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Helping people make peace with food since 2013. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Christy Harrison talks with guests about their relationships with food, body image, eating disorders, weight and size acceptance, non-diet nutrition, exercise, body politics, feminism, self-compassion and self-care--all from a body-positive, Health at Every Size perspective. Along the way, Christy shares her own journey from disordered eater and dieter to food writer and anti-diet dietitian, and offers tips to help you accept your body and let go of guilt about food. Food Psych® challenges diet culture in all its forms--including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness. The podcast is designed to offer safe and non-triggering support for listeners in recovery from eating disorders, weight stigma, and body shame. Subscribe for new anti-diet inspiration every week, and discover a whole new world of body positivity! Learn more and get full show notes and transcripts at

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  • Jynfin
    Usually Great
    I find this podcast to be useful in challenging a lot of the beliefs we are served in our current culture. That being said, the most recent podcast did disturb me because I felt like it was information presented through such a skewed lens. I really hope Christy will have someone on to discuss the other side of the coin. (I am referring to episode 252. Why Diet Cluture Starts in Infancy). The shaming of Baby Led Weaning I felt was unfair and due to the interviewee's particular experiences. From my perspective, Baby Led Weaning is a way to give baby MORE freedom. For example, using Ellen Satter's division of labor- the adult chooses what and when (to serve) and child chooses if and how much (to eat). I am all for highlighting possible pitfalls of baby led weaning - because there definitely are! Just like anything else regarding parenting, there are pros and cons. However, this episode really "threw the baby out with the bathwater". I was disappointed in the lack of depth on the topic. The interviewee went on to say that when breast-fed babies sleep through the night they "lose half their calories they were getting". That is incorrect for babies that are fed on demand. Babies will often nurse the same amount of times they were before, or do longer feeds, they just they get it in during the day. My next gripe was them judging "food before one is just for fun". I DO understand why this woman had a negative association with this. However, this phrase is actually to HELP parents who feel guilty when their baby seems to eat very little before age one. Some babies eat a lot, some babies don't. Appetite variation is normal - just like with adults. Some babies don't start jiving with food until closer to age one, parents job is just to keep offering a variety of foods at regular times. The babies pediatrician will weigh the baby at appointments and let parents know if things need to be adjusted. This episode left a bad feeling in my heart as I feel this podcast usually tries to stay away from shaming people whatever their choices, but this particular episode felt incredibly judgemental and potentially gave people a lot of misleading information. Clearly I was triggered by this episode but I still want to leave 5 stars because I felt this episode was an anomaly in terms of content and tone.
  • lyss_4
    Best podcast!!
    This is by far the best podcast for anyone looking to build a positive relationship with food. Christy is so eloquent and all of her guests have such meaningful messages.
  • AmandaBearinC
    Let the change wash over you!
    This podcast is empowering, informative, and transformative. I’m so grateful to learn more about health, to find ways to heal from so much disordered eating, to work on shedding my fat-phobia, to start to embrace a kinder body image. ENJOY
  • Fizzimajig
    Promotes the false idea that purposeful weight loss is fatphobic & doomed to fail
    For a while I went down the rabbit hole of the idea of health at every size and fat acceptance and intuitive eating and thought that I was a victim to my Morbid obesity. Part of that rabbit hole was listening to podcasts like this. I spent a good year just accepting where I was until literally the pain in my body from my morbid obesity was too much to bear anymore and I stopped listening to these types of messages and found a body positive Health coach who didn’t make me feel guilty for wanting to lose weight intentionally and talked about sustainable healthy habits and that weight loss and maintaining weight loss is possible with doing sustainable practices instead of fad diets that everyone has done for the last 30-40 years. That health coach has herself lost 170 lbs and maintained the loss for 8 years. . I am now 85 pounds down and I am technically still obese according to my BMI but I understand now that learning to maintain what I’ve lost is far more important then struggling to lose more and I have been maintaining my loss & continuing to lose in small increments for almost 2 years and keep it as a constant practice in my life to undo an entire childhood and young adult hood of really poor health habits and trAditional diets. This podcast did not help me do that! The habits that I have implemented to get me here and improve my heart health and prediabetes would be called disordered by people in the fat acceptance movement but I have done them in a way that helps me feel more at peace with food and my body and in less pain. I will tell you that my behaviors when I was part of this HAES community and listening to podcasts like this were far more disordered. These types of podcasts are not helpful to people in super morbidly obese bodies because it lumps them in with anybody and everybody else with an eating disorder or disordered eating and normalizes their size and makes them think that they can still be healthy when the science is very clear that that is not true long term. Since getting in a more healthy weight range, I have taken very active trips to Peru to climb mountains and hike canyons, things that I never could have physically done at nearly 300 pounds. Pretending that people who are extremely underweight or extremely overweight is OK and they can be healthy is dangerous. Those people can adopt healthy habits to improve their health by either gaining or losing weight but telling them that intentionally changing your weight is bad is really mislead
  • selflovery
    WAS a must-listen, not anymore
    I appreciated this podcast before it got overrun with politics. I understand the link between the two, but Christy Harrison is hardly an expert (or qualified) to speak about the political climate. Perhaps if she used her platform and white privilege to provide equity, I’d feel differently. Thanks, no thanks.
