even after I was disappointed by the first few shows I listened to. But even after six or seven hours of my life gone listening to these two people talk mindlessly I am absolutely no more prepared than before. There is very little in-depth knowledge. They ramble, talk nonsense, and (even though I want to appreciate their lightheartedness on a heavy topic) they're not the least bit funny. If you're looking for a real expert in survival look into some James Wesley Rawles interviews or others like him. You'll learn more in 10 minutes from a real survivalist than in 10 hours from these people.
  • probrkt
    Survivalist prepper podcast
    Best most down to earth podcast out there
  • starfreak74
    Complete respect
    I can't say enough good things about you guys. I super appreciate everything you do for us.
  • Thoth Amon 7
    Enjoy the banter
    This is the only "prepping" podcast to which I listen and I am not really a "pepper", just a wannabe homesteader. I really enjoy the husband-wife team, the way the two play off each other. I don't know how legit their advice is but it seems pretty accurate. I would prefer more specifics though. Things such as: this is what I have in my truck all the time and these are the reasons why, or this is what to look for when searching for a bug out property and this is our choice of the most important three reasons, etc.
  • Marcus Leach
    Has become all politics
    This podcast is garbage. Nothing but politics, no discussions of prepping. Just an hour of this guy saying I'm not a racist and threatening to "get fed up." The girl is also annoying, she has no real world experience and always talks about things she knows nothing about.
  • figsfunn
    Love your show
    Love listening to your show when I workout Thursday mornings. Keep up the great work.
  • Proud rice
    Less politics, more information please
    I wish there was a podcast that addressed survivalism and prepping without all the politics. I do not get why this is such a politically charged subject for all of the podcasts I've heard so far on this subject. Why wouldn't people across the political spectrum want to be informed about safety? My search continues. I'm listening for the information and I do not care what your politics are.
  • systemsevenstudios
    Great !!
    There fun and informative.
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