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"Speaking of Psychology" is an audio podcast series highlighting some of the latest, most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today. Produced by the American Psychological Association, these podcasts will help listeners apply the science of psychology to their everyday lives.

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  • Sportsenthusiast35
    Interesting, Informative, Fun!
    I just stumbled on this podcast. It’s great! While I never officially got a degree in the field of psychology, I’ve invariably been interested in human behavior for as long as I can remember, almost to the point where I get academic about it. If you’re interested in psychology in any way like I am, you’ll enjoy this show. Please keep up the fantastic work!!
  • Katiej7
    Kim Mills is a perfect host
    She asks the important questions, she listens silently so the guests can fully explain their findings. I love how respectful the guests are towards each other. No complaints! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 16Emimia
    Love this
    As a candidate to take the board of psychology licensing exam this has helped me a lot during studying. My tutor recommended this podcast. It’s a great tool to have. Thank you for creating this.
  • no nickname listener
    Lack of cultural and racial diversity
    I was really surprised at the show on adult child/parent relationships and the speaker’s assumption (based on research which may itself have been culturally biased) that families are 1)intact, traditional and nuclear, 2) white, 3) middle or upper class and 4) living in urban areas in America. Pretty limited applicability and not very interesting or respectful of every other kind of human beings.
  • podcast listener guy
    I find these episodes really lacking in insight. The show and guests mostly just both-sides every issue and refer vaguely to “the research.” It’s really unhelpful in my opinion. There is so little talk of lived experience or legitimate opinions from experts in the field - only ever “the research.” But that’s the APA I guess.
  • Charlotte listener
    Love your podcast, and ideas for topics
    I really enjoy your podcast and always find it informative and insightful. I recently read an article about a new approach to treating depression called Stanford Neuromodulation Therapy (SNT) and wondered how long it lasts and how expensive it is. I have a sister who struggles with depression and also have a family member who ended her life many years ago while in a psychiatric hospital awaiting ECT. I’m always interested in hearing about new ways of treating severe depression. Also wondered you might do an episode about whether ritalin is underused for treatment of depression. I work in palliative care and rarely see ritalin used despite it acting very quickly compared to other antidepressant medications. Thanks for all you do!
  • Jasper Gillis
    Review ofxSpeaking of pschology and Kim Mills
    Podcast is exellentas is Kim Mills. As a Psychologist I frequently refer clients torelevant episodes. Look forward to weekly episode. Joanne Struzziery, Ed.D. Norwell, Ma.
  • Aliiiiiiiiiii7
    Very excited to hear all of it, what a experience!!!
  • Coconutlake
    Biased opinion is a turn off
    In episode 229 regarding hypnosis, I was surprised to hear the judgment about past life regression. Obviously the host hasn’t read Brian Weiss’ books about this subject or done any other research. This show would be a lot better if the host was objective and didn’t literally laugh at something that they didn’t believe. Incidentally, the guest did not show much of a biased. If the guest can stay neutral, the host definitely can.
  • alhpa_1!
    Single hood episode
    They equate people with an active sex life with multiple partners people who are single . I don’t even know how to interpret this. the show definitely shys from addressing the questions it’s title seems to address. I call stuff like that fraud, phony, quack, etc.
  • AppMS
    Bad audio quality: how to learn with psychology
    I love the content of Speaking of Psychology but boy the audio quality is worse. Particularly this episode “How to learn with Psychology” the guest Rgan sound is ear piercing. Do the audio/ sound editing engineers even pay attention? Maybe The Hidden Brain engineers can help you guys. Please fix it.
  • mezzaninerigatoni
    I love this podcast. I listen to many other psychology podcasts and find this one to be very concise and insightful! A lot of info covered in a short amount of time!
  • AlexisPochi
    Favorite podcast so far.
    I’m a psychology enthusiast for pleasure and it is great to have found a podcast that not only relates day to day life to psychological research, but it does it in a way that anyone could understand. There is a lot of information out there in all of these different social media platforms but most of it presents itself very vaguely and sometimes completely inaccurate. Great job.
