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Take control of your money once and for all. The Dave Ramsey Show offers up straight talk on life and money. Millions listen in as callers from all walks of life learn how to get out of debt and start building for the future. Check out Apple's fifth most downloaded podcast! For more information, visit

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  • NatinConnecticut
    Common Sense Financial Advice
    Dave Ramsey is wise and hilarious. It’s time to get to work America! It took us 10 months to complete Baby Step 2, paying off over $80,000. We are on Baby Step 3 and we are so excited to get to keep our hard-earned money rather than to send to credit cards and car payments. This is so liberating. I only wish I started sooner. Thank you for the insight and for the practical steps along the way.
  • Robert ackmen
    Not for everyone
    This podcast is good if you have no idea how to handle your money, but if you know how to use debt wisely you can skip this podcast entirely.
  • Sajag Karki
    Listen or loose
    I realized that I missed so much of life changing financial advice before listening to this podcast. It has estabished a path for financial fitness and listening to other people in the same journey have strengthened me and my wife to be determined in paying off debt and achieve fiancial freedom. Thank you Dave sir for convincing and showing us the this path. For new listerns you will simply miss out life altering wisdom if you do not listen to this podcast.
  • Annie Pichan
    Sound advice and wisdom
    I’ve been listening to this podcast on and off for about a year and what’s so refreshing about Dave is how much he focuses on his callers/clients. He really seems to care about his audience. Also, he’s hilarious. Thank you, Dave and team! Keep it up!
  • SammersBristow
    Five stars!
    If you haven’t heard this podcast, you need to do it NOW! Life changing advice from the man who’s been through it all!
  • Frackin Cylon
    Liberal Atheist
    I’m a liberal Atheist and this program has worked like a charm for me. I don’t buy into religion and so I just skip the things I don’t agree with. But that still leave about 90% of the podcast that turns out to be information that applies to me. That’s because financial advise just works no matter which god you believe in or not at all in my case. Thanks Dave.
  • Meadenik
    A must listen for anyone who wants to win with money
    This podcast changed my life! Dave took me from downtrodden to empowered. Thanks to Dave I paid off all my credit card debt and have tackled my huge student loan with renewed hope. Listen and learn! Thanks Dave. 🙏🏻
    Life changing podcast!
    This show has been so inspiring and motivating. I’ve learned so much in these past couple of months of listening. We started following his baby-steps to getting out of debt and building wealth. Didn't think we would ever be debt free, and happy to announce we are 90% there! Just a couple of months more and we will be DEBT FREE! Thank Dave! I recommend this podcast to everyone I know and love! This is a gamechanger!
  • Hahaiosnbsbbcx
    Dave is spot on his advice, expect for gold and precious metals. His advice on precious metals is erroneous at best. People - gold is the best performing asset, behind real estate, since 2000. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Gold is a great hedge for your portfolio. Read into what the FED is doing to the American dollar and you’ll realize that the inflating party and QE party cannot continue forever. The economy will respond to the diabolical plans the FED has for the economy. END THE FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Dave, host of The Dave Ramsey Show, highlights all great things in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • sylvester42
    So many ads!
    I feel like the whole show is now devoted to promoting whichever new book or product is coming out. We’ve heard enough about “Debt Free Degree” !!!! And so many ads and commercial breaks! I skip over any episodes that have personalities other than Dave. I honestly just don’t care about the advice from Chris Hogan, Ken Coleman, or Rachel Cruz. It just doesn’t do it for me. Also, I skip over the “debt-free scream” segment every time now. It’s always the same thing and Dave clearly goes on auto-pilot here, asking the same questions and not truly listening, not really allowing people to tell their story. Kind of like he’s just going through the motions. It was so cringe-y when he accidentally asked one of his employees his range of income and then realized he didn’t want his employee to reveal that information.
  • AOC is in debt
    Libs can’t handle different viewpoints
    Liberal folks who criticize Dave for the twice a week comments he makes about politics are pitiful. Although, in a world of corporate media, Twitter progressives, HuffPo, et al I can see how they would be put off when they finally hearing a viewpoint different than their own. Otherwise, the advice from Dave is simple and effective. It takes no time to get on the Baby Steps plan and costs you nothing to begin.
  • obliger 102
    Dave = yes!!!! Personalities = meh
    Especially love the Dave rant part of the episode! Dave is energetic, entertaining and motivates me to learn more about my specific financial situation. I’ve made a ton of progress since listening to this podcast. As others have mentioned, I don’t even play the episode when one of the Ramsey personalities is filling in anymore. Some of them don’t sound sincere and they aren’t nearly as interesting to listen to.
