History #15

A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???

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  • Just1Janet
    Heard you on The New Abnormal
    So excited to find your podcast!!!!
  • ChristophreDennen
    The Besties Deserve Love
    The Besties is genuinely a great podcast. Their model skips all the pompous rhetoric of game review channels and just gets to the heart of what you care about if you’re the type of person who listens to a podcast about video games. Is it actually fun? Does it feel good? Can I play it with my friends? They’re hilarious dudes who genuinely know a lot about video games, as opposed to just being fans of them. You should listen to this podcast. It’s a gem.
  • Jerryprism
    Great Podcast
    This podcast had Mike Duncan as a very engaging speaker. Very knowledgeable about the subjects and he makes it fun. There’s a Revolution for everyone here and I’ve listened to them all. Looking forward to his next podcast.
  • lrhhrl
    I miss the old Mike
    please stop the self promotion. I bought your first book. It was a waste of time and money since I listened to the Rome podcast and therefore it was merely a refresher. Your fans will buy your books without you mentioning it every episode.
  • Uber deeds
    Mike Duncan is a Terrible Person
    I enjoyed this podcast in the beginning. Then I heard Mike Duncan discuss politics on another podcast. He is snide and dismissive of people who disagree with him. At the same time, he’s woefully ignorant of what those people think. Things are tense in the USA these days, and I don’t recommend giving your money or attention to people like this who are making the problem worse. There are plenty of great podcasts out there whose hosts don’t smear half their audience. Listen to those.
  • sdstarr
    Great Podcast
    This is a great all around podcast. One specific thing that makes it especially good is the variety of subjects and time periods covered.
  • do qui
    King Mike
    Literally threatened to stop the podcast mid season if the audience didn’t buy his new book… I’ve been in since Rome now I’m out.
  • Soysauce533
    Excellent history podcast
    Thoroughly researched, well told, all around excellent!
  • twitter-imkilo
    Better than any history class
    Ties it all together
  • Whiskey in a Teacup
    This is the history podcast you want.
    Mike Duncan is my favorite teacher.
  • J Spalla
    It’s Mike Duncan
    Of course it’s amazing
  • El Kabong 17
    Pretty good. Not “History of Rome” good, but almost.
    The main issue I have is that he bears us over the head with (at times) kind of acerbic book promotions. I get that he needs to promote stuff, but jeez… I mean you could be a little nicer about it, know what I mean?
  • steph_nini
    I cannot get enough of this podcast! I want to pin my eyes open late at night so I keep listening. Losing sleep over it. Love it!
  • ModernNinja98
    Great podcast
    Interesting material, great voice, and episodes just the right length.
  • santa clause1234567891011
    This was really good.
  • Nnnnaaatttalliiiaaaaa
    Hello Grimes,I heard you listen to this podcast.Thats the only reason im listening to it.💘
  • A history junkie
    This pod cast was great
  • rigorist
    The originator
    I don’t know if Mike Duncan invented the “history podcast” as we now know it, but he certainly perfected it. This is the podcast that I always look forward to.
  • Silverwing Flyer
    So great!
    Mike's podcasts are excellent. Well researched and organized, mellow voice. After a slight extension to a planned break, he is back! (January 2010) Yes!!! July 2021 : Still the best podcaster ever. When will the upcoming book be available as an audio for preorder?
  • tron777777777
    Not great
    I enjoyed the History of Rome but this podcast has drifted further and further into presentism and moralizing at the expense of the history
  • athedgrand
    For making me a history junkie!!! My friends are thrilled (this last part is definitely sarcasm)
  • JyoshuaCade
    A voice of insight
    Apparently all of human interaction is connected in an unbroken path of material influence and political reaction. I find myself looking back with Mike to imagine what might be coming.
  • 10903
    Addictive. Someone said this and it is absolutely true. Addictive.
  • nxdbxejxhehxienchd
    I’ve always loved Mike Duncan’s podcasts and books this is a really good podcast and I would love to see more by Mike
  • Meghna
    énorme respect
    never have I ever had so much respect for someone whose French pronunciation is so bad
  • Serapis6990
    So glad Mike chose this series after finishing History of Rome. Great podcast. Detailed without being overbearing. Easy to get into and enjoy. Thoroughly recommend.
  • ArchStanton1862
    Great Stuff
    A truly great show. I know quite a bit about e.g. the French, American, and British revolutions, but seeing them all tied together really emphasizes broader trends. It also introduced me to a lot of new revolutions that I knew about but never studied since I didn’t find interesting – like Mexico, Haiti, and South America. I expected the Russian Revolution to be a bore, partly due to its length but also because I’ve never much enjoyed Russian history, but while the early theoretical stuff was a bit of a slog I get now why people find Nicholas and Alexandria so fascinating — they consistently made the worst possible moves. It’s like they were trying to be overthrown! Looking forward to more of it, even though it’s sadly only released biweekly now.
  • Jackso25film
    The sars
    Wow the monarchys were awful. Great podcast. If folks like this season, they should watch the film The Ark. also, the stalin movie on Netflix was hilarious. This guy is great tho. He’s the Steely Dan of history podcasts!
  • Desert Fox 1962
    Concerns with bias
    I just heard about this podcast and decided to give it a shot. Started with season 5 episode 1, as it seemed to be about topics that interest me personally. Good enough episode. But I can’t let go of the fact that the first episode includes the following description, “...the first batch of slaves...” Needless to say, goods are moved in batches, people move (even if they are moved) in groups. I wonder who the audience is for this show but it’s a subtle indication to me that the perspective, including the producers’ and the narrator’s implicit biases, may not appeal to a listener like me. The way history is told matters, especially as it relates to the humans involved in it.
