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Get ready to have your spine tingling and your hairs standing on end with the Daily Paranormal Podcast hosted by Tony Brueski. This show is no joke - it's packed with real-life horror stories of ghosts, demons, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, and all things supernatural that will leave you quivering with fear. Our listeners can't get enough of our bone-chilling tales, describing them as the "best ghost story podcast out there." Don't expect the same old cliché zombies, vampires, witches, and werewolves here - we go way beyond that to deliver a solid, spooky experience that even puts Coast to Coast AM, George Noorey, and Art Bell to shame. Tune in to Real Ghost Stories Online today and experience the ultimate in paranormal storytelling. Got a scary story of your own to share? Call us anytime at 1-855-853-4802 or submit your ghostly encounter via our website at ( - we're waiting to hear from you, if you dare.

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  • Jojo9985
    My fave!
    I subscribe to a number of podcasts, including several in the paranormal category. Real Ghost Stories Online is the best, hands down. I listen every day! There’s so much content, especially for EPPs. Thanks, Tony! That was my old review. Now the show is hardly listenable. So little content - feels like it’s just a place for ads.
  • mojo lobster
    I can’t listen anymore sorry. Please go back to the old way. Longer shows less commercials.
  • Brittanydla
    Used to be good, not worth subscribing to
    I don’t listen to it like I used to since the episodes change to one story short episodes. Not sure why the episodes are so short now. The first 4-6 minutes are banter , 3 min of a story, then more banter. Then I have to grab my phone, click on the next one, fast forward and get a few minutes hands free before I have to do it all over again. Id rather listen to a longer podcast so i can put my phone down and listen for at least 30-40 min while doing my work.
  • Thedarkjediknight
    “Real Commercials online?”
    I’ve been a fan of this show from the very beginning when it was just Tony telling stories with a bit of cheesy music which was great. Somewhere around episode 500 it all started to change. That was back when the episodes were 50 minutes or so with commercials at the end. That’s when I started to slowly check out, only to come back every few weeks or so. Actual stories and content became less and less. Then I left the show altogether. For the last 4 years I’ll check back annually around September to see if the format has changed, and it has gotten progressively worse. I just checked back today after not listening for about 7 months, the show is unrecognizable it feels overly produced which is something I remember Tony talking about earlier on in the shows life(saying that’s not what he wanted to do.) It seems like he’s trying to do far too much. I’ve loved this show from the beginning and I don’t want to give up on it, but I think the time has come.
  • Jessiegeewow
    Not sure
    I hate the new format. Not that it may matter to you, but most days now I just delete cause I don’t have time to sift through for 3 minutes of a story.
  • Omisan
    Used to be good
    This podcast used to be amazing when I started listening four years ago. Sense then the podcast has gone slowly downhill from then. With the more adds, the shorter episodes and now, The TEN MINUTE EPISODES. With half of it being adds😡. I have since stopped listening. It used to be SO much better. I have been listening Sense December 2019. You have lost another listener.
  • DEP5980
    Too short
    The episodes are too short. I will have to find a new channel to listen to.
  • jason 4 trump 2020
    Not long enough
    I love the podcast but it’s just too much of a hassle for 7minutes worth podscast I’m busy at work don’t have time to be grabbing my phone ever 6 or 7 minutes please make them longer
  • Mieggs
    Good show however too many ads
    I like this show however I think the repeated ads within the show could be reduced to one and some of the politics and babbled conversations could be reduced or cut out of the show. Could be a better show but cut the crap with repeated ads, random babbling conversations and I can relate to other poor reviewers on their ratings. This show used to be better but it’s becoming an ad ridden show with random babbled conversations I came for the ghost stories not off topic conversations.
  • ZinziW
    The ads have ruined the experience
    I have listened for 8 years but this past year the ads have taken over the episodes. It’s really unfortunate. Idk if they’re doing that so we can become EPP members or if the show is losing money. But it saddens me. I love ghost stories. I used to have the show playing throughout my workday but now I either don’t listen or I have to make sure I’m able to fast fwd thru the ads.
