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Go inside the most popular sport in the world with the ESPN FC crew.

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  • mike v soccer dad
    Dan has to go
    Dan is painful to listen to. I tune out every time he’s the host. Not funny very annoying....
  • nam_yar
    International vs Champions
    When a “team” travel to play for Champions League is very different when an individual player travels for International duties! your commentator seems to not know this...
  • uncfreak
    Chris Cote
    bring Chris Cote back ESPN.
  • DrewGrumbles
    Best football podcast
    Great show, but wish Extra Time was more talking current football and less their personal stories & reliving their past careers.
  • D1theton
    Steve 🐐
    Stevie is the best
  • very much woke
    Love these guys. Thanks ESPN
    Probably the single greatest thing ESpn is producing today. No politics, no lectures, no guilt trips. Just a bunch of crusty old guys waxin about footy. God bless em... keep up your dukes Gab! Not a weak link in the bunch. Thanks gentlemen for my 30 mins of daily peace. Seriously. Awesome
  • pierce larsen
    Stevie has to go
    Love the show but Stevie has to go. He is too argumentative and all his points are bad.
  • Manusd
    If you want to listen to group think, go for it. The only good analyst is Burley and he is bias as well when him and Nichol get together on the show. Nichol rants and doesn’t check his facts. All the analysts support their former teams and are by no means neutral. Dan Thomas is just a yes man for ESPN and brings very little to the show other than over reactions. Ultimately you will not benefit from listening to these pod casts, there is very little neutral unbiased analysis.
  • Tape Doctor
    Should Be Called Man Utd FC
    Guaranteed to spend more time talking about that club, win or lose, than any other club. Now they added Bundesliga to their network, we have to listen to them incessantly yapping on about that as well. If it weren't for the entertainment value of the interaction of the cast, this would be a waste of your time unless you love MU.
  • mlisi39
    Never miss an episode
    Specifically never miss Gab and Juls and the Serie Awesome episodes. Gab and Juls bring it fast and always have great info. The new Serie Awesome format with Kay and Matteo hosting with Nicky, Mina and Gab guesting is wonderful!
  • JD Soccer Guy
    Ruined Serie Awesome
    Why did they change the Serie Awesome podcast? The new version is horrible, way to broke up and removed Niki, Mina and Gab from their banter and genuine conversation to add in others was a horrible decision. I’m ok with Mateo being added into the show but the new host is horrible as well as the format. Very disappointed.
  • Veedub138
    I subscribed so I could listen to the Serie Awesome podcast, spent the first 35mins talking about Juve then a few mins on Napoli (I’m a Napoli fan) some non sense and then it was over. I’ll give it another shot next week. I’ll stick with my IFTV Podcast that actually cover all games and teams from serie a and not just the big teams 👎🏻
    Good shows
    Espn FC is great, i watch it on espn+, i listen to gab and juls (mostly just gab) on the podcast, i wish gab would let other people talk for once. Also i wish they would stay away from politics, i dont want to hear about democratic believes when i want to listen to a sports show but overall good content
  • Sebastianparra8
    Disappointing. Biased.
    It’s sad that they spend so much time talking about the teams their fans of but rush over the other teams they don’t support. For instance; there’s one old man (Stevie?) who is a Liverpool fan and won’t say anything good about Everton. They just won three games in a row scoring 9 goals. And they spent 30 mins talking about ManU and only 5 mins about Everton from a Liverpool POV. Just saying how they won’t live up to the hype. Just sad to see the bias ruin it for us listeners.
  • Santa Ynez
    And get Stevie off the show. If I want to experience the EPL through the lens of how awesome all things Liverpool are, I’ll listen to Liverpool radio. The more Steve talks about Liverpool, the more unlistened to ESPN FC’s fill my queue. This used to be must listen for me, but now I grind myself listening less and less. Stevie is just too biased.
  • Ra.Ja
    Unnecessary and sad chances of Serie Awesome Podcast
    The changes into the Serie Awesome are very sad and unnecessary, It was such a special and thoughtful podcast with great chemistry between Mina, Gab and Niki. It has lost all of that.