  • GGeneSISceo
    Episode on Perfectionism in Kids Was Perfect
    This episode on perfectionism in kids was a perfect reflection of what I went through as a young black girl and am still working on as an adult. I am also seeing similar patterns in my own children and they are in therapy. After I had my own breakthroughs in this area as an adult, I started including this as our main topic on the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation podcast to hear perspectives on this mostly through the eyes of other black women. Thank you for addressing this topic of toxic perfectionism (and unrealistic expectations) because it truly is important for more awareness around this to help prevent self-hatred that may end in self-harm or suicide. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience, but fortunately, I hope my story could help save a life.
  • Katmedicalpsych
    Abortion podcast
    Women suffer much later in life when they gain wisdom. This speaker sounds unsure of her study. Abortion is a barbaric violent act of hate. Abortion devalues women.
  • tweetledeetweetledum
    Interesting Thoughts
    I enjoy this podcast and the topics discussed. However, the music playing while the host is speaking is very distracting and too loud to be considered background music. Also, the way the show is edited makes the conversations seem unnatural and cut kind of short/thoughts are not explained in depth at all.
  • smm214
    intriguing and informative
  • Booker WEB
    Suicide episode
    When a podcaster speaks and chews gum I am so triggered to scream. I had to quit listening...what terrible podcast skills!
  • lively Liver
    Wonderful …
    From ordinary everyday concerns to extraordinary quirks in personality, Kim Mills asks insightful questions of academics and thoughtful useful questions to all her informed guests. I try not to miss an episode and often send a relevant one to someone who will benefit particularly. Thank you for this fine, informative and useful podcast. Human nature…gotta love it!
  • 716girl
    Power episode
    This podcast has some truly amazing content. It is a shame the episode on “Power” was so politically slanted to the extreme left. Please don’t make this another mainstream example of blatant partisanship in support of the extreme left. It will only bring your credibility into question for a large portion of your audience.
  • manolo752
    Best podcast I’ve ever heard.
    Every week I wait for the release of the new episode. It makes my day and week. Great content a d sound quality. Duration is perfect, not too long, not too short. Guest are really interesting and knowledgeable. Host makes perfect questions & comments. Nothing negative that I can think about.
  • deNYS2B
    I like this podcast but the sound is very bad. Please change your sound. You have a sound similar to a horror show.
  • new to odcast
    Too political
    As psychologists we should remain non partisan and non bias. Shame on APA for the blatant bias.
  • Watercooler25
    Terrific podcast
    I wait for each new episode of this show and really get something out of each new release. Between The Men’s Self Help Podcast and this one, I learn a lot about psychology each month!
  • seedplanter1
    It may be unfair to review Speaking of Psychology based on one podcast, but I find it rather unprofessional and disingenuous to use subjects such as conspiracy theories to try to score political points, especially considering how it wasn’t too long ago that conspiracies such as the government being responsible for the World Trade Center collapse, that voter ID is voter suppression, that G. W. Bush orchestrated the levies to collapse, or that China caused manipulated the weather to cause the hurricane in the first place. Conspiracies are as old as mankind and a more thoughtful analysis is warranted. Indeed, it may be argued that Carl Marx’s dialectical materialism, which resulted in the death of millions, was prefaced by a unifying conspiracy of religion and classism, leading to cultural Marxism and the social justice movement, which is largely predicated on the notion of “perceived” injustices. I don’t find any difference between the left or the right when it comes to conspiracy theories. As we have witnessed in the riots and on Jan 6, they all have the capacity to be dangerous.
  • conman12
    Kim is the perfect host for this podcast as she melds rigorous knowledge of the science with a human generosity that allows guests to totally be themselves. She has fascinating guests and a topical issues to tackle in each episode. Don’t miss this if you want to hear a solid psychological foundation!
  • yetanothereviewer
    Too much scoffing from the host
    I was looking for a way to convince my loved ones that they don’t need to be afraid of the conspiracy theories spreading around. After listening, I hope the host is not a working psychologist, she can’t seem to control her disbelieving snorts. It just made me sad. These are frightened people who don’t deserve ridicule and ridicule usually just confirms what they believe anyway. I should think a podcast that is based on the brain would understand that. That said the interviewee was very good and extremely factual, maybe she should host the show instead.
