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Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times bestsellers. His books include The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, moral philosophy, religion, meditation practice, human violence, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live.

Harris's work has been published in more than 20 languages and has been discussed in The New York Times, Time, Scientific American, Nature, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and many other journals. He has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The Times (London), The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, The Annals of Neurology, and elsewhere.

Sam Harris received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

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Recent Reviews
  • kristi history
    Essential worker
    Sam Your careful and honest thoughts are what I consider essential to my sanity during this past year and so far into 2021. If only people would listen to you openly even if they don’t agree. Just because they don’t agree doesn’t make them right. Keep up your genuinely brave work
  • Cwrenchin
    Had bight hopes
    Just another just another scholar pushing the propaganda of the radical left.
  • misseaux
    Terminal TDS
    This man has it.
  • Publius MMXX
    Seemed like a nice guy
    I like Sam and thought he was really great for a couple years. But then he said something that disagreed with my politics and my personal identity. I realized that he’s always been such a stooge for the other side and feel mortified I ever liked him. When did this political show get so political? Why can’t he just affirm all my beliefs exactly as they are?
  • Robert-f-1799
    Interesting and informative
    It’s a good to hear the topics treated in these podcasts, because they are very informative and interesting. It allows to grasp many new tendencies and other point of views of current events. Sure, the host has his point of view, but in our society of free speech, we need to hear every point of view.
  • ShootingF8
    Divides his audience
    Why does Sam divide his audience with clearly bias opinions not based on proven facts? I really enjoyed his meditation knowledge as I’ve traveled down that path. This podcast is nowhere near as helpful. If I want bias of this level, I would go back to watching national news networks. This is quite disappointing.
  • redbait
    Both sides-ism and false moral equivalence
    Sam’s recent statements about the insurrection once again show his weird obsession with the left, but reached new lows in attempting to downplay the white privilege afforded the rioters. His argument that since one white person was shot there is no white privilege is analogous to saying that because snow falls global warming doesn’t exist. You’re on the wrong side of history on this one, Sam.
  • sb2897
    Making Sense is the cilantro of podcasts. But it would be like if all people sometimes on occasion got the soapy taste in their mouth. There are moments where you love it And there are moments when you hate what he is saying so much that you think about turning it off. Every time it’s soapy though, he comes around and presents the issue in such a way that I realize it’s just a different viewpoint from mine. Sometimes I listen and eventually agree, sometimes I don’t. And that is OK. I am thankful to Sam Harris for not picking a “popular” side. He is just cilantro. Hate it and/or love it.
  • Second Variety
    Happy Next Year
    Like many reviewers, I am grateful for Harris’ podcast(s) and the intelligently kind way he shares his viewpoints. It is hilarious when, despite his wide usage of vocabulary, he sometimes accentuates meaningful opinion by dropping an expletive deletive or two but it felt apropos to do so regarding January 6th events at the Capitol. Harris gives careful thought in choosing guests from various cultures and backgrounds sometimes going so far as to brave inviting a guest who is hostile toward him. That shows he’s a person willing to listen and better understand opposing mindsets which is a very healthy thing to do and a way to try building bridges other than staying around people who echo the same narratives. Harris is the rare soothing-voiced podcaster who doesn’t earn money by shouting lies or spouting conspiracy theories as so many podcasters do who are strangely popular. Time is better spent listening to a voice of reason. Hopefully, our sanity will become restored by next year.
  • Isayhellahella
    Another white guy spewing tone deaf white guy rhetoric, I’ll pass.
  • SAMBOSS121.1
    Not worth listening to hit even 5 minutes.
  • Sage Fitness
    Thank you Sam!
    I often share your podcasts w friends in order to share my own thoughts on the climate of today. You’re ability to express is pure and eloquent and genuine. Thank you so much for being a light in these dark times!
  • ynalezinski
    In my view Mr Harris is naive and too sure of his views
    I think that Mr Harris should take some time to unpack all the assumptions he uses to come up with the the views he makes with such certainty... starting with the assumption that he is always correct. Until then, I do not recommend this podcast.
  • Vinsome9
    Spiritual bypassing packaged as a meditation leader
    Extremely disappointed by Sam‘s flawed and dangerous dismissal of the Black community. Your framing is racist, paternalistic, and deeply disnigenuous. You‘re a grifter and should recuse yourself from any designation of expertise on mindfulness.
  • FundMel
    Insurrection of Lies is right on!