  • Billy Massa
    Love Serie Awesome and the Serie A Content
    I am an avid listener of the Serie Awesome podcast and look forward to another great season of content. Very happy to see Matteo and Kay join Mina and Nicky. The podcast always has interesting topics and discussions. Although ESPN FC is the flagship podcast on the channel, Serie Awesome always gets me to listen.
  • audio_jack_
    Smart men
    They speak about many topics you won’t see on the typical sports channel🔥🔥🔥
  • One drop beat
    Racism in Sports
    Gab Marcotti’s nonchalant response to Neymar speaking to the Referee about being racially abused is for him to “learn French”. Really!!! That’s the answer. All he had to do was speak in French and they would have done something about it. Unbelievable!!!
  • ziiz8
    Love it - one of the best
    I look forward to this pod daily and am thankful it’s so often. Aside from Stevie’s default general smugness and (understandable but still consistently annoying) Liverpool bias, I love everything about it. I don’t recall any political talk whatsoever, so I’m not sure what those reviewers are referring to TBH.
  • xADKx
    Great insight and hilarious roasting of each other.
    This show cracks me up. Good content but the best part, in my opinion, is that the hosts are constantly making fun of each other. It’s hilarious to listen to.
  • tretugh
    Show is great, but plz no politics
    These guys are the best, and the banter is A+. But come on, Politics is exhausting, and I mentally check out as soon as anything political is brought up. Other than that, fantastic show!
  • 1226383):$
    To political now
    Like sport chat to get away from politics.
  • StingrayZL1
    Keep the football, can the politics
    Love the show except when politics is discussed. Guys, I listen to get AWAY from politics for an hour or two. Keep the football, can the politics, please.
  • mitchell mj
    Do not listen to a Yank from Carolina
    This is a grey podcast really gets all the show on here and In good fashion. Americans like Mr. Carolina below are used to terrible American commentary so do not listen to someone who does not know anything about football. Will be listening to this podcast today
  • K1X
    Gab & Juls
    Thank you for the show guys. I truly enjoy & look forward to it each week as an American trying to pick up a game I unfortunately left behind early in grade school. Moving to twice a week was a welcome comfort during the pandemic especially the alphabet eleven. The imaginative nature of that segment was a brief reprieve from the seriousness that lingered throughout all of our minds. I would welcome different imaginative or comparable segments (whether rotating or permanent) on the podcast that speak to passions tangent to football. My only worthy suggestion that includes both of your other passions (Philly, Basketball) would be to compare Allen Iverson & Lionel Messi with emphasis around crafting a side around their unique statures and abilities. Football is only part of the podcast, the other is you guys & your chemistry. That’s the little bit of separation that makes all the difference (please read in Robbo’s voice). So please keep on with the correct pronunciations (Martial, Martinez) and the magic tricks of transfer accounting. Alright enough of this, let’s get to some quick hits.....
  • Carolina > Duke
    Poorly Produced
    Podcast is really unprofessional. There is random music that will just play over someone talking in the middle of the show? It reminded me of the Oscars music that will cut someone off during a speech but on this pod they just talk right through it. Oh and a lot of talking over each other. Poor microphone quality also adds to the one star review. Would expect better from ESPN.
  • @cesargonz
    Serie Awesome gets my 5 stars
    Best pod on this ESPN lineup.
  • J3SSEB
    Poor editing and production.
    The commercials are so loud! Why?
  • scrappy2005ilovepanthers
    The show focuses too much on premier league. Dan always seems to be a biased person. Also very anti PSG, they always seem to find a way to hate against psg.
  • Pepisafraud
    Favorite podcast
    I listen to a lot of podcasts. Business, tech and sports. This is the only one I listen to every day. Love the banter. Just wish we had more of the crew chiming in about everything but I think that’s been necessitated by the pandemic. Anyway, great work!
  • dante_la
    I love the FC Crew
    I love the pundits, I love the humor. I listen to every episode. I do not like the side projects, only the pod with the FC Crew. I wish they moved those off to their own podcast.
