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  • Frostteay
    Best space podcast
    Best space podcast
  • spaceboi5213
    I’m a space nerd
  • swmartini
    So Much Information
    As a kid in the 70s and early 80s I would have killed for even 5 min of the information provided by Fraser and his team in this podcast. We are in the best time ever for Astronomy news and Fraser brings it all together. Thank you!
  • Chaim K.
    Loved your episode on Brian Keating’s The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast
    Glad you went on. Keep up the great content!!
  • Child of the regan era
    Universe Today
    Frasiers podcasts are a fan favorite of mine and the work him and the team put into this is very appreciated. He has a way of presenting complex science topics in a very easily understanding way. Corporate sponsors should take note of how a podcast should be when analyzing his show. He's wit and intelligence make for a great program.
  • Doris2023
    Great podcast
    I have received quite an education on astronomy listening to this podcast. It is a wonderful resource for the lay person interested in learning more about space and the steps we are taking to explore more of it.
  • MarkChicagoIL
    Frazier Crain…
    So annoying!
  • MSUcatz1
    For the podcast algorithm gods
    To future podcast lister. If you read this, and listen, after enjoyed the show you must comment and 5 stars. Give ‘em a reward for the hard work they put into the episode.
  • jrsands1
    Politics, sports or space?
    Space wins!
  • Mikey hardcore
    Interesting and current topics about all things you see when you look up. Love the show AND the newsletter! Very concise info about all the latest space news
    Great podcast!
    Keep up the good work. Like the news update segment too
  • POepeedoe
    Always learn and smile while listening to our favorite podcast!
  • K9Rush
    Better than StarTalk
    I love the show gets a deal strictly with Astronomy and not some stupid comedians and everything else sports StarTalk used to be great but now it’s going downhill fast.Fraser is a great host and I love the show and astronomy podcastWith cohost Pamela Gray
  • CaedH
    Has Taken Over StarTalk
    Like I have seen with some people here, I have moved here from StarTalk which has been gradually becoming more comedic. They have started to run out of ideas and don’t know how to deal with it. So far, with this podcast, I have not seen any of that loss of idea. Always has something to talk about and always goes into great depth. Love it!
  • John from Fresno
    Long Time Follower of Universe Today
    The host is well-known in astronomy and science circles— Mr. Fraser Cain smartly hosts a ‘multi-media pronged’ endeavor that gives astronomy a sense of popularity and a new sense of purpose. Not since Carl Sagan— can I think of someone who has elevated science to a sense of purpose that many of us could follow as a template. Take you Fraser!
  • FreddieKraftIsFat
    What an awesome podcast
    I drifted over here from StarTalk after the conversations continuously moved away from science into attempted humor. I have enjoyed every episode tremendously. I especially enjoy the Q&As, but everything so far has been interesting. Keep up the great work.
  • MaxGravy
    Fraser’s Q&A episodes are fun and educational. I find myself listening to each one several times. This is quality programming at its best.
  • MarkG342!
    Fun and educational - good job !
  • condronk
    Fraser speaks so clearly about so many different topics!
  • SquietPaw
    Enjoy the Universe!
    Start here...
  • RogerOrtega
    Awesome podcast. Out of this world! Stellar!
  • ForbiddenArts
    An excellent fix for a need of astronomy
  • Watch "The Martian"
    Slices of knowledge
    This podcast is fantastic. Even when you are familiar with the topic, you learn something new every time.
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