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A DAILY paranormal podcast filled with real ghost stories of horror, told by real people. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Some listeners describe our true ghost stories as "a podcast full of great spooky stories". Another listener writes "not the same old boring zombies, vampires, witches and werewolves! This is the best ghost story podcast out there", and another subscriber writes "combines the best parts of other ghost-story and paranormal podcasts and delivers a solid, spooky experience that is better than Coast to Coast AM, George Noorey or Art Bell". Subscribe to Real Ghost Stories Online today and don't miss an episode of our daily ghost podcast. Call in your real ghost stories anytime at 1-855-853-4802 - or write in through our website

If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call! Visit or call-in your ghost story 24/7 at 1-855-853-4802.

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Recent Reviews
  • heathen8819
    It’s good but could be better
    The show is very entertaining and I love the stories but the episodes could be longer as well as some of the stories could be longer to actually finish them
  • maple1976
    Incomplete episodes
    Not the best podcast.
  • truecrimejunkiee
    It’s not bad
    This podcast makes me laugh but then next second it’s scary. I wish the conversations were less but sometimes it’s funny to hear about the podcasters life
  • Libera Fan
    Never Finished!
    The story had a break and the ending never came after the neverending, repetitive commercials. It was a good story overall but it never finished! The host said he's be back but never showed up! There were a few commercials and the podcast just ended. And WAAAAAAY too much talk before the story began. That was repetitive too. Don't know if I'll give this podcast another chance or not.
  • Moohoo 2347771
    Announcers talk too much about nothing
    I like the real ghost stories part which is why I added the podcast but half of each episode is just the two announcers talking about their daily lives which I don’t care about. I feel like they either need to just cut all that nonsense out and have short episodes or fill in the time w something related to ghost stories.
  • ryder7788
    Where did the wife go?
    I’m stumped.
  • Me142000
    Amazing Podcast
    I love the fact that you guys tell the stories as they come from the teller so you’re getting so many different levels and kind of story telling and the stories range all the way from extra spooky to wholesome. I listen to the podcasts all day every day at work it’s better than music! And to top it all off, you guys are funny. Also Carol is AWESOME 😁
  • 5starnotaRobot
    Not bad
    Would like some more stories n less chat, you guys are good at taking calls , not being comedians, I have to fast forward a lot when you start talking … the random excessive cussing gets old too..
  • cjames60
    I just want to hear the stories, and tolerating the ads is enough extra talk/time for me. Too much side talk in the podcast and not a fan of hearing his daughter take up even more time. Will continue searching for paranormal podcasts that I would like to subscribe too.
  • Laz11111112
    Please stop bringing your kid
    I get it you think it’s cute but it’s annoying let’s get to the stories
  • ajz035
    Civil War Surgeon / USS Peoria navy ghost
    I have to be honest bringing your young daughter on the show to give her two cents is very annoying I tend to spied over her. It’s a lot of nonsensical chitchat from her. Please stick with the stories as you are s good interviewer and your call ins are interesting. Especially the corpsmen who saw the civil war docs operating when the elevator doors flew open. But your daughter needs to go study and tone it down. Sorry.
  • cncampbe
    Don’t like the use of F**k in the broadcast. I tried listening at work and you make that impossible! Don’t have to be so raunchy during the show if you want a larger audience. I would listen regularly if it weren’t for this.
  • zacc__3
    Great podcast!!
    I listen to this podcast every single day during work hours and my days fly by and I love that . It’s a great podcast to listen to and just to hear people’s stories and tony others that talk on the podcast are amazing people and love hearing them talk about ghost stories . Would definitely recommend to anyone else who’s looking for a podcast to listen to . Keep it up guys !!
  • Omidmaz
    Sorry, too much commercials
    I am a long time listener of this show but I have noticed that the shows have become shorter and most of the show is commercial and even when the actual story is being told the content is not as interesting as it used to be, I think it’s time to add 3-4 shows together and get rid of all the extra extra extra stuff in between and make one good show.
  • hfyhbik
    Not a lot of actual ghost stories
    Most of the show is ads and talk about other things. There are only a few stories mixed in. But when the stories are read they can be good and some commentary on the stories is good. It’s annoying when you are listening and then you have to go and pay for the rest of it...
  • appliepie79
    Started bringing politics into it.
