The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas


From homeless, high school drop out to Entrepreneur, C.E.O. and Ph.D.! Hear first hand how Eric was able to defy the odds, and single-handedly break the negative generational cycles that plagued his family for decades. Join the conversation with ET and co-host Carlas Quinney Jr. and learn how you too can create the life you deserve.

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Recent Reviews
  • Ant@Woo
    The best
    One of the best self motivation podcasts out here. I love every episode.
  • ComptonWhittney
    If you are looking for empowering conversation this is your podcast. I literally listen while I workout, and that says a lot because I love music. The free game that’s distributed weekly by these wise men is mind boggling, and truly a blessing from God.
  • mattie.v
    5 Pillars to Success
    Listen to this if you need motivation to step into a better version of yourself. These men know what they are doing and are amazing to listen to. I promise, you will not regret it.
  • Tribe Life Jay
    Forget the Hatertots
    Finally writing a review for a podcast that has helped strengthen my thinking, believing, life overall. I just want to put here my own fair or foul for each podcast member. CJ - Fair: C you are absolutely right about wings and chocolate cake! Wings are are only wings if they have a crispy exterior! If the exterior is soft it’s not a chicken wing it’s a pot pie with a BONE in it!!! Chocolate cake MUST be chocolate CAKE! Chocolate frosting doesn’t make it a chocolate cake. CJ - Foul: I cannot rock with you with the butter in the counter. You keep the butter in the fridge and when you want grill cheese you put the butter on the flat pan and heat it up so when you put the bread on it, it COOKS into the crust. Who eats toast anymore? C’MON man! ET: - Fair: in episode 99 “Old Wives Tale” your wife DeDe said she’d pay $1,000 for someone who can recall when you dissed Jada on the show, I think I got one. I have to go back and get the episode title but in one episode you told a story of how Jada bounced from a car accident and the cops had to come to your house because Jada just rolled away like it wasn’t a big deal! I laughed my ace off at that part. I think your wife may owe me a stack since it wasn’t no expiration on it. $YPTMking is the cash app lol ET - Foul: You could have let that woman have that basketball in the airport! Oh and it’s also foul that you always “forget” your wallet when going out with your team considering you got the fattest wallet besides Maal! Karl - Fair: Carl I don’t think you speak enough for me to reply here lol Karl - Foul: you know what’s foul? THAT YOU DONT SPEAK my guy! You need to chime in more and I don’t know where your hiding Your wife but let her come on the show next time the wives are on there! Dr. King - Fair: I think you leaving your checks in the payroll box was fair. Why you got to pick up your checks just so all the other cops don’t feel bad for living check to check!? Bump that! Tell them jokers to follow your lead! Dr. King - Foul: You really need to stop wearing your son’s shirts! Lol
  • _Makavelli
    This podcast and the crew have helped me more than I’ll ever know. I thank them.
  • Austin Taylor.
    One of the best podcast out there. I would recommend this to people who are trying to find who they are or what they want to be. Also if you just want motivation.
  • Arkansas 870
    This podcast has changed my life. I have changed the way I think. My mindset is very different listening to these four great men. I salute all of you guys and keep letting god use you’ll. I’m thankful for this podcast god bless.
  • Dirk Jones II
    Continues to change my life.
    I just wanted to say thank you. I discovered this crew back in September of 2021 and started the podcast around episode 273 and watched all the way to 300. Then I decided to start from the beginning and have been watching and listening everyday on my way to work and from home. They continue to change the way I look at life and have a huge role in my everyday growth. As a 23 year old I know I don’t have it all figured out but I know I’m headed in the right direction. I have been inspired by all 4 of them. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. If you are not listening to this podcast I don’t know what you are doing. TUNE IN ASAP. God bless.
  • Bre.anna
    This Podcast is 🔥🔥🔥
    You will not be disappointed if you try it out. I so grateful to have found this podcast. This podcast has been s blessing to me. My mindset had changed into a positive direction. These men are truly awesome. They are giving such great content for FREE.
