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Tech News Briefing is your guide to what people in tech are talking about. Every weekday, we’ll bring you breaking tech news and scoops from the pros at the Wall Street Journal, insight into new innovations and policy debates, tips from our personal tech team, and exclusive interviews with movers and shakers in the industry. Hosted by Zoe Thomas

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  • tallsally
    Unique and informative
    Tech News Briefing covers the tech business and how tech affects and will affect our lives. I subscribe to quite a few news podcasts. I don’t always listen to all of them because it can get repetitive; TNB is a must listen because it has info and perspective that none of the others have.
  • why??$??
    Too many twentysomethings with extreme vocal fry who don’t know what they’re talking about. And ads are so irritating.
  • sam.808
    Good content, not a fan of 2x daily
    I don’t know why so many people hate on the hosts or hate on their commentary. It’s called news, and anyone, including Elon, can spout disinformation. Anyway, you all are doing a good job. Don’t listen to the haters. As a constructive critique, please revert to once daily. I never listen to the second, minute-ish long episode. There’s not enough content to be useful in my view. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  • Not exactly happy
    Tech lite sprinkled with opinion
    A couple of stars for the occasional insight into new tech or trends. Just need to stomach the opinion or high level understanding of a topic. As an example, disparaging Elon Musk and citing opinions from “experts in disinformation “ and politicians is rather idiotic. Two groups of people that have never built anything.
  • Yoyomama99
    Wrong direction.
    This “tech” podcast has taken steps backwards. Poor content, poorly produced. Not up to WSJ standards. Started out like a kids version, replaced the host, got better, then went back. I didn’t even listen to todays podcast. Elon and Russia. Please, leave that to the hacks on the WSJ news podcast. Don’t become CNN.
  • matt2377
    very useful short clips
    solid updates; thank you for this podcast feed
  • techgirly
    Please change the SalesForce ad!!
    I listen on Spotify but came here just to leave this review. As someone who works in tech PR I love the podcast, and the new format to get news 2x/day. BUT the current salesforce ads are driving me crazy….they are so annoying. If I am near my phone and can skip them, great, but hearing the actor’s voice asking questions 2-3x/episode each morning is like nails on a chalkboard. No shade on Salesforce but this ad is simply not it
  • aydin.eyvazzade
    New update destroyed the show
    Putting this review here just to let you know that these new changes dividing show into two parts made it extremely hard to follow and listen. And I hate it… This should be 1 show and that’s it. Now I have to go back see if there is a 2 mins long episode then skip ads which is like 58 seconds of it. Long story short: after 5 years listening, now ditching TNB from my daily routine.
  • ninaxiangji
    so many ads and so late with useless stuff like personal finance
    not gonna listen to this any more .. so many other more intelligent ways to get tech news 🙄
  • Smash Ogre
    Host fruit salad recently
    As a several years long listener, I have come to look forward to Zoe Thomas’s chipper delivery and have realized a host needs some time off occasionally. This podcast used to recognize when Ms Thomas was away with a statement like, “I’m Julie Chang in for Zoe Thomas” but recently Zoe is away and a fruit salad of hosts are presenting but there has been no mention of when Ms Thomas might return. She is missed.
  • Vermilion on the Lake
    Losing the message
    I hate being that person but some of your guests; like Shara Timpkin (sp?) needs to work on their communications. This is the very first review I’ve ever written. The continued upward-inflection and slow grind in the voice at the end of each statement simply destroys the great message they provide. I tend to advance through these guests when they come on simply out of frustration due to the simple loss of good communications. This is not meant as a criticism for content - these guest appear very qualified and capable. It’s simply a request to get back to good communications practice. I enjoy your podcast and will continue to tune it.
  • pwb in dc
    Sloppy and not engaging.
    Too much ‘ girlfriend’ and ‘tech bro’. Sloppy journalism. & not new nor so interesting topics
  • Munchysmom
    Great content poor delivery
    I love the information, but I struggle to listen to host. Something about it sounds like a middle school PA announcement. Wish it sounded like I was listening to a WSJ production.