  • denjammac
    The English Revolution
    Outstanding history podcast!!! Clear and understandable, and, as far as I can tell, accurate.
  • donc981
    Great content
    Everything Mike Duncan produces is fantastic. He is entertaining and educational. I highly recommend the revolutions podcast iand the history of Rome.
  • pjmpjm00001
    Skip it!
    Lightweight readers digest history combined with relentless self-promotion.
  • GrantLouis
    One of the best podcasts out there
    Check out history of Rome, also his books. But anyway this is a great and compelling podcast and Mike Duncan excels at creating a relatable narrative that is accessible to any listener. I always recommend it to everyone!
  • 28@7658
    Amazing but one massive problem
    This was previously a five star but recently I have not been able to see all the episodes, when I try to it kicks me out of the app. I know that this is not Mikes’ fault and he does do some of the best podcasting out there so if you do not run into this problem it is an amazing show. If my problem gets fixed I will change the review.
  • The bandersnatchers
    Oh my.
    It’s just so good. I swear I’m going to listen to his 30+ hours on the Russian revolution more than once. That good.
  • ccarelokc
    Politics, History, Scandal, no one does it better!
    Mike Duncan pulled me in with History of Rome, but Revolutions is a masterpiece! Whether you’re a neophyte or an an academic, there is something to love about Revolutions. No frills, no guests, no reenactments, just the straight dope on some of the most important events in history. Mike’s book The Storm before the Storm on the run up to the end of the Roman Republic is worth a read as well.
  • 145Jud
    5 stars aren’t enough
    Mike’s History of Rome was the first podcast I listened to and set the standard for informative but truly enjoyable history, something I have always loved. His pace, details, subtle humor make his podcast a joy to listen to. Enjoy your 6 months off working on the book. I’ll be watching for the revolution to continue in the fall. And thanks for your appeal to support local businesses and the arts in these crazy days. 1/5/2021 He’s back and along with so many others I’m happy to follow the story of Russia as it stumbles into revolutions and conflict. Don’t know anyone else who could keep all the personalities and events straight for me and make very complex history so understandable 3/29/21 prayers for better time with medical issues and a safe trip home 6/7/21. Just preordered Mike’s latest book from my local bookstore (well as local as I can - I live in Lancaster and Midtown Scholar is in Harrisburg PA). Here’s hoping you reach the 10,000 mark soon
  • sandranian
    The Russian Revolution series is genius. Thank you!
  • Twhayden
    The best history podcast I’ve listened to
    Love it, just love it. The host has a really great sense of story telling and these long series are a fantastic way to become engrossed in the details of historical events without being overwhelmed. Sad to see it ending, excited to see what Mr. Duncan does next, glad I caught on late so there’s more revolutions to listen to! definitely going to pick up his book!
  • l-town Z
    Approachable history for pros or regular folks.
    Great history of political revolutions that still shape our world. I have degrees in history and political science and I learned/remembered a few things. My 10 year old son has listened along in the car and been able to follow along.
  • DanH131
    Mike Duncan does a great job in the research and development of whatever historical story he is leading us through. This podcast is a must for anyone who wishes to understand the international issues facing the world today. It is unfortunate that he is moving on from this subject area without having covered the Greek and the Iranian Revolutions.
  • JB94083
    Just Brilliant!
    Mike Duncan is THE benchmark of excellent historical podcasting.
  • Only Satan Fans
    Great show
  • SLD Peacenik
    Great storyteller
    If the Russian Revolution series is the last of this excellent in-depth narrative series featuring explorations of primarily European revolution, I will be very sad to see it end. Weren’t you planning on covering the Iranian Revolution next? It would be excellent to focus on a largely nonviolent overthrow. But maybe, instead, you could start a new series on Nonviolent Revolutions?! The producers of Bringing Down a Dictator (focused on Serbia) did a 1/2 hour video docs on a few of them. But the deep Duncan dive awaits!
  • Ichabod Crane in LA
    Listening to this while reading Black Jacobins one summer after the BLM uprisings and during the genocide in Palestine gives me grim hope that a better world is achievable. A world without hierarchy is possible and needed.
  • Kravboy
    Excellent as expected!
    I have been listening to Mike Duncan’s work since the history of Rome. He does a great job with bringing the history to life and I have enjoyed it immensely over the years! I only recently figured out how to leave reviews on iTunes, so sorry for the delay in doing this...
  • maurice ( not the emperor)
    Mike is ‘best in class’ A master (hi)story teller
  • Bora Hunja
    Five stars
    It’s unbelievable how much information Mike Duncan can pack into one episode (nevermind a series!) and still keep it entertaining and engaging. I’ve laughed out loud, gasped and felt pity for or inspired by people who I’d never heard of before. I’ve recommended this show to history buffs and to people like me who hated history class in school.
  • Ereddy44
    This is awesome!
    This podcast is hands down my second favorite podcast ever (the first being the History of Rome). Mike Duncan manages to navigate the listener through the Revolutions in a extraordinarily clear way. I recommend this podcast to anyone with the slightest interest of history. One thing I love about Mike Duncan’s podcasts are the fact that you need no prior knowledge on the topic to follow along. I listen with my mom, and we are currently in the middle of the French Revolution. I am a 13 years old, and I follow along perfectly. I definitely recommend this podcast.
  • Harpoon 95
    Detailed, but good
    I frequently have a hard time catching every small detail and lose my place in the story, but that is both the virtue and the vice of this podcast.
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