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Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks break down each episode of Pretty Little Liars in ever increasing detail. This feed covers Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-7, The Perfectionists season 1, and the HBO MAX PLL reboot.

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  • By Kasey Kucera
    What did Maya know
    An og listener and I just gotta say how much I’ve missed this pod. I could listen to yall recap bad things all the time. Laughed out loud in the pllss s2e1 recap when benji said “why can u feel it” in regards to Imogen saying it was gonna be the best summer ever. Please never stop or change. Kisses, -K
  • iMeldaYET
    So happy!
    I am so glad to hear your voices again. I wasn’t going to watch the new season, but I will to follow along. Love you guys!!!!!
  • laurenfastenau
    I am only watching pretty little liars original sins and summer school to hear the reviews from these two. They’re hilarious! I look forward to their review of the episode more than I do the episode of the show. Keep it up, I find your reviews to be top notch!
  • A. Margarita
    obsessed with this podcast
    I’ve binge listened to every episode of this show for about a month and a half. I love the way the Bros love the show; they take it seriously and so unseriously at the same time and it’s awesome. I love that they discussed each spin-off and their Hastings Dinner Theater is the best thing ever. I appreciate the Bros giving me a chance to fall in love with the show for new reasons.
  • dfoster0318
    Come back!
    Please do a Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin recap podcast
  • Ashlaayboo
    Best podcast EVER
    You two are my favorite. You make my work commute so FUN. I love listening to you guys everyday. PLL is my favorite show and I can’t tell you how amazing it was to find your podcast and start rewatching the series from the beginning. When I originally found your podcast, it was for Original Sin and I was laughing out loud so hard when you guys talked about that series. Now that the season is over. I started back from season 1 of the OG PLL and it has been nothing short of amazing. I Can tell i will be listening to this pod on a loop when I’m finished. Thank you for being you and giving love to an amazing show! And making fun of the original sin .. cause this show is terrible 😂
  • voorhees2020
    They’re intelligent and the podcast is funny
    This podcast is highly entertaining and hilarious. I venture so far as to say that the convos between these guys could be hilarious to even an individual who is not familiar with any of the Pretty Little Liars.
  • JoshAtTheBeach77
    Love the recaps!
    I love the recaps of PLL! As much as we love Original Sin (*sarcasm radiating all around), when are we getting another Cruel Summer episode? Season 2 is hopefully on the way soon!
  • iutl
    Keep going
    Love this podcast. Sharp and funny recaps of PLL. I actually like how much detail they go into, and I hope they keep podcasting recaps of Original Sin. Don’t get me wrong, PLL Original Sin is beyond awful, but it’s actually hilarious and entertaining to hear these guys recap and comment on this abomination.
  • DawnLucy
    Totally Enjoying!
    Having so much fun listening to this podcast! Before I started I DM’d on Insta to ask if it’s spoiler free and it is (maybe some teeny tiny hints but nothing major). Can’t wait to continue watching PLL & listening to each podcast afterwards! Oh and I was afraid there would be no talk of fashion, but I was wrong! Fun & thoughtful!
  • ponhh
    Good, could be great
    I’ve listened on and off to the podcast over the years. Both guys have really great perspectives to contribute as far as assessing the show’s narrative, character arcs, etc, and I genuinely feel like I learn something when I listen. However, the creepy/gross sexual comments they often make about teen girl characters is a major turn off. Maybe it’s part of their “bros” branding, but as far as I can tell most of their fanbase is young women so I’m not sure who those comments are for?? It’s frustrating because I love hearing their analyses but I get so grossed out when they make an offhand creep comment that it makes it hard to listen. When they have a female guest on the show they tone it down so it’s not like they are unaware of how that stuff comes across. If they just did away with those comments completely I think the podcast would be stellar, and a much easier sell to my friends lol.
  • BehindTheWhiteStatue
    I want to listen...
    But I cringe every time Marco gives an opinion or an interpretation, because Benjamin is about to tell him he’s wrong or not to talk about that right now. It’s so hard to listen to. Maybe it will get better in later seasons? Hoping some of the problematic comments get better too :( Interesting that guys who often correctly identify crappy patriarchy things, yet participate in it by making jokes about male characters being emotional, etc.
  • Cassandra florida
    Commentary tracks
    And interviews, need I say more? 5 stars
  • Mo.Jayne
    5 Stars for Toby Impression Alone
    There are podcasts that make you go hah that’s pretty funny...and then there are podcasts that make you laugh out loud to yourself like a crazy person. This podcast is the second kind. I’m currently on season 5 and I truly cannot wait for the season 7 commentary specifically to hear the bros’ take on twingate. I’m so glad I discovered this podcast bc it not only keeps me thoroughly entertained but also makes me feel better for being an adult nursing a minor pll obsession.