  • Phoebe Platt
    Was good back in the day
    Whatever happened to the original host Tanya Bustos? By far the best person to have ever hosted the podcast. Made it funny yet smart. No one has been able to do that since.
  • Albanycat
    Short snappy informative
    I like the way they review things in just enough depth. It’s a good way for me as a non specialist to learn about new products and major moves in tech.
    Too much focus on social media
    Seems like every episode is about social media.
  • Tap!wa
    A Podcast For Anyone Who Cares About Consumer Tech
    WSJ Tech News Briefing is a must-listen podcast for tech enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Host Zoe Thomas covers the latest news, scoops, tips and interviews with tech experts in short and engaging episodes. This podcast is informative, authoritative and entertaining. Five stars!
  • tnspr
    Repetitive Ads
    Enough with the repetitive ads for the Future of Everything podcast. Too much! Especially if you’re already a paying WSJ subscriber. The intro music and sound effects are also irritating. Try harder.
  • Definitely Displeased.
    Great show, sexist reviews
    Wow, lots of commenters with opinions about a woman’s voice. Grow up. Especially the one saying she is “high-pitched” compared to the MALE host of the Financial Times Briefing. I find this podcast super useful for work. I wish the production was less generic but I realize that’s the case for a lot of daily shows that need a basic format. I’m tired of royalty-free-sounding music playing while someone seemingly reads from a script on every informational podcast. Whatever consultant told y’all to do that lied.
  • incredulousdoctor
    Pacing awkward, analysis surface
    Frequently the pacing of guest reporters’ speech is bizarrely slow with toots of awkward pauses. Main host keeps analysis surface level. Would be great to hear something that sounds more like an actual conversation with thoughtful reporting than the current “robots reading cue cards” style - WSJ can do better.
  • issafaudi
    One of the few tech podcast that actually talks about tech love it
  • ritika kapadia
    Just perfect!
    Brilliant, to the point, concise, well researched and well presented. I love starting my day with Zoe. Many thanks!
  • misterbuzz
    Tech Review
    I found the review of Mastodon as a social network informative. I could have done without the author’s personal and political reasons for subscribing to the service. She should focus on the service and it’s attributes.
  • DM7586
    Good content, difficult listening experience.
    Longtime listener. Quality and interesting topics. Hosts should be clear speakers to make for a quality listening experience. Speech impediments such as a lisp are difficult to listen to. You would think that would be obvious for a podcast. WSJ poor discretion.
  • bay state 23
    Zoe asks relevant questions. Thumbs up!
  • ZuniThor
    Love it, but…
    Reporter presentation quality is definitely declining. Between the vocal fry and one sounding a bit stoned, some of these podcasts have been difficult to listen to. That said, the information and subject matter is outstanding.
  • Audionews
    Teenage reporters?
    Ok kids, time to grow up and use your grown up voice. Several of the reporters sound like they walked out of a high school podcast. Especially Isabelle B. There are enough phrases spoken like an adult that show you can turn it off, please do so while you are at work.
  • Paul_NY
    Fantastic Podcast!
    This podcast always has very timely technology news and events that I’m always interested in hearing. The host delivers it in a clear and concise manner and The length of each episode is really perfect.
  • amircolgate
    Informative & Brief
    An informative podcast with valuable content. My one critique is the voice of the “host,” the high pitch and the consistent uptick in the intonation at the end of every sentence is distracting. Additionally, when “interviews” are recorded it is clear conversations are pieced together to give the image of an interview, but it’s sounds just sown together. See also FT daily briefing for a model. The pitch of the host matters.
  • Papolvo
    Informative unbiased
    This is an excellent 15 minute Tech news podcast. It is very relevant and unbiased.
  • hcrobg
    what’s with the voice?
    the voice is hard to listen! Get a better host
  • Mojo5610
    For real?
