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Helping people make peace with food since 2013. Registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and journalist Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDS talks with guests and answers listener questions about making peace with food, healing from disordered eating, learning body acceptance, practicing intuitive eating, escaping harmful wellness culture, and more--all from a body-positive, anti-diet perspective. Along the way, Christy shares her own journey from disordered eater and dieter to food writer and anti-diet dietitian. This podcast challenges diet culture in all its forms--including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness. Food Psych® is designed to offer safe and non-triggering support for listeners in recovery from eating disorders, weight stigma, and body shame. Subscribe for new anti-diet inspiration every week! Learn more and get full show notes and transcripts at

(Disclaimer: All content in this podcast, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Use of the information contained in this podcast does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.)

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  • Cathycupcakes
    Non-Diet is not All-or-Nothing
    Really liked the most recent show. I appreciate the nuance I haven’t seen in your work before. You used to come across as having a all-or-nothing attitude around HAES and Non-Diet, but I’ve seen more nuance today and in the past few months and it’s very refreshing. Please keep it up.
  • A.Mode
    Incredible, Eye Opening and Healing ❤️‍🩹
    This podcast is life changing. It has helped me unpack years of harmful diet culture messages. I feel badly for those who do not find this podcast as helpful, but I know they are still stuck in diet culture and are not ready to “see the light.” Health at Every Size needs to be a household name as the only way to treat people of all shapes and sizes with the respect and dignity they were born with. Thank you so much for posting and helping people recover from disordered eating and realizing that regular medicine is failing us all. Health at Every Size is literally life saving. Thank you, Christy! Remember there’s no such thing as a bad food!
  • Huma 1972
    You need to read current research or go to school
    You are bashing functional medicine doctors who spent 20 years on an average understanding science about increased gut permeability. Just do a pub med research on increased intestinal permeability before you deny its existence. I would give you articles but I think you should do your own research. I understand you had a lot of trauma and you healed it but that doesn’t mean you start blaming doctors who have a lot more education and experience and misleading people who are already confused.
  • Jrm174
    Quote unquote just stop
    The use of quotes are effective in written communication but it is distracting and annoying in speech. Your podcast would be 5 star without the quote use!
  • Kelliann H.
    Thank you!
    Your calming voice has brought me such wisdom and strength on my recovery journey. Thank you for helping me feel less alone and more empowered during a hard time. I love you! Warmly, Kelliann
  • BRNJ1000
    Very helpful, healthful, articulate, intelligent advice about how to understand and incorporate intuitive eating.
  • Meg- GroundedNourishment
    Love this pod for a healthy foodie!
    I LOVE how this podcast focuses on eating and creating food of nutritional value rather than restrictive diets or harmful wellness practices. Christy does a great job of bringing on guests that remind us how important it is that we take care of our bodies and enjoy the food we eat!
  • Karen from Oakland
    Great anti diet expert!
    Christy’s podcast provides a strong foundation for navigating the anti-diet journey. Such a helpful guide.
  • TianaX
    I completely disagree with the message of this podcast, you cannot be healthy at every size. We live in an era of over processed, industrialized food laden with HFCS, rancid soy oils, trans fats, preservatives and natural & artificial flavors. Intuitive eating would work if Christy said to only intuitively eat whole, minimally processed foods. If we intuitively ate those foods no one would be obese. The reason for the modern obesity epidemic and even conditions like acne is the laboratory created poison we are putting in our bodies.
  • Sonya R M
    A path out of diet culture
    This podcast relies on evidence-based research to intelligently debunk the lies of diet culture.
  • rapid.accelerator
    This podcast goes hard
    This podcast goes hard
  • leseynooy
    Anti-diet HAES Social justice podcast all in one!
    I appreciate Christy’s episodes and have been a huge fan of her book Anti-Diet. She sticks to her values and is honest about how she’s grown across the lifespan of the podcast. I appreciate this transparency and authenticity. Great range of guests and perspectives - from nutritionists to writers, activists, and therapists.
  • Blue2021
    This is a wonderful podcast.
