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Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success. If you’re looking for get-rich-quick tips and tricks to investing, move on. Listeners dedicated to the craft of finance and a better life, subscribe! New podcasts released weekly!

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  • Crizzman Jones
    I Can’t Do it Anymore…
    I have never been a big fan of the host, as he comes across as a pretentious know it all to me. We get it… You own a gold mine and put zero capital down, you are millionaire, and you have a massive real estate portfolio. The only reason I listened to the podcast was due to the guest and Ms. Kim. This man simply cannot stay out of his own way. I finally had enough this morning and decided to unfollow the show and delete all downloaded episodes. He does not let anyone get a word in and is constantly interrupting guest and his own wife. I think it is time for him to hang it up and sail off into the sunset on his mega yacht with his gold encrusted chalice ✌🏻
  • tomcruse123
    Good in’s sights
    I like His honest opinion and insights some times may be unpatriotic about dollar, Debt and economy.
  • jobones28
    Stop interrupting
    Robert, let the guests speak! This is getting insane… we aren’t ‘stupid’ like you think. Let them explain themselves and clean up your act!
  • logantabor
    Good content, but the podcast could use some work
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for the last few years and have become a big fan of Roberts. I’ve read his books and have began to unlearn what I was taught in school and college. However, the podcast could use some work. The ads are all over the place, the intros/outros are usually to loud, and during the past few episodes I really don’t like the F-bomb thrown around over and over. And since I’ve listened to Robert I know what he’ll say, “Grow up you baby.” So I really don’t expect it to change. However, I would say that a lot of your audience doesn’t want to hear the cursing over and over because it truly makes you sound stupid. Your listeners want to hear the deeper stuff, let the experts you bring on say what they want to say and then you dumb it down for those that need it. This in turn makes you look smart because you explain it to them instead of interrupting the experts. Make the changes and make the show better. You have too many listeners that rely on your expertise to keep it going like this!
  • jayr1436
    Good podcast needs a tune up
    Been reading and listening for years. Respect and appreciate all that Robert has taught but lately he has been running over guests right as they get into interesting thoughts and a deeper level of insight as most of us have already heard the “simple” stuff repeatedly.
  • Jason a Fan
    Good series but I didn’t care for today’s episode
    What is the fate of the dollar Part 2 episode - Robert outright rude to his guests. Dropping F bombs all over the place. Disappointing episode in an otherwise enjoyable podcast series.
  • GROUpONuser234
    Awesome podcast
    Very informative! I wish Robert would interrupt his guest a little less. They seem to start a very interesting topic but he tells them to “hold on a second” and goes on about his own opinion until the topic is over
  • Hmac_14
    Let your guests talk. Quit cutting them off and telling them to keep it simple. They barely start talking and you cut them off. Incredibly annoying.
  • Supply52
    I’m getting tired of listening to Robert’s China gold mine story and his days in Vietnam, he is a broken record and is always talking about the sky falling, I’m convinced that if he can be successful with his level of talent there really is hope for anyone, save yourself some time and listen to another podcast
  • Lance Mr T
    Horrible advice
    Very bad advice and constantly sharing ads and info of events for them to make more money on … rack up tons of debt and shift things around and live a stress filled worry life . No thanks
  • mkuriki
    There’s Potential!
    Started listening due to the popularity of the RDPD book - I thought this was something I could listen to while I was working as a prequel to buying the book. I’m on the fence on buying this book because I can’t stand politics and that seems to be all that’s talked about in this podcast. Some small but good tidbits of financial advice/teaching when guests actually get to answer questions instead of “yes” or “no” (thats what the 3 stars are for vs 1). Basically there’s a lot of potential here, and that’s what I’m sticking around for. Hoping interview techniques get better, or Kim leads more interviews! Those episodes are great to listen to.
  • iamhappytobeyourvlient
    Great educational podcast
    I listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad podcast since 2020. I thank Robert Kiyosaki and his guests for my increased financial literacy.
  • Micah Givens
    Great Podcast
    Inspired by his book, I now listen to this podcast. I love the pro and con approach to the show as well as having a guest on every episode. The only thing I don’t like is that Robert speaks a little too much, and the guest should have more speaking time.
  • Dani SSS
    Lots of great info but Robert is really grumpy!
    I’ve been a fan of Robert and his book Rich dad poor dad since 20 years ago. I respect him deeply. The podcast features a lot of very smart people but it’s annoying that Robert cuts them off all the time and won’t let them speak. Also any guest who has an opposing viewpoint than him are often disrespected and not allowed to speak. I suggest more inclusion. I want to add that I absolutely love Kim, she’s wise, centered and considerate. She’s got this wonderful energy about her, really enjoy hearing her speak and ask very key and insightful questions.
  • Tyllr22487
    RDPD is an excellent book. I’ve been listening to this podcast pretty consistently for a few years. I do believe Robert has a lot of wisdom, but if I’m honest, when has anything on this podcast EVER been accurate? I can recall ZERO instances where the info from this podcast foretold anything significant that actually came to pass. I listen to other Slaying Bears and Bulls where they actually read the data and follow what is actually happening in the real world rather than “the sky is falling in 2.5 months!” That you get from this podcast. This is not helpful. There is no real Predictive power in these podcasts.
