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The Eggchasers Podcast is a Rugby Union Podcast that doesn't take itself, or the game, too seriously. The longest running rugby podcast on earth. Tim Cocker, Jonathan Beardmore & Phil Largan have a lifetime of following & playing rugby and bring you real rugby chat straight from the clubhouse.

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  • JLVP2
    My number one awaited entertainment source each week.
    I love that my favorite podcast of the week is typically in longer episodes giving me so much information and insight each week. I genuinely wish I had an hour and a half episode of this each day. These three could do a podcast talking about any subject and I’d follow them. Truly loyal listener here. My first episode ever was before I knew anything about rugby and somehow they hooked me talking about the Covid salary cuts. That should be fairly boring stuff for a not yet fan of rugby. My love for the game was budding before but they have converted me from a football fan to a rugby fan. Good job guys.
  • olepel
    Not what it used to be
    Too much rambling. In a 2 hour podcast you need to do a lot of skipping to get to the actual rugby chat between all of the coffee chat and culture war nonsense. Lower league chat is fine but completely irrelevant to most listeners. Tighten it up lads, I don’t have 2 hours to spare to listen to your nonsense!
  • alpal63
    Struggling to stick with it
    This used to be a no brainier to listen to a few years back when it was the only rugby podcast out there. These days it is hard to justify listening to 2+ hours when so much of the episode is just generic chat about the wider game. Regularly have to skip through 30+ mins of discussion about tackle laws or the global game before getting to discussing the actually games from that weekend. The option of having a concise 30-40 mins from other pods featuring people like Jack Willis or Jamie Roberts are a much easier listen. Overall still decent and will listen most weeks but probably doesn’t justify the run time.
  • craigpickles
    No 1 Rugby Podcast
    I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning and since moving to LA 4 years ago it has become the podcast I look forward to the most. Yes I listen to other rugby podcasts but this is by far the best! Great conversations and infectious enthusiasm for the game. An easy 5 stars!
  • -the kid-
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast gives me a reason to get out of bed on Monday mornings. You three make my week. I look forward to it every Sunday night. I appreciate everything you do.
  • Jimbob2192
    Loves it.
    I loves it, I does.
  • huwbfowbdo
    Decent, could be better
    5 stars for the rugby chat. Cracking insight. 2 stars knocked off for the increasing amount of times they slide in their political views
  • herpderpeffingwork
    Oy vey with JB and the Sarries
    Used to be such a great pod, but god almighty, after JB’s absurd, incessant, ‘Wait, technically from a tax point of view, Sarries have done nothing wrong’ utter freaking nonsense, I can’t continue to listen... Tim and Phil, please do a spin off pod, hopefully that includes reality
  • Walt.
    Below average
    Love when the hosts echo conservative boomer bs on Twitter.
  • Froggy 372
    Obsessed with the ref
    Pathetic when one of your pod mates proved unable to look at the game as a whole but was stuck on the ref. I could count to 180 seconds and like clockwork, whoop! here came the ref to justify England’s lack of creativity and commitment!
  • Given up......
    So tired of listening to the faux welsh guy that I’ve given up.
    Have had my doubts about this pod for many months and the final nail in the coffin for me was listening to his disdain for the Scots WC-typhoon dilemma. I’ve noticed this low level contempt for some while, and whilst Scotland are unlikely to WC winners or produce EC winners there’s no place for contempt and disrespect... but there it frequently is with the Stockholm syndrome guy time and time again. Signing off for good... I wish all teams well and hope the contemptible and contemptuous guy wakes up. You could have been great, but for me he drags you down to mediocrity through all things contemptuous and his weekly sycophancy !
  • Rugger mike
    Sale Rugby
    Best all Sale rugby pod out there. As an American listening I love the MacGinty minute. Who else is giving us weekly updates on the American flyhalf. Love it.
  • Carsons love child
    Is JB over the other side of the room?
    Hate to give anything less than 5 stars because the content is first class but can you please please sort out your sound levels? Phil and Tim sound fine but is JB’s mic on? Or is he talking from a hallway?
  • WorldWideWinder
    Used to be better
    Is ok, but due to an inability to hide their poor political opinions you should listen to something else. Perhaps rugby would be more popular if the hosts opinions weren’t more common in the sport.
  • I Miss Ron Elving
    Love it!
    My new favorite podcast. The hosts are hysterically funny, but still bring a lot of insight about the sport. It's like being in a pub talking rugby with mad geniuses.
  • VULTURE 2009
    Best Rugby Podcast
    First of all, it is so hard to keep up with all the games living on the other side of the world. This podcast fills that rugby void in my life. The show is so informative and produced so well. Keep up the great work. Let the boys play.
  • thebread13
    Look forward to this every week!
    The world of rugby really does offer a lot in terms of topics to discuss in a format such as this. That is great in that it ensures this is always entertaining. The guys provide some insightful commentary and make it easy to stay up-to-date on all happenings in the game of rugby.
