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U.S. Soccer legend Alexi Lalas discusses the biggest stories in the world of soccer. Join Alexi and soccer guru David Mosse, as they break down the USMNT, USWNT, MLS, Bundesliga, Premier League, World Cup & everything in between.Follow Alexi Lalas' State of the Union podcast @SOTUWithAlexi on all platforms!

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  • civil tongue
    Almost listened and then I remembered
    Funny, I still see the show listed as clean. But I know it’s not. I almost started to follow the show again. And then I remembered.
  • @kac443
    MLS Restructure
    With the addition of San Diego next season, Would you be in favor of MLS of restructuring to a divisional format and have scheduling like MLB where every team plays each other in the regular season rather than not getting every possible match up currently. The reason why I’m asking this is that on Saturday March 16th, this is the first time that Philadelphia has played Austin and this is Austin’s 4th season in the league. That’s not good for the fans. 2 possible setups you could have are that you could get 5-six team divisions with each divisional team playing twice (home/away) and playing every other team once alternating the home/away matches every year and still have 34 matches. The playoffs would be a bracket where anyone could play each other, 5 division winners get a top 5 seed and could play anyone in league based on seeding Or 6-five team divisions where you play the divisional teams twice and every one else one splitting home/away games and have 33 matches. With the 6-five team model, you could keep the East/west model giving the 3 division winners on each conference a top 3 seed or scrap East/west model and let anyone play each other in playoffs based on points.
  • flexinblack22
    Late on listening this but never gonna miss another pod
  • JakeBoswell
    Love the show
    I listen each week. Appreciate the consistency and insight.
  • Skeeboz
    Is Alexi paid by the decibel?
    This guy trades in bombast and hot takes with very little actual substance. It’s like he learned one lesson from media training on day one and has refused to learn anything else in the last decade or so. His claim of victimhood in the face of legit criticism is profound, and if he came up a generation, or two, ago it wouldn’t matter. But it’s 2024 and he remains committed to not knowing what he doesn’t know. His unapologetic and one dimensional presence in the modern soccer landscape appears more and more like Wile E Coyote hanging in the air off the side of a cliff. I only wish he’d look down sooner than later, and plummet downwards. Or at least cut to the chase and join FOX News.
    Awesome podcast!
    Ask Alexi: will Reyna be the first American to play in the Saudi Arabian league?
  • MN Jeff
    Best ‘American’ Soccer Pod
    Mosse and Alexi really shine as a partnership focused on talking about soccer through an American lens. Alexi loves to push buttons, and while I don’t always agree with him, I like the way he makes me think. Mosse is a savant and a great straight man to Alexi’s pot stirring. I really appreciate having a podcast that allows me to understand America’s place in the global game. Keep up the great work, Alexi and Mosse (and most frequent guest Stu)
  • Sccr fn
    Absolutely love this podcast
    Exceptional content, knowledge and fun, I walk 5 miles a day and always make sure that this is part of my walk.
  • Njkteruiv,m
    guy’s a bum
  • Warren Bradenton, FL
    MLS Playoff Format
    I thoroughly enjoy the show and appreciate a more “no-nonsense” point of view on various topics, like celebrating against previous teams. One positive for the MLS Playoff format, in my mind, is that it could keep games more open because the aggregate score doesn’t factor in. Warren from Bradenton, FL
    MLS Branding Question
    I love the angle of this show: “where we look at the beautiful game on and off the field through the lens of red white and blue colored glasses.” All things national team with a healthy dose of domestic and foreign leagues. The partnership between Alexi and Mosse is perfect. My question for the “Ask Alexi” segment: with all the expansion and growth in MLS, one growing issue is the disjointed nature of club branding. Emphasis on mascots such as Rapids, Earthquakes, Galaxy and Sounders seems to be out of vogue in favor of more classic schemes such as “FC”. I think the out-of-style branding hurts those clubs from attracting some fans who are more connected to the international scene. Personally I grew up in and still live in Colorado. When I was younger - in the days of Marcelo Balboa and Chris Henderson - I cheered for my hometown team, just as I cheered for the Broncos, Nuggets and Avalanche. But as an adult I began following the sport more widely and increasingly I found the Rapids brand to be uninspiring in comparison to clubs with more classic football branding like LAFC, Inter Miami and even Sporting KC. Do you think there will ever be a broad effort to rebrand certain clubs in order to bring about better alignment across the league? Or do you think some clubs should consider voluntarily updating their brand à la MetroStars / Red Bulls? I love the bits of history and context you bring to your answers; hoping you will provide some gems here. Thanks!
  • customer needs refund
    1930 usmnt 3rd place needs to be mentioned
    Although this happened way back in time I think the 1930 World Cup team needs mention. A convincing win against Belgium and winning a group undefeated with two teams needs mention. The usmnt got to the semifinals and finished third. Uruguay wears a star on their jersey for the title in 1930 and this semifinal us team bears mention. Relative to the rest of the world the talent was very respectable. There are caveats (some teams refusing to participate from Europe) but 1930 usmnt bears mention.
  • Daniel Kohner
    Best Podcast, Period!
