Death, Sex & Money


Death, Sex & Money is a podcast about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation. Host Anna Sale talks to celebrities you've heard of—and to regular people you haven't—about the Big Stuff: relationships, money, family, work and making it all count while we're here.
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Recent Reviews
  • rolly0524
    Somewhere in the middle
    The host’s raucous laughter is grating and often times seems inappropriate on a show that delves into deeply personal content. The newer episodes have seemed to lack the depth of previous seasons.
  • mittenlily
    Anna Sales is phenomenal! Very insightful and thoughtful. Topics are quite interesting.
  • sew_nerdy
    So relatable
    This podcast is gold. I love Anna’s hosting & interview ability. I love hearing from so many different people. I love listening to stories that could easily be my own. Thank you for this gem!
  • g face bh see dnwsj
    Practical action for audience
    A wonderful foray into uncomfortable topics. You can feel Anna take a deep breathe before asking the interviewee to reveal another, deeper level of their emotions, motivations or fears. I particularly love that this podcast uses its platform to create resources by and for listeners with similar experiences.
  • Jami3119
    Does not live up to the name
    I believe another reviewer suggested to just rename the show “Interviews with Anna Sale” and I totally agree. The show no longer lives up to its name. The episodes are not thought-provoking, deep, or impactful. I still follow the show in hopes of a good episode being released but that only happens once in a blue moon, unfortunately. I think they should completely rethink their content (their episodes when they first started out were great) or being in people that can do the show some justice. It’s been pretty dry for a while now. I hope that they can bring back the depth that they used to have.
  • MagLoLex
    Your show is going downhill
    One more show and I quit. Tooooooo liberal.
  • toni_jean
    Always a good listen
    Anna is an excellent host who brings the best out of her guests. As a long time listener of this podcast, I keep coming back for the conversations about grief, connection, and human empathy.
  • pattih4803
    I soooooo wish that Amanda would hear that Cora is having a hard time finding her voice with her husband. Not only is she nervous because he has attempted suicide, but also now that she has responsibility of money he is tying her hands emotionally. He’s a baby and she’s carrying the emotional load. I have done it and feel badly for her, she needs more support from Amanda.
  • hoping for a come back
    Used to be great now it’s just disappointing
    I loved this podcast when it first came out. It was refreshingly honest and in-depth. The episodes now are superficial and bland. They do not seem as well-researched as in previous years and are challenging to engage with. Much of the information discussed between Anna and the celebrity/famous guests is completely Google-able and has been discussed ad nauseam. The surface level discussions are hard to empathize/sympathize with and frankly leave me feeling annoyed and like I wasted my time. It is possible that after several years being “on air” that the novelty of the podcast has worn off, but I can’t help but feel like DSM is just phoning it in.
  • chessiemama
    One of my fav podcasts!
    I love this podcast ! Subject matter is engaging and informative and Anna is a wonderful host Compassionate and real Keep up the good work!
  • audiobookie
    Re: the “On the Fence…about having kids” podcast.
    I do get annoyed by the intrusive laughter of the host, laughter at things that are humorous, but not THAT funny. And I do get slightly out of joint when the laughter goes on and on past it’s sell by date, and I say to myself “heeeyyyy….stop already!” because the laughter is taking time away from the actual podcast.
  • Lyndaathome
    Anna, or I guess she would probably refer to herself as “they”, is is “over the top” into PC language. Just hard to listen to over & over. I tried, I’m done. Don’t waste your time.
  • Austen Dickens
    I’d really wanted to hear the content, but it’s hard for me to get past that superlative “like...”every sentence. It degrades the content and intelligence credibility of the journalist.
  • Terence315
    Can’t stand her fake laugh
    Why is everything her guests say so funny? I hate her fake laugh. The topics are mostly boring. Not sure why she is so popular. Lacks depth and fakes intimacy.
  • Mia and Michelle
    Love Anna’s voice!
    I just discovered this podcast and I’m binging! Anna is a fantastic narrator! I love the juicy episodes about sex and money and topics that are often considered taboo. Love when people confess things- so interesting!!! Bring more juicy content!
  • Pfdsigcicid
    Green beans
    Hart you have to do the right thing and get your money out of the account please let me know when I need it to my credit card account number so I don’t know what it is
    Both fun and intelligent
    I have been listening to a variety of podcasts for years, and just discovered this one. I love it! It's fun & light-hearted (most of the time anyway), but also though-provoking. These stories stick with you!