  • maybdihjlz
    Time to retire
    What a kook!
  • dorkhead101
    I like this show
    He does get political but I do think Robert is truthful and educational. I really like this show
  • ponyclarinet
    Good but..
    I think Robert might be getting a little senile. A lot of good info but you can really tell.
  • ReviewerJS
    No actionable advice
    I listened to about 10 episodes. The host and his guests seem to be unaware that women are investors, too. I tired quickly of the host interjecting his political viewpoints (I disagree with many of them). There was much repetition about his preference for owning gold and silver vs the dollar and his belief that a college education isn’t worth much. I stopped listening because I did not come away with one piece of actionable advice.
  • Dan Los
    Has no people skills..
    Kiyosaki doesn’t respect many people, and it shows. Kind of makes me cringe everytime I hear him speak. Therefore can’t listen to it anymore.
  • MichaelW83
    Waste of time
    I listened to 22 min of a recent episode. It was worthless. Hosts and guests repeated themselves endlessly and only complained that people with degrees were not as smart as they think and that they, the hosts, were smarter. Also endless plugging of their own books, fee based web memberships, etc. not one useful word of investment advice or insight.
  • Goose Guru
    Extremely rude host
    Robert is extremely rude to guests, won’t let them speak without interrupting to talk about his books, events or how much smarter he is than such and such person. Robert used to be a decent enough guy but I think his ego has gotten the better of him. Guests are usually great though.
  • boob0056
    Con artist
    Con man. Ever notice every episode is alarmist about the the economy or the dollar crashing! The only way to save yourself is to buy gold from his company or pay for his seminars where he babels about how he loves trump and other nonsense.
  • Money bags22
    How many times has be gone bankrupt?
    Con Artist. How many times has he been bankrupt? Many more voices out there (Peter Schiff) …
  • jyk595
    Becoming unnecessarily radical
    I started off with RDPD the book like many others. Robert has amazing, sound, timeless advice in there. However, his podcast is anything but logical. I’m afraid he has gone off the deep end and is using the same scare tactics as Fox News to sensationalize his podcast listeners for his own gains. Several “emergency pods” scaring you into buying gold assets from his buddies. Bashing on every government except his buddy Trump. Events that cost a fortune. Will there be any accountability for Robert when people realize they were all being sold scare pills?
  • MS Terp
    Took about 2 minutes to realize that this is a scam. Googled the host after I started listening and a quick search confirmed by thoughts. It appears “Rich dad’s” only real success is selling books and seminars to those with minimal financial knowledge
  • Booneredworm
    Same story over and over and over
    Great podcast but go ahead and skip the first 20 minutes if you’ve ever heard Roberts story cause he’s gonna repeat it again and again and again. I love the show and the books and Robert BUT can someone please give him the memo that just like his time is precious, so is ours. We have heard the story about the lady yelling “spot” a million times. It was funny the first four times but now I just turn off the show when he goes down that road again. We get it. BUY metals- you are coming in loud and clear 5x5! Roger- OUT.
  • In the arena
    Excellent Show and Guests, BUT Robert…
    Needs to let his guests speak more WITHOUT interrupting. Rather annoying. Listen to Adam Taggert for how to interview. He lets his guests speak and then asks questions that keep the subject moving, instead of interrupting.
  • MathewEhret
    Black and white
    Lots of black and white advice. While Robert is wise, he doesn’t see the gray area. This can be seen in his 401k advice.
  • mfares122
    Mouth Noises are Grossing me out
    Lol can you hire an editor to remove them?
  • Donald Glass
    Been listening to Robert for years and have slowly but surely followed his advice on buying precious medals. Todays show was the first time that I was completely turned off by Robert’s tone. His CONSTANT plugs for the April 6,7 and 8th event are exhausting and then saying that we are losers if we do not attend and he will raise prices because he is wasting his time trying to teach pigs to sing? This was the last straw for me. I am a business owner and am fully aware when someone is trying to create a sense of urgency so they can sell more tickets. Question: How are his listeners Pigs?
  • OscarPavaroo
    Let your guests speak
    I use to like and listen to the podcast when Robert would allow his guests to speak, but lately it has been about how Robert made his money, gold mines he owns, silver he offered to ladies years ago, macro/micro and lots of lip smacking from Robert. If Robert is taking the time to screen and allow a guest on his show. Maybe Robert should let them speak.
    Close, but no cigar
    Has some pretty great guests/interviews, but as others have said, Mr. Kiyosaki consistently interrupts his guests or pushes on too quickly through important/informative topics in order to play one of his million ads. This show honestly has more ads than some 2hr podcasts I’ve listened to. His political comments aren’t the worst but it can get annoying when his anecdotes take up more audio time than the guests speaking. Loved reading his Book but there’s a serious missing piece in the podcast.
