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Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the natural world. Rich in imagery, sound, and information, BirdNote inspires you to notice the world around you.

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  • JaimeBlackBird
    LOVE! I look forward to listening each morning 💜 I do wish the episodes were a bit longer though!
  • hanibl
    Too short
    has gone downhill. The focus is on not the birds, but the humans who atudy them. Was a 5, now a 3-4.
  • Miss Alyce
    Morning Ritual
    Every morning as I prepare for my day, I have my Alexa play this relaxing and informative podcast.
  • Andriyasdf
    Short but sweet
    Love the daily tidbits of soundscapes and knowledge!
  • 😛💝
    I ❤️ it
    Thanks for making another podcast!! You just made one today and it’s lovely. One suggestion, you should make a couple more one’s on specific birds!
  • Tyrannus tyrannus
    Wonderfully Informative
    My wife and I are big fans of Bird Note, having been long time bird enthusiasts. The podcasts offer fascinating insights into avian behavior and make for a great way to start our day. The only shortcoming of this podcast is the author’s need to use birding as a platform to advance social causes. Please try not to stray from the original intent of the podcast, which surely is to educate and inspire, rather than offer a social lecture.
  • Thecmndr
    Not a bird podcast
    This podcast is not about birds, it’s social justice focused. Don’t waste your time.
  • Jaimie Butterfly
    Love it!!
    My favorite podcast!! The two minute bites of bird facts always make my day better!
  • hgddyv
    I can’t give 5 stars because the high pitch bird calls and intro song are too loud and I often find myself ripping my headphones out because my ear drums are being stabbed.
  • Zach zaph
    The best
  • RYLAND fat
    This is the coolest podcast I’ve heard.
    Wow, this is so cool I love listening to the birds. I’m here in New Jersey with my grandmother and my dad. We live in Wayland Massachusetts. There’s tons of flowers, trees, birds, and other animals.😱🎼🎼🎼
  • Ezmoe
    …way to begin the day. Mary McCann and Michael Stein are the best! Their bird ditties inspire, inform and amuse us. Thank you both. PS I for one do not think it wise to promote black birders or feminist birders or whatever. Birding is for everyone. Including everyone — as one— does not promote the fracturing segregation of our times. Far better.
  • melodyuyu
    Fascinating, endearing, and educational!
    I admit - I started playing Birdnote for my cat. Little did I know, though, that soon enough I (and all of my human family members) would become Birdnote enthusiasts and, by extension, newbie but enthusiastic birders. I never used to pay much attention to birds, but the incredibly delightful, engaging, and surprising (some birds are bilingual! some birds are ingenious thieves! Bird flight is the work of science so brilliant it transcends and becomes magic!) have opened our eyes, literally and figuratively, to birds. Even if you currently couldn’t care less about birds, give this podcast a listen. The hosts of BirdNote are storytellers of the highest caliber, and each 2min or so episode is such an injection of joy into the day.
  • Suzannekmoses
    Moment of relaxation
    No matter how grim the news, my shoulders relax when I hear the opening notes of BirdNote. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment of calmness and information.
  • Muffin's Mama Ginny
    So glad to find them on Apple! Big fan!
    I somehow managed to miss the fact that these are available on Apple Podcasts!! I’m so happy to be able to listen and get notifications whenever they post each day! I learn something every time even though I’m a huge bird nerd already!
  • Kittydoggymom
    Great introduction to birds 🦢
    These little podcasts pack a lot of info into a very short time. They have really helped me appreciate my feathered neighbors. A great way to start the day.
  • o1/;7ldul
    Wake up to birdsong
    Pleasant birdsong and bird facts to begin each glorious day!
  • fancypants03
    A daily treat
    Beautiful sounds and interesting facts. I’ve been a bird watcher for decades, and I still learn something new from every episode.
  • quentinh319
    The birds should get more spotlight
    Please just focus on the birds. Your emails and social media accounts are insufferable.
  • KB_McG
    Please speak clearly!
    Bird Note really needs to be mindful that their podcast is an auditory broadcast. Having speakers that have the ability to actually speak clearly is the point of a broadcast. Several of the recent episodes have been frustrating enough to skip them if I hear particular voices. Stop with the affections vocal fry!
  • EphemeralErika
    My cat loves listening to Bird Note
    And I always learn something, too
  • funkyfem
    Wonderful Podcast!
    Informative and well done. My students and I enjoy the episodes each morning before we begin our day.
