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A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???

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  • suggest something, app
    Sometimes as I watch the news I find myself imagining how Mike would present our current events when he gets around to his 2020 election podcast several years hence. I can even hear the story of last Jan 6 in his voice.
  • a.gadfly
    I adore this podcast
    I listen to episodes 3, 4 times over and enjoy them more and more every time! This podcast got me interested in history… I now think I want to pursue it for a career. This podcast is life changing!
  • Charleston counsellor
    Fascinating history
    The walk through the Revolutions has just been fascinating listening. Intelligent and well researched. Just captivating.
  • Very, very satisfied listener
    Best podcast ever
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. Mr. Duncan has a great sense of humor and I’m very glad I started listening. Now I try to listen to it whenever I can.
  • Tsaryan
    I love this show
    After the show ends I may re listen to it all again. It’s absolutely fantastic.
  • Grazingcattle
    This is my favorite podcast
    I love this podcast so much. It is one of the best written, and well delivered history podcasts. It has information, but more importantly it has wit and charm.
  • Galt Grotke
    Top 3 history podcasts ever
    Mike Duncan is one of the most thorough and entertaining history podcasters out there. He has a way of sifting through the details to draw through lines and connect historical figures that is at once enlightening and entertaining. I’d say the only better history based edutainment would be Dan Carlin’s HC history. Ive listened to the French Revolution series three times, and the others almost all twice. Came here from the history of rome, his other series, which ive also listened to multiple times. I never fail to feel smarter after a listen… TL;DR this podcast is incredible
  • Joeblofromidaho
    The best history podcaster, bar none
    I have listened to him since, or through the Roman podcast and all of this one. He’s very good Farro and keeps it moving along, however provide the same level of detail you would get in a three or 400 level history course.
  • el cubano tico
    Boring and lack of substance
    I have been following the Mr Duncan’s podcast for such a time that I’m already bored. Having myself came to America from a Communist country this issue is appalling to me, but I’m losing interest because is so long and out of focus of this tragedy called Communism that not sure if I finish. Besides sharing microphone with such a racist( reverse racism) like Jamelle Bouie and Ben Rhodes( the architect of a disastrous policy of the Obama administration towards Cuba) is a turn off. Recommending a book like: Reign of Terror: how 9/11 Destabilized America and Produced Trump, by Spencer Ackerman( a book that even the subtitle is wrong, Trump was elected by Obama and his far leftist policies) add insult to injury. No, I have nothing to learn from people, I know that looks petulant, but I’ m already old and don’t care.
  • dsizzleinthahizzle
    So grateful
    I followed Mr. Dunkin through the history of Rome and now deep into my fourth revolution (Russia). He has a way of simplifying dense material without skimping on the details that renders history one dimensional. The effect is a rich and engaging story where I am left craving for more. It encourages branching off so between episodes you may find yourself reading Wikipedia on peoples and concepts, all of which provide lessons on your own life and the current society we live in. That’s why I am so grateful for what Mr. Dunkin has done.
  • blitz925523
    Episode 10.13
    Great Podcast! But I’m working through the Russian revolution and it appears episode 10.13 was replaced by a later episode after the Bolsheviks had taken power and began to govern. Could you reupload the real episode 10.13? Thanks!
  • Mercutio must die
    Fantastic podcasts
    gwebb730 is a moron. All historians have a bias, Mike puts a lot of effort into presenting a non controversial view of events.
  • sweetspacemonkey
    The Best Historical Podcaster Period
    I am a big fan of historical podcasts and there are many excellent ones but Mike is the best. I love the Revolution series and just relistened History of Rome. Mike after you are done with Revolutions how about a series on the most incompetent, bloody and greedy rulers throughout the ages?
  • 28@7658
    Great show.
  • Me @ You
    Best podcast, best history podcast. Thorough. He has details you don’t usually learn about. And he connects these revolutions with each other - with the individuals who take part in more than one (Thomas Paine, Lafayette, Bolivar) and the connections between the French Revolution and 1831 & 1848. Enjoy!
  • Dandy Guy, In Space
    Great Pod
    Look no further for the best in pop history. Clear, honest, well-researched and engaging storytelling from a fantastic historian.
  • Crashburn274
    One of the best podcasts I’ve every listened to.