  • Rugby Brexit
    Rugby podcast-dom's 'house of pedantry' is a place I love to spend time...Tim, JB and Phil are always enjoyable, and the occasional 15 minutes they spend sharpening their minor points always fly right by! Tim's secret desire for rugby to become MMA, JB's transgressive brand of Welsh (the most posh English Welshman I've ever heard), and Phil's statistical insights (when he is allowed to get a word in) are a vital part of the rugby week. In all seriousness, I enjoy them a great deal. Bonus, Phil has the best laugh going. He really does! It's like aural pat on the back from a kind person. Keep it up! Cheers! Tom (Metropolis RFC, Minneapolis, MN)
  • Akdicjebdg ch
    The Best.
    They're an entertaining group of guys and ranked 27 in The Times. What else do you need to know?
    Yolks and Yuks....
    We'll officially remain complimentary for now but if we don't get invited on soon, we'll start an avalanche of misinformation re you boys that will rattle the homes of all EggChasers Rugby Podcast followers worldwide!
  • J Lee Graves
    THE Rugby Podcast
    A perfect blend of Saracens like data driven analysis, Wasps like swift quips and banter, with a smattering of Haskell like buffoonery. If you're a rugby fan and you're not listening to the Egg Chasers then you're not hearing them read this review but hopefully you find it anyway. A must listen for anyone who hates Brian Moore.
  • Shaner171
    great podcast
    To make a long story short, I played rugby in college 20+ years ago and have started to get back into it recently with its increased accessability on tv and internet. I truly enjoy your podcast and would appreciate a breakdown on why teams play in multiple leagues at the same time. Being in the U.S. I am used to 1 league only for the team. For example, in Major League Baseball, you have the tiered minor leagues A, AA (double A), and AAA (triple A - final stops before the major league). The NY Yankess do not have side leagues where they may play against AAA teams during the regular MLB season.
  • Whatho
    Like a dirty martini...
    ...this podcast has only three ingredients: Phil, the unassuming gin wafting gentle aromas of statistics and common sense; Tim, the florid and excitable vermouth, bringing flair and "empathy" for on-field violence; and JB, the olive brine, always there to give you a salty kick in the palette if you mock Sale's handling or respect the Pro12. This apparently unlikely trio when stirred (never shaken!) together produces a cocktail that is refined, powerful, and great for impressing your mates. Thanks for the great service you do for rugby-lovers everywhere, esp. ex-pats like me. And LTBP -- after all, it's just a rugby incident.
  • literallyokay
    Let The Boys Podcast!
    Possibly the best English rugby podcast, featuring updates and insights into the NFL, the Hurricanes, and Directors of Culture.
  • animefan12
    Chasing eggs have never being so much fun!
    Very insightful look at the world of rugby union in the United Kingdon and elsewhere. As a Dominican-American Tim is my personal favorite in terms of British accents followed by Phil and then the Welsh himself Jonathan Beardmore who has a great podcast in The Rugby Dungeon. Keep up the good works, gentlemen. #LTBP
  • Excellent adventures
    ¡¡Eggcelent podcast for rugby aficionados!!
    As a relatively new rugby fan(four years or so) from the US it's fantastic to hear any coverage of rugby at all that doesn't talk down to its audience. I admit most times I have to listen to the fellas with Google up on my laptop so I don't miss any of the references, but they only heighten my understanding of the game. Keep up the great work and pardon the pun; I've been drinking.
  • newpsrugby
    Inspired to bring the #LTBP movement to Texas. Keep up the good work boys.
  • Thighs_of_the_gods
    More pleasurable then watching Gianna Michaels in an oil pool! LITERALLY!!
  • Lynchiescoop
    Great Podcast
    Three funny lads who know the game and love it, listen to these boys if you're into rugby union or want to get into the game
  • Kuwait Scorpion
    Love the podcast !
    Fantastic podcast, Guys - please, please keep it up. Did you you know that Racing 92 are referred to as Ronan O’Gara’s Racing 92 in Ireland? He was there before Din, and will probably be there after him, so maybe he should have naming rights? …. A very hot Irish rugby fan in Kuwait
  • mulligan333
    Lads Lads Lads
    I need this podcast every Monday morning like Andy Goode needs a Corona every morning. Great guys (lads) who chat about all things rugby. Also featured in no particular order: shafts, British baked goods, nazi war criminals, politics, bachelor parties, zip line horror stories, British regional accents, and trainers in promotional shots. Keep up the great work guys!
  • rbrshaw
    All other rugby podcasts should get out of the road!
    Eggchasers is to rugby podcasts what Springbok Richard Bands' try vs the All Blacks in 2003: the best ever. Like Carlos Spencer on that run, other rugby pundits should "get out of the road." The lads from the Rugby Dungeon are smart, passionate, cheeky and very funny. They have better ideas than World Rugby officials. Love the banter! Their mockery of TMOs makes me laugh every time. The podcast makes my commute better, but is over much too soon. They are better than any announcer on TV - should be hired full time as a team. JB could be their Pro12 specialist. ;) Keep up the good work men - I have recommended Eggchasers to my rugby friends and they all rave. As JB says "Let the boys play!" Hey- that would look good on an Eggchasers t-shirt!
