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The hosts of "Everyday Driver", Paul and Todd, get behind the microphone to answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs. Disagreement and debate are bound to happen. Along the way they discuss what goes on behind the scenes of their review films and other topics throughout the car industry.

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  • PBH206
    audio is terrible.
    I really tried to like this podcast. Really informative but also very annoying. I’ve found myself lowering and raising the volume once or twice every minute. The hosts would speak loudly for a few seconds, then back to a normal tone, then would start to mumble silently, this continues the entire podcast. Very weird.
  • 2XXlmnop
    Mr Know It All - two of them in one spot!
    Love the knowledge these guys bring. Fun to listen to their car related life experiences they share as well as the vast information they provide. Perfect balance of hack and motoring. They have done the homework over the years and it’s well worth a listen before anyone goes car shopping.
  • Mattberk
    So good, so consistent
    I don’t even own an enthusiast car, I just love listening to Todd and Paul talk about cars. I learn something every episode. Thank you for doing what you do!
  • UtBiker
    Best Podcast there is
    I absolutely love the Everyday Driver Podcast. This is a safe haven for like minded people infected with the car disease. The car debates are so interesting and the way Paul and Todd play off each other is very entertaining. I’m putting this out there, this is the best podcast. Not in the world of automotive podcasts, in the world of podcasts. There. I said it.
  • knights97
    Finally a good car podcast!
    I wish I found this podcast sooner. Lifetime car guy. Grew up in the industry and sadly life has taken me out of the car world professionally. This is the podcast that’s brought me back. No pretension, non judgmental and just plain fun!! A car podcast the every day man.
  • kashman jets
    Thank you for this podcast.
    Thanks for this podcast. It’s mature, informative, and fun. Jeffrey
  • Angelo
    Wonderful car chat
    This is great! Just started listening about three weeks ago and working my way back while also keeping up with new ones. I’ve listened back to episode 588. The guys provide honest car conversations for many different budgets and their perspectives on having “car experiences” and it’s great to listen, enjoy and learn. DreamIng of joining for Pilgrimage next year.
  • RockLobsterLT
    Car talk
    This is a great show to just hear 2 guys talk about cars. They have driven a lot of vehicles and give great recommendations to viewers that they may have not thought about. The basis of the show is viewers writing in to the show asking for what car to buy and pretty much any budget from $5k to $100k. Most viewers are looking for some sort of enthusiast vehicle, but some are looking for interesting family car recommendations. Definitely one of the best shows if you’re just looking for something light to listen to without anything negative or political.
  • Bobbynow
    Great advice from people that know and love great driving cars.
    Todd and Paul have been dispensing car advice for decades, they started a YouTube channel where they have filmed care reviews and comparisons that lead to their very own car show on Motor Trend (also available on Prime and Vimeo). Just listening to their podcast and watching their TV and YouTube episodes they helped me land a fantastic driving convertible that I love! They are smart, funny and very well versed in driving from the commute to canon carving to track days and performance driving. If you always find yourself taking the long way home, or the back roads, check out this podcast and all their media! You will learn tons!
  • Optegoen
    Great family friendly car show for everyone!
    As vague and terrible as that title is Todd, Paul, and all of their guests provide a good sounding board and advice for all of your automotive enthusiast musings. They can help you make your next car buying decision regardless of your experience level, automotive proclivities and budget! Don’t expect their advice to include saving money though.
  • lasonls
    One o f the best Automotive Podcasts!
    This podcast is great if you are a car enthusiast. I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday when a new show comes out. If you are into cars this show is a must listen.
  • Trumpetplyr
    Love it.
    Love this show. I’ve listen to all of the episodes and watch all of the clips, but all of the features and seasons as well. If you’re a car nut, this show is for you.
  • TroJan from Utah
    Most informed
    Some of the most informed guys on cars. If you like just “talking” about cars and keeping up with what is going on in the industry than this podcast is for you. Are you shopping for a car? Check them out for information and email them your questions.
  • berne1a
    Car Debates
    They are knowledgeable about cars
  • s_y TX
    Even Better Than the TV Show
    I found these guys by accident on Prime Video. The TV show is great; very practical and informative. However, the podcast allows more time for deeper conversation. The dialogue is interesting, civilized, varied and relevant. It is well worth your time if you are a car enthusiast. It really helps fill the void left with the demise of more frequent programming from the Grand Tour/ Original Top Gear crew, and it does so in less superlative fashion if that is not your thing.
  • Brock_Obama
    Fantastic podcast for auto enthusiasts
    Highly recommended! Just clean, solid banter and commentary on autos
  • Sabbath336
    So addicting. Making me get back into cars!!!