  • Kellilynn1995
    Love the content, hate the endless promotion
    As someone in recovery, I really enjoy the content of this podcast… once you finally get to it. Every single episode she is constantly plugging in her book, website (that’s, *repeat twice.. five times an episode*), or series she’s teaching. I get it. It’s her platform, so of course she’s going to promote her stuff to make a living and help others. It just takes up at least a quarter of every single episode and is maddening. I stopped listening because of it, even though I really want to listen to the content! Hopefully, it changes so more people can reach this vital content.
  • ushzushabhabakajabajoana
    Revolutionary counter diet culture message
    This show presents a life changing perspective and way of life that is liberating. Thank you Christy for all that you’re doing!
  • Tahdig
    Political endorsement
    This podcast was recommended to me by my personal trainer. I opened episode 76 or 46 and it starts with an endorsement for Hillary Clinton for president. WTH. I can’t even listen to a health podcast without getting bombarded with politics. Unsubscribing.
  • Health_ Coach
    What Christy is doing is very important!
    What Christy is doing is very important! Teaching us how to ditch the diet culture and opt for intuitive eating instead is very helpful. With better eating habits comes a better life!
  • Leoandsonia
    A must listen!
    This podcast and her book, The Anti Diet, has changed my life! I have made a commitment to never diet again. She explores the roots of diet culture which was transformative to learn about and research on how diets simply don’t work and how we need to stop trying to shrink ourselves to fit in with diet cultures expectations. For anyone who has been on a diet, struggled with body image and to accept yourself just as you are please listen to this podcast!
  • DandyDani89
    New world
    This podcast changed my life! I’m still VERY far away from a healthy mindset and being great at intuitive eating but it’s steered me in the right direction.
  • didogirl78
    Not relevant for everyone
    While I understand the concept, if I ate every time I THOUGHT about food I would be eating nearly all the time. Looking at food and hunger in this way doesn’t account for hormonal anomalies that will lead to overeating if approached “intuitively”. Take what you can out of this podcast, but keep in mind that we’ve habituated our bodies to eat constantly and this is the piece that needs to be rewired.
  • RetiredOnFire
    I love this podcast so much
    This podcast has given me the insight needed to break free from diet culture. It’s given me a new perspective on how to nourish myself and how to be free. The historic roots of worshipping thinness, the terrible damage it’s wreaked on so many lives, the people who profit from our insecurity, the people working to defy the societal forces— there’s so much here. I‘ve learned so much and I really see the world in a different way. I’m so grateful to Christy and all the leaders who are making changes.
  • polkadotpollo
    Listening to this podcast has been a fantastic experience unlearning diet culture. I feel happier and more at peace with my relationship to my body and to food when I listen to this podcast.
  • jes🥰
    Annoying and repetitive
    First, she talks way too much when the guest should be talking. Also, intuitive eating ISNT A CURE FOR EATING DISORDERS. That’s like telling a drug addict or alcoholic to intuitively drink or do drugs. It makes absolutely no sense. Her take on “wellness diet” is the most ignorant thing because for folks with legitimate auto immune conditions, eating unhealthy food isn’t food freedom, it can cause physical harm. Stop telling people recovering from ED that they have to eat everything in order to be recovered. People have sensitivities and allergies and everyone’s bodies are different
  • Hayungski
    Info + nuance + compassion
    Christy Harris & Food Psych was recommended to me by a HAES provider & it’s really been helpful to me as a listener. I’ve not only learned a lot about food science as well as how our bodies work & how our minds work (in general & particularly in re: dieting & restriction). The topics she & her guests have talked about are usually really relevant to me personally & I find they speak about them in a humble, compassionate, straight forward & thoughtful way. I’ll definitely be a long-time listener. Thank you so much Christy!
  • Melody65000
    Very insightful!
    Very insightful interviews with experts and activists to empower mindset shifts around relating to food and our bodies!
  • sowergirlJB
    Victim narrative on every episode
    The victim narrative on every episode (60 min plus) gets annoyingly redundant. There is a way to deal with diet culture, body image and good relationship issues without so much anger. Listen to Marc David’s podcast — far more insightful as he delves into these issues with real life interviews with clients. Marc David’s podcast is a must-listen-to for nutritionists/dietitians, mental health experts and the public.
