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The Wired To Hunt Podcast is the most highly rated and listened to deer hunting focused podcast in North America - with millions of episodes downloaded and enjoyed by hunters every year. Hosted by nationally published outdoor writer and QDMA Communicator of the Year Mark Kenyon, each new episode focuses on sharing deer hunting news, stories and strategies - straight from guys who live the deer hunting lifestyle every day. And expert whitetail hunting guests such as Mark and Terry Drury, Bill Winke, Dan Infalt, Adam Hays, Stan Potts, Steve Bartylla, John Dudley and many others are frequently interviewed to share their insights, experiences and strategies. If you are a whitetail addict, tune in to The Wired To Hunt Podcast to get your fix.

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  • BlockChainFrontPage
    Need episode 2.0
    Mark - I’ve been listening to this podcast for several years and this has been one of my most favorites. Please bring Jason back for another show or mini series. It would be great to learn more about case studies on regenerative agriculture and integration with food plots and wildlife. I’m especially interested in learning more about natural termination with intercropping. Keep up the great work!
  • livingongolf2
    Great Show
    Amazing show, the content is educational and always a great storyline mixed in!!
  • SpenceE23
    Great Podcast
    Great content, good dude. Helps pass the time at work.
  • adskyles
    Cooking Better Wild Game
    One of my favorite episodes. Been listening for a few years. Very good podcast.
  • JsolgatJr
    Great podcast
    I love listening to podcast where the host isn’t afraid to share their tactics. Whatever mark talks about he shares his failures just as much as his success so the listeners might an avoid a mistake. This isn’t a grip and grin podcast or product pusher for more money he uses what advertises.
  • KS1972
    Excellent Interviewer
    Not only do I enjoy the content of this podcast but, and I think this is so rare in podcasts today, Mark is an excellent interviewer. He brings out the best in his guests. I find myself listening and saying “I wish I could ask...” and then boom! Mark asks the question. Also Mark does a great job of covering information and is beneficial for everyone from a beginner to a veteran.
  • thegoatbarn
    Top of the Mark
    Mark is a professional at exciting and informing you about what you love: deer. His language is articulate yet accessible. An expert interviewer, he asks the questions that you would ask, and has an uncanny knack for extracting the answers that you would want from his knowledgeable and diverse mix of interviewees. Bottom line: When you listen to Mark, Dan or Spencer talk about hunting, you get excited to hunt, and gain the intel to hunt smarter. These guys know what they’re talking about. Listening to this podcast enriches you as hunter. Period. ———————- One gripe with podcast/ plug for my home turf: We need more representation from Massachusetts! Both on Rut (Fresh) Radio and interviewees from our area. You guys should think about planning a trip up to Martha’s Vineyard next season. Zone 13. We have more deer per square mile than anywhere else in the world, and on my lot particularly. Unlimited doe tags. Monster bucks abound. They even put a bounty on does this year. $100 a head. At the very least, call on one of us for a podcast interview! You guys are awesome. Thank you for your work!
  • jenisonwild
    Such a great accomplishment
    Mark has really done well. He has shown what faithfulness to the little will do and seems to be good man. He doesn’t sound like a jerk after all this time of listening, he sounds like a guy who cares. Family, meat, antlers, deer. What more could you ask for. I will buy his book. My only feedback, is, shorter intro ;-)and more emphasis **on where to aim** on a whitetail, and where his guests aimed during their hunts. This is paramount in bowhunting whitetails. I know it’s a simple, anonymous review, but I’m proud of Mark. Good job man! Keep it up and shoot those bucks you passed this year:)!
  • Schneberger
    Get Them All
    I landed here by accident a year ago and after listening to one episode I went backs and started at the beginning. #226 is in the books and hitting play on #227. #Moredan#Greatlisten
  • fenis dellows
    Slow opener
    Loved hearing you and Dan back together it made a slow opening day in Wisconsin just a little quicker Ps a fired up dan is good listening
  • Tripp126
    I really enjoy listening and learning from your podcast!
  • KeithADennis
    Every week!
    I have been listening to this podcast religiously for two years! It’s been a great source of whitetail knowledge! Highly recommend to anyone addicted to the free range chase!
  • Will Snipes
    Best hunting podcast, gets me fired up
    Love the podcast, I hunt in North Carolina. Would love to listen to some podcasts on you calling folks from over here.
  • JPx200
    Travis P
    West PA same with calling. You need to be realistic.
  • Cdanford
    Guy’s voice is annoying
    I guess it’s Spencer, but it’s too annoying to listen to him. He sounds like someone who’s trying to talk in their deepest voice. It doesn’t sound natural. You can tell he tries to keep a deep voice, because there are times he laughs and gets excited and he sounds normal. Then he goes back to his weird deep voice.
