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Sarah Mackenzie helps your family fall in love with books, and helps *you* fall in love with homeschooling.

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  • MaseinVA
    Started for the books…
    I started listening because I loved reading to my kids… and now I’m homeschooling! I think I have Sarah to thank for that. 😂 I enjoy her content and her books. Do yourself a favor and add Teaching From Rest and Read Aloud Family to your bookshelf.
    I love the Vanderbeekers review
  • MaddyTurenshine
    Great Podcast!
    Really motivates me to read to my kids! Sarah is so fun to listen to and the podcast is really fun!
  • JanzenRM
    Life changing
    RAR has changed our family for the better. Developing a family culture around books and reading has been a life changer! All of this started by coming across the RAR podcast. I will be forever grateful!
  • Meganthegreat1
    Motivating and uplifting
    Newish to homeschooling and Sarah’s voice is the positive, motivating, and uplifting voice I need in my life. Helps me stay focused on my actual goals, not societal and social media pressures of what homeschool “should” be. She’s your best girlfriend that reminds you that you ARE doing enough. That you ARE good enough. That you ARE on the right path. Absolute favorite: RAR #217: It's Time to Put Some Pinecones Back
  • hwhehsisisbnxjccfvvvvvvvccccff
    Thank you!!
    Sarah and crew. Y’all have changed my life- and my family’s life. We have completely fallen in love with reading quality, transformative, beautiful books. We have indeed begun to make meaningful relationships with one another… You’ve brought so much joy and connection into our home. I even love homeschooling and parenting more than ever. I can’t thank y’all enough for giving of yourselves!!!!
  • 22q and Nadi too
    Love it!
    This was my favorite podcast for a long time but it has become an infomercial for her subscription product. I love the earlier episodes and there are still some great gems on here but it isn’t what it once was. 😢
  • Vasseliki
    Top notch!
    I have found Sarah to be so insightful and inspirational! The knowledge she shares has impacted our homeschooling and every day life in such a positive way. She shares so much more than just books and reading aloud.
  • Christmas Fun 2
    Amazing Encouragement
    love love love these ideas - the passion and purpose in falling in love with reading for everyone!!!
  • Momofmany:)
    I miss the old days… :(
    This podcast is the reason I even got started with podcasts...hearing Sarah talk about reading with my children was like sitting across the table with a mentor-friend and a good cup of tea, getting inspired to do what I was made to do. Now, like most everything that used to feel so supportive and generous, it’s another thing you have to “join.” The podcast is just one big advertisement for a paid membership group. Go back to the old shows for the treasures or skip the podcast and just dive into the group I guess!
  • Meaganclaire
    I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, so I don’t know if Sarah ever has guests to chat with, but so far, nada. I’ve read a couple of her books and they were fine, but her podcast voice is the same as her narrator voice, which does not sound like a genuine speaking voice. The podcast is basically a long form add for her premium paid service and I’m just not into that. If your podcast content isn’t solid and interesting, there’s nothing that draws me into the paid service. Her books came so highly recommended to me that I expected much more in terms of depth and resources and guests (!) on the podcast.
  • Jenji1
    Fantastic practical homeschool help
    So thankful for this podcast and one’s like it that have helped so much over the years. She is funny and kind and does a great job of giving practical advice.
  • Greece 2022
    New to podcast caught you on girlfriends podcast
    Do you have a book list for babies 6month old and up?!
  • lapatita5
    Not what I expected
    I really like Sarah McKenzie and her book Teaching from Rest, so I decided to binge this podcast. I really like the first couple seasons, but over time there were more and more suggestions that focus a lot on “justice” and other left-ish buzz words. Not really what I’m looking for. I was hoping for more tips and philosophy about why and how to read aloud. I really love hearing the episodes with her daughter about how homeschooling was successful. Not a bad podcast, but not what I expected.
  • Jmemyself
    This is a great addition to my life as a homeschool mom. I love that they give great book suggestions so I do not have to comb the internet or Pinterest for ideas. The majority of the work is done for me by these ladies. I just add the books to my list as I listen. Keep up the good work!
  • Great Storytelling!
    So Encouraging!
    I am a homeschool Momma, and this podcast is such a joyful, bright place of wisdom and inspiration for me. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • Calboist
    Hope for the tired Homeschool Mom
    Let me start by saying I don’t really like podcasts. I find them more noisy for my brain than I’d prefer on a weekly/daily basis. BUT I always come back to this podcast when I’m needing encouragement, ideas, inspiration or just commiseration. I cry a little, smile and laugh a lot. Sarah Mack, your my favorite.
  • Logandinco66
    I can’t live without this podcast
    Sarah is amazing and brings you into her home with this podcast. She helps show us the importance of reading aloud and brings the most amazing guests on to chat.
  • Houkwebb
    Thank you so much; I have been listening to your podcast for years. I was so honored to have you answer my question today. I cannot wait to share it with my high schooler. And what a thought provoking question for him and me. What is the goal. My goal is less screen and more read. My family had been so blessed by you and your team. Thank you! And love that you mentioned redeemed reader. We use that resource too! Karen Webb from Carmel, IN.
