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The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and the best places to travel to. It covers everything from knowing what to put on your Chicago dog when you go to the Windy City to swimming with whales in Tonga.

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  • Marshall Dahneke
    Scratching the Travel Itch!
    I love this podcast and listen to every episode! Chris does a terrific job of scheduling such a diverse range of places and people that make these various locations come to life. During this pandemic when we can’t travel (and those of us who are from the USA are understandably not welcome in most countries), listening to these weekly podcasts keeps the dream alive and ‘scratches that chronic itch” to see the world. Listen, learn, and support this podcast! Big thanks to Chris for his decade and a half of service to us! 😀👍
  • Wakatushi
    Very solid
    Great pod
  • sam_2423
    Great podcast!
    I love the variety of places covered on this podcast. Chris brings on many fascinating guests and adds insightful commentary that immerses you in cultures and places around the world. I listen to this podcast every day in the car and even on my runs around the neighborhood. Thankfully there’s years of podcasts to go through!
  • Lisa420420
    Thank you, love this podcast!
  • browningshooter
    Please don’t stop taking us around the world
    You cover my favorite subject and it’s a pleasure to listen to a well spoken adult who knows their geography and history. I recommend listening to all episodes, as some destinations which one might not expect to hold much interest actually turn out to be among the best. I’ve always wondered though, how you find the time to create a weekly show like this along with your real job, family, travel, etc? Thank you Chris for your excellent and interesting podcast.
  • DIckcountryside
    Days of travel are over
    Chris it’s been a good run but time to admit that no one is going to travel again until this bio engineered scourge unleashed by China is eliminated. And that won’t be for years. Find a new podcast to do related to modern times and the invisible enemy referred to as Coronavirus. Thanks China
  • Marina 'The Trader Chick'
    Great to listen to when looking for travel inspiration
    In this podcast, you will find information, tips narrations, and itineraries for tons and tons of different destinations from around the world. There are countless episodes where you can listen to guests talking about some of their favorite places they have visited and explored thoroughly.
  • designgenes
    Long time listener first time review
    In the midst of what will be known as the Great 2020 Shelter in Place, Amateur Traveler lets me go places viacariously while helping the world flattening the curve. I especially enjoed episode 694 Travel to Northern Pakistan. Pakistan has been on my bucket list, but for work reasons I can't go. So until I retire, the espisode will have to suffice. Keep up the great work Chris!
  • Ali the traveler
    Excellent and interesting!
    If possible, I would give an extra star for Chris’s persistence in keeping this podcast going while many other lifestyle podcasters have gone into corona-hibernation mode.
  • onbasejase
    The Mississippi Gulf Coast
    After moving to Bay St Louis from New York City I was excited to hear this episode. I thought your guest did a really crummy job with his take on the Gulf Coast, he got a lot wrong and did a bad job of ‘what to see, what to do etc.’
  • Sam Lacan
    Best Travel and touring podcast
    Chris has a passion for travel experiences and stories which you can hear on Amateur Traveller. I listened to over 100 different podcasts and only a few are so compelling that I go back to the archives and listened to every one from the start. AT has been running since 2005 and Includes many famous and obscure international countries and territories. But AT also has domestic cities and destinations in the US too. For any wanna be world traveller or person interested in really informative story telling give Amateur Traveller a try.
  • Julesy0226
    This is the podcast I’ve been looking for! I can’t believe it took me so long to find it. I’m very new to the podcast world in general having only listened to a few true crime podcasts to start. But this is where it’s at! I’ve traveled a fair amount (mostly domestically), but dream about lots of international travels. Literally EVERYWHERE is on my bucket list. This podcast fulfills my itch to learn more about exotic and domestic locations between my travels. Chris is interesting and knowledgeable. I am currently binging on the hundreds of episodes. Let’s say I’m in travelers heaven!
