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THE CARDONE ZONE is the one place to find everything Grant Cardone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Power Player interviews with superstar entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches, and business leaders; The G&E Show - the business of Marriage and How to Build an Empire; Digital Marketing tips; Young Hustlers for Sales Professionals; and much, much more!

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  • wiebethecarguy
    Thank you
    Uncle G I listen to you daily you have changed my thinking and my way of sailing I hope to one day thank you personally.
  • TDGspa
    This really helped me today, I’ve got to pull the trigger from where I am now! 🔥❤️💋
  • Steeve Homex
    Grant’s contents are amazing. I’ve learned a lot from him. One day, imma meet the genius. Me, from Haiti 🇭🇹.
  • marym112
    Grant is insufferable but him being a corny dbag isn’t the reason for the 1 star- it’s that the content is a bunch of hot air nothingness. Where’s the substance?? Skip skip skip, keep trying different episodes and giving up 10-15 mins in. Dud, lots of back patting and self promotion
  • Elio Della Nave
    Very useful information coming from Grant who has a personal experience
    I find the informations I am getting from Grant very useful, practical. Grant speaks from his own experience and knowledge and he wants others to be successful and to win in life. Thank you Grant for your hard work.
  • jhongoc
    Fair Good
    Mr Cardone, we need more focus and help for small business owners. Too much talking and there is a delay to the to and to hear the meat of each episode. Thanks though!
  • JulianHx
    Great coach and motivator
    If you are a business owner, in leadership, management, sales person or anyone doing anything, you need to pay attention to what Mr. GC says. It will definitely help you in your career, it may even change your life. Thank you Grant for all that you do for everyone.
  • Jojomago
    Expert Advice
    For all you entrepreneurs authors business leaders or anyone looking for success the Cardone Zone has what you’re looking for as he interviews superstar entrepreneurs, execs and leaders of all industries.
  • John D Goulet
    Grant! We’s love to hear your predictions for 2023! Thanks!
  • Darcy Alkus Barrow
    Always bringing value! The Rob D show is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Appreciate the knowledge bombs in this podcast and Grant Cardone always encouraging people to think bigger! As a real estate entrepreneur I always learn something w when listening even though I’ve been in the biz for 17 yrs. 5-stars!!
    Appreciate you
    I love the fact you are on every platform providing wisdom!
  • Kostastina
    Grant my morning coffee
    Grant great leader that offers so Much value, I listen to his podcast over and over again with my morning coffee.
  • Jromeha
    Just not a good person
    I have this weird quirk where I have to at least respect the person I listen to, or at least his/her knowledge on subjects when it comes to self improvement, business, etc. I do not respect GC in any area except branding. He has been able to claim he’s an expert on so many things, when in reality, it’s the opposite. Take a look at the sales podcast with Jordan Belfort. Belfort asked Cardone simple sales questions and Cardone couldn’t answer and resorted to wanting to fight. It was the most pathetic display I’ve almost ever witnessed.
  • maddie@podcastingyou
    Great podcast!
    Grant shares so many gems of wisdom and insight in every episode—highly recommend for anyone trying to level up in business and beyond!
  • Shana @total_genius
    Get motivated!!!
    Grant and Jared are amazing, motivating and give practical and truthful advice for success. I have saved several episodes along with his books to remind myself of basic truths of success. Get motivated, stand up to yourself and get busy!
  • JJKANG95
    I started to listen this podcast after finish his book . It is amazing!! Always inspire me!
  • doggywoggy85
    This man is a blessing!
  • Oxfordkid
    Excellent Motivation
    I have listened to Grant before since I am not a spring chicken at age of 64. Recently went through some serious health problems concerning high blood pressure that I created by ignoring my health. I was dismissed from my job because I just couldn’t run with the 22-25 year olds anymore. After 6 months of feeling sorry for myself, I am self-rehabbing and going to re-create my life at a much more rewarding career than I was in before. Looking forward to coaching from Grant to exceed expectations. It isn’t over till I decide it’s over!😊
  • Joey Phillips From The TN
    Love listening to GC, his strategies and methods are like no others.
  • ifixbadcredit at icloud . com
    Uncle G
    Great work, I am happy I am now a partner!!!!!
    Love Uncle G! Podcasts too long!
    Man, I love listening to Uncle G! 10X changed everything for me and I’ve recommended it to dozens of colleagues. I know GC reads this, so take it as you will…cut your podcasts down to 30 mins. As it stands now, they are just too long. Love you man, thanks for making us all 10X sellers!
  • Zcoltrin
    I listen to Uncle G everyday because I’m obsessed with Success.
  • kelseyqueen1991
    Great info
    Thank you needed to hear about inflation
  • Ashley 😊❤️🍩
    Amazing Podcast!
