The Popcast With Knox and Jamie


A weekly pop culture podcast seeking to educate on things that entertain, but do not matter.

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  • elise_mason
    My favorite internet friends
    This podcast is the best part of my week! It is so refreshing to hear their take on pop culture and I always get the best book, movie, and tv show recommendations. They are always making me laugh weirdly when I’m in public with my earphones in. My favorite podcast by far and their patreon is my favorite 7 dollars to spend a month! So worth it!
  • CF_Texas
    Love it!
    A friend recommended this podcast and I s as am loving the content and y’all’s chemistry and personality. Keep up the great work and good vibes!
  • Jenny Roberts, Claire's mom
    Informed and laughing! Best podcast ever!
    Knox and Jamie are the absolute greatest podcasters in the entire world! So smart, so entertaining, so funny! I tell absolutely everyone about this podcast. I am always up to date with that is going on around the world around me thanks to this podcast!!!
  • KAbamagirl
    Soooo gooood
    You know why you should listen to this podcast? Don’t worry, I’m fixin’ to tell ya! This podcast is sooo goood that other podcaster’s aspire to be like Knox n Jamie. I’m serious! I know this for a fact first hand. So if the people who actually do this love Knox n Jamie, you will too. So run RIGHT NOW RUN to where ever you get your podcasts and sign up for this one and The Bible Binge.... NOW! GO! 😁😁😁😁 go.....
  • ashleynt87
    Thanks, Knox and Jamie
    So, I became a BFOTS recently after being a faithful listener for a year or so now. While up all night helping child #3 through tummy troubles (Chick-Fil-A Mom here!), I decided to watch The Bachelor for the first time in my 32 years thanks to the recap episodes. I just had to know what I was missing. Well, I have some thoughts. My enneagram 9-ness had me cringing through the whole first two episodes. As painful as it was, I can’t wait to see more...what have you all done to me?? Seriously though, thanks for all the laughs and all the great content. The Popcast is my favorite way to spend $7.00 each month.
  • Emmy3212
    Captain SANDY
  • SRW2020
    One of my favorites!
    I always look forward to Wednesday mornings because I know a new Popcast episode will be waiting for me. I love their witty back and forth banter, and always anticipate the Knox Wheeze. Keep up the good work!!!!
  • funtown70
    This show makes me happy and I laugh the whole time!!!! Take a listen, you will be hooked!
  • lyddbethh
    I’m a BFOTS
    when I started listening to this show I would talk about Knox & Jamie so much that my mom thought I had made some new friends at college. ha! but when I told her about them she started listening too and now we are both addicted. also? Knox’s wheezy laugh makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. The joke doesn’t really matter but if Know is laughing, I am laughing.
  • smadigan
    Constant LOLz
    As a mom of two tiny people life can feel a lot like Groundhog Day. Listening to The Popcast brings joy and laughter to the monotony of dishes, laundry, and carpool lines. I like listening to Knox and Jamie so much that I’m now a BFOTS and never looking back 🤩
  • twinmom21731
    My go-to podcast!
    Jamie and Knox have really become one of my favorite all time podcasts!! They are funny, real and relatable. I literally broke into a panic when apple podcasts didn’t refresh one Wednesday and my access to them was delayed! It was terrible :) Do yourself a favor and hit that subscribe link y’all!
  • _loumccallion
    What did I listen to before Knox and Jamie?
    Ts & Ps for my productivity and social life since I found y’all’s podcast!
  • Kkindiana29
    Move this to the top of your listening list
    I can’t say enough good things about this show. Y’all life is hard sometimes, but listening to this never is. The show, much like the host Jamie is GOLDEN. It is the highlight of every week. It is like laughing and catching up with friends. I don’t always agree with what they say, but I always want to hear what they are saying. Knox and Jamie- you make this crazy world a lot more fun. They have taken all my money because I am a best friend of the show AND in the Bible Binge Seminary and every penny is worth it! Do yourself a favor and listen to this show. If you don’t like it, well reevaluate your life because you are the problem.
  • khoema
    I want Knox and Jamie to provide commentary on my life.
    I am catching up on my December podcasts (I don’t recommend traveling in December—it’s never worth it). I am finally listening to the Home Alone deep dive...and I’ve never seen Home Alone. I am still glad to say I enjoy the truth that flows from Jamie and Knox’s mouth every week. (Also I’m not on Instagram this month, so this is the best way I can think of to communicate the fact that I haven’t seen Home Alone with the Popcast Media Group).
