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Go inside the most popular sport in the world with the ESPN FC crew.

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  • scooby doo doo 💩
    i like dirt
  • JPhoenixx
    El terrible
    Way too political. Recently when talking about the Columbus Crew winning the Cup they started by saying, “going back to the tragic death of George Floyd…” What in the world does drug addict, women assaulting felon, Floyd have to do with Wilfred Nancy and his cup winning Crew? Far left podcast
  • Tape Doctor
    GEICO Ads Ruining Listening Experience
    Their ads are at least 10 db louder than all other ads. Hurt your eyes with earbuds in. Will never purchase any of their products. If you do not follow a big club there is nothing for you except some laughs from this show.
  • Ert sibalings
    I am a nine years old and it informs me in what happen in game I can’t See and it’s so nice to here different people opinions I came on to my soccer team knowing nothing about football but I learned so much from this podcast
  • LalexB86
    As good as shepherd’s pie
    All these negative reviews are probably from MLS fans.
  • BLK_Russian!
    United Fans can skip this podcast
    Inconsistent just like Var
  • ramjam2011
    Good for soccer news and opinions
    In general, I like the frequent updates on both league and international team soccer from around the world. You get episodes for Futbol Americas, Gab & Juls, EPSN FC, etc. I don’t usually listen to full episodes, just the segments that interest me. Some hosts are not good, others are great. For example, I find Seb Salazar to be annoying. It’s a mix.
  • Leo.t.simon
    5 stars
    I love it! It’s fun and informs me about football everyday and I like to here about different opinions !
  • NorCalStickyIcky
    Switch it up
    It’s getting stale. Dan’s act is getting old, Stevie seems like a sweetheart of a guy but he’s thick, Shaka obviously doesn’t even watch the games, Ale feels like everything is a performance. I don’t dislike any of them but familiarity breeds contempt. And this is too long with a crew that’s not exactly standout to begin with. Change things up
  • EveryNicknameIsTaken14
    Time to Change Hosts
    Show is lacking quality with Dan and Kay as the hosts… Please remove Gab, he’s an awful journalist and pundit. He’s knows absolutely nothing about the game and he’s overly biased to the point of lying towards the teams in the Serie A. As with college football (becoming SEC-wh***es) and losing viewers; the same is occurring with Soccer. Hire real talent but you’re cheap and biased like Fox News. ESPN you get what you pay for, poor quality coverage. Outside of this one show, I refuse to watch ESPN anymore because of the lack of quality. I guarantee ESPN will not exist in the next 15 years, Disney will sell them off. Junk coverage and always biased- see Desmond Howard on GameDay!
  • 1#ESPNFC
    Love this!
    This podcast is amazing! I love it and I can get all the latest news, it really helps me after a long day to just listen to the latest news. I always love to see what the boys have to say, and as a fellow soccer(or football) fanatic I strongly suggest this podcast to all football (or soccer) fans. Keep doing what your doing, I only wish the best upon all of my fellow soccer fans. Sincerely The number one ESPN FC fan. P.S Can you guys please get some mercy I would totally buy it.
  • mtnram009
    Move On
    Tired of hearing you work to get Gio and GB more divided. Just trying to stir up junk to get listeners. I’ll move on…do better
  • CreamiestFraiche
    Does anyone else find him absolutely insufferable? He has the most frequent long winded tangents that amount to him repeating himself 6 times. The man loves to hear himself talk.
  • NYCAnfieldRed
    Update. Onuoha is a Man City/Pep/murderous, racist, homophobic, sexest, slave owning nation state apologist. Get him off the air. Imbecile. Ogden referring to Salah as “Liverpool's Taliban” was a bit OTT. Jobs for the boys. ESPN FC is among the worst podcasts of any ilk I have ever listened to. Total car crash, which is why I still listen. Jobs for the boys. First off, Thomas is pleasant and a good host, but thinks he’s a comedian. The pundits, mainly ex-pros are appalling. Stevie is the drunk uncle in the corner. Just ignore, don’t wake him up. Onuaha started off well, but now he’s fully embedded his ridiculous Citeh bias is unlistenable. Don is daft. Sorry, LeBoeuf’s English isn’t good enough. Unintelligible. But Burley is the worst, similarly unintelligible, being Scottish and toothless doesn’t help. I love he uses words he doesn’t quite know the meaning off. God loves a trier. Quite hilarious. Someone needs to shut him up ; he thinks his rants are cutting to the core of a topic. A, they are always off topic and inane and 2, he sounds like a mentally ill person on a subway platform. Kay Murray is great. As are Gab and Sid, and Shaka is good too. Less idiot ex-pros, more intelligent analysis. And fyi no one cares about La Liga. Facts. Truth.
