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The Wired To Hunt Podcast is the most highly rated and listened to deer hunting focused podcast in North America - with millions of episodes downloaded and enjoyed by hunters every year. Hosted by nationally published outdoor writer and QDMA Communicator of the Year Mark Kenyon, each new episode focuses on sharing deer hunting news, stories and strategies - straight from guys who live the deer hunting lifestyle every day. And expert whitetail hunting guests such as Mark and Terry Drury, Bill Winke, Dan Infalt, Adam Hays, Stan Potts, Steve Bartylla, John Dudley and many others are frequently interviewed to share their insights, experiences and strategies. If you are a whitetail addict, tune in to The Wired To Hunt Podcast to get your fix.

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  • Nick Mag
    Tim Ferris style hunting podcast
    Very Tim Ferris style podcast about hunting that I truly enjoy
  • Tombstone Drone
    Good talk.
  • hunt stand
    Don’t waste your time
    Getting hunting advice from Kenyon is like getting dating advice from Charlie Sheen. He might get you to there but there’s much better options out there
  • @thehaunesttruth
    First timer
    Going hunting this weekend for the first time at the age of 33 because of MeatEater and all of their podcasts!
  • Young buttplug
    Seems like much less tips than it is talking about how many big bucks they’ve killed
  • Dr. Philus
    382 is gold. May relished before every season lol
    This is amazingly good stuff. I work a high stress IT job and it even will help me with that. Getting my wife who doesn’t hunt to listen to this too! Don’t be fooled from its wide reaching application. it’s the best hunting advise I have heard in a long time! All of the best advise includes bits of this whether you know it or not.
  • Blegs36
    Great for the novice AND the beginner hunters
    Today’s episode (#382 10/22/20) was fantastic! This podcast has been very informative for both myself and my son whom is an 11 year old first time hunter. This episode in particular was so engaging and helpful that I had my boy sit and listen to it start to finish. Trying to show him that there are some things beyond his control that we can’t change and this episode shows that as well as how to deal with or push through that. Great show, and quite frankly, one of my favorite episodes so far! Keep it up!
  • Rusty Truman
    382 was awesome
    Episode 382 was awesome !!!
  • tj in ok
    Cerebral yet accessible hunting podcast
    This is my third season bow hunting, so as a relatively new hunter, I’m grateful for the wealth of knowledge and perspective this podcast represents. This is a very professional podcast and production, offering a balance of interviews with top authorities—not only hunters but biologists, conservationists, chefs, etc.—insightful analysis of hunting strategy and tactics, and entertaining banter on hunting and, occasionally, life. The primary geographical focus does skew Midwest, but this is often balanced by discussion of western hunts the hosts did or plan to do, and also by the Rut Radio miniseries episodes, which provide updates on conditions and deer movement from across the country. Also, the hosts often tack back and forth between private and public land hunting discussion and interviews, which keeps me interested (I hunt public land). The interviews are super insightful thanks to thoughtful and penetrating questions. The hosts are also very personable and disarming which makes for deep, forthcoming interviews. Above all, I appreciate that this podcast promotes a new attitude toward and philosophy of hunting—a break from the off-color “drink beer & kill deer” culture that I grew up around and which negatively impacts hunting in the grand scheme. This podcast is for the modern hunter-conservationist, the strategist, the hardcore, driven, determined (bow)hunter. This ain’t your grand-pappy’s huntin’ podcast, and while it’s not disparaging toward that old way, it does mark a much needed break with it.
  • 23Devo23
    Long time listener
    I’ve been listening to this pod for about 5 years now, and this is my first review. Mark does an excellent job with his guests and interviews. You can always tell he is prepared. It’s been fun to listen to his growing family. I do miss the BS sessions with Dan Johnson. I have noticed that he has changed his tone with the mental side of hunting and it drives me nuts. Half of his shows are filled with feelings and the mental side of things now. Even this week we are entering the pre-rut and he has a show about the mental side of hunting.... Save that crap for the off season... You can almost tell now he is getting bored with interviews and is trying to come up with new ways to ask questions. I basically just pick and choose now, but now I’ll just go back and listen to old episodes if I’m looking for content.
