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Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily by emailing For more sexy fun, including blogs, photos, videos or to stream this show, visit     
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  • Sinnyhendrix
    Love this podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! I’ve been listening for quite some time and I love Emily’s casual, yet informative approach!
  • LeeWaters3
    Love the Podcast! My wife and I have found Dr Emily very informative, entertaining, and helpful! Love all the communication tips too!
  • TeeJax1
    Can’t stop sharing this podcast!
    I really love how Emily is educating and normalizing sex talks! Im in my 20s and i keep sending episodes to my friends so they can feel liberated and confident in their feelings and desires in the bedroom. I started using lube thanks to Emily and i even changed my fiancé’s mindset about lube. Now we always use it and we get excited about trying new ones! Thanks Emily, and keep changing the stigma on sex!
  • oldermcali
    Best Sex Podcast Ever!!!
    Sex with Emily? Oh, I wish… seriously, this lady is not afraid of anything. She takes on some really important questions for all of us (male or female or however you identify) who are wanting more from our sex life. Even better, she is so supportive of her listeners and celebrates where they are already are in their sexual exploration. Thank you, Emily! Your podcast is a treasure!
  • J-eight
    Don’t know how this isn’t rated 5 stars everytime
    Very diverse and helpful topics. She’s super enthusiastic and nonjudgmental!
  • Monkey2ewok
    Listen to Esther Perel instead
    Sex with Emily is shallow and you won’t get any better advice than you would from Cosmo. Listen to Emily’s episode interviewing Esther Perel. It’s like a child interviewing a wise adult. Emily can’t keep up and has nothing to offer. Listen to Esther Perel’s podcast instead.
  • Courtney.marie<3
    Sex with Emily podcast is a GAME CHANGER & I am so thankful to have come across it! At almost 27 years old (sexually active since 14 years old) I am finally learning about my sexuality and enjoying all things sex!! Growing up I never had anyone to talk about sex with therefore it was always an awkward subject for me to talk about.. even with my poor husband!! Today I am feeling more confident, open and pleasured than ever!! Thank you Dr. Emily for creating a safe space to help so many people feel normal and for educating them so they can reach their fullest pleasure potential!
  • Erm0319
    The podcast I’ve needed
    I barely discovered Emily and her wisdom at 31 and I am glad! She’s provides thoughtful content. I love that she bring in other experts to provide context, and she makes a topic like sex seem so rational to discuss. As it should be.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Dr. Emily, host of the Sex With Emily podcast, highlights all aspects of relationships and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • sunshine.daydream
    Almost great
    Love listening to this podcast and I think Emily has a lot of great advice BUT I can’t stand how often she interrupts her guests and rushes them off the line. Please let them speak!
  • BatmanChalup@
    Super podcast
    I always learn something each episode!
  • addyyyg
    Consistently good:)
  • Marci27
    Such a wonderful show!
    Every episode I listen to makes me think and helps me unwind the societal programming around sex. Please share this with your friends and love partners.
  • Podcast2020Listener
    Love the podcast. Everyone will find something interesting, educational or simply entertaining! Recommending to all of my friends.
  • pereeli
    Purely Honest
    Enjoy listening to the variety of topics & guests. Emily is great!
  • Joestak
    All most
    I enjoy listening to the soft voice and educational care taken with such a delicate topic. There are many sessions that I listen to with the hope of enjoying time with my wife. Most sessions are at the very lease thought provoking and enjoyable. These topics discussed are beneficial and enjoyable for us as a couple. Thank you for providing such helpful information with an entertaining quality. The wife even took a look at some stuff too. Eventually we will be able to try some more stuff out. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you
  • Liv2983638
    No depth
    Really wanted to like this podcast after 2 friends recommended it, but I find the topics of conversation pretty boring and don’t feel like Emily’s advice is anything different from what you can read in a silly cosmo article. Someone will call in with a nuanced/complex situation and she’ll just say “have you tried communicating with your partner?!” I also don’t feel she deeply connects with her guests who call in and always seems eager to end the call and move on to the next, it feels awkward.
  • MaddieMorgan4
    Love love love and recommend
    Episode “Up Your Love Language” is so good.. I’m only half way through right now but it’s worth it. I also love all her others too.
  • Fabulous!!!!!!!!!
    So educational!
    I love Emily’s energy and how educational she is. No questions are off limits and you can tell she never judges her writers/callers at all!
  • tomiscuddlebear
    Plays like stereotypical morning radio
    Emily seems nice but Menace comes off like a jerky 20-something. He has ridiculously misogynistic views and really wants everyone to hear them. I thought Emily might wisen him up at some point but no, she agrees with his views most of the time.
  • U.S. reader
    Definitely informative!
    Just about every show gives singles and couples helpful information on how to help maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner/partners. And for those individuals who are less experienced..... This is the place to learn about yourself and what others like! Now the negatives....There is way too many promotional segments! It seems that there are more promotional segments, than actual discussions. Just have your thumb on the "fast forward" button! Too much promotional content!
  • Lindenfield
    A Whole New Sex Life
    I LOVE this show! Emily has opened my eyes to so many different aspects of sexuality. Love when she answers calls no matter what they’re asking about.
  • Curious Sexual Explorer
    Emily and Dr Helen Fisher are amazing!
    Loved this episode. So enlightening and really explains a lot to me about my relationships over the years. Thanks Emily for bringing so much value to your listeners. Love your show.
  • scwjesuswept
    I like the picture😍❤️
    Not the podcast though. Follow my social medias guys. My Instagram and tiktok is sonnywalters2001 and my Twitter is sonnywalters_
  • Rose S. H.
    Love you, Emily!
