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I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. Hosted by Chase Kosterlitz and produced by Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. The weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode Chase interviews amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love. The guests provide daily tips to improve your relationship, advice for young couples, amazing books and resources and much more.

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  • Bjohnson7864
    Looking for help not advertisements
    I listened to about 15 minutes of this so have a grain of salt here. The first five or so they spent pitching their coaching course wanting people to signup. Then the intro to the show, guest speaker for around 3-5 minutes, and more ads. That where the podcast ended for me.
  • Maxi.W.G.
    3 episodes in and already changed my relationship
    Actually didn’t need to get three episodes in, the guests you have on are so insightful and your questions get straight to the heart of what I’m seeking to find out more about. Have already felt so much relief and reassurance hearing these professionals discuss topics that I’ve been struggling with in my relationship. You’ve saved me a lot of time wading through books so I can apply the advice NOW. Thank you!!!
  • PLoSummit
    How to Date Better episode
    This was the only episode I tried and tried again to make it through. The therapist had decent advice but her ability to say “right” at the end of EVERY sentence was not only annoying, I felt it was condescending. Please never have her on again. I may eventually raise my rating.
  • CollGeis
    How to radiate positivity - episode
    Very insightful episode excellent guest. So many simple things I can do to change the world and be a better person. Be the sun not the Salt. 🙂🙃🙂
  • Cristy Murray
    Relationship advice using different lenses
    Love the variety of topics and guest experts. This podcast is a great gift to everyone.
  • MidLifer74
    Not so great advice for young couples
    This is not so great advice for couples just getting started. I have been with my partner for over 30 years. We have five kids and have had lots of difficult conversations and issues. I do not think there it is ever a good idea to have any kind of social media or email to which your partner does not have access. I have been a pastor and a therapist and have found that having private social media does not foster trust and intimacy. I have so many issues with this episode. It is the only one I’ve listened to and feel like the advice was not good to build intimacy and trust in relationships. To have intimacy and trust, you have to have hard conversations and it seems like there was a lot of advice to accommodate a partner. I thought is was terrible tadvice to to tell someone who is doing dishes while their partner is watching tv to not be upset. That would only build resentment. That’s just one example of the bad advice given. Most of the advice in this podcast will only build resentment and a pseudo relationship at best. If you want a secure functioning relationship listen to Stan Tatkin and Terry Real whenever they are on a podcast.
  • Nero Kyo 225
    What a great podcast!
    It’s wonderful to hear Chase’s perspective on all his talking points. If you’re new here, I highly recommend staying and listening more often!
  • AnonymousAndrewPodcast
    Best Podcast about relationships
    Chase and Sarah don’t listen to the critics. I have been with you for over 5 years. Yes I was disappointed in the divorce. But I hung in there and I think you guys are better now than you were back in the day. You also inspired me to start my own podcast about relationships which is off to a good start. I listen to you each week. I follow your guests. I have family im Costa Rica (not sure why that’s relavant) I never listened to you for your advice I listened because you have on great guests. We are not experts, we are a medium and bring the experts to the audience. 5 Stars for you. I admire the fact you two can work together. Keep doing what you are doing and I will listen as long as you keep doing it! Anonymous Andrew
  • AlmaNrod
    Very helpful!
    I was looking for a podcast that would help me better understand my parter. We’ve been together 3 years and started having issues. While in search, I came across this one. It really helped me understand myself more and my partner. Along with the roles we both play in our relationship. Our relationship has been so much better. Thank you!
  • mrs.bastion
    Divorced couple gives relationship advice
    I’ve been a long time listener since 2018, and enjoyed the old podcasts when it was the 2 of you on the show. I wondered why it’s now just Chase interviewing the guests and find out that, ironically you’re divorced now. Yet another couple, like Rachel Holllis and her husband, who chose their business over saving their own marriage. It’s so sad. But I’ll be unsubscribing and I hope others do too!
  • jmar run
    Its is terrible
  • Cr43e
    The guest callers are interesting however, the podcast hosts sound very scripted as if they are reading a script verbatim.
