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He’s a multiple world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy, and a New York Times best-selling author. Listen in as Chris Jericho interviews some of the biggest names in wrestling, entertainment, comedy, and the paranormal. Don’t miss his unique, engaging, weekly take on all things pop culture.

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  • BigDscotty
    Flat earth?
    I like Jericho but dude giving flat earthers a platform is ridiculous. My IQ dropped 30 points listening to this clown.
  • Jennjersnapps
    Great for a laugh!!
    Davis Weiss is awesome!! I have never thought so poorly of someone who truly believes what he saying, as I do this guy. What an entertaining guest!! This man says thinking is a “God-given right” -so he believes in an invisible deit, but NOT a spherical planet? Seriously???This pompous hypocrite needs to stay on his fantastical frisbee and leave astronomy and physics to the experts. Thanks for the laughs!!
  • somtegura
    Used to be good
    This used to be my favorite wrestling interview podcast. Nowadays it really just exposes Jericho’s delusions and ignorance.
  • MisterHellJ
    I’d give you 5 stars but…
    I was going to give you 5 stars, but you weren’t in the Tokyo dome when you recorded this podcast. 4 it is, and I’ll see you on the next Jericho Rock N Wrestling Raging bone r at sea! Don’t tempt me with a good time!
  • laylabelle25
    jWo 4 life !!!!!
  • jbburg90
    Hey man loved the episode of Alcatraz. My grandmother said the Anglins who escaped were part of our family and part of my grandpas family use to run and hang out with pretty boy Floyd. Ive always questioned it, but the story she told me about what happened after they escaped always haunted my mind.
  • Thedood727
    Stardom Show Review
    I loved this podcast and the remarks and knowledge brought by Matt and Rob from the Stardomcast Podcast. Great show, as always, Jericho!
  • Sick of this trash
    I labor to get through anything modern day Jericovid puts forth. Perfect representation of who not to listen to in a dying business.
  • 87322
    The goat
    Soo good as a fan of Chris Jericho in the ring or out I love him aew
  • MarkyMark the Shark
    Jericho’s a legend
    Jericho’s podcast is hilarious and interesting to listen to, if your a wrestling fan and wants to hear stories about pro wrestling or anything check out Talk is Jericho, it’s one of the best wrestling and storytelling podcasts that you’ll ever listen to!
  • twistmyfate
    One of my favorite podcasts wrestling or otherwise.
    One of my favorite podcasts wrestling or otherwise.
  • eueodborwowbwhwue
    All around amazing
    Absolutley love his podcasts and super impressive with how much he takes on and successfully manages to keep it fresh
  • Scarecrowfelson
    Haunted Anderson Hotel episode
    At 29:58, you can hear a woman scream. I’m a seasoned paranormal investigator and that was by far the best scream I’ve heard. Definitely Class A
  • djdoubletake
    The goat
    Absolute legend for having the boys from hometown ghost stories on! Love the show
  • NierOh
    I liked Jericho back in the day, not as much as I like Bag Fries tho
  • TotallyNotLilly
    Chris Jericho is the goat of podcast
    Chris jericho has an awesome podcast and even though he’s my number one favorite wrestler I would never doubt his podcast career!
  • Da gameboy89
    Chris (Covid-19) Jericho
    This guy is one of the most egotistical overrated wrestlers and shouldn’t even have a podcast let alone spew his wife is a Trump sucker insurrectionist. CM punk will always be better than him.
  • Dartmonster
    Great Pod
    Awesome pod between Godfather n Goodfellas !!!
  • Muilao
    Love the music talk. Great guest.
  • capt ron's eye patch
    Show is bad….like getting herpes from a park bench and not sex bad
    Show is bad….sooooo boring….it’s just a chore to get through
  • Jason isnt lean
    Your show is the greatest!
    Hi Chris, thanks for being so consistent with your podcast all the way back to when you started. My favourite episodes are Classic album clash ones so I came up with a suggestion for one, here it is, Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power vs Far Beyond Driven minus The Black Sabbath cover Planet Caravan. I hope you see this review and consider this Classic Album Clash suggestion, Thanks again Chris, Keep it up!!!
  • Metal chic 4 life!!!
    So good!
    Such a good listen. And such diverse people and topics, not just wrestling. Look forward to it twice a week!
  • jackey boy95
    Great for wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans!
    Talk is Jericho is a great listen for wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans! A variety of guests and topics keep things fresh! Jericho steps out of his in ring character and asks well thought questions and shares his perspective on some interesting topics. I have listened to many podcasts that have been guests of the show! Thanks Chris!
