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Go inside the most popular sport in the world with the ESPN FC crew.

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  • @DiMaria
    I love soccer I can’t get enough of this show
  • scrappy2005ilovepanthers
    I’m a big PSG fan and I think that you could talk about them a little bit more than you do but other than that all Around a good podcast. Also love Juls. I listen to this everytime I’m going to bed. 👍🏾👍🏾
  • vbvbvbvbvbvbvhby
    Great pod
    Love these guys!
  • 😀😃😀😃😀😃😃😀😀
    Amazing Show!! I love it!!
    This a beautiful show with amazing content and great insight on the worlds most popular sport. This show has professional footballers that have actual fact-based opinions that aren’t biased. This isn’t a show full of stuff that makes no sense, this always calms me because they don’t scream or yell or anything. #KEEP IT UP+STAY SAFE!!
  • ghost_operative
    Great show
  • NorCalStickyIcky
    Clean This Up
    Andrew, the uhm thing is getting ridiculous. JJ is doing his part offering an accent from a football country and phony canned outrage. You need to spruce up on your grammar
  • VA Wolf
    Great episode with Tony Mowbray
    What a great episode of what is my favorite ‘pod, period!!!!!
  • 123123poop4
    Love the show!
    Listen to it every night and keep it up! #stay safe! #stay home!
  • ???????!!!€£¥
    Great Show! Don’t change a thing!!!
    This show gives an amazing insight on football and has great balance of side talk and real content. Please stop being rude and insulting opinions! Any opinion is debatable, don’t hate if you don’t like one of theirs! So, great show amazing crew and great content. STAY SAFE+KEEP IT UP.
  • frolichemann
    Long-winded but lots of episodes/content
    It’s good because it’s produced often, so if a news story breaks there’s more or less going to be an episode talking about it. With that though comes some down sides, with quantity over quality sometimes sneaking in. With a cast of correspondents that’s quite wide, I have my favorites (and the ones I avoid)
  • cjhermanns
    Pretty good, except...
    The analysis tends to be pretty good, the commentators seem reasonably thoughtful and knowledgeable. But can we get if the unbelievably intrusive “music” that impedes listening? Have the producers never listened to this podcast on earbuds for god’s sake? Also, cut the “stand up” and change the name of “extra time” to “wasted time”.
  • Pabz7
    One stop
    First thing I listen to in the morning.
  • 23Devo23
    I listen/watch this show pretty much daily. I like everyone but Ale, and Stevie. I’m pretty sure Ale watches maybe one of the games they are reviewing, then repeats his same old lines when talking about other teams. Never really offers a proper response and tends to make a pile of odd noises throughout the show. Stevie is simply so biased it’s hard to take him seriously. He eats up time on the show and genuinely gets mad when contradicted. Dan is fantastic, witty, and knows how to trigger each guest. Shaka and Burnley actually provides a pretty none biased view on EPL teams.
  • Wazzaa 08
    Elite Pundit show! Listen to that before this!
    Check out the Elite Pundit Show. It’s a better podcast!
  • anubee0208
    Caught offside is great
    I really enjoy the chemistry/rapport between Andy and JJ. Andy is my favorite 😁. The podcast is a a fun and informative listen. They cover lots of interesting topics and issues related to football. What I think I really like is that they aren’t too aggressively male in their tone and delivery, which makes it a pleasant listen. And I enjoy their occasional bickering. Very relatable, though I mostly side with Andy 🤣
  • NYCAnfieldRed
    Burley re rhetoric
    Mostly good; the guests who are professional journalists or pundits are far superior to the largely unintelligible ex-pros. Someone really needs to explain to Burley what “rhetoric” actually means. It’s not interchangeable for conservation/argument or comment. “Would the leper change his spots?” Rhetoric gold from Burkey.
  • Bsrat K.
    Caught offside: Sublime
    Curb, Futbol, Film 👌🏾
  • jesco1233
    Don’t like caught offside
    Love the show daily. Not a fan of caught offside though.
