Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union Podcast

Soccer #14

U.S. Soccer legend Alexi Lalas discusses the biggest stories in the world of soccer. Join Alexi and soccer guru David Mosse, as they break down the USMNT, USWNT, MLS, Bundesliga, Premier League, World Cup & everything in between.

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  • Jupe2
    Alexi is a condescending, bloviating airbag…
    This should be called the Mosse and Alexi podcast. Mosse is illuminating and always on point; Alexi is a pompous, condescending jerk, but one whose opinion can’t be ignored for US soccer commentary. I’m not sure why Mosse puts up with him. On another note: if you play another stupid Shopify ad and again insert 2.5 minutes of ads in front of the next episode, I’m done with you. Have some respect! And I can’t stand Stu Holden. Still, with all this, I find this podcast has less crosstalk and stays more focused than the MLS podcast.
  • Brundiddy
    5 star for Alexi
    I enjoy listening to the podcast for all things soccer off and on the pitch.
  • Local Seattle Guy
    Great soccer talk and I really enjoy the viewing recommendations.
  • Kbob1234567890
    Topical but necessary
    I know Alexi gets a bad rep too often but I think it’s necessary to improvement. Alexi often creates debates and a different point of view many people get irritated with but without it there would be less of a drive to prove Alexi wrong. Great podcast but the only thing I ask is that the titles of the episodes contain less click bait. When you name drop CP I expect to get some good details on him. Not literally a name mention. But Love the podcast regardless. Highly recommended!
  • Shuddupandplay
    Alexi tells it like it is, looking forward to the Euros and his sardonic quips of the egos, poor play and early exits of the overpaid and flopping internationals.
  • nuutrientss
    Show length
    Love that you guys have been going longer lately. Always hate to hear about being worried about how long it is. Whole point of podcasts is you can talk as long as you want. Love the show keep it up.
  • Roaming MLS Fan
    Terrible Takes
    Just unsubscribed after being subscribed since day one. The takes I heard from both Mossey and Alexi were embarrassing. Makes me question their actual knowledge of what they are talking about. The discussion over on Total Soccer Show were intelligible.
  • winnerpop89
    Dear Alexi, For years now I have been defending you to my friends, telling them that you do know what you’re talking about. But sadly after listening to your podcast today, I have come to learn that you are a corrupt, Fox SOB, who knows nothing about what he is talking about. You say you’re a romantic, but if you’re a true romantic of the game you would be 100% against this. Stop giving US soccer a bad name. You eat chicken from a can and I hope they let David Mossy take over this podcast. God bless you David Mossy.
  • Revs20
    Creating better people
    Alexis, Thanks so much for advocating for creating better people through sports😀 This is a big time coaching philosophy! Kenny Finn Beverly, Mass
  • JAZO Opinions
    Failed analyst
    This dude Alexi has worse takes than Skip Bayless. His takes on players and global soccer are so trash mostly because of his bias towards American players. He also brings in politics into this podcast and I don’t mind it but when he starts saying ignorant and insensitive stuff, that’s when I draw the line. That’s why no one wants to hire you as an analyst. People don’t like your takes other than the very casual “soccer” fans in America. Lame
  • KnowledgeCraver
    Too Long
    A fairly good podcast, but it’s far too long. One hour podcast is too long, having episodes run in excess of 90 minutes is just too much. And somebody has got to convince Alexi to quit saying “out there.” Once or maybe twice an episode wouldn’t be irritating but using his favorite phrase more than a dozen times... Very tiresome!
  • takaminepomona
    Haha I can’t believe you guys really didn’t talk about the CCL Final MLS=Basura
  • Christavox
    Great show!
    Listen to every episode now. Best Soccer podcast around!
  • AKom47
    Great show!
    Love soccer, your show, and even Mosse isn’t bad. Really great show guys thank you. The tv advice is terrific too.
  • Hbdrummer
    Alexi is a true rock star
    Best soccer podcast out there in my opinion Also you should check out #askalexi on Twitter and periscope. Cool chemistry between Alexi and David as well. Even though Mosse likes the wrong Argentina team ... VAMOS RIVER!
  • hang zuckerberg
    Blow real hard
  • lotsofflying
    Always interesting and intelligent
    My thumbmanship is too poor to appropriately express what a good job these guys do. Two good people with diverse interests and deep soccer passion supporting US soccer interests from a global POV. It demonstrates the growth of Alexi from the brash, rogue ambassador of US soccer to the confident, well-rounded yet humble leader/supporter. But..... not without the insights, knowledge and laid back library of knowledge from Mosse. An excellent duo that I look forward to weekly as I listen in from abroad.
  • RasK2020
    Canceling Alexi and his “hot” takes. Take a stand Alexi, we know your true colors
  • Stevetheman717
    Every episode is a jerk off to LAFC
  • MedicineMan69
    Good listen
    Great pod for the casual soccer fan. Love the USMNT content
  • Goodstuffonly
    You just lost one
    There are a ton of other shows for me to listen too. I don’t want to listen to someone yammer on and on. This dude cares more about some phony imaginary idea than his actual human neighbors. By the way the Cooligans are a way better soccer show anyway. Deuces
  • Stephen A.. Smith Burner
    Listen to the Europeans instead
    Highly wouldn’t recommend. If you want to listen to quality insight to the beautiful game of football, go listen to people that have played at a top level, not some mls washout
  • IT_garlicHead
    Bible According to Alexi
