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Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times bestsellers. His books include The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, moral philosophy, religion, meditation practice, human violence, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live.

Harris's work has been published in more than 20 languages and has been discussed in The New York Times, Time, Scientific American, Nature, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and many other journals. He has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The Times (London), The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, The Annals of Neurology, and elsewhere.

Sam Harris received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

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Recent Reviews
  • Shushedffff
    Paywall to watch entire episode
    This podcast used to be entirely free. Now it cuts out half way through and tells you to go and pay for a subscription.
  • AngryBird lover007
    One of the best podcasts
    Love them and can't wait for a new one. These are basically my travel companions which are educative, thought provoking and inspiring discussions. Hats off Sam Harris!!! Take a bow master!!
  • enemyofgood
    Now the episodes fade out...
    Long time listener, sometimes financial supporter, but now annoyed ex-subscriber. Sam has long talked about battling with how to exist outside of the demands of advertising or putting up a big pay wall - but has now resorted to fading out the interview mid way through to non-paying customers. This may be okay to you, but it’s not to me, please reconsider.
  • Canookie
    Sense and sanity
    A great venue for Sam. Thank you for being a voice for sense & sanity in a mad world. He answers questions for many seeking answers, that make sense- uncommon sense. An excellent educator & a great mind. Peace of mind. 👍💜
  • meronius
    So Many Paths Meet Here
    Sam is an eloquent and articulate speaker. I am continually moved by the skill he uses to express complex though-matrices in select words in economical conversation with other great minds. A lifelong mysticist, I arrived here following the path of science to discover a fascinating confluence of nueroscience, meditation and consciousness. I had reached a point of frustration with the spiriutal path. I thought I had heard everything. But through this podcast I have discovered entirely new sources and channels of inquiry. I highly recommend it.
  • Slinky206
    My Most Looked Forward to Podcast
    Of all the podcasts in my library, this is the only one that’s a must listen every time. Sam is a brilliant conversationalist and debater. I appreciate the high level of intellectual discussions that take place on the show and I often become interested in the work of the guests on the show. By far my favorite podcast. -Matt
  • User 32222
    No longer a longer a listener...
    Been supporting Sam Harris since the End of Faith, back in 2005. It’s sad to see he put up this paywall, but I will continue to support him by buying his books, as they trickle out. His audience, and influence, is now drastically diminished by his self imposed decree. This was a great thoughtful podcast, and will most likely continue to be for the paying audience.
  • cfMoriarty
    Give him a try...
    ... If you don’t like what he has to say, you can always push “stop.” Cheers!
  • Trukp Supporter
    A soothing voice that’ll put you right to bed.
    Sam’s mellow voice makes for the perfect white noise as you are winding down for bed.
  • Opinion97
    Great Podcast! Couldn’t recommend it enough. Love the Nuance!
  • bjohns383
    Good Podcast
    For what it’s worth, I enjoy the meditation episodes. It’s interesting and often compliments the Phil mind stuff nicely... maybe do an episode with Robert Wright? I find his writing on this stuff to be clear and level headed.
  • sad since new update
    Intellectually dishonest
    Unfortunately, the same person who espouses that the only way to change the world is through rational conversation has decided to put up a paywall to these conversations. Otherwise would recommend the podcast. Rated low for the intellectual dishonesty or contradiction of the overarching purpose of the podcast.
  • Wurby
    Used to be 5 before the pay wall
    This used to be a daily simple listen to me. But Sam over the years has been so obsessed with monetizing that hes taken away content. Meanwhile others do 4 hour plus podcasts among other things without the need to monetize. Your greed is as stinky as the stink of a collection basket.
  • onlyfattybrisket
    Lose the sub Sam...
    Not interested in every guest/episode so it’s hard to justify a sub for 20% of the content that interests me. Donations/ads are the better way to go...there’s too many options vying for our times these days.
  • rb1231331233
    One of the best
    To me, he is one of the best thinkers. His ideas have changed my way of thinking and in many aspects, my life. He is worth a listen. 10/10.
  • Caio Malufe
    Interesting, Intriguing and Intellectual
    Every time I listen to an episode from this podcast I feel challenged and intrigued, and it makes me stop and think about my life, my beliefs, my view of spirituality and of the world. This has led me to subscribe to the premium access, and will probably lead me to continue to listen for as long as Sam continues to invest in this enterprise
  • CitizenRed
    Reasoned informative and engaging
    Positioned firmly at the top of my podcast ladder. Sam is well spoken and thoughtful. Topics are varied and discussions interesting. I Encourage all humans to listen to and support this podcast and Sam Harris’s important work.
  • Jgrock96
    What was he thinking?