  • Doritos, King of the Snacks
    Gab with the PTI reference!
    Gab and Jules Pod -- Feb 10, 2020
  • J,by,ivy,ib
    Increase sound quality
    Please increase your sound quality.
  • laila278964
    Listening to this is similar to listening to the empty brain bimbos on the bachelor. You hear the word Like 1000 times. Try “similar to” or “such as.” Had to turn it off.
  • hokiejuls
    My favorite podcast
  • Liz_310
    Amazing !!
    Love Love Love this podcast
  • what is up my peeps
    I like the accents. Plus a great podcast.
  • Beef_Curtains
    Daily listener
    I like this pod enough to listen dailey, but its a little too personality oriented around pundits, rather than focusing on the sport itself. Also, theres guaranteed to be incorrect analysis or idiotic opinions at least once every other pod. For example, Shaka, adrian and ale went 2 shows thinking rashfords played through the middle this season when hes been deployed on the wing the entire year. Stuff like this makes me feel as if i know more about the modern game than they do at points. Ive come to find much better and accurate pods out there. But if youre looking for a basic summary of football day to day, then u may enjoy this pod. However, I much prefer gab and juuls input along with caught offside and the serie awesome pod that is also uploaded on a weekly basis and would recommend those 3 all above espn daily.
  • PaulRisdall
    Great content
    I watch or listen to ESPN FC daily. It’s highly focused on the Premier League but I like that. Caught Offside is excellent. Gab and Jules are entertaining too. I don’t really care for Serie Awesome.
  • Rosievell
    Two in tri
    I was so Looking forward to this podcast. I want to listen about football and news about my favorite mx teams and players, not two guys giving each other attitude and talking over each other. Terrible podcast skills good idea though
  • Surf 0n
    Good, not great.
    Gab and Jules are amazing. Some good analysts on the regular show but the tv show-converted-to-podcast format isn’t the best. Caught offside is not enjoyable for me.
  • merica 2020
    I watch the show religiously on plus, huge fan of the crew. Maybe stevie, craig, ale do some deep tactical analysis on a touch screen of mistakes that led to goals and really good goals. Just a suggestion
  • jaysin300
    It’s very good for a soccer fan just wish it was longer like at least an hour long.
  • Rev. R. McGlinchy
    Too much banter
    OH MY WORD!!!! Turn down the music!!! Dec 28 episode SOOOOOO hard to hear “Extra Time” section. This has the potential to be SOOOOO good! But sadly there is far too much banter, and a lot of old fashioned old bro machismo mentality... When they are on trips to games in exotic locations like the CL Final in Madrid, it’s good to hear a little of their experience, travel, food etc, the life of a sports journalist, it can be interesting for a min or 2... but they seem to talk about that stuff ENDLESSLY. Please remember football first. The last 4+ mins of today’s pod is SOLELY that. Will keep listening for now, but hoping the banter is tamed and the background music quietened or dropped. Oh, and STOP TALKING ABOUT GOLF!!!
  • D1theton
  • ziiz8
    Love it - one of the best
    I look forward to this pod daily and am thankful it’s so often. Aside from Stevie’s default general smugness and (understandable but still consistently annoying) Liverpool bias, I love everything about it. Soccer pod rankings: ESPNFC = Men In Blazers > 2 Robbies > Gab & Juls > BBC Football Daily > Caught Offside > Total Soccer Show
  • garni888
    Generally decent
    Generally decent, but a a few things block it from being great. 1, Very repetitive story lines whereas many other footy podcasts find new angles. 2, Some of the guys just repeat the same thing louder instead of making their point with stronger logic, so it often turns into a bit of a yelling match. It has the potential to be amazing if the shouting can be converted into more intelligent debates. 3. The cheesy background music is a nuisance more than helpful. There’s a reason no other podcasts do this. It’s more suitable for ESPN TV top 10 highlights, but throws off the rhythm of the dialogue and actual topics of a podcast. Cheesy gimmick and a distraction from what truly matters. So all in all, less noise and distraction and more substance and logic would make it awesome. A shame Honigstein isn’t on anymore, he was quite brilliant. Sid Lowe, Honigstein, and Julien Laurens would make a brilliant podcast on their own!