    Sam, thank you for your analysis of the insurrection of lies. Only by seeing the truth of terrible behavior on many sides and empathy with the police at the Capitol can we begin to move forward. So many things have to be corrected. The media need to be more critical.
  • MSDG-D
    Thanks for Waking Up
    To go out of your way to say “both sides” immediately following the events of Jan 6, 2021 is a bit silly. I guess I’ve changed and this podcast is no longer for me. Waking Up is great and I’m thankful for it, but this podcast no longer has a place in my life.
  • VictoriaRunner
    Thinly-veiled populist who purports to be above it all
    He has an agenda. Reminds me of how I was way back in college, when I rebelled against Democrats—that same self-righteous, intellectualized, smug tone. I thought Sam’s views and talks on meditation and the mind were intriguing and insightful. Everything else is political advocacy for the Trump-oriented, angry white guy. Unsubscribed.
  • Supernurse Sara
    Moment of Clarity
    Sam, this has been, by far, the most comprehensive piece of common sense put to recording since the events of last Wednesday. Please do not get bogged down by those who tell you this does not fit into mindful meditation. It most certainly does. There’s a lot we all need to meditate on. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your words of clarity.
  • Toshmar
    Stop already
    Don’t you get it? Another straight white man telling us what is or isn’t white supremacy needs to stop. That’s like my goldfish condescendingly insisting that it isn’t the water that is drowning me.
  • jk1212
    Spinning out a bit
    This used to be a 5 star review. Like so many others in the media, the phenomena that is trump and everything that surrounds him seems to have interrupted the theme of rationality that was once central this podcast. To be clear I still largely agree with Sam on most things, but like so many others I am concerned he is just a bit too zoomed in on Trump. Yes he is bad, but I’d expect Sam to be more conscious of the various drivers at play here, of which I view Trump as merely a symptom of. Sam has aways been passionate, but I think that has hurt him in this instance. This country can survive Trump and a relatively small band of idiots willing to break into the capitol building, but I’m not so sure it can survive the allergic reaction to him. I’d hope Sam would be raising these alarms. We need someone to.
  • fhfdygcyhhv
    Sanctimonious Sam
    Sometimes the sanctimony coming from Sam is so thick that it could choke a horse.
  • NinaaBee
    Insurrection Episode
    I’m surprised to hear Sam deny the deeply rooted systemic racism and say now is not the time to condemn the Capitol Police for their lack of protection or compare the lack law and order of this event to the heavy handed response of the BLM protests over the summer. It has been reported by many credible sources, that the guard themselves did not know of a mob coming from their superiors (when their was clear evidence that this was going to happen ahead of time), but many individuals found out last minute from friends and family texting warnings. The officers themselves clearly acted on their own volition and not by strong orders. See selfie officer or officers who opened the doors and gates to let the mob in. Additionally, regarding the “black officer”, his name is Eugene Goodman, he diverted the mob from the occupied senate chambers. He did that on his own volition, he acted instinctively to save our government. Before you speak to the masses, get your facts straight and present the whole picture. If we don’t speak now, then when? This is a rare and clear example on a massive scale how the system of law enforcement is corrupt.
  • Albizu9
    I strongly agree on what Sam said in the last podcast!!! Mindful meditation is nothing without action, remember what Gandhi said “you may torture my body, brake my bones or even kill me, then you will my dead body, but not my obedience” thanks Sam and keep up the good fight!
  • c_ozz
    Opinions not grounded in fact
    Sam Harris’s seemingly provocative mind drippings are ultimately often defensive and sloppy opinionated rants. He speaks as though his opinion is the ultimate authority. This week’s episode completely mischaracterizes the heroic actions of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman. Harris describes Ofcr Goodman as running away defenseless from an angry mob. It has been widely reported that Ofcr Goodman deftly strategized, in the heat of the moment, a clever ploy to lure the mob away from the Senate lobby. Harris falls back on his biases and doesn’t fact check himself enough to be a reliable source. His podcast is a waste of time. I unsubscribed.
  • Asher2001
    Thank you!
    Sam Harris has untangled my brain. He’s incredibly brave, by speaking truth in the current climate. His voice is so important, especially right now. I am so grateful for his podcasts.
  • Foobamboo
    A Few Thoughts for a New Year
    Such a refreshing take on the uncomfortable issues of the day with the right amount of bite to align our state of mind and the direction of our first steps into this new year.
