The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl & Eric Thomas


From homeless, high school drop out to Entrepreneur, C.E.O. and Ph.D.! Hear first hand how Eric was able to defy the odds, and single-handedly break the negative generational cycles that plagued his family for decades. Join the conversation with ET and co-host Carlas Quinney Jr. and learn how you too can create the life you deserve.

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Recent Reviews
  • Fela D
    Inspiration at it’s best!
    I love listening to these guys breaking down success!
  • the_legend_of_steen
    I’ve been following these MEN on YouTube for a while and they are men that I would trade places with. They all live in abundance and overflow from marriage to faith and money. Anytime it seems like life is getting to crazy the Lord use them to speak directly to me. They don’t just talk about it but they live it every single day so if you’re not ready to change don’t time in because they not holing back from the truths that most are letting hold them captive. By far some of the best men out here! Thank you guys! Much love!
  • ReeseJr7
    Truly thankful for the leadership and transparency!
    First off thank you guys for having this platform and information available for the public, these gems and knowledge you all share are priceless. I’ve been tuned in for awhile now and I can ensure that you guys have continued to elevate as well as, empower me to elevate myself. The growth is consistent and I see no limits in where WE can go as a whole. I appreciate you ETA and want to shout out Jamal especially . When I first heard this podcast it featured Jamal for his first time, now fast forward I’m apart of make real estate real. He has been a true inspiration and leader, and I’m taking all the notes. Thank ya’ll! Reese
  • McDavies
    Good Conversation
    This is a good conversation to listen to.
  • DTovvvv
    GROWTH 🏁
    Best Podcast I listen to every Thursday evening! I can’t relate to the investments you all made cause I’m not there yet. Still when hearing you guys talk, every time I’m able to take a Gem away or two taking it into the next day. Thanks for your Knowledge every week. Along with your REALNESS!!! See ya Next Week!!! 🏁
  • BPM1491
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for the past two months and it’s my favorite podcast to listen to. The content, the perspectives and the wisdom that each of you share every episode is very enlightening, informative and inspirational. You guys keep doing what you do and keep changing peoples lives. God Bless 🙏🏻
  • Silas.D
    I love your guys podcast, I love knowing your back story. I’m from Alaska, just moved out to Kansas City, mo, a couple years ago and I listen to your guys podcast every time I’m on the road, struggling, or trying to keep the flow of something. I’m thankful for Eric because he gave me a different mindset, he gave me an opportunity without personally handing me one. When are you guys coming to KC?! Or ALASKA? Question: can you go into the difference between supporting someone else’s dreams vs supporting your own dreams and what that looks like?
  • AAAtime
    6 figure income
    Check out the book - B2B Sales Degree It is the sales read for professional sales guys with or without a degree to start making 6 figures
  • KingColeee
    So glad I found this podcast!
    Full of little nuggets, I am so excited to keep learning.
  • ShenWils
    Developed me
    I have been blessed by each and every podcast that I have listened to. I have been filled with so much wisdom that it is spilling over. Thank you to all the hosts for your golden nuggets and keep the episodes coming.
  • O.G. J Dogg
    WHAT UP, WHAT UP, WHAT UP?!!!!!!!
  • j1696!
    I found a new mentor thank you!!
  • Jr_D
    I appreciate y’all!
    I listen to the show every Thursday and y’all changing my life, love y’all!
  • Ryan E from Philly
    This podcast is A1. Been listening for a year now. The guys and guests get me motivated to maximize my efforts at work and in the gym. Every time I try to play the blame game or self pity starts to surface I say bump that and get back to grinding. Whatever I do yesterday isn’t good enough for today. Gotta keep growing. Just wanted to reach out and put some respect in the brand. Keep it going. One.
  • G. Bra
    This podcast has been life changing for me. If you’re looking to get to the next level in your career, family, and as a person then this podcast is one of the best resources you can listen to!
  • GMTJ2k
    Life changing
    By far the best podcast I’ve heard in my life. I always enjoyed hearing ET speak but hearing the words of wisdom and nuggets of success from ET, Karl and CJ has revolutionized my life. I find myself doing everything in my power to grind everyday to get to where I’m trying to get to. I’ve started slowly investing in myself more and I’m a better man now because of this podcast
  • P. Woods
    Arguably the best podcast. With a hodgepodge of content that uplifts you and makes you strive for something greater regardless of career field and etc! Listen and spread the word!
  • TheGreenHouse6
    Don’t Quit
    How can always count on the ETA Squad to bring the 🔥🔥🔥 content with every episode. It’s practical and applicable. Oliver Green
  • Johnny Blaze 'Em
    Success Podcast
    This podcast has helped me with personal development on a deeper level, because they are more relatable then most. It’s great to have some OG’s to look up to that are positive. It’s funny as well. It’s a very well rounded experience.
  • JohnwithaD
    Life Changing
    Simple advice that works if you use it.....
