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Judaism #31

Follow the audio shiurim, lectures and speeches of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, global religious leader, philosopher, author of over 30 books and moral voice for our time. Rabbi Sacks served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth between September 1991 and September 2013. A full biography - together with an extensive online archive of Rabbi Sacks' work - is available at or you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @rabbisacks.

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Recent Reviews
  • jonn_msft
    Parsha plus
    Concise, thoughtful, always relevant parsha commentary plus occasional other content, in the inimitable style of the late great Rabbi Sacks.
  • Zenthropologist
    May the Rabbi’s memory be a blessing for the gift of wisdom he brought into so many lives.
  • Jollie5
    Will be missed😔
    Every week I listen to this podcasts-it calms and inspires me. Since the last podcast (4 Nov), I kept on going to see when the next one would be uploaded. Today I decided to search the internet to find out why it hadn’t been updated in over two weeks. Then I discovered that Rabbi Sacks passed away. I felt so sad. I will miss his teachings and his voice. He made a big impact on my life!
  • theorincezz
    Wisdom And Encouragement.
    I don’t see why he doesn’t have five stars. All the reviews are positive. I wish we has someone like him in the USA. The rabbi always has something profound, thoughtful and eloquent to say.
  • The metro man
    Lord Sacks continues to inspire with his mastery of Jewish history, philosophy, Talmud, Tanach, Torah as well as contemporary thoughts by the great thinkers of our era. A blessing to listen and learn.
  • dennis.karpf
    Dennis Karpf
    A Jewish, international sage and treasure. May Rabbi Lord Sacks go from strength to strength in these concise but profound weekly commentary. His Family Commentary are uniformly outstanding.
    Always connected to such amazing modern sources and ideas
  • Jonathan Burstein
    Jonathan Burstein
    Thank you Rabbi. The podcast is excellent. I appreciate the opportunity to learn while on the go. Your style is intellectually stimulating and exciting. I feel very inspired each time I listen. The Jewish people are lucky to have a frum public intellectual.
  • DebPickett
    Grateful and Inspired in Indiana,USA
    Thank you Rabbi Sacks for your wisdom and knowledge. We are failing ourselves when we choose people to lead us who have no moral or ethical standing, or any knowledge of, or appreciation for history. When I listen to you, I am reminded of what makes good citizens and great leaders.
  • Dream5863
    Toda Raba
    Rabbi Sacks, thank you for constantly sharing your wisdom, bringing us all words of understanding from our Biblical roots, and helping us to better comprehend this vast and sometimes destructive group called humanity. You are truly a gifted teacher who generously gives to those around you. HaShem has blessed us so much with your presence.
  • Ironman101010
    As a child
    I recall walking to the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in St Johns wood and after services I would cross paths with you on Hall Rd and bid you Shabbat Shalom, you would always smile and walk briskly with your wife as two police convoys would escort you home. The years vanished, I was living in NY and I recall you came to speak on Chag at the Safra Synagogue in midtown. I would later watch your deep debates on YouTube with worldly scholars, scientists, but your patience is mesmerising. Rabbi you are truly inspirational, an artist of chasidut and my muse. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.
  • Ernest from LA
    A compelling weekly reminder that the Torah is a foundational text of the Jewish people and Western Civilization. Rabbi Sacks is a masterful teacher and guide.
  • Mizrachi
    Rabbi Sacks provides a fresh, and deeply philosophic perspective on Judaism.
  • MGreystone
    Thank you
    I want to express my deep appreciation to Rabbi Saks for sharing his thoughts with us. It is really amazing to be able to listen to him, and it feels almost like a conversation. I would like to ask Rabbi Saks and other leaders in the Jewish community to please make more podcasts like this! They are so inspiring and educational.
  • Josh Ruby from Sacto...
    Godly wisdom in godless times...
    I deeply appreciate the wisdom, power, and lyrical nuance in these drashim. Thank you Rabbi Sacks!
  • Rrreilyy
    I listen and feel loved.
  • Elisha Ben Abuja
    A still small voice
    Rabbi Sacks D'vreiTorah are wonderful .... Or would be if I could hear them. They are recorded at a very low audio level. When I'm at home the low audio level lends a feeling of intimacy to the podcasts: it feels like he's talking to you, one/on-one. But when I'm walking down a noisy New York street, or worse, on my bicycle, I can't hear him on my iPhone, even if I jack the volume way up. This would seem an easy thing for his producers to fix. Please do!
  • oma-myra
    Inspiration from a positive realist
    Relating the Torah Parsha to modern times stimulates the feeling that the Jewish people are historically, socially, morally and ethically one people.
  • dajanko
    Rabbi Sacks is amazing! He’s so poetic and inspiring at the same time.
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