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Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology -- if it has something to do with teaching, we're talking about it. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets, and other juicy things you'll never learn in a textbook. For more fantastic resources for teachers, visit

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  • Samantha Eng
    Love this podcast!
    I am student teaching right now and am going to be licensed to teach this summer. Listening to this podcast has helped me so much and given me tools to use right away that help with classroom management and building relationships with students. It also has just given me so many amazing ideas to implement in my classroom in the future and gives me hope that I can truly be a teacher who makes a difference in her students’ lives!
  • Miss Putnam M & S
    7 Ways to Support Student Writing
    As a training middle school teacher focusing in math and reading, this podcast helped me a lot. I appreciate the steps and examples of how that would be “acted out” in the classroom environment. Thank you for making these podcasts, they really help me get excited about becoming a teacher and gives me very good strategies to implement into the classroom.
  • Sarahbaha
    Taking off my list
    Used to love listening. Too much to sift through now that she includes political propaganda.
  • scarfk
    Unique but Actionable Teacher Space
    I love every single episode! As a math teacher I don’t often listen to ELA driven information but this is so far from that! Jennifer Gonzalez has a way of taking content she is familiar with and presenting it in a way that is applicable to everyone. The guests and topics are so progressive and I never know what to expect next. She has been a life line for the last three years and my teacher friends know the Jennifer Gonzalez name by heart because I quote her show so much. Thank you for being a clear and actionable place for teachers to come and really think about their practice!
  • Listsner
    Trans athletes episode
    This episode was so smart, articulate, and helpful. Thank you for it and introducing your audience to Katie!
  • Daniecaw
    I used to love this podcast. It inspired me to be a better educator. I’d listen to it, reflect, and practice ideas that were presented. I’m sad to say that it has changed into a political podcast that is far left leaning. It has an agenda which includes CRT, trans issues, and anti-racism. Both sides of these issues are not explored. I think it would be more interesting if she presented both sides with an intellectual dialog. Without these important conversations, it reeks of an agenda. I wish it stayed focused on education and left politics for political podcasts.
  • Hai&Ri
    Great for all educators
    I first heard about this podcast at a tech teacher training. I am hooked! There are so many topics and I have learned a lot. Sometimes it just reenforces that I’m doing a good job at other times it reminds me of areas I can improve. Thanks!
  • Teacheraec
    Very helpful and practical!
    This podcast has very helpful and practical information for educators. I found this podcast after searching for information on starting a teaching job mid-year and have been a listener ever since. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!
  • hpMoni
    Addicted to Listening
    I am so grateful I found Jennifer’s podcast. I had seen her podcast earlier but never joined. I’m now returning to the classroom after a long child-care leave extended by the pandemic and looked for her podcast. Listening to her has been incredible for preparing my teacher brain, introducing me to new educational practices and reminding me how versatile teaching can be when we are open to it. She does the research so you don't have to BUT motivates you to learn more with all the links to resources. Love her and her voice is very soothing to listen to. Thank you Jennifer for your fabulous contribution to teachers, education and to students. Binge-listener here.
  • Teacher who misses teaching
    Episode 179
    Send this to my administrator- bit did it piss him off. Another reason everything about this episode is true.
  • AZshunshine
    Important CRT episode
    Really appreciated hearing good perspectives on CRT. It’s sad that there are so many that don’t understand the harsh reality of racism and doggedly insist on denying reality.
  • Kia JG
    Has Gone Down Hill Fast
    This podcast used to be very helpful research-based practices that I used in PD for my teachers. It has become leftist propaganda.
  • Mosespawn
    Usually great
    Let me lead by saying I have gotten SO much value from Jennifer and owe a lot of breakthrough insights to her and the books she has recommended. The last episode on anti-CRT was troubling though. 1. Instead of a fair assessment of the parents, “steel manning” their view, they got the straw man treatment, being assumed as ignorant and wrongheaded from the start. This isn’t intellectually honest. 2. Gonzalez and the interviewees think parents ought to be overridden when it comes to what content is taught to their children. If mom and dad don’t have a say in their children’s education, who is accountable to who? 3. When parents organize and use the proper non-violent, legal outlets for their concerns (PA meetings, social media, legislation), they are bullies. But at the end of the episode, Gonzalez urges her followers to take the same means to champion their cause. I repeat: I’m not against González. I’ve learned a lot and intend to continue learning from her, but this was a hurtful episode.
  • nrm5
    Anti-CRT Movement Harming Teachers?
    The CRT movement is harming teachers, students, America, because it’s pseudoscience. This podcast lost credibility.
    Early stuff was amazing!
    I really loved Jennifer’s early podcasts but have found her newer episodes to be much less helpful.
  • mcgurni
    What matters
    This program has helped me find calm in my teaching. JG talks about what matters and what works. We’ll worth the listen!
  • laurahb
    I love this podcast!
    I am currently student teaching and listen every day on my commute to school. So informative and helpful. Thank you for your hard work and the questions you ask.
  • HC@BW
    Your Words
    Thank you for speaking the truth, listening, and supporting my growth! I appreciate that you do not shy away from the hard stuff!!!!! Wishing you well!!!!
