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The hosts of "Everyday Driver", Paul and Todd, get behind the microphone to answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs. Disagreement and debate are bound to happen. Along the way they discuss what goes on behind the scenes of their review films and other topics throughout the car industry.

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  • RyanElliot
    Ogden Canyon/Trappers Loop
    Hello Guys! Years ago, I lived in the SLC area and wanted to pass on a great little cruising spot. Ogden Cayon/Trappers loop is a little golden nugget. If you get the chance, please do. I enjoy both your podcast and television series. You two and your crew are talented and enlightening! Thank you!
  • Bill Wilkins Ghost
    Must listen!
    If you love cars, you’ll love this podcast! Excellent show, great topics and tons of knowledge! Just met Paul at a Cars & Coffee at NJMSP and he’s a great dude, really friendly and knowledgeable!
  • patcook666
    One of the best
    I’ve listened to almost every episode. If you like cars - don’t miss it.
  • TedSLI
    Got me down the rabbit hole
    Always excellent! Fun and informative. Todd and Paul put forth a great effort in the debates, topics and questions. Got be down the rabbit hole? Went from a mini-van to both a NA Miata manual & a Giulia. Keep up the great work!
  • Triple Gee
    Too much round and round talk; more substance!
    Too much garbage talk. Focus more on the topics advertised
  • Caprigrip
    Awesome - my favorite podcast hands down
    I’ve been listening to Todd and Paul for years - they are my car companions. The host a great show and are full of wonderful car advice. I have never been bored while listening and I commend them both for a podcast well done and wish them continued future success.
  • Angelo
    Wonderful car chat
    Stellar podcast. Second only to hanging out with your car guy friends. Fun, insightful, informative, funny…. If you want quality car chat… this is perfect.
  • BaboColorado
    Great Show, cool guys.
    I’ve been listening to these guys for a couple years, and always look forward to each new episode. Entertainment is one thing, but when I realized how much time they saved me on a recent car purchase, I knew that I needed to repay their hard work with a good review. These guys are knowledgeable, funny, and not political. Everyday Driver is great fantasy fuel when driving the kids to school and practice, and very handy when you are actually shopping for a new.
  • Automotive Podcasts
    One of the best Automotive Podcasts
    As the title suggests, this is one of the best podcasts to consider if you are into automotive content. Both presenters are knowledgeable and genuine, as well as entertaining to listen to. You you don’t always get both in the automotive realm. It pairs well with their YouTube channels, or even a standalone.
  • JH88880000
    My favorite car pod
    These guys are the best. Love pod drop day!
  • PSU Lion Fan
    Great family friendly car podcast
    Always entertaining and informative. So many good car recommendations!
  • Ally J
    Adjectives I think of when I listen
    Pretentious, holier than thou, hypocritical, entitled.
  • T_Murphy
    Informative and Engaging
    I have listened for a few years. Todd and Paul are average guys who review a wide range of cars and give straight talk. Not much fluff. No politics. Family-friendly. Always informative!
  • LacroixDP
    Absolutely wonderful podcast!
    I love that not only is this a family friendly podcast but they don’t cover cars that I’ll never be able to afford like on YouTube ‘which I can’t watch anyways since I don’t use Google products’. They know their stuff, treat the needs of their audience with respect and respond great to feedback both good and bad. It’s one of the very few podcasts I pay to be a patron.
  • Retromemories
    “Stupid Miatas”
    Incredibly perceptive regarding the second car debate.
  • Jackuar2006
    Best Car Podcast Out There
    I have listened to their episodes weekly for a couple years and they never disappoint. Keep it up Paul and Todd!
  • Yrnde
    Honest and Real
    The humor and transparent reviews are unmatched.
  • G Buffa
    Fantastic Car Podcast
    I love the fun car content. Especially the older cars.
  • Mac Daddy Brad
    Love this show!!!
    I found these guys in YouTube and really appreciated their perspective on cars. Their premise that you should love whatever you drive is fantastic and realistic.
  • Bequeazy
    The Gold Standard for Approachable Car Content
    Everyday Driver has always been my go to podcast for car content. Paul and Todd are outstanding hosts and make the listener feel like they are part of the conversation. If you are looking for a new car or are just an automotive enthusiast, this is the show for you. Just be warned, side effects may include obsesive car shopping and budget restructuring.