    Long time watcher on Youtube, absolutely love the podcast. Been a huge Alexi fan all the way back to the 1994 World Cup. You could not imagine how excited I was too find this podcast. Keep up the amazing work. Question 1. Why does Major League Soccer not do more to try and make this league one of higher quality leagues out there who could compete with the European leagues. Outside of the US, MLS is still looked at as an inferior league. This needs to change. Question 2 Why should I become a fan of a certain player in MLS, if ultimately that player will be gone in a year or two, example Almada with Atlanta United and why does MLS and clubs not try and retain these players instead of shipping them off to Europe?
  • Left handed knight
    Love this - US soccer, America’s redhead, and a soccer savant
    Alexi and Mosse create fun episodes that preview, review and predict all things US soccer. They cover MLS and discuss global games in which US players feature as well as the big European leagues. Guest speakers, listener questions, talking shows watched and books read, as well as Mosse keeping us up to date on Brazil add an enjoyable dimension to the show. Keep up the great work! Juan from Holland MI - Look for my questions on the SOTU hotline.
  • Flonkerton091
    Can’t miss soccer pod
    Alexi, who are your all time top 5 ginger soccer players that warm the cockles of your red headed heart? Say hey to Mosse for me. Marshall from South Carolina
  • Austin Stuk
    What American Soccer fans need.
    Alexi and Mosse do an incredible job getting ALL the information about soccer around the world. I enjoy the perspective and focus on the American players, but also touching base on important or relevant games/players outside of the US as well. After 399 episodes it never gets boring. Thank you and Happy 400th Episode! My question to you guys is do you think having soccer on so many different streaming services and networks might actually hurt the growth in the United States? I think back to when I was able to watch soccer more accessibly through fox or espn, but now you need to own every streaming service and some in order to watch certain games. I think of MLS season pass being difficult in bars for fans and I know HBO having the USA team can be difficult too.
  • Mikebensonhurst
    Best soccer podcast
    You get well informed analysis, personality, USMNT news and their streaming recommendations which is sometimes my favorite part of the show. My questions for Alexi 1. what is your favorite soccer documentary of all time? 2. what’s your favorite non soccer sports doc of all time? 3. If the USMNT faced a top opponent such as Argentina, Spain in a meaningful game (copa, world cup) - what tactics should we employ from a X and O perspective?
  • StevensintheSahara
    Great podcast (with a question)
    Love the pod! Especially the Twitter spaces episodes where we can call in. Fun fact: I listened to this pod while my wife and I were in the hospital waiting for our daughter to be born. Question: Should we be concerned that Mckennie and Weah seem to be in direct competition for the same spot at Juventus?
  • P.B.S.508
    Global minds think alike
    Lalas has a perspective that not many have, he bring a unique approach that’s fresh and always entertaining! The cast is tasteful and always offers useful info and not just recycled materials.
  • Jason91080
    Who wins MLS cup and when will my Revs?
    You always talk about how it’s historically/statistically very unlikely to win the supporters shield and MLS cup. Which seed over the years has won MLS Cup the most? In other words, which seed should my Revs be aiming for each year (because supporters shield didn't work for us!)
  • B-Stu-9
    Reyna vs Adams
    In the last podcast Alexi mentions that he thinks Adams should and will be included in the next camp because there aren’t a lot of opportunities for them to play together and he is important enough to the team that he should be considered regardless of his injury or play time. Earlier in the show he says that Reyna should not be afforded that privilege even tho he’s in a very similar situation. Im curious the difference of your thinking on that and why shouldn’t the US medical staff also check out Reyna? Do you not see Reyna as important to the team? Sometimes I feel as tho there may be some Berhalter bias on this show. Love the show either way and thanks for the take!
  • Anna_2468
    Question about penalty shootout
    If the USMNT were to be involved in a penalty shootout given the current squad what five players do you think would take the penalty?
  • emkayb
    Listened to the show until he started spewing random MAGA talking points. Disappointing. Not sure why he’d go that way, but I guess bigots gotta bigot.
  • JPhoenixx
    Question about balls
    Has there always been multiple levels of ball quality or is it a relatively new thing with relation to how long the game has been played? Like when you were growing up and then playing, was there training balls, competition balls and match quality balls? What’s your general thought about balls and the crazy prices of “fifa approved match quality balls” that go for $160 and up. Thanks! Joe from Ohio
  • Paul Computer
    The Best
    Alexi and Mosse are “can’t miss” for me twice a week. The best podcast of the many currently out there. Covers US, MLS, and the international leagues with always interesting opinions and facts.
  • Mmdean
    Time to make an American film to talk about!
    I love your show, Alexi. You and Mosse have made me a soccer fan. That’s one reason I wrote a screenplay, FOOTBALL VS FOOTBALL, a broad sports comedy feature in the vein of BLADES OF GLORY. Log line-America’s most beloved quarterback, Charles I. “Chuck It” Farr, harboring a repressed ballerina complex, blows the Super Bowl, then seeks redemption by dancing on a reality TV show, DANCING WITH DEFEAT, against Mandonna, the world’s most eccentric soccer star and other celebrity losers. Alexi-Comedy, the two footballs, dancing and your music could make this a feel good family film to accompany the 2026 World Cup. You guys have the contacts. I have the script. Text eight-one-eight-three-nine-one-six-four-eight three and I can contact your agent. Thanks DanH
  • The_Texas_Cuban
    Entertaining and informative
    It’s a love - hate relationship. But addictive and educational none the less.