    Amazing show. Very great, down to earth guys!!
  • Nickynick22
    On a mission to convert people into car guys
    One of the most entertaining podcasts out there for the guy who’s knee deep into cars while teaching the rest about what cars are out there, what suits them best given life circumstances and encouraging to discover the car person living deep inside unbeknownst to them. Give it a shot either way!
  • Orlandez Malone
    One of the best.
    This is probably the best automotive podcast I've ever listened to. It's entertaining, informative and just a really good time. I look forward to it every Tuesday and Friday. The guys are wonderful. Keep it up!
  • Shifted1
    Great show.
    Been a fan of both the tv show and podcast for many years now. Thanks to Paul and Todd for doing such good work. I especially love the editing and style of the show.
  • AnthonyD1333
    Best Auto Podcast on the Market
    I can say without hesitation that this is the best auto podcast on the market. I’ve been following these guys since 2012 and their market knowledge and product knowledge is increadibly high. What’s more, they are intimately familiar with car platforms of the past and can make linear comparisons to present platforms on the fly and in great detail, Exotics to commuter cars alike. Listening to this podcast is one of the most enjoyable moments of my week!
  • paulfmcd
    Just so so
    The host should really listen to the show themselves before they post it live you kind of edit it down . they just kind of ramble on and repeat things they’ve already said in the show
  • E30life
    Only listen when you can fast forward
    These guys spend the first 15 minutes of every single episode promoting everything they are doing outside the podcast. Be ready to skip a significant portion of each show to avoid hearing them talk about the same tv episodes or books or whatever else they’re trying to sell. Add that on to the 3+ scripted ads that they run every episode. A 1 hour episode typically has 30 minutes or less of actual car content.
  • Michael Wise
    Real people that can help you him you car soul.
    This podcast sets the standard for what an auto podcast should be. They look at driving, styling, and everything for the needs of the driver. They help people find or feed the car disease. Love of driving and helping those who love the same. If you love cars you are an EVERYDAY DRIVER.
  • Johnoonyias
    Best show
    Always hear you guys thanks for the content
  • MGaul_DSM
    Car Debate
    I like be the guys car debates. I’m a BMW guy, but the podcast makes me think how to find the money for a Porsche.
  • Hollywood*2009
    Great podcast!
    Found these guys randomly looking for car reviews. This is the best car podcast out there. Tons of information, great personality’s, super car guys! Listening to them has convinced me it was time to really enjoy the everyday drive and will be picking up my new sporty sedan next week. Found them only 2 months ago and plan on listening from the beginning through all 500+ episodes. Thank you guys!
  • WstLke
    Show has range!
    These guys really cover it all; price range, body style, new and old. Upside is it will really open your eyes to the fun to be found in vehicles you never considered, downside is I’m ready to buy another car after every episode.
  • Fuzzy1226
    Awesome podcast
    These guys are honest and relatable. I Listen every week and watch every episode of their YouTube channel !
  • wackwaffles
    Love cars love the podcast
  • EJ257_BOOM
    Need More Car Talk w/less Debate
    Great show and I’m glad you guys are still at it after all these episodes. Over the years I find that I enjoy hearing you two just chit chat about cars more then I do hearing the debate about picking a car. When you quickly read and answer letters, that’s great, but it’s the main debate that I often skip. Great show, keep it up!
  • dariusdelapeta
    Can’t get enough!
    This is the car podcast I’ve always hoped would exist! Todd and Paul do a phenomenal job of providing quality content that matters to car enthusiasts!!! They are really nice, laidback guys on top of that (I’ve actually met them) and I enjoy listening to them on my commute. I look forward to the new episodes every week!
  • I-Pollock
    I got the disease
    This podcast pretty much has single handedly made me a car person. My younger brother initially got me thinking about cars then I found this podcast. It all went down hill from there. 😂 The content and production here is awesome and these guys really know when they’re doing. Check them out on YouTube and Amazon too!
  • Sea2stream
    Truck Guy
    I'm a truck guy, but love anything with and engine. After watching their well done videos on Amazon and listing to this podcast I'm finding myself browsing Auto Tempest for sports cars. Thank you for sharing your passion for cars, and great to see you guys dabbling in the truck world as well.
  • FndrStrat06
    Losing Its Focus
    The Car Debate is growing stale. Get back to basics-the debates. Stop giving sponsors so much time to pitch their products in ‘interviews.’ Stop answering questions from the same 10 ‘friends of the show.’ Stop recommending the same 5 cars for every person. I hope the show gets its magic back.
