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A weekly one-hour conversation with guest experts and callers about travel, cultures, people, and the things we find around the world that give life its extra sparkle. Rick Steves is America's leading authority on travel to Europe and beyond. Host and writer of over a hundred public television travel shows and author of 30 best-selling guidebooks, Rick now brings his passion for exploring and understanding our world to public radio. Related travel information and message boards on

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  • Steve.…
    Thank you Rick
    Thanks for putting these together Rick
  • Laupadz
    Stop interrupting your guests
    I really enjoy Rick Steve TV programs. I like the content and interviews here. But it is difficult to hear Rick Steve regularly interrupt or interject abruptly before his guests are done talking. Annoying habit.Let your guests finish their thoughts!
  • fred225(
    Lost a step
    Rick’s guide books are the best. Podcast has lost a step over the years. It needs to focus on on destinations with tour guide interviews and real life traveler experience and stories. Throw in travel Authors selling their book ! Rick has a lot of political views on the show with a lot of leading questions ONLY because he can afford to. He can walk away tomorrow and doesn’t need your money. So, When he says a lazy and ignorant statement like MAGA people don’t like immigration (no difference between open borders and immigration???) he does so because someone still listening believes the same.
  • BillBlaster1
    Rick’s Podcast is Really Great
    I enjoy his PBS shows and his podcast, which covers more than just Europe. He has an incredible variety of destinations that he covers, and has local guides/experts to opine. Try this travel podcast if you enjoy taking a journey without leaving your home. Very entertaining.
  • Alternative Milks
    Love and Respect
    Rick promotes travel as a way to learn about and engage with the diverse human experience of places other than our own. The sad discourse on some of these reviews paints him simultaneously as a raging anti-American communist and a preachy Christian missionary. Pathetic! Rest assured Rick only wants you to learn about others and break your own prejudices. Have fun!
  • Cornhusker55
    Rick is a socialist and communist leaning man. You would think with his deep hatred for the USA he would leave?
  • LifeLongerlearner
    You Are Traveling WITH Rick Steves
    There are other travel podcasts to listen to if one is not onboard traveling WITH Rick. There are various reasons WHY people make their travel destination choices. Personally, I don’t know how one can avoid religion and politics when traveling to other countries/cultures (even our own) or entering a museum / historical site-unless it’s for food, spa, or entertainment. Oh, and this podcast covers that, too. Rick presents a wide range of travel ideas to a wide range audience. Bravo!
  • Kathleen M Hall
    Fountain of incredible info
    As someone who lives and owns a travel business in Central America, Rick’s takes on this part of the world always leave me asking new questions about my home here. Which is humbling and exciting, two feelings I think resonate among people who travel the world. Amazing work, love listening!
  • like satie
    too religious
    I enjoy hearing about travels. I fast forward through the religious stories. Sadly it seems I’m having to fast forward through more than ever. I understand Rick’s 2nd wife is a pastor. But please don’t impose all that religiousity on listeners. Yes, I’ve accepted that his program focuses on religion around the holidays but it’s now May. Is it going to be year round
  • C Go 1
    Thank you for no ads!
    Thank you for considering your listeners and avoiding ads. Your show is already great, and that’s the cherry on top. We appreciate you!!
  • TriciaMackay
    Thank you for all of your outstanding resources!
    Really enjoy your interview questions and so appreciate all of the tips. Thank you!!
  • bericjohnson
    Amazing podcast thanks Rick!!!
  • SystemError99
    LOL at folks complaining about “politics”
    If you think you can have a podcast about global travel and history without ever discussing politics I don’t know what to tell you. Keep up the good work, Rick.
  • Venice in January
    Rick Thanks for your tip of visiting Venice in January. OK we were lucky with the weather this year but it’s a walking city and the ability to enjoy Venice without crowds, little to no queues and an excellent range of restaurants even though some do close after epiphany. It was a fantastic 4 nights. Beginning in Nice ( it was warm enough for a dip in the Med ) where we have family, we then traveled to Venice by train and included Bologna - an easy train ride from Venice for 2 nights which was busier with all the students but refreshingly alive and vibrant as well as historically enchanting. With 3 nights in the Nice area we felt we had been away for ever despite it being only a 10 day trip. We plan to venture out again during the off season in regions that we would find too hot for us in the summer months.
  • SherrBher
    Amateur Traveler
    I’ve started listening to The Amateur Traveler podcast A good no frill travel podcast without the side of deprecating comments about the U.S. that Rick Steves snidely drops frequently
  • brother-dan
    Love it
    One of the best travel pods out there. Don’t let the snowflakes try and censor you, I haven’t heard any political takes that have melted me so far. Keep up the good work!
  • GbFayz
    Keep up the great work Rick!