  • weaverknits
    Cannot Stop Listening
    I listened to the Paris Commune season on a recommendation from the Marx Madness podcast as they discussed Lenin‘s “State and Revolution.” So obviously I am coming from a different place from the listeners who have trouble with Mr. Duncan’s politics ;) . Now I am listening to the Russian Revolution and it is completely engrossing. It’s given me a deeper understanding of all the groups involved—their philosophies and the reasons behind them. It’s the most objective discussion of the topic I have come across. All the stars!!!
  • 50842
    test review
  • RoMarMy
    This podcast is Amazing…. Mike is knowledgeable and eloquent.. Heard about his podcast on Armstrong&Getty radio show in Northern California…. Started listening and haven’t stopped! Great way to learn details of major historical events….
  • AlemarSF
    Literally cannot rate highly enough
    There should be a “Spinal Tap” rule for certain podcasts in which the stars can go up to 6. Revolutions is a one such rare use case. Think about it, @Apple.
  • gwebb730
    Personal Political Views Imposed on History
    The podcast is good, but Mike allows his personal political views to influence his presentation of history. And, don’t waste your time reading his ranting on twitter.
  • MousseMoose
    The best
    So entertaining and compelling. The scholarship is excellent. The presentation is fun and delightful.
  • J.Sweeney
    Fascinating material delivered in an entertaining way
    I have enjoyed listening to Mike Duncan’s material for years. From the History of Rome through Revolutions, I have learned a lot while being thoroughly entertained by Mike’s delivery along the way. I look forward to listening for years to come.
  • Myske
    This formerly great podcast has lost its way with endless diving into minutiae.
    The great thing about Duncan’s early seasons of Revolutions and his old History of Rome was his ability to summarize and condense historical events into an easy-to-follow serial format. Those days are long gone. It took dozens of episodes in the Russian Revolution to get to the actual revolution, including something like 8 episodes explaining Marxism and the life of Karl Marx. And several more episodes to explain in excruciating detail the various ideological arguments and splits in organizations leading up to the revolution. Toss in a bunch of episodes on the Czar’s life and the lives of other major players, and it’s like Duncan completely forgot how to be succinct. Back in the English Civil War, the various ideologies of the bishops and other warring factions took maybe 5 minutes, not a dozen episodes. The major players were introduced with a brief summary that was only a small part of one episode rather than multi episode arcs. It’s a completely different approach, and it’s leading me to regretfully unsubscribe from a show I used to love. Mike Duncan, if you read reviews, take a moment to recall the joy with which you quickly summarized a decade of Hannibal doing his thing all over Italy. I want that guy back.
  • Casca858585
    Great podcast
    I’m very new to podcasts. I discovered history of Rome by listening to a Dan Carlin’s hardcore history interview. After I finished history of Rome I moved on to revolutions. I’m starting season 6. I have to say the Haitian revolution was my favorite by far but the Spanish revolution and how Mike described Bolivar in the end hit me hard. It was very well done. I will continue listening while cleaning my pool, raking leaves, and every other activity that doesn’t need brain power.
  • Great job creators
    2 Words
    Absolutely Awesome!
  • Dances without a clue
    Excellent podcast after his Roman podcast completed
    Really like the Roman History podcast he did. This is also great. Plus, it's slightly shorted topics, so I can wait for one to complete before consuming it like a starving waif. Absolutely recommended.
  • wingzy
    History told in a way that sticks to your brain. Learned about this series during last week's podcast Why is This Happening? Am starting right from the very beginning. Looking forward to the other "Revolutions" to be covered. And by the way the first series provides a wonderful background to a alternate history series I've been reading for years by John Ringo called "Ring of Fire" which takes place during the 30 yrs war.
  • yahoo girl 19
    Chris Hayes was a great reference
    I started listening to this podcast after Chris Hayes mentioned it in his podcast and interviewed Mike Duncan. I am hooked! What a great story telller filling in holes in my history knowledge. The US is filled with places named after the people in the British Revolution podcast and now I really know who these people are. Love it!