  • Ashmo.cle
    PLL recap ..... for adults.
    Semi-long time listener? Recently going back to the very beginning because I started listening in season 4. I love this podcast for so many reasons. Mainly because it’a incredibly inappropriate and also because it’s an adult podcast of the show and they don’t spend too much time on the relationships. Also, they reference Buffy and Lost, A LOT, and those are my favorite tv shows. Guys, if you’re interested in doing a Lost podcast with an equally inappropriate and witty woman willing to drink while chatting, let me know! Thanks.
  • daxpup
    Bros = Best
    These podcasts got me through so many dark times in my life and they’ve left me laughing at so many inappropriate moments. I don’t know how I can thank Benji and Marco for all the joy they’ve provided with their running jokes, insightful commentary and imaginative add-ons to scenes.
  • barbersj09
    33 and Re-Listening from the Beginning
    What saved me through the move into my first home is this podcast, that I obsessively listened to when the show was originally on the air. I cannot underscore how hilarious these guys are; their comedic timing is impeccable. They also are insightful and make you want to learn more about how television is made and the decisions behind something as *~seemingly~* trivial as a teen show. I only wish they would do some sort of live show, even virtually. I absolutely would not be able to contain my chill. I also would solicit feedback on my outfit, because their warped perception of women’s fashion (read: Swedish murder ballerina) generally makes me pee my pants with glee. My husband even likes it - it is the only podcast he will listen to without ample incentive on long car rides. I also suspect this is why he began lurking behind me when I would watch episodes, making remarkably thoughtful commentary for someone who, “doesn’t watch the show.”
  • Cali_girl_213
    Revisiting the Bros for a second time
    I love this podcast! I initially listened to this podcast when the show was still on tv. But now with the resurrection of Pll on Hbo max, I found myself starting from the beginning rewatching an episode and then listening to the corresponding podcast. It’s been a great quarantine activity! I love their film school background and the perspectives they share on various style choices and references to other tv shows and films. Overall, it’s a fun listen and I’d definitely recommend to anyone who is a fan of Pll!
  • leahungraceful
    Love this so much
    I don’t know how anyone could hate such a hilarious podcast. 11/10 would recommend this as a great way to pass time. Start at the beginning and just listen. The inside jokes are endless and I feel like I know these guys. And the length is fine with me! Helps me pass time at work and even now I relisten to them to help me sleep cause these two are part of my inner monologue now. Don’t be scared by the length of time or the monotone nature of Benjamin Light’s voice. ;)
  • a+m+c
    A great show
    I love the two! Their episodes are hilarious and so carefully made. Definitely worth a listen.
  • upset_person
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple years now, and I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me so many laughs and something to look forward to every Friday. I know I’ve been lazy about leaving a review. However, since the podcast is ending (probably for real this time.) I just had to let you guys know how great your podcast is. It’s definitely a 5 out of 5 stars, and I’d recommend it to everyone. Can’t wait to see what you guys embark on next! I’ll be listening. -A(bbie)
  • Nicole 537382
    So much fun.
    Late to the party, but stumbled across this podcast early June and have been obsessively listening since! Just finished the perfectionist podcast and ordered their new book. Can’t recommend these podcasts enough!! Thoughtful at times, but always hilarious. Had me uncontrollably laughing in my office but totally worth the embarrassment. Thank you guys for the endless entertainment!
  • MarkAnthonyCook
    Low Energy
    Really wanted to like this, I’d be interested in the opinion of two guys on a show like this. But I couldn’t make it through an episode because of the slow pace and low energy... feels like it’s draining the energy from me too. Can’t listen to another minute.
  • jalynn054
    Play by play of each episode
    Why in the world do these guys just read each line of the episode? Like we just watched the episode. No theories, no real thoughts on the show. Just reading the lines from the show. I wanted to like this. But guys. The show you’re reading lines from has already aired and was acted by actors. No need for it.
  • Miss. Sassy
    Good but could be great
    Really like these guys and their thoughts. However, I think this podcast would be much more enjoyable if they did a quicker summary of the episode. I don’t think it’s necessary to go through the episode basically line by line. We’ve seen the episode, we’re here listening to hear your thoughts on the episode not listen to y’all basically read through the script. Focus more on your opinions, suggestions, theories, and predictions. Possibly get the audience involved with write-ins or hotline calls. Still like the pod, just some suggestions to make it better.