  • MitsyUP
    A Yooper goes to Europe
    I love this podcast. On my flight to Europe last summer, I listened to the podcasts for the different countries we were going to. It was so fun! I also listened to them on the way home to see what I saw and compare! Great podcast. I’m hoping for an episode on the Circle Tour around Lake Superior. I’m planning to do this in the summer. :)
  • TwentiesStruggles
    Can’t wait to go to Provence
    I am planning a trip to Provence for the fall and have read dozens of blogs and listened to many podcasts! Wendy’s insights we very refreshing with truly specific helpful tips! Her enthusiasm and pace was lovely. Thanks Chris! Appreciate the guidance your podcasts offer!
  • sportsnathan
    Fantastic Podcast About Traveling
    I love listening to this podcast that Cris put together so well to bring on guests about places to travel and share their experiences in each destination! I love the questions that Chris asks his guests on the show and I find this podcast really relaxing to listen to when driving to work or cleaning and cooking home! I am so grateful for Chris and his preparations for each episode of the show he shared with us here to travel around the world!
  • CreativeTravelType
    Inspiring and Informative
    I am a huge fan of travel podcasts and listen to them religiously. I listen to travel podcasts to be inspired and to gather useful information to apply to my own travels. I enjoy the Amateur Traveler podcast because it’s ALL about travel and not much else. I appreciate that Chris gets straight to the point, the subject matter is discussed without too much personal banter like many other travel podcasts. Chris is a great host, calm, confident, and I even enjoy his (sometimes) sarcastic tone. One should listen to this podcast as part of their travel planning process. It's also very good at taking you to far away places when you physically can't travel at the moment. Thanks for your hard work Chris!
  • Senor-Droolcup
    GREAT travel podcast
    Been using this podcast for several years and it's given me wonderful travel ideas. The host is smart and easy to listen to. The guests are invariably interesting. I have literally used this podcast to plan travel to specific sites and been inspired to look at locations that I never knew existed. One issue: you want the iTunes enhanced version that comes with photographs and maps. This version has never worked on my iPhone for some reason, so I often have to listen to the podcast on my web browser which is not convenient. I'm not sure if this is the podcasts fault or Apple's fault so I'm not dinging them a star for it. Give this podcast a try!
  • pernipicus
    Couldn’t hear more than a minute
    Literally turned off the podcast before a minute of playing. Sorry but it just wasn’t working for me.
  • Mclean91345
    The best podcast for travel!
    Excellent podcast! I got a lot of good information for my trip to Scotland and after listening to many of the episodes I have a long list of places I want to go see.
  • Rollins250
    Most comprehensive travel podcast
    Having traveled a lot, this travel podcast both scratches the itch on learning about new places, and brings memories to the forefront on places I’ve visited.
  • Mateojames1111
    Chris 2x is an OG!!
    I had the opportunity to chat with Chris and he is the real deal in the travel world. Not only is he well traveled but he's a authentic and careful about sustainability. He truly is one of the veterans in the industry and has paved the way for others. Great work Chris, keep it up!
  • jack29284738263
    Good, not great for millennial
    I really like the format of interviewing guests about certain cities/regions of countries and going really in depth. I learned a lot of cool things for an upcoming trip that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. The only thing is that the podcast does seem to suits the typical older traveler’s itinerary and seems like the host really only enjoys going to museums when he travels.
  • Tatavla
    Love this podcast
    I can actually travel while on traffic. Well...kinda.
  • Puppeteer107
    One of the best
    Interesting locations, good questions, and a solid format. Everything you need in a travel podcast. It's so good that I'm bent on listening to every past episode. It's like five hundred hours of travel talk!
  • ederbes
    Trying to find earlier podcast of Brooklyn
    Chris Do you have a search engine where I can search by place I want to visit.? Since you have more than 600 pods I have been paging thru and cannot find quickly the city or place I am looking for How do I search on your podcast Thanks Elyse
  • Kacy W
    My favorite podcast
    I love that this podcast not only covers the obvious travel destinations, but also interesting places you might not have thought of. The theme song sounds like Elvis Costello. What’s not to like?
