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Take control of your life and money once and for all. The Ramsey Show offers up straight talk from Dave Ramsey and his team of co-hosts. Millions listen in as callers from all walks of life learn how to get out of debt and start building for the future. Check out one of Apple’s most popular podcasts! For more information, visit

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  • hardscrapple
    Dave said he’d quit when he got tired of it
    I guess he did. No fun anymore.
  • DN in Madison
    Thank you for all the helpful guidance
    Hello Team Ramsey! Just a big shout out of thanks I love listening to the podcasts on my walks. I’m a BBA member, so I love Miss Christy. George is crushing it ! He just did his first solo episode and he is amazing. I just have to single him out because his radio presence is great, voice and cadence very engaging and he sounds like a such a nice guy he certainly knows the Ramsey methods! Missing Papa Dave, noticing a little more well deserved vacation time and VERY big shoes to fill for the show, but George is awesome! Love Dr. D, but he has his own show and I am a charter member of the original 37 listeners. You ALL helped me refocus, reconnect spiritually and help me map out my thoughts and values towards retirement and charitable living. Much continued success to you all! Diane Nazarko, Connecticut
  • nejnraf
    George solo
    Your killing it today George. I enjoy listening to you. Your quick. Your funny. Your smart. Keep it up bud! Carry that torch. You guys are saving people.
  • s.benton
    No Dave no listen.
    The only other person I would listen to is person that wrote every day millionaire. He is no longer with Ramsey organization. That only leaves Dave. If don’t hear Dave’s voice at the intro I leave.
  • EmmaKate1234890
    Always great!
    I love the combination of financial, career, counseling, etc. advice! Just all around great perspectives on all areas of life. I listen every day!!
  • Colonel Wakefield
    I miss Dave
    I can no longer listen to the Dave Ramsey show. I really enjoyed listening to Dave talk to his callers....
  • Erci
    The anti vaxxers got them
    On a recent episode, the host treated a caller’s vaccine hesitancy as a valid moral and ethical decision. Was hoping this show would stick to its common sense, but I guess this is where we break up.
  • steveoooodn
    Less Dave, worse show!
    The DAVE Ramsey show was great! The RAMSEY show is….eh, just okay. Dave going one on one with callers and not holding back was when this show was at its best. The co-hosts who are alleged specialists in various areas really drag the show down. This show used to be about personal finance, getting out of debt, and staying motivated. Now it’s such a mix that it has lost its focus. If I wanted career help or personal life help, I’d listen to those podcasts. I want to listen to personal finance talk with straight talk from Dave, which sadly is becoming less and less now that his name has been removed from the show title.
  • IDSgt56
    Another lawsuit!
    Dave’s getting sued again! It just keeps getting worse. First, he blows up the show by turning things over to really awful cohosts, who couldn’t keep their solo shows profitable, much less bring anything meaningful to the main program. Then, we have the adultery scandal and coverup. Now, the wrongful termination and hostile work environment lawsuis are mounting. Add to all that, Dave’s outward hostility and anger toward the people who have made him millions of dollars. What a disaster this has become! It’s sad, actually. Dave has jumped the shark, and there’s no going back.
  • J Lannan
    Cringeworthy Political Rants
    Geez Dave…stop with the self aggrandizing political rants and move on to the business of helping people with their money. You literally told people to go get pitchforks and torches. Sorry…can’t listen to this mess anymore.
  • Art3mis #redyplayerone
    Going downhill
    I listened to Dave for a years, but now I’ve deleted the podcast from my rotation. His advice and guidance around personal finance is sound and helpful. But lately (last 6-12 months) Dave has gotten angry and bitter and more interested in pushing his political views instead of financial advice. Additionally the show feels like it has more reruns and Dave-less episodes than actual Dave shows. He seems burned out and his heart doesn’t seem to be in the show anymore. Maybe its time to retire.
  • ezeki4533
    No more re runs ??
    At least show when it’s a re run... you are ruining the show????
  • DannyBoy606
    More Dave
    Need more Dave on this show. Voice of reason. Keep it coming.
