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Helping people make peace with food since 2013. Registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and journalist Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDS talks with guests about their relationships with food, body image, eating disorders, weight and size acceptance, non-diet nutrition, exercise, self-compassion and self-care--all from a body-positive, Health at Every Size perspective. Along the way, Christy shares her own journey from disordered eater and dieter to food writer and anti-diet dietitian, and offers tips to help you accept your body and let go of guilt about food. This podcast challenges diet culture in all its forms--including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness. Food Psych® is designed to offer safe and non-triggering support for listeners in recovery from eating disorders, weight stigma, and body shame. Subscribe for new anti-diet inspiration every week! Learn more and get full show notes and transcripts at

(Disclaimer: All content in this podcast, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Use of the information contained in this podcast does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.)

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  • RLbeehive1235
    Great to promote Intuitive eating and HAES! ….However, I’ve had to stop listening as the host has become overly critical, call-out culturey, contrarian, soap box-y, and B&W. It becomes grating and is not constructive. We know those tactics have limited efficacy in culture change. I feel there are more insightful, nuanced, encouraging and curious ways to approach these topics. It is also misleading that only the last ~10-20min of the 75-90min episodes is given to the topic/content of the episode. The bulk of the podcast is the guest’s personal stories and the host reflecting on her own history/opinions - the conversations become redundant, mostly the host talking, and I wish there were more time allotted to the content from the guest on the episode title. There’s not much to take away from episodes except anger/criticism.
  • Lies Ahminelli
    Hate to miss an episode
    This podcast is so informative. Her guests are varied, smart and fascinating. She looks at things through a social justice lens. It has helped me so much with my relationship with food and my body. Thank you so much.
  • tgif4lyFe
    I don’t buy it
    I tried listening to this for a bit, and even read her book, but there are a lot of holes in her logic. I gave it two stars because it’s entertaining in a Portlandia kind of way and the production values are high.
  • Jilliemae
    Love this
    I go back to this podcast a lot, especially when I am feeling the pressure of diet culture. I can pick an episode and leave feeling like I’ve had a pep talk from a supportive team.
  • Mr4hafcs
    Interview quality
    I tried to listen but found that they use the audio through a computer when they interview and I just can’t get past that. There were quite a few interviews with poor interviewee audio.
  • lizshererberry
    Love Christy
    This podcast has truly helped me make peace with food and my body — I’m healthier and happier than ever before and Christy’s work is a big part of that
  • Erin22e
    Recommend to Everyone with a Body
    Incredible podcast with loads of info on intuitive eating and health at any size. I’m in eating disorder recovery in a larger body, and every time I want to give up and start restricting I come back to this podcast.
  • Kitten Michelle B
    Virtue signaling !
    I prefer Bonnie Roney. Same message without all the woke political pandering .
  • megssssss_:P
    Harmful advice
    This podcast is actively promoting harmful advice. The host in one episodes asks a listener to “keep and epi pen” on hand instead of seek out medical advice for a good allergy because apparently that is better for you than restricting food. In another episode she tells a listener with celiac disease that it was most likely brought on by restriction.. I’m sorry WHAT. How on earth is this person a registered dietitian
  • AllisonCP
    Tear down diet culture!!
    I love this podcast. After years of disordered eating, Christy and her guests are RADICALLY reshaping my worldview (for the better) and tearing down misconceptions I had about weight, beauty standards, food addiction, and intuitive eating. Rather than viewing myself as the enemy, you’ve taught me that diet culture is the one I could be fighting. Thank you so much for this podcast. Everyone needs to hear the anti-diet message because too many of us are actively being tortured by a diet culture that stems from sexism and racism.
  • Vailspartan
    Like Like Like Like Like
    I can’t take anyone seriously that has to use the word “like” 10,000 times in one conversation. I don’t think I’ve used the word “like” in my entire lifetime as was used in episode #61.
  • rehr1985
    Tasteless and unnecessary language
    I love the content discussed within the podcast, but the vulgar language is excessive and unprofessional. Credibility diminishes as such words leads to question the validity of message. Is it really necessary? I would like to refer her book/podcast, but I’d be embarrassed to do so. Please consider censoring your words (especially the “f”word) as it would appeal to a broader audience!