  • Jaythemac1977
    My first deer EVER - Yesterday!
    Thanks so much for your honest and genuine podcast. This is my third year hunting and THIS YEAR I started listening to your podcast and this past weekend I harvested my first deer ever in the NH muzzle loader opener...a decent buck for these parts in NH. The guy got within 5 yards of me sitting on the ground! I planned my strategy using so much of your shared wisdom and some other guys who invested heavily in me (they turned me toward your podcast!) and it all came together perfectly. Keep sharing! It's so helpful!
  • Fart Docter 96
    Best Whitetail content available.
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, have for years. This is my first review. Mark does an excellent job captivating the audience with knowledge, humor, and relatable real-life experiences we have all been through. Mark and his guests will provide you with the knowledge to be a better hunter....IF you listen. Stay ......Wired.......To.......Hunt
  • jason.heller15
    Obviously this is the best podcast out there for bowhunting mature whitetails - me saying that is nothing earth shattering as it’s been that way for years. From the quality of guests and the topics discussed it doesn’t get any better. But I really think what gets overlooked is Mark’s interviewing ability. He has an impressive way of asking the right questions at the right time and in a way everyone can understand. I’ve listened to a lot of other podcasts where the hosts just have a set of questions they need to get through and could care less about their guests answers to the last questions they asked. However, Mark is different in the way he interviews and I think that’s what takes this to the next level. I also appreciate the quality of guests on the show. I’ve listened to every episode since the inception of the podcast so this review is long overdue. Keep up the good stuff. P.S. I’m with the guy below, did we ever get any closure on the Holyfield saga? Maybe I missed an episode but it seems like that just kind of faded away last year.
  • wcolston
    Great Info and tips
    From a message I sent mark that sums up my opinions on this podcast: Hey Mark Just wanted to say your recent podcast about Pre Rut strategies helped me seal the deal on a 4.5 yo Georgia 8 point today. Most of the luck I’ve ever had has been early or late season on food sources. I’ve struggled to locate mature deer in the daylight during the pre rut historically and in the past haven’t even hunted when bucks stop showing up in cameras at the food sources. This last week I’ve practically buried myself in finding sign, used calls for the first time in my life, and this morning called him in looking for a fight at under 50 yards. Theres a lot of hunters who appreciate your message and are finding success from it.
  • SouthernOhioBowHunter
    Best Hunting Podcast out there!
    Love all the topics Mark covers and the content is top notch.
  • Hamester man
    Great podcast
    Absolutely love wired to hunt podcast. I actually don’t hunt to far from Mark so his personal info is helpful to me ! Great podcast definitely recommend
  • 65Bowhunter
    Brewster buck interview
    I love the Wired to Hunt podcast. Listen to all of them. When I saw the one pop up about what happens when you kill a world record deer I was not interested in hearing someone brag and be cocky. Was I wrong! When I heard Brewster speaking of the respect for the animal and how grateful and sad he was all at the same time, I became a fan of this guy. What an awesome, humble person. Congrats to Brewster and the Wired to Hunt podcast for sharing this great story!
  • Solidus433
    I liked it more when...
    As much of a fan of all things MeatEater that I am, I have to say, with Wired to Hunt, I liked it more when Mark was doing this before his MeatEater days. And can someone please tell me what episode, if there is one, that gives closure to the Holyfield saga?!?!?!?!?
  • Ghiffg
    Awesome podcast
    Never listened to any podcasts and thought I’d give this one a try. Have almost finished them all now!
  • Musiclover67388
    Good podcast
    Good podcast overall. Guest Jesse Coots is arrogant, annoying, and I can’t stand to listen to him. Also would love to hear more kill stories.
  • Pullintriggers
    Michigan Man
    This podcast is packed with usefull information
  • Cougarfan87
    This is my first year hunting big game in Utah and even though these guys are on the east coast they are very informative and very knowledgeable. Really gave me some amazing ideas!
  • Rooster509
    Great podcast
    I have elk hunted for years now and have yet to be successful. Bc of wired to hunt, cutting the distance with Remi and the rest of the meat eater podcast this year was the closest I’ve been to drawing back on an elk. I have learned so much in the past 3 month since I’ve discovered these podcasts. Thank you guys and keep putting out good information!
  • Squirrely Jake
    Great show
    This is my first year hunting. I have learned so much from this podcast that I know will help me out when I do my first hunt in a few days!
  • CaptDaveB
    Great podcast
    If you love the outdoors as a man, woman or whatever else people identify with these days... this podcast is a must have. Filled with Entertainment , good knowledge, and great guests.
  • Bran L K
    Top notch
    Whitetail king!!
  • B. D. Long
    Very informative podcast.
