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Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of SpinRite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.

Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 20:30 UTC.

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  • Tge Thinker I am
    Keep your political views out
    Leo seems to be falling further and further out of touch with what “we” the listeners want from a security podcast. Making your views facts in your mind does not make it true. Sorry to say I need to stop listening.
  • linux 66
    Great podcast
    I make sure I pause any other podcast and listen to Steve. Great wealth of knowledge and simple to understand. Thank you and keep up the great work.
  • MinaFeeder
    Getting less technical with every show
    This used to be a great podcast; very informative and educational about computer security. Increasing time is spent with the hosts opining on topics outside computer security and quite frankly outside their expertise. Stay in your lane!
  • Perma Link
    Too much sales
    Too much sales, and using the cloud, google, windows, passwords in extensions. Nope. The men seem sweet, but the content needs some updating for todays unsecured world.
    More ads than content, condescending tone, opinion based content rather than that based in fact and very shallow exploration of the topics that are spoken about, not above a 9th grade level. Lose the 5 minute ad segments between every segment and make it at least seem like the show is not hosted by grifters. If these guys really are in security, I would be surprised.
  • boyfromthedwarf9
    Has great tech info but Leo keeps inserting fake far left politics
    11/1/22 he just had to say "vote or there'll be no more elections/democracy". Not sure what MSNBC is doing sponsoring this podcast, but I'd prefer to just get tech news.
  • G G Ashbrook
    Truly significant material
    I have been listening to Security Now for probably a decade. Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte in Security Now represent more than a weekly news update, and more than clear technical instruction and advice which of course are also present. Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte have created an historically important body of work that represents ethics, value, best practice, and dare I say philosophy which are of vital importance. If someone had recently come to earth, they could be forgiven for thinking that all humans are merely thoughtless cowboy coders creating endless spaghetti western code without higher level conscious awareness of reality. Even universities are infamously poor at teaching how to code responsibly in the real world. But Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte are living proof that many people are both caring and intelligent and working hard to do things in the right way for present and future generations. Words cannot convey the depth of my gratitude.
  • EZE Ruthless
    Love the podcast, hate the changes
    I’ve been a listener for over 9 years. Steve and Leo are great. This podcast is like a comfortable pair of shoes; I’ll listen to it in traffic or fall asleep to it at night after a long day. Twit earned my trust by keeping things familiar in an ever changing world, which is why I’m annoyed by the glut of unnecessary changes lately: first to the cover art (the iconic mustachioed Steve Gibson headshot), and now even to the theme song?? Suddenly that old pair of comfortable shoes has been swapped out by a shiny new set of ill-fitting Nikes, and I don’t like it.
  • m0useb0t
    Best episodes have guest co hosts
    Time to lose Leo.
    Too bad youre part of twit
    Weird how the best twit shows leave twit to be even better shows. Security now should… this message is brought to you by spinrite. leave twit and become a real security show.
  • Texas Michael
    Very Informative
    Have loved this podcast for over a decade. Steve is always my go to for security advice!
  • poplopez
    Leo and Steve, thank you
    You have entertained and educated me for years and I am grateful for such a great show. I recommend this to anyone who has an interest in technology and how it works.
  • DigitalSorceress
    I’ve listened on and off but I keep coming back
    Throughout the years I have listen to this podcast regularly and then dropped it for a while etc. I have to say that I am really glad that Steve and Leo still there for me when I come back because overall I have gotten very useful informative information I still use Firefox with NoScript religiously even though it got too fiddly for Steve Every time I start thinking “Steve is being hyperbolic on this one” time seems to prove that if anything things were worse by a lot… Keep up the great work
  • DSA344
    STOP READING your copy, Steve. Pay attention to your cohost Leo.
    They don’t get much smarter than Steve Gibson when it comes to computer security, but his presentation of the materials is awful. I can’t even watch this show these days. Steve has citations, and he loves to read them. He’ll spend several minutes reading an online article outloud to the audience, in a droning, slow paced, monotone that puts me to sleep, or more likely makes me stop listening. Suggestion: cite the article, provide a link, then summarize it and explain it. Leo checks in at the beginning, but then checks out to play whatever video game he’s into this week. It used to be interesting when he and Steve actually both contributed to the topic. And like every TWiT Network podcast, there’s just too many LONG adverts for Leo’s sponsors. But wait, there’s more, Steve also is allowed one SpinRite “customer testimonial” (ADVERT), where (surprise, surprise) he reads off a long letter from a customer praising the product, in that monotone drone of his. STOP, please. There has to be something better than TWiT out there, so I’m checking out and looking for it. Bye.
