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Each week on the Life.Church podcast, you’ll hear teaching from senior pastor Craig Groeschel or a Life.Church pastor. Get practical, relevant, biblical perspectives on topics that matter to you. Visit us at or download the Life.Church app.

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Recent Reviews
  • kimber 123
    God word is true
    I love it
  • IrishLadOKC
    Expository or Self Help Guru?
    Used to be really scripture scripture is backing up whatever leadership tenant he’s working on.
  • astocky1
    Bless you All!
    I use daily! So good to put God in perspective. Thank you!
  • Hallelujiahandamen
    I needed this
    Thank you
  • scwjesuswept
    I’m so glad I found this church. Another good podcast is affirmation pod by Josie Ong. Check it out👍🏻🔥
  • Mimi in TN
    #452 Excellent word!!
    “What if our assignment is to be still?” This is pure gold!
  • gloria0528
    Love this
    Listen to this daily at work and it keeps me engaged, connected with God, easy to follow, and I love the leadership podcast too!
  • From Boch family (minnesota)
    Powerful messages
    One of the best podcasts out there. Thank you
  • A_good_p3rson
    I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Keep up the good work!
    I give my life to Jesus
    I give my life to Jesus! Amen I love the podcast version!!! Love this. Amazing
  • jtpump
    Inspiring and Thought Provoking
    Being a guy who doesn’t talk about his feelings, Pastor Craig has a way of helping me open up and break down walls. His sermons help me realize I’m not as “broken” and I tell myself. His preaching style is bits of humor interwoven with stories of the Bible. It’s so relatable. When I do yard work On Sunday, this podcast helps me have some Jesus time and focus on my spiritual walk.
  • MichaelJacksonTheBest
    Good Pastor
    Craig Groeschel is a good pastor who delivers the word of God in a clear way. He is anointed by God to reach out to the lost.
  • 💗colorado gal💗
    Love it
    Awesome !!!!
  • Tamisha Francois
    Leadership podcast
    Love his leadership podcast.
  • Looneyjc
    Pastor Craig is exceptional. Listen and build your spiritual strength, be inspired, and learn practical life lessons from scripture you can apply today to improve your life and grow your faith.
  • nguajardo2
    Thank you
    Loving the Grudge series! I look forward to listening every Monday morning!! Thank you! 🙏🏼
  • Ginger mom 3
    Ginger mama 3
    Blesses me every week - I look forward to hearing God’s word!!
  • JsRealStatus
    Hands-down best podcast
    This podcast is one of the most incredible church focused faith based available today. The reasons are because of this; it’s properly updated, the sound quality is exceptional and they consistently are operating in “series.” Which is refreshing. Also, it’s emotional when it’s halfway over the music starts and every podcast I literally tear up. It’s powerful. Go listen.
  • I pulled a maddie
    Love these sermons!
    Every morning when I wake up I listen to one or two of these sermons and God has used Craig Groeschel gift of preaching to speak to me each time. My walk with the Lord has become so much deeper through these messages and I am so thankful.
  • mirhar
    I enjoy listening to these sermons driving to and from my workouts every morning:) It’s a great way to continue focusing on God after my morning devotional. My home church is not Life Church, but I love how these messages are still available in a podcast and I can listen to them regularly! It’s been such a great tool in growing my relationship with God. Thank you!
  • ddtwin01
    Great preaching
    I love my home church in Kentucky but love listening to other sermons. My friend and her family are members at me Life Church and introduced me to their podcasts/ sermons I now regularly listen! Love this! Such truth is spoken!
  • Chaz G K
    Great listen!
    I just want to take a quick minute to thank you for doing the podcast. My friends and I enjoy discussing the sermons after listening and I thoroughly enjoy them driving to and from work each day instead of listening to the radio.
  • jb1102
    Listen to the Spirit and understanding that God has a plan for me is not easy, but this podcast sure helps. God bless, friends.
  • Amy Groeschel
    Life changing!
    I’m beyond grateful for providing these amazing messages in podcast format!
  • heather caz
    I’m in a spot in my life, that I question so much if good will ever come , understanding I have to also work at being positive .. everything keeps setting us back ( feels) no matter how hard I try? My faith has even been shaken due to all the negativity that keeps pouring in . I’m so thankful that I was introduced to ur podcast from a co-worker that didn’t have to reach out but could see the struggle my husband & myself are facing. So thankful to hear relatable life situations & uplifting sermons!
  • Fblover
    Working in the mind
    I loved this sermon. I believe it is something many people need to hear. A lot of people do suffer from being trapped by a lie and I think that the example given in the sermon was so truthful and hits home for people as in sometimes we don’t even try and get past the lie we just accept it.
  • Livbivmiv
    Amazing wisdom for all ages in all stages of life
    Craig is passionate about the Lord, and this comes through in all he does. So much wisdom in this podcast.