  • bleftson
    Please stop spoiling results with podcast episode titles. People have notifications turned on. Just happened with USWNT.
  • Oj716
    Amazing! Love to keep up with what’s going on in the football world!
  • Docisin247
    Music/crowd noise tracks distracting and disrespectful to guests
    Great topics, great guests. I listened to three episodes before I was too annoyed by the intermittent music and crowd noise tracks that were played during key conversation moments. Just let the guest speak—we don’t need loud and distracting music or crowd chants that have nothing to do with the answers. It’s so disrespectful to the guests that you don’t just give them that space. The noise was only ever put behind the guests, never the host. Who asked for that??
  • afg1616
    Great show
    Amazing show, will always listen, and I’ve been a long time listener. Just please, please stop playing music in the middle of someone speaking, it just takes away from what they have to say and it is often hard to hear them.
  • Imagine 7th grader
    Really helpful!
    As a kid going into to school in America, soccer news is few and far between. I usually am not able to find anyone to talk about my interest in football (or soccer as the Americans say for some reason). This podcast really made me feel connected about to the other billions of people that love football (that sounded corny but oh well). By far the best football podcast out there!
  • HenHouse210
    Great podcast
    This podcast is so good at telling me what is happening in soccer. Easy 5 stars
  • DerekSmalls1984
    Separate the podcasts!
    Gab and Juls have a separate podcast, so please take them off this feed. I have to mark those episodes as played to get them out of the way. Futbol Americas should also be separated out and taken off this stream. As for the regular gang, I like Shaka, Ale, Dan, Kay, Craig, and (most of the time) cranky uncle Steve. They have great chemistry. But this podcast is bogged down by those other shows.
  • K hungry
    Good but you don’t talk about South American football like there is a River plate vs boca juniors game on May 7
  • grillikids
    Listen to this almost every day please switch up the ads though😁
  • Ggrampus
    Gregg Berhalter is not a “she” last time I checked.
  • Roarkfam
    Separate the podcasts!
    I have unsubscribed to ESPN FC because I got tired of all the other podcasts (Gab & Jules, Futbol Americana, etc.) that come that I don’t want to listen to. Split them up please!
  • Buggy’s Dad
    Missed the mark
    Gab and Jules show used to be one of my favorites. But recently they have started missing the mark on some serious issues (women’s rights, racism, sexism). The story on Hakimi sent me to write the review. No talk of how the alleged victim could be and glossing over the fact that “he is likely to play” I guess this is the type of perspective you get from a supporter of the club owned by Qatar. Really disappointing. Please don’t excuse the omission by saying we are a sports podcast, because you brought up the charges so own it.
  • mike v soccer dad
    Dan is a jerk. More of Kay please. She’s great!
    Dan is painful to listen to. I tune out every time he’s the host. Not funny very annoying.... More Kay…. less of Dan please
  • Chelseafan 10
    seb and herc are fire duo, keep futbol americas going in 2023
  • SeanM COYG!
    Keep Seb and herc podcast this year!
    Herc gives insightfully balanced opinion, with Deb’s entertainment, giving the show an edge. Great collaboration between both. Good balance of an ex pro and an a soccer enthusiast together.
  • USAgolazo9
    Fútbol Americas deserves 5 stars
    ESPN, renew Seb & Herc for 2023 & beyond. They are great & deserve more support!