  • Chimpmunks and Foxes
    Funny, entertaining, and (mostly) PG
    These two are hilarious together. It’s hard to find things that keep you up to date on pop culture that aren’t vulgar or political. I love how they keep things clean, most of the time haha! Every now and then they get a little out of hand and it makes me love them more for it. Some jokes just can’t go unsaid :) these two are great!
  • karalorraine
    Spiritual Gift of Sarcasm
    How have I never written a review for a podcast I am not only in love with, but I pay to listen to! I love all the encouraging things, the thing’s that make me a better Christian, employee, person, blah blah blah, but this podcast makes me not feel bad about the fact that I am convinced my spiritual gift is sarcasm and the Bachelor is the greatest show on TV. I am sure I look like an idiot on my walks every afternoon doubled over or buying everything Jamie tells me to for my face, but I don’t care, these two are gems, and if you’re not listening, well I feel sorry for you. Heavens got a special place for people who can’t laugh.
  • dresisanna
    Just so much fun
    They are so witty, smart and plain fun!
  • ~m*k~
    So funnnyyyy
    I love hanging out with these guys. It's a blast. I love the bachelor review podcasts on patreon, too - I don't pay for much (I'm cheap) but it's worth it for this content.
  • amandarebecca8
    The delight of my life
    Do you even like to laugh and have fun and be informed about the things that entertain but do not matter? Of course you do. So don’t sleep on Knox and Jamie and the Popcast. My sister told me I needed to listen to the Popcast but of course I didn’t listen to her right away #donttellmewhattodo When I finally came to my senses and took her advice, I was so smitten that I listened to the entire back catalog in 3 months. When I finally caught up, there was such a Knox and Jamie void in my life that I had to become a Friend of the Show to get even more content - and I’m not a Rockefeller or anything - it’s just 100% worth my cash money. #listentoyoursister
  • RachArn2006
    The Popcast doesn’t stop!!!
    Hilarious, new, original content every single week. Y’all this is a podcast you can count on. I love the Popcast!!!!
  • Florida Girl in Kentucky
    New Years Resolution: FINALLY become a BFOTS!
    I stumbled upon this podcast through the recommendation from another podcast (thank you, Lazy Genius!), and oh my, what a gift it has been!! I’d recently moved to a new city and was so grateful to find the friendly, quirky, and hilariously funny voices of Knox and Jamie as I adjusted to life in a new town where I didn’t know very many people. Their entertaining banter provided a lovely backdrop as I unpacked and set up an new home and quickly became an enjoyable and much needed diversion from the stresses of the day-to-day (even though, admittedly, I don’t know who they’re taking about half the time 😂). I have listened to nearly every episode, starting back at the earliest one available, and have slowly worked my way to the present. My only complaint is that I’m almost caught up to current day - however will I manage with only one episode a week now?!? Guess I’ll finally have to do what I’ve been meaning to do for ages and become a BFOTS so I can get that extra content - I kinda feel like a Popcast ‘junkie’ who just needs that next hit - but I mean that in the best, most wholesome way possible! (I am a Chick-fil-A mom, after all! ;) So glad to make good on my New Years Resolution of finally leaving a Five Star review and becoming a BFOTS!!
  • AmandaMarilynJohnson
    This is my favorite podcast!
    I no longer know how to pronounce Ralph Fiennes, but besides that this is my absolute favorite podcast. Knox & Jamie never fail to make me laugh and feel known as a fellow pop culture enthusiast! I do NOT miss a single episode.
  • chelsealynn522
    Popcast love
    So good! Wish I could get access to the bachelor episodes in this app...
  • Linds Yoder
    Long overdue
    OG listener and why did I wait so long to give a rave review?! Always my #1, go-to, repeat-listen podcast!
  • themewster12
    love it.
    love your podcast. it’s super entertaining and has me in tears from laughing most of the time. however, (this is for jamie) i never understood your fear of middle schoolers. i just don’t get it. we are all dumb and inexperienced in the world, making you much smarter than us. also, most of the guys in my grade are like barely 5”3’ and 90 pounds. i don’t get it. we’re not scary.
  • JessCrawford98
    Bad Review for a Great Show
    I’ve procrastinated writing a review for the show for over a year (I’ve even been a Best Friend of the Show for a year) because I couldn’t think of anything clever enough to be read on the show. I still haven’t thought of anything, but I wanted to finally leave a review anyway. The Popcast is the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to! Even if my review isn’t clever, Knox and Jamie are. If you aren’t listening yet, what are you even doing with your life?!