  • Buzz n bubba
    Thank You, Alexi!!!
    We appreciate you sharing the truth and your unwavering support of the Red, White and Blue. We will always remember you taking the field at the World Cup and giving us a team to support - thank you. Please continue to remind our guys to honor our country and flag (no need for any other flags, please) as we root for our boys. Unfortunate, the ladies have taken a different path. Well I suppose the good news is that there’s no need to ever watch the ladies again so we’ll have more time to listen to your pod. Thanks again for your perspective and terrific content here. Cheers
  • kitchenerpaul
    Shoutout for being a non-woke sports podcast. 👏🏼 Just happy to listen to soccer news without liberal politics sprinkled in everywhere.
  • dizzydan11
    Being the fact that your now talking politics on twitter! I am done with you !
  • bcchuck
    World Cup!
    Great recaps!
  • ⚽️soccer lover101
    LOVE this show
    Asking the tough questions US Soccer needs to here. Really great conversations. Alexi Lalas is a master facilitator and show host. David Mosse gives great perspective, would stand in line to have a beer with this guy to just to talk soccer. Please, please have Carli Llyod back on! She is a voice that many US Soccer fans want to hear A LOT more from!
  • pep786
    Pod cast
    Love this show tells it like it is. His review of the woman’s World Cup is a great listen.
  • thegreaseman
    Lalas is bad
    Used to love Lalas’ takes, but obviously he now fancies himself a provacateur who attempts to be relevant by being a contrarian as opposed to thoughtful analysis. Lalas: learn from the great Grant Wahl—you don’t need to be a blowhard to gain respect in this business. Mosse, on the other hand, is pure class.
  • Kris#11
    Insulting analysis
    Do you criticize the mens teams’ play or skill level based on their “brands” and “politics”? Do you judge the men based on how “likeable” they are? Disappointing and insulting analysis, but unfortunately not surprising from this network.
  • psk2310
    You gotta be an absolute imbecile to listen to this inbred spreadneck maga mongrel.
  • GolfGrouch
    Spoilers ruin this podcast
    Great podcast but the spoilers in the titles ruin it. I had to unfollow, sadly.
  • llanasG
    Used to like this guy in the 90s. Never heard him make one interesting point.
  • Gthorns
    Not for the weak of heart…not afraid to get real!
    Great podcast. Refreshing to hear commentary that cuts to the bone. Not afraid to ruffle some feathers while framing and articulating the topic. Commentary is fair and not only highlights the bad but also the positive. Really enjoy the expertise and insight the podcast gives.
  • Mega killa
    Wrestling heel
  • rootbeerdan
    Good podcast, poor production quality
    Someone send Fox a couple of microphones and a tutorial on how to turn up the bitrate and this easily becomes one of, if not the best podcast covering the World Cup.
  • Hugo818
    Good show, bad sound.
    I like the show I don’t always agree, but I like it then that’s OK, just like Alexis says. But can you please do something about the volume the volume is very low. I can barely hear it. I have to turn my radio all the way up. And I know it’s not my radio because the commercials sound just fine. But when it goes back to the show, the sound goes very low.
  • Lost Angelino
    US needs Alexi Lalas
    While some may call Alexia a loudmouth I think we need somebody passionate like him promoting US soccer. He doesn’t make excuses for our league and will stand up to anyone trying to minimize what we’ve done here in the US with regards to soccer. He doesn’t apologize for calling the game soccer, it’s been long established here and it’s the name that we all grew up calling out.. the show is timely with all the news about the state of our soccer, but also the game around the world.
  • Troopppp
    State of Cali
    Podcast has good info on USMNT but with a very bias slant towards MLS players. The most annoying part is during MLS talk it always starts with a LA team and they talk double the length about those two teams than the rest of the league combined.
  • billpaymentsucks
    Mosse’s Mic
    Love this informative show! Why is David’s microphone/phone fidelity so terrible? He talks fast, yet the quality is nothing like Lexie’s, and more like he’s in a tank! C’mon guys. Production values.
  • Cp2625
    Shops pod
    I play this pod for customers to hear all the 411 on soccer news. Thanks guys.
  • slmrksmork
    Listened to this podcast for the soccer; out of nowhere and without warning they spoiled my favorite tv show. Thanks a lot
  • ConfusedPete
    I surprisingly, enjoy this pod. Production values are excellent. Don’t get upset about some of the ridiculous opinions expressed, they’re opinions. I would like it if callers had the courtesy to limit their questions to under 5 minutes.
  • Francisco ghf
    This is soooooooo good
    This is great because i am a kid and i love the us team and now know this podcast and i and like an expert of us soccer although they should talk more about chaimops leage
  • Casnh
    Insufferable buffoon
    I can’t believe anyone would list to Alexi Lalas on purpose.
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