  • sapphrikah
    I would pay for this podcast.
    I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to actually come leave a review. I started listening to this podcast over a year ago, as I had started watching the original PLL again. I watched an episode and then would listen to the pod. And it made the experience golden. They pick up on things I never noticed, changed my views of certain characters, reminded me of things to appreciate that showrunners/directors/actors/writers do without ever really getting recognized for it. They go so in depth that the series finally came with a two-part 6 hour pod ep and STILL I wanted more. They’re funny. And my initial concerns of a pod led by two straight white guys melted away when I realized they were decent and didn’t sweep any problematic stuff under the rug. I wouldn’t even be watching the Perfectionists if it weren’t for them. They put up with my annoying twitter comments too. Love love love this pod.
  • Kate Luc
    As I watch the show, I find myself saying, “I can’t wait to hear what the bro’s have to say about this!” Thanks for being so entertaining and making the show more enjoyable!
  • mugs94
    Watching the show just for the podcast
    You guys are great! Love it when you read the dialogue! I hope The Perfectionists gets renewed haha Headcanon is just as great! Love your choice in entertainment 😁 Can’t wait for My Name is Trouble
  • Kindly Ruthless
    So enjoyable!!
    These two are so great and enjoyable to listen to. I loved PLL and was thrilled to find this podcast while watching it. I’ll admit I wasn’t really sure I was going to watch The Perfectionists, but when I saw that this podcast would continue, I was hooked. I mainly watch the show for the enjoyment of listening to the hilarious and enlightening discussion on this podcast afterwards. So great!
  • terissa22
    This is amazing everybody check these guys out
  • laurent282
    Dana booker is trash
    Hilarious and 100% better than the actual show
  • Millena22
    Just dropping in
    I haven’t listened to any other PLL podcast but literally I don’t have to because this one is the best! I’m not sure when I started listening, but it’s been a few years for sure... just waiting on that updated Troian interview. 🙃
  • Lenachuuu
    Pretty much the second part of me watching pll is listening to the bros. Glad they’re back.
  • lhaahr
    My favorite podcast
    I have listened to all of your pretty little liars (og) podcasts at least twice and am loving your coverage of the perfectionists. You are both so delightful and I can’t wait to read your book.
  • NicoleO121
    Love love love
    Fabulous as always. I’m endlessly entertained with yalls podcasts. I slightly died when I couldn’t get my pods playing fast enough and someone yelled CUN* and the lady at the grocery store heard... there are endless one liners and I find myself hysterically laughing always. I checked out the novel website too! Can’t wait for trouble!
  • emilyportsmouth88
    Great Podcast
    I’m always looking forward to Marco and Benji/James’ (why the name change? lol) take on the most recent PLL episodes. They are very entertaining with banter, character impersonations/voices, and some great theories. Thanks for all you do :)
  • Reb Ginsparg
    Love Marco and Benjamin from Bros Watch PLL Too
    I absolutely love the podcasts that Benjamin light and Marco sparks do for Pll. It’s just so much fun to listen to their commentary and it always brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh.
  • ilovehf7
    Love this podcast. I’m doing a PLL rewatch for the first time since watching the show as it aired. But I’m ripping through this podcast faster than the actual show episodes. You guys are hilarious and insightful. Excited you’ll be doing the Perfectionists!
  • rockwutugot
    Stop Reading, Start Listening
    When season 5 started, a friend and I started re-watching the previous episode a few hours before air time while listening to the podcast, pausing along with the Bros as they talked. It will forever be a favorite memory, and something that actually brought me and this old friend back together again! Thanks for all the and thoughtful, random, and hilarious commentary. Also for the gift of Toby, Caleb, and Ezra voices, without which I may not be able to narrate my life. PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen. I haven't been able to find a podcast that meets my Bro-worthy expectations since finishing. And definitely the main reason I even finished PLL.
  • Callie Adin
    I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. From pigtunia to toblerone it never gets old. Marco and Benji never get old I could listen to them all the time. They came from a perspective that definitely wasn’t mine and changed the way I thought of the storylines and the characters. I have more respect for the writers and the why the characters do what they do. They have made me understand my favorite show and I have much gratitude.
  • amoody0512
    The only thing I was as sad about as PLL ending...
    Was the end of this podcast! Every week when I watched a new episode of the show, I could not wait to hear what Benji and Marco had to say about it. My favorite thing is listening to them discuss the girl's outfits 😆 this is a must-listen if you are a fan of PLL!