  • Maria Emmerich
    Wow! I’ve been listening to this and I am shocked at her message. Very disappointed in her message.
  • Neb688
    Not my favorite
    I’ve head this podcaster interviewed on other shows and like her message. However, this podcast just isn’t for me. The avoidance of “trigger words” and the extended explanations aren’t my style. The into music is unusual - like maybe they are using it so they don’t have to pay royalties? Hopefully this show will bring comfort to some. It really isn’t for me.
  • UniquelyKesh
    I’m not alone!
    I absolutely love this podcast! The day that I started listening, I really didn’t realize the curse that diet culture had on me. This podcast has been key in the breaking me from the cycle.
  • Kristizy
    Love This Podcast
    This is an amazing well researched, thought provoking show that will change the way you view health and well-being. It will challenge everything we have been taught about weight, health, and happiness. Do yourself and favor and listen to the message of this podcast.
  • EmBroooke
    If you’re a progressive liberal, you might love this podcast. There is 100% a political agenda attached to this and she’s very one sided. Not a fan. The body positivity movement is a leftist movement. If you’re into that you might like it.
  • McDuff49
    There is a problem when…
    There is a problem when someone says that a person/company who has opposing viewpoints are entirely false. Not liking someone or a company is one thing, but claiming that every piece of their logic isn’t valid? That seems extremely one-sided and ungrounded. Specific quote: “I'm sure [company] has all kinds of research that they're trying to use to back up their claims about weight loss and body size and stuff and unfortunately you know none of that research is true is valid.” I don’t have any feelings (positive or negative) about the company in question, but am skeptical about someone who thinks that every research/study is wrong if it doesn’t fall in line with their own beliefs. Bias is natural, but ignoring everything that doesn’t support your claim is not.
  • hannahswann05
    Relatable and informative
    My childhood is riddled with negative memories of fatphobic comments reiterated from my family, developing an eating disorder at 11 and struggling with it for the next 8 years. My early adult life has been about recovering from that disorder and trauma that came with it. It’s still an ongoing struggle! So when I can upon this podcast, I was hooked almost immediately. It’s made feel vindicated and understood on a level I’ve never felt from people in my own life. My relationship with food is much better now, but my relationship with my self image and my health hasn't gotten better. I’ve been looking and judging myself through the lens of diet culture. This podcast has helped me realize the toxic propagated agenda of diet culture and how it has affected my relationship to my overall self. So thank you for that. And thank you for taking the time to inform us all.
  • RLbeehive1235
    Great to promote Intuitive eating and HAES! ….However, I’ve had to stop listening as the host has become overly critical, call-out culturey, contrarian, soap box-y, and B&W. It becomes grating and is not constructive. We know those tactics have limited efficacy in culture change. I feel there are more insightful, nuanced, encouraging and curious ways to approach these topics. It is also misleading that only the last ~10-20min of the 75-90min episodes is given to the topic/content of the episode. The bulk of the podcast is the guest’s personal stories and the host reflecting on her own history/opinions - the conversations become redundant, mostly the host talking, and I wish there were more time allotted to the content from the guest on the episode title. There’s not much to take away from episodes except anger/criticism.
  • Lies Ahminelli
    Hate to miss an episode
    This podcast is so informative. Her guests are varied, smart and fascinating. She looks at things through a social justice lens. It has helped me so much with my relationship with food and my body. Thank you so much.
  • tgif4lyFe
    I don’t buy it
    I tried listening to this for a bit, and even read her book, but there are a lot of holes in her logic. I gave it two stars because it’s entertaining in a Portlandia kind of way and the production values are high.
  • Jilliemae
    Love this
    I go back to this podcast a lot, especially when I am feeling the pressure of diet culture. I can pick an episode and leave feeling like I’ve had a pep talk from a supportive team.
  • Mr4hafcs
    Interview quality
    I tried to listen but found that they use the audio through a computer when they interview and I just can’t get past that. There were quite a few interviews with poor interviewee audio.
  • lizshererberry
    Love Christy
    This podcast has truly helped me make peace with food and my body — I’m healthier and happier than ever before and Christy’s work is a big part of that
  • Erin22e
    Recommend to Everyone with a Body
    Incredible podcast with loads of info on intuitive eating and health at any size. I’m in eating disorder recovery in a larger body, and every time I want to give up and start restricting I come back to this podcast.
