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Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek, which has been translated into 40+ languages. Newsweek calls him "the world's best human guinea pig," and The New York Times calls him "a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk." In this show, he deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

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  • the burning inch
    Missed the mark
    Tim, I have a great deal of respect for you and for your podcast. I’ve listened for years. I was disappointed to hear you giving Matt Pottinger a platform with no push-back. He’s advancing a fascist agenda and you simply stepped aside and let him do it like Lex Friedman. You’re better than this.
  • AvonQuester
    Ignorance and prejudice
    After the episode #736, I think that you own all your fans an interview with professor Jeffrey Sacks, to balance up the ignorance and prejudice of your guest, Matt Pottinger.
  • another El
    Life changing work
    I’ve been listening since 2017. No, I don’t follow every episode, but the path this podcast has set me on is something I’ll be forever grateful for. There aren’t that many podcasters who are creating their show from a place of genuine curiosity. Tim is one. Listen to the interviews with Martha Beck and Craig Frost. Or go way back to Jack Kornfield and Debbie Millman. You’ll find refuge for your heart in this man’s work.
  • totalwhine
    A waste of your time unless you are a millionaire sociopath 🫶
    Go enjoy your life and find a different rabbit hole to go down. ✌️
  • Mrstarmack
    Great guests and topics but a little too commercial
    The first nearly 6-7 minutes were ads…. I understand the need for ads and revenue but it was a turn off from the beginning. His verbiage and speech is so slow and choppy sometimes, it can be difficult to listen as it lacks flow and fluidity. Lacking some authentic ideologies and seems a bit cliché, I’m sorry.
  • jbharts
    Martha Beck discussion
    Tim, I just love your shows and especially this interview with Martha Beck. Thank you for bringing relevant and broad information to your listeners! The authenticity is very refreshing as well.
  • Chance my friend
    Home Run
    The Scott Glenn interview is awesome and the Barbra C. I Was not familiar with either of these people but the interviews were delightful, interesting, and entertaining. Kudos to you and who ever contacted these people for your podcast. Keep it going.
  • DrOps88
    Listen Actively
    Lots of nuggets here — don’t play this as background noise
  • Season 3 Episode 01
    Is the show… still the title
    I appreciate Tim, he was pivotal in my experience growing into my profession. His interviews were ground breaking for the time, he truly shaped the podcast industry. We have some podcasters who have become more extreme, but I’m afraid tim was afraid to become ‘too extreme’ so he tried to double down what he was doing. I think Tim should diversify his brand and be ‘different’ shows within the brand. For example think: Armchair expert … then they launched “armchair anonymous”. I love Tim’s podcasts but I think the content has become bland because of the lack of diversity. Tim became a popular podcast because it was a result of the underdog status. At the summit you instead became a plateau. Don’t force every podcast to meet the same standard, but rather dive into what makes you unique. Allow your podcast, to reflect your books, different episodes reflect different experiences. Tim Ferris - startups Tim Ferris - personal finance Tim Ferris - health Etc. Keep your brand, but differentiate. I’d love to subscribe to specific parts of Tim Ferris, instead I find myself halfway through you podcast asking… what is the point of the story other than the fact that you successfully booked someone to interview. Example: the latest Seth Godin podcast sounds like a has-been story of someone who is trying to spin old stories into new reflections. “Going for a walk with him” is not fresh. But if Seth godin “non-startup entrepreneurs” I’d love to listen to that
  • Greg Boyer
    The ultimate resource
    This now extensive library of interviews is the ultimate resource on the planet for interesting people and all they share. I’m very grateful this podcast is still going strong.
  • Phu Magoo
    Best of the Best
    I was fortunate to stumble upon Tim’s podcast many years ago. It has improved my life (and by extension the lives of others around me) in more ways than I can express in this short review. Tim’s thorough research and thoughtful questions show respect for both his guests and his audience. If I had to pick only one podcast to listen to it would be The Tim Ferriss Podcast, without a doubt.
  • B Quig
    Go-to Podcast for 7 Years
    Tim is a great host that takes his interviews seriously while also injecting great personality and authentic curiosity. I love how he lets the conversations wander but can bring it back to the core of the discussion. I’ve been listening to this show for 7 years and counting and always get a lot out of them. In creating my own podcast, I have definitely taken a number of pages from Tim’s playbook. Plus, Tim is just a good dude who shares his vast knowledge freely and with the intention of helping others speed up the learning and improvement processes.
  • LakeHopatcong
    Great value to life
    Tims podcast has provided me amazing value over the years. Insights, ideas, different perspectives, challenges, changes, helpful thinking, and more. Appreciate all you do Tim. Thank you.
