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The Life Coach School Podcast is your go-to resource for learning, growing, and becoming certified as a Life Coach & Weight Loss Coach. Through this podcast, you'll hear directly from the Master Coach Brooke Castillo to help you better understand life coaching, the required skills and mindsets, and how we focus on serving the client to get them the results they seek. At The Life Coach School, we offer a thorough and intense certification course that produces some of the most successful coaches coaching today. Learn more at

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  • coachwholistens
    Stop claiming credit for CBT
    Brooke Castillo did not create the model. Aaron Beck, MD, was the pioneer of thoughts - feelings - actions - results, and the CTFAR format was popularized by Harv Ecker. LCS needs to make it clear that the model is not appropriate for trauma and doesn’t work in all situations.
  • Jacqui Pugh
    Love Brooke’s energy and to the point advice! Thank you, Brooke! 🙏🏼💕🤗
  • organicB333
    My favorite podcast❤️
    Thank you so much for all the amazing content you put out. Your podcast is my favorite today, helped me heal through a heart break, manage my thoughts and really reflect about my role as the creator of my life. I often share your episodes with my friends. I appreciate the work you do! I am so thankful. You inspire me to take action..😊
  • mj_rivas5
    Building new healthy habits
    Thank you for making this podcast available to so many of us. I have been listening to your episodes from the beginning, and I have practice to implement some tips and positive habits into my daily routine.
  • JohnnyDonuts123
    Life Changing!
    Thank you Brooke for this amazing podcast, changing my life for the better!
  • Hldawson
    Episode 439 is a game changer
    This episode is incredible. It shows how powerful we are when we think intentionally. I was shocked at how often I’ve been allowing my primitive brain to act like it’s taking care of me when it really is sabotaging me. Thank you for making this so clear. I appreciate you!
  • kristina-p
    Love your podcast
    Hi Brooke, you are actually my inspiration for becoming a coach. Your podcast has been so helpful. Thank you so much for continuing to do it. You’re helping so many people. In your latest episode on doing things while nervous, I agree with doing things while nervous. What struck me was that you say to do it ‘even if you have the post traumatic stress after’ , which I’m concerned about because I myself have gone through trauma. I was diagnosed with PTSD and know that doing something even while knowing it will lead to that type of stress could be very helpful for someone who has already experienced some kind of trauma in their life. Just my thoughts on the episode.
  • TheRealNettyG
    Best investment of your time
    If you listen to podcasts this is a CANNOT miss! This is by far the best investment I have made with my time. Brooke gives out tangible lessons weekly and you can go back and binge hundreds of episodes. Thank you Brooke for recording each week!
  • Angiemuss
    Love love love Brooke!
    She has changed my world, I have so much anxiety and negative feelings about myself and she has taught me to realize that my thoughts create my feelings and then my actions and to not be so hard on myself. Her podcast has lead me to other life coaches that I listen to daily. I can not thank you enough for your Help and wise words, you are better than any anxiety pill!😊
  • BrittPalski
    Brooke the almighty Prophet!
    She is such an inspiration in every aspect of life! Her teachings are relevant to everyday/life struggles. Without you, Brooke, I would have never broken the cycle of my negative thoughts that have held me down. I always look to hear your podcast on my daily walks and I aspire to sign up for Scholars starting in 2023 for my New Year Resolution! Cannot wait to take this podcast a step further! Thank you for building this empire! You are AMAZING!
  • Lilythrewthatorange
    The Only Podcast I Listen To
    I don’t like podcasts, but I listen to Brooke every day all day. Listening to her, I’ve set goals (big goals!), excelled in my career, and have started a business! 10/10
  • SAuerswald
    I love this podcast!
    I found Brooke’s podcast this Summer and I’ve been binging it. It’s made a huge impact on my life and I am thrilled there are more episodes coming every week. Highly recommend!
  • MemoryBeth
    Outstanding podcast!
    My new review posted 10/20/22: ALL of Brooke's episodes are great - I've been a huge fan for many years and her podcast has literally (and I mean "literally," not using it in a figurative way) changed my life in immeasurable ways. This episode ... chills. (Of course, that could be because it's cold in my house.) But seriously a fantastic episode. The casino freak-out analogy was great. I LOVE how Brooke is able to take an idea or situation that people tend to quickly catastrophize and turn it on its head; changing the"story" (or sentence, as she's now saying) to help us easily see how it can be a positive thing. She's so great at taking a problem and offering a solution that's so easily understandable. And with an approach that seems so obvious after hearing it, I question how I didn't think of that myself. A review I posted YEARS ago (don't know the date, it's been at least 5 years) but just rediscovered so I'm leaving it in here: I've had this podcast saved in my list for a while but didn't start listening to it until a few weeks ago. I wish I'd started sooner! There are many episodes that speak to what is happening in my life so much that discovering this feels like a gift. I just listen to the episode about boundaries which, after seeing two therapists over the last three years including family therapy with a close relative that is a narcissist, has been the thing I've been working on most. I've listened to a lot of audio books about boundaries on top of the therapy, and this episode helped me understand the concept better than any of the books or the therapy was able to. It explains setting boundaries in the most understandable and loving way. This podcast offers me so much motivation and inspiration, I can't wait to listen to the rest of the episodes!