  • AssaultLifeFishing
    Florida man doin his best
    I’ve learned a ton, where to start?! My biggest note is using the knowledge attained through you guys to earn me a spot on a Florida Lease. Current land owners hunt the same stands over power lines and a field but has 300 Acures of THICK woods and marsh that no one has bothered to explore- I can’t wait to see what we learn in the years to come!
  • Quinten A.
    Look forward to listen and learn every week!
    This podcast is an amazing source of knowledge and experience from some of the greatest and most seasoned minds in the industry!
  • Deadstream deer slayer
    Great podcast!!
    I love wired to hunt podcast been listening for the beginning! Learned a lot very informative! Keep up the great work mark! Thanks again
  • Cruel Joke
    Decent guy
    I really tried to like this show, I just can’t. Mark seems like a really good guy, but to me he comes across like he’s trying really hard to stretch these out. I get frustrated. I get it! Move on! Get to the next point! I’m also more interested in filling my freezer in a heavily pressured area vs looking for a huge buck, trying to give him a cool name and shoot him. I don’t get spending a fortune on trail cameras, compiling a huge data base and tracking every possible variable. For me personally that’s data mining, not hunting. Im not 100% sure what I’m looking for, I just know this isn’t it.
  • michigander miller
    Its like angels singing in your ears!
    Mark ask’s the questions that the listeners want to hear, and you get TONS of great information and tactics from the worlds best hunters. Also most importantly this podcast shows and teaches hunting morals and respect, along with being able to listen to the host (Mark) and see all he does for the community and industry, and how thankful he is to be able to have these wonderful opportunity’s as we all should! Great podcast 15 out of 10!
  • Smif Smoove
    Selfishly, I typically don’t take the time to leave reviews. “That being said,” I am a novice to bow hunting and cherish this podcast. And I do feel compelled to express my sincere appreciation for the D’Acquisto interview. It was clear to me that he is acting at the highest level of his trade. He provided so many truly unique insights into whitetail hunting that I feel emboldened and, somehow, even more excited to enter the whitetail habitat this year. I cannot wait for a subsequent interview with D’Acquisto and am confident Mark Kenyon will provide the verbal architecture to garner the best content for us less skillful hunters to empower success within our passion. Tremendous thanks to both parties for the effort to provide incredible education and content; I will begin replaying this amazing episode now.
  • bradenjacob89
    Episode 366
    This has been my favorite episode by far!This episode has really encouraged me to push harder and not to be so worried about failure but to think outside the box and really push the limits.I love how this episode goes against your typical hunters code. This guy is a Rebel, the black sheep of the hunting world! I hope we get to hear more from this guest.
  • JacobWI1999
    Love the show but missing dan :(
    Been listening for years, love the show and love your book, but where’s our trusty co-host? I know he still comes on sometimes, and that he has his own (also great) podcast, but sometimes it’s nice to have more of the BS session and his weird attitude. Otherwise 👌🏻5/5
  • Jackie1492
    Absence of regional guests
    Most people that I know listen to a podcast of a subject that they are interested however this podcast has very little hunting content. I have listened to probably 50 or 60 episodes and have found that you mostly have guests that hunt the Midwest even though a large percentage of your listeners are likely to come from other regions. Having little known guests that have a ton of success on public land from every area of the county would satisfy for listeners more I think. Find guests from Florida, Georgia or Tennessee that actually get it done in areas not known for giant deer.
  • Packersfan03
    come on man
    i’m a hunter and i love the sacrifice animals give to us for food but come on man. do you really need to shoot a deer that badly that you’ll kill a doe as her two fawns are playing right next to her? i’m pretty sure you don’t, now you possibly killed three deer by shooting that one doe. podcast is 5 stars but that interview i did not like
  • Big T 8
    My Go-To!
    All around great! Love the info
  • Joplin Hunter
    Great Podcast
    I’m new to the podcast thing not new to hunting but started from the first episode and I’m pretty impressed with the information you can pick up. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  • Polarswim
    Best hunting resource I’ve found!