  • tmoreysa
    A nice break from the other self-help personality shows, this podcast has very thoughtful questions presented to psychology researchers who are actively conducting studies and looking at the data. Lots of topics and well worth a listen.
  • Me44556699
    Very Interesting
    I study psychology in college and I love listening to this podcast in my free time, on long car rides, and at work. It is very educational and interesting to see how many different topics there are.
  • August Consumer
    Tea time talk
    Academic Chitter chatter. PhDs talk & believe everything they say is scholarship. Not commenting for the irritating rasping voices.
  • Uli Gzz
    Episode 108 on the psychology of protests is a must listen if you want to understand the underpinnings of activism and how to engage the silent majority. Approachable experts, thoughtful questions, and wonderful production.
  • ashleymrosales
    Very Informative!
    I really enjoy listening to these podcasts - an easy listen with lots of great, but easy to process, information!
  • kdjdkdngnfm
    About Coronavirus in Wuhan in China
    First of all I want to address my deep appreciation to the amazing Speaking of Psychology. I have been a long time listener and always love your contents. As a psy major graduate, I am deeply appreciated that there is still a place for me to keep in touch with Psychology. I love how you guys keep the topics up to date with current popular issues around the world which is why I want to kindly point out some “missed” information in the “coronavirus” episode. I am a native Chinese and currently living in the mainland China so I happen to have relatively more information about what’s going on in Wuhan than some who’s living outside China. 1.WUHAN IS NOT “SHUT DOWN” LIKE LITERALLY “SHUT DOWN”. The central government is merely prohibiting any regular Wuhan citizens from going outside the city because they have the potential to spread the virus around. (Actually I don’t see the difference between “this” and the policy that other countries like the US banned travelers from China to come in) 2. The whole nation(China) is sending their best medical groups from all over the country to Wuhan. Well-Developed cities like Shanghai, Beijing has sent countless medical teams and the whole nation’s citizens are voluntary raising fundings to purchase medical supplies like N95 mask/surgical mask or donating these medical supplies to Wuhan directly. (Because of the collectivism culture nature, everyone wants to do their part to support those in need. Countless food companies are voluntary sending food supplies. Even regular citizens in Wuhan are voluntary doing carpools to provide transportation to medical groups.) 3. They are also building two hospitals from scratch in Wuhan that can provide immediate medical care to patients in Wuhan. They are called 火神山(The god of fire mountain) and 雷神山(the god of thunder mountain). The “fire god” was already completed and is capable of admitting up to 1000 patients(the whole construction only took 10 days). The “thunder god” is still under construction but will be completed soon and can admit up to 1500 patients. Thus, Wuhan is getting the help from all over the country, the government is not simply shutting down the city, they are sending the best medical groups that the whole nation can provide to rescue people in need. So I would say, as panicking it might be for some remained healthy people in Wuhan, NOBODY is cutting them lose. The whole nation is trying their best to support them. As for other parts in China. Schools(all education institutions) are shut down, students are streaming classes online at home. People are all trying to avoid going out in public as much as possible. These are just some of my takeaways but I would be more than happy if any of these information can help clear some misunderstandings towards what’s happening in Wuhan in China.
  • DanielBarnes22
    Thank you
    I listened to the podcast on hoarding and came away with a different view of my family. Learning there is a pattern with chromosome 14 did a lot to ease my troubled mind. I can’t stand the mess and it has led to me not visiting and holding bitter feeling towards my family. I am guilty of thinking they love their stuff more than they love me. Since learning of the chromosomal component, I see the situation in a new light. I want to thank you for the resources provided in the episode. It really could be the key to mending a broken family.
  • okokbullshit
    Not cool.
    I was appalled by episode 97 implying that making yourself hungry is a “sign of burning fat” as the speaker was discussing the possible discomforts of behavior change. As an upcoming professional in the nutrition + dietetic field with a dual degree in psychology, this is extremely upsetting. Please stop encouraging listeners to starve themselves. And yes, this includes fat listeners. Just because someone is fat does not mean it’s okay for them to go hungry. You should be ashamed of yourself for contributing to diet culture. Please stick to your scope of practice, which I’m sure is not nutrition + dietetics :). (This is intended for the guest speaker + not necessarily the whole podcast.) If you’re reading this + you’re tired of being at war with your body, I highly recommend the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole + Elyse Resch.