  • nottosen
    I absolutely love this podcast AND Brooke Castillo! It’s absolutely incredible to me what this woman has created in her life, and all the value she shares. Thank you for your wisdom!
  • Selling864
    Love love love
    I absolutely love this podcast! I had a friend share this on her page .... I’m now Sharing with friends 💙
  • Lucy Pasteur
    Need a boost? Listen to Brook!
    Soooooo grateful for the podcast😘
  • Cece LA
    Soooo good!
    There’s something for every situation! Very informative and inspirational 💗💗💗 I always get something out of each episode. Thanks Brooke!
  • polinasolda
    I love this podcast so much that I am listening to ALL the episodes. Whatever time it takes, it’s SO amazing. Tons of value, inspiration and incredible practices to take my life to the next level!
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Highly recommend listening!
    Amazing podcast! Brooke is sharing some life changing tips and covering many topics from business to self development. Highly recommend listening!
  • Jaim20
    Everything is 50/50 - including LCS
    The information this podcast puts together (especially early on) is phenomenal. It’s missing pieces but nothing can be perfect. The issue I have is the teaching approach within certification (and I can feel the vibe on the more recent episodes). There’s a piece missing. It’s humanity. It’s heart. It’s consent. You’ll get a great education with this podcast and school. No doubt. LCS doesn’t deliberately try to fool anyone. But because of trauma and oppressive and toxic systems in our culture, you can (and likely will) get fooled. Get very still in your heart and trust YOUR THOUGHTS/nervous system. Not the model. Not Brooke. Even though she/they are teaching it (that your thoughts create your life, and they do to a point), it’s very subtle and easy to give a tool (the model/this podcast/Brooke) your authority because it says “don’t give us authority” but reading between the lines, it actually says “the model is the answer.” It’s a very powerful and vulnerable thing to learn. It’s a weapon. Use it while paying very close attention to your inner heart, inner knowing and nervous system.
  • shellmyster
    absolutely my favorite podcast
    Thank you Brooke! It is like your in my head telling me what I am thinking. The way you see things have helped me clarify the way I see things. You helped me... as you would say.. Blow your own mind. I am doing the work. I have joined self coaching scholars and I have joined your Like Coach School. Blowing my own dam mind!!
  • HeatherDonnaD
    Extremely useful!
    I love this podcast! Each time I listen, I take away something great thank you ❤️❤️❤️
  • Sheaps10
    Love love love
    Love this podcast so much!
  • NotYourMamasMidlifeCoach
    Way to demonstrate what’s possible!
    Thanks to this podcast, I have a much greater sense of that anything is possible in my life. Thank you!
  • jay-nice21
    Amazingly helpful
    I just want to tell you I really appreciate all you are doing. I have found so many helpful tips in all of your pod casts. This is real life feelings and experiences. I am working on how I react to difficult situations and I can see the improvements in my attitude. Thank you thank you for all you do!
  • martemaria
    Im so GRATEFUL that this podcast exists!!!!!
    the amount of value this podcast show has is really unbelievable. I first found this podcast on 2018, and for four years now I’ve been following Brooke’s work and insights and applying the things she shares to my life and I can confidently say that it has completely shifted for the better the way I perceive myself and others, and it has brought so much power back to me in terms of what I want and what I don’t want to be part of my life. I 100% recommend this to you if you are looking to make changes in your life, its inspiring and if you put in the work, it can change your life as well
  • dancer's heart
    Used to love this, now just an infomercial
    I used to love this podcast- now it is boring. Brooke always talks about how wonderful she is, how much she has money (her student’s money- lol) . She is recently divorcing and proud of her “90 day relationships”. It’s so opus that she is not as happy as she pretends to be - where everything is “amazing “. Her happiness and self actualization- such a sham.
  • Amy loo hou
    Started out REALLY good… now its about Brook’s lifestyle
    This podcast was so amazing and content driven the first 200-250 episodes. It used to be about learning how to harness your mind. Then it took nosedive and is now about flaunting Brooke’s lifestyle and selling you overpriced coaching so she can reach 100 million. Zero content now.
  • MedialMalleolus
    Nauseating obsession with how wealthy she is
    If I have to listen to Brooke Castillo talk about the Ritz Carlton, private jets, or just how wealthy she is one more time, I might be nauseous. What an egomaniacal materialist. Yuck and yuck. I follow several brilliant and inspirational podcasters who trained with Brooke, so I assumed following Brooke’s podcast would be next level. Boy was I wrong!! Massive waste of time.
  • Drew0604
    Brooke is awesome! She always delivers inspiration and valuable content. I always come away with tangible advice and feeling motivated. Amazing podcast!