  • Dotti1810
    Too short.
    Too short, more commercials than show. Not impressed.
  • Luci Ana
    It’s just not the same anymore
    I used to love this podcast, it was a little bit of spooky, entertaining, & funny! I also Love the witty banter between the host & his guests! But it’s not the same anymore. Now we just get snippets of stories, that you can only listen to if you’re a Patreon! & the ads, you can’t forget the ads! It’s hardly worth clicking on a link to a story that’s maybe 11 minutes long!
  • Dragon8008
    Love this podcast!
    Keep up the amazing work. Just signed up for 3day and still going to go $5 month now but next week I’m going to go full year. Maybe I’ll post some time about when I was growing up and visit my cousins and family members in Leon city Mexico.
  • kikiannev
    Irresponsible with ads!
    Love the content but every single episode has blocks of ads that last four and five minutes - repeating the same ones over and over - it really ruins the quality of the shoe and becomes unlistenable unless you’re clinging to your phone so you can fast forward. I’ve never heard a podcast with this many ads on repeat.
  • wrangler85
    This used to be amazing… 🙁
    I used to love this podcast and I keep hoping it goes back to the way it was. Now they run old episodes but episodes from maybe a year ago. It doesn’t seem like there’s as many new ones as there used to be and they do a ton of these “open lines” which arent typically that good.. maybe 5 minutes and tons of commercials… the commercials are a mess too they play the same one 5 times before the episode starts. I understand advertising is a part of it but why play the same commercial 5 times in a row. Tony just seems to not care about this podcast as much as he used too. They seem to get off topic more which getting off topic a little is fine but it’s a lot sometime. Tony has also gotten very judgmental lately. I think it’s great that he wants to include his daughter but I skip those episodes they just aren’t as good and I hate to say that but I think she’s too young to be hosting a podcast. Honestly if it wasn’t for Todd and Carol I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I have. I just keep hoping it will go back to how it used to be but I’m losing hope of that happening. Real ghost stories online is where I fell in love with listening to podcasts and it’s sad it’s gone down hill so quick.
  • zp309876543
    Harper needs to go
    Great show, but Harper needs to go..
  • pilar.maria
    This is show is just great. Spooky and hilarious. You are all characters and I love it. Carol reading has been my favorite episode of all time!! Ugh and Harper - future SNL star. If you haven’t given this show a listen, stop what you’re doing and press play. You’re welcome. RGSO FOLIFE xx
  • SlickNick 123
    Love this show
    This podcast is great to listen to and really interesting. I listen to it, to get me through the day at work. I really like the open lines too.
  • D the reviewer in my own right
    Congratulations on your engagement, loved hearing about that!!!! All the past relationships didn’t work out, sounds like they all led you to where u are rt now!!! With the perfect person for u!!! You have a great show!!! Just discovered u and I’ve been sharing it w everyone!!! ❤️ Keep them coming ❤️
  • Fumons
    Used to be a daily listener and I understand the need for ads but playing the same ad back to back up to 4 times is just way too much. It feels like a ploy to push the membership and that just feels like icky salesmanship to me.
  • "Film Snob"
    Favorite podcast
    I was an avid listener of the show for many years, but lately I’ve stopped. It has changed SO much. They hit you over the head with all of their advertising and not enough content. They constantly make jokes about the stories that are called in, and go off topic a lot! Maybe they’ve been doing this show for so long it’s getting tedious for them? I don’t know? I’m not a prude, but their constant use of the “F” word gets to me. Get it together guys…
  • Petitas81
    Real Ghost Stories Online
    I've been an EPP for over two years now but have been listening for more than five! I love the hosts, I love the stories, I love how "real" everything is. No judgement, and they feel like family now. I look forward to all the episodes and binge in the archives while I wait on the new episodes. Safe to say, I'm hooked! Try it, you won't be disappointed!!
