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Your weekly source for all things Commander (aka EDH), a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering format, with hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai. Focused on all aspects of gameplay and strategy from table politics, budget builds, to deck building and more! commandzonecast@gmail.comWe wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: For advertising opportunities please email   Privacy Policy:

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    Oct 30, 2023 – 02:15:56
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Recent Reviews
  • Johnny_Pants_69
    Used to enjoy it
    I have been listening for a few months and the amount of ads just make it hard to enjoy.
  • WiscoWood
    What a turnaround!
    Updating my review. I recently gave my opinion that CZ primarily showcases products and doesn’t go into the many interesting nuances of commander. That is no longer the case! Props to Rachel Weeks and team for taking the time to come up with interesting ways to discuss and analyze the game.
  • Hoosiersman
    A Fully Trained Padawan
    What a great podcast! I joined the MTG community last summer when Lord of the Rings dropped, and I’ve binge-listened to most of the episodes at this point. I’m certainly not an expert, but because of this podcast I feel like I know what I’m doing and have a solid foundation to build off of, something that would have taken me years to develop otherwise. Love the hosts and appreciate the quality and passion present in every episode. Keep up the incredible work!
  • Sequoia Sanders
    Best show ever!
    You guys are amazing! Y’all are the only podcast I ever listen too. Also, has anyone thought of than turbine with osgir, the reconstructor? Probably the best card in the deck, no exceptions.
  • TheFarSide5
    Best podcast
    I was he into into Magic and I went on YouTube and immediately found the Command Zone. I was hooked from the Post Malone game knights episode. Thanks for all that you do.
  • KDorau21
    Good, just not as good as it used to be.
    It’s not a bad show by any means, Rachel has been a nice addition, but they’ve gotten away from the fun discussions that made the show such a pleasure to listen to early on. Now it’s just review after review of every single card and every single commander. Wish they would go back to more strategy, philosophy and fun episode topics rather than forcing themselves to review every new legend that comes out.
  • Gunn44
    Command zone rules
    100% love these guys and all they do for the game. So much information. Great delivery. Listen to command zone and watch game knights all the time. Great job guys every time. Thank you !!!!!! You looking for any info on a card or cards. Decks and game play. Combos. Rules. Anything Magic. These are the guys and channels I go too.
  • why everything taken?
    A slight correction
    Note: rise of the eldrazi is exiled after cast so you can’t use an instant/sorcery recursion on it
  • Let’s go Jimmy!
    I listened to this when I walked home from school, and now the dreaded 40 minute walk isn’t so bad anymore.
  • qwertyruiop
    Will, scion of war
    Will can use Infinite life and Rowan can’t also black often has a lot of black pips admittedly white sometimes does but also Rowan sets you further towards death and is worse in the late game where as life totals get lower whereas even incremental late game life can win sometimes
  • Wolfychad787
    This podcast inspires me to be better and taught me so much. josh and jimmy helped me up my game so much I’m winning I look forward to learning more and more. Keep up the great work.
  • Nosirag
    Oh yeah
    I have enjoyed the command zone for over a year now, and discovering game knights and extra turns was an absolute pleasure.
  • Pleco2009
    Very very awesome podcast.
    I love listening to this podcast!! I’m pretty new to MTG and commander. This podcast has give me several ideas for cards to put into decks as well as for entires deck.
  • lhfsst dtkcx
    I love love you guys
    You are the best podcast ever Rachel you welcome to the command zone at the end sometime is so funny jimmy I want to grow up to be just like you josh you have taught me so much about strategy kreg idk how you spell your name but you taught me I can play archeenemy well and to your whole team I sincerely thank you
  • fnfboii13
    Hey belt fed if it’s so bad why did you spend so much time on that one review. At least don’t make personal insults to them, too far. Belt fed should be turned in to the feds
  • henrytheedhplayer
    Best ever
    I have a podcast of my own @synerythecommandershow and it was partly inspired by this podcast. LOVE YOU JIMMY AND JOSH
  • someone who plays cards
    I play scute swarm for different reason than most, I use it as easy sacrifices in my witherbloom sacrifice deck.
    Great podcast, funny and helpful hosts, always entertained! Awesome!! I play a black white sacrifice life gain life loss.
  • WrigleyFieldMarshal
    We Need Less of These Goofy MTG Celebrities
    Nothing special.
  • Magnus Cash
    Top of the MTG Pile
    These guys are super knowledgeable and work hard to creat a well researched and well edited show. All hosts are positive and CLEAN!
  • ANXDaddy
    Goodbye Casuals
    I LOVED this podcast when I first found it and prefer their earlier content. I feel the Command Zone is now focused on selling staples and pushing Commander players into more competitive decks, and, in turn, changing the casual player base. My play group splintered as some followed the Command Zone propelled “arms race,” while others missed the casual play style where a card doesn’t cost more than someone’s entire deck. I hope the Command Zone comes correct and, at least, slow down pimping every new set and do some content on the game (they used to).
