The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas


From homeless, high school drop out to Entrepreneur, C.E.O. and Ph.D.! Hear first hand how Eric was able to defy the odds, and single-handedly break the negative generational cycles that plagued his family for decades. Join the conversation with ET and co-host Carlas Quinney Jr. and learn how you too can create the life you deserve.

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  • kandee man
    Episode 239
    What’s Good fellas! I must say this was hands down top 5 shows you have done and trust me y’all did some great ones! This show hit home something serious and thank you keep up great work looking forward to next week show!
  • spenceGnova
    The dog in me
    Motivational gold! I’m a biracial father of soon to be two living in Arkansas. I recently found this podcast and it’s given my life a breath of fresh air! I would love to have the make real estate real course but I can’t afford it rn. Thankyou all for what you do! I grew up with a single child raised by my mother and always craved knowledge from a father figure. At 29 I’m not ashamed to admit I still need this informational interaction! Stay blessed and keep up the good work
  • Allen1058
    I will be successful
    I really start listening, I love you guys you are changing my life, please I would love to be on the email list please tell me how thank you
  • mrSaffold
    Mind Shift
    I don’t even do podcasts like that. BUT THIS RIGHT HERE! I listen every week to get my mind right. Y’all rich in life and that’s what draws me back every week, because I want to be like that.
  • B City
    Life Changing!!!
    These guys are literally helping me through tough life situations and helping me change my mindset to a more positive one. Thanks S2S!!
  • PQtime4Greatness20
    Extraordinary Motivation
    ET, Carl, & CJ have left a legacy of remarkable stories, excitement, and real world hardships. They are not afraid to dive into some of the hardest challenges they face and experience on a day-to-day basis. Incredibly motivating, utterly captivating, and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! Thank you ET and entire Team!
  • nikki1101
    These Guys are the truth!!!
    I could listen to them all day... everyone on this platform is transparent and genuine...they drop gem after gem and are always pushing me to do better.. and go harder everyday... Thank you Kings for all you do!! This podcast is very necessary and definitely blessing me daily! May God continue to bless you all and your family❤️
  • wizekile
    This podcast is a true Gem! Countless lessons learned from the men and women from the ETA Team! Thank you!!!
  • Exavion
    24 years old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    I listen to this podcast EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve added so many tools to my belt since Ive started listening to this podcast! I always start from the very first one and listen all the way to the most recent. Then I start all over! I honestly feel like I’m inside the room with you guys. I thank you for keeping me inspired daily and keeping me highly motivated and empowered to take my family, my finances, my career, and my education to the next level!!! Thank you! Exavion
  • Adri104
    Thank you
    I love you guys! Thank you so much for this podcast!
  • Gunz_Rivera_USMC
    If seeing is believing...
    ...then this is the Podcast for you!!! They reverse engineered their own success and are giving away the blueprints for free!!! Thanks ET, CJ, Karl and Jamal!!!
  • Underdog Champ
    Wow I can relate with Karl I’m a ground-screw also I loved his analogy’s and his intensity with his time I’m gonna relisten best episode by far well detailed “My Dear Aunt Sally” and CJ bringed it got to move differently if you want to advance to next level and you become what you are working towards. I loved Jamal talking about the unseen I have to get better at noticing it more it’s all about perspective. 😤😤😤
  • Bj4151
    Nuff said
    You can’t expect to be a billionaire making millionaire moves!!! #dropthamic
  • westcoast 1%
    These guys give you 100% every time! This podcast is one I look forward to every week. Keep doing you guys and thank you for the motivation.
  • mossz1377
    Best there is
    Always a positive message even when it may not be the easiest to hear. Sometimes ya gotta face your fear to perceiver.
  • jonesnica
    New Fan Alert 🔥
    I was recommended to listen to this podcast December 2019. I was told to listen to Episode 201 “ Inky”. Which was 🔥🔥🔥. I had to go back and listen to the previous podcast I am now on episode “80”... Love this Podcast ‼️‼️‼️P.S. I laugh because I’m so far back “ Organifi “ is not theSponsor 😂😂
    Real Gems
    They speak it the realest, I would recommend this podcast to anyone in my life !! Anyone!
  • Tyy Grant
    Dope is an understatement
    Okay... I normally don’t write reviews and stuff like that, but once I realized how important reviews are to my own business (Apple Craves), I’m like I HAVE to let other people know how dope these men are!! The most important thing is how authentic they are. They have shed real tears over situations that we can all relate to! They boost each other! They boost their wives and families! They motivate and push us to be our greatest selves! And, they’re just genuine! Omg... Way different than any other podcast I’ve ever listened to!! I would definitely recommend the s2s podcast because they ARE US and REPRESENT US unapologetically. I love y’all...
  • eWOO22
    Absolutely Amazing.
    WOW. I normally don’t write reviews but this episode “Living A Legacy” spoke to my Soul. I’ve been listening to the pod on the low for sometime now. ET & the fellas always drop knowledge, insight, and motivation but this pod hit different. As a husband and father, I constantly seeking ways to empower my family. Special thanks to you guys my “Cup is filled” and my family will reap the blessings for generations to come. Keep up the great work. Blessings.
  • JayJay313
    Episode 234 Living Legacy
    Another 🔥🔥🔥episode that gave a lot of gems as well as knowledge as into how to set up things so your legacy continue even after you have been called back home (heaven). I’m glad I took the flight assessment because I can understand what they are saying when they speak on things that involve it as well as it has helped me out a lot.
  • Big Askew
    The Best
    I have never been a podcast fan at all! This has been a game changer in my life, The mixture of information and points of views are on point everytime. I thank you guys for the work you put in it has blessed me and my family. Subscribe people so your personal energy will change ETA rocks.