  • mrswstson
    Encouragement Guaranteed
    Guaranteed? Yes! Every time I listen to Sarah’s podcast I come away feeling like I can do this! I’m not alone. Sarah does a great job of helping us homeschool and prioritize books without making it feel burdensome, like another “to do.”
  • StephersB88
    A must-listen for every homeschooling mom
    So helpful and encouraging! I love this podcast and the wisdom Sarah shares. Press play!
  • Storey_Time
    Ultimate reading coach!
    This podcast has SUCH great tips for reading with kids and how to choose great books for your family. I homeschooled my three kids for one year and we got many wonderful books with our homeschool package, but I always supplemented with the books that Sarah recommended on her podcast. And I have never been let down! Now my kids are back at public school but I still listen to the podcast for tips on new books that have been released, how to help struggling readers, how to find age-appropriate books, how to read wordless books, you name it! This is an excellent, excellent podcast. (It’s like having your own personal librarian recommend books for your child - but this librarian is really sweet and loves Jesus and is always positive!)
  • FD8717
    Always Encouraging
    We are a homeschool family, and I just get so jazzed up and refilled by listening to this podcast! It’s like my “mom time” when I can’t actually get away for mom time. It has helped me refine the idea and goals for my family culture. Parenting, teaching, reading aloud, this podcast is wonderful for them all! I have relistened multiple times, and will continue to do so. I do hope that Sarah continues to be the sole hostess however, I’m not a fan of multiple commentators as a regular format.
  • Trisha the Pod
    Trusted Resource
    Finding quality literature for our children can be a daunting task. Finding appropriate titles to fit your child’s reading ability and interest is an ever changing target. Sarah provides resources to assist parents in finding just the right book to capture your child’s attention.
  • WPen77
    Love this podcast!
    I’m grateful to Sarah Mackenzie for starting this movement for today’s parents who are searching for an antidote to the typically “crazy busy” family style most live- a style that often leaves us drained and breathless: enter read-alouds, slowing down, appreciation for word and picture and the savoring of Family time! After years of listening to this podcast, I’ve recently joined RaR premium and am so excited to be a part of it!
  • Jord923
    So inspiring!
    This is one of my top five favorite podcasts! Every time I listen I’m encouraged, and inspired. I love all the book recommendations by Sarah and by the kids at the end of each episode. I keep My local library very busy with all of my hold requests :)
  • TeamSchmidt
    Not just for homeschoolers
    This podcast is delightful and encouraging. For any parent that would like inspiration to read aloud more with their child(ren), or recommendations of what to read, you should give this podcast a listen.
  • georgioj
    This podcast is so rich. I have lost count of the reading recommendations that I have used that have proven successful with my kids. It is not often that you find such a resource that is warm, inviting and full of richness in terms of resources all in one place. Keep up the great work Sarah and team!!!!
  • nbtterfly
    Author Spotlight Series
    The author spotlight series is absolutely wonderful. I cannot wait for more. They are so beautifully written and produced deserve an award l.
  • merijoyed
    Read the books, listen to the show, soak it all up!
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. Sarah, you lift me up every time I hear your voice. I’ve read both of your books and only started listening to the podcast so I could get unlimited encouraging wisdom from you once the books were finished! Thank you for helping this frazzled homeschool mom of four find inner peace and joy in the most important areas of life. I love your approach and priorities!
  • Bookie Family
    Encouraging Messages for Family Reading Culture
    Sarah Mackenzie’s podcast is my go-to listen for homeschool encouragement. She’s helped our family to develop a “book club culture” that encourages a love of books in my children, my husband, and myself. Her voice encourages me when doubts regarding homeschooling creep in. Homeschooling for us is about enjoying our children and sharing life together. I highly recommend giving this a listen.
  • Gracefullja
    This podcast is so pleasant to listen to! Sarah MacKenzie is encouraging, peaceful, and informative at the same time. She has changed my thoughts on homeschooling and I am so thankful. I always look forward to what she has to say! Such a blessing!
  • reading suster
    Wonderful Podcast! Jat
    This is a podcast I wish every mom would listen to whether she is a homeschool teacher or not there is something for every mom. Thank you Sara.
  • CaliforniaCoffee
    As an author, speech-pathologist and mom of two young kids... I am so excited I came across this podcast! It's so wonderful that Sarah has brought this concept to the podcast world! I have always been an advocate for using books to grow great kids. My clinical training is how to use books to teach kids to talk, but as a mom, I've also realized how much books open-up conversations to *everything*!!! I love the concept of this show and can't wait to listen to more episodes! Thank you Sarah for providing us with this invaluable podcast!
  • torahforall
    Not sure what I was expecting, but this podcast has changed our lives. It has given me the inspiration to do a complete overhaul on how we homeschool and has rekindled the passion I had lost for reading aloud to my children. I can’t thank you enough for the podcast, Sarah, Courtney and Kara!
  • Saukihy
    This is now my absolute favorite podcast! I did not grow up reading very much. I literally read the cliff notes versions of all the classics just to get through school. In my pursuit to teach my children to read I found this podcast and it has changed everything. As a family we now read 5 or 6 books together everyday and I’ve started reading on my own for pleasure. This podcast has opened up a whole new world for me that I never knew I could love so much. Thank you!