    “Among the Deplorables” is a podcast I am listening to now. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a person whose chat is more filled with vacuous statements totally unsupported by evidence whatsoever. I’m offended by a writer who constantly interjects “you know “ and “right?”, as if anyone who’s listening must agree with him, even though he offers no support for anything he says. Padding his conversation with little-used words like “meretricious “ and “taxonomize “ do not make him correct about anything he says. Dull, boring, he belongs in a college dorm room.
  • truaxc
    I’m not paying for a podcast.
    Sam, I already pay for your meditation app and buy your books. I love your podcast but won’t pay for it as well. I’ll miss your conversations and hope you change your mind on the ads. Best of luck!
  • hahanfbfii
    Not paying
    Just subbed in time to only listen to the first hour. Took a minute to figure out I’d have to get his podcast some other way to finish. Not gonna happen.
  • z1g702
    I want to like it.
    But the host sounds depressed. Reach out if you need to man there’s hotlines if you need help.
  • cgrieco
    I've given it enough time - theme music is a good choice
    It didn't take long for the theme music to grow on me. This podcast is fantastic. Sam engages his guests well. Most recently listened to #179 with Judson Brewer. The conversation was intriguing and the back and forth with Jud and Sam was enjoyable and informative.
  • Believeinpeople
    Paywall after 40 mins?
    Was really pumped to start subscribing for the new year, then got abruptly discouraged by the paywall cut-off in the middle of the interview. Too many quality free-with-advert pods out there to fiddle with this one.
  • Graciey8888
    Episode 178 is hilarious
    “Spacetime has to go” is a very funny statement because it refers absolutely and only to the very interface you are discussing. Spacetime is simply a way of trying to understand how bodies interact, thus it is obviously relative at every point. we are only interacting with a small part of a whole, so of course our interaction is limited to what is meant here by interface. It can be fun yo nerd out on all these theories, but can we ask one question as we do so: what does this understanding contribute to our daily lives? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts
  • Jordan Reviews Podcasts
    Love the show, hate the subscription
    I discovered this show a year ago and it has changed my life. I’ve gotten into many new people and ideas because of it, read many new books, etc. But unfortunately I can’t justify paying for a podcast. I have my own podcast and I guarantee it is a lot more work and more of a complicated production than Sam’s, and I do it for free and am not financially successful like Sam is. It really is upsetting that I can no longer enjoy the show. Hopefully he’ll change his mind.
  • Rosebud2578
    Only half a podcast?
    I’m disappointed to see we now have to pay to listen to an entire podcast. Sorry, it’s just not worth.
  • Jeff the tander
    Greedy and lazy
    Sam wants everyone to hear the podcasts, but he also wants to put the podcast behind a paywall. I must have missed that chapter in the moral landscape.
  • EchoBoo12
    You have some really awesome interviews. Please stop with bringing politics in when not applicable to the subject being discussed, it detracts from the subject.
  • ShimonMazor
    Great thinker, interviewer, source of knowledge
    I have been following Sam's content for quite a while, and am very grateful for the knowledge he bestowed on me, the meditation practice I developed, and the critical thinking that I employ in my every day, thanks to this podcast.
  • 75 Grad.
    Dislike intro music
    I’ve tried to swallow the new intro music, and each release of a new episode when it blares forth, I run to my iPad to turn it off. Usually it’s just easier to jump over to another podcaster. It would be nice if you reconsidered your recent change and find something less manic and more towards soothing.
  • Chase the Case
    Disappointed with changed format
    I know you probably won’t see it this way, Sam, but cutting these conversations short in editing to push subscriptions really makes this feel like half a podcast. It may be that a broken podcast is better than nothing at all, but the way these are cut now just makes them more frustrating than informative. Hopefully the overall balance of losing some non-paying listeners to gain paying customers is worth it for your project, but as for me, until the podcast goes back to feeling whole, I’m out.
  • 0StarGeneral
    Modern Provacateur
    Sam Harris a great interviewer, thoughtfully probing some of the greatest thinkers and authors of our time. There would be a a huge gap in public awareness if this didn’t exist.
  • Man_Advanced
    Reallyyyy hate the new music, Sam
    Love the show though! But I beg you to rethink those particularly irritating opening cords 🙏
  • hayduke jr
    Arrogance too high to tolerate
    Educated but no wisdom Calls leftist freak Benjamin wittes an unbiased centrist
  • Zanzibar BuckBuck McSpade
    Philosophy meets neuroscience
    Philosophy meets neuroscience, and other extraordinarily keen insights. When I do not agree with Sam, he challenges me to think my positions through carefully in a way that I understand them better, whether or not they change. He's doing great things through this podcast and his Waking Up meditation app.
  • ForGoodMeasure
    Thanks for making me subscribe!
