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  • bacholtz1
    Testing on animals
    This review is in regards to using animals to test the efficacy of radioactive antidotes. Animals are sentient beings and feel pain as a human does. Use computer imaging or other options.
  • Jack M Hoffman
    Too woke and fixated on narrow topics
    Once in a while you’ll get a piece about a topic that does NOT surround gay issues, race, or climate change, but it’s becoming increasingly rare. I’m even a democrat, and I find it super annoying.
  • Cornhole jury
    Leftist Ideology Friday
    Last week the interviewer and their guests concluded civil disobedience through property destruction was the only way to deal with climate change. Another “Science Friday” featured a Princeton professor explaining that police are the enemy because they enforce immigration laws. This show doesn’t know or care about science. Any science content must pass an ideological purity test before airing. It’s another example of NPR’s donor funded Orwellian playbook.
  • Microgirl99
    ByeBye SciFri
    Did you really try to tie DRAG into a science podcast? Stop trying to normalize this insanity.
  • LisaPB
    Bring back Ira!
    Please stop the long, chatty, human interest interviews with terrible noise to signal ratios! Actual news about scientific findings please!
  • Shaydexter
    Wish every day was Science Friday
    Science Friday will always be apart of my weekly routine and I can always count on SciFri to teach me something new or introduce me to a new way of thinking about something. I’m a forever fan!
  • Zscdt
    No woke SciFri
    With your new show yall are really pushing the limits. After a decade of listening to SciFri, I think it’s time for me to move on.
    Even more misogyny in science
    Drag in the outdoors sounds misogynistic as a way to center men and marginalize women. Sciences have been misogynist for centuries, erecting all kinds of barriers to women participation. Now there is another barrier—womanface is celebrated while women are marginalized.
  • Pollockslo
    Believing that men and be women is not science
  • Ted Sled
    Love it
    Where is Ira lately? Did I miss something?
  • Uvalde Bob
    Fantastic learning experience!
    My favorite!
  • fingscientist
    Favorite podcast of all time. Ira is a gift.
  • Ohio Vick
    Comment on Dementia topic - 2/10/23 podcast
    I’m a long time listener & always learn something new from Science Friday. Just an awesome show. Just passing along a suggestion about how to care for someone with dementia, read the book, The 36 Hour Day. This was suggested by a Hospice Worker. It is a reference guide to help caregivers & family members. Thank you!
  • Bill Sadsburyville PA
    My favorite show
    Thank you Sci Fri team.
  • Petite Koala
    Political views make me sad
    I enjoy the show very much until we are diverted from science to a political view or “politically correct” topic. It is very hard to escape media slanted to one political view or another to manipulate real time ratings these days, and I hate to see an otherwise good science program slide down this slope as it does too often. It is compulsively “politically correct” and political. Outlier topics of marginal interest get big play here.
  • MinaFeeder
    No longer a science podcast
    This program has devolved from a popular presentation of scientific topics to a political bullhorn. Its advocacy for green energy without also informing about its reliance on child labor in the Congo, slave labor in China, toxic waste products, etc. is a real disservice.
  • Martineasy
    Trustworthy science
    In the mass of “science” podcast I know that NPR and sci-FRI are going to give me actual science. I look forward every week to the information in the news and how it matters. I enjoy the bite size fully packed I for that is presented in a way that is not a chore to hear. Thank you so much for the years of science news reporting.
  • podcast fan of Science Friday
    Missing November 4 episodes on Apple Podcasts
    We look forward to being able to listen to Science Friday through Apple Podcasts on the day after broadcast. The intelligent and timely topics are always a highlight of our weekend, Since the episodes from November 4 do not seem to be available on Apple Podcasts this Sunday, wondering if there is some change in the availability on Apple Podcasts? Thank You for any information on how to access these episodes.
  • Naima Naheed
    Amazing show!
    I love Science Friday. I am learning a lot.
    What happened?
    un-objective, un-critical, propagandistic echo chamber regurgitation of pop science headlines. The opposite of science and reporting.