  • Stunned123
    Great podcast if you like cars (trucks, vans, etc)
    If you are someone who enjoys thinking about, talking about, or just good ol’ fashioned talking about cars, you’ll enjoy this. Do the guys have their favorite brands (Lotus, Porsche etc) sure, but they can also appreciate when your life would likely be better with something different. I also like the unique recommendations they’ll give. They’ll discuss the practicalities of a particular vehicle. Which is important, but will also talk through the fun factor…or lack thereof if needed.
  • ARRow7
    Same old, same old
    Let me know when they stop talking about Porsche… Every. Single. Episode.
  • NeedleOH
    Must listen for car people!
    Paul and Todd break down car recommendations and auto industry news in a simultaneously intelligent yet approachable manner. Like sitting down and talking to old friends.
  • Rally STi Guy
    Highlights of the week and they’re clean
    I listen to every episode the day they come out during my commute and it’s the highlight of the week. The addition of the 3 episode during the week of the audio only version of YouTube video is great. It’s also clean, so listening to it with the kids in the car isn’t an issue.
  • Rajk916
    Love it
    Love it
  • Pa77on
    Great automotive podcast!
    Love the podcast and their work on MotorTrend/YouTube. Keep up the great work!
  • HolyJumpinJehoshaphat
    Thanks Gentlemen
    Enjoy the podcast immensely. Got my dad hooked on the show and he bought an affordable six speed low mileage NC Miata during the pandemic after listening and watching religiously. My folks have enjoyed the little car, revisiting great roads that were “different” in their 10+ year old Buick and Nissan truck. Hurray for driving fun!!
  • twiggy120
    Love the everything about y’all from YouTube to Amazon prime to the podcast
    I’m local where y’all are at! I love listening to ppl in my local area! And you all share the same love for all cars that I do. I listen to multiple random episodes a day. I watch all your channels follow all your guys trips. I wouldn’t survive work if wasn’t for this podcast! One day I plan joining y’all on one your guys yearly trips!! Keep it up!!!
  • BlueGreyBronco
    The absolute best automotive podcast.
  • nsx276
    Love the show
    Great show. I like playing along with the car debates and topic discussions. The addition of the test drive audio is a great plus. Keep up the good work.
  • A.J Felix
    Best car Podcast hands down
    I have been a faithful listener since I discovered the Podcast a few years back. Truly enjoy how genuine “the guys” Todd and Paul are. I become instantly drawn into there conversations / debates and am always left wanting to hear more at the end of each podcast. I also love both of their YouTube channels and hope to join them on future car adventures. Cheers to the guys and the whole team!!
  • Doc_4_2000
    Your Car Friends
    Paul and Todd do an awesome job. It really is like listening to friends discuss how real cars can get the job done while being fun. This is by far my favorite podcast. Car shows usually either drone on about unattainable cars or bore you to tears about the latest appliance. This is real world advice for enthusiasts who want to have fun in the real world while still going to work, getting the kids to school, and making Home Depot runs. Todd and Paul have the conversations real life enthusiasts have. Which car should I buy? What fun car stuff can I do?
  • B4U81I812
    Mercedes’ C Class panic
    A few days ago I caught a glimpse of a MB C Class wagon for sale at a small car lot here in rural Ohio. I made an mental note to look at it on my way home from work. As I’m passing it on the way home I say I’m to tired I look at it tomorrow. This morning while driving my semi truck for work I’m listening to your podcast and you relay the story of the super rare manual C class wagon. Could this be that one? I am now in panic mode. Cheers Trent
  • Daakne55
    My Favorite
    Started listening in Jan of 2021 (radio got annoying during my “essential worker” commute during pandemic). First time listening to podcasts, picked a few and now I religiously listen to u guys everyday. I must say, I finally listened to every single episode as of August 2022. My 9yo son now asks to listen to it when we’re driving (proud dad moment). And he refers to you guys by name, Paul and Todd. I have all the sponsors covered, my wife and I both have PowerStop products on the car, and I have the Griots product in the garage (speed shine) and the Covercraft windshield Sun blocker is in the dash. Not a lot of time to watch the shows (we only stream) but we YouTube them every now and then. Thanks for a great show Paul, Todd, Chance and Edgar. Alec OBrien aka L0rdvadr on Instagram. ‘Cheers Everyone’!! P.S. This rating/ review process on ITunes specifically was very difficult to locate or access. I had to google it. It’s not very intuitive so if you know the process you may want to pass it on to the listeners just FYI. Been trying to rate the show for a while now but couldn’t figure out how. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Mattman94
    Great show
    I love the car recommendations and discussions. I enjoy it so much that after listening to the 50 most recent episodes, I’ve gone back to #1 to listen from there.