  • cchubbuck
    Just seems like Steve reading a monologue
    There used to be some back and forth but now either Steve’s speech pattern has changed, I just noticed it, or he actually writes out EVERYTHING he’s going to say in the 2 hours…but it just seems stilted and artificial. Also: I get being the contrarian…believe me, but Steve’s ‘never try anything new’ attitude is insane. I’ve known people that after Windows 7 was out for 3 years would still be on XP saying ‘XP just got stable’…this is Steve. This podcast is a good REPORT on security news, but that’s all it is. Steve isn’t so much security researcher as he is a security REPORTER. In that aspect, the podcast is good if you can get past the stilted delivery.
  • User46451
    Somewhat knowledgeable commentary
    Steve is the Kim Kommando of the computer security sector. Knows a little but lacking when you dig deeper. Good for beginners.
  • Bug301
    Great podcast
    Very entertaining, and thorough and understandable breakdowns of technical issues. Great way to stay current on cyber security incidents and advancements.
  • 8675309_Mcafee
    Erudite and very fun security podcast, must listen for me every week.
    Steve’s show has been a mainstay for years, highly recommend for those interested in learning or keeping up with the information security field.
  • prefer.privacy
    Contact me please about what you where talking
    About on your podcast I am going there that for days now and can’t receive no help with security issues and it may be important as I have received to letters stating that my data has been breached my Apple email will be my nickname
  • erok81
    Great Podcast…but the Ads!
    Great listen for security news but it seems like most of the podcast is advertisements. It’s starts to become difficult to tell when they are talking about news or peddling something.
  • Jayel Johnson
    A must listen! For the information on Tech
    A must listen very informative!
  • PenguinFred
    The best security podcast out there!
    Steve and Leo have been doing this weekly podcast for many years, and it continues to be a must-listen podcast for anyone interested in protecting their computer(s) and their company. Deep dives into the latest vulnerabilities, plus explanations of how security works and best practices!
  • KimClavicle
    Wow. This show is for anyone who wants to get thoroughly caught up on network technology. Pick any recent episode and receive a survey of particular parts of the computer security world. Steve’s number one concern is the users’ safety. Leo and Steve explain the basics because every topic is unique and sometimes entirely new to the mainstream. I am amazed each week.
  • Route 247
    Great info collected in one place
    Congratulations to Steve. Great podcast for security alerts and updates.
  • BearsQB
    Solid show
    Steve is fun to listen to when he’s not touting his products. Leo is typical IT know it all and a bit pretentious, but has good chemistry with Steve. Show is a solid B
  • ghostmourn
    Been tuning in since high school
    If your into it sec. this is the show
  • Another_soldier
    Security Now
    I have been listening to this program or watching it as either an audio podcast or a video one. This show has been going on since 2005. There have indeed been 806 episodes up to this week. This is Friday, the 19th of February, 2021. Steve Gibson and Leo Leporte work well together. There have been so many great security notifications and explanations of attacks and bugs and CVE’s and all of it. There have been many great products I have been introduced to. A long time ago there was a firewall called Astaro. Steve and Leo point out great products that are either advertisers on the show or that are products they have and personally do use. I bought myself a new firewall for home, pFsense/netgate. I also purchased the best disk tool ever created in my mind, SpinRite v 6.0. If you never have listened to someone that has so many of the inside stories and the real answers to burning questions, then you are really missing something. This one of the best Podcasts that I have ever and probably will ever listen to. I get my security news and happenings about vulnerabilities in everything imaginable. I am a UNIX/Linux Engineer. I have been working with UNIX since 1982. I have been involved with security since the beginning. I was in Cupertino California in 2005, working at Sun Microsystems and I heard the first episode of security now, Aug 19, 2005, “As the Worm Turns - the first Internet Worms of 2005”. So if you have never listened to this Podcast, you need to get on it. You can go back to the first episode by going to the Gibson Research Corporation, Thank you Steve and Leo. Thank you Apple for letting them be on your service as a Podcast. Thank you to all the people that makes this podcast possible. I have learned so many things since 2005. Sincerely Bill Branson
  • ptcgkm
    Very informative podcast
    I have listened to all the shows. I have learned a lot from Steve and this show. I use this show and TWiT to find out all my tech news for the past week.
  • Pathoftruth
    Security Now!!!
    Security Now is a must subscribe for anyone in CyberSecurity. Steve Gibson is extremely knowledgeable and goes through security topics in depth. The format of the show goes over the weekly news followed by a deep dive into an exploit or topic. Steve, Leo, Lisa, and the TWIT network: you MUST continue past 1000 episodes!!!
  • zootsuitpenguin
    Extreme Utility Inside
    Great news coverage and advice for the IT Security concerns of our day. Long format, but worth every second! Wonderful job Steve and Leo!