  • k8ann76
    This episode is SO SPOT ON. Thank you for saying this!
  • Katie VanHaverbeke
    Insightful and challenging
    Every episode of Cult of Pedagogy is a well planned, thought out and researched perspective on how to improve my practice as a classroom teacher. This latest episode finally identify the real crisis educators across the country are facing during the 21-22 school year. I’ve been asking myself why is it so much harder than last year, and Jen delivers the answers to that why. As well as some tough solutions for both teachers and administrators. She speaks uncomfortable truths in this one and and I found myself challenged in a different way than ever before. I think educators need to use remaining energy to come together and say “no” to undue responsibilities being added to our jobs each day. Thank you, Jen for looking at all of our responses and helping us organize our collective thoughts.
  • Miko Marble
    As an educator and third grade teacher, I look forward to this podcast! Each one shares innovative ideas and thought provoking teaching methods. Keep them coming Jen!
  • sara goes on about things
    A worthwhile masters in teaching
    A worthwhile masters in teaching from a very attuned person —that I can get at 4:30AM while my kids are asleep. Returning to FT classroom after years freelancing, these episodes feel like concrete security blankets. I take notes and am so grateful.
  • jatherton912
    Relevant and Refreshing
    I was turned on to this podcast from a well-respected colleague who found Jennifer Gonzalez and her content to be a beacon of light during and emerging from trenches of online teaching during the pandemic. This year I took a new position back in the classroom after working with adjudicated youth and adult learners. Jennifer brings a refreshing perspective to many of today’s teaching struggles; technology integration, project-based learning, SEL, curriculum design and much more. The most memorable podcast I listened to to-date was episode 170- ‘No More Easy Button:A Suggested Approach to Post-Pandemic Teaching’. Gonzalez uses the analogy that we as humans are wired for the ‘easy button’, everything from picking produce that is easiest to prepare and eat, to watching Netflix over reading a book, it’s easier. The ‘easy button’ refers to how teachers often use resources, lesson materials, and assessments that are easiest for us to grade (think: multiple choice). This doesn’t allow students to demonstrate their learning, it gives them the chance to give a really good guess. By increasing short answer and essay questions, it allows students to display their level of understanding of a concept which allows the teacher to truly understand their depth of knowledge. I subscribe to this philosophy, but I also turn to the ‘easy button’ at times, we all do. This was just one of the many eye-opening podcasts I listened to over the past few weeks. I have a list of episodes I want to hear, one day at a time 😀
    Education on education
    I was writing a book for teachers in 2020 with a co-writer called Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk (published august 2021). I interviewed a lot of teachers and have spent a great deal of time in schools but I needed more insight on education and started to listen to this podcast to give me that foundation. It helped with the language, thoughts and ideas and triggered questions I needed to ask in the pre writing interviews with educators. I refer to this podcast in the book and found it to be an valuable resource for me. I am now an avid listener for that reason and because she knows how to break things down into simple steps. She is a pro interviewer.
  • gaia66lala
    Wonderful Guidance for a First Year Teacher!
    I am in love with this podcast. Jennifer does such a great job in explaining teaching strategies and research. There are example after example in every episode to guide you with your teaching. Try out this podcast, it’s totally worth your time. 💕💕
  • WanderWoman18
    A revelation!
    I'm a veteran middle school teacher with over 25 yrs in the classroom, and I am SO glad I discovered this teacher's podcast, website, and blog. I've already shared several episodes with colleagues - both vets and newbies. Jennifer Gonzalez is clear, thoughtful,and engaging, and her pod episodes are SO helpful. Thanks!
  • CLB202010
    This podcast keeps me refreshed
    When I have down time I tune in to listen. I love love love every episode recorded here. It challenges my thinking, refreshes me, and teaches me new things! Thank you so much!
  • mclarep
    Fantastic resource!
    Thank you so much for putting this out there! For a first time teacher facing start of school jitters, this podcast is an absolute god send! It’s like talking to a mentor every time I plug in my headphones!
  • Jen the multitasker
    Absolutely phenomenal
    Every single episode is so incredibly worth while. Even the topics you don't think apply to you, really do (ex. I don't teach foreign languages but had so many take aways from episode 131 "How World Language Teaching Has Evolved"). I wish every educator would listen to this podcast and implement the immense wisdom offered. Jen curates the best of the best and I devour each episode (many times relistening several times in a row and then sharing with my colleagues how her pearls apply to them). I really, really enjoy this podcast immensely and am sure you will too! :-D
  • Bharmswilliam
    Actual specifics, not just philosophy!
    This podcast is amazing. Jennifer is an absolute geek about the specific teaching techniques. I spent the first three years of teaching looking for information on how to actually teach. Almost always I’d run into people who talked about teaching philosophy and general terms. While her podcasts have that, they are full of techniques I used to transform my classroom into a learning space where nearly every student fully engaged.
  • Ku-ri-see
    Rock on
    I am a new teacher, I am working through an alternative certification program since I was in the healthcare field for 20 years before deciding to become a teacher. I find Mrs. Gonzales’ podcast a wonderful view into the evidence-based practices for teaching. She asks the questions that come to mind when speaking to her guests. Thank you.