  • Aroundomaha
    Best automotive podcast for everyone
    I've been an automative-minded person since High School, and the intervening time span covers a couple decades. I stumbled on Everyday Driver while researching vehicles to get back into the hobby, and find the combination of their Podcast, Youtube channel, and TV show an amazing source of information. Rather than focus on high-end cars only, they can dive into any budget level to help hone in on cars for just about anyone's needs and budget. Great show produced by well informed people.
  • Rustedpalm
    Learning about cars the fun way
    What’s great about this show is we get educated about cars we are not familiar with but without boring reviews. And it really has helped me to decide my next purchase. Great podcast!
  • mrneddles
    “Indeed” Delete Package
    My favorite podcast. Love the fresh debates. My only nit to pick is Paul’s use of the word “indeed”. Bring it back to earth friend, these are cars not a snooty Ivy League lecture.
  • Tom FR-S - Miata
    GR 86 pov drive video
    Tastes Great, less filling❗️
  • DrivinWest
    If you like cars, this is the show for you
    The Everyday Driver ethos is about loving what you drive. They do car debates for a massive range of prices, use cases, and locations. I’ve been listening for years and it’s easily my favorite car podcast.
  • Kanderswims
    Always a favorite to listen to each week
    Paul and Todd are normal guys sharing the love of cars. It’s so nice to listen to down to earth non-typical car journalists. They are not out there for click bait type media. Listen in!
  • Hayden Plunket
    Fantastic Podcast
    These guys are some of the most genuine car fanatics on the internet. Their content is very high quality and it really feels like you are connected to the show after listening to several episodes. I’m going to be disappointed when I finish all 700 something podcasts and have to listen only twice a week again!
  • Bobbynow
    Great advice from people that know and love great driving cars.
    Todd and Paul have been dispensing car advice for decades, they started a YouTube channel where they have filmed car reviews and comparisons that lead to their very own car show on Motor Trend (also available on Prime and Vimeo). Just listening to their podcast and watching their TV and YouTube episodes they helped me land a fantastic driving convertible that I love! They are smart, funny and very well versed in driving from the commute to canon carving to track days and performance driving. If you always find yourself taking the long way home, or the back roads, check out this podcast and all their media! You will learn tons!
  • Soddy38053
    These guys make me love my car
    I’ve learned so much from these guys in the past five years of listening to them and watching their shows. I’ve learned to appreciate all the little quirks of my cars and enjoy them more. Great podcast with great hosts.
  • DisappointedMotorTrendLover
    These guys are great
    Only one problem with Todd and Paul, they make me want to buy more cars.
  • -Bob908
    Great insights
    Always good insights into the car world. Not just another spec sheet comparison. Good conversations about which car and why. Long time listener first time reviewer. Keep up the good work!!!!
  • Erocktampa
    Even after 6 years, my go to podcast
    I love in episode 705. Paul effectively explains once I take care of my family priorities of the first car, I get an open pass to get whatever second car I want. I have an April RS 660 and a Harley Davidson. I sold my our family hauler and waiting for my order to be complete on the next one. From there, I took is advice to heart and realize I now need a fun car. Forget about the bikes in the garage LOL. Thanks Paul!
  • jonny bolt
    Fun and entertaining
    Great show. Witty and informative. Wish it could go another hour. Love the short drive reviews too!
  • UconnSlider
    Entertaining and pleasant
    Just wanted to say, this is an enjoyable and pleasant listen. If you have an affinity for cars and an hour or so to listen this is a worthwhile endeavor. Grown up having a real conversation about cars is the best way to describe this show.
  • Gotchayeah
    Bad audio
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