  • Hanna_1214
    Wonderful Podcast for a Transformative Viewing Experience
    This podcast is necessary for full PLL viewing pleasure. I discovered it a few years ago, and my PLL experience changed forever. You will be impressed at the details these bros catch, laugh out loud, and find yourself referencing them in your daily life, much to the confusion of your friends and family. Be sure to check out their other podcasts! Just as funny and insightful! Thank you for the laughs, bros! <3, 1/2 of your biggest fans. :)
  • GlenRodman
    ​"Bros watch PLL too" seemingly became an homily in conversations amongst myself and friends who couldn't see past teenage girls running in the woods at night wearing heels so, based on the title alone, I knew this podcast would provide good listening material. Upon stumbling across it, I was just relieved to finally have a dialog that shared my excitement of PLL when I didn't have anyone IRL to react with after each episode. Benji and Marco's commentary was exactly what I hoped it would feel like, a conversation with friends. Because of them, I laughed harder and paid closer attention to the show than ever before. I didn't realize though just how much they would amplify my respect for the show, characters and production process. For once someone took these characters seriously. I've learned quite a lot about the intricacies of creating a tv series throughout the time listening and it made me fully realize the care and attention the PLL creators took with every detail. It's apparent to me that Marco and Benji (and recappers alike) have even made an influence in the writers room and their contributions to the show there but especially amongst other fans is not lost on me. I'll miss listening to their v accurate impressions, theories and interviews with the production crew just as much as I'll miss the story and watching the Liars themselves on screen. I look forward to what the future holds for the bros as well as the cast and crew of PLL and I'm eager to continue learning, laughing and feeling all the feels with them in whatever comes next. When I couldn't get enough, you were there to get me through the week in between episodes. Thanks guys for giving me a deeper appreciation for all things Rosewood. -bro who watches pll and listens to several hour podcasts about it too
  • Naomi323
    Fave Podcast Ever
    This podcast renewed my love for PLL when I found it a few years ago. Benji and Marco are hilarious and you can tell they've known each other forever. I'm subbed to all their podcasts, even their Star Wars one (despite the fact that I'm not a Star Wars fan at all) bc I love their dynamic so much. I'm so excited for their recap of the series finale that's going up today. Please leave all the episodes up so I can re-listen whenever!
  • EmilyH226
    My favorite Podcast
    I don't usually write reviews, but as the show comes to an end I felt it necessary to share how much this podcast has meant to me. I've been a silent fan of the podcast for years now and it saddens me that there won't be new episodes for the guys to rave over and new theories for them to laugh at. I love listening to Marco and Benji analyze every episode, whether that means trashing Ezra, praising Spencer and Mona, comparing it to Lost for the millionth time, or showing me new ways to appreciate the show and its creators. I've spent a long time being as excited for a new podcast as I am for a new episode. This is by far my favorite podcast.
  • NickySticky02
    Twincer is my favorite theory
    I've listened to this podcast since the moment I found it, and I love it! Benji and Marco play off one another so well, and I love how they are able to make so many off-the-cuff references and know exactly what the other is talking about! I'm sad the show is ending and equally sad the podcast is also ending. Their interviews are fun, they are fun, and their theories are fun! If you ever wondered about PLL, this podcast will give you what you're looking for...and probably more 😆
  • okiestatecowboy
    My favorite recap show to listen too
    I have always enjoyed PLL but after starting to listen to this podcast a few years ago, I now love PLL. I love this supplement to the show. The bros get what makes this show tick. Also, the show is witty, detailed and high quality.
  • FTSAllison
    Give them a listen
    Marco and Benji never pass up an opportunity to reference BTVS so it was love at first listen. They add an extra funny but analytical layer to watching PLL unlike any other podcast. Their constant love of the liars’ bond above all else really sets them apart.
  • carlafowler16
    The last carrot stick.
    I have almost looked forward to your podcasts more than the show itself. This has been one of my favorite dissections of the show (or any show) and I have loved every single minute. Thanks so much for taking the time and giving us all the extras of interviews too. I'll miss this so much. Kisses -A Carla
  • Michelle_Stewrt
    Makes me silent-laugh in my cubicle every week...
    I was just about to stop watching PLL...and then I found the bros. They've made the last three seasons of this show so much richer to me. Their inside jokes have become my inside jokes, and I'm constantly shouting "Oh, the bros are gonna LOVE this!" at the television each week when I watch a new episode. They take apart each episode of the show and aren't afraid to point out the bad next to the good. They have brought so much to my PLL experience and I'm so thankful I found them when I did. (Also, s/o to the Bros BINGO board...I play it every week.)
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