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Honest and uncensored - this is not your father’s boring finance show. This show brings much needed ACTIONABLE advice to a people who hate being lectured about personal finance from the out-of-touch one percent. Andrew and Matt are relatable, funny, and brash. Their down-to-earth discussions about money are entertaining whether you’re a financial whiz or just starting out. To be a part of the show and get your financial questions answered, send an email to

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  • 88moa
    A big fan.
    I’ve been listening to this podcast on and off for years now. I was surprised when they changed hosts. Apparently the new host is one of the original hosts -before I stated listening- (the one with the bad rental and beer brewing hobby?) nothing against him I just feel like the younger gentleman who hosted after him and has his own podcast (college into geek) makes this show much more interesting. Bring him back please
  • done still
    Can’t listen anymore
    I’ve been listening for years but recently it’s really been difficult to get through the episode. The first 5 minutes are about beer, I don’t care about what you’re drinking. At first I liked that it wasn’t overly professional and easier to understand, but now I find it just to be unprepared and all over the place. The guys seem to have a negative attitude to everything in the market. Listening to Matt complain about his rental property when he really just made a bad home purchase and is trying to pass it off as a rental is frustrating. I have to let it go.
  • WiredLegacy
    Don’t know why you need to use the F-bomb. Shows your lack of intelligence.
  • papabev
    Fun to listen to don’t follow the advice
    Basically if you listen to Andrew’s advice you would borrow as much money as possible and invest it splitting the supposed rate of return versus the rate of the loan Can you really take someone who suggests leasing a car vs buying because he “doesn’t want his money tied up” serious. Paying a lease payment the fees with setting up the lease and at the end all you did was rent a car at a high cost. The “advice” is down right dangerous and unless everything goes perfectly you will end up bankrupt. Avoid this podcast at all costs or else it’ll cost you big
  • MODragons
    Get rid of Matt
    Today’s show - ‘Rich people are Cheap’ was the last straw for me with Matt. There was a moment when I felt like Andrew could not even respond to Matt (when he went off about collecting baseball cards and how he hates ‘experiences’ etc) when I hope Andrew was thinking ‘I have to get rid of this guy, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t listen to a word I say and is argumentative’. Matt is terrible. He knows nothing, anything he doesn’t like to do is ‘stupid’ and sounds like a child. Andrew please find someone better. When you do I’ll come back and listen to you.
  • Lorenzo Rocero
    Up to Date, Relatable and Simple
    New subscriber as of Jan 16, 2020. If you are a new visitor like me, the “Why Rich People are Rich” podcast covers exactly what's titled. The two gentlemen covered the discussion clearly, simple worded, and goal oriented. However, there are minor sidebars and comments (that are typically on topic) of their own experiences/views. This is extremely important to me as a listener due to the fact that the podcast isn’t aimlessly using my time with filler conversations that are irrelevant to the topic. Like I stated above, it’s simple, direct and properly thought out. Keep this up and I’ll be a lifetime member. Thank you. -L
  • ghiakarla_
    One of my favorite money podcasts
    I have heard so many golden nuggets from these guys and enjoy hearing both sides to a topic. Their tips have made me enjoyed doing what I need to do increase my net worth. I crack up at their commentary and honesty. This podcast is the community I need, thanks guys!
  • PodcastinDayyyyy
    Disorganized and loud
    Had to unsubscribe. Listened to several episodes, and didn’t learn anything new. The hosts are all over the place with content and when the episode starts it sounds like they are yelling in the intro. I tried, I just can’t get onboard with this financial podcast, there are many others that are better.
  • ps.daps
    The show was good before!
    Recent episodes don’t contain any new or useful information and last 3-4 episodes just repeats of old shows. Feels like hosts ran out of ideas for the show. I suggest to listen to all previous show till 2019 - first quarter 2019 episodes. P.S. Hosts before you asked listeners about what ads (category) they want to hear. I found ads very relevant before for the show content. Now it’s just random useless ads for the listeners. Feels like the hosts priority changed during show history and became just to make money off of it at any cost. I think listeners who listens the shows from the beginning will find this trend. Show is good at any means just recently going down the hill. I will 100% continue listening hopefully I will see changes and would love to update my review to more then 2 stars!
