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The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your life—no matter what stupid mistakes you've made with money. Join as Dave Ramsey and his team of experts answer your questions on the top problems holding you back. Listen now or ask your question live by calling 888.825.5225 weekdays from 2–5 p.m. ET. Learn more at

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  • Anikends
    Jade and Ken Coleman
    Why do you two always get so nasty when you talk about student loans? Jade was so gleeful about the fact that the federal government wasn’t going to fulfill their promise of helping borrowers. Yes it’s tax money but the government has spent 10 times more to rescue businesses what more about individuals who pay these taxes? I completed my graduate degree with 45K in debt and I’ve been paying it down even during the pause so don’t think it’s because I owe. I’m on target to pay off my loans in 2 months and I’m proud of myself but that doesn’t mean I should rejoice at other people’s mistakes or dilemma. Show some empathy
  • Ronald Orosz
    Subscription services payment
    Recently, there was a podcast about subscriptions, and two is a Ramsey members laid out what they pay for each of the subscription services. But I didn’t hear is how they pay for the subscription services. I’m assuming they use a debit card but the case of the Apple user he is missing out on a 3% savings by not using an Apple credit card. Some of your money saving tips sometimes don’t make sense.
  • leetware1
    This show is a godsend
    Ignore the whiners and 1-star reviews. Dave is brutally honest and does not mince words. A lot of people want him to agree with their horrible ideas. He may be blunt but explains the psychology behind his answers. I learn something each episode I listen to. This show is not for self absorbed weenies, that can’t handle truth. But if you are tired of being broke and lied to -this show is for you!🙂
  • Cookie Cookie D
    Thanks Ramsey team!
    I’ve listened to this podcast this last year and I can’t get enough! I love the common sense and it has inspired me to use my money in an intentional way!
  • ForeLord4
    Lower advice than beginners advice
    The advice on here is so basic it’s unbelievable. I guess it just speaks as to how dumb people are when it comes to money. It be nice to hear some ADVANCED financial advice on hear. Telling people to pay off their debt is not content.
  • Lonesome Echo
    Not the way ratings work.
  • Desi Mathews
    Love the No nonsense
    Say it how it is. Love Dave. No one has time for beating around a bush. Sometime it’s harsh but his plan works!! Working my baby steps. There are days that are easier than other days. Keep pushing. I listen daily.
  • so fi@aol
    Financial peace get rid of LIPS!!!! Dave 1star mama said so
  • ChrisChillz
    Made an Accountant Wealthy
    Dave Ramsey taught us building wealth is a merely a behavior, not a scheme. Live on less than you make, stay away from debt, stay on a budget. Common sense made two accountants worth $0 to millionaires in 11 years. I promise, YOU CAN TOO!
  • Jared Bergstrom 13
    Helping James help Dave
    Hi James and Rachel, writing this 5 star review because I love the show and love Dave. I’m here to salute Rachel’s attempt to help Dave with the 5 star 1 star debacle. I am trolling the trolls with a 5 star lol been listening for 5 years keep up the good work!
  • Reviewer DMS
    Love it
    Learning more here than I learned in college 👌
  • Vince_Versa
    3 years later
    There’s no excuse for still defending Fauci.
  • Reneemanch
    Love Listening!
    I have read all his books and listen to this podcast all of the time. I am on baby step 6 and will have my house paid off in two years. So grateful for Dave!!
  • MahlaM
    Very educating
    Love coming to listen
  • TomTurkToledo
    Come on, Ken!
    You left Dave dangling! And, yes, Dave was wrong, as he self-admitted. As the “career expert,” you should be aware of entry-level requirements for the high-demand fields, such as physical therapy. The standard entrance degree for physical therapy is now a DPT (clinical doctorate degree), no longer a masters. And, certainly not a PhD; there is no “PhD in Physical Therapy.” If you’re going to be the career expert for the show, please learn more about these educational matters.
  • LED924
    Careful with Inheritances
    Just started listening, very entertaining show. However, was listening to Hour 3 from the May 15, 2023 when Kay from St Louis called in. I am not sure if Missouri is a community property state, but I’d be worried that in order to use her husband to increase the FDIC limit at a single bank that she would effectively convert this separate property inheritance into community property. Just worth checking that out before she does that. She can afford the legal advice on this one.
  • leaf 9
    Checking medical education and reviews
    It is important to check doctors educational, background, his reviews and also checking to see if there’s any disciplinary actions against the doctor. If the doctor is brand new, I would hesitate to do surgery with that doctor.
  • Clamshell614
    Dave is the best.
    Rachel is annoying. All co-hosts are boring and annoying. Dave is the only reason his show is successful.