  • PamPMc
    A Podcast Must
    A year ago I didn’t know who Knox And Jamie were, and now my week isn’t complete without them. Funny, insightful, and the best way to endure my long commute each weekend. Give them a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • msjohns45
    Who Needs Friends When you Can Have These Guys!?
    HILAROUS! I am also a BFOTS and can't get enough of these guys! Laugh out loud funny - especially the interactions between Knox and Jamie! I am stationed in Korea right now where the one rule of the road is "Do whatever you want." (Example: Oh, you're in a u-turn only lane but you don't want to u-turn... sure, do what you want, go straight, f!@# it.) I listen to this podcast while I'm driving to keep from loosing it on the road. It's a great way to start my morning, and I'm laying off my car horn much more...but that's mainly because the horn is dying from so much use... Bottom Line here: Don't get roadrage, get The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, and worry 'bout yo-self! Hundo P! 5-Stars. Highly Recommend!
  • notlost139
    The podcast I didn’t know I needed.
    This podcast made a cubicle and now an office survivable. I rely on Knox & Jamie for shows and movies to melt my brain when I get off work, other podcasts to listen to while trapped at work, and books to expand my mind. 😂 Their cinema side pieces are really how I got hooked and the great content has kept me around. I love that Jamie and Knox are simultaneously so seriously opinionated and yet don’t take themselves too seriously at all - because this truly is a show that will educate you on things that entertain but do not matter.
  • elledub17
    Hundo P!
    In answer to a customer’s question my response was “hundo p!” and they looked at me like I was nuts! All I could do was laugh, which is all I can do when listening to Knox and Jamie! Love The Popcast! If you don’t then you are boring! Keep up the hilarity y’all!
  • lauren_catherine
    if you aren’t listening to this.... are doing podcasts wrong. That sounds grammatically incorrect but you know what I mean.
  • ekenned07
    Get ready to get ADDICTED
    Was introduced to this podcast before jumping on a plane, listened to three episodes on the plane, became a friend of the show, and knocked out some bible binge in the same day. I’m Knox and Jamie obsessed. Seriously best podcast ever!
  • BlackBeltReader
    So many laughs!
    You need this podcast in your life!
  • MachStokes
    Funny fun
    I especially look forward to hearing Knox introduce Jamie in each episode.
  • Twagner12
    The BEST
    I don’t even care about pop culture but I love this podcast. Knox & Jaime make me belly laugh while also producing interesting and thought provoking content. The only thing I don’t like about this podcast is the weekly reminder that Knox & Jamie live in Alabama and can’t be my best friends.
  • CteensD
    Absolutely Fantastic
    This duo and their support staff are absolutely hilarious and I truly look forward to listening each week. Every green light I have followed up on has been an A+ as well. Thanks!
  • RebeccaHorton
    Just as good as the crack cocaine
    I love this podcast so much, I feel like Knox and Jamie are my real life friends. So much so that their recent encounter with cocaine in the wild made me feel a little closer to the fringe, the dark side, a little more cool. Then I realized that if my not in real life friends being cocaine adjace was a highlight of my 2019, maybe I have the most Chic Fil A mom life ever. That’s alright by me because being a part of The Popcast’s target demographic is just as cool as cocaine in the wild. Or at least I think it is.
  • hollykrahn
    Making Wednesdays great again
    I’ve listened for a couple years, seen Knox and Jamie live, and fire off their pop culture opinions like I actually know what I’m talking about. Time to leave a review.
  • maddie hendrickson
    Knox and Jamie are basically my co-parents....🤭
    So I became a stay-at-home mom 8 months ago. I am also a super extrovert and as much as I love my son, having no adult conversation all day is driving me batty. I was introduced to the Bible binge first and then the popcast and they have both been a delight. I have dug DEEP into the archives, and am also now a best friend of the show, and a Bible seminary student(totally worth the money). I listen to them through out the day and I am a little concerned that Walter hears their voices more than any other human 🤷🏻‍♀️😳. Cant recommend them enough. Although I do have one spicy an RN, the way they say ibuprofen for one of their adds makes me cringe 😂 love you guys anyway!
  • MillieMeals
    Knox & Jamie are my besties
    10 star review for Jamie attempting to guess the Kansas City Chiefs! Y’all crack me up. Thanks for making parts of my day better with The Popcast and Bible Binge. Hundo-p two of my favorite podcast personalities. I look forward to each new episode.