  • moosmazing
    you don’t even know how many times life church has helped me some of the sermons have been for me and I needed it so so so SO Bad Thank you Life Church am pastor Craig
  • Naive Midwesterner
    Closer to God
    I’m listening to the Hope in the Dark series of sermons. They are raw and hard, yet so full of hope and love for the Lord. I laughed, cried, laughed again, then cried again and ended feeling closer to God, stronger in my faith, and determined to “wrestle” when tempted to give up. Thank you Craig for your words!
  • Changed my life!!
    Massive value
    I look to Craig as a mentor. He is definitely anointed as a speaker, teacher, pastor. This podcast has massive value of your wanting to live your Christian life to the fullest. Should check out his leadership podcast as well. So much value. Thank you Craig!
  • Corey Lambrecht
    Edit: I have changed my mind.
    I was too critical in my initial review. I have learned a lot from Craig and appreciate who he is. This podcast is solid and I’ll continue to listen and learn. 👍🏼
  • Arthur Curry51
    A wonderful blessing
    My wife and I are missionaries here in Prague, CZ. It is a very spiritually dark place. This podcast is such a huge blessing to us to keep persevering for the cause of Christ. Thank you for this podcast.
  • ilbikergal
    Very informative and a joy to listen
    Pastor Craig I know you hear this a lot but I do enjoy listening to your messages. I look forward to listening to your new podcast messages in my car. I attend a local church here in Illinois and the pastor phenomenal as well. I enjoy listening to you both because you two have so much wisdom from Father God. My job at this keeps me from being more involved the way I want to be. One of my goals I have is to meet you and I’m hoping in August the leadership summit at the church I will be able to. You’re great at what you do and are a very blessed person. God bless. Arlena
  • Juicermomrun
    Can’t wait til Monday!
    Love every weeks’ message!!! Pastor Craig is an amazing leader and pastor!! Great communicator of the Word!!!
  • Dvjm9186
    Great podcast
    I am great full to life church for providing this podcast. I love hearing the messages.
  • FL Angel
    These podcasts give me resources, ideas, and reflective questions to help me grow as a leader. Everyone is a leader somewhere ... Listen to these podcasts and grow in your leadership!
  • pfads
    Practical and Helpful
    Pastor Craig preaches great messages that are very insightful and very practical and helpful. Love his sermons! Highly recommend!!
  • KDenisseR
    This podcast is amazing. Pastor Craig delivers honest, transparent,no-nonsense messages. He brings up topics and examples that I have never heard from other messages. He shines the light of Jesus in those areas that most won't even touch. His delivery is super enthusiastic and full of love for God that you can't help but dig in deeper in your relationship with Jesus. His special gifts of leadership teaching and discipline have really helped me in different areas of my life.
  • Kelly Eldridge
    Truly "Life" changing
    "Whoever finds God, finds life", is not just a saying it's the transformation that takes place through this ministry. What God is doing through Life church is truly life and world changing. I thank God for this ministry and to Pastor Craig and the sacrifice he and his family have made. I'm forever grateful to Life. My family and generations to come will be different because of Gods work through Life. The messages are incredible every single week. Although I have the privilege to attend live services every week, I often listen to the messages again and sveb years down the road. Pastor Craig has an incredible gift of communication and uses it for Gods glory. Thank you Life Church!!!
  • Tonyc57
    Great Inspirational resource. Sermons are timely and timeless
    Sermons are timely and timeless. Craig is able to bring God's truth and bridge the gap from then to now.
  • NingyMar
    Best Sermons on Podcast
    Incredible speaker. Incredible messages. Will change your life.
  • 5 Star Reporter
    Good messages. Real answers for life.
  • Bmckee1
    Life.Church Applicative Relative Biblical Principles
    Pastor Craig always presents the Bible in a way that is easy to understand and relates it to our current lives. The one thing that I appreciate is how Pastor Craig always relates how he struggles with living out Christ’s teaching and he is very transparent (real). You will completely understand how to apply God’s word to your life if you listen to these podcasts!
  • Elizabeth Sang10
    I love how short the podcasts are but how they are impactful, resourceful and practical. After listening I find that it leaves me empowered, equipped and ready to put it into action. LOVE!
  • Kmrdh
    Love these sermons!
  • Fiddle-d-d
    Not updating
    Really enjoyed this podcast until they stopped updating it a few weeks ago.
  • Paul-32
    Great podcast
    Great podcast! I listen every week.
  • AndiB123
    Intentional and purpose-driven. Pastor Craig as well as the associate pastors from present biblical truths from scripture in relevant and coherent ways.
  • BumbleBee1974
    Waiting for the next sermon
    I gain so much practical biblical spiritual knowledge from this podcast…my only complaint is: I need more of them! Only 21 so far…just hoping another one is published soon!!
  • wayneva
    Spot on!
    Craig Does a masterful job of relaying God's plan for our lives and how we need to honor him. If you haven't done so, read his books. I have read the Christian Atheist and Soul Detox which were excellent!
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