  • InvaderBean
    Get your financial house in order!
    This is a financial education presented in a relatable way. Andrew, Matt, Thomas and their many guests explore every financial topic we can throw at them. They help teach all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know. Best of all, they are living out the strategies that they speak about. And we can follow along with them to see how it plays out over time. Their style is entertaining, straightforward, and honest. Listening to the podcast is like hanging out with a couple of regular dudes. They have helped me get my financial house in order and seek out better things in life. I wish I discovered them when they first launched!
  • Gariooooon
    Great show guys.
    You’re the first financial literacy podcast I’ve listened to and I love the content. It’s very relatable and welcoming to somebody who is just getting into the investing/financial literacy aspect of life. Looking forward to all the new content!
  • itsallforthekids
    Great show. Great fellas. Great guests.
    I look forward to the release of this one each week. These guys helped me grow my knowledge in personal finance and find interest in real estate. I thought I was doing well with finance but didn’t realise there are many more available tools and vehicles to use for smarter investment decisions.
  • E.V.ddie
    Not that good
    Hard to take these guys seriously. They sound young and inexperienced. With my finances I trust people with experience and wisdom and who are articulate. These guys display none of that. Millennial type podcast. Definitely a pass
  • C4pnMurica
    Best use of idle time
    I have been listening to these guys regularly for a while now. I find value in reinforcing a fiscally responsible mindset so I can be financially successful in the future. These two entertaining guys provide me with those reinforcements on a regular basis while occasionally even introducing new concepts. I’ve tried some other finance podcasts, but the others are rarely entertaining and are frequently highly technical. I am a pharmacist with an MBA, so I generally understand a lot of this anyway, but if I had this resource back when I was an underpaid factory worker, I would be so much more financially successful now. Do yourself a favor and listen, because money matters!
  • Hina Layla
    •Money really matters•
  • Amarae E.
    Forever Grateful
    These guys are seriously THE BEST!! I started listening about 6 months ago, and I can truly say this podcast has changed my life. Since becoming a subscriber, I’ve started thinking about everything differently. I’m a more motivated person, more positive about my financial future, and I’m actively seeking out new learning opportunities to grow my financial knowledge. From someone who is literally drowning in student loan debt ($255k—thank you private grad school!), I can tell you that this podcast is an amazing tool for all the financial dummies out there! These guys have sparked the finance nerd that’s been hibernating inside me for the last 28 years. All I can say is that I wish I would have started listening sooner!! If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, add them to your list!
  • PickTakesPics
    Weekly listen
    You guys are the best, very helpful and entertaining!
  • glitterguzzler
    Financial noob to enthusiasts
    I never understood the importance of finance until I started an MBA. I went for an undergrad because it was expected... not thinking of my future so my major was not incredibly lucrative. So my first finance class was a mess. After googling “time value of money” for an assignment I stumbled upon this podcast. Suddenly finance wasn’t homework and a textbook. It became real. Beer, friendship, finance. This is a great way to start your journey into financial responsibility. It’s fun now to learn more about the power of your own decisions regarding your money. These guys have taken away any fear I once had about diving into this unknown territory. I recommend this post cast to all of my 20 something friends to start taking control of their finances and their future. Thank you for making finance fun.
  • R2G2
    Awesome Show
    I really enjoy this show. I have a lot of respect for Dave Ramsey but it’s nice to get advice from people that are a little younger and more open minded. Keep it up!
  • Victor Q.
    Very entertaining
    Good stuff guys, I’ve been listening for about a month now and I’m really impressed and inspired. Keep it going.
  • ElisaMorales
    Love it!!!
    You guys got me started into investing and being more aware of my finances! I am listening from your very first one to the newest one. I have recommended your podcast to friends. Keep up the good work!
  • cw1984cw
    These guys are idiots.
    This podcast is so unorganized, hard to follow and not realistic.
  • investment advice
    Whole life?
    Hi I love the pod. Can you guys dive into the pros and cons of a whole life insurance policy? After listening to what the f are annuities I’m re thinking buying one. I’m 25 and healthy so I would be locked in at the premium health level. Thanks !
