The Popcast With Knox and Jamie


A weekly pop culture podcast seeking to educate on things that entertain, but do not matter.

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  • Business Savvy Mama
    My Weekly Must-Listen
    Um, Trader Joe's and Taika Waititi in the same 5 minutes?? THIS is why I love this podcast. Everything I love plus things I am going to love presented in a neat little package every week. PS...Bring back the Dad Lights!
  • Runner5325
    Absolute Green Light
    I have been listening to The Popcast since 2017 (Episode 189: The NOs of Easter) and have never looked back. Becoming a Best Friend of the Show (BFOTS) was the best decision I made this year, and the Popcast Media Group more than delivers on that investment. Knox and Jamie are hilarious commentators on all things pop culture and pop culture adjace. The Popcast is my go-to recommendation to everyone I know, because they will make a bad day great and a great day excellent. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Mrscox09
    Knox and Jamie are practically family to me! I never miss an episode, I became a BFOTS couple of months ago abs it’s the best money I’ve spent all year! I started watching the bachelorette and bachelor only so I could follow along with their hilarious recaps! Please stop what you’re doing now and listen to them!!
  • allyhaef
    Big Time Green Light
    Love love love this podcast! I can always count on Knox & Jamie to bring the laughs, introduce me to the best content, & just bring pure enjoyment into my life! They will become your best friends you’ve never met/don’t interact with in real life!
  • Nvmom
    I love Knox and Jamie
    I’m not a TV watcher. (I hate the Bachelor series. I know, I know, don’t @ me.) But it should be telling that I listen to the show because they’re so entertaining that I still want to hear them talk about things I don’t even like😅
  • Laokv
    This show is 🍌
    Love how much this show makes me laugh. Knox and Jamie are Bnananas.
  • JohnOrso
    The greatest podcast ever. Everyone else can go home.
  • becca_zucker
    My favorite podcast!
    I never miss an episode and am so happy I decided to become a BFOT for all that extra content 🤩
  • Pbnc83
    The Popcast is My forever Green Light!
    That’s it!! That’s the review!! 😊😊😊
  • JM2424242424
    WORTH your time
    This show is funny and interesting and always holds my attention ESPECIALLY The More You Know episodes where they update you on pop culture news. My only complaint is Jamie seems to hate musicals which makes me want to hate her but I JUST CAN’T because she is too hilarious. But Jamie, in answer to your question, “Who wants to watch someone else sing??” The answer is: MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Musicals forever. I forgive you.
  • Calofav
    Got me to listen to podcasts
    Brings me joy and laughter each and every time I listen to them! So funny, my sense of humor- love them both!
  • tracyd53
    Popcast changed my life
    Product is as advertised (it’s a pop culture podcast), does what is says it will do (entertain and delight), and it changed my life (I laugh more, know more about pop culture and now am a person who pays for extra content #bfot). FIVE BIG STARS
  • randilover493
    Favorite podcast in all the land
    The Popcast is hands down my favorite podcast. I’ve been listening for years and somehow have never left a review (SORRY)…Knox and Jamie are my favorite people to hang with on Wednesday’s (really most days because of Patreon content). Whether you’re pop culture obsessed, or just looking for a fun distraction, this podcast is worth a listen. They put thought and intention into the content - I always learn something new - but they’re also hilarious and so much fun. Love you guys!!!!!!!
  • sammoore88
    Constant Mood Boost
    Opening each podcast with a blooper is pure genius. I genuinely can’t wait to hear it each week. I live for Jamie’s bleeped out stories, Knox yelling “JAMIE!”.
  • Makes up for friend time
    Hilarity Got Me Through 2020
    I started listening to Knox & Jamie during quarantine last year and it became the highlight of my day, every day, for months (shout out to bingeing back catalogues). This show in my headphones had me laughing, dancing to the intro song, and unbothered by the chaos around me. Knox, Jamie, and Erin are absolutely hilarious and sound like the kind of people you would want to be in a bunker with. Except don’t bring your dog or your 3 year old cause Jamie don’t roll like that. 5 trillion stars.
  • pianochick194
    Restoring Order to the Force
    Product as advertised? Yes - learned about pop culture. Product worked well? Yes - distracted me from the eschatological anxiety of life in 2021. I like the product? Yes - made me laugh. It changed my life? YES - laughing > crying, see all previous questions. Just because I disagree with JAMIE sometimes doesn’t mean I get to leave a two star review… Byeeeee
  • In need of inspiration!
    Legit my fave.
    Is it going to change the world? Honestly, no. But will it take my mind off of the fact that I have four bickering kids under the age of 5 in the back of my car and that I’m solo parenting for the next 3 months (because *Navy spouse*) and make me laugh while keeping me up to date on all things pop?? 1,000% YES. This is the content I need in my life right now and I’ll never not listen.
  • AmsyDees
    Can’t get enough
    Of coach knox’s wheezy laugh, Jamie B Golden’s spicy opinions, and Erins side commentary.