  • Kitten Michelle B
    Virtue signaling !
    I prefer Bonnie Roney. Same message without all the woke political pandering .
  • megssssss_:P
    Harmful advice
    This podcast is actively promoting harmful advice. The host in one episodes asks a listener to “keep and epi pen” on hand instead of seek out medical advice for a good allergy because apparently that is better for you than restricting food. In another episode she tells a listener with celiac disease that it was most likely brought on by restriction.. I’m sorry WHAT. How on earth is this person a registered dietitian
  • AllisonCP
    Tear down diet culture!!
    I love this podcast. After years of disordered eating, Christy and her guests are RADICALLY reshaping my worldview (for the better) and tearing down misconceptions I had about weight, beauty standards, food addiction, and intuitive eating. Rather than viewing myself as the enemy, you’ve taught me that diet culture is the one I could be fighting. Thank you so much for this podcast. Everyone needs to hear the anti-diet message because too many of us are actively being tortured by a diet culture that stems from sexism and racism.
  • Vailspartan
    Like Like Like Like Like
    I can’t take anyone seriously that has to use the word “like” 10,000 times in one conversation. I don’t think I’ve used the word “like” in my entire lifetime as was used in episode #61.
  • rehr1985
    Tasteless and unnecessary language
    I love the content discussed within the podcast, but the vulgar language is excessive and unprofessional. Credibility diminishes as such words leads to question the validity of message. Is it really necessary? I would like to refer her book/podcast, but I’d be embarrassed to do so. Please consider censoring your words (especially the “f”word) as it would appeal to a broader audience!
  • chelebell7273
    Thin privilege smh
    It was interesting until I heard “Thin Privilege”. “Wokeness is in this podcast
  • SabrinaCommits
    Encourages Unhealthy Behavior - Gained 20 Lbs
    As someone who used to be an ardent fan (bought and devoured Christy’s first book and have listened to dozens and dozens of episodes and recommended to many friends), it took me a long time to realize that the messaging in this podcast, while initially liberating, is too radical, biased, and quite frankly unsupported by the vast majority of credible scientific evidence. While I agree that fad diets don’t work, diet culture is psychologically damaging, and people who are carrying an extra 10-15 lbs are just fine and don’t need to waste their energy obsessing over every food choice, it simply isn’t true that being obese doesn’t negatively impact your health. I have watched my own sugar and cholesterol levels elevate with weight gain, decrease with weight loss, and elevate again with a recent 20 lb gain (in the past few years, which was a result of letting myself go too much - we’re talking consistent overindulgence and poor food choices - largely due to the messaging Christy and others in the HAES field promote). I do see the value in radically shifting the narrative from one extreme to the other, but as with most things in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and at least for this listener, I know my body wants and deserves a balanced approach to nutrition, movement, and indulgence. Time for me to find my center again and take back some control rather than simply externalizing/justifying my weight issues, and that starts with unsubscribing today.
  • Dogslifeforall
    Blind spots in her messaging
    Christy’s message is short sighted and inconsistent. She advocates for people to break free from the diet industry, practice self care and stand up to medical bullying, but she also ridicules and shames people who believe in medical freedom and personal choice around the covid vaccine. How can you think the diet industry is so bad, but yet the pharmaceutical companies are so trustworthy and holy? Wake up.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Christy, host of the Food Psych podcast, highlights all aspects of nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • RachelHaff9
    Divine intervention
    So I’ve been struggling with my weight , the scale, diet culture all my life. I’ve tried every diet or cleanse I could get my hands on and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong with me. I was ready once again to “get motivated” to go on another program. I decided to do something I never have, pray on my hands and knees for help. After, I was looking up motivational health and fitness podcasts and right away came up on a top ten list and found this. No, this wasn’t a new program to help me lose weight. This podcast and intuitive eating, has changed my life, it’s just the start, but I finally feel free from the chains of diet culture. It’s not just me there’s something wrong with. I can now heal, and learn who I really am again and what I like and don’t like. I think I was meant to find this. Thank you so much for the work you do!
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