  • Don's biggest fan
    Great podcast
    Could not be more nerdy if it were performed in Klingon.
  • Sm@rt speller
    Some good information
    I think this show does a great job of diving into current exploits and vulnerabilities. Unfortunately they spend way too much time bashing Microsoft that it gets rather annoying. Now I only listen after I’ve gone through all my other content first.
  • Joey J
    extremely mundane one-man show
    After listening to him drone on and on for 10 years, I’m not sure Steve Gibson knows how to host a podcast. He seems incapable of having a conversation withy anyone but himself, rarely interacting with Leo who remains silent through most of each show. There are never any guests. It’s just Gibson reading news releases endlessly. This podcast needs to return to its roots on advising consumers about best practices they can use and apply on their own devices.
  • japan forestttt
    Leo ruins the whole thing
    2 stars are for Steve he’s great but I can’t stand Leo and the ad format completely ruins and make me want to stop listening again
  • Always time for empanadas
    One of the best security podcasts!
    Love the content and Steve’s reviews.
  • cal bears blue
    Best podcast period
    Steve and Leo are pioneers of podcasts and still the best hands down. I’ve listened since day one. I went from knowing nothing about tech to an expert just from listening to you two. I love your careful discussion of politics. I’m a conservative but your discourse is fact based, intellectual, thorough, and thoughtful. For my conservative friends, practice what we preached. Please don’t be hypocrites like our conservative leaders. kkkrump and his cronies are not conservatives, they’re nazis. I hope my conservative friends won’t have their feelings hurt by me using kkkrump. It’s the same as “blacklist”. I hope you will allow me to practice political incorrectness too. Please your definition of political incorrectness is the ability to insult liberals and not allow liberals to insult us. Your definition of free speech is to suppress liberal speech and protect conservative speech. Please stop your hypocrisy. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. Steve and Leo, keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re the best!
  • allendustin
    I’ve listened since episode 1 and along the journey to the most recent episode (as of the date of this review) have on occasion practically begged Steve Gibson to stay apolitical on the show (using Twitter and E-mails). I have given Leo a pass because he just doesn’t know any better. Steve, on the other hand, is smart enough to get it. Repeated failed attempts have only resulted in an increasingly liberal bias being presented to listeners that just want to hear Security Now. The regression has taken us to my final episode where Steve goes on a diatribe on how sectors of hard drives won’t be referred to as “bad” (an extension of the prohibition of the use of the term “blacklist”) in the upcoming release of Spinrite. It seems that liberalism truly does destroy everything it touches...even what was once a great podcast like Security Now. Thankfully, not everyone has the same political beliefs as those of you in California. I just wish you could have done a better job of not letting your liberal views shine through your content.
  • #CanesFan305
    Great combination of top-notch production, & great content
    It’s pretty obvious to me that Leo is a consummate professional at his craft, & so is Steve. Both are a little quirky (which brings great personality to the podcast), and this duo present some very technical information while still managing to make it entertaining. Some here argue that the podcast is too long (that’s ok if you’re just looking to skim the surface of topics), but I enjoy the deep-dives, tangents, and all other aspects of the show during my commute to/from work (& even occasionally look into some of their sponsors that peak my interest). Bottom line is I Hope Steve changes his mind about ending the pod at episode 999 just so he doesn’t have to re-tool whatever counter he has to understand a 4-digit number, so that I can continue enjoying the content for many years to come!
  • c60chemist
    Security Now is the first place to go for security news and advice.
    If you are willing to put some effort and time you can read all the news releases, and understand the details of the threats and mitigation. Most people don’t have that kind of time and training. Steve Gibson offers news and explanations, advice, and strategies. Steve is the reason I have a separate banking computer, a separate WiFi network for my IoT devices, and a hardware firewall. He explained WPA, WEP, WPS, DoH, DNSSEC. Yes I probably could have gotten all that on my own. But I didn’t. I learned it all from Steve. Do you have time to do all this on your own? Most people don’t. So you should listen to Steve.
  • JohnTheos
    Getting to be unlistenable
    When I listen to podcasts, I’m looking for the hosts to understand the material and provide me with their opinions on the matter. Unfortunately Steve has decided that that’s too much effort and now spends his time just reading others reports or press releases to the audience. EDIT: someone suggested playing this episode at 1.5x. OMG does it make it so much better.