  • Tosh&Nate
    I have been listening for a few years now, mostly at work or on long drives. I’m an HR Coordinator and often work long hours, you guys help keep me alive. My coworkers know when my headphones are on, I’m listening to RGSO and will sneak around to scare the heck out of me. I love it so much. The encounters, experiences, sound effects keep me engaged and on my toes. Thanks for all your work!
  • leahsodyssey
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years
    I was an EPP but couldn’t keep it up financially, but if you can you should. The Grave Talks too. He has several others, they are all good, but Real Ghost Stories and Grave Talks are the best. Tony seems like a really nice guy too. Listen for free or become and Extra Podcast Person if you can.
  • RealistLeo
    Are you actually a believer?
    I’ve been listening to your podcast for about 2 years now and also became a EPP member because I truly enjoyed it. Recently there was a episode where you gave a caller advice saying “make sure you rule out everything else(mental health) before you say your encounters are paranormal”. If you are the biggest paranormal podcast why would you give that type of advice? If a story sounds to good to be true don’t dismiss it as impossible. Just because it doesn’t seem real to you doesn’t mean it wasn’t REAL for them. Sometimes you and Carol can be skeptics when you guys team up and makes me wonder if you guys actually believe people. Please choose your words carefully. Thank you!
  • Elyse the egirl
    Definitely best show ever. I love watching this. It may have created my anxiety, but whatever. These are so intense and scary. I love it
  • Nicole whatever
    Long time listener
    I love this show! I’ve been listening daily since day one and it’s a great podcast! Always something new and creepy to listen to!
  • Aureliusmommy29
    Been listening for years !
    I come back to this podcast all the time and it never fails me ! Having somewhere to go get my spooky fill all year long I know I’m coming to this podcast !
  • bejdnsjdmem
    It’s been years, and the show never disappoints
    I literally five star this show every so often to make sure they get the ratings they deserve. Tony is an icon at what he does, and those that complained about them talking too much in between stories could go elsewhere because those that have been around for a while like to hear about their lives/days and joke and laugh with them too like besties catching up ok. Definitely worth more than a cup of coffee!
  • Diller Farmz
    Never miss a episode!
    great paranormal content every day . Never a boring show!
  • KromeH
    I’ve listened for 8 years, always keeping me on my toes with your spooky tails. Your podcast is a great combination of story, spooky and a dash of comedy, Love it!!
  • Carribean_listener
    New Listener
    Hello, My name is Ariana and I am new listener to the podcast and I can say that I absolutely love it. My family has always been superstitious and we have experienced some things ourselves, growing up in the Dominican Republic we were surrounded by witchcraft and things of that sort which have led to some paranormal experiences. Now I have always been terrified of things of this sort and we do not like to speak on it in my family as to sort of not attract that type of negativity as we are prone to events. But I have to say that I have found your podcast to be so interesting and entertaining and for some reason I do not find myself scared, you guys have a way of presenting these stories in such a manner that I find captivity and pleasant to listen. In the past week, I find myself listening to you guys at work, in the car, during, and believe I will soon be catching to all the episodes. Please keep doing what you do as I love to what other people have gone through and perhaps I might some day share a few stories that my family and myself have experienced.
  • EmeraldIsleGal1995
    Spooky Tales
    This is a great show if you want to listen to something spooky and scary. There’s a good variety of stories submitted from the listeners, which makes listening always interesting.
  • Aerial!
    Ive been Listening for years, cant stop.
    I found this podcast years ago when I was about 16 and thirsty for scares. Now Im 25 and cant do the dishes or any other mundane task without it on. Lots of good stories and theyre always realeasing new content. Tony is super silly. Im finally an EPP now that you can sign up through apple podcast really easily!
  • Ardeneo
    Awesome Podcast!
    It’s really awesome to hear all these stories! I highly recommend listening!
  • LeLoMom
    This Show is Just What I Needed!
