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BYU Sports Nation gives you a daily insider's look at BYU Sports. Hosts Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan connect you with in-depth analysis, engaging discussion, interviews, and opinions with a national perspective on all things BYU Sports Nation. Monday - Saturday 12n ET/9a PT

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  • tprusse
    My #1 go-to for BYU sports
    My #1 go-to for BYU sports info. Love the insight, interviews, and analysis. I listen to this podcast almost every day.
  • zeusegosey
    Great podcast
    I listen to each day’s episode every night can’t for the first big 12 season
  • ......rooster......
    Great show
    Go cougars can’t wait for the new season
  • byurocksmark#11
    Why is there an all woman’s special sn 🤦🤦🤦🤦
    BYU is king
    I love byu and hearing funny random things about it makes my life
  • Tim.Kirkpatrick
    Two heads are better than one!
    Haha hope that title got your attention. I love BYU SN! Jarom, Spencer & the rest of the team are hilarious and do a great job keeping us up to date on BYU Athletics in a very entertaining way. The Deep Blue series is really special connecting us to the players and staff and their lives. When we learn about them we feel a greater interest in cheering them on and seeing them succeed not just in their respective sport, but in life. There’s nothing like BYU SN at any other University. We’re lucky to have it! Grateful to all the people who produce it and make it happen for us to enjoy.🙏🏻🙌🏻 Highly recommend it!🙂
  • pordftgy
    Great show… just leave the politics out.
    Spencer is an all-around great sportscaster. Jarom is incredibly quick-witted and deeply knowledged and simply entertains. Guests are usually great but frequent alternate hosts lag far behind. I’ve lost interest after the show allowed Brian Logan use the show as a platform to share his Trump/White House opinions. No place/need for unrelated political opinions in a great show like this.
  • Tui Siusega
    Stick to sports.
    Please stop being political.
  • jimmy4712
    Can’t stop listening
    This podcast is great. They have fun and still give the news definitely recommend this podcast!
  • cookswithspoon
    I’m a CPA and I watch the show or listen in every weekday, even during tax season. Love me some BYUSN.
  • Omfttd
    Stop laughing so much Spencer
    I love the interviews but I’m almost to the point that I can’t listen anymore because Spencer Linton laughs at anything and his laugh lasts way too long. It has been awhile since I wrote this and Spencer still can’t control his non stop laughing at anything whether it is funny or not. It is so unprofessional and distracting. I would hope someone would bring this up to him so he can progress in his career. He is like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When he interviews... good... when he is not interviewing ... bad. It is sad because he has so much potential.
  • RRandy57
    Stick to Sports
    Very disappointed in tuning in today only to hear a lecture on social justice
  • Ohcute123
    My favorite daily podcast
    This has been my favorite podcast for several years now. I really hearing about BYU sports on a daily basis. The banter between Jarom and Spencer makes it very enjoyable to listen to. Keep up the good work!
  • JBeay
    Great Content
    Great content, and they upload the podcast quickly after the live show ends.
  • BYU junkie
    Spencer and Jarom kill it
    I really love the episodes in which Spencer and Jarom are the co-hosts. They provide authentic takes that you can tell are based on knowledge and passion. Jason Shep however is not as enjoyable to listen to. His nasally voice becomes annoying and he takes are too predictable and generic. Not trying to attack him but it is my honest opinion. This show is great as long as it has its two main co hosts.
  • vyoud
    The definitive source with a sense of humor!
    I’m addicted to the podcast and fill many a workout, drive, and flight listening to the insightful analysis and enjoying the reparté, perfectly timed interviews, guest hosts, and even the regular silliness. Keep up the good work BYUSN!
  • EllenIrion
    A fun daily podcast
  • John Chiara
    At least you can skip through the filler.
    When they have guests who are coaches, former players, and current players the show can be very good.
  • brborget
    Love the content but they do a horrible job uploading. You’re better off looking anywhere else to listen to the show.