    I’ve been a fan of Rick’s work for years and am always impressed with his tireless commitment to thoughtful travel. I understand that some folks only want travel info, but I applaud Rick for voicing his opinions and concerns even at the risk of losing customers. Bravo!
  • nro2
    Rick leads by example
    Rick teaches all of us how well & ethically business can be run & how travel fosters international understanding. Blessings to you Rick!
  • moving on-missu
    Why ruin it
    Too preachy. Don’t want to hear about your political thoughts. Just want to know about travel on vacation or future retirement. You don’t want to hear me preach about my political feelings, hold on to yours please.
  • @memetwoandthree
    Pleasant show, unpleasant editing- updated
    I love this show! However, the editing is anxiety producing... I assume it's in an effort to save time, but each speaker's natural pause in speech is edited out, and the effect is unnerving. It also makes it seem as though Rick speaks over and interrupts his guests. I like to listen to this show to savor all the delicious details about travel I'm longing for, but when it's being crammed in like this it kind of defeats the purpose. Just keep it natural, please, and thank you either way for bringing this much needed content. UPDATE: I continue to listen, but it's become clear that it's not just the editing; Rick does actually speak over and cut off his guests mid-comment. Very cringy and unfortunate.
  • piperlou
    Please don’t make political!
    I’m begging you Rick! Please don’t let politics infiltrate your awesome work! Please!!! I lean a certain way and if there are too many guests that bring a certain ideology to the show and podcast I can’t listen anymore and I adore you and your work! Please don’t let guests bring politics into the fold! Love love love Rick Steve’s show and podcast episodes!
  • traditionalgirl
    Too political for me.
    Rick & his guest take jabs at America & Americans every chance they get. Socialism might work for some small European countries, but not here. Capitalism is what helped you create the empire you have profited from, Rick.
  • gus 24!
    Why U.S.?
    Love Rick and been loyally watching and listening for years, but have little/no interest in u.s. destinations…sure I’ve traveled around the u.s. a lot but I come to Rick for Europe, where I prefer to spend my vacation time.
  • adopt more cats
    Concerning commentary from guests
    I am usually fan of this podcast, however, after listening to the first ten minutes of the episode about New Orleans, I have some serious concerns. The guests on this episode are Caucasian-presenting tour guides. I had to stop listening when the man was discussing what “Creole” means and the origins of jambalaya. He describes the dish’s origins and how the enslaved Africans attempted to create paella, and through language barriers and with only local ingredients at hand, arrived at “the mess that is jambalaya.” Why wouldn’t the team behind this production reach out to representatives of this community to speak on the history and heritage of their culture? Why are they only relying on white people to educate on the history of communities of color of New Orleans?
  • oaktown shepherd
    Why bother with guests?
    The content is solid and the guests are knowledgeable, but why bother host guests if they aren’t allowed to finish a sentence? Rick asks and answers all of his questions before the guest can offer an opinion.
  • ohi:)
    my first podcast
    Mindful and informative without being boring. Great for falling asleep to. The interruptions tho
  • abcfeinglf d
    Thank you for your valued opinion.
    Crazy media.
  • I B Reading
    Rick is still amazing!
    I grew up watching Rick on PBS with my parents, and these moments inspired me to become a travel writer. I love this show and Rick’s travel style. He has a wonderful curiosity about the world, and he focuses on people, not politics. Love this show!
  • migirltravels
    Genuine feedback
    Let your guests finish their sentences.
  • Ralanas84
    Very Enjoyable
    I really do love this podcast and enjoy the topics very much. However, I have to mention that I find Rick talking over and interrupting the guest speakers very hard to listen to. He does it constantly and I find myself cringing out of the awkwardness of it throughout the episodes. Rick, please allow the guests to answer your questions and share their knowledge with us too.
  • dsmlistener
    Informative and entertaining, but …
    Rick often strikes just the right balance of information and entertainment - but please stop interrupting and talking over your guests. Sometimes I wonder why the guests are even there, Rick asks a question then immediately interrupts and answers the question himself. It’s awkward and annoying.
  • Xodus23896
    Weird reviews. Good show
    Iv never found Rick Steve’s episodes to be extreme left views or political. He uses common sense and decency. I think the trump supporters should go listen to another podcast the crybaby’s!
  • mollyscissorhand
    Steve Is A Treasure
    Through my college travels in the 1990s to the present, Rick has been there with his signature blend of Western Civ, gastronomy, and insightful understanding of human relations. I am delighted to have this podcast as an additional way to connect with other world citizens.
  • divebookreader
    Great show
    Never miss an episode!
  • Shrieks fed
    Rick sure has changed!!!
    I grew up watching Rick’s travel show on PBS & throughly enjoyed it. Now I am listening to his podcasts & he turned into a socialist commi! C’est dommage! Very disappointing! ☹️
  • kfn#
    Enjoyable But
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. But I don’t like the political influence. I find it uncomfortable.
