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Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success. If you’re looking for get-rich-quick tips and tricks to investing, move on. Listeners dedicated to the craft of finance and a better life, subscribe! New podcasts released weekly!

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  • FI_Bro
    The One Book Wonder
    “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was an informative, mindset-changing book for me. Everything of Robert’s I have consumed since then has been quite the opposite. Here’s the formula: -Be direct with audience: call them losers or lazy if they aren’t rich. -Make fun of people who have jobs that don’t pay well but are passionate about them, like teachers. -Predict a recession or economic collapse every year: use that to peddle bitcoin, gold, and silver -Brag about being rich -Cross sell overpriced seminars and classes that you don’t need Robert is successful for being successful. He found a way to take one book and build a guru empire, but all the value stops at his book. Please stay away!!
  • pivotles
    Same thing over and over
    Robert is smart, people are stupid, the Biden’s are criminals, Trump’s a good guy. Repeat, repeat, repeat. He sounds like an old man living in his own small world
  • jeremy_76
    Grumpy uncle
    Do you have a grumpy uncle who spends thanksgiving dinner complaining, explaining why he knows everything and why everyone else is stupid, and who repeats an over abundance of Fox News talking points? If so, you can skip this show because you’ve already heard it. There may be some wisdom sprinkled in there occasionally but the overall delivery is not at all palatable. Also, a microphone is tax deductible. This sounds like AM radio in all the wrong ways.
  • E in Arizona
    This guy is obnoxious. First episode I opened and he starts by ranting about the current administration and bragging about hunting with the Trumps. This is a financial podcast keep it to finances. If I wanted to listen to political views I’d listen to a political podcast. Waste of time…
  • Asharp93
    Political opinions
    Pretty bad political podcast, I mean financial podcast? Who knows anymore.
  • you lost me there
    Used to be good
    Unfortunately this podcast has really gone downhill. Robert has been predicting a recession for at least 7 years. Since then, we’ve had one of the biggest bull rallies and housing boom in decades. Of course, as it happens in cycles, now the economy and housing market is in a down turn. But anyone predicting a recession will EVENTUALLY be right. Again, cylces. But of course it got unexpectedly better before the downward turn. There is no tangible advice in this podcast. The overarching advice in this podcast is (verbatim): “you have to be smarter. You can’t be stupid.” There is no one on earth who can take that “advice” and do anything meaningful with it. The vibe of this podcast is that Robert was smart when the time was right and got lucky that the timing was right to buy assets at below market value and it has now appreciated with the market bounce back. But unfortunately, he has no useful recommendations for current times and market conditions. And while I align with him politically, he sounds ridiculous when he goes on and on, repeating himself incessantly about his political views. Doesn’t not help aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.
  • jbdbotsvrdcb
    Political wack job
    What a joke. First podcast I try to listen to about real estate…guy is going off about ‘the Biden crime family’ and how fantastic the trump family is. Get a grip dude and keep your politics out of a financial podcast
  • Hhhhhssfesc
    Nothing but lies
    Stick to financials. Your content is 90% right wing extremism.
  • What is that color?
    Robert please be more gentle
    I wish you would be more gentle when you interrupt the guest.
  • dorkhead101
    I like this show
    He does get political but I do think Robert is truthful and educational. I really like this show
  • Dentist Mj
    Macro Insight
    Great insight on all the macro level that the mainstream media and the politicians trying to sway the people from the truth. It is an amazing show all episodes are an eye opener. Kudos to the entire team for bringing this to general public that is easy to comprehend yet has an big impact. Hats off!!!!
  • lots of room for improvemt
    Robert I love your content I’ve been following you for years read all your books please for the love of God whoever does your editing they need massive improvement. Thank you, Regular guy Rick.
  • Assfghkliygvjutrsdghj
    Objectively Racist Program
    “The Japanese are one of the dumbest populations on the planet.” Not even out of context. What a terrible program for this world.
  • Abjagg
    Changed everything in my life
    Thank you Robert and Kim ! Your commitment and sacrifice in life has lead all who’ll listen a better life . Your team and guest speakers are so informative. Your doing gods work helping the working class by giving us tools to defend ourselves against a system designed to keep us ignorant and down . We love you ,and appreciate you all . God bless you all A j
  • Ashley 😊❤️🍩
    Look forward to this show every week!
    I love this show and the guests Robert brings on. Sometimes it gets a little to political but he always seems to find light in what is going on currently in the world. I look forward to the episodes each week! Thank you Robert.