  • Momo123451
    For Dave
    Enjoy the star
  • QuinnAlexandria
    ♥️👑💯🙌🏽💪🏽👌🏽 Proudly Obsessed
    This show has truly changed my life. As a single mom, I’m happy to report I’m totally killing it and winning. Really appreciate the Ramsey Team for walking alongside the world 🌎 tapping folks on the shoulder and showing us how to properly handle personal/business finance and live a life of freedom. 🙏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽♥️👸🏽
  • Kadee15
    Fantastic podcast
    I’ve been listening to this show for years, and following the Ramsey plan I’ve been able to pay off $50K in debt and now my husband and I are fortunate enough to be in a financial situation that allows me to stay home part time with our baby. Beyond grateful for what all the Ramsey personalities bring to the table. The advice is sound and the show is inspiring and entertaining! 🤯 (for Rachel 😄)
  • CJ Ideas
    Ramsey- always helpful AND funny! Absolutely loved hearing Jordan Peterson!!
  • DomLus
    The best
    Thank you Ramsey team for helping me pay off debt. You the bomb
  • mdphud
    This one is for Dave
    This one star review is for Dave. You tell him Rachel was right. There is no reason to tell me not to do a one star review. Dave is too mean sometimes, but the other hosts are great. I like how Rachel pushes and challenges Dave with her own opinions. I’d like to see more of that.
    Absolutely life-changing
    These people have changed my life, my marriage, and the things I value. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone that wants peace in their life. I’m forever grateful for these people and what they do. Love to hear all the calls, and debt-free screams, but I have come to really enjoy the “current event” money segments. For example, the bank collapse, the interest rate hikes, the game stop fiasco, and the real estate market segments have all helped me better understand these current money/economic issues, which would otherwise cause panic or concern for me, these explanations help me have peace about the world and the path that I am on. Thank you again. Listener for life.
  • LJD IV
    Trending down
    Found Dave in 2019. The show was entertaining and the advice was folksy wisdom. In the post Covid era, Dave has steered off course. Political rants, fringe guests (Peterson), and hypocrisy in not only how he runs his own business (ie Hogan) but the lens through which he views the world (Fauci math vs not laying the blame for shutdowns where it belongs with 45) has moved the show away from what made it great. John Deloney is the bright spot but even he cannot overcome the deficiencies of his boss’ verbal crutches (we need one more Tiger King reference) and spending a good 2/3 of the show on an infomercial for products. The Money Guy Show and Your Money Your Wealth have been good alternatives and offer more sophisticated advice. Untangled Faith is a good deep dive in the Hogan mess.
  • Henderson Eurresta
    The best show
    It’s the best show I have ever listened. I love it, I listen every day during my job, thank you guys.
  • Ynvmefor
    I listen to the podcast daily on my ride to and from work, it keeps me motivated and on track to reach my goals. I have learned so much about just by listening. Highly recommended it.
  • kevans06
    Listening to this podcast will change your life
    Describes in simple terms how to become wealthy the easy & honest way. Side benefits include: repairing your marriage, helping others, reducing stress, self growth. His advice has been a blessing to me & my family.
  • JakeTheLake
    5 stars only!!!
    Dave supposedly believes in freedom but dictates that all his listeners must leave “5 stars only” or don’t listen. If everyone did this, every podcast would be rated 5 stars and the ratings system would be pointless. Dave says don’t leave 1 star reviews because “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all” but then has no problem trashing Fauci. Big yikes.
  • FrannyPak94
    I love all the personalities on the show. I like that you give direct feedback and do not sugar coat what your opinions are. I have went from being in thousands of dollars in to debt to almost being a babysteps millionaire following the steps! Love to listen and keep getting the motivation to continue to get to live and give like nobody else!
  • ClayTay32
    Great show on personal finance
    Have been listening and applying the principles for years… it’s not always easy but is worth it. Now if we could just get Congress to subscribe…
  • Christa ---
    This show changed my life
    15 years ago my family of 4 was deeply in debt. We’d already tried everything that we could think of to pay off the debt but still we were in debt and going deeper in all of the time. My mother-in-law introduced us to Dave Ramsey and his materials and I ignored it at first like you do when your mother-in-law makes a suggestion. But, as I was a bit of a personal finance junkie, I eventually gave it a try. This works!! We are now on Baby Step 7 with a paid off house and we’ve cash flowed 2 college educations and 1 wedding for our daughters as well as numerous vacations and home improvements. We haven’t had credit cards since 2005 and have experienced only minor inconveniences in living without them and huge freedom and relief! I listen to the podcast daily (even now) because I always learn something and constantly hearing this stuff keeps me kn the path….plus, it’s free! We did take FPU and buy some books but that came later on. We made lots of progress with just this FREE podcast. Give it a try….the only thing you have to lose is your financial worries!
