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Dive deep into the world of whitetails with leading expert Mark Kenyon. Each episode covers specific and actionable strategies for the next generation of whitetail hunting addicts. Get your fix through the stories of Mark’s learning experiences as a whitetail hunter and valuable insights provided by a weekly slate of expert guests. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • martmich23
    Listen to Early Episodes
    I listened to a lot of Marks early episodes which were great. Felt like I was growing in my tactics along side Mark. Now that Meat Eater has taken over seems way too scripted and not as relevant to most hunters. Tony also was better with his own Podcast without Meat Eater. New hunters go back to early podcast.
  • thatjohndoe12
    Best hunting podcast
    Love listening to this while at work and daydreaming about my days off
  • Z71polarbear
    Tony need his own podcast
    For some reason Mark take the fun out of hunting for me. He looks at it as a business decision and not enjoyment. He complains a lot. I like listening to Tony, he’s more realistic and honest.
  • sac6842
    Live it boys
    Read “Running on Air” Mark. Got me trained and through my only marathon
  • gobrowns8825
    Great content
    I travel for work and this has become a great time passer while on the road. I love hearing the different guests and their expertise. I have the same passion for it you guys do so I love constantly learning and hearing good conversation for all things whitetail hunting. Great content - keep it up!
  • Mr.TagSoup
    Great Whitetail Podcast!
    I like how in depth Mark Kenyon gets with his guests. The fine details are what really make a difference and they usually cover them ! I still love that Tony P razzes up Mark every once and a while - - all in good fun, deer camp style ! 🤣
  • One Little Buck
    Mark and Tony are great
    This and THP are my favorite deer hunting podcasts.
  • Nikemancam24
    I was searching for a new outdoors podcast, clicked this one because I’ve seen a couple of videos on YouTube. This podcast is everything but exciting, very boring and sounds very scripted. 👎🏽
  • Sarah sue who
    It’s witty!
    I’m really liking the Foundations series with Tony. I’m not the most skilled/experienced of hunters, so I am probably the target audience for the info. But I also like that they’re short, digestible, and to the point without a lot of excess chit chat, and I really enjoy Tony’s writing and delivery, keeping it entertaining!
  • Joey Bagz 123
    I usually like what MeatEater puts out there but it is infected with ads as of late. Pair that with the lack of Kenyon and uptick of Peterson and you lost me. Peterson patronizes the lister by saying, if you’re listening to this you must not be killing mature deer (paraphrasing of course). I listen to the content because I enjoy whitetail (white-tail/white-tailed/white tail/white tailed) hunting, to get fresh perspectives, to hear from great hunters, and to be entertained. I don’t listen to it to be mocked and talked down to by dull, unenthusiastic Tony.
  • What 1375
    Nerding Out on Hunting Strategy
    I really enjoy this podcast especially near and during season. I think Mark does a great job of asking strategy questions and posing different scenarios to his expert guests. He also has great follow up questions. I definitely recommend this to any hunting nerds.
  • Stash&Guns
    For us common folks with minimal property.
    Big part of hunter success is dictated by property access. Tony P. seems to understand this. He’s down to earth, humble, and the kind of guy I’d drink a beer with. He wants us common hunters to find success in an industry that is trending hard towards wealthy folk. Mark is great too. He puts himself out there about his mistakes & failures. Guys will give him crap, but that makes me like him more. And his passion is contagious too. Just hope he keeps fighting for the middle class working man. And the Buck Truck guys are incredibly likeable guys too. Keep it up.
  • GSwigart
    Solid Podcast
    The show used to be among my favorites. Seems to have lost some magic over the years.
  • Pecan Farms
    Take me back
    Bring me back to the old days of mark and Dan sharing relatable info, tactics and stories. Being relatable is what made the show so great for the average bow hunter. Also for a podcast based around bow hunting, mark shoots a lot of his target bucks in gun season 😏
  • SteveStemp
    Can’t Stop Listening
    This is the podcast that got me started on deer hunting. So many useful tips, love listening to the old eps with Dan
  • ddubb13
    Crying Tony
    Great show but Tony Peterson is crying about his hunting lifestyle while we are all sweating in factories.