  • Grahamicus88
    Most influential historical podcast
    This podcast is perhaps the most influential historical podcast being published today. A expertly narrated, extensively researched, and truly insightful. If you want to understand not just revolutions and how they shaped the modern world as we know it, this is the podcast for you. As a military professional, I have recommended revolutions more than any other podcast to my peers and subordinates. Its engaging narrative style, humor, and easily digestible 30 minute episodes make it a key resources in my own professional and personal development.
  • karlmarxhadabigdong
    Got me through the last 18 months.
    This podcast helped me get through quar. Mike is, without hyperbole, one of the best story tellers of the moment. How can you not root for a guy who calls wifey Mrs. Revolutions? The Mexico series is outstanding and a must for Americans. Thanks Mike!
  • Liljobob
    This is a nice resource to aid in broadening your perspective of the world. I so enjoy listening.
  • *stelo
    Eff the haters
    Seems like people have nothing better to do than criticize something they get for free. Friggin privileged whiny morons. Don’t pay them any mind the casts (and books) speak for themselves. Keep on keeping on✊🏽 you helped me survive this past couple years…oh yeah I am loving the new book that I bought because you promoted it.
  • C.J. Nugent
    Excellent! I’m hooked!
    Great perspective, feels unbiased. Good voice and sense of humor, considering the weight of the topics. I can’t stop! Can I please quit my job and listen to Revolutions all day, every day?!
  • GuyofSpoleto
    Still the gold standard
    It was Mike Duncan’s History of Rome that introduced me to history podcasts to begin with. After listening to many, many such narrative history podcasts over the years, Mike Duncan remains the good standard. He has a gift for communicating complex historical events, staying informative without getting too lost in the minutia, and telling the story with humor, thoughtfulness, and fairness.
  • american todd
    Pretty good
    I wish Mike would bring back opening up every episode with “What’s popping Duncarinos??” like he did in History of Rome.
  • Just1Janet
    Heard you on The New Abnormal
    So excited to find your podcast!!!!
  • ChristophreDennen
    The Besties Deserve Love
    The Besties is genuinely a great podcast. Their model skips all the pompous rhetoric of game review channels and just gets to the heart of what you care about if you’re the type of person who listens to a podcast about video games. Is it actually fun? Does it feel good? Can I play it with my friends? They’re hilarious dudes who genuinely know a lot about video games, as opposed to just being fans of them. You should listen to this podcast. It’s a gem.
  • Jerryprism
    Great Podcast
    This podcast had Mike Duncan as a very engaging speaker. Very knowledgeable about the subjects and he makes it fun. There’s a Revolution for everyone here and I’ve listened to them all. Looking forward to his next podcast.
  • lrhhrl
    I miss the old Mike
    please stop the self promotion. I bought your first book. It was a waste of time and money since I listened to the Rome podcast and therefore it was merely a refresher. Your fans will buy your books without you mentioning it every episode.
  • Uber deeds
    Mike Duncan is a Terrible Person
    I enjoyed this podcast in the beginning. Then I heard Mike Duncan discuss politics on another podcast. He is snide and dismissive of people who disagree with him. At the same time, he’s woefully ignorant of what those people think. Things are tense in the USA these days, and I don’t recommend giving your money or attention to people like this who are making the problem worse. There are plenty of great podcasts out there whose hosts don’t smear half their audience. Listen to those.
  • sdstarr
    Great Podcast
    This is a great all around podcast. One specific thing that makes it especially good is the variety of subjects and time periods covered.
  • do qui
    King Mike
    Literally threatened to stop the podcast mid season if the audience didn’t buy his new book… I’ve been in since Rome now I’m out.
  • Soysauce533
    Excellent history podcast
    Thoroughly researched, well told, all around excellent!
  • twitter-imkilo
    Better than any history class
    Ties it all together
  • Whiskey in a Teacup
    This is the history podcast you want.
    Mike Duncan is my favorite teacher.
  • J Spalla
    It’s Mike Duncan
    Of course it’s amazing
  • El Kabong 17
    Pretty good. Not “History of Rome” good, but almost.
    The main issue I have is that he bears us over the head with (at times) kind of acerbic book promotions. I get that he needs to promote stuff, but jeez… I mean you could be a little nicer about it, know what I mean?
  • steph_nini
    I cannot get enough of this podcast! I want to pin my eyes open late at night so I keep listening. Losing sleep over it. Love it!
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