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The #1 Dynasty League fantasy football podcast. We talk fantasy strategy, trades, free-agent signings, weekly sits and starts, buy lows and sell highs, rookies breakdowns, and everything else NFL. Whether you're just starting a league or have been in a dynasty fantasy league for years this podcast has it all! We're here to help you create your dynasty and win league championships!

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  • Chris Worrell
    Best podcast for dynasty
    Rich is one of the funniest guys around. Get a look into his crystal balls and let him guide you to selling RBs at the right time. Dynasty is a war of Nutrition make sure you have the team to win your ship! Garrett is responsive helpful and caring to everyone asking for advice on Twitter and will hold his ground when rich has a bad take like CEH > JT. Matt is a beautiful son of a B and a deep silky voice made for podcasting
  • Mantourguy
    Love this podcast
    Great advice for dynasty, fun, and informative…huge Garrett fan, but all the guys are great!!
  • Fjenbejjsn
    Great dynasty podcast
    This is hands down one of the best dynasty podcasts out there. Between the knowledge and insight they provide, how active they are on twitter and the polls I really appreciate them. They have great banter and post podcasts at all times of the year. I listen to them for my superflex draft prep as well. never miss an episode!
  • @thetylerwatson
    Great show!
    Always entertaining. Accurate info and website tools are amazing!
  • @tacitassassin13
    Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!
    The Dynasty Nerds are one of the OG dynasty podcasts and they are still getting it done week after week. Great info, solid guys, and a fantastic scouting department.
  • Jordan Simons
    Wonderful Pod!
    Very knowledgeable and timely!
  • Needherder Matt
    Proud Nerherder
    By far the best dynasty podcast out there. They have helped my bring home 3 ships in the last 2 years. Love the humor and chemistry with Rich, Matt and Garrett. Their advice is top notch they have absolutely turned my dynasty game around and love listening to them.
  • Proudtexan87
    The top Dynasty podcast PERIOD
    This podcast has taken me from deep rebuilder to legit contender. I even joined the #nerdherd and am in love with the DynastyGM. I wish these guys did a longer Nerd Herd podcast though.
  • kmoneyb
    Best FF podcast out there!
    I absolutely love this podcast!! I have been a loyal #NerdHerd member for the last 2 years. I love the conversations and different perspectives I get to hear every week. The rookie film room and analysis are second to none. One suggestion that I think would be helpful for many rookie tape enthusiasts would be to release a show or youtube video breaking down how to watch tape/what to look for amongst the different positions. I look forward to my "cup of coffee" with Rich, Garrett, and Matt every week. Keep up the amaIng work guys!
  • goldendomer872863
    Not Funny
    Rich is just an idiot. The maturity of a 12 year old boy. It makes the content unbearable. Please grow up as I enjoy Matt and Garret.
  • Joe🛂
    They’re just trying to get money
    I’ve tried multiple times to get into this show, but just can’t get past the constant plugs to sponsors and openly holding back information for some exclusive episode. This show is the equalivent of an ESPN+ article that gives you the first bullet point but the rest is behind a paywall. I don’t recommend.
  • BuckEagle07
    I’ll be 1400
    5 stars. I’ve been in dynasty leagues for 3 years now and have really enjoyed listening to the guys throughout. They are usually pretty spot on with rankings. But do have a tough time giving in when they’re wrong. Don’t we all.
  • T_arends123522777
    10/10 do recomend
    I have never really been able to get into podcasts until I listened to this one. I first heard the sweet voice of Rich Dotson in June and have not missed an episode since. From listening to them discuss about rookies draft stock in the summer to benefiting from their mid season analysis, the Dynasty Nerds have yet to disappoint me. 10/10 do recomend
  • jerbear0126
    Best dynasty podcast around
    I have been listening for about 3 years now and find their advice priceless . The dynasty gm is my go to for everything fantasy football related . Also if you reach out to them on social media they will respond .
  • rik38953
    Best dynasty podcast available
    Great info and a fun listen
  • Steezypuff
    My favorite dynasty podcast
    I listen to a few different podcasts but I always look forward to the Dynasty Nerds episodes the most. It’s the perfect dynasty topics of conversation that I can’t have with my league mates for fear of them learning too much and beating me. So while I wish to share the Dynasty Nerds with everyone in the world, it’ll have to be short those 11 opponents that I call my “friends”. Thanks Dynasty Nerds!