  • Jaci's Pops
    I appreciate y’all for all motivation I’ve been listening for awhile now keep it coming 💯
    Life Changer
    This podcast will change your life. Period. I’ve listened to every single show and I’m in the process of listening to all of them for a second time. God has blessed these individuals with so much knowledge and wisdom. I am so thankful that they have been obedient to the calling and purpose on their lives. ET, Karl, CJ, Josh and now Jamal are executing at the highest level humanly possible and their not slowing down anytime soon. They have helped me become a better husband, father, brother, son, friend and all the above. Do yourself a favor. Change your life with one listen.
  • Xoregi
    This podcast is everything.. It's inspirational, funny, motivational, down to earth, man I love it!!! Thank you guys for motivating me every morning. Great podcast. Every human should listen to this! And I miss the negative reviews shake it off keep up the amazing work you guys!
  • retsu14
    Best Podcast for growth!
    This podcast is good for anyone at any stage of your life. Its more than a pep talk…you gain practical tools, insight, and successful principles to live by. Since listening to this podcast, I’ve experienced growth in all areas of my life. It’s impossible to be down or not strive to be your best self after listening to ETA! I’m giving my goals 120%! Going for that triple double lifestyle!
  • Jaydope7
    Truly inspiring
    Started listening to the podcast about 2 weeks ago starting from the beginning. Im Currently on podcast #13 and I can honestly say that EVERYBODY on the crew is playing a big role in me realizing that I have a greater purpose and are giving me the right information to make a change in my life. Thank y’all so much for this podcast man I love y’all!
  • Rsgreen2
    Thank you
    Love the podcast I wife and I enjoy listening on our commute to and from work it was definitely funny and enriching. I can truly say that since we have started listening to the podcast at all things that are ET inspired our careers have gone to the next level. We are both members of BU and look forward to seeing you guys at the stay ready conference in Philly. Keep up the great work thank you
  • DeseiGee
    Prophetic podcast
    Thank you all for your time and pouring into us … I work for myself cleaning houses… (baseboards)!!! Haha wow. Life changing podcast. Deff going to apply what I learned. See y’all at the top 🙌🏽🙏🏽
  • SuccessfulSandy
    Dope podcast and crew
    The brotherhood between you all and the content is always fire. Love the focus on family, faith, and extreme execution/ phenomenal work ethic. Even watching the evolution of the pod has been wonderful. Keep it up!
  • DjTricey
    This 🤞🏾
    Thanking the universe for this union . The definition of real men at it’s highest existence . Thank you again , please continue to spread perspective through real authentic love . Thank you for the example and knowledge for those who seek food . Thank you .
  • Ashleysmith1
    Eric Thomas
    Please tell me that you can help me figure this out. I listened to a speech u gave…the words that rang true was something along the lines of “expecting her to do man stuff and woman stuff…”. Please tell me what episode of what podcast or speech that was. I cannot seem to find it.
  • Jo-n-th-n
    Jewels, Gems, and Diamonds
    Oh my my my!!!!! Y’all boys dropping enough jewels to fill up a jewelry store
  • Coach Ray inspires
    Since I have listened to this podcast my drive and focus has picked up. The gems these guys drop are extremely necessary and relevant! Keep up the great work.
  • 2 Bo Bigs
    Always on Time
    Each week you guys always seem to be right on time with your thoughts, words, and wisdom!! Left side baby!! Keep it coming guys!! My day will come when I meet you all and I can’t wait to shake your hands and thank you all so much for the focus I have developed since I have been locked in with the podcast!! 💯💪🏾💯💪🏾💯💪🏾
  • DdaKid86
    Inspirational doesn’t do this podcast Justice
    These 4 men are so valuable to the culture. Their words of wisdom and stories are one of a kind. I love that add Jemal to the team because he brings a different dynamic to the crew. Love, love, love this podcast. One of the few podcast I listen but the S2S podcast is my drug of choice. Thank you again guys for your much needed words of wisdom.
  • Bozovmic000
    Best podcast
    This is the best podcast for business and personal development! All 4 guys working together and sharing their perspectives allows the listeners to receive tons of great wisdom and information. These guys are dedicated, hardworking, high character and a great sense of humor. They have helped my mindset and my life even in the short time I’ve listened. CHECK IT OUT! Thanks Guys keep going! You inspire and motivate so many!