    Sam’s podcast opens my mind to ideas that enrich my life and make me a better person. I should have subscribed long ago but now I am proud to be supporting his great work.
  • speedy2686
    Clear and Honest
    Harris is one of the clearest thinkers in public life, today. Having been a fan since his first book, I can say that I’ve witnessed him change his mind in reaction to new information. That alone puts him in a rarified and prestigious class. His commitment to unadulterated honesty is inspiring; it sets him apart from and far above most of his critics, as does his willingness to look those critics straight in the eye and systematically discuss their differences.
  • Another Gamer Person
    Dear Sam
    I hope you appreciate the irony in producing an episode (179) about craving which concludes with a cliffhanger telling people to subscribe to hear the rest. If you really believe in the values you’re discussing, I think you need to take a hard f***ing look at your actions here. You’re playing into the dominant framework and allowing your work to become another place that attention capturing patterns get promoted. I’m guessing you probably have an excuse about how the more people who support it, the more you can reach, and the scale of your effort is how the good is measured. I encourage you to take a step back and consider what sorts of means you are taking towards those ends. If you’re allowing models of craving to shape your work, where does it stop? Does Sam Harris have what it takes to hold on to principles in the fallen world, or will he become yet another voice espousing the dominant ideals? Stay tuned to find out.
  • XanCam2727
    Subscribed :)
    I have enjoyed this podcast for a long time and just subscribed as a Christmas gift to myself :) I’m genuinely happy to support such interesting content. Great work, Sam!
  • ErikGSoderstrom
    Too bad about the paywall
    I really enjoy the podcast and I subscribe to the meditation app which I find of value. I really feel the podcast could be free or at least voluntary to subscribe and be used to promote the meditation app, the live appearances and the books. I won’t pay for two Sam Harris subscriptions. I really hope he changes his mind about this.
  • chp2021
    Worthwhile listen
    Sam is thoughtful in a way you rarely find in the wild. Even when I disagree with his conclusions I often appreciate how he arrived at them.
  • Jake Sandusky
    Changing my life
    I am embarrassed I haven’t supported the podcast until now. This is where I begin when looking for something useful to think about. Sam has introduced me to so many thoughtful and meaningful ways of viewing the world and myself. This podcast is helping me become a better person.
  • 3BrianN
    I enjoy this podcast a lot. It's not unbiased and I don't agree with everything, but I appreciate the soundness of the reason attempted and the interesting guests on this podcast.
  • Headstrong323
    Brevity Is the Soul of Wit
    Harris is a temperate voice of sanity. His selection of guests is skillful. But 2 hour podcasts are way more than I want to hear. Editing is a skill that Harris should learn or hire.
  • 303nickp
    Incredibly important work
    Objective, precise analysis of difficult issues in a courageous way with incredible intelligence, curiosity and care. Thank you Sam. This is vitally important work.
  • smitty.inthecity
    The good idea fairy
    In classic Sam Harris fashion, he doesn’t run ads because they’re responsible for “cancel culture.” I’m not going to have dozens of subscriptions of small payments going for all the podcasts I listen to. It’s not about price; it’s just about not wanting to track all these payments down. That said, it isn’t worth it to me to listen to his conversations when they get cut off an hour in unless I subscribe, which I’m not going to do.
  • Bw100!
    Amazing voice of reason but unacceptable marketing
    I have long listened to Sam’s podcast and have recommended it to many friends and family. I also have enjoyed his books and paid for them. I appreciate his podcasts but was surprised when my last podcast ended abruptly after an hour without warning requiring a paid subscription. It is not that I can’t afford this or that I don’t find value in his content, but I felt totally disrespected as my time was wasted as I was tricked into listening to an hour long teaser. I will likely continue to support his writing; but time will tell if enough patrons will support this new monetization model. Good luck Sam. I will truly miss your interviews. I look forward to your next book.
  • Al (-:
    Thank You Sam!!
    I should’ve paid for the subscription a while ago but I’m glad you made me! You’re right about our mentality toward all kinds of entertainment. This podcast is so important and educational. Thank you for saying no to ads and being honest with your listeners!
  • McFly960
    Longtime fan of Sam
    Podcast is a great place to come to for calm and logical interactions.
  • diatonic1
    Decent content, not worth the price of HBO
    I’ve generally enjoyed Sam’s podcasts. I’m a skeptic and agree with Sam in many topics. I unsubscribed from the podcast for the same reason I uninstalled his meditation app. It’s way too expensive. I’m not going to listen to half episodes because I don’t want to pay the same amount I pay Netflix each month. Under the old model I probably listened to 1 in 5 of the shows he put out that I thought sounded interesting … but I don’t think that is worth the asking price for the content.
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