  • chelebell7273
    Thin privilege smh
    It was interesting until I heard “Thin Privilege”. “Wokeness is in this podcast
  • SabrinaCommits
    Encourages Unhealthy Behavior - Gained 20 Lbs
    As someone who used to be an ardent fan (bought and devoured Christy’s first book and have listened to dozens and dozens of episodes and recommended to many friends), it took me a long time to realize that the messaging in this podcast, while initially liberating, is too radical, biased, and quite frankly unsupported by the vast majority of credible scientific evidence. While I agree that fad diets don’t work, diet culture is psychologically damaging, and people who are carrying an extra 10-15 lbs are just fine and don’t need to waste their energy obsessing over every food choice, it simply isn’t true that being obese doesn’t negatively impact your health. I have watched my own sugar and cholesterol levels elevate with weight gain, decrease with weight loss, and elevate again with a recent 20 lb gain (in the past few years, which was a result of letting myself go too much - we’re talking consistent overindulgence and poor food choices - largely due to the messaging Christy and others in the HAES field promote). I do see the value in radically shifting the narrative from one extreme to the other, but as with most things in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and at least for this listener, I know my body wants and deserves a balanced approach to nutrition, movement, and indulgence. Time for me to find my center again and take back some control rather than simply externalizing/justifying my weight issues, and that starts with unsubscribing today.
  • Dogslifeforall
    Blind spots in her messaging
    Christy’s message is short sighted and inconsistent. She advocates for people to break free from the diet industry, practice self care and stand up to medical bullying, but she also ridicules and shames people who believe in medical freedom and personal choice around the covid vaccine. How can you think the diet industry is so bad, but yet the pharmaceutical companies are so trustworthy and holy? Wake up.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Christy, host of the Food Psych podcast, highlights all aspects of nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • RachelHaff9
    Divine intervention
    So I’ve been struggling with my weight , the scale, diet culture all my life. I’ve tried every diet or cleanse I could get my hands on and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong with me. I was ready once again to “get motivated” to go on another program. I decided to do something I never have, pray on my hands and knees for help. After, I was looking up motivational health and fitness podcasts and right away came up on a top ten list and found this. No, this wasn’t a new program to help me lose weight. This podcast and intuitive eating, has changed my life, it’s just the start, but I finally feel free from the chains of diet culture. It’s not just me there’s something wrong with. I can now heal, and learn who I really am again and what I like and don’t like. I think I was meant to find this. Thank you so much for the work you do!
  • lalala.(:
    Repetitive and irresponsible
    Wanted to like this podcast but I just can’t. Answers are much to windy, padded with 100 disclaimers, and there are somethings that shouldn’t be said. For example, telling audience that it’s okay to eat gluten after being diagnosed with celiac is so misleading - that’s not intuitive eating or self care, that’s going against your doctors and your body’s wishes as it’s an autoimmune disorder. Not everything that’s a “restriction” is bad.
  • erincathmeyer
    Rich, informative, and inspiring
    I am so glad to have found this podcast. The guests are great and the interview questions are probing. I really benefit from hearing about the relationships others have with food as I find them really validating. I am voraciously listening to these and hope to really utilize the experiences of others to improve my own relationship with food and fight the pull of diet culture.
  • giveitalisten29
    Compassionate, insightful and helpful
    This is a wonderful place to start for anyone interested in intuitive eating or ending dieting or a disordered relationship with food. Christy Harrison does a great job showing how diet culture operates and she gives each guest a respectful place to share their knowledge and experience. I wish I’d heard this podcast 10 years ago!
  • diat aid from
    As someone working in this field!
    I work in the eating recovery space and got so excited when I first listened. I found this podcast from one of my coworkers who uses it in one of our education classes for our patients. I love this podcast and have been sharing it With every one in my life, because they all struggle. I wish I had this podcast when I was younger, but so glad I have it now. This podcast gives so much foundational information as well as nuance, perfect for those just coming to The idea of intuitive eating and HASE as well as those who are already passionate about these philosophies. He
  • terrible@pp
    Life changing
    This podcast came recommended by a stranger on the internet and I am so happy they did. Really powerful ideas and conversations about our social constructs regarding morality, bodies, and food. Fantastic information for a social work/sociology undergrad considering a masters in public health, a mother, and woman in larger body.
  • ksjduwhdhus
    Sooooooo good!
    I can’t say enough about this amazing podcast. As a person who recovered from disordered eating using intuitive eating, this podcasts reaches way back to the little girl in me, that was told thinness and looks is how to get love, and gives her a huge reassuring hug, letting her know she’s worthy of love simply because she’s a human being. Now, as an Intuitive Eating Coach, the podcast gives me wonderful tools to use while helping my clients. It reminds me to cultivate self-compassion and gives me energy to keep spreading this amazing message!
