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Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success. If you’re looking for get-rich-quick tips and tricks to investing, move on. Listeners dedicated to the craft of finance and a better life, subscribe! New podcasts released weekly!

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  • phamhere
    The basis of the Rich Dad company is to educate people on finance and this podcast is no exception. Check it out!
  • jbucksssssssss
    Audio quality of your guests is poor
    The last podcast is awful In regard to sound quality! I cannot even understand your guest without turning the volume all the way up. If he’s making $500 a pop on his letters you’d think he could afford a better mic!
  • m24143
    Thank you!
    I appreciate the education and information. Very eye opening. Thank you for sharing!
  • Jac_wel
    Need better guest audio
    Robert I’ve been trying to listen to your podcast but I have to hope each time that your guest hosts have good audio. Try having your guests call you over FaceTime Audio
  • JuanVLopez
    Racism in first 5 mins of listening
    If you’re looking for business & investment strategies mixed with right-wing propaganda and a dash of racism every few minutes, then this is the place for you.
  • MattEidem
    President Trump on the show!?
    I just got done listening to bank to the future and it was an incredibly eye-opening episode. The most intriguing part about it was how you said you had Donald Trump on the show. ;) I would love to listen to that one. Can’t seem to find it though.
  • Dar5081
    I used to enjoy it
    I just wish he would have kept his political views to his own. Deal breaker for me.
  • TKNYC5
    Gold Standard / Digital Currency
    First off I’d like to say thank you for your podcast and all the information you’ve shared with people. I’m not into stocks and over the past year I’ve finally decided to invest in crypto. However I’ll always be a fan of gold, silver & real estate. I’ve watched many peoples informative podcasts and YouTube channels and my question Robert to you is this: The “crypto pros” like Pomp and Saylor etc always praise a digital currency (BTC) that is essentially no better than fiat monetary policies being that it is based off of nothing but a code. If an ounce of gold reaches upward to $20k, this would allow any government to establish a digital currency based off of a new “gold standard”. Why hasn’t anyone discussed this concept at all?
  • Rlmiller9
    Guy has gone way down hill
    Really liked his book so had some optimism on the podcast. He spews a little of right wing propaganda. Just unsubscribed hard to listen to like your racist uncle at thanksgiving He will struggle to get good guests with his racist ignorant views
  • bhg91
    Pimping Bitcoin now you own it?
  • Jemnask
    very racist
    hes a racist, who charges people crazy prices for real estate courses , do not support this man or buy anything from him
  • Jer_soc_CR7
    Best Teacher in Wealth!!!
    I’m 17, about to be 18 and have been listening to Robert Kiyosaki for a year now. In one year, I’ve learned so much from him that has made me become a stronger entrepreneur and will begin building my business very soon. It’s a blessing to have this man in life and hope to be mentored by him one day here in Phoenix, AZ. God bless you Robert and Kim! Keep changing lives!
  • KN Tanker
    Too political but great wealth teacher
    Too many rants for Trump and right wing nuttery. But wealth wisdom is legit.
  • Spiff777
    blinded by politics
    Started out with the “winners and losers in the post-pandemic world” episode and was treated to a bunch of anti-science, political diatribe by their guest. If this is a measure of this podcast, it is probably a waste of time.
  • Pistol Pate
    Welcome home Robert! TY 4 ur service
    The truth is controversial and may piss you off, and possibly set you free
  • klundq02
    Great show; not looking for political commentary however.
  • Bkdfuytfvb
    Zero Star Rating
    Little or no facts, right-wing extremists opinions. I’m neutral politically but refuse to be dumbed down by this propaganda-laced clown show.
  • herbgardenlady
    So informative
    I’ve been following Rich dad poor dad for many years probably 20 years. I’ve bought his games and books. And never has it been so important to listen now and educate ourselves on how this country is going and how to protect our money for the future and for our children. I love the people that he has on his podcast. They’re humorous and present a real eye-opener to what’s going on.
  • Garcia_Capital
    This podcast was super enlightening .
  • George the marine
    What a marvelous show !
    Loads and loads of content ! Thank you Robert and company for teaching and speaking the truth ! We love you!
  • Stonger than ever
    Best teacher ever!
    That’s for all the work Robert and Kim! I’ve turned my life completely around and grow more confident everyday. Just bought James Rickards new book in audio. Swimming in the kool-aid!
  • JayTP29T9Q
    Great Podcast with Great Information
    These podcasts are wonderful to listen to 1, 2, or 10 times over! I’m very grateful for the valuable information shared so that I can make informed financial decisions.
  • Justin P09
    Good info, but Robert is SO rude
    I have subscribed for nearly a year, but I frequently have to skip or turn off the podcast because he makes me so uncomfortable at how he treats people. He has good guests that provide great insight, but Robert can’t let go of his pride sometimes.
