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Learn English now with a proven method that's fast, effective, and enjoyable. Speak English with ESLPod.com will improve your English listening and speaking faster than any other approach. These daily and cultural English lessons are brought to you by Dr. Lucy Tse and Dr. Jeff McQuillan, former professors of applied linguistics and education. Join more than 15 million people in 189 countries who have learned English with ESLPod.com. Want to improve your English even faster? Become an Unlimited English member and get more than 1,800 lessons, or subscribe directly on Apple Podcasts to get three new lessons each week. Go to www.ESLPod.com for more information.

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  • shahrzadsadeghiphoto
    It’s so useful.thank you
  • M I T iPhone
    great podcasts, thanks
  • amitis1998
    Look for...
    How can i find the other season?? I have only season 2
  • paultribeca
    Great Podcasts
    I have listened to these podcasts for many years! I learned a lot from them over the years and recommend to anyone who wants to advance their English skills. They used to be free but they are worth every penny and also priced very reasonably. Thank you Lucy and Jeff for your devotion to producing this content. Paul, TX
  • saherz
    It helped me a lot to learn English for daily conversations before getting my scholarship to US.
  • cnrbkr
    Very helpful
    Thank you very much Dr McClıuıan . Your Podcasts are very helpful
  • preto115
    The best one ever!
    It helped me a lot em 2007 when I was trying to learn some English by myself…I wasn’t able to understand people to speaking very well, but since I found out that podcast with Jeff and Lucy , it simple change my life! Thanks Jeff and Lucy for the job well done, I was premium for along time until a got back to Brazil.
  • Mpouladi
    Excuse me,are all of podcasts here or I can listen to some of them here?
  • billlllllllllllllllllllla
    It's one of my favorite podcasts ☁️
  • ogagod
    Impossible to lissen new episodes since make my suscription
    Impossible to lissen new episodes (I just heard 6 of all the episodes!!!)
  • lucas 53827
    Great Pod
    They are awesome, it’s a great poadcast mainly if you wanna get better your listening.
  • narssic
    Learning English
    This is one of the best podcasts that I’ve ever heard,it talks slowly and describes simply 👌👌👌
  • Wilmercp
    Really good pod!!!!! But
    Overpriced subscription
  • meganvo
    Great 👍
    Number 👍 podcast for everyone who learn English 👍👍👍
  • Grzamon
    It’s really good and easy to understand 😊👍
  • Zhrrd
    Error playing
    Episode unavailable error for all of the episodes
  • id:igio888
    One of the greatest Podcasts ever listen! I learn a lot of word and expressions from this Pod Thank you Badr from saudi arabia
  • okdack
    Not for now
    It was a great podcast in the previous time. But now it a usual marketing trap.
  • sh jahed
    find all episods
    Hi, I want to listenning ESL from the first episod, but i can't find them here! There are less than 10 episods. Would somebody please help?
  • Guatemala Centroamérica
    The best ever.
  • radiomann4483
    The Best
    Perfect 👌💯
  • rock7676
    Good job !
    You do very good job ! Keep it up :)
  • toaipd
    Great podcast!
    This podcast is so amazing. It helps me a lot to improve English <3
  • saeeddavaryar
    Love you doctor
  • Adel-Golden
    Such an amazing
    Carry on Mr Macwellon
  • olysachok
  • KyleX91
    Love this program despite the new change...
    I came to US almost 7 years ago for college. My English was a nightmare back then and the ESL podcast has helped me so much with not only the language but also the cultural perspectives. I appreciate this continuous learning experience and will miss the days I can simply play the podcasts on iTunes… Thank you very much Dr. Jeff McQuillan and Dr. Lucy Tse who are from the beauuuuuuuutiful Log Angeles, California. =))
  • aCrion.br
    Perfect support for learning English
    Listening to esl podcast helped me to improve my English skills and to unlock accelerated learning through listening.
  • Jeanpearllee
    Thank you ESL
    Excellent Podcast. It is the most interesting and helpful way to improve my English. Thank you, ESL team!
  • Jack111188
    Fantastic Podcast
    Words are explained in a very clear way. The contents are useful for learning day to day English.
  • Marigold.shirazi
    The best podcast ever
    I highly recommend this podcast. It helped me became familiar with American culture and improved my listening and speaking skills. It is the best for sure.
  • Fist guy to use
    Best class in the world!
    Thank you Doctor Jeff and Lucy. You are the best English educator!
  • Youngshin Choi
    Very helpful podcast for English!
    I've been studying with this ESLpod for a couple of months now, and gotten so much help from the teacher and wonderful script writer! :) I can't help but smiling while listening to the whitful script and brisk teacher's explanation. I am trying to memorize the script this ESLpod provides me ; 1. I listened to it when I go for a walk. 2. When I find a script is interesting and intriguing, I write down the script and teacher's explanation. 3. I repeat after the voice actor's normal speed conversation. (Lately I think I found the voice actors are the teacher and Dr. Tse. Am I right? :D) 4. I translate the script into Korean which is my mother tongue, and make a script only with Korean. 5. I read the Korean script now and try to speak in English, while recording my voice. 6. I check up if I was correct by listening to my voice record and reading the English script. 7. I review the scripts I memorized almost everyday, when I take shower, brush teeth, walk, on the bus, on subway, almost every time I have leisure time :) 8. I've memorized eight script now and my goal is to make it 100 scripts! Thank you alot for this wonderful script and explanations :) I hope you have a happy day!
  • Ashley xiaoli Xu
    Great classes!
    I' m looking for the english classes from online ,actually i'm from china ,my oral english is so bad ,i'm so lucky to find ESL POD classes,Thank you so much !
  • AlexHsiao7
    This podcast is a fantastic tool to learn and improve your English
  • Toto 2003
    I really like it. It is very useful.
  • MollieTai
    ESL POD has a very unique way of presenting various conversational topics in real life situations . Dr. Jeff McQuillan and Dr. Lucy Tse have extremely broad experience and knowledge . The scripts are innovative and informative . They are full of beneficial life guidance in all natural and native context . Go above and beyond to come out on top with ESL POD !!!
    Just wow.
    I have been trying a lot different podcasts and this is truly truly the best.
  • Hussein500
  • Colin619sd
    Very nice and helpful
  • Ma_b1992
    From Iran
    I want to say thank you Doctor Jeff MCQuillan for this great job , Damet Garm ( Persian expression ).
  • ohthenickname
    excellent, helpful
    excellent, helpful
  • 它夏的夏天
    It's useful for me to learn English as a second language.
  • AzizKh131
    A learner from Saudi Arabia
    Hello I just started learning English one year ago, and I really found Dr. Jeff's episodes very very helpful to speak, to have more vocabulary and even to learn American culture in dealing with people in the US. Aziz,
  • Mamuchar
    Many thanks
    She best podcast that I know. I will be very appreciated if you make more podcast with medical conversation. Best regards. Mamuka.
  • Mish3388
    I liked the pods. It's very helpful. It plays an important part in my learning English as a second language.
  • Masoud Tafahomi
    You are the best
    I owe you a lot. I wish I could have international credit cards to make some donations.
  • Kamal.aa
    Let me say sth, you cant find better than it
  • Torkzade
  • Mody Ahmed Mohamed
    Its Great
    You are awesone , Iam a fan of your episodes especially English Cafe Series , Go on
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