  • Marisela_11
    Love starting off my day with this podcast!
    I instantly feel relief from these episodes.
  • erialo <- my insta
    not interesting
  • two4mauiogg
    Thank you for each and every episode. Keep them coming
  • girrafecat
    Love this podcast
    I love this podcast. I’m one of those people who really likes psychology and I’d tried a few podcast but they weren’t that good however I really like this one
  • Kek343
    This podcast was SO interesting!!! I learned a ton!
  • FletcherGA
    Great podcast now get better!
    Love the podcasts. Would like to see it advance and be an in studio environment vs Skype or whatever they are currently doing. I think a lot of these topics could be much more interesting at the 2-3 hour range.
  • Buche2
    Love and hate
    First of all I love your podcast and I believe your topics are great 👍🏼, the best, inspiring, educational. And I wish that your recent guest would stop sucking or chewing something. It is very disturbing and it doesn’t sound appropriate. I know that there might be a possibility of him being sick or something but..... I am sorry I can’t bear 🐻 to listen anymore. I know that’s just my opinion about this guest speaker. I should move on. I wish you’ll have another like. Have a great day!
  • __Eva__
    Dopamine triggering
    I work in the behavioral health field and this podcast challenges me, continues to intrigue me, and has real life implications. I love that the newer episodes are longer. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to interview various specialists.
  • Shira Taylor Gura
    Finding meaning in your life
    I am a new listener to the podcast and enjoyed listening to episode #75, How to Find Meaning in Life. As someone who helps people get "unstuck" in their lives and in their relationships, I deeply resonated with this episode and look forward to tuning into more. Shira Gura (The Getting Unstuck Podcast)
  • badbitenic
    Loving this podcast
    I’m a new listener, I’ve listened to the podcast of 2019. I noticed the ones before were fairly short ranging from 8-19 minutes. Definitely keep the 45 minutes to a hour. I love this podcast, so much information and great to keep my brain going during summer! Thank you for all you do!
  • Dizzy.Lizzy
    Dopamine “programming or pushing a button is NOT easier”
    Having an IOF infantry Marine Corps veteran as a husband and working with many military and veteran clients I can tell you there is NOT a moral disconnect between those who push bomb buttons or run drones and infantry. Whether you’re shooting a child that’s coming at you with IEDs strapped to her or your blowing up a building you just saw a child walk into, emotionally you conscious mind stores that as a moral failing. There is no choice is war. You do what your told. You do what you have to to protect your brothers and sisters. But the emotion impact is the same as pushing the guy in front of the train. Button or no button. A lot of work has to be done to repair that trauma.
  • Hadijastar
    I honestly don’t appreciate the guests bias.
    I noticed immediately that she was basically taking the responsibility away from the adults and I believe that the economical factors were not given enough credence by her. The main reason we are all frenzied to work constantly and to the bone, is because of the economy having been rigged against the 80%. It’s not surprising that the scammers were doing what they were, it was surprising that they got caught and it seems like they’re going to actually get in some trouble even though they are super rich. I wish y’all would’ve talked more about the effects of scams like this on p.o.c who are inherently at a disadvantage in comparison to rich white ppl.
  • Indianajonesbill!
    Great Review
    Listen to this Bruce Wamphold is awesome! Save you money 5-6 sessions of therapy!! Is what you need!!
  • Trazeng
    Interesting podcast, annoying host tic
    I enjoy the podcast but it drives me insane that the host is constantly going "mhm" and making small noises under her breath. It really distracts from the guest speaker.
  • raven 19
    Good Information, O.K. Podcast
    This podcast basically gives an overview of either emerging issues within certain fields in psychology or details specific trends which have been found in a specific sub field of psychology such as clinical or developmental psychology. The information presented is actually very good and it is interesting to hear about new practices being used within the field or new discoveries. My only con is that the episodes have become so infrequent that I have to question whether such a concept was a good idea for a podcast. Unlike other educational/research podcasts which release episodes once a month, this one does not seem to have a set frequency.
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