  • Lizzilvr
    Great podcast
    I love the varied subjects presented in this podcast. And I really love the host. He’s got such a calming, kind and compassionate presence. He’s a great interviewer, too. JUST FYI, THE SPARK MY RELATIONSHIP WEBSITE IS UNABLE TO BE REACHED BECAUSE IT KEEPS SAYING IT’S NOT SECURE.
  • Mylilhurricane
    If you want deeper relationships…
    This is such a great podcast about enriching and deepening relationships, no matter what kind of relationships they are. We all might wish that great relationship would be easy, but they take work, and Chase (along with Sarah, who is now behind the scenes of the podcasts) gathers guests who have such useful perspectives and advice on how to do that work. Definitely recommend!
  • kmata123
    My favorite podcast
    Hands down the best podcast I’ve listened too has helped me in so many ways. I love how chase brings on educated people to give real advice
  • Rabinv92
    Hard to listen to
    I find it difficult to keep up with the point of things. Their direction is good, but the format and organization is all over the place. They take a very long time to get their point out.
  • TheOtherSid
    Listened to ~5 of their recent episodes. Learned nothing interesting. Just interviews with people saying basic information
  • CAM9966
    This content is absolute gold
    I just started listening yesterday and cannot get enough! I feel like I’ve had so many aha moments and have loved all of the guests. Thank you for providing this content to enrich people’s relationships and lives. This is great work.
  • Sicnic10
    I’m here and I need it
    Searched podcast in relationship advice as I am going through 2 weeks of massive difficulty in my relationship. I found you and I must say, love it and took a lot of notes and even contacted an author. Thank you having this show to give me the advice I need.
  • ABarlow1
    The best relationship podcast
    I love this podcast
  • JenJen387
    Not good
    Hard to listen to. Everyone keeps dodging the question and saying the same verbatim like this is a good question or this is important. These conversations lack substance. They keep saying how sex is important and stating the obvious. But I never struggled with sex it always had to do with communication and acting on emotion. My partner doesn’t listen to me when I’m angry. Although I love him I’ve become abusive and can’t let him go.
  • Hr0010
    Love it!
    Great advice. I am a single mother who keeps attracting the same type of man and this podcast has helped me open my eyes and practice better strategy.
  • Lshely
    After listening to just a few episodes this podcast literally saved my marriage. Mind you, there was only one aspect of my marriage that was failing, but it was a huge aspect. I’m also doing the 14 day couple challenge and highly recommend. This podcast is every bit of amazing. Again, it only took a few episodes but I fully intend on listening to them all. Thank you ♥️
  • Niua2003
    Great Topics
    I find the guests interesting and I find Chase’s voice soothing and easy to listen to. He’s kind and a good listener - which is a lovely characteristic for a host. (Especially for a male host.) He treats all guests with respect; never talking over anyone or bending their words.
  • stoli_stoli
    Is ADHD affecting your relationship?
    Grateful for this episode! Opened my eyes on so many things. Thank you!
  • CaliforniaLily
    Much needed!!
    So grateful to everyone involved in this podcast, was really excited to get turned onto it and to absorb all the wisdom, insight, and authentic experiences and stories. Thank you for the light that you are in a podcasting world!
  • sunsign79
    Why only young couples?
    I think the show has great topics but why in the about info does it say this is for “young couples”?? Can’t all marriages benefit from this information? This feels a bit ageist…
  • DCA1314
    Love the topics
    While I really like this show and the topics, Chase sometimes highlights his own experiences in a way that is not in service of the show. For example, Dr. Green seemed to be talking about toxicity much more dangerous and severe than that which Chase "totally experienced". She tried to discuss the power imbalance that a victim must identify, for example, but Chase derailed that extremely vital conversation to circle back around to his own experience, which he did not describe as a power imbalance at all. This type of thing has happened a few times, in a few episodes. Chase should be more neutral and let the topics take the lead.
  • Wv Reagan
    Episode 343
    Vanessa and I were honoured to share the stage with Chase. He and Sara have been in the marriage coaching space for many years and have helped many couples. Their podcast is informative, insightful and well worth your time!