    Thanks for all you do!
  • nvicky141415
    Love Emily but she talks to fast and interrupts
    The Allen phisher episode had SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!! But Emily kept speaking over her and it was so annoying.. i was really trying to listen to what Allen phisher had to say but emily just kept chiming in with things that are so irrelevant
  • carla2692
    Dr. Emily is a QUEEN
    But yikes, some of her guests are just…trash. This latest piece of work, Light whoever, was just such an essentialist creep. Who still speaks about the binary in such explicit, regressive terms outside of Fox or NewsMax? Ew!
  • KendraHT
    Absolutely worth the 5 stars!
    I’m in my 40s. I don’t have sisters or close girl friends to talk about this stuff with, so this has been a game-changer. Lots of sound information and recommendations. I love that this show holds no secrets, is based on women’s perspectives, and opens the door for women to discuss sex without the taboo or shame.
  • Macroluv Photograper
    Awesome Podcast
    Thanks so much for this podcast, I have learned so much even as a woman over 50. I have been married over 20 years. Thanks, Amelie
  • sussex Mike
    Lady Gang Podcast
    Great podcast. As a male, your podcasts are teaching me so much about sex, woman, what ways women want to be pleasured. Thanks Dr. Emily
  • Mexicangirlwholoveskdramas
    Too much advertising
    I’m not talking about the commercials. Her guest are advertising their services. So I feel like there is a hidden agenda to their advice. Example: how not to die alone. You’re a lazy dater go on 100 on dates. You get these dates through online dating. Oh by the way I work at hinge which is meant for you to delete. You should try it. Signs up. What do I get? Sold same old online dating. I’d rather die alone.
  • hannahdavis1153
    Love this podcast! But..
    I really love listening to this podcast! Very informative, interesting and exciting!! I do however wish that Emily would not talk over everyone. Also, it seems that she spends time with some callers and really rushes with others, like they can barely get out their full question without her saying .. “ok thank you!” Those are my only complaints. If you can bypass that, then everyone should listen to this podcast. I have learned so much!
  • Heatherannh
    Hard to listen to
    I thought the content was good. I heard Emily on another podcast and loved it so I followed to listen but it is nearly impossible to follow because she interrupts the guests and then they just end up talking over each other. I thought maybe it was the one episode I listened to but after multiple episodes it’s just her style. Doesn’t make for a good listening experience.
  • 3 buoys
    Outstanding resource for all ages
    I love this show! Thank you Emily for providing me this super helpful resource.! There are episodes that support me, a 49-yo divorced woman, that support my clients (women in their midlife), and that support my sons (ages 18-25). So great! Thanks
  • 95fran
    Good, but interrupts
    Interesting content and questions, but she tends to interrupt a few of the guests quite a bit
  • scfs tv jhdsj
  • Oviecrum
    Emily and her staff are SO knowledgable and helpful. I have learned so much from this podcast and look forward to Tuesday and Friday every week to listen to the new episodes. Keep up the amazing work!!
  • Jaineisabatcat
    birth control
    Extremely one sided and ableist views on birth control??
  • jayclaymann
    Must listen
    I think everyone can benefit from listening to this show. Beyond sex, the core of the show is about exploring and getting to know yourself.
  • destigmatize bpd
    Stop Stigmatizing Personality Disorders
    I was recommended this pod by a friend, and was excited to check out the episode on boundaries. Less than halfway through the episode the guest & host had each mentioned people with personality disorders in a stigmatizing way. Do better. Automatically grouping people with personality disorders as “toxic” or unable to understand boundaries is hurtful and adds to the shame and stigma we experience.
  • pizzacatCo
    Getting better and more open in sex life
    Hey I’m a new Mamabear 22 years old, found your podcast about a month ago and it has made a big change in my relationship already! Made me feel more comfortable to talk about our sex me make things hotter after having our first baby! Thank you i always been shy and embarrassed now I can talk to my partner about making our sex life better and pleasuring each other more/better.
  • 98goldengate
    Great podcast! As a woman in my 50’s I thought I knew a lot about sex, I’m learning so much more listening to this podcast! Things I’ve never even thought about. Emily’s voice is smooth, not irritating. It’s almost like hanging out with a friend!
  • effersonjefferson
    Not what I expected
    I had heard great things about this podcast but was so disappointed at how much it made me cringe. Not terribly helpful advice and she CONSTANTLY talks over her guests and interrupts them.
  • Arlie K
    Authentic + Empowering
    Emily and her guests make me feel completely at home here - bowled over by brilliant advice and nourishing conversations. Grateful for this amazing resource!
  • DvGuts
    Dr. Emily Morse is sweet, but her show is quite vapid. If you’re interested in topics of sexuality, there are many more interesting podcasts than this one. Sorry. I really wanted to like it, but just couldn’t find any episodes worth listening to.
  • Lolitas_mama
    Stop rudely cutting off your guest as they speak
    I’m only 11 mins in and am cringing with every interruption you spew out while your guest is speaking. I know you might be excited and might not want to forget what you want to talk about, but Christ, let them speak. So rude and ruins it, especially when I tune in for the guest you have on. I will never listen again.
  • Missanabel
    So glad I found this podcast. Great advice and tips ♥️
  • nacho'smom
    Emily is Everything!
    I could go on and on about how Emily’s tips have completely transformed my sex life but I think any listener could say the same. What really stands out about Emily’s podcast is her dedication to inclusivity and her infectious energy. She is 10/10 my absolute favorite and I highly recommend to ALL people!
  • Musicman Dan
    05 Jan 2021 episode This is So very helpful.
  • YUltraaaaaaaaaaaa
    Love her voice and glad this place spreads awareness and understanding
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