  • Moe Loog
    Excellent insights on the value of travel
    This program continues to give tips on itineracy but more importantly the attitude of traveling. If jumping off and on the bus after numerous selfies is your idea of travel this could help transform your experience
  • Robbiepolitico
    I love this podcast but please no politics
    I’m a former local politician who is disillusioned by the state of our politics. I love Rick Steves and specifically listen to it to get away from the disappointments that I encounter in the news daily. I want to beg you. Please, please stop using your platform to promote a political party ideology. We are currently having to endure the politicization of absolutely everything from the partisan way we are forced to choose between a pair of sneakers to trying to attend a game or concert and being compelled to take a side. We are judged for our politics by the car we drive in and even the grocery store we go to. We need one space to go where we can get away from this and escape.
  • Dr Monero
    I’ve listened to many episodes
    I describe Rick Steves as a “political extremist.” He must have become radicalized over time. It’s important to keep fanatics from abusing us in neutral forums like this so for this reason I will no longer subscribe. I find the podcast stressful.
  • CupertinoJay
    Let the guests talk!
    I’m a fan of Rick Steves but for the love of god, let your guests talk! He asks a question and then immediately interrupts his guests while they’re trying to respond. It drives me nuts. I have to stop listening to this.
  • honolululistenet
    Worth while listen , but
    Love and adore you Steve, but please make an effort not to talk over your guests .
  • COCO Kershul
    Big Pharma Shill
    I used to love Rick Steves programs. But as a social psychologist who has worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children and an advocate for victims of sexual assault, I have to say his stance on vaccine passports is disgusting. I have worked for years to convince shattered children and women that NO ONE has a right over their bodies. That they are sovereign, whole people, whose bodily autonomy was given to them by God and is protected by the US Constitution. Just as an abuser’s anger doesn’t give them the right to strike a child, and a rapist’s desire doesn’t give them the right to assault a woman, so too, a hypochondriac’s fear doesn’t give them the right to inject anyone with anything against their will. This is fascism. Plain and simple. And the fact that Rick Steves has done programs on the rise of the Third Reich and then shills for Big Pharma, medical apartheid, and a return to “papers please” is grotesque. Shame on you, Rick Steves. If we don’t have bodily autonomy we are nothing but slaves. By denying other healing modalities including native medicines, Ayurveda, etc. you are behaving like a patriarchal, neocolonial, racist. Have you stopped to ask why 75% of the black population in DC has refused the jab? Do you really think they don’t know what’s best for their bodies? What about the 99% of indigenous people on certain reservations in this country? Do their bodies need to be forcibly colonized by White man’s poison to alleviate your fear? This entire charade is just shameful. I’ve followed you for years, and you are not a thoughtless person. So I conclude you must be bought and paid for by the same Big Pharma companies that fund PBS.
  • Reviewer JJR
    N.P. Dinner Party
    I love this show but the author interviewed for this episode is unbelievably pretentious.
  • banned4bimbo
    Inspiring future travels
    Every time I listen to Rick’s podcast, I add a new destination to my travel list.
  • Kakali_pnw
    Indian ocean journeys
    I have been a huge fan of your podcasts, but this episode really shocked me! You and your guest focussed only on the ‘intensity’ of crowds and traffic in Delhi! Not one word about the beautiful Mughal architecture all over Delhi, the charm of old Delhi, the history of Indian independence that is rooted in Delhi. Would you review a historic destination in Europe and only highlight the problems? I don’t think so!
  • tonpetitami
    Stop the interruption
    With you cutting off your guests every two seconds, it’s a miracle that anyone still wants to be interviewed by you. Stop showing off your “superior knowledge” about traveling and let your guests talk!
  • Techn0Nut1996
    A great way to spend an hour!
    I have been listening for a few years and really enjoy Rick’s views and opinions on the places he travels. The guests are fun and knowledgeable and the show itself is so easy to listen to.
  • Thundercloud01
    Long time listener
    Sometimes the show is so good that it changes my mood in a way where I am much calmer and introspective. Also thank you for not including ads.
  • Ry91203
    Rick is a serial interrupter
    I am disappointed in this podcast. I am a fan of Rick’s shows and wanted to give this a try. However, he has a tendency to steamroll his guests’ interesting input with useless information and reactions. Dude, just be quiet. Just because you were on tv, doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. He is better in some episodes than others, to his credit. The episode from today (3/26/2021) was brutal though. Our boy Rick had verbal diarrhea during the Granada bit. Hey Rick, you need some Pepto and a chill pill my guy. I do like that he blazes, but maybe he needs to hit the indica instead of the sativa.
  • Ascyr1
    Plug and travel
    Keep it up, Rick! From a frequent Monday Night Travel attendee. (Obviously a big fan)!
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