  • JcVega101
    the goat of wrestling podcasts! been listening to the pod since the beginning! is there anything jericho can’t do? 🤣
  • Lanetrain11
    Good show
    Good show but When it is closer to Christmas can you do a Christmas movie review on your favorite Christmas movies instead of the movies that are coming out that time of year
  • true brian
    Early 2000s
    I love all the episodes of Chris with people from 2000s WWE days. Cause their the ones I enjoyed. And love hearing them cutting the shots
  • kenshiropower79
    Great podcast
    I just started listening and I love it! Especially when he was describing when he won the first undisputed championship belts! and what he did his first night! I wish he would ask everybody what they did when they won any belts the first night after the show!
  • YungxChoppa
    One of the best Pods out
    Been Listening to Talk is Jericho for a few years now. This podcast is not only for wrestling fans but for anyone who is curious about anything. He always has great guest on not only Wrestling legends but a wide array of guest from all aspects of entertainment and interesting fields. Overall one of the best Podcast out there. Thanks Chris!
  • Hellcats22
    Great podcast not only for wrestling fans but he also covers other stuff in the world not just wrestling. Very cool. Congratulations on 900 episodes looking forward to 900 more lol
  • Waelr
    Love the podcast 🙌
    Chris Jericho one of the all time wrestling greats, love hearing his insights 👏
  • WWE the best
    The best
    Chris Jericho is the best
  • murf_106
    Sad to see what has become.
  • VsDavid39
    Thx for sharing the story!
    Great pulmonary embolism story!!!!
  • best one ever !!!!!
    Best podcast
    This is the best podcast and my first podcast was the pat mcafee show this is better than pat by just a little bit and there both great podcast
  • Dora the extirminater
    Good Job!
    Jericho really expresses himself in these podcasts and gives me some great info on old wrestling stories
  • RobbieLaRiceKrispy
    Love it!
    Great podcast! Chris covers a lot of very interesting topics and this is one of my favorite podcast! I’ve been a fan of Chris Jericho for years. And now as a podcaster I’ve got another reason to be a fan!
  • Antonik33
    Chris Jericho apparently will believe anything anyone tells him. Gullible and redundant stories.
  • grown man41
    Chris is awesome at everything he does . He talks about more than just music and wrestling. Wanna know what I’m talking about just listen
  • Hspanikgrl
    Jake the Snake Stories
    I love the stories from Jake The Snake. I can’t wait to hear more.
  • ChrisH1023
    One of my faves
    Jericho just keeps getting better…love the pod, love the music, love the work in AEW. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻
  • Mistermclaw
    Guy is a total has been that is in love with himself. Boring and uninteresting so save yourself some time and just listen to the Jim Cornette podcasts
  • Kingcjkfrfbn
    Best Variety Around
    Love that Jericho talks about a bunch of different topics from wrestling, music, paranormal and you can hear his passion and knowledge for it all. Keep it up Chris!
  • 3511Dave13
    Great show
    I appreciate the attention to production values and thoughtful questions that probe without being dismissive.
  • Marian2020*
    Great Interviewer!
    Jericho is a great interviewer. I enjoy most of the episodes. I avoid the occasional anti-science, flat earth, conspiracy type episodes. Some highlights: Awesome Billy Corgan interview. Fantastic Woodstock ‘99 episode. Great Jade Cargill interview.
  • Adbarrio
    This pod rocks
    Love this podcast. Jericho rules!
  • FuzzyNavel1265
    Micheal lyres how do I contact u
  • JethroMI
    Wanted to hate as a wrestler. But he’s one of my favorites. Genius. Funny, witty, athletic as heck. Tells a great story. Music what a joke! (Wrong again!) Judas is my favorite song fozzy rocks! One of these years I hope to go on the Rock rager wrestling cruise. I’m saving! Looks like awesome time! And yes! Ric Flair that makes sense! Your the man!
  • rocko123456789
    Best podcast I’ve ever listened to!
    I’ve been listening to TIJ for a couple years now, my first episode was when he interviewed Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss and I’ve been listening ever since! I love the variety, everything from Pro Wrestling, Music, Conspiracy Theories, to horror things. Chris Jericho is many things, Le Champion, the Ayatollah of rock and rolla, and he can certainly add Worlds Best Podcast Host……EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  • mccloaded
    What a joke
    He and his wife support the rich entitlement and the crackpot qanon theories and anti masker. His wife was at the trump rally Jan 6 at the Capital, she drank the koolaid on white privilege.
  • JJDino52
    Loved Lance storm episode
    I really enjoyed Lance Storm breaking down your Title vs Mask match against Juventud. I’d be really interested in a podcast of him doing this with other veterans to hear their responses of his analysis to past matches. It be cool take hear analysis from segments of a career to see how a particular may have evolved in terms of in ring psychology.
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