    Thank you for the insights. I like the USA centric discussion and we need more discussion like this to drag us soccer forward!
  • 1?2;&;.?:;??:2;(
    The USA team is never going to be good again!!!
    Look Alexi, the USA Men team is never going to get better. The future for you is to stop talking about the USA team and talk about the MLS. Maybe some other league, but don’t say the USA team is ever going to a World Cup again. Look to the women’s team. Hope you take my advice. Best of luck to you
  • Arrow301
    Just here for Mosse
    Seriously let that guy have his own pod. 10/10 would produce it
  • royalsquared
  • Ivan.Esca
    David Moses
    Odia me mas! #Patriots
  • jack skezick
    The LAST thing I want to do is stroke Alexi’a massive ego but this podcast is amazing. Both guys are fabulous. They give great info on all facets of soccer both in MLS and international play and Mosse is an expert on La Liga and more foreign teams. Combining both of their expertises and it’s an amazing informative never dull podcast.
  • food broker
    Lalkas was a good player but a bad commentator. I tried the show a couple of times and gave up
  • thatsmic
    Alexi Lalas shouldn’t have this platform to speak this nonsense, get a young personality to do this, boring
  • Udaykumarsjc
    New year monologue boring
    Two way conversation is preferred
  • Canton Jon
    Good show
    Always informative and entertaining. Keeps getting better.
  • MacBoxAppWin
    Get David off the show!!!
    This show is really good but would be way better if you get David off the show!!! Get someone that isn’t a snob and someone that likes and understands MLS, if you do that this show would be the soccer version of Speak For Yourself.
  • Allan Hutchins
    Adequate but in need of improvement
    Production level is very low compared to other soccer podcasts. All transitions are canned and sound terrible. Alexi habitually uses the exact same phrases and adjectives every single episode when introducing the co-host and about “lighting the candle” in referring to getting the podcast started. Just to name a few. I tried to stick to constructive criticism over blasting Alexi for his moronic takes / opinions. There is potential here for a great podcast, subject matter is always good. I hope you guys can work on some things to make it a more polished podcast going forward
  • sc4l4r
    Way too long
    Loyal Lalas listener all the way back to the 'Big Head, Red Head' days when he and Twellman were on ESPN. Lalas is pretty good to listen to but not for 70-80 minutes each week; he is one of the least efficient talkers in the podcast world. We are not filibustering Congress here. These need to be 40-50 minute episodes AT MOST, fellas. There is not enough stuff to talk about each week for these to be so long. Also, please give Mosse more time to speak; he's great.
  • Sagar Sriramagiri
    Alexi is the best
    The best soccer commentator/pundit there is. Period. Alexi is very eloquent, and totally in touch with a layman for someone who actually played at the highest level.
  • T. Salento
    this guy is only relevant bc of a 90s haircut
    His takes are awful, don’t waste your time on this
  • mike v soccer dad
    More than 50% drive me nuts! But....I do agree with your comments and positions more than 50% of the time. You views are refreshing compared to all the other pundits. Love to listen....thanks!
  • Kristyn770
    What happened to my Favorite Podcast
    There hasn’t been an episode since the women’s World Cup?! What gives?! I keep checking every week and nothing! Come back!!!!!
  • thelionsinwinter
  • Tape Doctor
    If only his brain was as big as his jingoistic ego
    Arrogance over stupidity goes to infinity.
  • Happy in Seattle
    Anything else?
    Guys really enjoyed the podcast the content the commentary. OneNote I don’t know how many times the question “anything else?” is asked during each podcast but it’s too many again I really enjoyed the podcast
  • johnnynipples
    My favorite soccer podcast
    I was pleasantly surprised with State of the Union. I think Alexi is a jackass but thats why I keep tuning in and Mosse is a fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable co host. Has the feel of a hometown radio show- only complaint is that it isn’t more than once a week.
  • Tortillapancake
    Needs more Mosse
    Big fan of this podcast. I’m not an Alexi hater like others, but Mosse has a ridiculous amount of knowledge on the sport and I wish we could get more of that extracted each episode.
  • PaulRisdall
    Fun show
    I do love this podcast. Alexi loves to be a contrarian and I’m not 100% sure he believes everything he says but he always provides a fresh take and Mosse is a wealth of soccer knowledge. 5 stars because Alexi got certified as a USSF referee. That is pretty cool.
  • Disco Don Diablo
    Come here for Alexi, Stay for Mosse
    Perfect soccer podcast i listen to them multiple times a week i love the opinions the coverage and discussions! Currently relistening to old episodes just because i can’t get enough of this one. Phenomenal blend of sports talk and friendly banter between them! Keep it up guys!!
  • redsoxguy13
    Never boring
    I'll be honest, I like Lalas. I like his opinions, his sense of humor, his smugness and his podcast. If you like him you'll like his podcast too. Hell, if you hate him you might like his podcast! Its that good. Give it a try.
  • ArizCat21
    Great podcast
    This is my favorite soccer podcast. Love or hate Lalas, he is one of the best to cover soccer!
  • Westafricandancer
    Soccer mom/sports enthusiast
    Love this show and appreciate the Bunda updates and USNT updates. Really found after World Cup as I appreciated Alexi’s balanced coverage and remember him when he played for the USA. Subscribe!! Do it.
  • Baskettman70
    Great Podcast! Great inside information for USMNT
    Great podcast! Alexi Lalas brings great insight to US Soccer!
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