  • gracevandy
    I work from home, alone, & the Popcast makes me laugh out loud by myself- which makes me feel both weird & happy at the same time... I love this show.
  • JusticeWaco254
    Can We Talk About The Bachelor?
    Enjoyed the show more than 1yr. Hot takes & trash opinions wrapped in hilarity. Didn’t know what to say in a review until Ep. 329 (The Bachelor Preview) wherein Knox & Jamie denounce The Bachelor while embracing its ridiculousness. News Flash⚡️: Those who watch this Jerry Springer spin-off do so to gossip & feel better about themselves. You’re enjoying the show as it was intended to be consumed. Own it. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
  • meganlegband
    All-Time Favorite!
    Knox and Jamie‘s hilarity got me listening to podcasts a couple years ago, and I still laugh out loud every episode. The Popcast is fun and light with the right amount of heart and depth and I look forward to it every week!
  • Bad_Woolf
    Go Listen Now!
    Knox, Jamie, Erin and all Popcast affiliates- This podcast is funny, clever and the hosts are delightful! I discovered the Popcast after having been an avid Bible Binge listener and decided to give their pop culture show a try too. I’m now a BFOTS and tell everyone to listen to this podcast and to subscribe on Patreon because you need that extra content in your life! I have adopted phrases like “spicy take” and “mean no” in my daily life and really look forward to hearing what Knox and Jamie have to say every week. This podcast is truly wonderful and I encourage everyone to give it a try. Knox and Jamie, thank you for making the world a little brighter.
  • Jlh7377
    Okay, fine, I give in. I DO like the Popcast. 😉
    After putting off suggestions from numerous friends that I should listen to The Popcast (for years maybe?) I finally gave in and listened. I’m sad/glad to say they were right. What can I say? I don’t do things just because someone tells me to! But in this case I am telling YOU that you should probably just go ahead and listen. Knox and Jamie will become a bright spot in your week every week!
  • bailey7.
    From a Grateful & “Wondering” Teacher
    I absolutely love the Popcast (and the Bible Binge). I’m a middle school teacher and I have about a half an hour commute to and from school. I listen to Knox and Jamie EVERY SINGLE DAY on the way to and from work. No joke. It wakes me up in the morning with laughter, and on the way home it helps refresh me from the daily stresses (including but limited to bad jokes, eye rolls, and ripe scents) that come with the spending my days with 11-14 year-olds. Thank you for keeping me sane. P.S. I am a first year teacher at a small Christian school, and consequently I wear more hats than my degree and licensure says I’m qualified to. I’m certified for math and science but I also teach 6th-8th grade gym and 7th grade literature. I am trying to figure out what book to read with my students after Christmas Break. We just finished an OLD fiction novel and I would love to mix it up with something from this century that’s nonfiction. About a third of my kids go to the church connected to my school, but the rest are scholarship kids form the community. I think “The Wondering Years” has the potential to be very impactful for the kids who weren’t raised in a pious Christian home and maybe don’t understand everything their religious classmates go on about and how they can be so sure. So two questions: would “The Wondering Years” be appropriate to read with 7th graders? And is there somewhere / someway I could by 17 books for a discounted price for classroom use? Thank you!!!
  • Amethyst W
    My piece of home, while across the country.
    Knox and Jamie not only keep me laughing through every day, but they remind me of life in Tennessee while I’m living in Alaska. I also talk about Knox and Jamie as if they are friends that I hang out with in person.
  • BritaniOverman
    I didn’t really listen to podcasts before the Popcast. Actually, I still don’t because no one is as good as Knox and Jamie! I feel like they’re the best friends a girl could have! They get me like no one else does. They understand my useless obsession with pop culture and they’re my #1 pop culture news source (because that’s the only news that matters anyway). I talk to them all the time, even if they can’t hear me. My life is complete now that they’re in it. There has never been an episode I didn’t like!
  • Magpie0310
    Worth the full hour
    I listen to A LOT of podcasts, and usually I put them on 1.5x speed because I don’t have time to listen to whole episodes. The Popcast is the only podcast I listen to at its true speed. Knox and Jamie are so engaging and witty that I don’t want to miss a word (plus, I’m laughing so much that I have to rewind so I don’t miss anything.) This is truly the highest compliment I can give to my favorite podcast.
  • pariswitha
    Talk more about Taylor Swift
    Knox and Jaime make me feel better about caring about things I probably shouldn’t care about but the amount they talk about Taylor Swift does not represent the amount of time I spend thinking about Taylor Swift so I could swiftly use some more Taylor content please and thank you. Five stars.
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