  • NorthEnd90
    The Mexico Experience
    Phenomenal podcast, such great gems and inspiration to get the ball rolling. The transparency is a game changer that I know every listener can relate to. I want to build a legacy for my family but find myself getting in my own way. I realize more and more I have to let go and let God create a new creature in me so I can fulfill the prophecy on my life according to his will. Thank you Jesus! Grace and Peace brothers
  • aebyrd
    Good interaction
    Great pod cast
  • E_Money$$
    Life Changing
    Life changing!!!!
  • Owdiandowbfjznsisnsoam
    Conferences/Events 2022
    Are there any known events/conferences happening in 2022 that you guys will be doing? It’s literally one of my goals this year to attend one this year and I’m ready to book my ticket! Lol ps: LOVEEE THE PODCAST!! I listen to probably 3 episodes a day and I’ve gained so much knowledge over the few months from finding you guys! Keep doing Gods work❤️
  • cfrattone
    Soooo real!!!! My son turned me on to Eric. I found the podcast!!!!
  • Who_is_He21
    Please hear my prayer
    My name is Christopher Turner jr. I am 27 years old with no where to go. I’m from Wichita,Ks but I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am at Rock Bottom. I’m tired of be tired. I need to break my family’s curse. RIGHT NOW! I don’t know who to trust, I can barley trust myself!! But i will keep fighting. Dr. Thomas your voice and words of Power has up lifted me every single time I’ve been down. And I want to apologize for taking so so long to reach out to you. I am blessed by GOD with a overly supportive Family, and CJ, Karl, Jamal and Dr. Thomas you all resemble someone in my family. Y’all basically are Family. Please help me. I am A Turner. That’s my family’s name! I will not fail under the law of GOD with that name.
  • Elijcor
    2 months in my life is completely different.
    This podcast is a perfect mix of biblical leadership with life experience. I feel like conversations like these are what Proverbs was like when it was written. I have learned so much in this podcast that in 2 months my income has doubled, my fitness is taking off, my marriage is blossoming, my business goals are being hit because I am growing into the person needed to build the business I’m building. So much so that my wife has been able to pursue her passions without the stress of a job for the last year; i even got her listening to this too. If you’re an entrepreneur, leader, or someone looking for a positive change in your life. This is free and will work if you apply what is taught here. - Elijah Corujo 24yr old business owner & 6 figure soon to be 7 figure earner & real estate investor.
  • Jahleel M.
    120/5 STARS
    Hands down….GREATEST. PODCAST. EVER! I feel like these are my friends, but they cannot hear me. Always feeding knowledge and I always learn from this group of successful men. Hopefully one day I can show my gratitude for all that they helped pour into me. 🙏🏾 I appreciate CJ, Karl, Jemal, E.T., & their whole crew that contribute to this platform. Stay blessed! ✊🏾
  • Reel Laughs
    Good morning S2S crew. Man I just want to start off by saying ever since I started listening to y’all show it has changed my perspective on a lot things and opened my mind to a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Along with changing my perspective you have also gave me the courage to take action on pursuing a stand-up comedy career and hearing Jamal talk about getting rid of that 9-5 mindset really helped me get rid of the stage fright so I can leave that 9-5. “Use that job as a vehicle to your dream” I live by that now. Thank you for putting together a great inspiring show and I hope to see y’all flourish in not only this but life in general. Stay up kings can’t wait to see y’all in Chicago for the next conference!!!
  • kingentrepreneur_
    ET and the crew have been a blessing to me for year's and I've grown exponentially since first listening to him.
  • ShenWils
    Developed me
    I have been blessed by each and every episode that I have listened to. I have been filled with so much wisdom that it is spilling over. Thank you to all the hosts for your golden nuggets and keep the episodes coming.
  • IG: Remulace
    Love the Pod‼️
    Continue to shake off the bad reviews. I enjoy the gems you guys continue to drop! Please continue to be yourselves. I have gained knowledge from every person at through out the time of being a listener. I can’t wait until it’s my time to live on the left side of the menu 📈🙏🏾
  • Big Askew
    And another one!!