  • elipoint
    Terrible messaging
    I’ve been listening to Robert Q for many years since childhood and I’m grateful for his encouragement to become the investor that I’m today however, listening to his free blurbing made me understand how selfish he is and how terrible his messaging. Pretty much saying that everyone who doesn’t play the system of realestate taxs is a sucker which is including hard working everybody. I understand how the tax code is favoring corporations and investors, but saying that everyone who doesn’t play the game is wrong is demeaning and short sighted. He sounds like an old villain in a Batman movie.
  • Sylvan the snake
    A honest man who doesn’t compromise
    Love the podcast, Don’t agree with everything said, but I’m here to learn and widen perspective. Not blindly nod and copy Roberts portfolio. All these negative reviews seem to be complaints about Roberts opinion not aligning with that of the reviewer, If your interested in listening to your moral and political views being continually validated by manicured TV personality’s wearing clown makeup and reading from teleprompters then you have a lot of other choices for “informative” discussion shows. You don’t have to lash out against everything that’s different from you like a chubby middle school bully. -“But it’s financial talk it shouldn’t involve politics....”- Angry Reviewer If you really think the political climate doesn’t effect the financial climate I really don’t know what to tell you. Especially these people saying they “used” to enjoy Roberts advice until they disagreed with him politically. Ugh anyway rant over, keep teaching Robert! And keep learning friends! Free advice is the most undervalued resource on the planet!
  • nivname taken
  • Nique9282
    Bait and Switch
    All about politics instead of personal finance. Very disappointing!
  • TT01781990
    Too much politics from an old arrogant bully
    This could be a great a podcast if he could stick to the facts. Unfortunately he likes to get political and if you’re just starting out this guy is not on your side. He’s all about the rich keeping their money. He likes to make fun of people for superficial things and not talk about what they’re actually doing. And on top of it he laughs at his own jokes (that aren’t funny) for awkwardly long and continues to tell the same one over and over. I get he’s experienced but that doesn’t stop him from bashing his guests and calling them “ignorant youngsters”. This guy is an arrogant pompous jerk. Save yourself the time and look elsewhere for entertainment and advice.
  • ThaPlymouth
    Rich Dad, Poor Podcast
    Used to be a pretty good podcast, and enjoyed the book some time ago. However, with all the bogus political nonsense being spewed lately, this podcast now offers very little value in any regard.. Example: according to Robert, “Biden is appointing Yellen as Treasury Secretary.. This is communism!” Ridiculous, don’t waste your time..
  • Samriver
    Ultra right wing propaganda
    It’s just super right wing political propaganda, not useful financial advice. Plus the hosts and guests are extremely annoying, chummy white guys with gross voices... it’s difficult not to hate them...
  • mjg394
    MAGA Finance
    This guy claimed Obama is a billionaire, questioned the outcome of the election and keeps calling Yellen ‘Grandpa’. What a clown
  • DLsimbs
    Lacks substance
    I’m fine with Robert’s right wing attitude and crass remarks. However, the episodes are a hit or miss. I’m struggling to walk away with practical advice outside of the energy and mindset of investments. Can you provide more concrete success stories with specificity?
  • Gggarden
    Robert is getting more and more bitter
    “If you disagree with me you’re a communist” Really?! So much for intelligent discourse
  • Steve⌚️
    Wish it was a daily show
    Love the content, this man has seen a lot and has a wealth of knowledge to give. Just wish this was a daily show, I listen to 15 podcasts and I always get excited seeing this show pop up new episodes.
  • Ash_Tag_82
    Arrogance at its finest
    I’ve never listened to somebody so arrogant and condescending. I’m surprised this show still actually exists.
  • Juliette1234567
    Don’t understand the high reviews
    In awe at how annoying this guy is, I had to actually stop the podcast because it was driving my crazy. That’s a first. What is the point of inviting guest speakers if you’re going to talk over them constantly?
  • Solomon N
    Show has taken a dive recently
    I used to appreciate the content of this show. I listened to it as I mowed the lawn. The guests have generally been great and it was good to hear thoughts about money and different subjects. My issue is with the host. He has made a habit of interrupting and being hostile toward anyone he even thinks has a different viewpoint than him. He especially disrespects any guest younger than him. Often guests are actually agreeing with him, but he won’t even let them get a word in. I am extremely conservative, but I find that the host gives conservative capitalists a bad name. He says the show is apolitical yet he threatens to kill ‘socialists’ and ‘communists’ in every other episode. Rich dad is one of my favorite books and used cash flow to teach my kids all the time, but honestly I’ve lost a lot of respect for Robert Kiyosaki after hearing him talk. This show seems to be less and less about financial education and more about hearing him whine about politics. The only reason I can give this a 2 star rating is because Kim seems to be a good host. The best thing this show can do is retire Robert and let Kim host IMO.