  • Txn DON
    Great perspectives
    I could sit in a room and talk cars and the industry with these guys for hours! Todd n Paul are just different enough to give unique views on all makes and models. They have their favorites but don’t push them too hard and are open minded enough to be open to changing their opinions. Greatest examples are unfolding right now with the VW Phaeton and Maserati Q4. And BEAVER TEEF!! 😂😂😂
  • IM Pei
    Best Automotive Podcast by a Country Mile
    I love listening to Paul and Todd, the entire setup on an episode is entertaining, informational, and interesting. If you are a car enthusiast you need to listen to this podcast, super easy listening, and they foster a community of inclusiveness for all levels of enthusiast. If you’ve been looking for a podcast to fill your car appetite look no further.
  • Holde0
    Awesome Show
    I listen to this podcast almost daily, and I have been nothing but impressed with the content. These two are very knowledgeable, as well as entertaining. I encourage anyone reading this to begin listening if you are into cars, you will LOVE it.
  • tnoe18
    Amazing podcast
    I listen to this everyday while driving at work. What’s so unique is the car debates Todd and Paul do you help people decide on which cars they should get. It’s awesome to listen to while you plan out which cars you’d like.
  • carfanatic990
    Great show
    I love listening to this podcast every day at work. Keep up the great work!
  • smilingismyfav
    great show
    I am not even old enough to drive and its still so fun to listen to. There is so much information to hear and learn. They also convinced me to start using griots garage car care products, and i won’t ever go back to the other brands.
  • ken winkler
    What this podcast is about, at a very basic level, is making people happy. How much time do you spend in your car? Shouldn’t it be a place that makes you happy?
  • D_Griff_Dan
    Great Car Content
    I love this podcast, been listening for years and it’s just like hanging with some car guy friends shooting the breeze. Good stuff! Now that I don’t commute, I listen on headphones while doing yard work and cleaning our cars.
  • wmallet
    I came across this podcast when researching a car. I find these guys very informative and fun to listen to. Thanks for the great shows!
  • M.Brad ZO6
    Loving the Shows
    Thanks for the great shows and articles. I enjoy them all. You guys are by far my favorite podcast, I’m a long time listener. You guys are genuine and down to earth, keep up the great work. (Corvette driver in the left lane). (For Paul, lol)
  • danthemanstan19
    Love cars this is the podcast
    This is my favorite automotive podcast and one of the best available. They give real, useful information for all drivers and review and talk about cars normal people can afford. This is a must listen to for automotive enthusiasts.
  • wilymilano1
    Great driver focused podcast
    Enjoy and look forward for new episodes to enjoy while working.
  • KDo9495
    If you only listen to one automotive podcast, make it this one
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for several years and am finally getting around to writing a review. I Love. This. Podcast. If you’re at all in to cars, download a few episodes and give them a listen—you’ll probably find yourself sucked in and loving it, at which point you’ll be happy to see they’ve got hundreds of episodes. And if you like the podcast, they also produce tons of YouTube content, a 6-season show that’s available on Amazon Prime, and feature-length films once every year or two (check out their website for everything from videos to Tshirts…) All their content is great, but as you watch/listen to their old stuff vs. their newer stuff you can see them growing even more as journalists and storytellers, with their current podcast and video productions being truly top-drawer. Todd and Paul are an inspiring duo that have actually done what so many of us dream about--left their day jobs and made a successful business out of the hobby they love. They're extremely knowledgeable while still being totally down-to-earth, regular guys that you know it would be fun to have a beer and talk cars with. Also, their status as a small two-man operation is unique in the auto journalism world (primarily served by the major car magazines, shows like Top Gear, etc.). That small size has allowed them to do things others don’t, such as: --Really engage with specific audience members (their whole podcast is fueled by listener-submitted car questions; they also host meet-ups and even driving trips multiple times a year) --Assemble unique pieces you’re rarely going to get from the big guys (e.g. comparisons of every generation of the Corvette, the Miata, the 911, with many of the vehicles being borrowed from friends of the show) --Have personal, firsthand relationships with their sponsors, who are themselves neat companies and great to discover through the show There’s just something cool and exciting about this little brand they’ve built, and they’ve worked to make it a home for the worldwide community of car lovers—it’s definitely worth checking out!
  • bigmac 38
    Down to earth
    Great to hear about real life cars, not just the 6 figure cars the majority of people can’t afford.
  • TacMedic708
    Real Car Guys!!
    Finally found a podcast for real car enthusiasts. Look forward to each and every episode.
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