  • jhjhbo
    Essential listening
    This podcast is truly life-changing. It sheds light on the anti-diet approach and weight neutrality in a way that is informative, compassionate, and engaging. Always backed up by solid research and data, Christy’s conversations always find a way to combine information with human experience and empathy. If we’re ever going to effectively eradicate diet culture and fat phobia, we all need to be listening to Christy and engaging in these conversations. Much gratitude!
  • BloSauce
    Fat activists are the ISIS of diabetes
  • HS276
    Thank you
    This is an amazing podcast. Thank you Christy and your team for sharing such encouraging and relatable stories, information and tips. I’m so happy to have come across this podcast as a recommendation from a dear friend.
  • BarbEisnet
    So much to learn and absorb during this podcast. I live in Portland, Oregon and may need to connect with her.
  • laurenlouwho
    Life changing and validating
    I love this podcast so much. It has changed my life. I have always battled eating and my body. Thanks to this podcast, I am now working on true self acceptance and doing what’s best for my body. This podcast covers societal issues related to weight and health which really puts things into perspective. To me, it’s important to acknowledge the societal structures that affect individuals and maybe the people who are saying that it is “too political” aren’t comfortable bringing attention to their own experiences with societal privilege. Basically, this show is not too political for me. It’s perfect and Christy’s information and guests have given me so much freedom!
  • Katruji
    Too many political opinions
    I was good with it until.i started hearing the political.opinions in all of the episodes.
  • CarlTurn
    Such an amazing pod!
    Christy Harrison is truly so brilliant! I have been listening to Food Psyche throughout quarantine and recently purchased Anti-Diet. Both are SO packed with crucial information for those curious to learn more about an intuitive eating, anti-diet approach to both nutrition and the concept of eating in general. As a fairly new RD, I find this information so refreshing and liberating, and I cannot wait to learn more from this podcast!
  • msjesluvskidz
    Thank Goodness for Christy Harrison!
    Christy is a trailblazer, a visionary, and a heroine for all modern women. Her book, Anti-Diet, is not a book about eating, but a book about social change and female empowerment that is arguably a call for a “fourth wave” of feminism. Her book is a must read for women, men, and health care professionals that care to know the real truth about the lies of diet culture and the devastating effects of fat phobia and diets on the psychic development of women. In her podcast, Christy establishes herself as an an expert, an advocate, and a force to be reckoned with. Listening to her guests has helped me in my own personal recovery from disordered eating and body dysmorphia. Thank you, Christy. Your work is changing lives and the world!
  • M1736826
    So important!!
    This show needs to be shouted from the rooftops! This is information that aligns with the things I have learned the hard way, and was never taught to me before in an intellectual way. Please give it a listen if you want to finally make peace with food and your body!
  • :) Sophia
    Helped me recover from an eating disorder!
    Thank you Christy! This podcast has changed my life for the better. I don’t know what my recovery journey would have looked like without you. Your podcast is so informational and interesting. It has been a refuge for me from diet culture. Continually hearing that it is okay to gain weight and that food is not an enemy helped reinforce it in my brain and was a catalyst for recovery!
  • Visen
    No credentials...
    Author’s education consists of brief courses, not a doctor, psychologist or scientist. The podcast has turned into woke virtue signaling with no substance, actual science or diversity.
  • CTJT0622
    Left-wing Political Podcast
    The tag line that this podcast interviews people from “all walks of life” couldn’t be further from the truth. After several years of faithfully listening, I have yet to hear one interview with anyone who has views any different from the host’s. I have unsubscribed because the anti-diet message is now totally clouded with the bashing of political conservatives. This isn’t an anti-diet podcast anymore; it’s a leftist “woke” podcast.
  • jc05097
    Thank you for speaking up about the pervasive issue! I love your podcast!
  • Phoebe_A_W
    This podcast changed my life!