    I am fairly new to hunting and knew a lot about deer because I work in the biology field, but little about the sport when I started. For the past three years I’ve been winging it on my own in the Maine woods, not ever realizing this podcast was out there. When I found this podcast this summer I was excited to listen and learn some new information, and I wasn’t disappointed! From the moment I started listening (starting with episode 1), I realized I was agreeing with, laughing at, and all around enjoying everything Mark and Dan talked about. Every time I listen to an episode it puts me in a good mood and keeps my hunting motivation high. I now feel like I’m going into the 2020 hunting season with the proper amount of knowledge needed to finally nail down the beast I’ve been chasing for three years now (started as a 2.5 year old 10-pt and has evolved into a thick-antlered probably 5.5 year old 14-pt this year). He’s been patterning me for the last three years, it’s about time I get to pattern him! This podcast has also been a huge help in helping me realize it’s entirely possible for me to get a full-time job working with deer, which has been a life-long dream of mine. All I can say is thank you to Mark, Dan, and every other guest that has been willing to share their knowledge with me throughout this podcast’s lifetime!
  • Brendon Doyle
    I suggest this podcast to literally everyone who hunts.
    Mark does an amazing job keeping people interested in these podcasts. Constantly waiting for the next episode 👍🏼
  • malone515
    Great informative podcast
    I recently just got into this podcast and now I’m addicted!! Always have a great mix of guests and topics that are covered. I really enjoy how Mark hosts the show and the questions he asks the guests to get the most info out of them and not only that he really lays it out so that the listener completely understands the scenarios and strategies they are covering. They got a listener forever in me!
  • Fritz Feulner
    Good content, but WTH
    Great guests and an earnest, knowledgeable host. Please ditch the ridiculous intro; it’s a podcast, not a flipping Late Show.
  • manlikeape
    Episode 351 was exactly what I needed today. Sane coherent outdoor people speaking reverently about the natural world, unselfishly about the pandemic, with affection for children and respect for the lives of the creatures they hunt. Thank you.
  • TwinDad1127
    Great Podcast
    I found wired to hunt recently and have become addicted to it. It is slam packed full of great advise for every type of hunter. If I had one thing I wish they did would be a few more episodes on hunting in the south like Georgia, Alabama, etc. but overall live the podcast.
  • emma20001112000
    Great podcast
    Love hearing your stuff man! Really good stuff, keep being awesome! Really wish you the best in your hunting this year.
  • Yung Slom
    My favorite outdoors/hunting podcast
    Steve is the man!
  • JonasLaursen
    I’ll give it 6 stars!
    Best hunting podcast out there - just awesome.
  • j.bonz
    Keep her moving
  • Nate0779
    Keep it up.
  • Kurtfelix40
    Have to skip the first half
    It seems like every episode I end up skipping until I find the actual discussion about hunting or whatever the actual topic is. I would really like to hear less family current events and other random stuff. Its kind of hard to hunt for the start of the good stuff. Other than that great work. The audio is always clear and titles are usually good enough that I can just listen to episodes I will find interesting.
  • Kentucky plowboy
    Just started listening
    Just started last week 3-16-20. Should be all caught up bye the end of next week. Glad to hear Dan get a better mic so much I could say. I live in Kentucky. And I Drive a truck. So don’t get to bow hunt. Just rifle and muzzle loader Rut is mostly November around 11-9 Thur 15. So just waiting on turkey season 4-18. Something got die pretty soon. Thanks for all the info. Safe hunting and traveling. Chris
  • gsgsheueb
    Informative and I love the BS sessions with dan
  • Tyler cosenza
    To All Hunters!
    Hi my name is Tyler Michael Cosenza & I am 10 years old. I think this podcast is awesome for all hunters out there. When I am older I want to be a chef & a hunter too. This podcast inspired me to make my own Cooking and Hunter podcast. To, Joe Rogan
  • Whitner22
    Worth a try and super informative
    It’s like a public radio host broke into MeatEater world headquarters and had a baby with a Steve Rinella. Listening to Mark feels a little slow and he sounds like a dork but for what it’s worth this a super informative podcast.