  • Not that kind of angel
    Love the show but...
    Robert-At no time in the Viet Nam conflict did the Vietnamese beat American forces on the battlefield. The Americans won the Tet offensive and it devastated the communists, which the communist leaders later admitted. However the newspapers said it was a great defeat and spread that climate of opinion. More fake news.
  • moonman14
    Right wing talking points
    Nothing like tuning in for a finance talk and hearing downplaying of the virus killing people, and thoughts about election stealing (Simon Black episode)
  • YrmElDiablo
    Ads are to long
    I think there’s like 20min in total of ads each episode. Please shorten would love to listen more often.
  • jbaker1210
    Robert is the Goat
    As a former serviceman myself, I love how they don’t sugarcoat what they say. And for all the people crying on these comments.... robert makes you cry on purpose. Your proving his point at how soft people have become. Keep up the great work Robert and Kim!
  • Kevin the pigeon and Louis
    Covid Deniers; Promote False Info
    In regards to actual financial advice, the podcast is ok, not great, but ok. However in a recent episode the hosts and their guest said that no one has died from covid and promoted not wearing masks. They also said that wearing a mask will get you “good status w the govt” which will make it easier to get loans in the future when banks are controlled by the gov???? Also- they recommended buying gold bc FDR raised the value of gold to fix the depression, which they believe we are about to enter again. They failed to mention FDR was able to do this by seizing citizens’ gold through order 6102. Those people lost all their money when this happened... In summary, poor advice, not well researched, waste of time.
  • cmaxx23
    Student loan
    Of course printing money is not good but EVERYONE gets bailed out but students . You state government created the student loan problem. Students definitely need help to get started in life due to being wrapped up into Ponzi scheme. COVID stimulus and other bailouts are not going to stop but students loans never get relief. Also, you only talk about problems but how to protect yourself for these problems.
  • Limonic316
    The podcast has become a waste of time.
    I used to find this podcast very useful but It has become right wing media with bashing social media and guests who are talking about moving to Parler and all that nonsense. Stick to what you’re good at. Leave politics out. And if you make a stand, stick to it. If you feel that platforms are barring/censoring you have the gall to quit them.
  • AMI12!
    Came here for some financial info and instead had to listen to this guy call CNN “communist news network” 😒 There’s so many right-wing remarks that it’s hard to listen and not getting annoyed with the obvious and proud ignorance of the host. Had to stop listening and unsubscribe
  • SeacoastGal
    During these times many show their true colors
    Don't listen to this man. I have listened, given away his books, and even taken some of his advice. What a charlatan. Another bankrupt businessman who doesn't do anything but take advantage of everything he and his wife can. If I could rate it zero I would. You sir are on the wrong side of history, you sir are a fascist. Very deceiving information and people.
  • myItalia
    I’d give it no stars if I could! And since the host is so irresponsible about what they put out, here I will too...This is a horrible podcast! Annoying! Actually admitting that if he doesn’t agree with someone they’d just shoot them, REALLY ? Thought I’d try again but NOOOOO Deleting it from my devices. It’s sad that they continue to devide people in groups based off such superficial beliefs. I now understand how we got here, I simply had a hard time understanding how people could actually be supporting this guy in the WH but after being a ‘fly on the wall’ per sei, I realize ITS JUST PLAIN IGNORANCE!! Its deafening!!!!
  • HVAC Rob D
    Changed my life...literally
    I was told to read Rich Dad Poor Dad for years, because of my entrepreneurial mindset. When I finally found the podcast (I’m not the biggest reader) it opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities we all have. I still remember the episode with Robert Cialdini, I knew I had to get out of the field (HVAC Installation) and into sales. I utilized my industry knowledge to transition into an Hvac sales role, without much setback. Now I have been successful in sales, own and live in a duplex, have diversified in precious metal, crypto and dividend paying stocks. I’ll hopefully be purchasing my next property soon. Me being the eternal pessimist, I couldn’t have done it without changing my mindset from why to how, thanks to Robert and Kim as well as a supporting wife and family (not financial support FYI, I come from a lower middle class single parent home). I hope to some day meet and Robert and thank him in person, but for now this will do. Thank you! I’m not financially free yet, but I know that no matter what the future brings I can and will be someday. Rob D
  • Mark A Livingston
    Love Jim Rickards interview
    The interview released on Nov 4, 2020 is great. Very insightful as to what is really happening in and to our economy. Keep bringing these great interviews you’ve done in the last few months.
  • just hanging around here
    Ok boomer
    Interesting speakers and topics but boomer dad’s conspiracy backed political bias too much.
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