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Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily by emailing For more sexy fun, including blogs, photos, videos or to stream this show, visit     
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  • Lins1117
    Fun and informative
    Love Dr Emily! She’s just so down to earth and gives great advice - not just about sex but about communication and relationships in general.
  • Undergrad95
    Emily Morse should have her own 1-2hr slot at least once a week on every streaming platform and cable television✨🫶💁🏼‍♀️ #LubeOnEveryNightStand❤️
  • boobaire
    How do I get a girl to like me for sex
  • Andante'
    Emily is exceptional
    Emily needs her own to TV show.
  • GG <
    This show changed my life!
    I’ve (cis-male, 50) been listening to Emily for several years now. While the episodes more directly related to sex acts have been incredibly helpful, I’ve found the more nuanced shows about communication (love languages, boundaries, etc ) instrumental in helping myself and my wife evolve as partners and has has both excited for what’s to come next in our (sex) lives. Thanks Emily!
  • Uzi63
    I agree with the last reviewer this show is toxic towards men.
  • dave slaugs
    Toxic to Men
    Sorry but after listening for a year and wondering if this woman is being purposely toxic towards men or not, the Gabrielle Blair episode sealed the deal for me. Listen to the first 10 mins and prove me wrong. Disgusting.
  • elsbuckeye
    Jenny Mollen episode
    Loved the Jenny episode. So real and funny
  • Anonie65
    Talks too Fast
    I want to like this podcast but I have such a hard time understanding what she’s actually saying. She does that Dr. Oz thing where she rushes through phrases with no enunciation. It’s just a blur of gibberish. I had to rewind 10 times to understand the name of a company & product she was mentioning. It’s so frustrating. I don’t know if I can continue to listen even though the topics sound interesting. Please get some voice coaching!
  • HornyinJerZ
    Love Emily!
    Stated learning late in life (44) and feel like I’ve learned so much about how to just let it all go and ask for what i need. Not getting any younger and it’s time to start letting go and enjoying myself Sexually.
  • tmytdmytdmyfc
    So think this is great pod but I have a question because I am going to start to do sex with my girlfriend so does it hurt the penis? Thanks
  • great show but cuts people orf
    Great show but cuts people off
    Makes talking about sex really approachable and has great insight and advice - I particularly liked the boundaries episode. However, when she brings on guests or callers she has a tendency to cut them off or not let them finish their thought before moving onto the next topic or ending the conversation altogether.
  • cattt Dee
    Life changing!
    I can’t thank you enough! Love your show!
  • emily: shush and listen
    Constantly interrupting!
    I cannot believe how unprofessional she is by the mass amounts of interruptions she does while her guests are talking. She will also interrupt multiple times in an attempt to get them off the phone and to the next caller. One episode in and it happened so many times I’m not sure how she hasn’t improved this awful bad habit.
  • KW990
    Good but interrupts a lot
    Great show but please stop interrupting your guests so much. It’s hard to listen to it all the time.
  • Dino500
    Emily is a fantastic host and making it easier for people to communicate around this topic. Very much appreciate this podcast!
  • Mrah0517
    Super informative sex positive podcast for all listeners
    I started listening to Sex With Emily a couple of years ago and I’m SO glad I did! I grew up with little to no dialogue around sex and my sex education in school was honestly laughable. This podcast has encouraged me to think about sex differently, which includes actually talking about it, which is so refreshing and liberating. As a woman I feel very empowered by listening and learning to this podcast; it has inspired a sexual awakening for my husband and I and I’m so grateful. Highly recommend giving it a listen. Thank you Emily for liberating the conversations around sex 😊 Keep up the good work, you are making a difference!
  • DVesu
    Good but not great
    I wish I could tell the other reviewers here to look around at other podcasts. Sure, this one ranks highly, but give sex pods like Your Mileage May Vary a try, even just as a counterpoint. Different views are fun and enlightening!
  • grrrmylife
    Yes… ooh… yes
    Thank you… my blow job is 💯
  • Presidentjay
    Words have meaning
    I’ve listened to this show on and off for years. I started listening again until I heard the penis owning term used. In attempt to be inclusive the host has embarrassed herself.
  • Justin_1117
    Just Started Listening - Wow!
    I just started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago. It has really helped me start taking action on some struggles I have with anxiety, sexual fantasies, how to talk about sex with your partner, ask for the things you want, etc. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Even if you have a great sex life. Dr. Emily does a fantastic job of kindly addressing everyone’s questions in a non-judgemental way. She has excellent guest speakers including therapists, comedians, doctors, and mental health experts.
  • GoingDuckWild
    Love the show
    Guys do yourself a favor and listen to a few episodes a week. It really helps.
  • Enjoli123
    Please tune into this podcast
    I’ve been listing since the pandemic began. I had struggled with confidence to speak up about the things I like in the bedroom(or anywhere else in the home) I wasn’t taught much about it other than that’s where babies come from and you don’t want that until you’re married but hearing ppl around me having sex. I wanted to try but I felt so much shame if I did it and I was shamed for wanting that magical BIG O. I didn’t get one until I explored myself and same sex partners. I thank Emily and her guest for their advice, knowledge and experiences. I wouldn’t have never imagined myself having this much fun from what I thought was a shameful thing to do. Next step getting a we vibe one day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • torh torh torh 567
    Are there any ladies here 😏😏😏
  • Ali Schu
    Oh my goodness, the show always helps so much
    I just listened to the episode with Dr. Amen, and I just wanted to agree with something that was said; “that sex helps with headaches”. Specifically orgasms!
  • _caroleena_
    Good information but…..
