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THE CARDONE ZONE is the one place to find everything Grant Cardone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Power Player interviews with superstar entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches, and business leaders; The G&E Show - the business of Marriage and How to Build an Empire; Digital Marketing tips; Young Hustlers for Sales Professionals; and much, much more!

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  • Justino D
    Game Theory Simplified
    A prescription for those truly interested in a establishing a growth mindset. The best articulated applications to money, relationships, work, discipline and self reflection. Disrupt your truths and invest in going from good to great. Loving this while Grant still has the interest to offer up so much exposure into his brain for free, to the subscriber.
  • Omar Kash
    Awesome Cardone! Thanks for alll the great knowledge!👍🏼❤️
  • Rage Rob lul
    At least as of June 10 Episode: WOW
    Been a YouTube fan for awhile but just heard this most recent June 10th episode. And man. This is insanely awesome 🤣🤣 Grant is about to get cancelled. God speed brother
  • Momoloki
    Love the energy and information!! Currently reading be obsessed or be average love it!
  • HighstandardsDC
    Sounds scammy
    I hate to write bad reviews but it sounds scammy and gimmicky. It’s vapid and obtuse. I fee like I’m at a seminar for people who have no business experience. At least he himself gives me hope. If he can do it, anyone can.
  • cocheve
    My man!
    Love this motherfather! Lol
  • jesssbroaddd
    Cardone podcasts on repeat
    Love Uncle G 💕 lots of great information he’s very inspiring and entertaining too
  • DPR4
    Sounds like a conspiracy theorist.
    Just started listening to Grant and enjoyed some of his stuff but this episode about RIP America makes him sound like Alex Jones. Most of his stuff is fun to listen to but this was hard to see as even credible. Sounds like he lost his mind.
  • Happy paleo reviewer :)
    Dangerously misleading
    Grant is giving medical advice that’s wrong and could put your health in danger. Listeners should know he’s not a medical expert and he just wants the economy to go back to normal we he can make more money. Grant is not looking out for your best interests - he’s looking out for his own.
  • Bill nurse
    Grant should stick to things he knows
    Loved grant for the longest time, but once he let his emotions overcome him when it came to Corona he lost all respect. He babbles on like a conspiracy theorist about something he clearly knows nothing about. Stick to finances
  • kihei_Chris
    3 things you can do to get back to work
    I’d work for the knowledge.
  • ineedmoneysince90
    Words of wisdom
    I relate more to the self-help fix me videos that he is putting out there. I can relate a lot to his 20s being 29 and being inconsistent but knowing deep down I have that potential owners of companies that have lifestyles it I would like to have if not bigger that seems so far away for me see something in me I just can’t put it together. My current boss now is put me onto Mr. Cardone and now I sit alone most nights instead of wallow in my pityI just listen to uncle G. Put me on his own before I go to sleep it allows me to wake up, Be thankful and enjoy the battle of seizing the day once again I’m hoping the money comes later 14 days. Not free for 30
  • SrBernal
    worth 10k
    amazing channel brings a lot of value
  • Don'tMessWithTexas
    Cardone is a Rockstar!!
    And if you don’t believe me, take a listen, he’ll tell you...repeatedly. He seriously is a rockstar and great at what he does but after listening to a few episodes I learned this: pay (a lot) and go to his 10X conference, investing in RE yourself is stupid and you’re way better off investing in Cardone Capital, and most of the podcasts seem to be constant rambling and more commercial for “Grant Cardone rocks and if you’re not with me you’re a loser”. With the negative said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The 10X Rule and fully intend to implement those lessons and strategies. I’ve listened to other podcasts where he was interviewed and enjoyed those and the information he provided. This podcast just doesn’t do it for me though.
  • The Color Professor
    Uncle G is THE MAN!
    I love this!!!! I listen to Grant every day and I am so inspired that Im ready to sell everything and invest. I guarantee I will be implementing his advice in the coming years!!! Thank You GC!
  • IndigoKaku
    Real estate book
    This book sounds amazing ! I love the cardone zone!
  • Mason_shoup76$
    Cardone Zone
    Highly recommend Grant is truly a master when it comes to real estate and the the insight and knowledge he provides and gives away for free is priceless
  • ItalianT1
    Cool Airplane
    I listened to a few episodes cause he looked like a successful entrepreneur with the private jet in the background. I realized there's not a lot of substance here & moved on... The typical self-promoting pod host.
  • ns_3
    Grant will change your life!
    Highly recommend! This guy is great - he truly will get your mindset in a place that will change your life for the better!