    I started listening to Christy’s podcast after my therapist recommended it, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. This podcast provides incredibly validating, liberating content that has helped me begin the endless but empowering work of divesting from diet-culture. I have learned so much from this show, and strongly encourage everyone, especially those who have struggled with food and body issues to listen!
  • nellie2343
    Science + Empathy
    This podcast will feed your scientific mind and your empathetic heart. I learn so much technical information every episode and also learn how to be gentle with myself and others by dismantling the mentalities and systems that our society taught us which make us violent toward our bodies.
  • Lizzyfish25
    My favorite podcast!
    Ilya Parker was so great, what a great voice for marginalized communities, and educational for this cis white woman. One of my favorite episodes. Thank you so much for helping me live a full life, free of diet culture, and exposing me to diverse voices.
  • mbear156
    Life changing!!
    Amazing podcast! So many relatable and diverse voices!
  • stsleftylistener
    This podcast keeps me going.
    There are so many damaging diet-related messages that permeate our culture. Listening to Christy is the antidote to this nonsense! She always makes me feel more affirmed and cared for--and she doesn't even know me! ANTI DIET REVOLUTION!
  • MegForde
    Appreciate all that you do!
    Your podcast has been one of the biggest influences into my deep dive into the intuitive eating / HAES world. Thank you for all your work!!
  • fireflyvixen
    She’s not a psychologist
    Title of podcast is a misrepresentation of her credentials.
  • mariposa302
    Wish I would have been listening sooner!
    Great podcast! It’s changing my relationship with food and my body in the healthiest ways, listening to these stories and expert advice. Love it!
  • mirandabochner
    This podcast has changed my life
    I’m recovering from multiple eating disorders. My dietitian recommended this podcast and I LOVE it! It has taught me so much already and how to learn to love my body and make peace with food. THANK YOU!!!!!
  • SheShe43
    I followed this advice and found freedom
    I am so grateful to Christy for putting this information out there. I spent many years dieting and following food rules. I needlessly tortured myself. I decided to take a chance, let go, eat what I wanted, and found that food no longer controls my life. I can only hope that more and more people get this message and learn that diet culture, and the harm it causes, is avoidable. I should add that I didn’t gain any weight when I let go of those dieting behaviors.
  • Rebekah Campbell
    Most life-changing podcast
    This podcast is so heavily based in both experience and research and provides a trustworthy source for people striving towards body and food liberation. I am so grateful for the life-changing work this podcast is doing in so many lives.
  • Mae Verick
    Amazing Body of Work!
    This podcast is a labor of love and it’s been an invaluable resource! I am so grateful to Christy for sharing this content with the world! Thank you!
  • MrsAngela
    “Woke” social justice navel-gazing
    So much profanity, so much white shame, so much social justice nonsense.
  • katywiggs
    A lifeline for so many
    Please interview Dawn Serra once a month, you guys have such an incredible energy together and you both bring so much ❣️💐
  • Jessica Jokela
    Taking the Pressure Off
    After a lifetime of chronic dieting, anorexia, atypical anorexia, and body dissatisfaction, this podcast is a lifeline! The liberating info that’s presented so compassionately and articulately (minus the annoying, off-putting cuss words) is gradually setting my mind free, and is taking off so much culture-imposed & self-imposed (needless!) pressure. Thank you, Christy and guests, for exposing the cunning lies and cruelty of the life thief. I’m getting your book, Christy, and I’m so grateful to learn from a woman who has truly been there, one who is truly recovered. You’re both savvy and caring: God bless you!! Please don’t ever give up: your impact is greater than you know.
  • Susie Bedsow
    Diet culture’s lies revealed and more.
    The most inspiring and radical look at intuitive eating, uncovering the myths of diet culture and the need for fat positivity and acceptance. Christy is a super informed, compassionate and articulate voice in this movement. Her discussions with her inspiring and experienced guests are truly eye opening. I never want each episode to end!
  • Grlll next door
    This podcast is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when I think I have learned everything there is to know about HAES and body liberation, Christy teaches me something new or makes me think more deeply about my relationship with food. I turned my mom who was not sold on HAES onto the podcast and it has totally changed her perception of food and body, and in turn has helped us heal our relationship with each other vis-a-vis food. Truly cannot say enough good things about Christy and her guests. Christy brings so much nuance and compassion to every episode and I am so grateful that this podcast exists.
  • Prettygood!
    Obesity is definitely a risk factor for Covid 19
    I disagree with your answer to the question in your last podcast. Obesity is a risk factor and it sounded like you felt bad for the person who asked the question and tried to turn the facts around and make excuses for those with obesity. Science news has a great article with sources cited regarding covid-19 and patients with obesity. People need to take responsibility for their health and I don't feel that you are promoting this after hearing your last podcast.