  • seven fuel
    Wealth vs credit score
    Tune in to see who wins
  • Hawaii529
    A Balanced Review
    A truly great show and worth listening to. However, Dave asks for only 5 star reviews, so it’s important to remove the self imposed bias and balance that with a 1 star here and there. Don’t you think Dave? A bit too prescribed in terms of the way things work and would do from tailoring advice to people’s needs. Also, the other personalities have a long way to go. A lot of their answers are very generic without actually explaining why the info is given. Dave gets to the point and makes it easy to understand. Look at Jade and Rachel. They will spend minutes waffling around trying to get their thoughts together and Dave finally takes over and in seconds gives thought out and poignant targeted advice. And George is just an entitled bitter jerk. It goes too far - people like to here snark but not when it becomes just being mean. Underlying principles of money, however, are spot on!
  • Fat🇺🇸Tom
    Phenomenal *LIFE CHANGING* Content!
    I found Ramsey when I was a senior in high school and this information gave me hope to succeed in life. I grew up in a lower middle class family and though we lived fulfilling lives, their was always that stress in the air because we lived “paycheck to paycheck”. I knew that I wanted something different. I knew that I wanted FREEDOM. I have followed their steps throughout my adult life thus far. I am now 29 years old, I do not have a four year college degree, and I am married to my AMAZING wife who is also on-board with this way of living. We are debt free and only 4 years away from paying off our house! We vacation, and HAVE FUN TOO! This program is all about intentionality. You can do it…you just have to decide to change your life! Whoever is reading this, I believe in you! Take the steps to experience true FREEDOM! GOD BLESS, and PARTY ON 🤘🇺🇸 You won’t regret it.
  • breannalyons444444
    Best “get out of debt” show!
    I started listening to The Ramsey Show about a month ago and am hooked! It’s definitely a wealth of information regarding how to get out of debt and not go back into it. Just paid off my first credit card and close to paying off my second. And it feels amazing!!
  • 1:/$56
    Thank you for what you do.
    You’ve helped so many people with financial crisis and it’s amazing really. I wish everyone would listen to Dave Ramsey and BE DEBT FREE.
  • GlacierGrizzly
    Total financial inspiration
    Listening to the Ramsey podcast and going through FPU got us out of $35k in car loans and CC debt. After 2 years, we are on baby step 6! Why didn’t I discover this 30 years ago! I’m wanting to teach it all to my kids, co workers and friends! I drop Dave Ramsey’s name into every conversation I have.
  • Smith1of1
    Love the show
    These are great conversations with great people, love the help you all give. I only give a 4 star because it’s all good except when I hear Dr. D, I have to turn off. Everyone else I feel when I listen has empathy for others situations, and I love to listen every time. When Dr. D is on I can’t even download and listen, sorry just how so feel. Love the show otherwise!!!
  • baby steps :))
    bit rude
    normally love this show, but in a recent episode dave and jade were somewhat rude and condescending to a person asking the question. love the attitude that jade has, but sometimes can go a little overboard! just because someone doesn’t want to follow the ramsey steps exactly, they’re their own person and can do what they want without getting ripped on by the hosts. don’t get this vibe when george and john are the hosts! great based show that i love on a regular basis! great advice.
  • Loba972
    love the the People A wealth of information five stars for sure
  • charyssag
    100 stars if I could
    This podcast has changed my life and outlook on money. Helped me pay off 200k in debt and continues to help me in all stages of my finances. Plus the Dave rants make me chuckle. Good ol’ common sense is back in fashion!
  • berean37
    Great Help
    This show has been such a great help to me.
  • Webfat
    What a great show!
    What I great show! It helps me stay motivated on my journey to wealth.I love the advice send it’s so fun to hear the different personalities.
  • noname_why
    Wish I found this program sooner
    Dave and team give you good solid advice. I like that there are specific steps to achieve your goal. I appreciate the breakdown of financial jargon and terms.
  • Mike10124
    Great advice!
    This show has been such a great source of wisdom for my life. Full of really interesting discussions and people!
  • AndrewILO
    Love the Show!
    Long time listener - Dave is the best, his personalities are good, but not the same
  • Gazza 61373
    The Baby Steps have changed our life
    Dave’s baby steps are the key to unlocking the mystery of patient wealth building. We are following them and it’s mind blowing to see it unfold before our eyes! Thank you Dave! You are a blessing!
  • ElLeeYo
    Dave told me to write a review
    Dave is an expert in what he knows, no one can take that away from him. Dave teaches people how to get out of debt so he deserves a star. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all of his “experts”, Dr John Delaney is the only exception. After you’re out of debt, go listen to more money experts (ie money guys/Ramit Sethi) and not simply become a credit card fearing spineless twerp that only obeys Ramsey’s 7 commandments. Notice how when Ramsey speaks about the millionaires they interviewed, he didn’t ask (or at least share) how many use a credit card. I know it would be a significant amount of them. Why does it matter? It matters bc it would show that having and using a credit card, responsively, is not a bad thing. Anywho, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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