  • TitanInTraining
    Used to be great now self indulgent
    I have been long time fan and reader of Tim and have consistently gotten value and enjoyment out of his thinking across different media formats. Increasingly, however I feel he is off course with his show. The conversations are dominated by Tim’s monologues and he is getting increasingly repetitive in his aging anecdotes. How many more times do we need to hear about his experiences at his first SXSW when he was trying to make it? The interviews feel more self-serving, with Tim indulging his need to be heard, and the desire to gain information that he wants. This approach rubs off on the guests who also are not providing as good material to the listeners as in previous episodes. How can they when their interviewer is dominating the conversation and directly asking them to respond to him. It is constricting and does not give the guests space to share their unique perspectives. Instead, they spend most of the episode responding to Tim’s. Tim, if you’re reading this, please course correct your podcast to bring it closer to what it originally was and what is reflected in your books. You interviewing high performers, and distilling their lessons and experiences for the rest of us. You talk about wanting to be more anonymous and more in the background but I don’t see it from the way you conduct your interviews. You seem to want to be the center of the story and that’s not how it was originally. In closing, I have to say this is still one of the better podcasts around, at least via the archive of past episodes, but it has lost its way.
  • Anonymous321987654
    Tim’s monologues and “selfish questions” more prevalent
    Been a fan for years, but longer portions lately seem to be Tim monologues or “I’m going to ask a selfish question for myself.” (K now you’re being annoying AND redundant) The pretentious Princeton or insecure Long Islander inserts have been tolerable in the past because monologues were sporadic and brief. (Like this is the part of the episode where Tim can’t resist inserting himself into the conversation. Got it, yup. And now back to the guest.) However, lately episodes feel more like Tim’s public therapy sessions where he invited guests to help him work through his own issues of feeling lost or stuck. TIM: Do you want to have kids? Do you want to write fiction? Do you want to move on from your Podcast? All options are okay!! Just please figure this out so we can get this show back to hearing all about your amazing guests from your amazing guests.
  • angelus658
    Always worth the time
    I sometimes go a little while without listening to one of Tim’s shows, and then when I inevitably tune back in I berate myself for not keeping up to speed. He’s such a fantastic interviewer. Great questions and actionable insights. I think I’m a better person for having this show in my life.
  • Sunny57078
    Life is better with this podcast in it!
    Tim never disappoints! His insights combined with the powerhouse roster of talented guests has what it takes to really examine what/how/why we have can motivate our society to operate at higher level, each of us contributing in a way that’s meaningful. There’s no being unconsciously asleep at the wheel after listening to these conversations!
  • helgi p
    Learning a ton from it, grateful!
    I’ve been following Tim’s deconstructing the top performers’ methodologies for quite some some, just never in this app. This morning I was walking Borscht, my dog, and randomly checked the podcast app. And there is was — Tim’s walking and talking experiment that layered perfectly on our long Sunday morning walk. Actually, due to this episode, we walked even longer than I initially planned. So, thanks for the amazing notes (some real good stuff) and some extra steps in my tracker. Keep it walking, it is truly refreshing! :)
  • jeffreyahaines
    walk and talk = please no
    Been listening since the beginning but whatever Tim’s team used to edit out huffnpuff on the new walk and talk episode makes it absolutely unbearable to listen to
  • BP Writer
    Excellent podcast
    Recently found this podcast and am really enjoying it! Absolutely loved episode 696 and with your conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger. What really resonated with me was what a candid, insightful, and engaging episode this was. The time flew by with Arnold's 7 tools for life, thinking big. building resilience, and processing grief. A lot to learn from this guy! What an inspiring episode. Thank you!
  • cielokaorangwo
    Episodes got way tooooo long
    I really don’t know how to listen a 4 hour podcast. Your stuff is not bad but will be much better if you can handle it within 1 hour, please consider your audience’s time……
  • Xavier Tchana
    Thoughts on Youtube
    hey tim, have you ever seen The Midnight Gospel? Animated show based on a podcast conversation. I know you’re a fan of anime stuff. I think doing something like this would be a cool way to utilize YouTube to benefit your podcast without increasing your facial recognition. Cheers, Xavi
  • Melissa Garcia Ortiz
    Episode #717 Turned me on to your podcast 🫰
    I appreciate your multi hour podcast! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. 🚀
  • Leahkimyoga
    Seoul episode - links?
    Loving the recent Seoul episode. You guys mention adding links in show notes to some videos when families briefly reunited. I don’t see them and was wondering if you could please add them?
  • HotTommy
    Consistently great
    I have listened to >90% of the episodes and have re-listened to dozens. At 2-4 hours each, that is a big investment of time. I appreciate the deep, thoughtful discussion. Obviously, he can’t be everything to everyone. But I gravitate to discussions on mental and emotional wellness and habits of the highly effective folks. Tim’s podcast has spawned many other great others some of which I listen to. But I always come back to this one for the consistently solid conversations.