  • S46795
    I really looked forward to this and loved the guests featured on the latest episode but I hated so much to hear the host interrupt the people who called in. Let them talk and then EDIT like all the best podcasts do. I had second hand embarrassment and couldn’t finish the episode. Yikes!
  • smg_atx
    Dr. Cantu
    Thank you very much for featuring dr Cantu.
  • hazelbnr
    Beverly Glenn - Copeland ❤️
    I found Death Sex and Money through the podcast In The Thick. Maria Hinjosa recommended it, and I am so glad I decided to listen. The January 27, 2021 episode with composer Beverly Glenn-Copeland is one I highly recommend. He is in touch with so many aspects of the emotional complexities that makes humanity worth fighting for. Plus, his music is so diverse in nature, and has a magical feel to it. Thanks!
  • Fortnite 73647
    Didn’t expect to love it this much, every episode is diverse in a way but it all ties together.
  • Mojaverunner
    OK, I am going to say it. I was looking for a podcast to explore life after 60 and the issues we all will face. I gave this a fair run and found it to just be depressing. Don’t get me wrong, there are some uplifting and helpful moments, but they are few and far between. No wonder people don’t give those over 60 much respect or interest. We all sound alike, complain, complain, complain. This podcast continues the stereotype of the over 60 crowd. Anna Sale needs to up her game if she ever wants a larger audience.
  • emgdelong
    Friendly engaging lovely voices in my ear.
    Your thoughtful compassionate conversations are a joy, even the really hard topics. Thank you for keeping me open to a new perspective and simply keeping me company. I’ve been with you all along but your work this year has been most appreciated.
  • frissjan
    Anna Sale is an Excellent Host
    I used to Love this podcast. Not anymore. It’s not been very good during the Pandemic. The December 16th episode was horrendous.
  • KellyCorrigan
    Anna and her pod are modeling for all of us
    Connection to others hangs on the twin abilities to ask great (which often equates to hard) questions and then really listen. Death Sex & Money is our weekly example of doing the one thing that brings happiness: connecting.
  • aSfERCC
    Wonderful pod.
  • Such_Breadbutter
    Took a turn
    This used to be my favorite podcast. Somewhere along the way it took a took for the worse. I can hardly listen to 10 minutes of an episode without feeling once again disappointed. Kept trying to like the lastest eps, but it’s just not happening!
  • paperfairy17
    raw and relatable
    anna is so open and honest and REAL with the topics of this podcast and its been amazing to listen to. thank you so much!
  • kwd123456
    Episodes are so short they can’t even get into good conversation
    I mean we wait around for an episode for a week and sometimes 2 weeks just to get a 12 minute episode about a super boring topic and is sandwiched with ads throughout. I like Anna but this is just not a quality podcast anymore
  • J. Terkel
    Loved the episode on immigrant families and their complicated group chats!
    The interviewer was impressive and very relatable and I learned a lot from these conversations. Thanks for your work!
  • Mina Polo
    Best all around
    This is the “gateway” podcast that got me into podcasts. The storytelling and unique profiles are so well done . So many episodes I’ve been deeply touched by. Thanks for the great work!
  • *rAcHiEpOo*
    Great, relevant topics covered
    I love the content of this podcast and the hosts are very personable
  • KM98654
    I Miss the Old DSM
    I used to love this show - for the first couple of years it had really fascinating interviews and I would always eagerly await its release. Lately it’s “meh”. The show has gone downhill the past couple of years. Why the whole series about race? (I get that race is a very important topic but how is that related to the 3 podcast subjects mentioned in the title?) Other reviewers mention the old version with longing too, so I know I’m not alone here. Also, the fact that there were so many reviews in the early days but not too many from 2019 and on I think is very tellIng and perhaps an indication of the large number of people who used to listen are no longer listening to this podcast. Please bring the old version back.
  • Nefariousnina
    Always so relevant
    No other podcast makes me feel like this - like I’m somewhere safe to listen to people talk about hard things.
  • tuney115
    Great content but the begging for money is redic.
  • Susie Snowflake16
    Great Content
    It's become boring...
    I am a long-time listener, and I'm beginning to think of unsubscribing. The show has become less interesting over the past year (2019-20). Anna is great, as always, but I found the “Financial Therapy” episodes with the other host (Amanda) really boring. Other episodes released during the time of COVID-19 have not been too interesting either. I'm bored with the topic of student debt, the pandemic, and quarantine. The book review/author episodes have been way too long and boring as well. I am not sure what happened to the show. It used to be so good!