  • Steven@mech
    Sam, thank you for all your hard work on your Making Sense podcast. You provide people an opportunity to hear great conversations that span a large range of political, scientific and social ideas! Thank you again and please keep it up!
  • keepasimplelife
    Lol you think in any way that I don’t agree: well then you are in a cult.
    Sure sure better I don’t think or just listen to this podcast
  • erinmargo
    By far the most beneficial podcast in my library
    I don’t think there has ever been an episode where I haven’t learned something. Sam and his guests help shape my thinking and being. I don’t always agree 100%, but never feel like that is the intention either. I look forward to every new episode. The Waking Up app is awesome too.
  • Wilhomenah
    Meaningful conversation
    You don’t have to agree with everything he’s saying. That’s the point.
  • Hozrho
    The free will thing
    There is no free will but you chose to tell us about it over and over. *wink*
  • Eeeehdjjxhxjsjdbdhdnxjjdhsj
    Excellent, entertaining
    Waiting eagerly for the next one to come out
  • ejdicjenvijenenf
    My new favorite podcast
    In a world of intense political polarization, Sam’s perspectives are incredibly refreshing. I truly admire his ability to speak truthfully and critically against aspects of both the left and the right. He speaks truths that I personally am often times agree with but am too timid to voice in my own life. All the negative reviews that have been posted lately appear to be from people who are stuck on one of two extreme sides of politics and can’t bare to hear opinions that contract their own. Sam has great and brave opinions, and I would highly recommend Sam’s podcast.
  • PammerC
    I enjoyed your podcast on the price of distraction. Some things that were left off of the ways to combat boredom and distraction were old-fashioned hand crafts. I just came back from a doctors appointment with long wait times, that I endured by working on an easy knitting project I brought along in my bag. I did send and read a few emails during my long wait, but I wasn’t glued to my phone as most of the other patients seemed to be.
  • wretzer
    It brings me joy to see non-Christians like Sam Harris adopting and promoting the Christian practice of tithing.
  • JasonBliss
    Sam is one of today's leading thinkers
    It's refreshing to hear intellectual conversations amidst today's mess of nonesense. Thanks for keeping it real, Sam. Your meditation app is another testiment to your insightful sensiblilites. Keep up the good work!
  • There also
    Such disappointment in Sam
    Nothing more disheartening than someone who’s so intelligent and thoughtful and yet blinded by political lies and disinformation.
  • Tjpence2744
    Trump’s appeal
    It was thought-provoking but still missed the point by a fairly wide margin.
  • Sivi2015
    A pleasure to listen to
    Great podcast. Thought provoking. Thank you
  • Ad Loather
    Partial episodes? Next.
  • MHGunal
    Best Content
    Every podcast episode is great listen. Enjoy tremendously.
  • mcsisson_1120
    One and Done
    Listened to one episode and was very intrigued by the content and thought provoking conversation between host and guest. Just as it was getting even more interesting, the audio trailed off and the host instructs that to finish the episode you will have to subscribe, donate, and listen on his website. I did not like that but I understand. At least the info I did receive while listening here was good but too bad I couldn’t finish it on this platform.
  • Jolen Geo Starr
    Love it!
    Thought provoking. Insightful. Brave. Clarity. Incredibly refreshing.
  • Airehcaz
    Great Listen
    Sam is able to have on many interesting guests, and I’ve enjoyed listening to most of the podcasts. Among his political-based discussions (which makes up no-where-near the majority of this podcast) It’s refreshing to hear someone criticize “the Left” and also see how terrible Trump really is. Trump Derangement Syndrome should describe those people whom fail to see the utter failure that is this Administration.
  • Maraki38
    Please keep up with this…
    Your writings have helped us grow. Please continue with these sessions.
  • StudentofPolitics
    Makes Sense
    Sam Harris is seeks answers to important questions and values truth over simplicity. Grateful for his clear-eyed take on a wide range of contemporary events. Thank you Sam.
  • KimlenM
    Must listen Podcast!!!
    Sam’s honest, brilliant, mindful and relevant podcast must be put on your list! It will soon end up in your top 5 for sure. And you will fall in love with his calming voice, I know I did! Check out his Waking Up app too ❤️
  • Ali Schu
    Fascinating podcast
    Thank you for sharing! All Schuback
  • Joe453
    Good podcast
    That is all.
  • 5TuIz4bjN18K
    My rating is only for the one episode I listened to.
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