  • Sitsionatah
    more dudes talking
  • YuliaCheldieva
    The best of the best!!! 💎👏👏👏
    If you want to become educated on mental physical and emotional levels listen to all interviews!!🫀🧠💪
  • Mulreen
    1 - Kevin Rose (relisten)
    Such a great episode...evergreen. Tim was asking great questions from the start. What was your worst job? How do you decompress in the evening? The Tim Ferriss Show is approaching its Tenth Anniversary…amazing. It is pinned to the top of Overcast so I can easily access episodes when they drop.
  • Jay112323
    Stopped Listening
    I’ve stopped listening to the podcast because of Tim’s bashing of the X platform as unusable. Baffles me as to why he would not promote the great benefit of a platform that has transformed from heavy censorship to one that is a free marketplace of ideas and allows one to speak truth to power.
  • mrvaluead
    Awesome #podcast
    Been a loyal listener for quite some time! Listened to hundreds of hours; and have been Inspired by such #amazing Interviews. Extremely Grateful for this podcast and all the #books Tim Ferriss has put out. He’s been such a #Great #Mentor and I’m very appreciative. Share this podcast with your closest friends!! 🙌💪🏼🪑✅💯🌎🦾👊🏼🧠🤝
  • sheadyst
    Show #705: Dr. Willoughby Britton
    I normally enjoy listening to your podcast however this one had me baffled. And I am beyond disappointed. What it seems like to me, is that the guest demonizes meditation without even discussing what I believe is the root cause of why a person might get sideways from certain types of meditation. We live in such a fast paced disconnected society that many people are in such an elevated state. And that “foreign feeling” of slowing down can bring up unresolved trauma in the system. It is not meditation that is the evil, it is the disconnection of our modern world. I don’t care how much “evidence based” research is involved as even this is a limitation of the researcher’s focus and to me a poor way to understand the human system. Disembodied people will struggle with becoming embodied depending on what set them off which is usually a cascading effect. As a craniosacral therapist, we spend all of our treatment time in deep meditation, which a lot of times brings the client in a state of rest in their nervous system. I teach craniosacral and do guided meditations for my students and have never had an issue. We live in a culture that has disconnected our mind, body, and spirit from our healing practices. Only focusing on anatomical body parts (which this guest clearly stayed true to). Unresolved trauma is one of the main sources of disease and meditation is a beautiful way to find stillness in an over stimulated system. Her center offering a place for people “traumatized from meditating” sends a very bad message to a world who desperately needs to learn how to slow down. And combining meditation, psychedelics, and fasting then blaming it on the meditation is beyond ridiculous. And another sign of disconnect. Let’s focus on how to become more connected and embodied and stop demonizing a practice that has been around since the beginning of human time.
  • Mr Value Ad
    Thank you for playing such a positive impact in my life. As well as being such a great mentor to me. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of this show and I feel like it’s made me a better person. Also read the 4 hour work week and tribe of mentors! Currently bouncing around tools for titans! And look forward to the 4 hour body and 4 hour Chef. Also looking forward to my first email tomorrow from 5 Bullet Friday! 📱🌎🧠✅📚
  • 唐伯虎5618
  • Vfharris19
    So much more than a Podcast
    I was already a fan when the podcast started but didn’t listen once I saw the interview length. I didn’t have a commute to work (thanks,Tim) and had a young child. Who has that kind of time! And then I did ...Fast forward to now and I have listened to some shows 2X because they are so good, to be savored. It’s more than a podcast it’s an education. Thank you Tim, please don’t ever retire from this!
  • RealVeeCee
    Where are the women?
    I’m a woman in my 40s who enjoys and benefits greatly from this podcast. It’s one of my favorites. However, after listening for some time, I realized that women’s perspectives (let alone intersectional perspectives) are rarely featured. It starts to feel like an old boys’ club, as though (primarily white) men are the only ones we can learn from. This podcast series would only get richer if a wider range of voices, at the very least women’s voices, were featured with more regularity. It would also put Tim more in step with the times and (at least some of) his listeners.
  • Emi ATX
    My go-to source for learning about interesting people and their work
    I have been listening to Tim’s podcasts for years now. While I dabble in following other podcasts, this is the only one that I consistently come back to. What makes it superb, and stand the test of time, is Tim’s amazing curation of fascinating guests and enlightening conversations. This podcast is absolutely a go-to resource for me when I want to discover new thinkers and perspectives. This list of magnificent people I have learned about through Tim’s show includes (just from memory!) Dr. Chris Palmer, Jocko Willink, Gabor Mate, Debbie Millman, Sue Johnson, Peter Attia, and Steven Pressfield… and these are just a selection of my favorites that I *first* learned about via this podcast, and whose books I subsequently bought and enjoyed. Thank you, Tim, for the work that you are doing here— you have transcended your tech bro roots and are bringing tremendous value into the lives of so many, all through the magic of authentic engagement and connection.