  • Jmyer3
    General review of this Podcast
    I have been listening to Robert & Kim and reading all of their great books for years. Robert is full of wisdom and experience in many facets of economics, investing, etc. However, it’s starting to become more apparent as he ages, that the Podcast is more about his ego, his unyielding personality, and his need to be braggadocios about his success. I feel like many great guests in this Podcast are being steamrolled & interrupted by Robert because he has such a need to talk about himself. It doesn’t seem that he’s all that i retested in the guest’s opinions unless they are there to simply agree with every viewpoint Robert has. Kim is such a great and patient co-host (and wife) to be able to put up with him being so domineering and arrogant on the show. I’m about a 50% go or no-go with these episodes depending on how insufferable Robert acts with the guests. How many times per episode do you really need to tell people how rich you are and how stupid most people are?
  • GuindaBee
    As a business owner and educator Robert has opened my eyes to the world of economics and government taxes. Always keep learning, examine all platforms and you’ll see, RK and his guest are eye openers to the truth about US taxes and investments. Thank you for what you do!
  • Cover22
    Not for the everyday listener
    Very bad podcast for the everyday listener with no actual advice. Too high level. 90% of everyday listeners will not be able to access the type of resources they reference in the show. This is for people who have experience and already have a lot of money that can take advantage of tax incentives, not for everyday working people. Go somewhere else.
  • ElizabethD94
    Everyone listen!
    Scroll back to the very first episode listed from 2015. It will explain everything happening in 2022. You will be floored!!!
  • Moe Rogan
    Welcome home, Robert
    Telling the truth is crazy In a world full of lies. ~Yeezy. 🐐
  • Mareteau
    Too much ranting
    I generally agree with Robert and his guests. But 90% of the show is Robert ranting about how everyone else is stupid. It gets old and is not useful.
  • xxbleachxx
    Red flag when they start talking about America being communist. Idk why people do this, this is not the great take you think it is. Just a self-report to me that they’re uneducated. It’s the same with evangelicals when truths are too complicated they turn to god. When a dumb capitalist can’t explain the problem they blame communism. Childish
  • Marine PA
    Ad’s and Poor Audio
    25% Ad’s, 25% Good Knowledge, 50% endorsing his friends who he invests with = 100% horrible audio quality
  • Eddysix
    Great content
    I would give it a 5 start if there were no “breaks” in the middle and I feel as the episode ls need to be longer. There are so many times they have to end the show because they’re “out of time” even though the episodes are only 45 minutes. MAKE THE EPISODES LONGER PLEASE! Thanks for the great information otherwise.
  • Mark T-Rollski
    Great show
    Always love to here Robert Kiyosaki do his thing. I appreciate what he has done with RichDad. Providing the financial education mindset is priceless. Thank you for being relevant, sharing, and being real! Keep up the good work!
  • OPP80085
    Buy Gold Mines
    The reason you are poor because you hang out with dumb people and listen to dumb teachers. Hang out with smart people, buy gold mines, get rich. Cha-Ching!!!
  • BrianYbrain
    Round and round we go
    Ok, I get that crypto is confusing but I just listened to Robert argue with his employee Jeff Wang about the origins of Bitcoin. Robert claims to not promote any types of investment but multiple times he touts gold and silver since they are tangible assets. Robert clearly doesn’t trust crypto (I don’t think I do either) but stop antagonizing Jeff who is trying to explain it to you! Also, can we stop the hating on Biden, govt, liberals, etc?!
  • hahanajakZyxnsnsj
    Take advice from your reviews
    Im 20 years old and I Absolutely love Roberts book! However I originally began listening to this podcast for more intel and knowledge to begin as a realtor and invest but you guys don’t do many episodes for beginners and/or HOW to begin, I mainly hear bragging about your come up and politics. Hopefully you see this and make an episode for beginners and advice to give that you never received.
  • focused Kim v
    Worth the listen
    Enjoy the concepts, materials, and guest. Also worth the listen. Not like other podcasts and appreciate that Robert calls it like he sees it and doesn’t sugar coat it.
  • KrystleMoore
    I look up to Robert but…
    His show has gone downhill. He’s a bit too arrogant, braggadocious and political. His book was amazing, the message of the podcast is great but the delivery is poor. Even though he is an educator I don’t find his episodes particularly educational, it become less technical and more surface level. One cannot get the tools to invest in assets through listening to his rants and bragging about all of his money and his jet most of the episode. I’ve also heard multiple episodes where he just talks bad about Grant Cardone. We get it, you don’t agree with him, move on. I hope the show will improve, he has fabulous guests and tons of knowledge he could pass on if he could practice a little humility and focus more on actually helping others since that’s apparently what his company does. He’s turned into a grumpy old man!
  • le olde apple
    Bad show
    The host is obsessed with criticizing the government and calling young people stupid. Doesn’t seem terribly knowledgeable.
  • FizzKhalifa651
    Geez political views not warranted
    I understand you don’t agree with democrats but you don’t need to mention it every other sentence. Your advice is decent but I don’t care about your political views AT ALL! It makes you sound ignorant to a certain extent.