  • Sephz123
    Sci Fri has become a scientific narrative arm of the establishment
    Science Friday has always leaned left, they are a part of NPR after all…but I think over the last few years sci fri can best be described as “A scientific narrative arm of the entrenched establishment.” The social justice propaganda woven into their science stories has clearly become their main mission, instead of the “pinkies out” sidebars that they were in the past. In this last episode they literally used the term “environmental racism” 🙄 as if even the environment is now racist too. It’s unfortunate because sci fri was always an interesting and unique show, but alas it was not spared during “the long March through the institutions”
  • ChopperHawk
    One of the best
    I thoroughly enjoy Sci-Fri listening every week on the old fashioned terrestrial radio.
  • guimtfrd234
    Excellent show to keep you up to date
    I simply love this podcast. It is my weekly must listen to podcast to know about new developments in science and hear incredible interviews that give me excellent ideas for what I want to read next! Thank you all for this amazing podcast!!!
  • KipsterED
    Used To Be About Science…
    I’ve listened to the show for 15 years. I was a donator for much of that time. But I’ve noticed in the past year or so that the show has been pushing whatever the current liberal agenda is at the moment. It’s become another political pushing show with the word “science” thrown in there. I just can’t support it anymore.
  • crazyleggs77
    Try space-time with Stuart Gary
    If your tired of all the politicised science in this podcast, try SpaceTime with Stuart Gary. It is a much better science podcast without all the political commentary.
  • moving on-missu
    Where’s the science?
    So much science to discuss and the program inserts political issues and trans issues into every story. They even begin a story saying we don’t talk enough about women and women’s bodies- and then they bring trans issues up not once but four times! The program isn’t what it once was. Sadly nothing left of real science in this program. It’s all commercials and politics now.
  • Mr Dextrose
    World Class Science Reporting
    The US generally lags behind the rest of the world in popularizing science. Science Friday tries to keep the US in the game. I think it holds up very well against the BBC’s Science Hour and Australia’s The Science Show on RN. I’ve listened to this program for decades and I think it hits over .900 in presenting interesting, relevant content. It’s probably the best US source for understandable information on climate change, genetics and pollution. If you ever get a chance to see them do a program live, do it.
  • Guy who listens all the time
    Right Wing Agenda
    I really love this show and have always listened to it and will always listen to it, because science is science, and everything is science so it is so extremely interesting. But I have noticed that so many reviews seem to be written by troll-bots and mention the same thing every single time. The Bot Farm should know that their fake reviews have a noticeable signature that screams FAKE. So keep on talking about science as there is no end to how interesting it is.
  • Rcd1390
    Loved this show fir years….
    But Ira and his staff have turned it into a venue to espose their liberal political views…so sad to witness the utmost politicization of science. Now i check the topic befire listening. If you believe in non political science vote with your feet and leave…
  • PrairieShiksa
    Hands down my favorite show
    I can’t wait for Fridays 💙
  • myDogIsWinston
    The Future Will Hold Accountable
    I remember when popular science started advertising E Cigs. I couldn’t believe tobacco was buying science publications to advertise to young people to use E Cigs. The last year has proven to Popular Science that e cigs were running rampant, causing abuse and posing many of the same risks tobacco always has. (Hint they don’t advertise them anymore) I’m a long time listener of the show but I couldn’t believe the latest show on marijuana. They described without any science a town as a “beacon” as if a religious hope could be found in spreading weed across the small towns of our country. Then they brought a rogue clinician on to tell us he’s prescribing weed for basically everything. Cancer -> weed Alzheimer’s -> weed Insomnia -> weed The doctor offers anecdotal information at best and some basic science on weed. How about highlighting the good AND the limitations of weed from a peer reviewed study in Science and stop leaving clinicians with pretenses that the marijuana high is the holy grail medical science has spent years to find.
  • nana mary ann
    I look forward to this show every week. It’s pleasant to get information from passionate scientists. Reminds one of the bigger picture. Thank you!