  • auntieMaeLovesU
    It’s not a regular podcast- it’s a cool podcast
    As an introvert who masquerades as an extrovert, this podcast is right up my alley. It’s like sitting at the cool kids’ table and being in on all the latest gossip without having to put forth any effort on my part (apart from paying $3/month to sit there). Thanks guys!
  • Ehibbs
    I love inside jokes
    when half of the table at karaoke night chokes on their water laughing when being asked if they are over wipers or under wipers and the other (sad yet soon converts if they really want to stay in this small group) stare in utter confusion, you know you’ve found something special. when the husbands answer without need of explanation because they know, they listened. you know you’ve found something Golden, Knox-worthy, bare cheeks against the charter bus window coming home from church camp Moon-level special. this is that.
  • erinlp22
    What brought me joy before the popcast? Very little.
    I love this podcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts but this is the ONLY one I NEVER miss. If you hate laughing do not listen. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Kate the runner
    The Popcast is a DELIGHT. My main goal of listening to this podcast is to one day be 1/10th as funny as Knox and Jamie. Sometime I just repeat things they say out loud in hopes I will later use it naturally in conversation. Their one-liners and genuine laughter are contiguous and are sure to brighten you day!
  • rosiemcroro
    Weekly must
    I look forward to Wednesdays because of this podcast
  • S.Walton20
    Yes you can skip season one of Fleabag
    Best podcast I listen to. I never miss an episode and l am a long time BFOTS. This review is to help cancel out the two star review they received about an opinion that you can’t skip season one of Fleabag. Non spicy take, you can.
  • Señora o
    Turns my mom van into a swagger wagon!
    Driving is my least favorite mom job and with four kids ages 5-17, I do it way too much...listening to the Popcast makes my time in the car more bearable PLUS I get the bonus of keeping up with the trends so I feel more like a cool mom than a loser old lady 😃 **updated to say after this week’s episode (the no’s of marriage), I finally just became a best friend of the show! So excited for all the extra content. ***updating again to say, 4 years later, this is still my favorite listen each and every week. I now watch the Bachelor franchise just so I can enjoy the recaps even more. I feel like Knox, Jamie and Erin get me more than my irl friends do.
  • J_J_P*
    Love! Highly recommend.
    If you like hearing about random things and laughing out loud, definitely listen. It’s amazing. Can’t get enough of it.
  • chronic spiller
    In the words of Jamie B., “a delight”
    I look forward to Wednesday every week bc I know I’ll have a built in hour or so of jokes, outrageous commentary, & frivolous (or not so frivolous) pop culture updates. Knox, Jamie, & the whole PMG crew are so fun, & The Popcast (and the Bible Binge for that matter!) Is well worth a listen!!
  • missmissy21
    Can’t miss weekly podcast
    I’ve been listening for the past 4 years and this is one of the only podcasts on my long list that I can’t miss each week! Knox and Jamie skeep me laughing, give the best tv/movie reccs, and yet somehow also peek my interested in the dullest of pop culture topics (aka the Bachelor 😝) Definitely give a listen!
  • omgallnicknamesaretaken12334
    Always makes me laugh
    I love this podcast. I never miss an episode. It doesn’t even matter that I haven’t seen half of the shows they mention, I still love listening to the discussion. I laugh every time. Love when Erin pops on too!
  • rita.polk
    Product as advertised AND it changed my life
    Knox and Jamie are :chef’s kiss:. I pay extra for bonus content each week through their Patreon because one podcast episode per week just wouldn’t be enough. They keep me laughing, educate me on things that don’t matter but I care about for some reason anyway (bachelor/ette, yes), and give me a way to tune out my kids for an hour or so a couple days a week.
    Jamie was right about Fleabag.
    Becoming a Best Friend of the Show was the best decision I made in 2020, and I would pay them more if they asked. ✌🏻
  • Connereliz
    Delight of my life!
    This podcast is my favorite! Knox and Jamie constantly make me laugh out loud with their spicy takes and hilarious interactions. Who doesn’t need more laughter in their lives?! I look forward to this podcast every week. Love them so much that I am a BFOTS and am constantly amazed at the incredible amount of fabulous content they put out for their supporters. You will love this show and Knox and Jamie. Thank you guys for the joy and laughter you bring through your show!
  • Stardust441
    Love it even when I disagree
    The Popcast really is delightful. I may not always agree with their spicy takes, but they make me laugh anyways. Knox and Jamie are funny and they don’t have any awkward pauses or gross mouth noises so they deserve 10 stars for being the whole package. Can’t recommend highly enough!
  • ksmaywind
    Best of Wives and Best of Women
    The Eliza Hamilton of podcasts
  • wallawallacarrie
    Knox and Jamie make me laugh…in the morning even
    I’ve been a dedicated listener for years now. My weekly Thursday morning routine is to listen while getting ready for work. It makes Friday Junior start off on the right foot. If these two can get my non morning self to laugh at loud at 6 am, they’re doing it right!
  • ILuv2Run!
    So much fun!