  • whoiswilliamcray
    Healthy Accountability
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 6 months. It’s really caused me to look myself in the mirror and hold my self accountable for my responsibilities. It’s motivational, inspirational and humbling. This has been a life changing experience for me. It helped me change my mindset in many ways. I appreciate how you all not focus on financial success but also success as a husband, father and friend. Thank you! Please keep going!
  • Jackietkm
    Life changing listening to the team, I listen to them almost everyday I started listen from the first episode and wow!!!!
  • Otter777behave
    Man this Podcast is Lit!
    I Wanna check out Breathe University.....! Gazelle mode ain jus sittin at tha house on tha couch with a bag of potato chips! That is literally not all that and a bag of potato chips, if it was all that wouldn need a bag of potato chips!
  • West Coast Drew
    Winning Routine
    if you need a winning routine you need to work this into your workouts, walks, meditation, or whatever it takes, you need to be listening to this and absorb all the gems dropped.
  • Nappythots
    Fly or Die
    Man the podcast is 🔥🔥🔥. I been rocking with y'all since like 2015-16. Love "The Bajan Sensation's" breakdowns and the addition of "The 9-5 Millionaire" for making me think more bout "generational wealth" bc it's in my DNA to be successful. Like E said, "YOU OWE YOU" Dig Trey's comedy corner and CJ's slick segues with the Organifi and the GMGs mentions. Thank you for assisting me on my journey to a new mindset. Keeping us motivated during this COVID-19 ish.
  • gcook cookg
    Y’all doing it
    Thank you Thank you Thank you
  • TanyaShamell
    Love the podcast especially the original 3 hosts!
    I absolutely love this Podcast and have listened to every episode since the beginning. What I love most is the consistency and transparency. Even though they have “made it” they are still very transparent about the areas they are still working on. They let us know we don’t have to be perfect to give perfect effort. The only somewhat negative is the newest cohost Jamal. I get that he’s super successful and isn’t like most people, but he doesn’t seem very transparent to me and it’s as if everything he does, he does it perfectly (likes never makes a mistake). It might not be an issue for some, but I don’t gravitate towards people like that. I prefer people who are real about their shortcomings because that shows me that if you overcame then I can too. Overall great podcast.y life is completely different now than it was when I first started listening. I applaud you guys for your sacrifice and willingness to sow into us week in and week out without fail! Love you guys. P.S. - CJ is hilarious to me lol!
  • Baking the World Sweeter🧁
    Don’t take my review for it, let your heart & mind decide💕
    This podcast has transformed my life and has been my saving grace for prayers. Weekly I hear the new podcast and study the past episodes to help my healing soul get through life as a Christian small business owner. The most recent podcast #224, as a high D, I needed CJ’s words and point of view today as I prayed to God for answers and I receive a lot of answers listening to the podcast not only today, but always. God has blessed me with you and I hope he blesses everyone on this podcast in ways you haven’t even imagined. I wish I could express my gratitude in this review to reflect how you have truly saved my life. I send those praises to God; thank you for offering all of your individual perspectives and sharing them with us on the podcast.🙏🏼 I’ve also used both hello fresh and organifi due to your support of the products. I enjoyed both of them and appreciate your reviews, recommendations, and advice you offer your listeners. The personal assessment also deserves life changing credit and I encourage others to try for themselves. We all deserve to understand ourselves and help the ones around us communicate and connect. Life is short, make it sweeter❤️
  • Jeremy Motley
    Life changing!!
    This is by far one of the best podcast ever!! I’m a 2 year listener!!!
  • Antbeblessed3
    Book to freedom
    What was the book you referred to Jalen in episode 188 second hand savage?
  • flyingcow10
    If it was easy
    Thank you guys, I’ve followed you for years. Still remember seeing ET in Toronto when there was 100 maybe 200 in the crowd (only star struck moment I’ve ever had). I’m in the restaurant industry and I’m fortunate to have a food truck to keep serving. I figured out last week how to start making payments on a second truck I’ve committed to, prior to 19. Now I received a huge tshirt order that I do on the side. Without you guys I don’t know if I’d be able to keep grinding, thank you. “If it was easy, everyone would do it” god bless, stay healthy and keep doing what you do.
  • Samurai Designz
    Been listening for years
    As the CEO of Samurai Designz this podcast has helped me take my business to the next level. My business is started seeing new successes by incorporating things that you E.T. And the rest of the crew has shared. Thank you for putting so much value you out there. We here at Team Samurai Thank you!!
  • BruddaChuck
    Played over and over during my workout last night... Man... you want words? I have none! Speechless!!! Love y’all fam! -Bruddachuck
  • JWalkPod
    Straight Fire every time!
    I love this podcast! Every single episode has something for you and they bring it every single time. HIGHLY recommend this podcast!
  • kendadddy
    I enjoy every episode you guys do. Continue to teach and inspire!