  • SplitSecondSuperman
    Left leaning bias
    The discussions are interesting but listeners should be aware that I formation presented as fact carries a left-leaning political bias. It isn’t all sound science as would be assumed. The presentation is influenced by political consensus rather than empirical evidence.
  • PamintheNW
    Bar Graphs.
    My question is where did you get your test subjects? Were they college students or the general population? If they were from the general population then 20% makes sense. There is a segment of the general population that is learning impaired so of course your study would reflect that population in your data. Not everyone can ever understand even the most straight forward concepts.
  • BobMan111
    Such a smart show. Interesting science and current
  • cate n pups
    A weekly must listen
    If only science classes in school had been like this! Thank you Ira, and team
  • Kane KS
    Left Wing Agenda
    This is supposed to be a show about science and much of the time there are strictly science stories. Then they just throw in something that has NOTHING to do with science and it always supports a left wing agenda.
  • N L G
    Something new to learn every week
    The information gained from this show is great knowledge for cocktail banter. Thank you for educating the masses on all things science.
  • Zincmet
    Still superb after 30 years
    This is a must listen. The wide range of topics makes me think each week. Glad to have the Podcasts after my local NPR station stopped broadcasting Science Friday.
  • riggsislove
    Depends on “the science” you adhere to…
    Sooooo… as most of you (critical, independent thinking) people know, even “science“ has been weaponized as of late and, as a long-time listener of this podcast, I can see the leanings of some of the guests, no matter the subject. I do not claim to be absent of all confirmation bias but I strive to be. This has given me some clarity of observation to see when there may be an agenda or at the very least a sympathy to one of which this podcast is not innocent of from what I have seen lately. So tread lightly with an open mind because EVERY SUBJECT has become political and therefore vulnerable to persuasion. Actual science requires questioning the “settled” science!
  • vicki'sInAwe
    The Bbb bill
    Please make a point of emphasizing the 3.4 trillion dollar bill is over a 10 year span. This is not a one time payout. The R caucus is spinning the whole package and were perfectly fine with the Drumph tax bill.
  • netherland again
    New tech in batteries. The show lacked creativity and vision. Very little tech details. I was hoping for a discussion about graphene and even woven carbon nanotubes from a university in western Canada. The only mention about them was the difficulty in manufacturing. What is the difficulty? Should there be a Manhattan style government program developing graphene manufacturing? Are we still questioning the importance of global climate change? What is the purpose of government re climate change and moving away from burning fossil fuels? Shouldn’t the media ie sci fri, be an advocate of something? Even if it’s burning more fossil fuel, so we know where you are coming from?
  • KaylarGochan
    Always interesting & enlightening
    From your micro biome to black holes to pandemic history… I ALWAYS learn something relevant
  • K7lee
    Politics A
    Don’t waste your time! The left wing political views expressed in this podcast ruin it. Poorly presented by uneducated and ignorant people. So many other great podcasts out there so pass this one up and keep looking.
  • Herself54
    Sloooooow Dooooooown!
    Tried to listen to the genetics of depression podcast. Sadly, I couldn’t understand what they were saying as both host and guest were talking so fast!! Please slow down so people can understand what you’re saying!!
  • Twijordan
    The episodes were entirely about politics. The statements given weren’t objective and very little actual science was included.
  • qqz114
    Science boring
    A tedious boring and dumbed downed show tailored to what your grandad might have thought science was about. Very little hard science. Lately it’s nonstop COVID coverage every week and it deals with COVID policy not even much of the science. Listen to the bbc naked scientist or other bbs science shows. Science Friday is just awfuland a waste of time
  • micah margaret
    thank you!
    thank you for showcasing diverse voices!!!! thank you for being more gender inclusive!!!! thank you!
  • Trying 404
    I feel informed
    I now have fun facts to talk about with friends every week. I feel informed and love it. Great cast.
  • Friction68
    Finally a show squarely in the nonfiction section
    Great show, I’ve been listening since the beginning. Nice to have a pure science show without the normal soft speak to cushion the impact facts and truth have on the “logically, reason ability challenged”.
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