  • Kit Parks
    Not just inspiration but clear guidance
    I love how you learn not only about a location but also get clear guidance on what to do when you get there. It saves a ton of time!
  • Genna Klein
    Armchair travel!
    What a fabulous resource for travel planning and inspiration. Chris interviews a wide variety of guests on so many destinations - he even circles back to popular destinations covered years before. He is a knowledgable and kind interviewer, asking helpful questions. Most interviewees are able to give an excellent overview of a destination as well as some hand-picked treats.
  • bhorn12000
    The Best Travel Podcast
    I’ve been listening for years and I still love it. Chris would be enjoyable to listen to no matter what he was talking about, a rare skill in podcasters. But the fact that his content is always interesting and engaging makes it oh so much better. He picks the greatest places to talk about and the best guests to interview. But most of all, he knows just the right questions to ask to make the location they are discussing come alive. Thanks Chris for all the great content you have produced. I am looking forward to hearing what is next.
  • melodyuyu
    Amateur traveler, professional wonder-cultivator :)
    My favorite aspect of the Amateur Traveler podcast, in addition to the warm and approachability of the host (Chris) and guests, is the specificity and level of knowledge Chris brings. His apparent love for learning makes the discussion engaging to the mind as well as spirit/imagination. Whether I am at home in a bite-sized apartment folding laundry with no vacation plans on the horizon or deciding to take an impromptu trip on the cheapest international flight found on Kayak Explore (this Jan: Denmark), the Amateur Traveler brings so much joy. As the Stanford study showed, there is “a biological advantage to being awestruck” - this podcast has a knack for .. the wonder (and wander :) factor.
  • Nan Smiley
    See the world with Chris
    Host Chris might be talking about your home city, or other place you know well, or a place you have always wanted to see, or some far-flung corner of the world you are not likely ever to visit. But the conversations are always entertaining. And informative - who knew New Caledonia was part of France? I purchased an atlas - an actual book! - so I can check out where exactly some of those far flung corners of the world are. And I have turned to a U.S. road atlas to see what kind drive I might have to some of the less far-flung areas. These podcasts are will suited to making the time pass faster during a commute or a workout.
  • MobileChick
    One of my faves
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. I haven't noticed Chris being condescending to his guests. There is some valuable information in all the podcasts I have listened to so I will continue to listen and find more ways to travel on a budget.
  • MBB2ID
    My go to
    I’ve traveled all 7 continents. This is my go-to podcast wherever I go.
  • TheHistoryFangirlPodcast
    A Must-Listen when Travel Planning
    I turn to this podcast every time I plan a trip. The host is knowledgable and kind. Keep up the great work!
  • Jtimmer
    Love , Love, Love
    I love listening to this podcast. I love traveling vicariously through his and contributors especially the lesser known places. Great job!!
  • ErikBison
    Great show, highly recommend!
    Chris and his guests share inspiring and actionable insights and tips on everything you need to know when it comes to travel. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you have the desire to travel, and want to learn how best to do it (AND where to go)!!
  • Mailcommando
    A weekly gem
    Listening to this podcast every week for the past several years has made working, working out, or driving so much more enjoyable. Thanks Chris! Some of the destinations Chris and his guests talk about I will never get to, but learning about these far off spots is part of the enjoyment. However, many of the destinations have been on our own personal travel radar and his show has become as useful as a GPS. Here is an example: When our family traveled to Kansas City and wanted good BBQ we knew Chris's guest had recommended good BBQ joints. Problem solved! Great work Chris!