  • Sporting AJ
    Reyna/Berhalter fracasso…
    The focus of ESPN FC seems to be to entertain listeners with extreme opinions and locker room humor; guffaws and howls of “laughter “ abound in the “old boy” atmosphere. The pundits are knowledgeable and experienced, so when they decide to calm down and actually critique games and predict outcomes, their discussions are worth hearing. For that episode, Burnley decided to make up details to prove his point, saying that Reyna was creating problems at meals, when no such information had been their provided. Then, he chose hyperbole as his avenue of attacking US players and pundits, stating that Herc and Seb would make a story about Pulisic’s toenails their lead story for days, implying that the USMNT is not important and those two young men are not proper pundits and not important commentators. Tiresome man when he’s on a toot.
  • TheNewYorker44
    Choice podcast.. just splendid. Big fan!
  • Ryleigh 12
    It’s nice getting good info on the latest football news
  • jpnorair
    Funny football show
    The hosts and the panel all seem to be having a great time. Even more amusing is reading negative reviews from people without senses of humor (such people exist).
  • Marathon201920202021
    One of the Best podcasts
    Great panel who are very well informed and knowledgeable and a lot of fun listening
  • ostubble
    I love listening to this podcast
  • tommzmust1
    Scot and racist and a drunk
    Love to listen racist Burley and Nicol chat, trump is your number one fan boys. Excuse me, excuse me. Nicol I understand he was born millions of years ago but Burley my goodness. I guess Scotland passes it on and makes them worse. Trumpy peasants they are
  • Roba B.
    Awesome daily Soccer/Football Podcast
    I enjoy listening to this podcast, daily!…I enjoy it most when there are varying at times opposing views on the topic under discussion. I highly recommend this podcast to soccer/football fans all over the world!
  • mizage
    Could be so much better
    For a tv show/podcast with 365 episodes a year they don’t cover as much as they could. Mostly focused on “big” clubs in England and Spain with a smattering of Bundesliga and Serie A, the show constantly revisits the same topics. Good if you are a fan of Man U or Barca.
  • Eric Arbo
    Phenomenal Show
    Easily the best show on espn… the guys keep it real and I laugh daily at all the joke. Great chemistry.
  • Sandralivav
    Great Sports Podcast
    It's really amazing. I love to listen your podcast.
  • red devil bro
    Great show
    It’s a great show and best for football
  • jonsonpika579
    Great Sport Podcast
    It's Really amazing to listen. I love to listen your Podcast every time.
  • Mmdean
    Leave the politics out
    One show is occasionally tolerable with some old football players talking and laughing too much. One of the commentators clearly doesn’t like anybody and would prefer Venezuela. He uses his Spanish pronunciation like a weapon. Then, you have another show where the English -Irish -Scottish problems haven’t been settled yet. According to one commentator, Tory MP’s are not allowed to celebrate England’s success because they aren’t woke enough. Leave it!
  • wi11iam1234
    Some of the pundits are very good, but some are pretty freaking terrible as well. Also, this is definitely anti-Arsenal.
  • Denniissee
    Same thing on repeat
    The show is basically saying the same things over and over each day. Just lose interest in it. Plus, England win the Euros and they condescend to talk about it for about five while minutes- not the main panel mind, just the women off to the other side. Disappointing show.
  • Lahsiiqokend
    More Serie a
    I love this podcast although I wish there was more Serie a talk and not just English football but overall it is the best football podcast available. Keep up the good work
  • FootballFan7474
    Great Stuff! I recommend a podcast on how the next season is gonna go because it’s pretty interesting since big clubs are getting these new players and how they are going to clash in their leagues and the Champions League. I hope you take my suggestion.
  • Kâvian
    Branch out on your show
    Every small detail about a -let’s face it- mediocre football club like manchester united is more important than the whole other things going on in the rest of the football world? You are implying that guys.
  • PremierLeagueEgo
    Premier League Nepotism at its finest
    Don’t listen to these podcasts unless you’re a premier league fan because they do nothing but disrespect and belittle other leagues throughout. They have specific episodes they’ll talk about Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. and these episodes are even worse. Disrespectful, arrogant, and uneducated is the best way to describe this steaming pot or premier league ego they call a podcast.
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