  • English Bob 1632
    Penurious old guy fan-boy
    I’m not in this podcast’s typical demographic. I’m 63 years old and in a lower income bracket, but it is amazing how stimulating Tim’s podcasts have been for me. I’m without doubt better informed, more aware, and physically better than I would have been if I hadn’t followed Tim. Thanks Tim. Keep up the good work
  • Striker2023
    10% Better
    Listening to Tim for the past 8 years has undoubtedly improved my life. The knowledge, inspiration, and occasional humor 😉 has made me a happier person. I feel I’m better in every area of my life from this podcast. Thank you Tim and crew!
  • fanforlife!!!
    The ultimate podcast for those seeking to enrich the mind, body &soul
    Tim knack for extracting wisdom and his incredibly engaging interview style guarantee transformative gold nuggets in each episode. His depth of conversation provides invaluable insights into routines, habits, and strategies for excellence from the world’s best of the best. From mastering your morning routine to honing your entrepreneurial skills, this podcast equips you with the tools you need to level up in the aspect of life that truly matter. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, or simply someone eager to lead a more fulfilling life, this podcast is a blueprint for success. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for his weekly newsletter!
  • KylaP
    Expected a bit more…
    My first listen was for Episode #694 and I was shocked that at no point in the 3 hours did they mention the biggest challenge most entrepreneurs have in hiring good help… cost. This was a very lengthy episode but weak on tangible guidance for breaking the barriers to achieving success with VAs. This episode would have been more aptly titled “ultimate guide to leveraging tools to increase your efficiency” or something of that nature. There were lots of gems for all kinds of productivity tools and practices that I will definitely borrow. But if you have been struggling to have success with an executive assistant this episode may offer some insights into how others do it but definitely leaves a lot to be desired on this topic. Main take aways for me was trying hiring through a really good agency, like Athena, and expecting virtually no output for the first month of them working. Then also knowing that they may have a lot of limitations in what you can expect from them until they have been with you for a really long time.
  • BussyO
    Are men the only one with stuff to teach?
    I am increasingly alarmed by Tim’s myopic and fixation on white male guests. The absence of women has been mentioned but it’s just seems intentional at this point. Tim do better.
  • Gabe_Tuck
    Legit Goat
    Tim Ferriss is therapy for the ambitious scrambled mind. Legitimately one of the greatest thinkers of our time. It’d be hard to find a greater roi. Most if not all other podcast I listen too were from guest I was introduced to on this show, so this pays dividends. In this era you’re the average of the 5 podcast you listen to.
  • The Cat King
    Best Podcast Ever
    I’ve learned so much from Tim and his guests over the years. He’s the best to ever do it!
  • L—tron
    Biggest influence for good in my life
    Nobody has had a greater influence for good in my life than Tim Ferriss and his carefully chosen podcast guests. This podcast has been the greatest influence on my life, by a long shot.
  • Highhoof
    Episode 668!
    What a great listen! Sitting at the airport and I have 2 books that were mentioned that I feel are must read. Thank you for sharing you conversations and personal thought.
  • Sudheer_R
    Quite opposite to 4 hour work week
    How does one list to two hour episodes when Tim teaches to cut down on meetings, keep them to 30 mins.
  • Maxisophie
    Could be Better
    I’m a longtime listener and have concluded this podcast desperately needs to be modernized and to be much less patriarchal. It appears that there is a conscious decision to have almost no female guest speakers on the show, a continually raised issue in many viewers’ reviews over the years. However, the feedback doesn’t seem to have changed the lineup even though there are many interesting female guests who could foot the bill. Whoever is putting together the guest list needs to make much more of an effort to balance the guest list, not alienate the listeners, and not cause them to stop following the podcast.
  • Johny Chucker
    Commercials to long at the beginning
    More than 5 minutes of Commercials To listen to pretty boring interview
  • C Go 1
    Thank you for improving our lives
    You have helped so many people. For myself, I can say that my physical health and fitness are better from years of listening and applying the knowledge you have shared. You taught us about psilocybin therapy, and now so many other specialists are teaching openly about it (including Huberman), which has made it a more accepted means of treatment. A loved one (because of you) was able to try psilocybin therapy for suicidal GAD (sudden onset in 2022), and is now working their way back out. It’s not an instant cure, but is a game changer.
  • lauraliznelson
    Moving on… 🤷‍♀️
    I used to love this show and its diversity of thinkers and guests, but Tim only features men these days… and it’s become a bro fest. Overall, it’s become difficult to relate to, and a turnoff for half the population. I can certainly learn from guests of any gender, but it seems that there’s a *concerted effort* to box out women that I just can’t get past. Do better, Tim.
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