  • samba soccer
    Psyched on Gab! He brings a different POV from the predominant English paradigm. He also loves the sport, which is highly respectable.
  • TwistyMazeLittlePassage
    Hot take - This should be the Robo podcast
    Jules + Robo and Gab + Robo are both better than Gab + Jules. I would keep Mr. Robson and rotate Gab and Jules as the proverbial wingbacks of this podcast.
  • Neto2526
    Gab and Juuls Show is Horrid
    I love every show presented on here, except that Gab and Juuls show... it’s just sooo boring! Gab puts me to sleep. I hate it whenever it’s Gab and only 1 other person. He tries too hard to be an analyst that he ends up just contradicting himself over and over and in the end, he doesn’t even know what he said.
  • Sagar Sriramagiri
    Great combination of knowledge and entertainment
    The cast is a perfect mix of football knowledge and entertainment. They know how to keep us informed while making sure we have a good time!
  • StrongArmDuck
    Sometimes good/ Sometimes Not Good
    Hit or Miss. Would rather hear about EPL, Bundesliga, international matches and MLS. Don’t care about Serie A or Ligue 1. Gab Marcotti is a good writer but horrible on a podcast.
  • Footballnotsoccer1
    Serie Awesome and Gab and Juls
    The debates are interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.
  • BudaBudaBudaBear
    Caught offside
    Not sure they actually watch the games.
  • Mayank Jhalani
    Will stop listening
    I am a big fan of the Espn FC show. I have an espn plus subscription just to be able to watch that show daily. When I heard that Gab and Juls are doing a podcast together, I was keen to have a listen. Unfortunately, I will stop listening from this moment onwards for one reason : Gab Marcotti. It’s unbelievable how rude he is to the guests on the show, to players and managers he talks about. I am appalled at the tone he takes when he speaks on this show. Unsubscribe.
  • Lex lucifer
    The best
    Best podcast for soccer and a lot fun to listen to. These guys do an awesome show daily. Extra time is absolutely fun and out of this world, so afterwards I head over to YouTube to watch what I’ve just listened to. Seriously can’t get enough. Keep it up. 👌
  • John131155322
    Needs a lot of Clean up
    The podcast is ok... there are a lot of background noise, echo issues and even the sound goes out sometimes( I switched my headset, tried using the phone speaker and even switching to my iPod/IPad. The issue still persist.
  • Great Keep it up : )
    Great pod cast listen in my free time
  • mohcen23
    Very confusing
    I really don’t understand what is this podcast about? Is it a professional breakdown or analysis of soccer games? Or just a bunch of ex soccer players expressing their opinions about games and players? Like for example you see a title like Real Madrid’s rebound, talk about Real Madrid for 3 minutes and one of the guys says:”enough of the boring game” and let’s talk about Barcelona and how great they did? Barcelona btw had an awful game if it wasn’t for their goalkeeper, Getafe this season is awful at home. It is just confusing.
  • bye bye birdie
    Good enough show but they blatantly ignore the 2nd/3rd best league in the world. They will talk more Serie A then German football which makes no sense.
  • The Freckler 83739
    It’s all gossip and drama-driven. Cast is okay but Ali offers nothing. No tactics or game breakdowns. Sad that the nations leading sports broadcasting company decides this is good soccer coverage
  • gerardo-guzman
    Love the shows
    Keep them coming
  • RodneyOhOh
    One of the worst podcasts out
    These guys screaming I mean actually screaming rubbish at each other is one of the worst football podcast around. Everyone involved in the show should seriously embarrassed. The whole tone of the show is wrong. Who is executive producer?? Do us favor mate. I’m Shattered that Gab has to work on this clown show.
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