  • anti-pawn
    Dog Whistle Investment Advise
    Clearly marketing to less educated, small business types. The hosts spend a lot of time denigrating traditional education well offering the listener education not advice. Become a landlord, but don’t start too small because you’ll end up managing it yourself 🧐. And the other oft repeated gem: don’t buy stock when the stock market is about to crash! Sure, you’ll sell a few books to those you patronize, but that’s what you’re really selling.
  • jasminep08
    Great Information for a Millennial Like Myself
    Id love to have my baby boomer parents listen to this but he calls people like them(employees with 401k) stupid. Maybe if he switched the word “stupid” for naive Id feel more comfortable passing this along. For now, I’ll relay a filtered version of what I learn from listening on my own
  • TravisBrizendine
    Robert talks over guests and can be condescending like he knows everything. The guests are usually great, but the flow of this show is suffering.
  • Ellis Elkwood
    Crappy Crypto
    I find it a particularly frustrating pursuit in separating the real estate wheat from the cryptocurrency chaff. Personalities aside, the clear lack of understanding in utility of blockchain technology versus the supposed worth of ANY cryptocurrency is beyond vexing. The difference between USD fiat and BTC electronic fiat is negligible to nil. Only worth what one thinks it’s worth. Real tangible assets like precious metals and land should not be confused with speculative zeitgeists. So overall, Mr. Kiyosaki is half right. Unfortunately, 50% correct is still a failing grade. But there’s always room for improvement by learning from ones mistakes.
  • Fili@12
    Great financial wisdom
    I like Robert’s view on things he has great insight and overall keeps it real and asks lots of question. Good listen!
  • Annie Jo Jo
    Crypto episode
    Thank you for producing the episode on crypto. You asked a question that I have been asking myself for years. Where does crypto get its value from? After listening to the episode I have come to the conclusion that crypto is a lot like fiat money. Crypto only has value as long as people believe in it. The Emperor New Clothes.
  • beyondFI
    Should get an award for being wrong so often
    Robert seems to mix some facts with some fiction to support his narrative and the sales of his products. His hatred of all persons Democratic is ever present.
  • Ricky163838
    Inconsistent Advice
    I gave it two stars instead of one because it does provide information. But I get emails from Robert every week about why I should invest in gold. And I listen to this first episode and it says you are dumb if you invest in 401k or gold. Which makes me think these guys really only care about pushing their agenda and what will push money into their pockets. I’m just shocked how I get emails from them saying I should invest in gold to protect against volatility and then the same company says investing in gold is one of the dumbest things you can do. Only thing that makes sense is that they want to push their agenda
    Great sessions, thank you!
  • ETrain7273
    Great Content
    Robert's advice and perspective is invaluable.
  • Investing2019
    Financial Education
    Thanks Kim and Robert for your valuable insights and opinions. You are true pioneers in the field of financial education. Thanks to your guest speakers too for the LLC advise. People today are totally clueless. They drank the kool aid as you say And I want to say that I love the political dialogue as well! So happy that Elon Musk took over Twitter! 🤣And the Liberals are going nuts
  • easyriderj
    Love the books, hate the Podcast
    Loved his books, but the podcast is no polished. The non-stop political commentary is too much. I can’t listen to this.
    Stick with finance and leave politics out of it.
    I attempted to listen to a few different episodes bc I was looking for financial advice, but I can’t get beyond Robert’s political remarks. This is an educational finance show, not a political show. We get that he’s a die hard Republican who loves Trump and hates Biden, but sheesh…he doesn’t have to make it known with a snobby remark in each episode. Just talk and teach finance and leave politics and name calling out of it. Grow up. I had this show downloaded, but I’ll be removing it from my library.
  • Thulegit
    Trying to get financial advice— not your political stance on whether or not you think our president is a “communist sob.”
  • Truth Be Told 22
    Are you nuts?!?
    The show without Kim is almost unlistenable compared to what it used to be. The MSG from all of the Chinese food that Robert eats must have negatively affected his brain. He tells the same lackluster stories over and over while telling the same jokes over and over. Robert talks over the guests and doesn’t seem to understand that it’s a podcast, not a radio show. I do love the relentless hammering of socialists, communists and despicable politicans.
  • ShortyMarcia
    Changing my rating after hearing you laugh so much about Sarah who works for you about being poor. If you are so great at education why is Sarah struggling.
  • Ensaburnur
    Nice Podcast
    Nice podcast with some good financial information and advice. Just remember to skip over the political opinions and you’ll be fine.
  • jasphalt
    Let the speaker speak.
    I like Robert kiyosaki, I own his books his games and Love his message. But sometimes let the speaker speak you talk too much I’d like to hear what they have to say. Lol
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