  • Coach Bausch
    From worst to first
    This advice brought me from the bottom of the barrel. Love these guys and the humor they have. The hour flies by.
  • Stealth monster
    Dynasty newb -> Champion
    Love this show, it was a big part of my introduction to dynasty this off season and I’m chomping at the bit for more. The guys have great chemistry and are actually funny unlike some that try too hard. Keep doing what you’re doing!!
  • Twatts99
    Satisfaction for your ears!
    I listen to them 356 days out of the year and take 9 off for vacation! I have listened to every episode for about four years now and don’t plan on missing any! Great chemistry, excellent takes and the host has a ton of jokes. They have helped me turn several leagues around and I can’t wait for more championships! Keep up the amazing work guys!
  • john042119
    Best Pod Out There
    My season go so much better since listening to you guys. Thank you for all the info!
  • Mattlee.5
    Best Podcast in the Business
    Great show! You guys have helped me so much over the years. Keep it up!
  • Drewhenson716438
    Something I look forward to every single week!
    These guys make me laugh out loud and help me win in dynasty. 10/10 recommend to everyone except my league mates!
  • dhedrick26
    Great content
    Easily the best dynasty content available!
  • Tferg24
    Best Dynasty Pod in the Business
    Listening to these guy for 2 years now. Won a ship last year and dominating again this year. Never not working.
  • TurddFerg
    Best dynasty podcast! Not close
    These guys are awesome! It is clear that they put more time and energy into this than anyone else. I listen to multiple redraft and dynasty podcasts and there is none more informational and entertaining than the nerds.
  • tbecker_5
    Must listen each week!
    I started looking for a dynasty fantasy football podcast during the 2020 off-season during the beginning of COVID quarantines nationwide, and I haven’t missed an episode from these guys since then! Great insight, humor, up to date analysis, and a good variety of topics and players are discussed. The Nerd Herd is worth the subscription, too, as the extra content and DynastyGM are second to none.
  • Ragsdaddy1
    Awesome Pod
    Great way for me to stay entertained and up to date while I’m working! Also the only one in my league who’s listening
  • Redhead222222
    Hate to break it, but Baker ain’t the guy!
    Easily my favorite dynasty pods out there. Full of nuggets during the season, but the off-season pods are where the leagues are really won. I’ve dominated my last 2 dynasty drafts listening to these guys. And the nerd herd is a must join.
  • squeen_bean
    The best on the Podcast app!
    Easily my favorite dynasty podcast. Not only do I get terrific dynasty advise but I also get a ton of laughs! Must listen for all dynasty players!
  • Mattwelsh3
    Good podcast
    Love the content, but what’s separating you from other podcasts is the fact that you only have one weekly episode. I get it, you can pay to get a second one but I think a reaction podcast + another going over waivers/trade for targets and more would a better option for people that don’t want to pay for the monthly sub.
  • AlexSz16
    There can NEVER be too much Rich...
    Love the podcast, LOVE the Dynasty GM tool. Makes managing multiple teams so much easier. Last reviewer is crazy, there can NEVER BE TOO MUCH RICH!!! - Alex from South Jersey
  • TristanCook2
    The Best
    Love this podcast. These guys seem genuine and aren’t afraid to admit when they’re wrong. They don’t come off as thinking they’re better than anyone else like some other podcasts do.
  • AlexT12793
    Content plus, Rich minus
    The content is absolutely fantastic. Love both w regular and nerd heard episode! I completely agree with Matt about D.J. Moore. My problem with the show is that there is far too much Rich and not even of Garrett and Matt. Rich often cuts them off or doesn’t give them near as much time on a topic as Rich gets. Just my observation and personal opinion. Love the show otherwise.
  • Melkor The Great
    Love it, but one suggestion
    Great content, funny takes, and informed advice. I love these guys and have been listening for years now. They’ve helped me win championships. I do have one suggestion though; guest commentaries! You guys are clearly connected within the community, you should have friends ands colleagues on the show to give their hot takes and banter back and forth. It would be great to hear other PoVs without having to listen to other podcasts. Keep up the great work!
  • Duckinvasion
    Needs a qualified host who behaves like an adult
    Can’t listen anymore. Rich is a bad host, he’d rather act like an 8 year old than make great podcast. So much wasted potential.