  • hahahannah11
    Changed my life!
    I am a healthcare professional and can attest to the impact this podcast and Anti-Diet have made in my life. I am happier, healthier - physically, mentally, and emotionally, than I have ever been. A must listen!
  • MargotHoward
    The best nutrition based podcast I’ve found! Great references, HAES, and breaks things down in such helpful ways.
  • Futgal
    Promotes Being Overweight
    This is a good podcast for overweight/obese people who need to rationalize their poor (non-intuitive!) eating behavior. Her message is very harmful. Why doesn’t she focus on not eating crappy junk food??
  • Fernandez17645749
    Pseudo science
    This lady is a blatant unethical fraud who is actively trying to harm others with her ridiculous conspiracy theories and fake science. If you struggle with your weight please know you deserve better and it is possible for you to attain and maintain a healthy bmi. Please don’t fall for the lies of malicious grifting con artists like Christy Harrison.
  • anniehof
    We know obesity leads to increased risk for chronic disease
    As a physician, I love the idea of intuitive eating but we shouldn’t use it as a justification for eating processed foods, thereby contributing to the obesity epidemic which is overwhelming our health care system. I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated and disappointed with the message of this podcast, unfortunately. To say that obesity does not increase your risk for other diseases is an utter lie and I was so sad to hear the host say that on the most recent podcast (April 2020). I’ve lost my trust in what she has to say and will no longer be listening.
  • G tellz
    A turn-off
    I’ve been listening for a few months, and I have liked some of the guests, but a few things about this podcast are a consistent turn off. It’s annoying to listen to a thin woman telling people it’s ok to be fat. I was grossed out by a recent episode when the host was happily announcing that thin people die of covid-19 too. I hate the relentless self promotion at the beginning of each episode. I’m not convinced that Christy Harrison is even sincere about her message of body acceptance and anti-diet. I suspect she’s capitalizing on a trend. Also, I think some of the things she says are not based in science, like saying that it’s not unhealthy to be in such a large body that you can’t wash yourself, and that you should find tools that help you to bathe yourself. I’m unsubscribing because every episode leaves me feeling either irritated or enraged.
  • Kitten Michelle B
    Good pod cast but keep your politics out of it
    It’s a good show, but not just left wing liberals need this info. Christy needs to lay off the overt hatred of President Trump. This isn’t a politics show. Keep it about anti diet. Leave your liberal viewpoint out or you are going to lose several listeners.
  • Graxper
    Subjective podcast
    Not science based. Up front establish its agenda for anti-diet perspective only, making more subjective the information covered. Too long without getting deeper in the subject. I don’t recommend it.
  • alexavela
    This podcast has been life changing for me. I have learned so much. My only complaint is that the episodes are long. Wish they were shorter because sometimes it’s difficult to listen to the entire episode due to lack of time and going back to finish makes it hard to keep the thread of the topic.
  • Ginger In Progress
    Thank God for Food Psych!
    This podcast literally changed my life. This podcast is such an incredible resource for anyone who has ever struggled with food, dieting, body image and self-acceptance. Christy Harrison gave a guest interview on another podcast that led me to her show, which introduced me to Intuitive Eating. It was a divine appointment! After listening to the amazing stories or her guests and relating to her guests' struggles with food in ways I didn't think were possible, I was inspired to read the book and begin Intuitive Eating myself. I have never been healthier or happier.
  • Aprwertt
    Interesting content missed in a never-ending introduction
    The topics are relevant but be prepared to listen at least 20 min of the episode before even starting to talk about the central topic. I wish they used that time to go deeper on the topics, instead of just scratching them on the surface. Disappointing.
  • av1d p0dcaster
    Unnecessary language and content
    I was really interested in the content focus for this podcast. After listening to three episodes—wow. Be prepared to listen to 10 min at least at the beginning, of her answering a question from a listener that, she admits, asked the question a full year ago. Also be prepared to hear the F word from the host (so unnecessary) and gossipy conversation. I’ve found this podcast to be very disappointing in content. In other words, if you’re looking for practical advice and quick tips that are easy to implement, keep looking!
  • RachelM1009
    A healthy kind of binge!
    I cannot stop listening and am so grateful for Christy Harrison and all of her guests. An absolutely wonderful podcast! Since listening, I am treating myself with more compassion and getting so much comfort from hearing other people’s experience with ED.
  • Sophie K H
    It’s not an exaggeration to say this podcast changed my life—it cracked open my relationship with food and diet culture and, along the way, many conversations with my doctors, my partner, and my friends and family. Christy is doing something extraordinary with courage and grace.
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