  • BouchardFam
    Sarah, thank you for making the most wonderful resources. I did not grow up in a family of readers and had zero plans of ever reading a book on my own or setting foot in a library after college. The Read-Aloud Family has been one of the most inspiring books I’ve read since becoming a mom. I only wish I’d read it sooner! Because of your incredible resources (podcast, website, book, and book recommendations), my children and I are beginning to fall in love with books together and it’s such a beautiful thing to witness and experience with them. Reading aloud to my children has been the single most impactful thing we have implemented to bring more harmony and peace into our home. Your podcast is my favorite podcast! Oh- and you totally need to get into recording audiobooks or making YouTube videos of some kids read aloud picture books. Your voice would be perfect for it!!! Thanks for all you guys do to put out some great material. You are changing lives for the better!
  • rebeccalynn773
    Episode #163
    Episode #163 was incredibly impactful to me! It made me fall in love with this podcast all over again!
  • irisnez
    Fabulous! Review from secular public school mom
    Absolutely wonderful podcast! Listening to it, I feel like I’ve found my tribe. Sarah is a fantastic host who asks interesting, thoughtful questions and then actually listens to the answers (podcast hosts often interrupt their guests which makes me crazy!) It is a Christian podcast but I find religious themes only arise every now and again and, since this isn’t my faith background, I respectfully let them pass (if you’re like me, you’ve felt alienated by a lot of Christian homeschool resources — this one feels much more inclusive!) Sarah also references homeschooling a lot but even so, every episode is a treasure trove for parents & kids no matter what their educational context may be. Overall: love love love! A must listen for all parents!
  • Travisandmaggie
    Excellent podcast
    As a homeschooling mama of two, I find this podcast not only informative but also fun and inspirational. It has been a boon to our school as well as our family life in general and really lit a fire under us in the read aloud realm. Years of experience and sheer passion combine to make this one an invaluable resource for any family...or really anyone who knows children. Thanks!!
  • carrie_mom_of_five
    Used to be amazing, but now so much of it is an ad for her premium membership ($)
    Sarah MacKenzie’s podcast was absolutely brilliant in its first episodes. I learned so much, gained many resources for great books to read aloud to my children of different ages, and was very inspired to pursue truth and beauty with my children through reading aloud. Unfortunately, I have found that I can’t listen to the recent podcasts all the way through anymore because they are filled with large, long plugs for her Read Aloud Revival Premium Membership. My family of seven simply can not afford this RAR Premium at this time, and, though I understand and respect that this podcast is a major business for Sarah MacKenzie and her family, it is disappointing to consistently hear long ads for her premium membership instead of hearing the inspiring content she used to share with everyone. I go back and listen to those fantastic first episodes from time to time (especially #44 about Fear and Magic in Children’s Books), and I am so thankful for those.
  • Valerie B. D.
    This podcast has made me LOL and cry an embarrassing number of times. The host, Sarah, and her team are virtually flawless. I’ve never NOT enjoyed an episode and I’ve binged just about all of them. She is inspiring, but in an attainable, down-to-Earth kind of way. Her interview skills and recommendations are solid and the guests are always interesting. Reading aloud would be a difficult topic for most people to make entertaining, but this podcast WON’T let you down. I can’t say enough good about it!
  • Delraymomma
    Favorite homeschool podcast!
    This is the first podcast I would send to any newbie homeschooler. Sarah Mackenzie is, hands down, the most encouraging voice in my homeschool life. Her podcasts are unfailingly helpful, fun, and enjoyable, and I leave every episode inspired. We’ve read dozens of books as a family after hearing her recommendations, and loved them all!
  • Jenny Karp
    Absolutely wonderful.
    Thank you Sarah. You are a delight to this new homeschool mama. I want to devour all things Read-Aloud-Revival. books. podcasts. recommendation lists. ALL-THE-THINGS! Jenny in California
  • Megsssss
    This is so encouraging and uplifting and has important reminders for ALL parents! Highly recommend!
  • JenAbN
    Simply delightful!
    What a breath of fresh air this podcast is.
  • LaurynMK88
    Good, but too many plugs for the paid membership
    I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast, but there are so many plugs for her paid subscription/membership throughout each episode. Once per episode would be more appropriate!
  • SirLandrick
    100 percent perfect
    I cannot say enough good things about Sara Mackenzie and the RAR podcast! I have encountered countless book recommendations (I haven’t been disappointed by one yet!!!) along with wisdom, encouragement, and educational insights! I thoroughly enjoy this podcast and my kids do as well!
  • ss123ssdfgh
    Love this
    This is my favorite podcast. It is insanely inspiring, and every day I listen, I am encouraged more and more. The only problem is my “to be read” list is miles long. I even dream about what new book I will find to read with my kids.
  • Got2BJoy
    Got ME Reading Again!
    About 7 years ago I first heard Sarah Mackenzie talk about the importance of reading to your kids and it inspired me to pick up books again. As a mom of two boys who now LOVE books and story I credit a big part of that to this wonderful podcast.
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