  • Bobrunner06
    Wired to hunt is the real deal
    Mark and crew has a great list of topics and guests to truly cover it all. I look forward to new episodes of the podcast
  • Hogjaw Habitat
    Old school!
    I just went with the theme of looking back by listening to the Lee and Tiffany episode. Biggest take away for me was when Lee was talking about alleviating pressure by being on your farm all the time. That was the second time I had heard that approach. The first was on Mark's outfitted hunt in Deer country. It really makes since and I am going to make it a point on my property this year. Oh yeah, go back to the old intro music!!
  • WIbluffs
    Used to be great
    I have been a listener since the first few episodes in 2014. This podcast used to be the best there was but since joining meat eater has lost touch with the average whitetail bowhunter. I wish it would go back to having guests on to talk tactics that were different than others and gave updates on what they were doing at different times of the year. Hopefully some day it will get back to that but until then i will listen to other more relatable and useful podcasts.
  • Splatek
    Parenting a hunter/anger
    I love that you guys are doing this. I’m an adult onset hunter with a bunch of small ones running around. My two year old is ate up with hunting after we missed a doe with the bow while he was in the backpack carrier. Looking forward to this series. Also love the foundations.
  • gnarfather
    More Tony!
    Love the podcast, especially the foundations segments. Not hating on Mark but there’s something about Tony’s voice, humor, and info that are undefeated!
  • TomB333@
    Fantastic, fun, and extremely educational! Awesomeness!
    Awesomeness!!!!! Love this podcast. Tells it like it is! Really cool! Love this stuff! Keep it up!!!
  • bragg redbone
    Love the podcast
    Great information and insightful guests
    The latest foundations podcast was one of the absolute best podcasts I’ve heard in a long time. Couldn’t agree more with the points Tony made. Applies so much to life and hunting. Really love the Foundations series!
  • Matt_from_PA
    More Tony Peterson and Martonik
    Love the podcast! Tony is the best guy out there for communicating strategy and tactics to the everyday hunter. Martonik is a mountain buck genius.
  • MA Bowhunter
    Tony Peterson
    If I could only listen to one voice in the hunting space, it would be Tony Peterson
  • Fusion Bomb
    Critical Foundations
    Loving the Foundations section of this podcast. The short snippets are perfect for my drive into work and have been instrumental in developing my skills as a first year bow hunter. Thanks so much for all the content Tony and Mark. Keep up the good work!
  • 14WV
    Watch your language please!!5 stars in good faith..LOL
    Great content love the small talk as well as deeper conversations………. 5 stars in good faith that you keep in mind we “ a lot of your listeners” listen to this with our kids present, and would appreciate if you would watch your language. Last episode was pretty rough, and if it continues I will no longer be able to listen, and I love to listen.
  • adskyles
    Best deer hunting info and entertainment
    “The folks at NASA are so stuck up they never actually listen to squirrel hunting writers.” God I love this podcast.
  • Taken it Slow...
    Big Bang v Creation
    Something worthy to consider… Science and archaeological digs are actually proving scripture to be true. There is a creator and we are the created. If something exploded, that something had to be created somehow.
  • MW2886
    Foundations with Tony Peterson is great
  • asslackin
    Awesome show !
    Sitting in the stand listening to you guys right now taking notes. So much great information. After the biggest deer ever seen in the wild. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks
  • yfisherzz
    Great topics
    Love this show. I try new things and it’s made me a better hunter. Mark is a great host.
  • Harry bawzack
    Really dropped off
    I used to listen to this year round. The Meateater acquisition knocked it down a bit. Now the Tony Peterson episodes are great but that’s about it. The rest is pretty much just a waste of time.
  • Runnerwes
    Very good podcast
    I love the new hosts or Rut Fresh. They are way more interesting and not so monotone. They laugh and cut up more and bring more out of the different interviews. Mark Kenyon is good but seems to make a short deer story long sometimes.