  • hfjdjxjdhd
    NO TO THE HATERS!!!!!!!
    Belt fed weapon is a hater. this podcast rocks!!!! I wonder if he even listens to it the hole way thru
  • BeltFedWeapon
    This show is WoTC’s lapdog/mouthpiece for the Commander format. Unerringly oriented towards new players, overly commercialized, and leaning on celebrity (MtG and actual); while this show does have real content it is a part of Magic’s race to the bottom. Notice they don’t significantly comment on WoTC/Hasbro’s disingenuous management of the game or it’s player base. We are all treated as rubes and marks and Command Zone is a part of that…from 5 - 6 minute intros full of cheesy singing and advertisements (for the channel, sponsors, & snowflake millennials who are suckers enough to give money to these guys for free content); to the mid-roll break for sponsors & patreon appeals…. This show touts it’s overhead costs in staff and production to make ‘quality’ content, but it actually appears to be an attempt to satisfy Josh Lee Kwai ego with his need for an ‘assistant’ and to low-key push his Magic philosophy on others… all while providing ‘fame’ and access he did not achieve in Hollywood as a no-name movie trailer production guy. Oh and the actual content doesn’t have any useful insights or strategies. It’s all set reviews & new commander analysis these days. The same thing that a quick perusal on EDHrec & a familiarity with the game can give you without someone selling you deck sleeves, hair-loss treatment, ear buds, or online therapy. Sheesh - talk about playing into the mom’s basement-dwelling, neck-beard stereotype…but if the shoe fits? Maybe the part aimed at Mr. Kwai is a bit personal & ad hominem, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. What they make is lowest common denominator ‘quality’ content for the masses. It has excellent self-production standards for an outfit on YouTube, but you don’t need assistants & staff to provide real, insightful, and unbiased content - which you ABSOLUTELY do not get here. Go ahead and try and episode or two - it may be something you like, but just know the biased market mouthpiece you are subscribing to. Caveat Emptor.
  • meowskiew
    The Best Commander Podcast Out There
    I love this podcast but I do think that it could be a little more oriented towards veteran players rather than new players
  • babrou
    Best Podcast Ever
    The Command Zone podcast is so good it doesn’t even require a description for why its five stars. It’s just awesome.
  • qeljjobohvutsfts
    I usually don’t do these but I’ve been a viewer for so long that anything I can do to benefit the command zone I’m happy to do. I’ve listened/watched probably over 250 episodes and all the game knights. I’ve listened to a lot of their earlier episodes and it was really interesting and cool to see them grow as creators to who they are today, one of the top Edh channels and Mtg channels in general. They have spread and given so much entertainment and joy for so many people and I have to applaud them for doing such a great job. Also, side rant, in the reviews of the podcasts the ones that aren’t 5 stars are ones that just complain about the Ads that they have to use to keep the channel going and growing. First off, YouTube and this channel is free, your not spending any money to experience this entertainment and if you really hate the ads then just sign up for there ad free tier on patron and stop complaining. With the big sketches and skits they are doing before game knights and game knights in general these guys need incredible amounts of funding I presume to keep it going (not to mention all the staff they have recently hired in the coming years). So sure they have had more ads but it’s what they need to do to stay alive. Secondly, people complain about no deck techs and honestly I understand why they don’t do it anymore. With EDHREC and all other channels doing deck techs basically, deck techs are kinda stale and get boring after a while. Watching someone tell me cards that are good in a deck just seems like something people wouldn’t be that interested in. Finally, the Command Zone is not an “ad” for Wotc. In many of there episodes that have criticized them. The only funding they get from Wotc is with game knights. Thanks for everything Command Zone - Rodney from Alaska, 16
  • Agentvasz
    This is the best
    Can you do a event in California ? Great work😎👍👍👍👍👍
  • RIPLuckyPusher
    Searched mtg and look at that, an mtg podcast. Listened to the captain N upgrade episode and i’ll be sure to follow those, I want to crush my brother & his friends.
  • Dnritjenww da ken
  • melikefrog
    So good
    Extremely helpful magic podcast, been following for years. Love the set reviews and game nights keep doing what you are doing, jimmy and josh!
  • dogs are the veat
    This Podcast is amazing
    I’ve listened to the command zone for 8yrs and it never falls out of the list of podcasts I listen to
  • MTGbrawler
    Awesome Podcast!
    This show is awesome, and have loved it for over a year!
  • EzLemonzz
    Awesome MTG podcast
    I listen to The Command Zone nearly everyday. Love learning new strategies for commander and learning about new cards to slot into my decks. Would highly recommend this podcast for any one looking for anything commander.