  • Phuer763
    Great podcast
    Best for financial advise
  • itumeleng58
    Not thankful
    This might be useful if you’re trying to get out of debt. But I’m sick of turning on financial podcasts and having dudes like this giving us bible verses and telling us about Jesus. If you want to do a religious podcast, do so, but not in the guise of finance. And keep your politics to yourself. Really condescending tone too. No thanks.
  • Not User Friendly Design
    Thank you!
    Dave’s podcast is an amazing free gift to anyone who wants to listen. Thanks for wanting to help people get out of debt so much that you’re willing to do this for us. It’s helped me work towards paying off my student loans and have excitement and a plan for my future. For anyone complaining about ads, this isn’t just a podcast he makes, it’s literally his radio show recorded and posted here for us for free so we can listen during off hours!
  • 6isenoughforme
    Had more respect before I listened to podcast
    Little too condescending and crass. Calling people idiots and over use of the word “freaking” was a turnoff for me. I guess if he wasn’t a devout evangelical Christian my standards wouldn’t have been as high 🤷🏼‍♀️.
  • Scotty2balls
    A bit too conservative
    He’s too extreme and he’s always pushing his classes and videos even more than focusing on helping people and giving good advice. I prefer Clark Howard.
  • simplydeliciouslyhealthy
    My personal ECON 101
    I’m grateful for Dave’s assertiveness in his advice. I’ve learned so much in just a few months that I can anticipate what his answer will be when callers present their scenarios! I highly recommend this podcast. Elisa
  • Gmailz
    A huge thank you to the Dave Ramsey team for your words of guidance and patience. I listen to this podcast any time I’m in my car and it gives me a sense of peace. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise each day.
  • jorton622
    Always enjoy the insight provided by Dave and team!
  • Sst9
    Best show on podcast
    Financial, career and life advice. Great show!!
  • Bid2
    Very educational
    Dave Ramsey has opened my eyes to the most important financial principles. Debt has to stop being a lifestyle truism.
  • IDSgt56
    Dave, yes!
    Dave, YES! Personalities, NO! “This is the Dave Ramsey Show... I’m Chris Hogan...”. DELETE!!!!!!!!! “...I’m Ken Coleman...” DELETE!!!!!!!!!
  • Won't sync....
    If it’s liberal it’s ok to be political in business, the way you raise your kids, or what you say at work. But conservative views ARE NOT ALLOWED! ANYWHERE!! P*ss off liberals. TRUMP 2020!!!
  • Jamescarneydev
    I'm debt free now
    My wife and I make about the average income. I'd say we are on the lower side of the bell curve, but near the middle for income. We paid off all of our student loan debts, paid for a masters degree with cash, bought every car we own with cash and are working aggressively on our house and will be paid off before our son is in 2nd grade (fingers crossed). The peace that we now in our marriage and life because we have followed a proven plan has been amazing. I can't stress enough how much easier our life has become once we didn't have payments coming out everywhere.
  • britanner12
    Ramsey Personalities
    I love Dave and follow his principles it has REALLY helped me. Although I’m not sure how I feel about the personalities on his show without him. I like when they are paired with him but when they are paired together the quality of them show goes does. Best Combos - Dave & Chris - Dave & Ken The exception is Rachel she can pull the show off alone.
  • stbush
    I learned a LOT
    I listened to the Dave Ramsey Show for about 8 years, daily. It was cumulatively great training in personal finance. I am so grateful for having gained that experience. I used this advice to become debt-free and am now implementing the more fun parts of the program - spending, saving, and giving!
  • c&rr
    New Family Tree
    Starting following Dave Ramsey a year ago. Now married and expecting our first baby. We feel so secure and hopeful for our family’s future, recently starting BS3b, with the ability to quit my job and stay home and focus on our family life and our future, instead of both of us having to work full time demanding jobs. Having a proven, intelligent plan for financial peace and success is life and family changing!!!
  • Texas Hope
    Dave Ramsey is the BEST!!!
    You have change my life and my daughter’s life, even though we’re have just started this journey, we’re both in baby step 2 , but I now see light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Dave Ramsey, God Bless You!
  • Samwarfield
    Too many Ads
    Really love Dave’s show and perspective. However the ad quantity is ruining it. Own your show Dave. You’re letting the ads take precedent over the content and it’s throwing off the appeal.
  • hails_jae
    Inspiring and motivating!
    I love listening to Dave, he does get political sometimes but I don’t mind that at all. He also inserts quiet a bit of things from the Bible which I am not a fan of but I do enjoy his wisdom and advice. He has knowledge on real estate, life insurance, paying off debt, building wealth, and just general life advice. I 100% recommend. His program has changed my life!!
