The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas


From homeless, high school drop out to Entrepreneur, C.E.O. and Ph.D.! Hear first hand how Eric was able to defy the odds, and single-handedly break the negative generational cycles that plagued his family for decades. Join the conversation with ET and co-host Carlas Quinney Jr. and learn how you too can create the life you deserve.

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  • p.woods305
    Best Of The Best !
    Been listening for years and they truly keep me motivated
  • Rôme
    I can, I will, I must!!
    Great podcast!! Just recently started listening to “The Secret To Success” podcast but have been listening to ET and some of his videos on YouTube and other podcast before. This podcast is great, I’m loving every episode. To hear about the things ET and crew have been doing in the past just makes seeing and hearing their achievements/accomplishments in present time more motivational. Keep doing work!!
  • jeff teg
    Jeffrey key
    This is the best podcast ever I started listening to this podcast about to months ago i been watching you on YouTube so I’m already plugged in but the podcast is really great cause I listen to ya every morning while I’m working doing housekeeping. You and your crew are amazing people in life just wanted to say thank you and you crew
  • LilJackson2011
    Favorite podcast by far
    Love this podcast they don’t sugar coat and it never fails they talk about a subject or topic and either I’m going through it it’s around the corner
  • Tedman73
    Good show
    Too many ads
  • Bklyn03
    The energy that these push out is amazing! They are truthful and relatable. I been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now. It’s changed how I see things and people around me. If you like this OMG APOC ministry is just as amazing!
  • Empowered Boss CEO
    Truly Amazing!!!
    Each episode is inspiring, motivating and empowering!
  • Stevie_NoWonder
    This podcast has changed my way of thinking on so many levels. Business of course, but the biggest growth I’ve gained is at home w/ the wife and kids. Y’all have shown me what King, true leader should be made up of and it has made a drastic change in my house hold. Thankful for Kings guiding Kings 🤴🏿
    This podcast has open up my mind to a new way of thinking. This podcast Definitely changed life!??
  • the forexer
    These four hosts are a blend between inner city temptations and focusing on Gods voice throughout life. I listen every week and do my best to apply something from each show. Thank you men!
  • Lo Haze
    Thank you for the EXPOSURE
    Words cannot express my deep gratitude for the squad!!! I love and appreciate these men for being authentically you 🫵🏾ET🗣️, CJ, Karl, Jemal King 💪🏾 Love ya Fam -Lo
  • GritNHustle
    Best Podcast
    Real life, meaningful and true greatness in the podcast. These guys have a gift and sharing every episode in the best straightforward yet fun way.
  • BigWalt2021
    This show is fire!
    So much wisdom shared in a fun and impactful way! Don’t miss it, jump in and start listening today!
  • Twin#A
    Choose your Choice
    Great information,I will be sharing this with my 40 year old Daughter!! Thank you as always food for thought ;-)
  • lihcox
    Grammy Family
    I honestly love you guys so much and listen to your podcast religiously. The content has helped me so much! But glorifying Beyonce after the fact that she clearly worships Satan, calling her “Queen”. Queen of what? And the audacity to call Jayz “HOV” when we all know that he uses that name to mock God. I’m confused.
  • anth125
    Thank you!
    Grateful for this! 💯
  • Reef2525
    Now’s the Time mannnn
    Every week I tap in hearing the game y’all give us, but this Black Badge episode got me wanting to start from episode 1! Run it all back - it’s so much game that I LISTENED to but haven’t IMPLEMENTED yet. Now is the time. Not tomorrow, not next week, not here & there when I feel like it/motivated. Now is the TIME to get it in and get to it. Thank you!
  • blessed is the most high
    How do you say someone is “lucky enough to receive a blessing” Christianity doesn’t believe in “luck.”
  • Frenchie Gang
    Great guys with a great podcast
    Look forward to each week.
  • ChicaCali
    A true gem!
    Thank you for providing us with an amazing podcast. You have impacted my life in more than one way. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you!
  • Mike A Goodman
    Thank you
    This podcast changed my view on life and the way i should walk, talk and live life. Love these guys for real. They really got me through the toughest year of my life. I’ve listened to every single episode up to now. Thank you guys and I hope to meet everyone one day.
  • Trinityelysee
    Best podcast
    My favorite and only podcast i listen to. Every episode holds something valuable that i can use in my everyday life. As a 20 year old female I love hearing and seeing Black men who are as successful as you all!
  • Chloerrrr
    Faithful listeners for over 3 years
    This podcast has become my favorite and only podcast to listen to consistently. I feel myself itching for the new episodes while I play back older ones. From the guests to the main cast, the fact that is is a podcast crafted by black men is truly inspirational. I love all that yall do! Much love from Dallas, Tx! Continue the great work everyone!!!
  • Mike WAIT
    The bars and gems dropped on this podcast are life changing! The comedy provided by C and Jemal are under appreciated as well!
  • MadiTris
    Great Informatiom
    This podcast is the blueprint for the black & brown community. I appreciate each & every person on the podcast because the information given is unmatched. We have a choice to win or lose! Thank you for showing us there is no room for excuses! Thank you for showing us there is room at the top! Just enough won’t do! Just getting by won’t do. We are in control of our lives. God gift us & we are supposed to walk in our gifts. #refreshing #blessed # inspirational #levels #successisachoice #itsmybirthright #itsuptome #gogetit #noexcusewilldo Regina B.