    Hilarious awesome getting the ladies on here
  • KevinGonzalez Sr 305
    Lost For Words
    I have been watching Et and the guys on YouTube For Years but this Podcasts?! Man I’m listening from the very beginning with the intentions to catch up to what’s currently 309 ! I listen every Morning and these Guys make my Day I be ready to tackle the Day and whatever comes with it. Them Guys From The D Really Have the Secrets To Success 🙏🏽
  • Waistfordazee
    Everyday all day!!!!
    I literally can't not listen.. you guys are my meditation and inspiration! Thank you!
  • JPCny
    I was introduced to ET by a friend around April of 2020 and had my reservations when he told me go on YouTube and search ET the hip hop preacher... I did, found a TGIM episode that turned into 3 hours of back to back watching. I then was like WHY isn't this man all over my social media timelines??? WHO is he? WHERE is he?? WHAT else is he doing.... I craved MORE!!! I searched and found THE S2S podcast and although they were on episode 200+ I had to start from episode 1. I'm currently in eps.197 and EVERY one of them has lit a fire in me. I had/have so much on my plate and didn't know what to do with my life. These MEN through this podcast have INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, EDUCATED. UPLIFTED, CHALLENGED and BREATHED LIFE back into me. This podcast is a MUST no matter your age, race, education, gender or financial status. If raising, educating or being a better you is important to you then TUNE IN.... Thank me later. My name is Jewell and I 100% approve this podcast.
  • j.lunaair
    I do love the knowledge
    I listen to every episode love the podcast my only question is, with a doctrine degree and so much success why talk with the vocabulary like your still in the hood why not use better vocabulary?
  • Nadia Thomas
    Family motivation
    I’m a new listener AND I’m starting from the beginning. There are so many gems dropped in every episode as a mother of future collegiate athletes. This podcast reinforces the moral and character foundation my husband and I are instilling into our family. Thank you !
  • Josh2827327
    As a 24 year old USMC veteran, this podcast has kept me going in life. I’m so eternally grateful for everything that y’all do.
  • FamilyAlwaysFirst
    Finally caught up
    I have recently been working at a car manufacturer(Tesla) and before that I was working at another blue collar job but always been listening to the podcast from day1. Since the pandemic I had fell out of my routine with listening to the podcast for the last two years . So since I’ve been recently hired again and working for the past 4months and during these 12hrs shifts I’ve been listening while working to the podcast with taking all the golden nuggets and principle’s with also purchasing and listening to 9 to 5 millionaire book twice and sign up for jemal summit (free) . my wife and I are stacking at this point and ready for the make real estate real course. If I fail it wouldn’t really matter because I’ll be right back at the same blue collar line with my lunch bucket again. So we Can’t wait to get started. thank you for what you guys do to help me realize what I need to be doing and that’s become financially free Spiritually led And principle bound.
  • shaqkey
    Best podcast!
    This is my FAVORITE podcast, sometimes I go back to an old episode to hold me over until a new one comes out. Very motivational, inspirational, and educational!
  • MidnightMamba
    Masters of building a better Mindset
    There is no comparison! The inspiration, clarity, direction, and motivation I receive from this podcast is truly unmatched! Episode 290 especially when E started talking about putting the work in to fulfill your gifts from God, sheesh!
  • Launica424
    The One Stop Podcast
    I’ve been following Eric Thomas since 2013, and he has changed my life. This podcast is good for every area of your life, spiritual, financial, fitness, family. You will get it all here. Thank you CJ, Karl. Jemal and ET. You are changing history. Lisa Rodriguez
  • its_Jaleccia
    Where Are You?
    I loved this episode. Such great words and all I can do is pray my son’s father hears this.
  • Talisha from Denver
    In my ear every morning at work!!!
    I just want to thank you guys for this podcast! You guys are truly helping me through this new chapter of my life! I am a 33 year old divorced woman who is starting a new business. I am excited for this new beginning. Thank you 🙏🏽
  • Philly Fe
    Need a push!
    One of my top three podcasts for the past 4 years! It’s like talking to your successful uncle about working your process and not giving up on you. Mixed with informal chat and life info!
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