  • Jkirbstop
    Good podcast
    This is a good podcast… it would be a great podcast if Tony Peterson hosted it.
  • DNR118
    DO NOT recommend
    The two episodes that I suffered through were a mixture of soap box rants by the host and guests about how trail cameras are bad, feeding deer is bad, hunting where you want is bad, hunting from tree stands is bad……. I am a die hard meat eater/ bear grease fan, so I was excited to dive into this whitetail focused version of the same content. I found myself furious midway through one episode and will not be back.
  • jenisonwild
    Mark made it. Literally accomplished the dream of making a living at hunting. Then via overthinking and over talking about it he turned something we all love, into…average-ness. It’s like he can’t close a deal. Stop missing, hesitating, thinking. Just quit man. You will circle back in 5-10 years and be able to hunt again. Let Andy May take over. If the Almighty Rinella, who fires anyone with a personality on par with his, allows it. Stop. Go work at target. Despite my booing from the bleachers (Literally he made it. was THE audience creator for whitetail.), I want what is best for mark and his family. Quit. Stop. or stop talking about your aim. Send an arrow. Put all your gear in the closet or fire. Just a bow and one arrow. Shoot a doe. You have the entire nation at your finger tips. Enjoy.
  • JustinF**cking
    Used to love the Rut Fresh season…
    Rut Fresh used to be one of my favorite hunting podcasts of the year. I knew Spencer was moving on to bigger and better things, but I liked the succinct nature of his hosting. We got real valid information without a ton of superfluous niceties. The southern hospitality of the new hosts wears on me and I find myself skipping more than half the podcast to get to the good stuff. Just one opinion, y’all do y’all.
  • zacharyb32
    The 🐐 has become quite the mentor to Mark and I love the new dynamic! Excited for the future of this podcast. Good luck this fall. -Zacharyb
  • Bradley Nuding
    Thanks, Tony
    Tony Peterson has resurrected this podcast for me. I quit listening after the Drury partnership (love the Mark & Terry, not a fan of Matt), but recently started listening again solely due to Tony. He’s always relatable, funny, and a great storyteller.
  • Picklemo9
    Appreciate this episode. Hunt your own hunt.
  • Aitch2483
    Good Show. Used to be better.
    I miss Sitka Mark. This once was a great show. I just feel like it lost something with the meat eater brand. Still a good listen for any hunter but not what it used to be. If you’re just getting started with this show, scroll back a ways and check out some of the older episodes. You won’t be disappointed.
  • beef bossy
    You are awesome
    This is my first year using a bow and I need some tips could you make a podcast about the gear I need
  • Caveman1944
    Tony is great!
    Down to earth sounding guy. If it isn’t him on I just skip the episode.
  • Bm00k
    Awesome podcast
    Love the podcast. Episode 551 with Randy Ulmer was money. Thanks for doing what you do!
  • Sabot Sam
    Awesome podcast!
    This is one of the best podcasts out there for the serious Whitetail hunter. Mark and Tony are enjoyable to listen to and seem to know their stuff when it comes to Whitetail hunting. I’m always glad when new podcasts drop. Thanks guys!
  • Mikemillerbat
    Great discussions and super informative
    So many great issues get brought up on these podcasts. Neat to hear about the different fights for conservation and preserving the hunting culture and how the issues vary state to state and region to region. BHA Lifetime member after hearing the T. Edward Nickens interview!
  • NJB83--
    Thumbs up
    Keep it up guys. This podcast is always a breath of fresh air. Real, reliable, and relatable information from humble hunters. Tony, you’re the Maynard James Keenan of whitetail podcasting:). They don’t get it, but you do. Keep it real.
  • Another_steve
    Tony is awesome
    5 stars for Tony. Great discussions from an expert. Mark is getting painful these days - spends half his time in his head explaining misses when he needs to hit the range and work on fundamentals.
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