  • eadshelley
    So so soooo disappointed
    I love rich dad poor dad, but this podcast is just the host talking in circles. I had to actually check and be sure I didn’t accidentally hit “rewind” he just kept repeating himself. Saying the same thing over and over. And talking about what happened in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s very unfortunate because I know he’s a very intelligent man. But just has me completely bored to death. I mean, just really really boring delivery and lack of energy behind any of it. How can I get excited to learn and progress when I’m barely staying awake. And can hardly understand him. Please take a sip of water every now and then. I really can’t understand half of what you’re saying. On to the next podcast I suppose
  • jhongoc
    Not Good!
    I listed to this 20 minutes, I’m sorry not good useful info! Just comments and comments! Thanks
  • A-townInveator
    Pipe down, Robert!
    Good information, but Robert interrupting all his guests week after week is getting sickening. And his stories that he interrupts with are always the same. Please sit quietly while your guests are speaking.
  • Sassafrass209
    I’ve been following the Rich Dad Podcast
  • FI_Bro
    The One Book Wonder
    “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was an informative, mindset-changing book for me. Everything of Robert’s I have consumed since then has been quite the opposite. Here’s the formula: -Be direct with audience: call them losers or lazy if they aren’t rich. -Make fun of people who have jobs that don’t pay well but are passionate about them, like teachers. -Predict a recession or economic collapse every year: use that to peddle bitcoin, gold, and silver -Brag about being rich -Cross sell overpriced seminars and classes that you don’t need Robert is successful for being successful. He found a way to take one book and build a guru empire, but all the value stops at his book. Please stay away!!
  • pivotles
    Same thing over and over
    Robert is smart, people are stupid, the Biden’s are criminals, Trump’s a good guy. Repeat, repeat, repeat. He sounds like an old man living in his own small world
  • jeremy_76
    Grumpy uncle
    Do you have a grumpy uncle who spends thanksgiving dinner complaining, explaining why he knows everything and why everyone else is stupid, and who repeats an over abundance of Fox News talking points? If so, you can skip this show because you’ve already heard it. There may be some wisdom sprinkled in there occasionally but the overall delivery is not at all palatable. Also, a microphone is tax deductible. This sounds like AM radio in all the wrong ways.
  • E in Arizona
    This guy is obnoxious. First episode I opened and he starts by ranting about the current administration and bragging about hunting with the Trumps. This is a financial podcast keep it to finances. If I wanted to listen to political views I’d listen to a political podcast. Waste of time…
  • Asharp93
    Political opinions
    Pretty bad political podcast, I mean financial podcast? Who knows anymore.
  • you lost me there
    Used to be good
    Unfortunately this podcast has really gone downhill. Robert has been predicting a recession for at least 7 years. Since then, we’ve had one of the biggest bull rallies and housing boom in decades. Of course, as it happens in cycles, now the economy and housing market is in a down turn. But anyone predicting a recession will EVENTUALLY be right. Again, cylces. But of course it got unexpectedly better before the downward turn. There is no tangible advice in this podcast. The overarching advice in this podcast is (verbatim): “you have to be smarter. You can’t be stupid.” There is no one on earth who can take that “advice” and do anything meaningful with it. The vibe of this podcast is that Robert was smart when the time was right and got lucky that the timing was right to buy assets at below market value and it has now appreciated with the market bounce back. But unfortunately, he has no useful recommendations for current times and market conditions. And while I align with him politically, he sounds ridiculous when he goes on and on, repeating himself incessantly about his political views. Doesn’t not help aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.
  • jbdbotsvrdcb
    Political wack job
    What a joke. First podcast I try to listen to about real estate…guy is going off about ‘the Biden crime family’ and how fantastic the trump family is. Get a grip dude and keep your politics out of a financial podcast
  • Hhhhhssfesc
    Nothing but lies
    Stick to financials. Your content is 90% right wing extremism.
  • What is that color?
    Robert please be more gentle
    I wish you would be more gentle when you interrupt the guest.
  • Dentist Mj
    Macro Insight
    Great insight on all the macro level that the mainstream media and the politicians trying to sway the people from the truth. It is an amazing show all episodes are an eye opener. Kudos to the entire team for bringing this to general public that is easy to comprehend yet has an big impact. Hats off!!!!
  • lots of room for improvemt
    Robert I love your content I’ve been following you for years read all your books please for the love of God whoever does your editing they need massive improvement. Thank you, Regular guy Rick.
  • Assfghkliygvjutrsdghj
    Objectively Racist Program
    “The Japanese are one of the dumbest populations on the planet.” Not even out of context. What a terrible program for this world.
  • Abjagg
    Changed everything in my life
    Thank you Robert and Kim ! Your commitment and sacrifice in life has lead all who’ll listen a better life . Your team and guest speakers are so informative. Your doing gods work helping the working class by giving us tools to defend ourselves against a system designed to keep us ignorant and down . We love you ,and appreciate you all . God bless you all A j
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