  • King Deadlock
    A little piece of daily goodness
    Informative. Pleasing to the ear, and the brain!
    Awesome information that I listen to every morning. Love it!
  • kellydna
    Bird-learning in bite-sized bits!
  • Cubuchin
    Love it
    I love listening every morning
  • greyfinch7
    A positive mindful moment with birds
    The brief presentations are interesting and uplifting- a treat
  • mzpennylane
    Ada Limone
    Great episode!! Love the show♥️ I’m learning so much😊
    Like the new NOIR theme
  • Christina Zlotnick
    Poodle Approved
    This is my poodle’s favorite podcast. We discovered it on the radio during our commute, and now he insists we listen every night before we go to bed. Cooper stops what he’s doing and cocks his head intently every time he hears a bird sing. I learn a lot in the process too.
  • DareBoBear
    birds? great. The wokeness? Not so much.
    Love these short, well-produced bird tales. What I don't love is being preached at by pandering race-hustlers. One pod complained that we need more people of color birding. Do we really? Says who? Maybe "people of color" prefer to do other things.. why does the skin color of people doing this or that activity matter? Now I just heard (the long podcast in Aug 2021) a woman casually bemoan 2020's "state-sanctioned violence against black people." Really? Do you really believe that sentence, or do you just think that is what you are supposed to say to be an enlightened member of today's WokeWorld?
  • debdcooper
    Loved it until recently
    Listened daily for several years and enjoyed tremendously. Lately the scientific and informative style has turned to interviewing, poetry and has a political vibe. I miss the previous style and am looking elsewhere for something similar to what it was historically.
  • mark.huggins
    Short, sweet, fascinating
    In just a minute or two, I love learning about a different bird species, their biology and/or interactions with humanity. I’m not a birder, personally, but this podcast may make one of me yet…
  • mituska2
    Daily pick me up
    I love that I can learn new things about birds in two or three minutes each evening.
  • Wom1977
    So good!
    Love this podcast so much! It’s so helpful for our nature study time.
  • 🐢turtlelover
    I love bird note
    It is a amazing podcast for all ages, it is a great way to start off your day. Thank you for no adds! I am very bad at naming birds from hearing their songs, but thanks to bird note I am getting a lot better! Again, thank you!
  • Leo.F.1973
    Best Way to start a morning
    Birdnote is as important to my morning routine as my coffee. I look forward to to short and cleverly written episodes every morning and always learn something new. Thank you Birdnote!
  • grandmaatheist
    Accents - I am having trouble understanding
    Hi. I am having trouble understanding some of the accents that are showing up in the feed. I am a 60-year-old female and I don’t understand what the people are saying. I am really having trouble with the accents. Sorry. But if I can’t understand the show I am going to unsubscribe.
  • 20digits
    A wonderful mix of bird facts and sounds
  • Ayeattslonske
    Bite-sized joy
    I am becoming more passionate about birds just from listening to this podcast. Perfectly paced & produced too!
  • Goldie Stardust
    Informative and absolutely delightful!
    I’ve learned so much in little tidbits each day. Always puts a smile on my face. Narration and sound are top-notch! (*sidenote: thank you for not ruining it with commercials)
  • benvenutocellini
    Highly recommended
    A delightful 2 minutes to start each morning; like a robin’s spring song - clear, bright, and gives a lift to the day!
  • fred1925
    Couldn’t keep the politics out of it could you?
    Just had to ruin a great thing. I hope none of you liberals have any Audubon pictures around. Don’t look at them ever again.
  • bexfinch
    The best part of our morning
    Thank you for this wonderful podcast, my bird-loving toddler gets so excited to hear the many bird calls and songs. Informative, short and sweet!
  • Bran L K
    If you like birds...
    ...than you pretty much have to listen! Always so interesting!
  • g_man_joe
    always brightens my day
    Two minutes of interesting and happy podcasting. Thanks for it!
  • victoriasquare
    This podcast is a treat
    In the midst of my busy day this podcast gives me a short respite. I listen to a lot of podcasts but this one is the one that relaxes me the most. Informative and really lovely
  • Magpie's Garden and Nursery
    My favorite podcast educational and delightful! Keep it coming !
  • Meghart92blue
    First Podcast of the Day
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for several years. It is always how I start my day as I get out of bed. I love the two minute episodes that are very digestible and informative. This ornithologist gives it two wings up!
  • Slippery Dwayne
    My favorite podcast
    No podcast is as grounding as this one...a two minute daily oasis for bird lovers of all ages!
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