  • TBurkculosis
    Great show with an excellent message that America needs to hear. I’m sure all the different Ramsey personalities are great people, it’s just not the same without Dave hosting. I skip all the episodes when Dave isn’t a part of it.
  • TomTurkToledo
    So disappointed
    Dave, you’ve made your beliefs on Covid abundantly clear and I’ve held my nose on your views throughout. But, you just used your smart aleck analogy of “financial peace,” two words that don’t go together, like “Fauci math” with a grieving widower who just lost his wife recently to Covid. Really? Be a better human, Dave. I hope someone from the show called this grieving soul after to apologize for this severe lack of sensitivity.
  • kbare77
    Lee’s call about paying off his house!
    Ken and Rachel murdered that call!!! They have 3 million and are 59 1/2 + years old!!! Ken and Rachel told that man to go back to work 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼 Come on man!!!
  • Comedygal15
    Too slick and salesy for me.
    The podcasts I love the most gets straight to it. A lot of selling here.
  • TexMexMomma2020
    Love George. Where’s AO?
    George Kamel is the best new addition. He knows his stuff and communicates his answers so well for the listeners. Dr. D bothers me. I don’t like when he’s a guest host or Christy at that. What happened to AO? He may have not been the best speaker, but he was entertaining to listen to and kept it real. I wish Dave would host his own show more often. I’ve been a listener for 6 years now and am on BS7, but am liking the show less these days with the frequency of guest hosts. Dave has lost a lot of respect from me in the last 18 months after hearing his views on COVID and knowing he’s an anti-masker. Wish he would change his tune after having his own close friends die of COVID. Updated 9/20/21- Dr. D needs more training if he is going to be on the radio. He is such a bully to the callers, makes fun of them and is constantly interrupting them. I’m listening to an episode from last week and he just told a debt-free screamer that he will need to hit the gym since he ate low-budget McDonald’s for 15 months while getting out of debt. How rude. I couldn’t believe my ears. I’m glad Ken kindly shut him up.
  • CordialsForCapt
    Great podcast
    Really great podcast!
  • Suzi Jacobs
    George is great! Love his show as well — he’s approachable, confident, patient and aligns with the baby steps. As a whole, he’s more of an investigative journalist, and less of a coach. Ramsey Solutions needed something like that! Great addition!
  • TAnders11
    Show seems to be taking a mean spirited turn
    It’s a entertainment program with opinions, so I get it’s not going to be all rainbows. But the political rants/belittling of people who ask questions about the conventional wisdom offered (recent example the snarky comments toward a woman expecting a baby who wanted to keep a bigger step 2 emergency fund than $1000, which sounds reasonable to me) is off putting. Not much appreciation of nuance, which is not helpful.
  • 4fun kids
    You are a Christian?
    Dave Ramsey, I haven’t listened to your show in years, but today I thought I’d listen to an episode or two. I listened to the episode about becoming a millionaire from 7/21 (ish). When you went on a rant stating that people with liberal views believe that you cannot become a millionaire unless you receive an inheritance, you lost me as a follower and as a listener. I am curious about what empirical data that statement is based on? That if you have liberal views, you believe that the only way to become a millionaire is by receiving an inheritance? I believe that most educated people, whether through personal research or through a college education, have learned how to become a millionaire without an inheritance. Why does somebody that identifies themself as a Christian and quote bible verses during their podcasts and in books, and that MANY people respect, think it is reasonable or appropriate to make the assertion that people with liberal views/beliefs think that you cannot become a millionaire unless you receive an inheritance? I previously had respect for you. Your method has helped a few people that I know that have used it. That being said, you are in a position of power and by your statement that I have referenced, you are abusing your position to influence people and manipulate people. Shame on you. I am certain that was NOT what Jesus taught.
  • JasaThisD
    Love the show!
    All of the Ramsey personalities rock. Good Christian people!
  • Go_Bucks33
    Great show
    Great show
  • cnehdiangrl
    Where is Anthony O’Neal? Why is he not listed as a Ramsey Personality anymore? Miss him.
  • 🤦man
    Where is Anthony?
    Need Anthony more often. George is great! Let him host by himself in the near future.