  • SDKelleher
    Not enough words
    There aren’t enough words to describe how life changing this podcast is for me. The humor mixed with old school R&B, sports references, fair or fouls and classic ETA motivation literally has me working backward to the first episode- currently at #50. ET, thank you for your persistence and proof that there are no unicorns. CJ, thank you for being the most ridiculous gorilla on the earth. Haha. And Karl, thank you for your presence on the podcast. Your transparency helps me - a gorilla - to understand loved ones around me on a deeper level. I truly appreciate you all!
  • KaylaShay_
    Thank you
    I’ve been following E.T 2.5 years now and listening to S2S for about a year. You’re messages both individually and collective are so essential to my life! I’m a daily work in progress & when I need a reality check I can count on this show. E.T you always tell us that’s is okay to listen to the podcast etc but it’s not enough just to listen , you have to go out and do it! S2S team continue to be genuine , we need you !!! Xoxoxoxo
  • KingKACE
    Make your next move your best move
    I’m a huge ET disciple. I’ve been listening to his speeches along with other speakers for years. My very first experience with S2S podcast, I cut it off within the first 10 min because it wasn’t the ET I was ‘use’ to hearing. Eventually, I found my way back to the podcast and I’m so glad I did. I received so much value, wisdom and insight through the raw conversations and dialog held on this show. An Absolute must!
  • NickSanchez82
    Thank you ETA squad!!!
    These guys deliver insight, actionable advice, motivation, and even a little humor on a weekly basis! I can't express how much knowledge I've taken from, and how much I've grown over the years following these thought leaders... This is my favorite go-to podcast and I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you squad for all of the wisdom over the years! Please keep up the phenomenal work!!!
  • BBach1776
    You make my day
    I love your passion , enthusiasm and humor bring an endless ray of sunshine. Blessings and Prayers
  • Msbombshell
    Thank you
    I have to listen to the crew every morning for some motivation. I can’t wait until the day I’m able to listen in person. You guys keep me going. Much love. And thanks
  • Justmpact_ (Jeff Cuthbertson)
    Thank you! 🙌🏾
    This podcast is teaching me how to create my inner motivation. I started from episode one the January, 2019 and just caught up to the current episode. That’s right I binged listened to a podcast. Everyday, it has giving me advice on how to be a better husband, father, brother, friend and mental health coach. I am truly grateful for this podcast. I pray nothing but peace and blessings on this podcast and this company. May no attack from the enemy have any victory here in Jesus name. Father I ask you to protect this company and podcast, send down your angels to fight battles seen and unseen. In your precious name I pray amen! TO GOD BE THE GLORY 🙌🏾
  • KingBook
    The Best Motivator In The World
    The Best Big 3 To EVER Do It!!
  • Olivier Clinard-Emonet
    ❤️ This podcast ❤️
    ET, CJ, and Karl are dropping 💎GEMS💎 on this podcast. This podcast keeps me going every day and whenever I wake up I feel so blessed to have access to this knowledge. I am forever indebted to these guys for what they have done for me. Also, the podcast is THE MOST organic down to earth podcast out there and it gives a glimpse into their world at ETA. Love this and you should too so start listening to it ASAP.
  • Anthony D Roberson
    Awesome podcast!
    I love this podcast! These four men have inspired me so much!
  • Mikha'el Morrison
    Muscle Memory
    In this current time and situation of global health crisis, episodes from 2016 are still relevant today. I personally started listening to these gentlemen in the fall of 2019. I had previously viewed and followed ET on IG for at least 3 years. However, I took time to go back here recently to listen to the entire series from inception and Muscle Memory is still so powerful right now in April of 2020. I truly thank God for ET and his team for the honesty, integrity and transparency on their lives and how they are using their gifts to uplift and bless the people.
  • SexyGumdrop
    Wow! Just When I Needed To Listen have NO idea how much God is using you. If you hadn’t talked about not heard the April First podcast about four hours after I figured I’d stop writing until the country goes back to normal. All because I haven’t been able to focus on my book because I have to homeschool my kids. But now I know I have to keep working and create a way to focus. Right now this novel I’m writing is coming out crappy, but you all just told me to stop dropping so I’m taking your advice. Anyway — thanks for all the motivation. You guys are awesome.
  • TimoJames
    Changing Lives... Thank you!!!
    I am a better Man, Father, Son and Husband because of the inspirational messages this podcast sends. Y’all are amazing and I recommend this podcast to everyone I speak with about making their lifestyle changes.
  • Mpet0071
    The best
    I love the different personalities and view points this podcast offers. It’s entertaining and helps me with own self evaluation at where I’m at in my life. I strive everyday to have the same level of success they have. I’m not talking just about money but time, marriage, and contentment. Thank you guys for what you do. Matt P
  • etkarlandmorethebest
    This is the BEST EVER!!!!
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