  • PankeyJM
    Wasn’t teaching just selling
    This was an obnoxious podcast with no tips just selling their own event.
  • CashAintKing
    You Gotta Want It
    Topics are great, Grant really wants to see those who follow him succeed!
  • stevanns
    Changed my life uncle G
    I didn’t know how to communicate my ideas to people before I got on Cardone University! Thanks for everything you do man! God bless you!
  • Judge316
    Could be better
    GC has a lot of personality, but apart from selling the 10x event and doing everything to avoid actually answering caller questions there isn’t much here
  • RicanInThailand
    Not much value
    No structure; no nothing.
  • WesleyS18
    Cardone Zone Review
    Great topics and info, love the YH episodes the most!
  • YoungDrino
    Great mentor
    Great mentor Uncle G
  • JTCorzo3
    You need to listen
    If your not listening, you’ll never end the 40 to life sentence. Get your money to work for you.
    Be greatest
    Thank you! You Make me think different 10x my life Uncle G
  • Danielcoolguy20
    Read this one!
    This man is a living inspiration, love the way he tells you things to the point. If y’all need motivation you’re here because the universe hears you! This mans is fuegooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Billipee
    There is no value here. It is all Grant trying to sell seats to his 10x conference. This isn’t a Podcast, it’s a commercial.
  • rrock54
    Incredible Content!
    I don’t know anyone who provides as much incredible free content on a podcast as Grant. I love listening to Grant and Jarrod and learn so much about, business, success, and investing. It’s also very entertaining!! Keep up the awesome work!!
  • Jdaybaker
    Not as good as other ones
    Good stuff, however, it’s mostly just him trying to sell Cardone Capital.
  • LL090908090
    Stop talking so much
    Just listened to the dropshipping episode, you interrupt so much when he is trying to answer the questions. He hardly gets to provide any facts or figures because you cut him off every time and tell him you don’t care about the answer. Let your guests talk, they are the experts and why you have them on.
  • deyanirag94
    Start listening
    Very inspirational and great information on business!! This is one podcast you need to listen to!
  • JG Mark
    Some of the best info ever!!
  • Reed Craycraft
    The best!!
    The best information anyone could ask for!! #10XRuleIsTheOnlyRule 😎😎
  • CPO35
    Important and potent content
  • #Murchs
    Best business App
    I am a Realtor and my husband owns a construction company. This one we listen to together. It’s real with great content.
  • mic918166
    I love it
    This is the best podcast on business!! Uncle GC is amazing
  • MelizeLop
    Strive to succeed with E&G 10x your life!
    Grant is extremely professional & always applies with knowledge that’s where the real power is. Luving the podcast catch him on fb live streams also & his lovely wife Elena Cardone a classy wise woman & the awesome Frank & Jarrod. Everyday @ 11am {Financial Education is a MUST in your life} Key -> TAKE NOTES on EVERYTHING!
  • WC5565
    Lights Out
    Grant & Jarrod tell it like it is. When it comes to workforce advice, they're a KO. Lights out.
  • Carey Mc
    Always the best information!
    These podcasts are great. Always on point and what we need to hear. The best advice. Never sugar coated. Keep them coming.
  • jazzfan4ever
    Grant Cardone is one of the most narcissist and shallow people I have ever witnessed. As a business owner myself I’d never want to do business or view the world with the integrity that Cardone possesses. Listeners beware
  • taimifer92
    Fantastic podcast!!
    The Cardone crew never has a dull moment!!! Thanks for sharing all the info you do, empowering and keeping it real all the time! We’ll meet at one of your signing tables striking a deal. Write it down. It will happen!
  • Deezeezy
    Mr Cardone shares it all. All the lessons on how to live the 10x life. I hope he lives forever!
  • cedarfalls56
    Love the show
  • Chad McDole
    Peace, Blessings and Cash Flow!
    Thanks Uncle G for your time, wisdom, experience and value you so graciously and passionately bring every day with your content! What you share is priceless and appreciate! You help me think big and not accept mediocrity. The truth is you open my eyes to another level of awareness and possibility. 10X brother!!! Blessings, Peace and Cash Flow!
  • Tyler Bogert
    10x life
    I was losing until I found GC and his crew. This podcast has changed my life. I have 10x my income and will continue to fulfill my potential.
  • Grant Channell
    If you don’t know Cardone you don’t know what you’re missing
    If you want to gain financial freedom and love real estate, Grant Cardone is your man.
  • Steve Y. Gardner
    So inspiring
    I listen to Grant for inspiration on what’s possible. He’s a motivator and a source of believing in yourself. Thank you for all you do!
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