  • CougarFaithful
    Very very slow to post episodes
    Someone isn’t doing there job posting the episodes! You can go for days before they are posted. This really needs to be addressed! Spencer is all Hype. Please!
  • BarristerBeast
    Comprehensive review of BYU Sports!!! I love it!!!
    I love listening to Jarom and Spencer (and Blain and Shep). Their passion for BYU sports is contagious. Thank you!!!!!!
  • Swiss_Joe
    Great info, excellent hosts in Spencer and Jarom
    Living in Switzerland, but still bleeding BYU blue. I get all the updates from Sports Nation. ESPN caliber analysis and entertainment when it’s Spencer and Jarom. Thank you!
  • CBIowa
    Is this heaven?
    I live in Iowa, and this is my connection to BYU sports. I listen at work, on bike rides, and during my drive. At the end of the day, it is just plain entertaining and fun. Is this heaven? No, it’s BYU Sports Nation.
  • DenKik
    Best podcast ever!
    I listen to it every day! It is my favorite podcast ever!!! Thank you for your time!!!
  • Sara B 123
    Be nice to Spencer!
    I listen to this podcast every day. It’s fun to hear the newest news during the football off-season. My only complaint is that Jarom just drives me crazy. He feels the need to call out/correct Spencer on absolutely everything and it’s not cute or funny—it’s quite annoying. Just some friendly feedback.
  • yeeyeetyomamaboiiii
  • Justin Hicken
    Staying On Top Of BYU Sports
    Best place to stay on top of BYU Sports. Also, they cut out the commercials on the podcast...usually.
  • McKay_Allen
    Overall it’s a great podcast for BYU news
    Excellent podcast! Love the attention to all sports on campus. My only complaint is that they argue about the dumbest things! Thankfully you can fast forward on podcasts.
  • xEbola
    Excellent and funny
    Love the show and all the talk about BYU sports. The show does a great job of highlighting all the sports teams at BYU. #hatethecountdown
  • LOD23
    Rise and Shout
    Great, entertaining, UNIVERSITY RUN podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it 5 days a week, especially when they have segments from Trevor, Coach Billick and other alumni. Wonderful podcast for Cougar Nation.
  • Bulkman89
    Love it!
    Where I go to feel like I'm not the only BYU obsessed person. Great content, funny inside jokes, family this is the greatest show ever.
  • Ncrabb2011
    Rise and Shout! I Don't Miss An Episode!
    It's the best way for fans to stay connected to the sports activities on campus!
  • Sethballs
    Please add a VIDEO podcast feed!
    Great podcast! But I enjoy watching it with the video more than listening to the podcast. I watch it on byutv but there's no download option, only a streaming option. Streaming is not always convenient so I would love a video podcast feed to download instead of stream.
  • Ginli
    I’ve only listened to a small sample… BUT
    Stop yelling at each other. It’s extremely annoying to listen to two personalities trying to prove the other’s ignorance not off of fact or public opinion, but by yelling at each other. Content is good. Much better than listening to Hans Olsen talk about food for an hour each show or listening to Jake Scott hate on the Cougars just for the sake of hating on the Cougars.
  • goBYUcougars
    Go cougs
    great podcast
  • Vergo701
    Great show
    The show is fantastic! The only thing I could ask more of is recruiting updates across the board of cougar sports.
  • Jarom Ball
    So excited!!!!
    I've been wanting this podcast forever and it's finally here. Spencer and Jarom do an amazing job. Now, if we could only get the show to be 3 hours instead of just 1.
  • Craftl52
    I'm not typically a sports person, but this show rocks. I love Jarom and Spencer! GO COUGS!!!
  • kyleijazz
    Best Sports Show!
    This is the place for all your BYU news. I love how they have interviews with players, coaches, and national media. Everyday you get the most up-to-date info on Cougar sports from BYUSN. I love the show!
  • Tewalter
    Good stuff
    This is great! Been waiting awhile for this.
  • wjjunk
    Had to download the second I heard. Excellent Cougar coverage presented in a very entertaining way. Jarom and Spencer are excellent hosts.
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