  • Jenna albany ny
    A vitamin for the mind and soul
    Sometimes funny, always thoughtful, often beautiful. I’ve especially enjoyed the recent COVID episodes and am often moved to tears. Earlier episodes on student loan debt or theft are fascinating. Hearing about how sex changes over time for people is enlightening. You’ll love how this show touches on things that are hard, important and make life worth living. It’s a must listen.
  • camhoy
    Underlying Political Themes
    I don’t understand why everyone must bombard us with liberal leaning ideology. I love how the entertainment industry including podcasts assume we all want to be socialists. The staff at WNYC is obviously living in a bubble and is forgetting about the rest of the country. We elected a conservative president so at the very least they should know the liberal rhetoric doesn’t appeal to us all. I’m so sick of every platform having an underlying liberal political agenda.
  • duncheka
    Podcasting gold
    I’ve listened to nearly every episode of this podcast and love how older ones still sound fresh and new. The maternity leave episodes are especially wonderful. Great work, Anna and team!
  • lilmissthomas86
    Love this podcast: hated the episode with Sonia Soto-Mayor
    The conversation (mostly having to do with the host of the episode) was cringeworthy. Hearing her say “I fear my darker skinned brother will be perceived as black” was mind blowing.
  • Podcastlistener357
    Favorite Podcast!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for along time. Me and my husband always listen to it while we go on road trips. I love how it’s always different it’s great to listen together it’s a great conversation started over topics that are so different and interesting! Highly recommend
  • OG in NC
    Was good, increasingly lame
    The concept of this podcast is kind of a good one (though a bit simplistic), and it started off well. I have really liked a few of their episodes in the beginning, though frankly it is hard to remember when the show was good. I have found myself increasingly bored and frustrated with the show, and today, listening to the latest episode, a 15 mins. Interview with a member of the postal service in Maine, finally decided to write in. Here is the problem: Anna Sale thinks she is so brilliant that she can interview an average postal worker (someone who sounds nice, but who is in no way unusual or extraordinary or particularly eloquent) for 15 minutes and that will somehow magically produce a great show, illustrate the larger issues: i.e. the financial problems with the US postal service, Covid, etc. etc. But Sale is not a great interviewer. Other podcastsI I listen to with comparable themes (relationships, family, life) such as the BBC show Outlook (which is released every day and is phenomenal, every episode with the same host, a woman) or the BBC World Book Club (the host has interviews/discussions with authors on their most well known books) or Lea Thau of Strangers have talent and do fantastic interviews. They know how to choose their subjects, but more importantly, they are brilliant interviewers. Anna Sale asks the most basic, often totally uninteresting questions. In today's show with the postal worker, she said "I imagine you in your little postal truck" and then they went on for 3 or 4 minutes (in a 15 mins. show) talking about the postal truck she drives. This is not relevant. Also, this is going to sound snarky, but Sale often laughs with her guests, and it is so obviously a fake laugh. I also feel like she is not good at asking questions in a way that responds to each person, bringing out their "best," so to speak. It is too obvious, what her strategy is, and her personality is too much of a focus, rather than that of her guests. I am a compulsive podcat listener, especially since Covid-19 and this show is weak, I find. Or, it is only good when she has an amazing guest who counteracts her own tendency to dominate or take over.I don't understant why/how this person was given the funds for the show, given the excellence of most shows sponsored by WNYC.
  • seh_209
    I love how they talk about all the "taboo" topics and leave no question unasked. Nothing is off the table in this podcast! Anna navigates the interviews amazingly well and with such grace while addressing often uncomfortable issues. I especially love all the feedback, audio clips, and stories they get from the listeners - we are regular and real people! I feel like I share a connection with my fellow listeners.
  • Jtb55667733
    Always the best
    I love Anna and her interviews are incredible. Whether it’s a celebrity or a listener, this show hilights the guest’s humanity.
  • Mount GummyBear
    absolutely captivating
    These folks
  • Potatofry28373
    Sex ?
  • Dr Haughty
    Death, Sex & Money
    Best podcast on the air!
  • hype house girl
    I meant to give no stars just to say
  • R.E.D.30
    Maybe it’s me, Maybe it’s not
    I used to love this podcast. Anna is such a tremendous interviewer, but in the past year, I’ve found the conversations a lot less compelling. I also enjoyed the complexity of stories brought forward and how the team kept the interpretation open to the listener. I am disappointed that in recent episodes, that “judgement-free” presentation of people’s lives is gone. I don’t enjoy listening to a storyteller who assumes our values are always the same, and then tailors the show to that assumption. It limits the experience.
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