  • Chris 0009
    Great Podcast
    Something you can relate too. Real life people with real life issues. Just listening and applying what you here makes you better.
  • StanceDance
    Bio of Dani
    I will put in the work. Tap me in! Idk how to start but it’s in me! 520-414-6231
    Breath of success . !
    This podcast is changing the trajectory of my life. I can feel it. It’s so much I have been learning from ET and Tj tyus on APOC ministry podcast but this Podcast with ET and C is really teaching me so much about myself in a different capacity. I’ve been in a space of frustration and discomfort and not content with a thought “ there is more “ burning through every part of my mind ! I never had a mentor. I literally would ask people to mentor me. But through this podcast I’m learning the things I never knew were things to be known let alone that I I needed to know them in order to be successful. Thanks for taking me by the hands and guiding me . I’m learning so much. Thank you both. Real talk
  • AuthenticVell
    Best podcast out, inspirational, motivating & entertaining at the sametime. Listening to y’all weekly always helps me stay on course, so great to see black men in this light. Btw Karl is that dude, always picking up what he puts down love when he speaks. Whole cast is dope. S/O to CJ keep it up y’all.
  • Mr.Purpose
    Two Masters
    This was a great podcast ! I’m a new to podcasting and a new listener of it . I most definitely can extrapolate from y’all experiences. This has a great balance it’s spiritual and practical. I love the camaraderie between y’all.
  • Jason richkid
    The kid or the king one of the Bess
    I really felt something listening to this podcast today keep up the great work game changing.
  • Digging and winning
    ET is probably one of the best speakers I’ve seen live and his podcast packs a ton of knowledge in your ears!!!!
  • R.Hutch
    Best Podcast but….
    Love the podcast and supporting for years but these Karl commercials lasting like 5 mins each, sheesh. I understand and y’all definitely should get commercial money but man it’s a lot.
  • HIS.WILLnotMine
    Much Gratitude
    I just want to say thank you to CJ for birthing this Podcast. Thank you too E , Karl and Mal. Each one of you have dropped me gems over the years of me listening. I even went to 120 in Chicago because of the podcast. Very helpful and pivotal to my mentorship being that I haven’t found a community of men in person yet. So much thanks to The Most High for putting it on you alls heart continue to spread you guys knowledge with consistency and a joyful heart 🤙🏽❤️ Love you all -AJ #MRERMEMBER #BU #YOUOWEYOU
  • 2 Bo Bigs
    Always on Time
    Each week you guys always seem to be right on time with your thoughts, words, and wisdom!! Keep it coming guys!! My day will come when I meet you all and I can’t wait to shake your hands and thank you all so much for the focus I have developed since I have been locked in with the podcast!! 💯💪🏾💯💪🏾💯💪🏾
  • Drexel718
    Idea for guest
    I first have to say this podcast is truly amazing and it has really shaped my way of life if I’m being real honest but ultimately what I want to say is I think you all should consider bringing on The #Multimillionaireinnaflesh, a youth motivational speaker who’s purpose is to change the mindset of our youth. I would truly love to watch you all speak together.
  • Johnny MBA
    Unfortunately I’ve been missing out on this jewel and I’m currently binging from the beginning. Talk about being motivated every hour.
  • Frederick J.
    Thankful for this platform, the example these men are settle for the culture, the world, families is Super Dope!!!
  • Brendan Ganser
    Real Life Podcast
    There’s so many podcasts that speak about entertainment, finance, etc…This is the first one I’ve heard that is truly on personal development and real life situations with people that look like me. Thank God for ET, CJ, Karl, and Jemal.
  • BizDiva220
    Thank you for waking me up!
    I was going through a depression season. Burned out being a entrepreneur and single mom! I started listening to your podcast and now I’m hooked! I’ve been listening the past 2 weeks and each day I listen to at least 4 of the prior episodes while working. You guys have renewed my faith and drive when it was fading. Love love the spiritual tips, business strategy and the laughs. Best podcast and team ever! Thank you you all saved my life literally and have made me a better business woman.
  • Jo-n-th-n
    Ask ET
    Can y’all Bring back Ask ET
  • BJinAZ
    Six Stars on a Five Star Scale
    Real life challenges, real life solutions, from real life experiences. Love it!!
  • ealew
    Lion & Gazelle of the Week
    Can you please bring back Lion & Gazelle of the week?
  • Refresher8
    Best podcast out here in these Social streets! 🔥🔥🔥
  • 4BigSam
    Loved this episode!!! Can’t wait to support n buy my bread!!
  • DWellsTheGreat
  • Devonsanders
    Eric Thomas has changed my life.
  • Mr. 566
    The 3 F’s
    This podcast is the perfect blend of foolishness, facts and fun! Good for one demential man to learn to express his whole person!
  • BruddaChuck
    Dopest podcast hands down!
  • MCbos123
    Listen to it daily, and adds so much value in terms of mentorship, mindset, etc. 10/10 recommend
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