  • GigaGerdts
    You mentioned LeBron James
    You broke my rule of not talking about LeBrawn Lames for any reason, and you did it twice. So I’m running this review back. Sorry not sorry.
  • darthprophet
    This is the best
    This is the best podcast, I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to get on to commander I’ve been playing for a while and they have made everything clear that was obscured to me they (+my best friends) have given me something that will include me, makes me feel included and smart as I am bullied for my size as a fourteen almost fifteen year old boy who is only five foot and a half an inch. I am really grateful to their men and women that make this show possible. “Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!!!”
  • JPeterman210
    Very good, but
    This is a really great podcast, but I miss it when it was just Josh & Jimmy. I think Josh & Jimmy should be together on every 3rd episode.
  • Shmuggins
    Podcast Used to be Good
    A year or so ago I would’ve happily recommended this podcast for anyone interested in getting into Commander. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. From my perspective the creators are suffering from burnout, are spread too thin, and the podcast is suffering because of it. They’re clearly devoting a lot of time and resources to their gameplay shows Game Knights and Extra Turns, and you can neatly trace an inverse relationship between the shows and the podcast: as the production value and production schedule of the gameplay shows have increased the podcast quality has decreased. The podcast is basically just set reviews and upgrade guides for preconstructed decks. They used to regularly provide interesting strategy content, like drawing connections from Sun Tzu and how to apply them to Commander. Novel stuff! The podcast no longer has a unique voice or point of view. And even if set reviews are of interest to you the evaluation they provide isn’t that interesting, they talk for minutes on end about cards only to say “don’t play this card,” and often recommend the same cards, like Vedalken Orrery or Expropriate, over and over again.
  • The beast from the mid east
    Great energy!!
    These dudes are the best in the biz! Insightful, informative, and just a lot of fun. I look forward to the release of the podcast and YouTube every week!! Keep it up fellas!!
  • -SG 5
    The show is great I would recommend it for any new magic players or just anyone looking to delve into commander.
  • TheHolyMoose
    Very Helpful for Newer Players
    I’ve found it extremely helpful for someone returning to magic and new to EDH. I’ve learned about new cards, how to play politics, and how to help my friends get into EDH. The ads are fun, everyone on the team has fun, and they come out consistently with new content with the constant barrage of products. I hope they can avoid burnout. GREAT LISTEN!!!
  • bAd_RanDom
    Sure their in it for the money, but...
    Yes. They are doing it for the money, or at least that’s a big factor, and yes, the ads are a lot. But... these are people. They need income. They aren’t bajilionairs who only do things because they want to. They are two guys, who really like Magic: The Gathering. They do their best to make a living out of it, and it makes sense that sometimes their just not in the mood, but they have to do it anyways because it’s their job. Ads make money, and so long as behind those ads there is quality content, being made by people who OVERALL like what their doing, I don’t have a problem. Go Jimmy and Josh
  • j jing4
    Greatest Magic: the Gathering Podcast
    Really fantastic. Love these guys and the magic the gathering information that they share, and their love for magic that shows through.
  • john coby
    Great Job Guys!
    Love the cast. Keep up the good work!
  • Albus12
    Good but...
    Toooo many ads please less adds
  • Hano928
    In general I love this podcast but the ads are annoying and the first 3 minutes oozing over UP junk is obnoxious.
  • arcanehunter17
    Great podcast, in audio and content. However, they spend too long on ads I think. The Card Kingdom and Ultra Pro ads are fine, but spending over 10 minutes on ads is really not what I came for. I hope that we can maybe get some more deck techs because even though there is a huge amount of new cards to review it gets very humdrum and boring. I know Jimmy and Josh are great guys and I hope that this podcast stays great and I would recommend it to anyone who likes EDH.
  • Donavan K
    I’ve been a modern player for a long time but a long listener of the command zone podcast I love all your stuff and have been improving my decks more and more with each episode watched! So excited to see where you taking the podcast next love the new adds!
  • XxEpicGamer65xX
    Good combos
    I found that a Thallid soothsayer can work really well as a card draw engine with either Squee goblin nabob or reassembling skeleton, due to their return from graveyard mechanic. This one isn’t really a combo but if you put a Goreclaw into your green deck it helps reduce creatures casting cost by two if they are decently powerful. I don’t know if you guys have already done this but you should make a flying deck of blue and white with spells mainly focusing on removing or controlling their cards that are on the battlefield, essentially making them ineffective so you can just fly over any resistance if there is one.
  • Peromiitheus
    Great podcast.
    But I have one criticism. There are way to many ads.
  • MTG Lachlan
    Love you guys
    I recently took up commander after years of modern play, and this has been a great resource to me, not to mention just being fun to listen to. I highly recommend to all commander players.
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