    Lovely information that Emily is sharing on the podcast but the amount of times that she interrupts her guests with one liners is obnoxious !!! please let your guess finish their sentences you’re not adding anything important With these one-liners …the episode with Wednesday Martin was just crazy the amount of times she had to add something.
  • Wasssuppp183737382
    Good information
    Can Emily get some better recording equipment? The sound quality is really poor some episodes, but not all of them. Also, please stop eating on air. It’s distracting to us and you.
  • ashleydinkel1
    So informing and transparent
    I love this podcast because Emily is such an pro and really answers so many questions that I think too many people don’t talk about. Emily also talks about subjects with compassion and kindness and it’s just so refreshing. Very grateful I found this podcast!
  • Jack De Luca
    Great podcast! Thank you for everything
  • Ps123$!
    Love the podcast but you talk over your guests too much
  • Mallory LS.
    Wow, wow, wow!
    Cannot say enough about this show. It has been a great game changer to not only my own confidence but mine and my partners relationship.
  • Rowwbot
    Provided a platform for an abuser
    I am DISGUSTED. Jamie Lynn Spears was given a platform on this podcast. It’s not without notice that Lou Taylor follows the host of the show on social media. Will not listen again to this podcast. Abusers should not be given a platform to lie and gaslight. The host shouldn’t be called Daddy- horrific money chaser with no morals is a more appropriate term. Steer clear.
  • Allie 🐊
    So much growth and transformation
    I appreciate how the show’s content and subject matter have evolved throughout the years to become more inclusive and holistic. Emily’s interview style is more grounded than ever, and this year's guests were exceptional. Emily, thank you for sharing your learning journey and path to self-discovery with your listeners. The 2021 recap does a great job of highlighting this growth and progression.
  • Ginabrit
    What a revelation
    I can’t even begin to describe all the ways this podcast has helped me, educated me, and elevated my sex life in ways I never thought possible. Emily has a way about her that makes you feel like you’re listening to an old friend chat about sex and relationships. Plus, she’s so open and non-judgemental that it made me start to question the programming and toxic messaging that I received about sex growing up. I started to release all of that shame and the beliefs that no longer served me. This podcast has been very eye-opening and has shaped the way I have talked to my daughters about sex and how I will continue to talk to them about it into the future. Thank you, Emily! You have no idea how life changing you’ve been to me!
  • Sinnyhendrix
    Love this podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! I’ve been listening for quite some time and I love Emily’s casual, yet informative approach!
  • LeeWaters3
    Love the Podcast! My wife and I have found Dr Emily very informative, entertaining, and helpful! Love all the communication tips too!
  • TeeJax1
    Can’t stop sharing this podcast!
    I really love how Emily is educating and normalizing sex talks! Im in my 20s and i keep sending episodes to my friends so they can feel liberated and confident in their feelings and desires in the bedroom. I started using lube thanks to Emily and i even changed my fiancé’s mindset about lube. Now we always use it and we get excited about trying new ones! Thanks Emily, and keep changing the stigma on sex!
  • oldermcali
    Best Sex Podcast Ever!!!
    Sex with Emily? Oh, I wish… seriously, this lady is not afraid of anything. She takes on some really important questions for all of us (male or female or however you identify) who are wanting more from our sex life. Even better, she is so supportive of her listeners and celebrates where they are already are in their sexual exploration. Thank you, Emily! Your podcast is a treasure!
  • J-eight
    Don’t know how this isn’t rated 5 stars everytime
    Very diverse and helpful topics. She’s super enthusiastic and nonjudgmental!
  • Monkey2ewok
    Listen to Esther Perel instead
    Sex with Emily is shallow and you won’t get any better advice than you would from Cosmo. Listen to Emily’s episode interviewing Esther Perel. It’s like a child interviewing a wise adult. Emily can’t keep up and has nothing to offer. Listen to Esther Perel’s podcast instead.
  • Courtney.marie<3
    Sex with Emily podcast is a GAME CHANGER & I am so thankful to have come across it! At almost 27 years old (sexually active since 14 years old) I am finally learning about my sexuality and enjoying all things sex!! Growing up I never had anyone to talk about sex with therefore it was always an awkward subject for me to talk about.. even with my poor husband!! Today I am feeling more confident, open and pleasured than ever!! Thank you Dr. Emily for creating a safe space to help so many people feel normal and for educating them so they can reach their fullest pleasure potential!
  • Erm0319
    The podcast I’ve needed
    I barely discovered Emily and her wisdom at 31 and I am glad! She’s provides thoughtful content. I love that she bring in other experts to provide context, and she makes a topic like sex seem so rational to discuss. As it should be.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Dr. Emily, host of the Sex With Emily podcast, highlights all aspects of relationships and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • sunshine.daydream
    Almost great
    Love listening to this podcast and I think Emily has a lot of great advice BUT I can’t stand how often she interrupts her guests and rushes them off the line. Please let them speak!
  • BatmanChalup@
    Super podcast
    I always learn something each episode!
  • addyyyg
    Consistently good:)
  • MarciBrockmann27
    Such a wonderful show!
    Every episode I listen to makes me think and helps me unwind the societal programming around sex. Please share this with your friends and love partners.
  • Podcast2020Listener
    Love the podcast. Everyone will find something interesting, educational or simply entertaining! Recommending to all of my friends.
  • pereeli
    Purely Honest
    Enjoy listening to the variety of topics & guests. Emily is great!
  • Joestak
    All most
    I enjoy listening to the soft voice and educational care taken with such a delicate topic. There are many sessions that I listen to with the hope of enjoying time with my wife. Most sessions are at the very lease thought provoking and enjoyable. These topics discussed are beneficial and enjoyable for us as a couple. Thank you for providing such helpful information with an entertaining quality. The wife even took a look at some stuff too. Eventually we will be able to try some more stuff out. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you
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