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The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast featuring UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, and actor/comedian Bryan Callen. It's uncut and unedited and sometimes it's just ridiculous. Get The Fighter and The Kid Live show tickets/info and merchandise at:

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  • schmidtyNIDAHONOHICK
    Dear Mr. Callen,
    My baby son whales with tears when my dad sings him lullabies before bed. It seems to be hurting Grandpas feelings, wishing that he could soothe the little guy. 🕯 Pops has a stoma that he huffs cancer sticks through these days. He also croons like a songbird from the same hole. 🕯 🕯PSA: Tobacco Smokes You🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Jake Williams5
    Never miss an episode
  • Rysimp
    Cringingly unbearable
    Brendan trying to be funny is so uncomfortable to listen to. Only listen if there is a guest. Callen deserves so much more.
  • Dirtyhagus
    Please Stop
    Schaub is devoid of any entertainment value. Even his CTE speech is annoying now. Called do TMP
  • mister stephen
    Episode 524
    Top 5 episode of TFATK, so funny!
  • "T" from Pittsburgh
    Brandon being a douchbag was confirmed when he spoke of Led Zeppelin’s genius and post Malone in the same sentence. Lmaoooo what a cucky
  • Sikboy303
    Chin is the WORST
    Between Chin and Kat it’s fairly cringey. But Chin almost ruins the show... Brendan says his fair share of boneheaded things but has his merits from time to time. But seriously EVERY time Chin opens his mouth I want to swerve into on coming traffic.... he is painfully bad at his job...
  • Venice310
    Who’s podcast starts with ads like its an auto zone commercial
  • famousfed
    Only good when they have a guest
    I used to love this podcast but it’s gotten worst, only great when they have a guest and Brenden lets them talk.
  • Yahkeb S
    Haters move on
    TFATK is certainly one of the best comedy podcasts out there. I’ve been listening for 3 years and have yet to miss an episode. Keep killing it!
  • Cellllllllli
    Best episode ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CraigahlianWaltz
    The Kid
    Can we please just get rid of the “Fighter” so the “Kid” can be heard? Brenda is the absolute worst.
  • ChrisSucksDicks
    Chris D Elia who cares how you spell it
    I recently listened to this one and hoping I’d like Chris more afterwards. I did not. He’s an idiot. #interuptchrisgems
  • TwYcH811
    Killing it
    Still killing it, listened from the jump. Never stop doing it, keep getting bags guys
  • Chef Mikey T
    Daddy’s serving up some Grand Slams !
  • ray ray mc'bigears
    Sooooo funny
    Shaub shulz santino! The world has ended!
  • wickedMitchoftheWest
    Episode 516
    One of the the funniest episodes I have ever heard
  • concernedcamel
  • Toldyaso1
    Great pod
    Always solid content
  • Leeroy Jankum
    Pew pew pew
  • hagsysnwndk
    Love the kid
    Not the fighter. 🤷‍♂️😬 sorry, not my style!
  • CGJonSnow
    Should be called “Brendan talks about his money - The Podcast”
    +updates on 12/2/2019 - Brendan has gotten a lot better and this review is probably a half year old...Still gets snobby sometimes but he’s trying Changing my 5 star, high praise, review since Brenda has become obnoxious (Bryan still great even after that “infant” episode). Brendan, I love ya buddy but there are a lot of rich people out there that don’t talk about how much money they have every 5 minutes. I’m an infant. Keep up the good work guys! 10-18-2019 updates: WILL SASSO is too much. He is a funny comedian but is not funny on this podcast since he tries to hard and comes off as an act. Will, whatchu doin man, be you man Me
  • Skippy323
    Dope af!
  • Devlin v
    Brenda “call back the joke till it’s dead” schwepps
  • TheRedditFansSuck
  • honest 77
    Brendan is trying so hard to be a comic that it’s awkward. He’s like every unfunny meathead you remember in high school. Bryan Callen is funny and smart but can’t get past the dude bro phase of his life in his 50s and constantly name drops to remind us all that he has celebrity friends. These two love to feed each other’s egos.
  • Dfk250
    Some of y’all got too many dents
    Everybody dogging on Brendan saying he’s so disrespectful to Callen an this or that, do you not realize that’s the foundation their friendship was built on, and continues to stand on. If you soft snow flakes would stop trying to be so offended for other people, who aren’t even offended for themselves, you would notice that these antics are how Callen, Brendan, and every other comedian shows affection in their friendships. TFATK isn’t TFATK without Brendan, and it’s not TFATK without Callen.