  • dcollins580
    Where’s Anthony ONeal ?
    I love Ramsey Solutions. I love listening to all the personalities but where’s AO?
  • Rick2134
    Not the same show
    Started following Dave in 2015, his advice makes sense, and it was always fun to listen to other people talk about their money problems, and have Dave help them fix them. 5 stars for that show. Now in 2021, it’s no longer the Dave Ramsey show, it’s the Ramsey personality show. All the personalities, are an extension of Dave’s personality, and it comes across in this oddly less than authentic show, from what it was. This show is a 1 star show, because it doesn’t FEEL as authentic, with all the added personalities. They try to be like Dave, but they aren’t him, and they shouldn’t try to be someone they are not. It comes across. If I wanted to listen to the personalities, I would tune into their shows. If there was another podcast that just had Dave Ramsey, the man, the myth, the legend, and his old reruns, of his solo authentic self, I would love to see those in my feed and listen to those again. But I’ve sadly otherwise lost interest.
  • TitusHines
    Simply The BEST
    What can I say, Dave knows what he is talking about. All you have to do is follow. Thank you for your hard stance and leadership.
  • conservative in colorado
    Almost debt free- thanks Dave!
    I agree with the person that said the logic behind the 1 start reviews are comical…. I love this show and wish every American would give it a chance. I think everyone would be better off changing their mindset about money, credit, student loans and living outside their means. I have also grown to really enjoy his whole team. At first I hated when Dave wasn’t on, but I am happy I gave them a chance. They are all smart and bring something to the table. I genuinely like them all, but if course Dave is the best! I hope to have my house paid off in 3 years thanks to Dave. Just a great show all around!!
  • Suzanne Venker
    Stop releasing old episode w/o a heads up!
    I’m an avid listener. And those of us who listen faithfully are aware when there’s a re-broadcast, which is fine. But can you please put in the subject line that it IS a re-broadcast so we don’t waste time getting into it before we realize it. It’s disrespectful.
  • Thunder weiner
    Kamel has got to go
    I can’t listen when George is on. I tried. He’s terrible.
  • stupidgames23786
    Where’s AO?.
    What happened to Anthony? Miss him on the Ramsey show bring him back soon!
  • alexciaj
    One of the best podcasts there is!
    So thankful for Dave and this show! Has completely changed our lives! We are 100% debt free in our 20s!
  • cbryan062519
    What a joke
    The fact that Dave calls himself a Christian is laughable. His extreme right wing views, denial of Covid and dismissive attitude toward anything other than what he believes is offensive. The personalities are a complete joke. Anthony O’Neal and Dr. what’s his face are completely clueless and should not give advice to a chimpanzee. Sound financial advice is outweighed by bigotry, stupidity and arrogance.
  • panipani0
    Dr d- please stop talking
    I promise I listened. I gave Dr John Deloney. many many listens, each progressively more cringeworthy. It is so bad that now I just delete the entire episode the moment he is on. I’m sure he is a nice guy but this is not working! His weirdly earnest psychobable is unlistenable. I cringe every time and end up skipping. George Kamel is the best addition. Learned so much from Dave over the years! Please please leave John d to his own podcast and don’t bring him on - it’s painful.
  • NWpodcaster
    April 27
    I would hope after losing your friend Mr Valentine, that you would now let people know the importance of the vaccine and or masks.
  • Nicholbear
    10 years listening
    Dave Ramsey has taken our finances from rags to almost being millionaire in the span of 10 years. Just following the baby steps exactly. That simple! Who cares what others are saying about the personalities. Of course they’re not as good as Dave. Dave’s been doing this for decades. He knows eventually he will be replaced. He’s getting them ready to carry the torch after him. Be grateful. Hogan & Rachel are good because they’ve been doing it longer. Unfortunately Hogan is gone. There’s a lot of lies about Dave on here as well. He also never said do not get the vaccine. People just freaking lie! Get a life! I wouldn’t be listening to Dave all these years. He’s helped make more millionaires then anyone on the face of this earth. All these liars & complainers, what have you done? Jelly!!!!