  • Ace_Fox1
    Great informative podcast. Useful for experienced and inexperienced hunters alike.
  • jakereid12
    Entertaining, informative, and inspiring!
    When you listen to Mark and his guests they do a phenomenal job of conveying contemporary information on the hunting industry. Therefore as a “rookie” to the hunting world and located in Ohio, the core of his podcasts are whitetail focused which makes Wired to Hunt my go-to. However he does dive into country wide hunts and tactics that are equally informative and entertaining, inspiring me to get my butt out there soon!
  • cody419
    Awesome Podcast!
    This is by far the best podcast for any whitetail deer hunter. Mark is constantly cranking out new material applicable for the first time hunter getting into the woods or for the seasoned outdoorsman. I find it particularly helpful for those that have been in the game for some time now, like myself, but are just looking for those tips that can help you start killing more mature bucks. Every topic you can think of is discussed on this podcast, whether it be statistics /facts, deer behavior, feeding, bedding, geography, or gear, and much more. I would highly recommend anyone interested in hunting and the outdoors to check out this podcast.
  • 1stGenHunter
    EP 333 AWESOME Info
    Great podcast for those interested in developing a mobile system. Particular interest in saddle hunting and setting up the saddle but also tid bits for hang ons. Easy to listen to, but create a note in your phone or grab a pad of paper cause there is a TON to take away! Love this gear/mobile setup episode
  • caleb.poe
    Fantastic podcast
    I usually work by myself and I just plug this podcast in my headphones and get to work. And while working I learn so much about Hunting that my family really didn’t know before. Love listening!
  • BlockChainFrontPage
    Need episode 2.0
    Mark - I’ve been listening to this podcast for several years and this has been one of my most favorites. Please bring Jason back for another show or mini series. It would be great to learn more about case studies on regenerative agriculture and integration with food plots and wildlife. I’m especially interested in learning more about natural termination with intercropping. Keep up the great work!
  • livingongolf2
    Great Show
    Amazing show, the content is educational and always a great storyline mixed in!!
  • SpenceE23
    Great Podcast
    Great content, good dude. Helps pass the time at work.
  • adskyles
    Cooking Better Wild Game
    One of my favorite episodes. Been listening for a few years. Very good podcast.
  • JsolgatJr
    Great podcast
    I love listening to podcast where the host isn’t afraid to share their tactics. Whatever mark talks about he shares his failures just as much as his success so the listeners might an avoid a mistake. This isn’t a grip and grin podcast or product pusher for more money he uses what advertises.
  • KS1972
    Excellent Interviewer
    Not only do I enjoy the content of this podcast but, and I think this is so rare in podcasts today, Mark is an excellent interviewer. He brings out the best in his guests. I find myself listening and saying “I wish I could ask...” and then boom! Mark asks the question. Also Mark does a great job of covering information and is beneficial for everyone from a beginner to a veteran.
  • thegoatbarn
    Top of the Mark
    Mark is a professional at exciting and informing you about what you love: deer. His language is articulate yet accessible. An expert interviewer, he asks the questions that you would ask, and has an uncanny knack for extracting the answers that you would want from his knowledgeable and diverse mix of interviewees. Bottom line: When you listen to Mark, Dan or Spencer talk about hunting, you get excited to hunt, and gain the intel to hunt smarter. These guys know what they’re talking about. Listening to this podcast enriches you as hunter. Period. ———————- One gripe with podcast/ plug for my home turf: We need more representation from Massachusetts! Both on Rut (Fresh) Radio and interviewees from our area. You guys should think about planning a trip up to Martha’s Vineyard next season. Zone 13. We have more deer per square mile than anywhere else in the world, and on my lot particularly. Unlimited doe tags. Monster bucks abound. They even put a bounty on does this year. $100 a head. At the very least, call on one of us for a podcast interview! You guys are awesome. Thank you for your work!
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