  • Lill John the Sam turret
    Changed my outlook on life
    I really wish I could sit down and have a beer with these guys, as they’ve changed my life for the better. I have always excelled at my engineering studies at school and got the dream job of my life post graduation, but always felt like I was lacking something as I didn’t really know anything about finance. This podcast changed my entire perspective about how to do anything personal finance related. Thanks for making my drive to work and school so much more pleasant by listing to this awesome podcast. 5 stars.
  • MrSkratch830
    Game Changing
    Learning about personal finance was always something that I wanted to do but all of the avenues of doing so seemed way too bossy or demeaning that I felt like garbage because of my current situation. I know that I’m not in the worst position and that there are others in a much worse situation, but being told that because I carry debt that I should be eating nothing but rice and beans every night really rubbed me the wrong way. (Coughdaveramseycough) These guys are the real deal. They don’t make me feel like a failure and they’ve awoken the financial nerd within. I’ve installed Mint and Acorns, I’ve opened up an account with Simple and I’m ready to begin the real work. Thanks guys, really.
  • brother darren ✊🏿✊🏿
    Great show
  • tford2012
    Mixed feelings
    Andrew knows what he’s talking about. Matt does not, or at least plays a character that does not. It blows my mind after 5+ years that he still struggles to retain basic financial concepts and terminologies. Additionally, the show has recently started bringing their politics into their discussions. I wish the show would stick to financial education rather than spreading agendas of political parties.
  • really annoyex
    Great to listen to at work
    My job is really boring and I’m done with all of my work before lunch. I like to listen to these in the afternoon because it’s way more productive to think about my long term finances rather than re-watch the office for the hundredth time.
  • Eleminohpee
    I’ll save you the torture of listening. 1 host, pretty good all around, seems to always want to be learning about new financial things and open to new ideas. The other host, will put down any financial plan he doesn’t use, or even doesn’t know about, and is condescending to anything he’s not into. Lots of attitude that he is much better and smarter than everyone else and completely unwilling to learn about other ideas. And then sometimes they try to bring politics into it, and it’s cringeworthy.
  • Doodlre
    Food for thought
    I enjoy listening. No one is pretending to be an expert, but instead engage the listener to start their own reading and understanding Thanks
  • PoorandStuckInBrooklyn
    Podcast Crack
    Listen Money Matters has been podcast crack ever since I discovered it. The hours spent listening to them have so dramatically improved my financial situation, that it has resulted in more return on time invested than going to work. Their down to earth conversations and the simple, somewhat unfocused approach is reminiscent of the conversations I have with my friends about planning for our futures. I am entirely on board with their "my wife" and fart jokes, but I have also truly learned a ridiculous amount from this show. My new routine includes opening a beer and Mint, and I no longer feel anxiety while my accounts load. I now feel empowered by the plan I have set in motion to build wealth and plan for my future. Listen Money Matters makes me smarter about my finances, and I hope they keep making shows for a long, long time.
  • 99tts
    The guy with the pool website has a betterment account
    The one guy seems to understand what’s going on, but the guy with the pool website is in over his head (mostly talks about how he has a Betterment account). Guests are pretty good. Had to stop listen when they started talking about tariffs.
  • Wazzz up!
    Facts to make me stacks
    This podcast is mainly hilarious. It starts with a beer review, which is actually great because the only way I feel comfortable going through my personal finance is when I am drunk. That being said, they help me get through inebriation and consolidation! The other great thing is how candid they are. They are very knowledgeable and then throw into the conversation funny sidebars or monologues about their life. They also go really in depth about their personal lives which is just great because sometimes I feel way better and sometimes I feel way worse. No matter what I get a lot out of this at my 9-5!
  • JMattFree
    Alternative IRA investments
    Decent podcast all the way around but the episode on alternative investing with IRA assets is not great. The podcast generally sticks to low cost and conservative investment ideas but this particular episode goes off the rails from that theme. Having a guest on that promotes the idea of an individual investor becoming, in essence, a venture capitalist with their IRA money is absurd. Yes it may work some of the time but the very idea of investing in alternative investments with your retirement funds is a very risky proposal. The guest didn’t even know what IRA stood for. Very poor.