  • vdflores09
    Awesome podcast
    I currently just became a EPP AND I LOVE IT. Real Ghost Stories Online is an amazing podcast. The show is very Entertaining and the proof is in the calls. People call in with real paranormal encounters and get to share their stories to people who are interested in them.It helps me get through my boring days at work. And it gives me a platform to share my scary paranormal stories as well. The host Tony is amazing and I love all the guest hosts as well. It is so cute that he includes his daughter in on the show.
  • Smooth d tickle
    Not That Good
    Sorry, I just didn’t enjoy this pod. I wanted to.
  • Devine Ms D
    Lost Potential
    Too slow to get to the story, and the introductory period with too much laughter makes it impossible to immerse yourself in the actual story, chaotic and discombobulated.
  • Kate Lomelino
    My favorite podcast to fall asleep to. Soothing voices and interesting stories and banter without “freaking me out too much to fall asleep.” Great show. ONLY con - Wish the ads were read by Tony instead of being “TV commercial” annoying.
  • npgirl64
    Kind of .... boring, actually.
    I agree with some other listeners, this podcast boring. It’s not scary, at all, not even a little bit. I had planned to get cozy in bed with hot cocoa and I was ready for a few chills. I kept waiting for the story to pick up, it never did. Oh well, you can use it to fall asleep by, that’s what I did.
  • mojo lobster
    Ghost train
    Love the show you guys tell awesome stories. I got one complaint the ghost train episode I had to turn off because of the music glitching I hope you get it fixed. Keep up the great job
  • Vee from LA
    Not Scary
    I was hoping to be scared while listening to this podcast but the narrators soothing tone and upbeat music playing in the background did not allow me to feel any kind of fear. Interesting stories but not scary.
  • YayaYelper
    If you love all things spooky...
    This podcast definitely is in my top 5 that I listen to. Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Especially all year round! You will not find another ghost story telling podcast with more content than Real Ghost Stories Online. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should.
  • clm85jgmnrm
    Used to be...great
    I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now and I have found that recently the shows are kind of steering out of ghost stories for the most part. I also don’t like when Jenny or Carol or whatever her name is, is on there. Sorry but her voice really irritates me. I don’t mind Tony’s voice at all because I feel like he has that voice for radio. She definitely does not. I don’t prefer the episodes with Harper either, sadly to say. Bring back the old ghost stories!
  • ar0yz6
    Best ghost podcast!
    These people that host the show are the best. Tony is one of a kind, n has excellent cohosts.
  • SongSpirit7
    Not scary or respectful at all. Unnecessary F words
    I listened to this show off and on for a long time until I realized the hosts weren’t taking the subject seriously and were instead too interested in talking about their own, mundane personal lives with plenty of unneeded F word sprinkled in. Profanity is the linguistic crutch for the inarticulate.
  • Momlovesyoga
    Stick to topics.
    I was a listener for two years. And just feel like lately the podcasts go everywhere but north. The last straw for me was the ghost on vacation. Idk maybe 15 mins in they were still talking about the riot at the capitol. If I wanted to hear people spout their opinions I would watch the news. So. I unsubscribed. And am sadly leaving this review. Not worth the listen anymore.
  • AK Ajijic
    Amateur hour
    So unprofessional. Some old hag talking. Not making sense. Midwest housewife.
  • Sh266549
    Still my favorite spooky podcast--8 years on!
    Tony, Carol, Harper and crew continue to put out the most entertaining, interesting and yes, funny podcast on the paranormal--RGSO has both true blue creepy factor and much needed comic relief to help get you through it! The banter between the hosts is hilarious and the quality of the episodes is fantastic. I'm a happy subscriber (aka EPP), so I don't have to listen to ads and I get tons of extra eps. It's only a few bucks a month and totally worth it. I'm all for supporting the creativity and work that goes into the production of this terrific podcast!
  • vankampen
    Why do you talk so much about things other than ghost stories? 20 min in and I haven’t heard anything but politics and adds 🤦🏼‍♂️
  • BonBonMike
    Just after money
    This podcast is full of ads. They will also begin an episode only to stop 15 minutes in to tell you where you can go to spend money to hear the rest of it... and then spend another 15 minutes on ads. Garbage.
  • Jennigo
    The guy sounds like the AM radio hosts of old - the opposite of relaxing. The comments and banter about the stories are banal and shallow, and boring. Not entertaining, not humorous, just annoying.