  • ----TJ----
    * Calling All Educators *
    All educators should listen to this podcast. Great ideas, strategies, thoughts, and mindset ideology.
  • Al_hull
    Great podcast - poor audio
    I’m so glad to have found this podcast! I would love to give it five stars but the audio is really uncomfortable to listen to. The host’s audio is often significantly softer than the guests and intro music making me have to constantly adjust the volume.
  • Kespin Mac
    A Really Nice Find!!!
    I am a teacher of Language Arts myself, and found this podcast as a requirement for some classes I am taking. Really glad I found this! There is always something interesting, really good tips, and a wide variety of subjects covered by guests in the trenches. I will likely continue to listen at least as long as I am in the field. Well done!
  • Whoisrose
    Better than my teacher education program
    I learn more from this than I learned in my teacher education program. Five stars. Currently binging on the series.
  • britpettis
    Something for every role in a school!
    Have been listening for awhile, and it is safe to safe that this podcast has something for everyone in their archives! Worth a look AND a weekly listen!
  • Bsymom23
    Thank you!
    I’ve been teaching for 9 years & was recently introduced to your podcast. I appreciate the thoroughness of your discussions. From each podcast, I’ve found useful information that I can use to further my career and/or make me a better teacher. Thanks!
  • jomatengo
    Thank you, Jennifer!
    I go to Cult of Pedagogy to make me a more effective teacher, to work smarter, to be inspired. CoP is amazingly helpful. Thank you!
  • KaraPorter
    The Best Ever !!
    As a 25 year veteran teacher and now 2nd year administrator, I will say this is the best educational resource I’ve encountered! Jennifer chooses topics that are relevant, current, and need to be discussed! Sometimes you find something that inspires you all over again and reminds you how much you truly love your job…this podcast is one of those things!!
  • Teaching Fishing
    Great for College Teachers, Too
    There’s been so many episodes that have been helpful for me as a college instructor. Thank you!
  • think a little more
    Classroom management episode
    I love the episodes you have for classroom management and the about students that won’t stop talking. I’ve used these methods in my new classroom and they work very well. However, this is my first year in a new school that is not high poverty. I am almost offended by the simplicity of classroom management in these episodes. What about the classrooms in high poverty areas with children coming from highly traumatic home lives? What about the teachers that room clear almost daily because of a violent child that tears apart the room and physically hurts others and the teacher. These episodes are helpful for my current situation, but make me so angry for the teachers that are working with children of high poverty. IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE in those situations. What do the teachers do that have a child that throws chairs across the room when asked to go to “time out” and you call their parents that are high on drugs and you can’t even get ahold of them?
  • jesimaka
    I am a veteran teacher of 12 years, and I have found this podcast incredibly helpful and relevant. I learn something new every single time I listen. Jennifer addresses a huge variety of situations and answers things that I didn’t even know I had questions for. Absolutely wonderful resource for any educator regardless of where they’re starting in their journey. I wish something like this had been around when I was student teaching in college!
  • Rander kay (:
    The PD you didn’t know you needed
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year and I can’t tell you how supported I feel as an educator because of it. Most of all, I appreciate the advice that I can take directly to my classroom and use! It’s wonderful. Give it a listen!
  • katie wolff klondike lane
    Personalized Pd
    As a 15 year veteran teacher I have gotten something positive after every podcast. The conversations either confirm thinking Ive had but haven’t had the words for or have opened me up to new ways of thinking and doing things. I love that I am able to personalize my growth and listen to those which are geared towards my goals. Just take a listen and you’ll be hooked and looking through old episodes that match your learning goals.
  • August Consumer
    Full of air, thin air! Cult may not be precise as caucus.
  • Old dog-New Tricks
    Compelled into continuous improvement - happily!
    My response to a new post or podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez at Cult of Pedagogy - Oh happy day! I’ll be just that much better at effectively meeting the needs of my students after I absorb and implement these methodologies, strategies, hacks! As an, ahem, experienced educator, (more than 30 years K-12, the whole continuum of learners, Administrator, Adjunct Professor) I carefully curate my guiding professional resources and I can’t recommend this podcast, posts, and publications produced by JG at CoP highly enough! Thanks for meeting the need to continually improve instead of standing idly by as the educational system becomes more and more sclerotic. (The system, not the educators, parents, nor community.)
  • Schee
    Resourceful and inspiring
    What did I ever do without it?
  • NNJ Rich
    Better than any PD
    Great podcast with extremely useful and helpful materials. This is real teacher talk that introduces and analyzes many strategies to imporves teacher and student performance in the classroom. I am so glad to have found this podcast and website. I'm a better teacher for it!
  • Tinkermn
    Great Tool
    This podcast has been instrumental in helping me with my planning this summer. Every issue I have listened to has included great tools to use in the classroom.
  • bdarn64
    My Professional Crush
    By far my favorite educational resource and podcast! It is relevant, organized, and contains great links to other resources. Jennifer Gonzales asks the best questions of her guests, always with the teacher in mind and she has a great, soothing voice.
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