  • youppppppr
    Less ads
    Steve is great but my god Leo is annoying, I hate the super long ads repeatedly , seems like Steve just reads articles from a couple sources essentially just regurgitating them
  • Jebus Simpson
    It’s just a giant ad
    Great content but I swear every week there’s a 20 minute commercial buried into the show from the host hawking his own products. It gets really old and tiring. The show isn’t worth half each episode being about Squirrel, Spinright or whatever he has. Not worth subscribing too
  • Storiwr
    A Must-Listen for aspiring Security Professionals
    If you’re a security professional, thinking of becoming one, or just want to remain safer in an increasingly connected world, this podcast is practically a graduate course delivered once a week at no cost to you. Steve Gibson knows computer infrastructure on a fundamental level akin to a native speaker of a language. As a long-time assembly programmer, Steve’s mind naturally breaks down concepts into its fundamental components, allowing even security novices to follow along (though occasionally it might take a couple listens). A note to new listeners: the episodes really must be listened to sped up. I’m not sure if Apple’s improved their speed settings, but other apps like Pocketcast and Overcast have features that naturally remove pauses and dead space as well as dynamically speeding up speech. This is necessary because not only are the episodes quite long, but Steve is a very deliberate speaker and is not reading from a script. This is not meant to be a criticism. He’s a programmer and security researcher. He does not have the decades of radio training his cohost Leo Laporte benefits from. I only mention this because it’s something I hear frequently from people just starting to listen. I find 1.3x is a perfect balance. Security Now! Is one of the first podcasts I started listening to and it’s given me a framework to discuss just about any technology story in the news, or concept a work. I really can’t recommend it enough. The archive has many classics explaining how the internet works, how computers work, how ecliptic curve encryption works. Seriously, just listen and learn!
  • dcdc2010
    Ok to listen to, if nothing else is on
    Like others have said it already, this podcast is too long, and not just too long in a good kind of way. It's too long with unnecessary reading of some boring press releases and other documents that no one in their sane mind would dare to read. Still the listener is trapped into listening to this old guy reading it in a stammering monotone. Additionally the security advice is somewhat dubious at best. You learn that after having listened to this podcast for a while. I honestly can't take security advice from a seemingly "tin foil hat" paranoid host that also still thinks that Windows XP is a secure operating system and that coding everything in Assembly language is the "best" way to do things. Sorry, we're not living in the year 1995 anymore. Beef number 2. This podcast has inline commercials and product placements. At first I wasn't sure what squirrel or spin right is, which they dedicate at times close to half an hour of an episode. I was curious and did some research. Well it turns out that the host wrote both pieces of software and it's his idea to promote it that way (without giving a listener any clue.) By the way, one is his take on web authentication protocol and the second one is an overpriced software to recover data from hard drives. In my opinion, both products have to come with a clear announcement of a commercial product placement. There's also a second host that is more pleasant to listen to (that has a radio announcer voice), but he doesn't seem to care about security and is either eating or sleeping throughout each episode. Overall I play this podcast last, usually in a fast forward mode. So unless they fix it, I will soon remove it from my podcast app.
  • Audiophilz
    Steve you are a professor I wish I had in grad school
    One of the best podcasts in the Twit portfolio. Great format, love the length. Some reviewer complained about the length being 2 hours but I absolutely love the fact that it’s 2 hours, I usually listen to this going to sleep so it’s perfect !
  • sperry23
    It's OK
    The podcast is filled with a lot of good and timely information. But there are a few quibbles. Clocking in at over 2 hours per episode, (and in some cases nearly 3!) it goes on way, way too long. Gibson is much like that teacher from high school and/or college who goes on and on and on and on and very slowly at that. Fortunately it can be listened to at double speed without losing much quality. The subject matter is interesting, without a doubt. His voice is not unpleasant at all despite stammering and a halting speaking pattern. But it just goes on far, far too long.
  • m.shub
    Simply the best
    Steve Gibson does a great job of pointing out important security news in a timely manner, while explaining highly technical subjects in a way that makes them understandable.
  • Thatdjao
    Hard to listen
    There’s some good news/analysis to be had but it’s buried under extreme-cringe old man banter & ads
  • DSEichinger
    Steve Gibson's Voice is Uneven
    Good information but Steve Gibson's voice sounds like he's going through puberty. When he gets excited, his voice screeches. It reminds me of the teenager character that works in the movie theater on the Simpsons. Frankly, its very annoying to hear.
  • Legion1349
    Has become too long!
    I really love listening to Steve's high level breakdowns of tech, but there is too much coverage for current vulnerabilities (I know, I know, "Security NOW"). I would bet that the majority of these listeners just want a quick summary of these breaking news events, rather than a full blown dissection. I would much rather have more listener feedback questions to keep a greater variety of Steve's great answers flowing. Also, these podcasts are getting LONG! I simply cannot keep up anymore, as much as I love listening to Steve and Leo, I have a full beard by the end of the episode, and am forced to skip episodes often because they end up backing up. Make them shorter please! A great podcast none-the-less, and anyone who is interested in high-level tech and security should subscribe.
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