  • Diller Farmz
    You get to listen to 1/2 the shows
    They want you to pay to listen to both parts of the shows. I’m not paying for anything. Podcasts are free!
  • hayley evers
    Hayley Evers
    I have a ghost story My friend Olivia had died a couple years ago. And before she died she kept telling me that she saw this dark shadow of a man and it told her his name it was Dan it said I want your eyes. Two days later her parents went to wake her up and she was on her floor dead and her eyes were gone. The parents kept saying they would see her eyes in this tall dark shadow of a man
  • atbclubmix
    Awful better pod cast
    Waste of time listen to this junk
  • juju13522
    Anti lgbtq
    Ignorant of their own joke or not, this isn’t cool. Shape shifters episode at around 14:00 makes a joke about how the “2020 thing” would be to “identify” as a wolf. Identity experience is not funny nor is it about being animals. We are human beings. Our identifies are honorable and not funny to us, so they shouldn’t be funny to you. Go read.
  • AKbrain
    New frontier
    A genius idea. Stories from the subject that may not be 100 percent accurate, but what story is when adrenaline is involved. People..please quit calling while driving. Full disclosure, I have started skipping episodes with Harper. I am a parent, and hearing some of her comments and thoughts for an 8 year old gives me that parental uneasiness. Thank you for the show.
  • TTV-JustDerekFPS
    Awesome podcast
    I love scary everything lol Halloween is my favorite holiday so to be able to listen to this while working all night helps me feel like everyday is Halloween. I love it
  • jvalnes
    RGSO is the best!!
    Started listening two and a half years ago while training for a half marathon and have been hooked every since! I love you all soo much!! Thank you !!! From Jodi Valnes
  • fr0st037
    Uniquely entertaining!
    It's a rad show! Check it out and be amazed! I discovered this podcast around Halloween time because I wanted to hear something spooky while at work. But once I heard the first podcast, I was hooked. I believe in the supernatural, and this show collectively shares people's experiences in an entertaining way. The hosts make the show great, their personalities are perfect for the topic. I also like how this is a safe space for those who have experience any ghost haunting or experience without judgement.
  • Fghjgfhvddf
    So many ads dude! Lots of chats about their personal life and Harper, poor Harper. Jenny’s personality is like watching paint dry. Anyway, there’s rarely any ghost stories in each episode. Podcast should be renamed as it is misleading to new listeners.
  • nikna j
    Too many advertisements
    Stories are not bad but the amount of advertisements is ridiculous.
  • Morgan Raddatz
    This Podcast is a must to Subscribe to!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since it first began. Many of my stories have been shared here. The stories are authentic and real, Tony and all of the co-hosts are genuine and feel like you have some of the best of friends right there, while you’re listening. The show production is top in quality! I’m so grateful for all that these people do to keep this podcast going, and giving the world a place to share their paranormal experiences, free of judgment.
  • Nicoletti888
    Finding legit true Paranormal Stories
    I have listened to most of the podcasts dedicated to true scary stories and or paranormal phenomenon. I really enjoy listening to the Brueski Family and Carol because they not only give their point of view and always keep an open mind but they keep the show fun. They let the stories shine on their own and give an interesting perspective to each story. Thank you for this wonderful podcast!
  • The Woodland Fairy Queen
    My Go To podcast
    I LOVE real ghost stories! I found it in February 2020 just before the CoVid pandemic and it has brought so much entertainment into my life. I’m sensitive to the paranormal and spirits , so it’s nice to hear others stories and validate my own. One of these days, I’ll share mine, but they are dark. Thank you for getting us through the pandemic!
  • loddyb
    Great paranormal podcast
    There aren’t many good paranormal podcasts out there. This is definitely one that is. Great stories from people all over the world. I highly recommend this one if you like paranormal stories.
  • Still getting calls!!
    Absolutely Awesome!!
    Love listening to Real Ghost Stories Online!! This is one of the best podcasts with great stories. I listening to the show daily.
  • Timberstick
    Best Ghost Stories!!
    I found this podcast a few months ago and it has to be the best ghost story & Paranormal podcast I’ve listened to.
  • Skylar1233
    Great show!
    I love listening to this show while driving! Not only is it spooky and enticing, but Tony never fails to make it hilarious!
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