  • USArugbyfanLee
    Great stuff
    As much fun as watching a Kiwi super side playing in the warm sunshine on a dry pitch. Seriously -- as a someone introduced to watching rugby via the Southern Hemisphere competitions, I love the perspective Tim, Phil and (in some ways especially) JB bring to the northern game. Due to TV rights, we in the US don't get to see much Aviva premiership- but that should change next year with the new NBC deal, and I and the rest of USA rugby fans will really get to see what it's all about -- and I expect you folks will get a whole bunch of new followers from this side of the pond (sadly I don't think we'll be able to participate in the Cornerstone promotions from over here). Thanks for everything -- I certainly look forward to each new installment each Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how drunk the boys get over the weekend). Cheers.
  • Slackbridge
    Oh Yes
    Very good indeed. There's wit, there's insight, and there's much more!x Thankfully, there's very little "banter flying around." It's a lot better than that! I should point out that I listen to this on the edge of the Chihuahua Desert!
  • SoCal-CWB
    As refreshing as sharing an ice cold Corona with Andy Goode.
    If this podcast was in the Pro 12 it would be Connacht!
  • Mr. Silly
    Literally the Best
    I honestly look forward to this podcast every week. Being someone that just got into rugby within the past year, this podcast has proven to be a great resource for learning more about the sport. Not only that, the dialogue between the hosts is fantastic and entertaining, making listening a highlight of every week. Couldn't recommend it enough.
  • Light79
    Just brilliant!!
    As a Brit exiled in Arkansas USA there isn't much talk of the Premiership at work....and even less of the Pro 12! This is a great and slightly irreverant look at the world of absolute MUST for any rugby fan around the a Leicester Tigers supporter for almost 40 years, they lean a little too much to Bath, but apart from that EXCELLENT!
  • gospelofjon
    Favorite Podcast
    This is definitely my favorite podcast.
  • Exiled Exile Fan
    American approved
    I’ve long liked rugby but being in the United States I haven’t followed it closely. I got massively into it during this last World Cup and went looking for a podcast to help me get knowledgeable. This one is easily the best on iTunes. I listened through the World Cup and have been listening since. The guys know it all but as they they in the intro they don’t take it or themselves too seriously. And the banter! The banter!
  • CuttAngler
    Real insights, wit
    3 club rugby players from Manchester share their insights about Rugby Union, with a focus on English Premiership and "home countries" internationals, with plenty of locker room banter. Great fun. Thoughtful without taking itself too seriously.
  • BL da god
    American listener
    Absolute banter flyin' around already...lllllads-cowhead
  • Chicago Weigh Anchors
    Best rugby podcast available
    Outstanding entertainment. Perfect for expats who don't get rugby shows on TV. Only complaint is I don't know why they don't play Ivor the Engine sound clips whenever JB speaks.
  • Michelle0414
    Very nice and helpful
    I'm recently getting In to rugby (playing and watching) and find these very good for when I'm on the go especially when I don't have time to watch every big game.
  • ironing chef
    I found this podcast a few weeks ago. Its fun, Lighthearted, and has added to my understanding of the pro leagues in Europe and to an extent Super Rugby. Keep it up Phil, Tim, and JB!!
  • Eddie Stephens
    Thank God This Exists!
    I'm stuck in the US, and this podcast has saved me from going insane as I used to have to talk to myself about rugby; now, I can talk to my iPhone instead! Very rarely do they ever say anything I disagree with. It's way more enjoyable than scrolling through the nonsense you'll find on any rugby blog or comments section, and it's a lot funnier than many comedy podcasts I've listened to. Btw, JB is a rugby genius despite what people will tell you. He talks a hell of a lot of sense. "Hear me now; believe me later."
  • Sgt Trip
    Solid rugby knowledge with a touch of the insane. This is the only show to listen to... FACT!
  • ConradDom
    Fantastic Rugby podcast
    The guys are great and I enjoy listening to the banter. They stay up to date and have genuine love of the game. They rate a great recommendation and my full compliments from a rugby fan in the states!
  • spalches
    I discovered Eggchasers Rugby Podcast several months ago while looking for a rugby podcast on Stitcher. It is great how the guys joke around about current rugby news, give eachother a hard time but yet talk about professional rugby on an amateur level. Meaning it isnt all stats, or indepth details. the special topics are great and more often than not, comical. Overall, enjoyable and look forward to each weekly episode! Cheers from America!
  • Jeremy Jensen
    Nearly perfect punditry
    I recently discovered the Eggchasers Rugby Podcast, and really glad I did. It is rugby punditry, the way it should be: fun, off-beat, but with just enough of an edge. I do wish they would get into a little more detail on match reviews sometimes, but that is being nitpicky. Love the show, lads. Please keep it up!!
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