  • Valerielistens
    The discussions inspire me to travel. Some of the subjects are very exotic destinations and is not really practical for the average U.S traveler who gets limited vacation/ I enjoy the experts he interviews who are usally travel writers and/or live in the destination discussed. One thing that I do not like, is Chris has a tendency to show his knowledge to the person by adding on in an odd way to what they say and it comes across like he is showing off. I have also heard him correct the experts more than once, sometimes they call him on it when what he thinks is right, and is not. I would say that is not a good way to interview. This is constructive criticism since I like the podcast.
  • Johnny real
    Superb - Great content
    This is my favorite of all the travel podcasts I follow. Chris is extremely knowledgeable about the areas discussed. He layers in fascinating tidbits of background information that bring places to life. He makes the podcasts very conversational and attracts very accomplished guests who bring a lot to the show. The delivery is very pleasant to listen to. I have learned a great deal and gained many hours of enjoyment from this excellent podcast.
  • QuadK1
    I agree host is condescending and annoying
    I agree with every word of the latest review that was read on the show. That the host is very condescending and annoying. He's a bit of a know it all and constantly is correcting his guest. Not sure why he even has a guest when he thinks he knows more than them. People need to write and perhaps the host will change his cocky attitude. Perhaps you need to take a break and re-evaluate the reason you started the podcast in the first place. Get fresh questions and freshen up the show. Its become boring, boring boring. This is also my first review of a podcast but I agreed so completely with that review that I had to write and let the person who wrote the review that they were not alone in the disappointment of the host.
  • clouts69
    Had to do it!
    I could not take it any longer. I have been a subscriber for years but finally cut the cord as I could not take the host any more. I subscribe to about 30 podcasts and I feel I know when a host is doing a great job. I find the host condescending and righteous. It is not obvious and I am sure the host will disagree but I can't tell you how many times the host will correct the guest on some fact. That in itself is OK when done well but it comes across as all-knowing - just poorly done. And enough with the same four questions at the end. It has run its course. Inevitably it always about the same answer just packaged differently. I really tried to hang in since some of the places are unique and wonderful but I need to move on. I will stick to the Rick Steves podcasts for my travel.
  • Karileed
    Wonderful travel podcast!
    Chris is a wonderful host. This show is laid back and very relaxing but entertaining and very informative at the same time. Can't wait to dig into this podcast further!
  • Yzsutty
    Great content to encourage/support travel
    I enjoy 95% of these shows. The 5% account for those shows where a guest may not be an expert in the community or has a narrow focus (as an example; lots of info about food and drink, but not much info about what makes a place special and different). Chris: I enjoy your podcasts on my commute, so I do not take advantage of the enhanced podcasts. No need to invest the time if remainder of audience has same input.
  • Gladesgator
    Great style and content
  • Last day prepper
    Last day prepper
    Wow glad I found you. I have enjoyed 10 podcast and desire to start at your 1st episode. I love the four questions and the informal format. Thank you Chris
  • bigfoot15
    The Avid Traveler
    I stumbled upon the Amateur Traveler podcast a few months ago and love it. I've been moving from Rochester to Buffalo, NY and commute back and forth often. Listening to each episode inspires me to go to places that weren't on my radar and go back to places I've already been. I'm 25 and I've backpacked through Europe four times, I've done it alone, with new friends I've met while abroad and friends who have come over with me. This podcast does a great job at exploring places I now want to go and visit solely because I've been listening.
  • Crc425
    Great podcast
    Great podcast! Interesting hearing what so many different places are like. Would love to hear an episode about Denmark!
    Great, in-depth interviews about specific travel destinations
    I am addicted to this podcast. Chris Christensen, the interviewer, asks great questions and gives his guests a chance to talk. Chris also has some interesting things to add.
  • Casa Jimenez
    Great Podcast!
    I have really been enjoying the variety of destinations that are covered! Keep them coming!
  • spomonti
    Could you breathe any heavier?!?!
    I would like to like this podcast, but Chris, you breathe so heavily and so close to the mic that it drowns out your guests. Seriously, mute your mic or lean back so we can hear something besides your labored breathing.
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