  • T squared555
    Good for the unsophisticated investor
    Good guys whose hearts are in the right place. They bring up good subjects but never quite fully understand what they are talking about. That being said, for the average person who is in debt and has zero financial literacy, this podcast is a great place to get started. What worries me was when they broke down buying investment properties and the one host said his cumulative return on 3 separate properties (each over 100k) was upwards of 40% which included asset appreciation based upon the “Zillow estimate”.. he didn’t factor in selling costs at all! Realtor costs to sell at 6%!! That’s a MINIMUM of 18K! How does that factor in “return?” Granted you get full asking price for your properties when sold.
  • Davidjoku
    Great advice for the new and the experienced
    This podcast is perfect for any level of personal finance. They tackle everything from budgeting, banks, credit cards, mortgages vs rent, and investing (along with a lot more). I tried listening to Dave Ramsey and the advice hurt me mentally (bad advice for responsible people). I’m excited to have started investing in Fundrise because of these two.
  • mbortz
    First time listener.
    I was interested in this topic. Can you please educate without vulgarities? I was unfortunately unable to finish listening.
  • hiltond13
    Essential Introduction to the World of Money
    I’ve been listening to this show for 5+ years now and while not every show applies to me, these guys (and Thomas) have been essential to my financial literacy. Regardless of the money that they have made, they answer questions with an understanding of where they’ve been and where they are now. I don’t care about the beer sounds/talk; their personable presentation of everything from the basics (simple investing, bank accounts, managing money, starting a business, etc.) to complex topics like buying property is like getting an explanation from friends. Terrific “money” podcast.
  • TarheelFan123
    Fun and gets your mind right.
    Yeah these guys might not be personal finance guru’s, but they’re fun to listen to and help you think through financial topics in a way that makes you think. Even if I know the topic, I listen anyways just to give myself a refresher and make sure I’m sticking to the right track.
  • CJBallerGa
    Great Podcast
    I’m still learning about Finances and Investing. I just listened to one episode and now im hooked! These guys are REAL and up front and I like the message!
  • Camccole
    awesome all around
    i started listening at the recommendation of r/personalfinance on reddit. i love these guys. they're down to earth and don't talk down to their audience. i started from the beginning and have been working to catch up. i feel like i've already learned a lot and am working to get my personal finances on track. 
  • -2477
    But, Like, Uh x Forever
  • Sato's dead cat
    Go elsewhere
    Incredibly simplistic, cotton candy information wrapped in a poor delivery.
  • DeWittLater
    Too much filler and chit chat
    Not enough real content per episode. If you seriously want to learn about finances, look elsewhere
  • PilarDel96
    Loved it!
    I am starting to learn about investing, etc. and I found you guys! You are fun, relatable and very informative. I plan to listen to all your episodes.
  • GQBert
    Not knowledgeable
    This is just 2 bro’s talking about personal finance. These two know very little about the subjects they talk about. I seriously doubt they went to school for finance.
  • steviebigtime
    This is exactly what I need in my life right now
    As a college student who constantly stresses about money and hoping that I’m making all the right controllable decisions, I can say that through the 5 episodes I’ve listened to I absolutely love this podcast. Going to go back and listen to as many missed episodes as I can, please keep them coming!!
  • KaintP
    Sooo MANY F BOMBS!!! Can't listen with my kids in the room. Unprofessional.
    I wish I could listen to these guys, but the amount of cussing is unprofessional and so unnecessary. F Bombs every minute or two just gets old. I tried to fight through it, but with my kids around (and even with them no around), I just can't do it. Unprofessional.
  • Domo arrigato, Mr Roboto
    This podcast will help you make money.
    A lot of helpful, actionable advice combined with fun beer reviews. Are you not entertained?!
  • Rj7521
    These guys... These guys right here.
    I’m a 31 year old man without ANY real knowledge of money or how to be financially successful. I started listening to these guys recently due to my wife and I finally deciding we want to make our money work for us and provide a better life for our kids. We both grew up without our parents really teaching us about the tools to be successful. When I say these guys fill in the gaps... that’s an understatement! I’m now hooked on learning more about investing, finances, and growing in confidence that my wife and I will be successful in retiring and giving our daughters the tools they need to do great. And they are craft beer lovers so That’s a huge plus! They are very down to earth and easy to understand for a Xennial/Millenial/Gen Xer. We gotta get a beer some day guys. You’ve helped me a lot and I’m now a loyal listener.
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