    Knox and Jamie are hilarious. They have some v spicy takes and that’s my favorite part. There has never been an episode that didn’t make me for real laugh out loud.
  • Eronginong
    Wednesday is my favorite day now
    I’ve listened to this podcast for about 2 years now and I’m finally writing a review because Bri McKoy made me 🥴 Knox, Jamie, and Erin have become my three fun friends who live in my AirPods while I’m parenting small children. My kids have stopped asking “mom what are you laughing at?” because they know the answer is always The Popcast. I, like Knox, delight in listening to Jamie fumble for sports references and just references in general. As a fellow Erin, I feel Erin H Moon is a solid representative for Erinkind and am willing to overlook her vast ignorance of cinematic canon. As an enneagram 1, I often wonder if I’m a closet 5 because of how closely I identify with Knox’s hoarding of trivial knowledge and love of debate for sport. ANYWAY, it’s a great listen and I cannot recommend enough! Their Instagram accounts are also sure to brighten your feed!
  • Annie Frary
    We can do hard things with a little help from our friends
    These two (and Erin et al.) are the dream team. Their joy is real. Their pop culture knowledge is vast. They’re beauty. They’re grace. They’re Miss United States. They’re the real MVPs and I highly recommend this podcast, ten outta ten.
  • lauralj1
    My favorite podcast ❤️❤️❤️
    The popcast is my fav! I adore Knox, Jamie and Erin and am so grateful I became a BFOTS in 2020. If you love to laugh and enjoy pop culture deep dives you should listen ASAP. Then go support them on Patreon!
  • MomKVG
    I’ve had “review popcast” on my to do list for LITERALLY 3 years. I am a master procrastinator (guess my enneagram #). Alas that journey has come to an end due to a slap-in-the-face IG story from Bri McKoy about giving the popcast a review a super handy swipe up. So here we go! I adore this podcast. Knox and Jamie have a glorious dynamic and compliment each other in a way that makes for a really, really good time. I listen when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m bored, when I’m cleaning the bathroom and a bunch of other times. It always hits the spot and I constantly recommend to friends and family. Witty, hilarious, full of interesting banter and tidbits. Although I have yet to meet them, I am confident they are kind, thoughtful, talented people with good intentions in life and I will support anything they do now and forever. All Hail The Popcast!
  • MereJanel
    Best part of my week!
    Listening to The Popcast is, without a doubt, the happiest moment of my week. My only regret is not finding these perfect angel humans and their witty banter about all things pop culture much sooner in life. Unlike the failed relationship that led me to them, I hope this never ends!
  • alyssaeast
    My favorite
    I truly can’t get enough! I love their humor and banter back and forth. They are so quick witted and seem to genuinely enjoy each other. This is THE BEST PODCAST!
  • thewalesfam
    A Must-Listen Every Week
    I absolutely love this show and move it to the top of my playlist whenever a new episode pops up. I may not always agree with their opinions (although I am typically #TeamKnox), but I can always count on being entertained while still being informed on what’s what in pop culture. Knox and Jamie play off each other so well and are both hilarious. Even their commercials are funny! This show is a welcome respite from the doom and gloom of the news and I am grateful for the lighthearted distraction in my ears each week. BFOTS 4 lyfe! :)
  • ScootDawn
    My “green light” goes to The Popcast
    I spend several hours a day in the car for work, and this podcast has brought me endless hours of joy on the road. If you love laughing hard and hearing spicy takes on pop culture, this podcast is for you. Love love love! Highly recommend!
  • pharmtx00
    Favorite Podcast for Years
    I have listened to The Popcast for years (I actually listened to some of the early episodes that are not available now) and it is my favorite podcast by far. I love the creative topics, the banter and advice on what to watch and read. I subscribe to the BFOTS on Patreon and listen the the Bachelor and Bachelorette recaps even though I have never watched those shows. I cannot recommend Knox and Jamie enough!
  • hannan...
    My Wednesday Highlight
    This podcast is why I look forward to my Wednesday walks. It fun, engaging, and entertaining!!
  • speechteach4kids
    Always good for a laugh
    In a world that often takes itself WAY to serious, the Popcast is a refreshing escape and is always good for a laugh. My favorites are usually “The No”s of” episodes and don’t miss Flavor Town. In my dreams I want to be the Mayor but I’m a 9.
  • joyinthemorning4
    Laugh out loud + smart takes afoot
    I love Knox and Jamie and I always come away from The Popcast with a new list of good content. They make my morning commute endurable and I’m 5eva grateful.
  • Alyssa Garrett
    My favorite podcast
    I never miss an episode. Knox & Jamie are hilarious, smart, and give great recommendations. 5 stars!
  • PMcGee2
    Easy-to-love gateway drug
    The popcast was my first exposure to podcasts and now I can’t get enough! I thought it’d be weird to listen to two people have a conversation that I’m not a part of. Alas, Knox and Jamie have a way of pulling you into their dialogue and finding yourself quickly calling them friends. I’m forever grateful for their hilarious, spicy, kind, and ever dependable company.
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