  • Customerofappspast
    Keep doing what you doing!!!
    Mark thank you thank thank you!! You do such a great job on all your podcasts. You get good information and you keep the flow of the cast going and stay on point. Even your BS session ones are fun to listen to. Keep doing what your doing man! I love your content and your my first hunting podcast recommendation to anyone!
  • VT Hunter
    Vocal fry
    Good info I just can’t listen to the constant vocal fry, (croaking low energy sounding voice most commonly used by young women) not sure why it’s on a hunting podcast.
  • JoshUpton12
    Responsible for keeping me sane
    For sixty hours a week I mow commercially for an agricultural company. When I say Wired To Hunt keeps me sane, I mean it. The entirety of that sixty hours can easily be spent listening to Mark and Company talk about white-tails. Thanks guys and keep up the great work
  • Speaks real Spanish
    The best
    Hands down one of the best podcast on the Meateater network. Always hunting focused. Never fake, scripted, or forced.
  • crandallkid
    So good I’m going back and listening to 5 years worth of podcasts.
  • Lookin' to learn
    Lookin’ to learn
    I love that each episode seeks to teach and learn from experiences or others. I just found this and am binge-listening from the very beginning (2014 has been finished). I am eager to learn more and hear what is in future episodes.
  • Vudr
    Amazing Podcast
    This is probably my favorite podcast now. Great information in each episode, and I appreciate how Mark diversifies his guests to get different perspectives on different types of hunts and deer management.
  • Ahoy UTF8
    Greatest Podcast Ever
    I have never liked podcast, but this one has changed my mind. The podcast is so educational and professional. Mark Kenyon is such a humble guy and is all about Whitetail. Dan... Dan.. Dan.. that guy is a goofball and the perfect comic relief for the show. These guys are great.
  • Keep on running!!!!!!
    Amazing podcast
    I came here as a first year hunter to learn about hunting whitetail however this podcast gave me so much more. I love how it talks about hunting tips and tactics, food plots, scouting, strength training, and over all wellness all on top of your amazing hunting stories. This podcast really hits at home and gets your brain rolling on how important it is to balance your life with hunting and family especially your children and work load. Mark I can honestly say your podcast has helped me become a better hunter, father, and has motivated me to get in better physical condition.
  • Gordon Bombay 1123
    Binge Listening
    I found the Wired to Hunt podcast in January of 2019 and haven’t been able to turn it off. Every spare minute I spend listening to Mark, Dan and their guests. Each podcast is informative and entertaining and has been a great educational resource for all things hunting. I can’t wait to put many of these tactics I have learned from the podcast into practice this fall. I only wish I would have found this podcast years ago. Keep up the great work gentlemen!
  • stevie gie
    I did it
    After I finish all the meateater pod casts l started to listen to mark and dan and never turned back. After a rotator cuff surgery in April I’m looking more forward to this season since I was twelve. If it wasn’t for you guys I probably would have settled for the crossbow. Keep up the great work Ps some of my favorite podcasts are just you and Dan
  • ranger62
    Becoming Oprah for Hunters
    I really like the original style of Wired to Hunt, but now Mark thinks he’s Dr Phil of the outdoor community. Keep your self help investigations to your private life and stick to whitetail hunting topics. If you’ve run out of these topics, maybe you should end podcast because your current tripe is not the type ruminant hunters are interested in listening to.
  • vmonheim
    Great podcast
    I’ve learned so much more about whitetail hunting from listening. Mark is a great wealth of knowledge
  • Bman409
    I have learned more about deer hunting listening to this podcast..
    I'm 49.. i've hunted since I was 12.. I've learned more about advanced methods for hunting whitetails from these podcasts, then from all my years of sitting in the same latter stand year after year, combined.
  • bruin1962
    A Rich Resource for All Hunters
    I subscribe to many podcasts and really get a lot from this one. Mark Kenyon has the right stuff to be an engaging podcast host and knows how to draw useful information from his guests. The shows are long, but he never runs out of good material. I really appreciated the effort he put into assembling Episode 222, the "Public Land Deer Hunting Masterclass," which distilled outstanding insights in a show that I know I will return to again.
  • CowboyDan007
    Episode 279 No-till
    My area is very sandy learning how to no-till. Great episode. I have one plot going on 3 years no round up or tilling
  • BradMilNY
    just discovered this show
    I just discovered Wired to Hunt and I've been literally binge listening to the old episodes. I've covered about 10 so far and I'm up early on a Sunday to download more. That should tell you everything you need to know. LOL
  • RM269
    💯 best podcast ever!
    I’m a wired to hunt addict, n I’m not ashamed to admit it! Lol 😂 Love the show Mark K n Dan J. Keep em coming
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