  • AdamLianne
    Like her book, the podcast is full of political garbage, whining snowflake culture, “nonbinary” nonsense buzz words, and constant plugs for her own products. People ask for advice when their heavy weight causes them actual physical discomfort and all she has to say is wear swishy bike shorts. She’s just trying to sell her brand.
  • Bridget in Austin
    This podcast has been invaluable to me in my eating disorder recovery. I’m slowly making my way thorough all the previous seasons and in particular, Episode 94 with Alan Levinovitz was a real eye opener. Definitely worth a listen. Christy’s guests are varied and insightful and I love how each show episode begins with the answering of a listener question. I’m reading Christy’s book finally now and it’s full of science which I’m really enjoying geeking out over. It’s a great complement to the show. Five stars for sure.
  • docliz999
    Food Psych
    Podcast 106 was awakening for me. What the guest described my relationship with my body and food for over 50 years. And yes it was kicked off by my mother and a pediatrician . This is a women’s body revolution. Just love it.
  • LizZzZ19129374655
    Thank you
    Just listened to my first episode. Really powerful. Thank you for all you do. Such an important topic.
  • Christa Plucinski
    Life Changing Podcast
    I found this incredible podcast a few months ago, and have listened to over 70 episodes (I listen daily). I was on the path to start yet another diet until I came across Intuitive Eating and Christy's podcast. I was put on a diet at age 10 or 11 and have struggled with disordered eating for 40+years. This pocast has given me a new way of living! All of Christy's guests have important things to share about their personal experiences, along with Christy, which I definitely relate to. I don't think I can continue to heal my disordered eating and move towards Intuitive Eating without Christy's podcast! THANK YOU Christy for all you do to help me and others!
  • katywiggs
    A lifeline for so many, but the format could be better
    I think this message could be more effectively spread by, instead of hearing the life story of every interviewee, having themed episodes that explicitly tackle common topics, with the relevant expert as a guest. Endless similar stories of dieting to anti diet gets a little repetitive.
  • Oui_oi
    1,000,000 STARS!!
    This podcast is informative, compassionate and a must listen to anyone struggling is any form of eating issues. While I work at home these days this is playing NON STOP!
  • LooLoo1004
  • All podcasts
    Body trust
    So important to talk about anti diet and fat phobia as it relates to any racism and social determinants of health
  • P Ping
    Paradigm Shift
    I am so grateful to the friend who recommended this podcast to me. Now that I know the truth about diet culture, I can start the healing process.
  • mynameispf
    Not my type of podcast
    I was looking for some positive weight loss motivation and this made me feel hopeless and sad. The host talks like we are all victims of "media" and of "diet culture" with no solution. It might be her story but I believe in order to change you need to accept what it is and change your behavior not everyone else.
  • Maggie7778
    Great until.....politics
    Was thoroughly enjoying this podcast and then sadly the host made her political views known. I ironically chose this podcast because I am trying to get some non-political listening in on my commute. Harrison seems very informed and educated in the realm of her field. Just such a turn off when it veers into politics, albeit briefly, for no obvious reason. Oh well.... onto the next!
  • Ohdihxihxohc
    Beneficial weekly listening to ditch diet culture
    This podcast introduced me to the concepts of anti-diet, HAES, and the harms of diet culture. So much of what Christy and her guests share resonates with my personal experiences. I appreciate how the content is focused on intersectionality, scientific evidence, and explaining all the factors that are impacted by diet culture. Anytime I find myself questioning my HAES & intuitive eating journey, I listen to this podcast and remember that I’m making the right choices for myself and my body!
  • EBF2019
    Excellent anti-diet discussions and advice. Keep your politics to yourself.
    Please just focus on well-being and your anti-diet culture philosophy. All too often, your excellent advice, sincere concern and outstanding perspective gets lost in your left-leaning politics. Do understand that your views and opinions are respected but it would be refreshing for you to set them aside and focus solely upon your anti-diet mission. For instance, your comments about “the insurrection” in the most recent podcast were unnecessary. The fact is there are many events that we’re all “processing”. I’d like to suggest that a simple, somewhat broad acknowledgement that the current cultural atmosphere is highly charged and can impact a person’s well-being would suffice. Clearly, it’s wise to draw the connection between this cultural environment and the potential negative impact on your vulnerable listeners. If you’re called to offer political commentary, perhaps creating another podcast, focusing on that subject matter would serve your needs while allowing your excellent anti-diet work to continue, unhindered by unnecessary distractions. You’ve helped many people; please remember that respecting diversity includes honoring those with different political views and do recall that they make up more than half of your audience.