    I got in to real estate when the pandemic started I am now close to owning a million dollars in real estate. I love listing to Grant and the advice he gives, it helps me navigate when looking at deals. I also love his background and how he flipped his life around with working hard and investing. 👍
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Grant, host of the Cardone Zone podcast, highlights all aspects of real estate, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • E - Hawk
    Card one zone
    I thought the days of Amos and Andy and Steppin Fetchit were long gone. What a horrible podcast Cardones fake ghetto accent just proves that you don’t have to be intelligent to be rich just disciplined. Highly disappointed.
  • statedept1515
    Obvious grift
    Cmon, guys.
  • iscoutnfl
    I want in
    Mr. Cardone how to i get your information on how to get in on these deals. Ready to create a financial freedom lifestyle for my wife and kids.
  • cnouellet
    Finally, an authentic power couple to be inspired by
    Your views on politics, marriage, spirituality, lifestyle, raising kids, and of course business - are refreshing. Grant and Elena are a much-needed voice in a space where often people don't have the guts to say their truth in fear it won't be the "popular" opinion. My son (who is training to be an accountant with the plan to invest in real estate) turned me on to this podcast and ever since I've been binge-listening. Even my husband is hooked now! We have been working harder than anyone we know for 3 insane years on a 7 year dream. Now we can ignore the people who tell us we work too much or that we "really need to take a date night" and stay focused on our goals. And Elena - thank you so much for setting a good example for other women on what a strong, business-minded woman looks like. Love you guys!
  • Brandydeafedlove
    Hi Grant Cardone
    Awesome 10X for Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone. I miss you
  • Julio Vasquez 481
    Amazing info on Follow Ups
    Cardone definitely knows the art of follow-up! Another amazing episode.
  • Chasemilligan
    Great energy
    Grants content is awesome. While I’m driving apt to apt GC is streaming all day in the car. Closing, follow up, passive income, you name it he is covering it. Jared and Grant put the information out in a fresh look and puts the facts first. (January1st) Where is this show now.. nothing since October?
  • ykwih2021
    Where’s the content!
    Can you keep posting? More young hustlers!
    Great show but what happened?
    I love the podcast, but why are there rarely any new episodes now? This used to be my daily podcast. Come on GC, give us some more content! 👍 #10x
  • Franchize2
    Grant Cardones the man.
    Great channel! This guy drops so much knowledge about the real estate game. A must listen!
  • KingKayo
    Life lessons.. this dude has opened his heart so open your ears. Great content. Not only business content, but truly a life map!
  • abaca1983
    Awesome content!!!!
    Everybody should hear his advice!!!! Question: will there be a Cardone Zone with Robert Kiyosaki soon? Grant mentioned it in yesterday’s episode but then had a squirrel moment lol
  • Bigs13
    Cashflow is King
    This guy and his show is fantastic. Helpful info and inspiring delivery.
  • BlakeWebb19
    Listen to the show 4+ hours a day to keep my mind right! Can’t get enough 🤟🏻
  • andreasevereyn
    El y su esposa son inspiración para nosotros, seguimos aprendiendo cada día de ellos
  • Benny Martinez
    So grateful
    This man keeps on changing my life one episode at a time. I’m just 16 but I’ve learned more listening to grant that I have ever in school. Preciate you grant.
  • Jsicneoalf
    Just finished listening
    I’m excited to hear more
  • Rcmatthews24
    This podcast is amazing! Highly recommend! Uncle G is changing lives!
  • JMichelangelo
    Greatest podcast on the planet PERIOD !! And I want my book 😁 501 S Charles St, Belleville, IL
  • Nealcafferystar
    Ready to learn!!!
    I’m ready to learn Grant!!! 10X
  • TheChrisSears
    Long Time follower
    I’ve been following Grant Cardone since 2011 when I entered sales. Then he was good. Now he is phenomenal. He has grown and gotten better over time. As he has done so, he has helped me and countless others do the same. Keep it up Grant!
  • getmoneyrj
    Best Podcast
    Love this Podcast!!! Lots of energy and great content that will benefit anyone!
  • Justino D
    Game Theory Simplified
    A prescription for those truly interested in a establishing a growth mindset. The best articulated applications to money, relationships, work, discipline and self reflection. Disrupt your truths and invest in going from good to great. Loving this while Grant still has the interest to offer up so much exposure into his brain for free, to the subscriber.
  • Omar Kash
    Awesome Cardone! Thanks for alll the great knowledge!👍🏼❤️
  • Rage Rob lul
    At least as of June 10 Episode: WOW
    Been a YouTube fan for awhile but just heard this most recent June 10th episode. And man. This is insanely awesome 🤣🤣 Grant is about to get cancelled. God speed brother
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