  • wnied
    Love this team!
    Schaub and Callen are so good together they make a complete singular entity. Through inside jokes and obvious tongue in cheek chiding, these two play off one another like dueling banjos! Loved both!! Keep on keepin on!
  • Rhegafd
    Two big thumbs up
    Long time listener. Love the conversations. Would like to see it go longer but great package.
  • Bryan 'Dents' Callen
    Branson Schwab...
    There is no “L” at the end of “raw.”
  • Matt the James
    Slow decline
    Been Listening to this podcast for a long time. Callen is hilarious, Shaub is not. Brendans obnoxious pandering and bragging is exhausting. Brendan is incredibly unfunny. Not sure how much longer I can listen to them. Sometimes I can’t make it through the episode.
  • Bdkrebsy
    Love hate relationship
    Love and hate this podcast so much. Sometimes it’s so unbearable that I stop listening. But I alway come back to laugh and I enjoy myself so much. Wish they wouldn’t talk over each other all the time. Sometimes it feels like they rush to get their point across before being interrupted. I kinda miss the fox days the guests were more of a surprise. I feel like Brendan doesn’t understand other people point of view on a lot of topics. And Bryan is just an old gay owl. Love hate. I’ll keep listening every new episode. I love when they’re being goofy instead of serious obviously.
  • obsls1
    Callen is funny. Brendan is not get him off the show
    Why is Brendan still on this podcast? Bryan has more talent in his left nut than this guy has in his whole body. The constant disrespect to Bryan is getting obnoxious and it seems the cte has completely taken over Brendan. Chris D’Elia, will Sasso and Bryan callen need their own podcast ASAP. Leave that dumb mop head jock and join people that are actually at your level Bryan I’m tired of hearing Bryan having to dumb down every sentence for Brendan slobb.
  • sudhee9303
    Brendan should work on self awareness
    Don’t know why Brendan interrupts Bryan when he talks about comedy. Dude you need to listen to a veteran comic.
  • Raf-zilla
    Rapaport brings the heat and takes the belt.
    The only reason I listened is because of Rapaport and Callen.
  • Bristlecone Pine
    Mike Ritland
    Please interview Mike Ritland (former Navy Seal). You guys talked about his comment on Fox News where he blurts out “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” He would be an amazing guest for you guys. Warrior Dog Foundation. Mike Drop Podcast.
  • World Wide William
    It’s hilarious I think at this point Brandon Slobb actually thinks he’s talented
  • nancythotwin
    Popeyes is not a current event 6 weeks in a row
    Big fan of the show—but seems like way too much time in each recent episode has been dedicated to the mention of chicken sandwiches or something that occurred in line at Popeyes or Chick Fil A. You would think they are sponsors lol
  • SaberNik
    In the best way possible... dicks
  • Unk Robbie
    Wrinks and Big Brown are the best!
    Nothing better the Brendan and guests slam Wrinks! Wrinks is really funny..for his age.
  • Ushman
    Love it
    This is great y’all are hilarious! Excellent podcast
  • PollyPocketRN
    Love it
    I look forward to listening every week!
  • Xthomgunx
    Talking Over Each Other
    Many times I have to skip an episode midway because the interruptions and talking over each other is hard to take. Otherwise very entertaining (except that part).
  • SDR0708
    Sasso > Schaub
    Chief Engineer of Laughter and Cheer > CTE-median
  • X-tremepyro144
    Bryan yes. Brenden no.
    Brenden kills the show. It’s really hard to listen when he’s on. Really wish Bryan would start his own podcast again. Bryan, Will Sasso, and Chris D’Elia would be awesome if they had their own show.
  • TxJoshy
    Love the podcast!!
    Man!!!!! Just put Will Sasso on here instead of Brendan!!!!
  • Chesfro
    Best podcast
    I have been listening since the beginning and it’s just getting better and better! Thank you for all that you do.
  • ajov
    Downward Trajectory
    My liking of each episode is highly negatively correlated to the amount of talking Brendan does & the number of times he cuts off Bryan to say nothing. Presently, the only episodes I can bear are the ones with good guests as those seem to be the ones Scob talks the least.
  • aden letchworth
    What happened
    Brenda makes this unbearable to listen to anymore
  • Evry1poops
    I swear Bobby Lee was made for podcast.
    By far THE best episode ever! Papaya! Forever!
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