  • Appleholtz
    Women are women, not “kiddos”
    Why is it that Dave calls women on the podcast “kiddos”? I’ve not heard men who call in called this term. When he called a 71 year old woman a kiddo, that was the final straw. He’s entertaining and knows his stuff financially but he is sexist and his behavior with COVID 19 is reckless.
  • CT-Reviews
    Here’s the Tea
    Love the show and love the fact that Dave doesn’t sugar-coat things. Sometimes his advice isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s what you NEED to hear.
  • Potson62
    Paid off 135k
    Over the past 3 years my wife and I have paid off 135k in credit card debt. We are now debt free besides our mortgage thanks to Dave’s principles. I listen to every single episode and the debt free screams have kept me grinding over the last 3 years. Don’t listen to the haters- input is important and this is the encouragement I needed to get free of debt!
  • TonyM GR
    My family followed and bought into the baby steps and found real success cleaning up $67k in debt in under a year. The process works. After learning about the recent “scandal” around Chris hogan and the claims of job loss for employees who “didn’t align to a moral standard” I have decided that a tunnel vision view on your own personal finance should not overlook the broader ethical issue with how Ramsey solutions is running its BUSINESS. I emphasize business because if this were a religious organization I would have zero option….but it is not. It’s a for profit business that has decided to blur the lines of culture vs religious belief. In a program that is direct and accountable I expect their business practices to follow the same standard. There handling of the Chris hogan situation was reckless(from a business sense) and communication even worse. They welcomed the double standard argument and have no grounds to justify their actions in a business sense (again they are a business). I wish everyone on their financial journey well, but advise all to hold business practices accountable for their only real asset: people.
  • Dave Only
    Dave only please
    I’ve been a long time listener and follower of Dave. But I’ve stopped listening all together because I don’t enjoy any of the “personalities!” Sadly I find them a little annoying because they parrot what Dave says without much depth. It seems like the show is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Dave is the real product here and with these other hosts the whole show has been watered down including shameless plugs for their books - for which I also have no interest. Dave please stop while you’re on top and limit the brand extensions. At least stop merging them onto your show. I give Dave 5 stars and the others 1 star, therefore a 3 star rating. Keep doing good work Dave with your message about debt. People need you!!!
  • infaithus
    Welcome George Kamel!
    Mr. Kamel is an excellent addition! I love him and Dave together as well. If you haven’t listened to the podcast “The Fine Print”, you should check it out.
  • TammyLMcD
    Life changing advice
    Dave’s baby steps have changed our lives! It’s great to be debt free and have options. Anyone person can achieve financial freedom. Regarding the other Ramsey personalities. I believe some of the reviews are unfair. In the beginning I too preferred to hear Dave. But after giving the others a chance, I realized the show was still excellent! They all offer something a little different in terms of area of expertise and their diverse knowledge always impresses me. No question I am a believer and loyal follower!
  • lolotorres
    Sometimes skip the other hosts
    Long time listener and like many others I really just want to hear Dave’s advice, It’s fine with a co-host but I tend to skip without Dave. I get it that he wants to have a life too and possibly retire and have the show continue but the hosts struggle without him. It’s sometimes a hard listen. What happened to Chris Hogan? I enjoyed him and Rachel Cruz and I never hear them anymore.
    George Is Great
    George as the new addition is great, he actually knows how to answer the questions.
  • Kirchnerhoff
    Dave only
    I agree with the review that wants to listen to DAVE. I just skip the podcasts if Dave is not there
  • Amaroq18
    Daily Listener
    I listen to the show everyday. You will not find better financial advice anywhere!
  • lenaprimag
    A lot of butt hurt people leaving reviews
    First of all it’s Dave’s show and he can talk about whatever he wants, politics, economics, pandemic and so on... if you don’t like it then don’t listen! I think he’s a breath of fresh air. Love that he stands behind his beliefs unchangingly and not afraid to speak the truth. Also, this doesn’t mean I agree with him 100% on everything, I actually don’t. On top of it all he gives wonderful financial advice, I’ve learned a lot personally!! His cohost are ok, I’m warming up to them.
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