    This is such a great show. I love scary, spooky stories, but can tell when someone is “putting it on” to make it seem creepier. This podcast is just real stories from real people with real experiences with ghosts. I used to be a skeptic but this show has helped me become a believer. I hope to interact with past loved-ones someday. My dad died in 2012 and I miss him every day. This show gives me hope and helps me know he’s with me all the time.
  • xxtina666
    Perfect for sp00ky season and heck…every season.
    I’ve been a listener for 6 years now. To say this is my favorite podcast would be an understatement. Tony, Harper, Carol and Todd are not only hilarious, have great chemistry, but really give great support to the callers/writers! Real Ghost Stories Online is a great outlet for listeners to share their experiences. Their Facebook has become a support group for listeners to also share their stories with one another so I recommend joining over there as well. The stories are truly haunting and great to listen to while working or doing chores. There’s so much content you’ll never get bored! I’m an ‘EPP’ which means I’m an Extra Podcast Person. I have access to even more content and early episodes. If you’re like me, this is something you definitely want to tap into. Give them a listen! You won’t regret it.
  • SlugJones
    Great spooky podcast, year round
    I started listening this last year and really enjoy the show. He takes both written and voicemail submissions, which helps if you want to share your story and have anxiety about it. The hosts seem like good people, though tony bologna doesn’t always take them as seriously as it feels he should. I mean, some stories are kinda out there and silly, but I’ve heard a couple dealing with deaths of immediate family and Tone loc kinda plays them off a little too silly. However, it’s his show and he is never hateful or anything. He does a good job and this IS his job. EPP is the subscription program he has that gives you full access to everything! A small price to pay for some genuinely spooky stuff. I never miss an episode now and am very happy to have found the show!
  • labargeb
    Great podcast
    I love listening to this podcast in the car, always great stories!
  • JayPrz312
    Amazing Pod!
    I started listening a couple of years ago, so I’m still trying to catch up on episode and I have to say each one has an amazing story. I love listening on the train, while waiting in line or just because. This is the most amazing ghost podcast and I’m super glad I found it. I’ve never experienced anything paranormal just my brother but I love listening to the stories. I would recommend this, I need to sign up to the EPP. Thank you and I look forward to listening.
  • LargeMars
    Long time listener
    No one has a show quite like this one. It gets better and better. Endless real stories from real people. Tony keeps it light hearted with jokes!
  • dissapointed12346674321
    Love this!
    I found this podcast a few years ago. I love hearing all of these stories. It makes me feel like I’m a not a weirdo for sharing and discussing everyone’s experiences. It’s well done and they listen and respond to each story without being disrespectful. Lots of great stories! Keep up the good work.
  • moxymama777
    S.Howe Review
    Love the spooky stories and the show hosts! Great podcast guys 👍
  • Just another Dean
    Spooky and fun
    I just found this podcast and the two hosts are very entertaining and the stories told are creepy and fun!
  • jenna from sd
    Favorite podcast
    I’ve been a loyal listener for five years now, I usually binge once weekly so I have several hours of stories!
  • Carla Bro
    Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast! Great personable hosts that allow callers to share their own experiences! Never gets boring! Thank you for what you all do!!!
  • gabriellah80
    I am so hooked on this show I have listened to every episode and am now replaying them .Thank you for creating the show and please keep it up listening to the show has been one of the only things to get me through some pretty tough times I am grateful and a big big fan
  • momspook
    Ghost Stories
    Love it!! Listen every night to relax!! Best stories ever!! Thank you!!
  • alkuf
    Tired of half the story
    I get that you work hard to produce this podcast. But taking the good stuff and only allowing subscribers to listen to half of the story without becoming an EPP, feels really trashy. I unsubscribed for quite awhile on both this podcast and the Grave Talks because of this. It’s taken me about 3 days to feel like unsubscribing again. There’s got to be a better way like just not publish stories at all for subscribers who are not EPP. But, give subscribers the WHOLE THING on the stories you choose to put out there for non-EPP’s. I feel taken advantage of.
  • Sarah Suzzie
    Love it ghost stories show
    I love it. It’s daily and year round show
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