  • Novel-lover
    Love the content of the podcast but the ad is too long
    Hi, thank you for the podcast and helpful discussions. However, I find the add is way too long to listen through the episode. Hope this is somehow resolvable. Thank you!
  • bubsmb
    This is really helping me with working on myself to help work on my relationship as well. It is easy to give up but this is what has made me realize that it’s important to fight and fix things instead of trying to just take the easy way out and leave
  • afroandglasses
    Highly recommend
    I look forward to the different topics that come up. Enjoyable listen!
  • DrWyaFish
    Great job with all your super episodes helping couples strengthen their relationship!
  • EmmiFortin
    Relatable topics and tangible advice
    I like the variety of relatable topics this podcast offers, along with expert guests that provide tangible steps you can take to help you with whatever you’re struggling with. I recommend this pod for anyone, even if you’re not in a relationship!
  • AB20221
    Love Dr. Jamison!
    Loved hearing about Dr. Jamison’s experiences and ideas. Can’t wait to try the marriage retreat.
  • @ASFCoaching
    Love the different perspectives!
    I appreciate that this podcast looks at all different influences on healthy relationships. Every time I listen, I learn a new perspective and way to view my marriage.
  • JR101310
    First relationship podcast , great!
    This is the first relationship podcast I’ve listened to. I really enjoy it and find it useful. I’m 26 and in a relationship - I love listening to the hosts and guests in the show. I feel like I’m really growing my emotional intelligence and gaining new perspective on how to be the best version of myself for a relationship and for life in general. Great tool kit for relationships and for self love too. The hosts also have a nice calming way of speaking I enjoy.
  • cmc2921
    An absolute Goldmine of information thank you so much!!!! Sincerely cc
  • xbxhdjdhdhdhdhhdhd
    A bunch of bunk
    The people giving everyone advice on relationships got divorced. Calls into question all of the bunk advice they gave to the rest of us.
  • Looking for love1
    Do you take emails?
    Hi I was wondering if you can give me some advice. So I like this guy, everyone hates him but I think that he is sweet and kind, and just wondering what I should do?
  • jamesk201
    Please I need advice
    I just discovered through the help of a pro tech guy @ blonde_hacker_ on Instagram, that my wife has been cheating on me , he helped me gained access to her phone without her knowing and now , I discovered she has been having sex with someone else, please what do I do?
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Chase & Sarah, hosts of the Relationship Advice podcast, highlight all aspects of relationships, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • 1Drumhead
    Relationships Advise
    Listing to this podcast is some good information. I’m dealing with a friendship relationship myself. It’s difficult because I like the person but they doesn’t feel the same way. Need help and good advise.
  • Cassie__Sue
    I love this podcast but the therapist that’s on 223 (and she’s been on others) doesn’t offer any tools, suggestions or techniques on how to connect instead of argue except for finding a therapist. Not helpful and disappointing :(
  • MsMeganK
    I really enjoy this podcast and the perspectives it shares.
  • doctapepper
    If chase would talk less it’d be 5 stars
    I know you have addressed this but you took it as she needs to speak up and talk more. Which yes, but you need to stop talking so much. You take double the guests time just pseudo-intelligently repeating what they said.
  • Loadmastermike
    Incredible Podcast !
    Some of the reviews I have read are needlessly cruel and misinformed ! You guys are amazing and have so many wonderful guests . I love the neurobiology of the human brain . The guests you both host unpack that in a very understandable and practical way . My marriage of 21 years has been on regrowth journey so glad to have you both part of it !
  • @juliana.truesdale
    A must listen
    Covers critical topics for loving relationships, many of which also help improve as individuals. Great strategies and examples without a lot of fluff or chit chat.
  • kbbbbbb bbb
    Tons of great information.
  • DvGuts
    Nice podcast but...
    I think the podcast could use a bit more of Sarah and a little less of Chase. Interesting interviewee on hypnosis, but good lord Chase, you called what he does “Hypnotism” like 3 times!
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