  • Mamagoose7
    I wish I had known about this years ago!!
  • Erin Fall Haskell
    Inspirational Bad*ss
    Thanks Brook for paving the way in prosperity!
  • Dr Latifat
    Changing lives
    Thank you for changing lives everyday
  • vf th he s sad
    Love older episodes
    I absolutely love the older episodes of this podcast that are full of valuable information. I have found the newer episodes to be more focused on selling certification/courses and less content. I hope it returns to the original format soon!
  • N@@90
    Tired format
    I prefer Brooke in the early years much less ego. Tried life coach school and was unimpressed with coaches and her workbooks look like something a high schooler would create for a project. She is struggling and it is obvious in the new content.
  • soneill7474848
    Changed my life
    This podcast is so valuable, and self coaching scholars somehow has even MORE value. I drug my feet on joining SCS for 2 years, and when I finally joined, I saw my business explode because of the tools and thought work I learned through SCS. This pod has incredible value, and if you are on the fence about scholars, let this be the sign to finally join.
  • Eternallyrescued
    Love this podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for 3 years and Brooke is an absolute breath of fresh air. As a fellow assertive woman, it’s so freeing to hear someone else speak with such boldness and confidence while offering very valuable tools and experience.
  • Irish Bayou
    Plenty of value here
    I am a longtime listener and have been in SCS previously and I have learned so much. My current issue with it all is that the podcast now is partially focused on selling, making money and becoming a life coach. Which is fine, just not applicable to my life. So I listen when the topic interests me. Go back a few years though to find more that may be useful to you.
  • Jenica P
    You inspired me to become a life coach!
    Thank you, Brooke! I am now a certified life coach through the Life Coach School which was a phenomenal experience. I am now able to help women with infertility love their lives now and feel better. I learn something new each week and love your perspective and generous insights. Thank you for showing up and showing us how to do the same! xx Jenica Parcell
  • kage7483
    Talk Therapy is Great but...
    Your podcast is on the wavelength I needed to be on years ago. I have seen counselors over the years and never have I been this enlightened about myself and my life and how to make me and it better. Thank you SO much for making your knowledge and wisdom available for everyone to help themselves. You're awesome Brooke.
  • Lysyy
    Very inspiring
    This podcast is life changing, thank you Broke
  • Mercedes T 33
    So thankful I found this show!
    This show has been such a help in my journey of overcoming self-doubt. Thank you Brooke and team for making this show!
  • mbller
    Brooke’s tools have been very helpful in my life. Thank you so much!
  • savcord
    Early days Brooke is education about classic cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s pretty up to date with the academic/scientific community. Now a days Brooke is a marketing machine. Don’t waste money on scs, the quality content is in this podcast. Brooke is a great coach, her coach’s are trained by “trained” coachs. Does this pyramid system make financial sense to Brooke? Yes. Does it make sense for you to also buy into that model? Ask yourself this question twice.
  • fgb1006
    Great content
    Love this, it is so simple and applicable.
  • SRich6000
    Life Changing
    I just found this podcast about a month ago and have listened to more than 100 episodes so far. I love how Brooke explains how your brain works and gives great tips on how to help myself through my buffers and thoughts that are not serving me.
  • Matty Tea
    10,000 hours of training in a few hours
    One of the most resource rich podcasts I’ve ever listened to when it comes to CHANGING YOUR LIFE for good for the good!
  • Sweetnovember118
    Learning to listen
    Dear Self…it’s not your job or your personal obligation to fix anyone or anything…no one likes it & if I’m honest people RESENT it. It’s my personal responsibility to learn how to be a better listener & provide opportunities to the people who are willing to listen to me. ~ Valerie
  • 29645CK
    I’ve had to stop listening
    Early episodes = great. More recent years of work = not so much. Brooke’s reaction to her own divorce felt very “toxic positivity”. Divorce is never easy on a family, and then she jumps back into dating as a dating expert now. Also, the model was created in the counseling world - not by Brooke. It’s called Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). The model is just a spin on this, which is fine… but don’t say you invented it. There’s also been tons of controversy and issues among coaches graduating from TLCS and the school itself. Lots of cult-like practices and other issues. Search “Brooke Castillo The Guardian” to read a really in-depth article (from The Guardian) about this. I wish that I didn’t feel this way about this show, as the early episodes were great for me and I’ve personally benefited from life coaching. But so much of this podcast now is just smoke and mirrors. Beware and take it all with a grain of salt if you are still a listener.
  • Norma Solano
    I love Brooke
    I’ve been listening to Brooke since 2014 I think. It was a long time ago, but I listened to her every night when I went to bed for a long time. Then I started listening to her podcasts in the mornings as I was dressing. I listened to the first hundred or so over and over again. She helped me through a really hard time when I found her. I am an avid “ghost” listener, but have applied all of her knowledge to my life and others. I will continue to listen and continue to grow. -Norma Solano
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