    Is this podcast still sticking with the presenter with a speech impediment?
  • Luckmeister
    Bad host
    I can’t listen to Julie Chang and I’m not sure why anyone thought it was a good idea.
  • seekingnews
    The Crypto News Briefing
    If you are interested in the latest in business news about Crypto then this is for you. If you are interested in news in the tech industry then you won’t get it here.
  • Dr. Strangelove!
    My Daily Tech Podcast
    Not a deep dive on the subjects presented, but it’s great for previewing the daily macro tech events happening in business. I do wish that they’d talk less about Elon Musk.
  • Irving Super User
    Perfect podcast!
    I love that I came across this podcast. In 15 minutes, I can get a summary of the tech content I need right before work. Thanks for this podcast. And for your NPS score…I’m a solid 10 😅 Please keep it going!
  • gionieli
    Doordash shows need for speed episode
    Substandard reporting by the reporter in this episode.
  • midwestgirl19
    Tech refresh doesn’t look at facts
    WSJ supported by Soros is just a soft left wing outlet. It is full of NeverTrump “journalists”. To prove my point again it spreads information about MRNA shots. Look at increase in heart attacks and cancer rates in the last year. Also, ask some funeral home administrators about increase of young deaths.
  • Nepheir
    Zoe Thomas is very unprofessional!
    In one episode, Zoe Thomas said, “It’s hard being a teenage girl. Trust me, I’ve been one!” Very professional Zoe!
  • Bill9163
    Zoey Thomas, yuck!
    Who hired Zoey Thomas for this?!
  • zzmsb
    Zoey Thomas needs to go!
    Zoey Thomas is an incompetent host.
  • Art3mis Jon
    Zoey Thomas is not a professional sounding reporter. In addition, they don’t report on the most important stories.
  • no lisp please
    New presenter needs to fix lisps
    The content is OKAY if you are into stories that follow the left narrative but the lisp on the new presenter needs to be fixed ASAP
  • Andyroozer
    How many episodes are “hidden” paid ads
    I have really enjoyed this podcast, but over time it seems like more and more episodes are just news stories that are actually paid advertising. It’s becoming more and more frequent that I’m asking if what I’m hearing is a news piece or an ad. There’s also little space in this podcast’s format to pushback in interviews with CEO’s giving a nice sound bite for their company that is ignoring the question they were asked. However, overall it remains a nice podcast that does a decent job of keeping me up to date on certain things in the tech industry.
  • PhatMoby
    Musicians Turn to Data
    What about Spotify and all the data from this platform? Who gets that? I was surprised that you didn’t ask or comment on Spotify.
  • bob gingras
    Whoa, “Nellie”
    The shows in last couple couple of months continue to lose objectivity. Apply the same rigor to left leaning companies as you do to conservative stories. The most recent broadcast company conducted by Joanna Stern was well below journalistic standards. Ms. Stern has a biased point of view when asking questions to Elon Musk. She obviously believes that the legislation in Congress must pass and how could any company leader be against such legislation. Ms. Stern persisted in her line of biased questioning instead of eliciting more background on why Mr.Musk does not support government intervention in the free market. Disappointing and makes the listener more likely to pass on future segments where Ms. Stern is involved. Please strive to do better.
  • WorldCitizen007
    Tech News to listen everyday
    Love the bite sized daily news. Crispy, succinct and captivating!
  • susieberrie
    Need more diverse content
    We get it, you guys investigated the "Facebook files" but kind of tired of hearing about Meta and their internal research every. day.
  • joanlouise327
    Content is great, presenters are terrible
    The voices and pronunciation of the presenters made me turn off the podcast. Please teach them crisp diction! They are slurring and sound like they don’t know how to speak English.
  • PTL Express
    Super Woke & All About their #1 Advertiser: FB
    Unfortunately there’s way too much coverage of the fake whistleblower and fake investigations of Fakebook
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