  • Clardigity
    Puts Me On Game!
    Shares a lot of information that either challenges my perspective or puts me on game! I love this podcast! Go ahead and hit that subscribe.
  • Quee15
    Very valuable information and great advice. Thanks guys for the direction I needed this
  • biz7777
    Answered prayers
    This has answered lots of my questions I have had bout my feelings I have been in during the quarantine times. Blessings to you guys it’s been the blessing I have needed so bad.
  • nursetreprenuer
    Great Podcast
    I get uplifted every week since start listening!
  • LaShaira
    I SCREAMED when Mal asked about 40 year olds losing their teeth!😂😂
  • Naya_Blessed
    This is my favorite podcast, I look forward to hearing these guys every week, so powerful and encouraging. I have learned so much listening to them #s2spodcast is the best!!!
  • BABO Fan Boy
    5 Star Fellas
    The team is awesome. The dialogue is insightful and inspiring. These guys are blessing the world!
  • Acdancer9876
    So inspiring
    I appreciate this podcast so much because it's so raw and truly motivating. Keep it up im a huge fan!
  • Jdxxiv_
    This podcast is my favorite the guys are always delivering gems that I can apply to life‼️💯
  • Eyakaky
    The Will
    I want to start off by saying I value the heck out of this podcast man I wake up listening to it I go to sleep listening to....the motivation is real I’m lion first and all it do is make me want to further build my own blueprint even more and leave my own special mark on this world and now a lil back story I’m a 22 year old who works for a auto parts store throughout the mist of COVID 19 since we where declared essential and I’m not going to lie the adversity was real but I crushed it thanks to this podcast by the way this is also my first review I ever left in my life
  • Jr_D
    Life changer
    I appreciate each and everyone of you. You making me a better person and better father for my daughter. Blessing to each and everyone of you. Jovaun Royal Detroit
  • Thomas Trey
    I love this podcast and it challenges me to be better
  • J Russ Hus
    They Should Call This Episode Pure Fire and Inspiration.
    Thanks guys
  • its_Jaleccia
    Vulnerability from Black Kings
    The vulnerability that came through this podcast about this subject just left me completely in awe! Everything was so beautifully stated and I could feel all of your hearts! Thank you Black Kings for your strength and showing up every day! We value you and you matter!
  • Ahmad_623
    Fab Four
    After my first run in with the podcast through the podcasts app, I had to go all the way back and start with the pilot episode and work my way to current episodes. 4 incredibly talented and thoughtful men who have changed the way I, personally, look at life. THANK YOU!
  • caalexander1995
    Solid guys putting out good advice
    Im going to be honest, I struggled with my first podcast with these guys. They challenged me and it called me out on why I’m not working to better myself. Definitely worth giving a listen to if you value growth.
  • YourGirl'sFavoriteSIGMA
    Best podcast ever
    This is great for personal and professional development podcast ever
  • Fela D
    Inspiration at it’s best!
    I love listening to these guys breaking down success!
  • the_legend_of_steen
    I’ve been following these MEN on YouTube for a while and they are men that I would trade places with. They all live in abundance and overflow from marriage to faith and money. Anytime it seems like life is getting to crazy the Lord use them to speak directly to me. They don’t just talk about it but they live it every single day so if you’re not ready to change don’t time in because they not holing back from the truths that most are letting hold them captive. By far some of the best men out here! Thank you guys! Much love!
  • ReeseJr7
    Truly thankful for the leadership and transparency!
    First off thank you guys for having this platform and information available for the public, these gems and knowledge you all share are priceless. I’ve been tuned in for awhile now and I can ensure that you guys have continued to elevate as well as, empower me to elevate myself. The growth is consistent and I see no limits in where WE can go as a whole. I appreciate you ETA and want to shout out Jamal especially . When I first heard this podcast it featured Jamal for his first time, now fast forward I’m apart of make real estate real. He has been a true inspiration and leader, and I’m taking all the notes. Thank ya’ll! Reese
  • McDavies
    Good Conversation
    This is a good conversation to listen to.
  • DTovvvv
    GROWTH 🏁
    Best Podcast I listen to every Thursday evening! I can’t relate to the investments you all made cause I’m not there yet. Still when hearing you guys talk, every time I’m able to take a Gem away or two taking it into the next day. Thanks for your Knowledge every week. Along with your REALNESS!!! See ya Next Week!!! 🏁
  • BPM1491
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for the past two months and it’s my favorite podcast to listen to. The content, the perspectives and the wisdom that each of you share every episode is very enlightening, informative and inspirational. You guys keep doing what you do and keep changing peoples lives. God Bless 🙏🏻
  • Silas.D
    I love your guys podcast, I love knowing your back story. I’m from Alaska, just moved out to Kansas City, mo, a couple years ago and I listen to your guys podcast every time I’m on the road, struggling, or trying to keep the flow of something. I’m thankful for Eric because he gave me a different mindset, he gave me an opportunity without personally handing me one. When are you guys coming to KC?! Or ALASKA? Question: can you go into the difference between supporting someone else’s dreams vs supporting your own dreams and what that looks like?
  • AAAtime
    6 figure income
    Check out the book - B2B Sales Degree It is the sales read for professional sales guys with or without a degree to start making 6 figures
  • KingColeee
    So glad I found this podcast!
    Full of little nuggets, I am so excited to keep learning.
  • ShenWils
    Developed me
    I have been blessed by each and every podcast that I have listened to. I have been filled with so much wisdom that it is spilling over. Thank you to all the hosts for your golden nuggets and keep the episodes coming.
  • O.G. J Dogg
    WHAT UP, WHAT UP, WHAT UP?!!!!!!!
  • j1696!
    I found a new mentor thank you!!
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