  • can't hear Matt
    Very entertaining, the group has good chemistry and they’re fun to listen to. I like how they’re willing to go against the grain and often put themselves out there with their takes. That said, someone please tell Rich he’s using the word ‘strive’ wrong. The word he’s looking for is thrive. And please turn Matt’s mic up
  • bgq69
    Used to be a 5 Star, But…
    Garrett is intolerable to listen to, and hasn’t had a right prediction in a player since the 1800’s. Love rich and Matt, but Garrett is bringing the pod way way down
  • JoeyCilinceon
    Dump the guy who says dump the host
    Rich, Matt, and Garrett are great. While they often get off topic and can occasionally be a bit too crass, they still give insanely good dynasty advise and put genuine effort into what they do. Their film reviews are the best in the industry and the tools that come with a Nerd Herd subscription are the best in the industry. Only feedback, maybe add some more music in between segments.
  • VolsXXxXXsloV
    Love the in-site
    Question to rich and the guys! Will Fantrax be added to the GM tool? Love the gm tool(why I joined) but would love it to be easier to keep up with. Thanks & keep it up!
  • mjdubb24
    Let’s draft a 2nd TE in the 6th round
    Just can’t believe they didn’t draft Austin Watkins in their mock.
  • Iduvlv
    Was good..
    5 stars if you like adds
  • Joey Landgraf
    Best Host Camaradie in the Business
    I’ve been listening to the Nerds for six years now and they, by far, have the best host chemistry in the business. Rich, Matt, and Garrett all bring excellent advice to the table and are very reliable when it comes to sifting through the rookies. They always seem to know when to sell, who to buy, who’s being over drafted and who’s being underdrafted. Their ONLY miss in the last six years that I’ve listened is on Derrick Henry. Pretty great track record. Matt is a WR whisperer, Rich a RB whisperer, and Garrett gives everyone a leg up in Devy. I get excited every Wednesday when their podcasts drop and love that they reinvest in their business to bring awesome tools like DynastyGM and now ADP! Plus, I wouldn’t have anyone else do live reads for Manscape.
  • ChambersRacine
    Great show
    Garrett price is a delight and such a nice guy. Matt isn’t afraid to go against the grain if he believes in something. Rich is funny and hates running backs. 5 out of 5
  • Loucrew
    Entertaining podcast
    The Nerds are my favorite dynasty podcast. They are entertaining and provide great content. Their pod schedule always seems appropriate for where we are in the dynasty calendar (rookie breakdowns, rankings, etc). They give their opinions and back it up with supporting facts. I highly recommend giving them a listen!
  • BigDaddyFryer
    I Love these Guys!!!!!
    So I have been playing dynasty for several years, won some ships, but honestly I didn’t really… really know what I was doing. About two years ago I decided to see what was out there and listened to just about every podcast I could find… slowly but surely I started listening to just a few podcasts. This one STUCK! It may be true that Rich can’t pronounce G’s. It may be Garret’s fault that I have a log of DeeJay Dallas shares that I can’t sell. Matt may have convinced me to buy a lot of Mike Williams (hasn’t panned out yet BTW). Of course they can’t get everything right, but I was in the championship game in almost every league I play in, and that says something. I love hearing all their perspectives and the using it to make a good “dynasty move”. I appreciate you three!!! Here is to more dynasty ships!!!!
  • ChewbaccaPube
    The Best
    Hilarious, Informative, and the best Host around.. Rich Dotson!!
  • AbeH1987
    Love the show
    I’ve been listening to the show for about 2 years now, and it has been a blast. Listening every week helped get me through my first rebuild. The content is great and I usually get a good laugh. Feels like I’m listening to a bunch of friends talk dynasty. Who cares that Rich doesn’t pronounce his G’s. I come for the dynasty talk, not a grammar lesson.
  • Alec from Bama
    Great rookie content
    Love the show been listening for 3 years and all my teams are dominating. Only critique is that Rich loves Baker Mayfield but is wrong about him being good for fantasy. If you can get by the Baker love it’s good content. Rich would leave his family for Baker Mayfield.
  • mitchjj53
    Great podcast
    Been listening for years and can’t get enough of you guys. You are hilarious and have great content. Keep up the great work!
  • Alexa DellaRocco
    Best Podcast hands down
    Their podcast got me through chemo. Now it’s my favorite part of the week waiting for the latest episode to drop. 2 crystal balls = 5 stars. Rich, Matt & Garrett are my favorite trio. Love you guys!
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