  • channtalae
    Teaches you a lot!
    You don't have to agree with everything Dave Ramsey has to say but he gives some great advice. All the people in the comments are just mad because they didn't find him before they went 100K in debt. Thanks Dave! 24 and debt free 😎
  • Bguitar
    Simple, straightforward and sensible
    Dave have practical, easy to follow advice. Uncomplicated lessons and is able to bring personal examples to explain his reasonings. And he’s hilarious! Best podcast out there!
  • hopegrace82
    Loyal listener!
    Love Dave Ramsey!
  • hebbehushgqggajebbe
    So helpful!
    This podcast is so insightful and so helpful for my finances. And the fact that Dave does this because he wants to, not to because he has to makes him a beautiful man! Thanks for all you go for all of us!
  • Jennifer_24
    Life Changing!
    Dave Ramsey is such an inspiring and smart guy. Dave is everywhere where I go. I have introduced him to a few people and will continue to spread the excitement along this journey!!! His team and his network are all amazing people and what they are doing to help all of us that want to be debt free and build wealth !! Hearing those podcast that have the people with the debt free screams is so exciting to hear... I can’t wait for that Debt Free SCREAM day!!!! Thank you Dave and his team for helping us all! This is so exciting and beyond motivational!!!
  • rosaliemrivas
    Thank you
    Dave changed my life. I got a second job to pay off my debt and I bought a house. It’s always good to have someone in your ear telling you the truth about debt! Thanks, Uncle Dave!!
  • Betty Cook57
    Advice you need! Has helped me a ton sarting off my life, LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS!!!!!
  • Benjamin_Shell
    The Advice You Really Do Need
    I am 23 and just graduated college; I was worried about how I would handle my finances after starting down my career path. Dave Ramsey gave me a solid plan and steps so I could set the limits and goals that I needed. Thanks for creating the show. I have learned so much! Worth a listen!
  • Tom V from DE
    Ok for those of you that don’t know, it’s takes a lot of resources and money to produce a program with quality like is consistently delivered by the Ramsey organization. Not to mention, advertising at the local radio station level is NOT controlled by Ramsey Solutions organization. The locals must pay their operating costs as well. And for those of you that feel the program focuses on the “next new book” or “personality” I ask you this; where have you ever heard such practical, common sense advice??? I vote for Dave Ramsey and his group of professionals because that’s who they are! Thank you Dave, thank you all at Ramsey Solutions for giving it to us straight!!! By the way, if you don’t like what Dave is saying, God gave and opposable thumb that allows you to spin the dial to another program. Keep it going Dave!!! Tom V Delaware
  • massagegirl10
    Slightly disappointed
    I’m a huge fan and always give five stars. But today I listened to you interview the Ambassador of the United Nations and it sounded like you hadn’t read her book. That’s slightly disappointing, if you’re going to have a guest on it’s polite to read at least some of their material. Otherwise thanks for all that you do!
  • K-Madness
    Life Changing
    Love this show. It is practical advice on finances that everyone should have learned. Thank you for instilling these disciplines. Dave Ramsey has changed my conversations with my wife, and has changed my family tree.
  • PAMA 691
    Dave Ramsey continues to amaze
    I thoroughly enjoy listening to Dave’s podcast so I can get the info to keep me updated on my financial life. As well I enjoy how he ties the Bible into our financial principles.
  • Annski2
    Dave Ramsey gives me hope!
    I love when Dave rants, his bluntness is refreshing. I am on baby step one and I already feel calmer and excited for the future. Thank you Dave Ramsey for being you! You make the world a better place.
  • Grace Alba
    Common sense for your Dollar and Cents
    This show is my favorite radio show! I appreciate everything Dave Ramsey is doing, for giving us the financial education most of us didn’t get from our family and education system. This podcast will help you use common sense for your dollar and cents and take control of your financial life!!!!
    Pretty cool.
  • robcollins606
    Ok boomer
    It’s a propaganda podcast for multimillionaire boomers who hate poor people
  • MommaMcIver
    Common Sense with my Coffee ❤️
    Have loved the knowledge and guidance in your books/classes and listening to the show daily with coffee as I start the day has kept us motivated and moving forward! Thanks for all the help and guidance for changing our family tree!
  • abbyofsteel
    No better podcast
    Dave, you’ve changed my life. Thanks to your plan, I’ve gained financial peace and am able to tell myself no. I’m able to carry your principles across multiple aspects of my life. So thankful I found you when I did.
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