  • Olivia_Boz
    New Hooked Listener
    “Your body is a home, not a billboard” I will be thinking about this quote for a while- I’m floored. Thank you for sharing this and your conversations!
  • KristinTealDixon
    Can’t get through the beginning
    I keep trying to listen, but I cannot get through the amount of time the host spends plugging herself and her book, class, etc. The diet industry obviously has exploited us for years for financial gain and it’s hard not to feel like the host is doing the same.
  • Christopher with a K
    Needs to be more inclusive
    Excellent podcast. But really—and this is true for the whole body liberation movement—it is too focused on the experiences of cis women. Diet culture oppresses everyone of ALL genders, across the whole spectrum. I know it is unintended, but this pod is doing a lot to frame issues as cis-women’s issues—which actually plays into diet culture itself and its use/perpetuation of bogus/oppressive gender systems.
  • MXsam_curvy_
    Love Christy
    This podcast has been essential in my recovery from disordered eating and in my process of healing my relationship with my larger body. I highly recommend both the podcast and the book Anti-Diet and Christys course for intuitive eating! All are amazing resources, thank you for being such a wealth of resources and guidance!
  • Steph Prangley
    A MUST Subscribe For *Real* Health
    This podcast has helped me in my orthorexia recovery immensely. I’m a nutritionist and realized how much damage I was doing in my practice and have overhauled EVERYTHING because I really didn’t know that I was likely doing damage. Her interviews are poignant and educational and ALWAYS make me think about something new. From body image, to diet-culture, to dogmatic nutrition, to racial injustice, everyone would benefit deeply from this show. Thank you so much for the work you do!!
  • ELaRobotz
    Give up the mic
    It seems wrong that a thin/able bodied white woman is the host of this podcast. I’m not sure how she could possibly understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of fatphobia. I think she should deplatform herself and give the hosting position to someone who actually understands what it’s like to be fat and discriminated against.
  • Arlie K
    Nutrition for the body and spirit
    Christy and her guests offer a refreshing, body-positive approach to health and wellness that is always thought-provoking. An outstanding listen!
  • AkShlee
    Jogging is just work?
    I was fine with her until she talked down about running. Some people absolutely love it and it isn’t “work”
  • Yoipod4yBB
    Nutrition, Health and Fitness People
    If you are in any industry that aims to help people’s health this podcast and her book are a MUST. Be ready to feel challenged but learn a lot. If you have dieted, think about dieting this is also a MUST! Actually this is a must for everyone. Thank you Christy and her amazing guests.
  • pancietta
    Saved my life
    This podcast literally saved my life. I happened upon it accidentally during the lowest point of my eating disorder. It made me realize I had a problem and that I needed help when I was in my darkest place. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t found this podcast.
  • paramore=lifeee
    I love this podcast.
  • emmanuit
    Bias + Unbalanced
    The host tried to heal her autoimmune illness through food and it felt too restrictive. It also didn't help. She then assumes her own experience is true for everyone. As someone with autoimmune disease, there is no question food choices affect my symptoms. I am so thankful I discovered this as medication didn't work for me. People with chronic illness are often mislabeled as anxious or hypochondriacs when they use food as medicine. They are told their symptoms are in their head. This isolates them even more from society and furthers the trauma. It also causes them to mistrust their bodies messages + intuition. It would be much more beneficial if she encouraged people to discover for *themselves* how food affects their health and what symptoms may be the result of anxiety. Also, it is completely false to state there is no medical research to back that healthy eating can help physical and mental ailments. There are Harvard physicians treating schizophrenia through keto diets. There are *countless* studies proving depressions link to sugar and anti inflammatory foods help with autoimmune. I'm still giving two stars as I believe she does great work on trauma, self love and body positivity. I also love how she promotes the idea that eating can be pleasurable. She just needs to stay away from the health topics until she loosens her bias. It didn't work for her... But it sure works for many.
  • Nata Munoz
    As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for over 15 years, I have never in all my treatment heard someone speak words so true. Christy Harrison is truly brilliant and if you’ve ever struggled with dieting or body image, this podcast is a must!
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