  • NorCalStickyIcky
    Graham Hunter
    I had no idea Graham Hu yet had so much Ray Hudson in him. The “hardened foot soldiers” line was absolute clutch. I had visions of Busquets diving to the ground peeking they his fingers to see if there was a booking. “Messi speaks a different language”. Just good quality classic hyperbole
  • Footballnotsoccer1
    Average at best
    Can’t put into words how poor they are at analyzing a game of football.
  • whyaretheadssoloud
    the mid show ads...
    The ads are SO ALARMINGLY LOUD compared to the podcast volume! I love the show but the ad volume needs to come down
  • Soccer Coach Mike
    Too much EPL
    The Show is too way too EPL centric.... The main hosts talk EPL 90 percent of the time.... They have little knowledge of the leagues they cover Serie A, English Championship, EFL Div-2, Danish League... As for the Bundesliga which ESPN will have they seem to only know about Bayern.....As for Spain there is little talk of others teams beyond Madrid and Barcelona... Guest commentators fill in the gaps for their lack of football beyond the EPL.. And if I want EPL coverage I will do NBC Sports....
  • aestheticallypresent
    Consistent quality
    A good short show to pass some time and get some of the latest news. A good range of perspectives too.
  • @DiMaria
    I love soccer I can’t get enough of this show
  • vbvbvbvbvbvbvhby
    Great pod
    Love these guys!
  • 😀😃😀😃😀😃😃😀😀
    Amazing Show!! I love it!!
    This a beautiful show with amazing content and great insight on the worlds most popular sport. This show has professional footballers that have actual fact-based opinions that aren’t biased. This isn’t a show full of stuff that makes no sense, this always calms me because they don’t scream or yell or anything. #KEEP IT UP+STAY SAFE!!
  • ghost_operative
    Great show
  • VA Wolf
    Great episode with Tony Mowbray
    What a great episode of what is my favorite ‘pod, period!!!!!
  • 123123poop4
    Love the show!
    Listen to it every night and keep it up! #stay safe! #stay home!
  • ???????!!!€£¥
    Great Show! Don’t change a thing!!!
    This show gives an amazing insight on football and has great balance of side talk and real content. Please stop being rude and insulting opinions! Any opinion is debatable, don’t hate if you don’t like one of theirs! So, great show amazing crew and great content. STAY SAFE+KEEP IT UP.
  • frolichemann
    Long-winded but lots of episodes/content
    It’s good because it’s produced often, so if a news story breaks there’s more or less going to be an episode talking about it. With that though comes some down sides, with quantity over quality sometimes sneaking in. With a cast of correspondents that’s quite wide, I have my favorites (and the ones I avoid)
  • cjhermanns
    Pretty good, except...
    The analysis tends to be pretty good, the commentators seem reasonably thoughtful and knowledgeable. But can we get if the unbelievably intrusive “music” that impedes listening? Have the producers never listened to this podcast on earbuds for god’s sake? Also, cut the “stand up” and change the name of “extra time” to “wasted time”.
  • Pabz7
    One stop
    First thing I listen to in the morning.
  • 23Devo23
    I listen/watch this show pretty much daily. I like everyone but Ale, and Stevie. I’m pretty sure Ale watches maybe one of the games they are reviewing, then repeats his same old lines when talking about other teams. Never really offers a proper response and tends to make a pile of odd noises throughout the show. Stevie is simply so biased it’s hard to take him seriously. He eats up time on the show and genuinely gets mad when contradicted. Dan is fantastic, witty, and knows how to trigger each guest. Shaka and Burnley actually provides a pretty none biased view on EPL teams.
  • Wazzaa 08
    Elite Pundit show! Listen to that before this!
    Check out the Elite Pundit Show. It’s a better podcast!
  • anubee0208
    Caught offside is great
    I really enjoy the chemistry/rapport between Andy and JJ. Andy is my favorite 😁. The podcast is a a fun and informative listen. They cover lots of interesting topics and issues related to football. What I think I really like is that they aren’t too aggressively male in their tone and delivery, which makes it a pleasant listen. And I enjoy their occasional bickering. Very relatable, though I mostly side with Andy 🤣
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